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Classic Crusade Message: God in Pursuit

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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August 27, 2022 3:00 am

Classic Crusade Message: God in Pursuit

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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August 27, 2022 3:00 am

In this episode, we revisit a message from Pastor Greg Laurie titled, "God in Pursuit." Preaching from the story of the prophet Jonah, Pastor Greg describes how God pursues us in order to have a relationship with us. 

Sometimes we run from God, not understanding that He is looking out for our own good. Are you not convinced of God's lovingkindness and offer of forgiveness of sins to you?

Pastor Greg says, "Jesus Christ came to pay a debt He did not owe because we owed a debt we could not pay. And if you'll believe in Him and turn from your sin, you can be forgiven."

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This message was originally delivered at the SoCal Harvest in Anaheim, California on Sunday night, August 25, 2013. 

Since 1990, more than 9.8 million people have participated in Harvest Crusades events in person or online around the United States. 


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Everybody Greg Laurie here. You're listening to the Grigori pod. Justin, my objective is to deliver hopefully compelling practical insights and faith culture and current events.

From a biblical perspective to find out more about our ministry. Just go to our website so thanks for joining me for this podcast don't want to talk to you about your soul.

I want to talk to you about the meaning of your life, and ask you to just listen really carefully because honestly your eternal destiny is hanging in the balance of what were talking about the message I'm sharing this, not original to me. I'm just a delivery boy you know. Years ago I used to deliver newspapers as a kid, not from a carbon from my supercool engraved bicycle with even a stick shift on it. It was sort of a forerunner of my Harley.

I had my bags on their bed row editions of the daily private newspaper is close to the front door as I can get of the person that was on my delivery route. I was just a delivery boy. My job is not to make the news. My job is not to write the news. My job was to deliver the news and that's what I am really still I'm just a delivery boy I just delivering the message from God to you. My civil Greg got pretty presumptuous, visited, no, not at all. I want to tell you what the Bible says about your soul about the meaning of your life and how to get right with God. Let's pray for a moment the Lord I pray that you will speak to every person here and I pray for those that have, who never made this commitment to you. Help them to see their need for Jesus, help them to believe in Jesus before this night is over, we ask it in your name. Amen. The title of my message is God in pursuit. Years ago we were doing one of our crusades and we were staying in a hotel and my son Jonathan was very little piggy was around three or four years old, so he loved to push the button on the elevator always run ahead of the force, the right but so were walking on the hallway of a hotel of the rent had to the elevator is not Jonathan wait for dad. I'm almost there. I turned the corner to see the doors of the elevator close with Jonathan along.

I had I pushed every one of those, but pushing pushing pushing.

Finally, the doors open. No Jonathan I go down to the bottom floor go up to the front desk of the lobby. I said ma'am my son is lost somewhere in this hotel, please call security call slot call the Green Berets call the Navy SEALs got it. Only fomite sense is like on the phone. I'm sorry there is the fight I've gotta find them so I run back I pushed every button of every floor and with the doors open. I yell out his name.

Finally I found a minor note 5 floors up just standing there. You know, Jonathan listened to dad, don't run off. I was in pursuit of my son and I want to tell you something.

Failure was not an option.

Listen to this God is pursuing you away. He wants to pursue you to show you how much he loves you. Some of us have this concept of God. Jason is down because he wants to give us some kind of a beating. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus told the story to show us what God is like. Bill alluded to it a few moments ago we call it the parable of the prodigal son. What is God like he is like a father who lost his son, God is like a father who misses his son, God is like a father who longs for his son's return and God is like a father when his son returns runs to him and throws his arms around him and kisses him.

God loves you and God will forgive you of anything you've ever committed. God is pursuing you tonight.

