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Why Our Prayers Are Not Answered | Practicing Sin as a Christian

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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July 15, 2022 3:00 am

Why Our Prayers Are Not Answered | Practicing Sin as a Christian

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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July 15, 2022 3:00 am

Old AM/FM radios had to be tuned by hand. You twisted a dial until you found a station, then you had fine tune it, going back and forth to get the best sound. But it was easy to land on the wrong station. Today on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg Laurie helps us fine tune our prayer lives. We’ll see that sin de-tunes our life—it gets us listening to the wrong voices. And when we’re tuned to those voices, God may not hear ours. It’s a message from the series called End of Days.

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You are listening to a new beginning with Greg Laurie, a podcast supported by harvest partners for more ways to deepen and challenge your spiritual walk and roll and pastor breaks free online courses you are visiting, as it will bring your prayer life was ranging will you say this because we all said there was a Christian who said that a Christian who is woefully silly sitting coming up pastor Greg Laurie pointed out how sinful heart of a hard time successfully communicate with God you regarding your heart, the Lord will not hear you twisted the auto station. You had to fine-tune sound was easy to lend on the wrong station. Greg Laurie helps us fine-tune our prayer lives.

CCN tunes our life listening to the wrong voices would return to those voices may not our message from the series they'll want to talk about prayer that I want to specifically talk about why are prayers are not answered.

Why don't we start with prayer. Let's pray father as we now look at prayer we talked about why our prayers are not answered.

Hope is to pay attention because we want our prayers heard in heaven.

Lord we want to be in alignment with you and then Lord help us to know how to pray more effectively.

So we all have our burdens we all of our concerns. We all the things that we pray about. Speak to us through your word.

We ask in Jesus name, amen. Why are our prayers not answered in the affirmative. Five reasons if you're taking notes. The first one is a no-brainer. Number one, your prayers are not answered in the affirmative, because you don't have a relationship with God less on the promise of answered prayer is not given to every human on earth today. Sure, anyone can call upon the name of the Lord, but having a prayer life. Having this fellowship and communion with God is a privilege for the child of God.

In other words, I can't just call out the God of five no relationship with him and expect him to respond necessarily it would be like goodbye meant target my get hungry for lunch. I walked up the sum random woman that they will you make me lunch. I'll probably get thrown out a target. Maybe I get arrested either no, I can just go to a stranger is a will you make me lunch, but I can go up to my wife that sake will you make me lunch and then she might say when you go to the market and get some things I need to make you lunch.

I can ask that out for and expect her to do it. She can ask God of me and expect me to do it but I don't know about you but whenever I go to the market for my wife. I start up with the simple list and it becomes very detailed as I get closer. So it's like I'm getting eggs and milk and butter but the time I get there.

She's texted me and get this special ingredient that cannot be found anywhere.

And of course I'm looking for someone to help me and then I get that and I finally am at the checkout counter. Three more things that have to go get right so anyway you know about work but those are the privileges of relationship using.

I can't just call up somebody I want to call. I want to call up that person and have a conversation with them. I have to have their phone number so in the same way God answers our call, it hears our prayer because of relationship. If I get a buzz on my phone and I look Kathy Lori, I answer it says Jonathan Lori, I answer it with one of my grandkids face timing me to have a random conversation at the worst time of the day I answer okay. Why because relationship trumps everything.

So when you over relationship with God, and you call upon him, he will hear you and he will answer you, but it starts there but the number two reason why our prayers are not answered as unconfessed sin. Unconfessed sin. Isaiah 59, two says God speaking it's your sins that cut you off from me because of your sins. I've turned away and I will not listen anymore Psalm 6618 says if you regard iniquity in your heart.