Stop running from sin heard the story of a lawyer who is trying to deliver an important paper to a man who was determined to avoid him at all costs. You see this man thought the attorney was trying to serve him with a subpoena, so this guy managed to avoid that lawyer for year 14 years pass and this man, the lawyer was pursuing was in a hospital dying of cancer and they ruled that lawyer up right next to him in another bed. He was ill as well. The man looked at that lawyer that have been pursuing him and he laughed and he said all right go ahead subpoena me. The lawyer said subpoena you. I was trying to give you a document that proved to it inherited $45 million tea that's us running from God. I want to tell you a story tonight about a man who tried to run from God's name was Jonah know when you talk about Jonah, what comes to mind Jonah and the that's right, we all think of that whale and because of that we may dismiss this story is a fairytale or a myth, but listen, it's a true story. It was validated by no one less than Jesus Christ himself said is Jonah was in the belly of the great fish of the well, the Bible doesn't say it was a whale. The great fish to the technical translation would be by sea monster, whatever that beast was as Jonah was in the belly of that great fish three days and three nights so alive the Son of Man be in the heart of your three days and three nights. So Jesus validated it heard a story about a young girl without sharing your faith on the street corner little crowd gathered, and a man was standing in the back was an atheist and he thought it was going to humiliate this young girl. So while she's talking about her faith in Jesus. He interrupts and says very loudly young lady. I have a question said yes or you stand there and you talk about the Bible you believe the Bible all yes sir she said I believe the Bible every word of it is true. All you to the then you must believe and the stories that are in the Bible all yes I believe all the first all really so you believe in the story of Jonah being swallowed by a whale successful yes or I believe that the Bible teaches. He was swallowed by a great fish for maybe a whale fall well let me ask you how is that even possible. Said well I don't know when I get to heaven I'll ask him then the Civil War the fees and how to signal that I guess you could have them. I don't God uses for goldfish to swallow Jonah.

How many animal lovers do. We have about their pure animal lover raised her hand and a lot of out of animal lovers on how many animal heaters do we have but I hope we don't have many notes funny when I was a kid I two aspirations I want to be either be a professional cartoonist, but I wanted to own a pet shop that was sort of like fallback plan. I I've always loved animals. Ever since have been a little kid started with my collecting of reptile and every kind of reptile imaginable. I was so into reptile. I actually thought about becoming our current pathologist that is not defined as a nerd. No, not really that someone who studies reptiles. I had lizards and I had snake I had all kinds of snakes I had pythons and I had Boaz and I go for snakes and king snakes and you name it I had it that I wanted to my rabbit phase 5 rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, hamsters, anyone in my bird phase by Ed finches parakeets cockatiel's lovebirds in the parent living with my dog phase.

I had a couple of poodles I was too young to know what I was doing there were given to me.

Sorry I had a collie. One of the dumbest animals that ever lived. He was the opposite of Lassie, I had a springer spaniel to German shepherds. One of being one of them the greatest German Shepherd of all time in a few months.

Then I went to my face phase by the angelfish and Oscars and silver dollars, but I never had a Never because why would you have a Bucolic chances they can't come to call it.your boy comes running up looking like at looks at you like you seriously think I'm coming to you. You're joking right about all these animals in a way that I'd been bitten by many animals. I've been bitten by parents, rabbits, hamsters, I've been bitten by many things. I was even a bit by a monkey once little spider monkey belonged to a friend when I reached down to pet him on the head.

That was a big mistake by little monkey cleansed on the my finger. I pulled my hand back and feed these hanging on my finger blood squirting out everywhere. Not a good thing I'm looking forward to the day when Christ comes back and establishes his kingdom. The Bible says the animal kingdom will be subdued the woeful romp of the land. The Leopard will sleep with the kid In line will heat from the same crop and a little child will lead them. I've even read stories about how animals save people's lives. I read about a dog that dialed 911 when it's owner felt ill. That's amazing.

Apparently the owner taught his dog Bill to bind to cell phone if you had a diabetic seizure which the dog did another manner read about was a way of God when his SUV plunged 40 feet. He was backing out too far from his driveway, told his dog being Tony go get help.

The dog ran half a mile to a friends also brought them back. Maybe that's why dogs are getting their own TV network now if you're about this in the making this up.

There's a whole channel now dedicated to adoptive programming geared toward God, wondering what that would be exactly the close-up shots of fire hydrants, toilets, I don't know but it keeps the attention of a dog will never be one for Support. Do you think a cat would watch it. But here's my point. These animals are so amazing and God use this creature to swallow the man that tried to run from the Lord. It doesn't matter if there was a fish in existence now like this fish that existed then all we had to know is it existed one, but it's a man running from God. Here's what it says Jonah 1 the word of the Lord came to Jonah, the son of Amitai saying, arise, go to Nineveh, that great city and cry out against it for their wickedness is come up before me. Listen to this, but Jonah rose up to flee to Tarsus from the presence of the Lord. He went down to Joppa and he found a ship going to Tarsus and he paid the fare and went down do it to go with them to Tarsus from the present of the Lord. Have you ever tried to run from God.

Maybe you thought God was out to ruin all your fun. God was out to mess your life.

Nothing can be further from the truth. The Bible tells us that God is good. The Bible says give thanks to the Lord for he is good and his mercy endures forever. God's plan for you are better than your plans for yourself. He says in Jeremiah 2911. I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jesus said, I have come that you might have life and that more of abundantly other words, Jesus is saying. I came that you might live a life that is full and rich and meaningful. Meanwhile, the devil, and oh yes, there's a double surely is. There is a God who loves you. There is a devil okay to the devil wants to destroy your life. Jesus said of Satan, the thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy what Jesus has come to give life because God is good, but sometimes we run from God. We don't understand God.

Our granddaughters have a little rabbit named fuzzy memory. Mendel pulled them out, pull him out fuzzy and my one of my granddaughters little Allie Alexander is her full name will play with fuzzy know she's only two so sometimes she doesn't hold fuzzy the right way. Sometimes he can pick some up by the head agency and fuzzy like no no no you know it's out. No Allie, you gotta support them when you hold women, and so the other day when I was returning fuzzy to his cage. He leapt out of my arms into the open gate. I'm so happy to be home that so some times we see Gato if it's I could change it to the bars will look that's one way to look at it.

Bars keeping you when I think fuzzy the rabbits as those of the bars that keep Allie out condensate fear was in following Jesus Christ. I'm not gonna lie due are things the Bible tells us we should not do. There are amendments that are put there for her own good not to keep you pinned in, but to keep evil outs of your life. God won't hold it away from you if it's a good thing.

The Bible says no good thing will he withhold from those that walk up rightly. Not only is God good but God is love. You see these Ninevites these people. Jonah was called to they were wicked. That's why Jonah didn't want to go. He was a patriotic Israelite to be like God coming to an Israeli today and saying go to Iran that great city and preach to that will maybe he would want to do that. See Jonah's fair was effectively justified was that God would forgive Nineveh in his home was God would judge Nineveh and destroy them, and that would be one less enemy Israel had to worry about.

So we didn't want to go. So God says that Jonah go to Nineveh, Jonah's responses God they drink Gatorade and Nineveh. I don't want to go God said go Jonah said no, God said all was in the Lord will always have the last word. Yet despite the wickedness of these people.

God love them.

Graphic accounts are in historical records of the cruel treatment of captives from the Ninevites they would burn Boys and Girls Club live, they would torture adults they would tear the skin from their bodies and leave them to die in the scorching sun, yet amazingly God love these people and was giving them a second chance and I want you to know that God loves you no matter what sin you've committed. He'll forgive you but you need to churn from that sin, to give you an opportunity to do that. Just like 5756 people have done over the last two nights filling the field behind the states. You can make a commitment to follow Christ.

So Jonah got up and went in the wrong direction and he went down that's worse since always going to take you down. We'll plan on going down but one thing leads to another, doesn't it, that were tracing that ruin the marriage that pregnancy that altered your life that pleasure that turned into an addiction.

Think about these things. Especially you that our young. The evening of your life is determined by the morning of it.

The end from the beginning these things that you don't think our problem now turning the big thing ever seen a little baby rattlesnake there actually kinda cute.

No weird way everything is miniaturized statement.

The little things and they got the little rattler. I knew Mike to the digital baby rattlesnake you pick it up and hold it up any biking digital baby red alert feeling lightheaded how dropper drop the venom of a baby rattler is superposed able to get San Jose forward to the little said it just one time I'll never do it again. Little things turn in the big thing that's it happen.

Jonah read about a rapper that had a number one hit and he was talking an interview about the affective instant fame. It shows got bigger as party and became more extreme. He says I got more messed up than ever. All of a sudden the surgery young you have this newfound attention. I was soaking up with random females and the drug started getting stronger by always said I'll never do coke but I broke that I started doing a little bit of OxyContin. That scared me with friends begin to worry because he didn't respond to text and call think that all he's just too cool for us now but the rapper says I was alone smoking in my bedroom at sin, then it just takes you down. Sin will take you further than you want to go. It'll keep you longer than you want to stay and it will cost you more than you want to spend. Don't go that way. So, a storm, a big old gnarly storm and this was so hard-core. The storm that even the sailors started to panic and they were used to rusting.