The Lord will not hear you. And the word regard means to cling to, or hold onto listen if you are practicing sin as a Christian it will bring your prayer life to a screeching halt when repeat that if you're practicing emphasis on that word sin as a Christian. It'll bring your prayer life to a screeching halt. I didn't save you sin is a Christian because we all said how many of you have sinned today. Do you think y'all have no you probably have some thoughts something they just know we that's the way we roll. Okay the Bible says if you say you have no sin, you deceive yourself and the truth is not in you. We send more than we think we sin. That is why Jesus taught us in the Lord's prayer to pray, forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sinned against us as frequently as we pray, give us this day our daily bread. So you're going to sin, but there's that there was between a Christian who sends in a Christian who is woefully and habitually sending without remorse without any plans to stop. Let me illustrate. You might be single. I love Jesus so much good man. I'm looking forward to getting drunk tonight really see action plan. The old saying of planning it when the second what Holly I love Jesus so much and live with my boyfriend you know it.

It's a great relationship and were not married but we have sex in the talk will know that's not cool.

That's habitual will post that I get illustrated in many ways. If you are sinning and you're a child of God, you will not be happy about true Christian is miserable when they're living in sin and they want to confess that sin. But if you can remain in sin and continuing sin and even plan to send more without any remorse or any pangs of conscience that I would actually indicate to me you're not a child of God and that because were told over and first John, he that sins is of the devil, and the better translation of that would be he who continuously habitually sins and so again unconfessed sin can hinder your prayer so that's why you want to confirm that your sin first John 19 says that he will be faithful and just to forgive you of your sin and cleanse you from all unrighteousness.

Number three selfishness can hinder our prayers. Selfishness can hinder our prayers James for three says when you pray, you do not receive it is because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend it on your pleasures. You know it's possible to pray for the right thing with the wrong motive.

You know, you think, Lord, use me. I want to be used by you. I want to be someone who speaks out for you. That's a good thing to pray for, but why are you praying that is because you want people to notice you, applaud you get more followers on social media or or you know be popular. Whatever your motive is.

Trust me, that is not the right reason to become a leader of God's call to be. It's not easy to be in a position of leadership. Trust me when I tell you that and that there's a great responsibility that comes with that as well.

That's why the Bible warns, don't be a teacher unknowing will receive the greater judgment.

It's basically saying don't aspire to visit God is uncultured of this Jim Dalton are our campus pastor over at harvest, Lonnie Maui told me recently that years ago when he was wanting to become a pastor. He came to me and said Greg I think God is calling me to be a pastor and he says what you said to me really shocked me, as if what I say. He said he said to me if you be happy doing anything else. Don't become a pastor.

My point was simply visit God is called to do it.

You must do it, but if he hasn't called you to it, then don't do it, but the point is that we want to ask with the right motive and a true leader has the first learned to be a good servant when I was a brand-new Christian attending Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa. I had even begun speaking yet. I just was fired up on my feet so I decided to go volunteer my services to Pastor Chuck went into his office, as it will pass junk I attend church like five days a week and I just want to be used by God. I think God called me to preach and that I was hoping Chuck would say some like will Greg wanted to preach this Sunday or something like that and Chuck said well Greg, you look in the young kid I hear back then try to use your imagination blonde hair look to you know Greg you need to talk to pastor Romain and I didn't know who pastor Romain Lutz so I want to met Romain for the first time Romain used to be a drill sergeant in the Marine Corps, so he love Whitman guys like me in the shape so it's okay I have a job for you to do for God. Excellent were so I break the ball preaching and evolves this and he gave me a broom. Go sleep under that tree. Then he gave me a brush go clean those toilets. Now why did he do that because they wanted free janitorial work. That's why you better and I got it but I think was also a way to test the file might be faithful in the little things, why what I expect God to give me greater things to do so. Sometimes selfishness can hinder our Greg Laurie will have the second half of his message just a moment, emails, letters and phone calls from listeners are so encouraging to us and they let us know the effectiveness of studies mastering. Unlike some other preachers. I never get bored or disinterested. When I listened to one of your messages. I've been listening to you on the radio, TV and Internet for probably 30 years or more.

What a gift you have to keep your listeners engage. Thank you for all you do for the mission of Christ. God bless you. How have these studies in God's word touched your life. If you have a story to share, call us and tell us about: 866-871-1144.