They've never seen anything like it in a way this was a loving storm because God was allowing it to get Jonah's attention.

Maybe you had a crisis in your life. Recently, maybe you had a close brush with death got a scary call from the doctor about the tests that they just did on you or something is happening to remind you of your mortality. CS Lewis said, quote God whispers to us in our pleasures. He speaks in our consciences, but he shouts in our pain pain. This is megaphone to rouse in depth world, sometimes God can take pain or a storm if you will to get our attention and show us.

We need God actor Gerard Butler starting 300 and also Olympus is fallen at a close brush with death recently. He was learning how to surf big waves and prep for his film TC maverick got hammered by a wave committee with pinned underwater for nearly a minute now Butler is not a season surfer. He was panicking, he thought he was going to drown up. Fortunately rescuers got to him and they told him the last guy that went down at Mavericks had trounced. He was fortunate to be alive and Butler says in his quote. You know how people say when you're close to death to get a sense of peace will I didn't experience it was violent and went on and on with absolutely terrifying." Now that that can happen.

And maybe that's happened to you will be sailors are freaking out there calling out to their God's none of them have the right, God. I think a lot of times the word trouble will will call out to God, I'll tell you I used to a one day when I was a kid, probably around 16 years old I was with somebody we went down and bought a kilo of marijuana not to sell. We were going to smoke it all ourselves. We put it in the trunk of our car were Cruising Down Pacific Coast Hwy. in Laguna Beach. It was raining that night when my friends was driving. Suddenly the car starts to fishtail and I'm in the backseat and I've seen the headlines in the morning newspaper drug dealers die Pacific Coast Highway and I said God if you get me out of this. I promise I'll serve you. Suddenly the car corrected itself and we got home safely and I said things God's view next crisis never done that before all going to get me out of this when I promise I'll follow you and he does you forget your promise that these men were doing. They were crying out to their gods, but none of them had the right God so they cast lots. They figure out the culprit. Is this stranger was in the bottom deck sleeping they wake him up but still another thing what's going on with you. We figured out the storm team because of you. Jonah said well I am a Hebrew by works of the Lord God of heaven who made the sea and the land blown away. They heard of the God of Israel. God imparts oceans, the God who sends food from heaven that God who raises the dead and their same to him. You're running from a godlike that nothing is more pathetic thing being busted by a non-Christian, especially when the right. It happened a non-Christian, says that you are a Christian.

While I am the one are you doing that well? That happened to me years ago I had become a Christian then I'd started a church and I have real long hearing the beer Duck Dynasty style and I was sitting in the pizza restaurant and I looked over at the table next to me and there's this guy I recognize from my elementary school as it was probably since Tuesday is your name Paul suggested is you know some people don't change.

They just get like bigger it out. He does look like himself. Still very different as apologist Greg Laurie goes mad I didn't recognize you under all that hair use your imagination as I will call you many kisses I've been good about you and I said why I've been good I change the lock. Paul, you see, I become a Christian and not only am I a Christian fall, but I'm the pastor of the church.

He looked at me like I was crazy, said Greg, you always used to get in trouble. You're always smart enough that the teachers always going Frank to other people. I can't believe your peers and oil fire now I'm serving the Lord hallelujah is a cats great-grandmother. Thank you, Paul.

Good to talk to us feeling so good about myself while waiting for our pizza. The common it finally arrives old I was with a friend who went to the restroom for a moment. I forgot all about Paul and I thought it would really be funny to take the red pepper flakes and poured them on my friends side of the pizza. Somebody took his first fight.

It would be really hot so I'm laughing, pouring the red pepper flakes on his side of the pizza Paul says haven't changed much of your grade is going to write about that sometimes were like Jonah, we blow it we lost our testimony were not being the representative of Jesus, we ought to be me just say something if you're looking for a hypocrite free church.

Please don't join it, you'll ruin it okay. Every Christian is to be inconsistent at time so let me apologize for us that we not been the best representatives of Jesus Christ. But check this out.

Jesus did not say follow my people. He said follow me. Jesus will never be a threat, follow him boulders. Too many hypocrites in the church line is nothing more than a shallow SKUs. Why would you run from a godlike this they ask him.

Sometimes nonbelievers have a better idea of what believers should do and some believers have read into story about a bar that was being built in Texas a local church started a campaign with petitions and prayers to stop it work progress in this bar until a week before opening and lightning struck and burn the bar down the bar owners sued the church saying they were responsible because of their prayer the church denied any responsibility.

There was no connection they said between our prayers and the fire it went to court the judge read the plaintiff's complaint and the defendant's reply. He said I don't know I'm going to decide this, but it appears from the paperwork, we have a bar owner who believes in the power of prayer and entire church congregation that does not its interest so these nonbelieving men are sainted Jonah. Why would you run from a godlike that that's a good question. Why are you running from God.

He just wants to love you. He just wants to forgive you and so the Lord had a custom-made watercraft to take care of this problem.

Jonah said you throw me over the side of this boat the storm. And they did and he was swallowed by this great fish and now inside of the fish stubbornly refuses to pray why did God do this because Jonah was a prodigal son, and God loves his kids so much. He's not gonna let them go like my son Jonathan. I was gonna find my son was like Phil Robertson told us about his son, Alan and his son Jeff. He loved his sons and his son Jeff said that I was waiting for you to rescue me. That comes back to the picture of God who loves you and misses you and I wonder if we have any prodigal here tonight. What is a prodigal someone that knows what is right in does not do it. Maybe you were raised in the church, maybe even living a double life giving putting on quite a performance. Everyone thinks you're a strong Christian, but you know what's up you know what you're really doing listen, you can fool all of the people some of the time. You can full some of the people all of the time, but you can full God. Any of the time prodigal, it's time for you to come home tonight to return to the Lord, that Simon asked you in just a few moments to get up out of your seat and walked down here instead of this fact.

Feel and make that recommitment to Christ. Or maybe that first time commitment to Jesus. So now the Lord gives Jonah a second chance. Jonah 3 says the Lord spoke to Jonah as second time get up and go to the great city of Nineveh deliver the message of judgment I've given you this time the Lord or Jonah obeyed the Lord's command and went to Nineveh the end of the city. He shouted to the crowds.

40 days from now and Nineveh will be destroyed. The people of Nineveh believed God's message from the greatest of the lease, they decided to go without food to wear sackcloth to show their sorrow. I love that says the word of the Lord came to Jonah as second time I've good news to you tonight folks. God give second chances and to give third chances and his fourth chances as many as you need. Jonah said 40 days and Nineveh will be overthrown. Well, that's another very hopeful message as it will in a way it is because he was giving them a warning sort of like a parent warning. Their top do that one more time to be a punishment.

Okay am warning you one last time and then there's a punishment. Love your grandparent to say you do that again. There's a punishment that they do it again to do it again. There's a punishment they do it again it is St. Augustine basically grandparents to punish her grandchildren with the parents do that.

We just fill them full of sugar and given back to you. That's our job. The spoiler grandchildren. What you see sometimes we don't listen to what God said. But God was giving to them another chance. I believe God wants the United States of America to turn back to him. I believe the only hope for our great country is to turn back to God and turn from our sin. We need us virtual awakening in America again. We read or great awakening were due for another bike stromal to think what will happen in our country of God is not said a spiritual revival. Let's pray for that. This is one of the reasons were doing this event we call harvest America September 28 29 Philadelphia that's basically a month from today so you can tune this thing and you can put down your computer to your tablet device to your smart phone you can watch it you can watch it in your front room to get out in your church you get Evan in the theater but I hope that you will all pull down that signal that we sent from Philadelphia once our nation's capital as we proclaim the gospel. It's the only hope for America today.

God was morning Nineveh and God is warning America. St. turned back to me now. That's his message. Listen, I'm no profit, and I've never been swallowed by a fish. So I've swallowed a few fish called sushi, but I have a message in here it it is only one hope in this life that can turn it around. There's only one lifeline that God is dropped from heaven for us to be forgiven of our sins. It's his son Jesus Christ, who was born in that manger and died on the cross and rose again from the dead three days later now stands at the door of your life and not individual heroes voice and open the door don't come in. Jesus said it best, right in the front of this platform. I am the way the truth and the life and no man comes as a father but by me.

That's your answer that your whole picture only hope so. I have a message of good news.

Maybe I need to give you the bad news first the bad news is as every one of us and sent the bad news. Every one of us have fallen short of the glory of God is a no. I don't really think that I'm a sinner. I think I'm a good person I've ever read the 10 Commandments God says you shall not lie.

You shall not steal.