That's 866-871-1144 pastor Greg is pointing out the five things that can hinder a successful prayer life is from a series called End of Days number four having idols in our life can hinder our prayers. Idols in our life. Ezekiel 14 three says these leaders have set up idols in their heart, and they've embraced things that make them fall in this sin. Why should I listen to their request to God is saying.

If you have an idol in your life. I will not hear you. I won't answer your prayers. Disable what is that even mean an idol in my life. I don't carry around some little God that I bow before will don't you what is an idol and idol. Is anyone or anything that takes the place of the true God in your life. That's why were told in first John, little children, keep yourselves from idols and idol can be a car and idol can be a house and idol can be your own body and idol can be a relationship that's more important. You then God and idol can be your career and idol can be some other thing. Think about what you're passionate about people of passions about a lot of things.

Some people are passionate about cars cars cars everything is about cars that's okay.

Others are passionate motorcycles, bicycles, others are passionate about." Shopping shopping others events at sports sports sports parts. Some are passionate about checkers. I've actually never met anyone passionate about checkers. Maybe there's someone here whatever it is technology. You know you get the list can go on and on.

There's nothing wrong with having an excitement and a passion about a certain thing but if that passion for that thing is greater then your passion for God that my friend is your arrival. Keep yourself from these idols. Your greatest passion should be preserved for Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone years ago we let it toward Israel, and it was also the foot of Paul so we went to some other spots like Rome and Greece and we went to the ancient city of Ephesus. If you remember there was an incident in the book of acts were the Ephesians were worshiping a false God, Diana of the Ephesians. Then this was this false God is that she worshiped also known as Artemis and does so when I was there speaking I want to be illustrated so I went down this little store and they sold that you have reproductions of arguments the God as they were, since I bought one and I was speaking I said this is what all the commotion was about and he held up the subtle idol they worship this goddess in, so I did a little teaching they sort of threw it on the ground as a joke just talking about idle things like that sewing then ended up back in my backpack. So we got back in our ship because you're going from port to port and the steward and I went into my room and add to my granddaughters with me and they were playing with the little idol like playing with a like it's a dolling me giving the voice like so is it that the side of the boat. I literally flew up the side of the boat.

Leo said no I don't and idol. I want my grandkids playing with idols. I know that seems a little extreme, but sometimes you need to take extreme measures there might be something like that in your life and you need to just pitch it over the side. Safe I've done with this, but listen to this unforgiveness can hinder your prayers. Unforgiveness can hinder your prayers. Mark 1125 Jesus says when you stand praying, if you're holding anything against anyone, forgive him that your father in heaven may forgive you your sin.

Also in Matthew 523 Jesus says if you are offering your gift at the altar and remember your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift in front of the altar and be reconciled to your brother and sister and then come and offer your gift to let me ask you this is her somebody right now your bitter tour.

Is there someone right now you just hate you want to know how you will know if that's true. Their face just jumped into your mind. I know you're thinking about them.

I see it not. I hope my face didn't jump in your mind's person.

They did this to me.

They currently they slandered me they insulted me they betrayed me and I and you literally sit around and think about ways to get them back how you can get even I'm telling you right now if you have that attitude toward someone that can hinder your prayer life will great job. You know you don't know what they did to me no I don't and that they did a horrible thing that may be true, jumped understand forgiving someone is not just for their sake. It's for your sake missing.

As I've often said when you forgive someone you set a prisoner free yourself because it's hurting you concerning your relationship with God yesterday. A couple I came up to me and they look very troubled, especially the man so were talking and in he is kind of surprising. He said my wife was unfaithful to me you is like she said yes oh. While I and he says I can't forgive her and so I looked at him and I looked at her and I thought wow.

All right. Well, I said, here's what the Bible says. I said, the Bible says we should be tenderhearted, forgiving one another as God in Christ forgave you.

You may not feel like you can forgive her, but you need to just take a step of obedience to God and forgive her if you feel it or not, your emotions will catch up just do the right thing. But then I turned her and I said are you sorry for this since she said yes. What would you say that your husband apologize and tell them you'll never do it again.

She said it to the husband. I said, will you forgive her. He says yes it's intolerant he says I forgive you. And all of a sudden, tears started coming down his cheek. There was a really amazing moment. Then he kissed her, which I love that just three Mr. Selah with a kiss and then they walked away hand-in-hand.

Now you might send a hold on Greg, don't you know that unfaithfulness is grounds for divorce.

That's true. I have to concede the point. Yes, unfaithfulness is grounds for divorce. And it's also grounds for forgiveness and they chose to forgive and I thought it was a beautiful moment.

Maybe there's an area in your life be made right with God. Maybe it's an unconfessed sin something you return to again and again. You were even planning on doing it today. Got a hold of you need to call it what it is, as sin need to be sorry for any need to repent of it. For others it might be an idol in your life someone something is more important to you than God himself signed up for sake that idol thrown into the sea, if you will. And maybe there's some here that just have bitterness toward someone I know they hurt you they betrayed you, but this isn't really about them is kind of more about you is when you forgive someone you set a prisoner free yourself. You need to be free of this.

Don't let these things keep you from fellowship with God. So, to ask you to take whatever that thing might be if there is that thing and confess that sin let go of that idol release that resentment receive the forgiveness from God at this very moment today on a new beginning pastor Greg Laurie is helping us release those things that stand in the way of a healthy relationship with God and with others. Those are the things that hinder our prayers and if you need God's forgiveness. We invite you to go to know their pastor Greg will help you find that forgiveness from the Lord that you know KNOW know and then were excited to make available a new DVD as the film called the Jesus music we hear contemporary Christian music every day, but it developed during a revival in the late 60s and early 70s the Jesus movement pastor Greg. It's interesting that the first wave of Christian music was called Jesus's. That says a lot right there. It was a Jesus movement and there was Jesus music and then it became contemporary Christian music is what I love about worship. It's it's really going back to Jesus and no longer an old life revival meeting was quite a thing.

The Jesus movement may become. That's right. In fact, speaking of Time magazine in the very late 60s, they put out a cover story this ominous question on a black background with red letters. Is God dead? Within just a few years later is as vibrant sort of psychedelic design image of Jesus with the words Jesus revolution. What a difference a revival.

Makes you know it was actually time magazine that dubbed it the Jesus revolution we call of the Jesus movement but they sought as a revolution and you know what they were right. It was a revolution because it turned things upside down lives were changed churches were changed in music was changed. So one of the main expressions of it was in these new songs that were coming from. These young men and women who'd come to Christ and had their lives transformed. And so they started putting bands together and next thing you know an album or two are coming out, and next thing you know it's like a wave sweeping the nation now is mentioned. Today we call it contemporary Christian music but it started out as simple songs of praise and worship and proclamation written by some gifted forerunners out there that got this ball rolling and we want to tell you this amazing story of this music that was born out of revival called Jesus music that God is the title of the resource we want to send you. It's called the Jesus music produced by the Erwin brothers from the kingdom story company you seen I can only imagine. I still believe they did those movies and they also did this documentary film we want to send you a copy of the Jesus music and DVD, Blu-ray, and a downloadable version for your gift of any size. So whatever you can send this year and harvest ministries a week and continued to teach the word of God and preach the gospel here in a new beginning will rush you your copy of the Jesus music. So thank you in advance for whatever you can do so. I think you're gonna love this get your copy soon.

It's right when I call right now we have a 24 hour phone number 1-800-821-3300 and will thank you for your investment right now by sending you the Jesus music again dial 1-800-821-3300 or you can write us at a new beginning.

Box 4000, Riverside, CA 92514 or go online to you know there's nothing lying here in the word of God and worshiping the Lord together. I will encourage you to join us for something we call Harvest at Home every Saturday and Sunday and join Christians literally from around the world as we worship and we study the word of God together. So join us for Harvest at Home and harvest will next time pastor Greg continues with more insights on seeing our prayers answered sheer communication link to God is really our lifeline.

Join us here on the new beginning pastor and Bible teacher Greg Laurie and everybody thinks or listening to an beginning this is a podcast made possible by harvest partners. So for more content can help you know God and equip you to make him known to others or to learn more about how you can become a harvest partner. Just go to

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