You shall not take the Lord's name in be. You shall love no other gods before me. Have you ever had another God before the true God. Have you ever lied to give results know I haven't your line right now.

You broken those commitments as it will Broken a few but some of broken more than the okay true, but one of those commandments being broken is enough to keep you out of heaven.

The Bible says if you offend in one point of the law, you're guilty of all of it were guilty. That's the bad news, good news is Jesus Christ came and died on the cross for our sin. The good news is Jesus absorb the wrath of God the father that should have come upon me Jesus Christ came to pay a debt he did not know because we all loaded dead. We could not pay if you believe in him and turn from your sin, you can be forgiven and you can have a second chance to live. I may give you that opportunity.

In just a moment so check it out. The people of Nineveh turned to God.

This is one of the greatest revivals in human history.

Nineveh could turn around.

Certainly, United States can turn around and I hope that we will.

Let's start with you tonight, maybe even running from God's time to throw on the brakes friend. It's time to come back to the God who loves you. It's time to come back home again.

I told you that story already of that prodigal son that ran away but Jesus said when he was still a great way's office. Father saw him and ran to get. I love the picture of the father running no is considered undignified that culture for an older man to run.

Not to mention it's just hard for an older man to run. I know this from experience. I've tried running.

I bet my friend who runs a great just hang in there and the endorphins will be released and you'll get the runners I have never had a single endorphin release. I've never had this runners side runners pay without older man that father willing to lose his dignity if you will ran to his son and threw his arms around that's what God will do for you tonight as you come to him review come back to. So what you need to do to get right with God will number one need to admit you're a sinner already pointed out, all of us of broken God's commandments. All of us a fallen short of God's standard number two recognize that Jesus Christ died on the cross for you. Yes, it's true, Jesus died for the whole world, Jesus and for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

He died for the world but listen, he died for you.

I love the way the apostle Paul personalize that what he said he loved me and he gave himself for me. And Jesus loves you and he gave himself for you. He died there in your place. Number three you need to turn from your sin.

The Bible uses the word repent, so I haven't even hinted yet. What should I repent. Listen repent means to change your direction. Instead of running from God. You need to run to God to repent is to acknowledge that the things you're doing are wrong before the Lord their sins before God and being sorry enough to stop those things and turning him and he'll give you the strength to live the life he has called you to let but then you must receive Jesus Christ in your life. Being a Christian is about a relationship and I think there's a lot of people that know a lot about God, but they don't know God and I knew a lot about Phil Robertson before I met up. I watch a show I read his book, but it was really a lot different in the back there meeting Phil in person now have a different sense of who he is eagerly the same guy, but I sort of know him a little bit now to see and we all do after listening to him. But we know about people we see them from a distance so being a Christian is having Christ come and live inside of your heart, you'll never be alone again to residence inside of you and give you the strength to be the person is called you to be.

You need to receive Jesus he says. I stand at the door and not know if you hear my voice, and open the door, I will come become in your life tonight but listen you want to invite him in. He does in City Hall. I sent of the doorknocking if you don't open it up ticket in because I'm God and you're not know he's a God was pursuing up but he will not force his way into our life. You have to. In effect, open that door to prayer. It's all right. Lord come in, then you must do it publicly. That's with thousands of people have already done this weekend. Thousands and thousands more of done it over the last 24 years we been holding these harvest crusades here at Angel Stadium. Jesus said if you will acknowledge me before people all acknowledging before my father and the angels in heaven, but he added, you deny me before people of the valuable for the father and the angel that slimed and ask you to make a public stand in just a few moments and finally, you must do it now. Do it now. Don't procrastinate, don't put it off until tomorrow.

The Bible says now is the time.

Today is the day of salvation tonight is your night. Some people think they can just keep quickness off and quickness off in one day. My fear is, your heart will get so hard you won't even hear God speak to you anymore know there's another city in the Bible that God shut there known as Sodom and Gomorrah. There was no warning for that. There was no Jonah barked out of a whale watching Taveras Street because they had gone beyond the point of no return.

There was still hope for Nineveh, there's still hope for you. Be careful. There is a point of no return when you can go too far.

Jesus said it's the unforgivable sin. The blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. What is ME, it means that you reject the work. The Holy Spirit is come to do which is to make you aware of your need for Jesus to say no to him in your heart can become irreparably hard Bible says he was often reproved hardens is hard and it will be cut off, and that without remedy. Listen, the Holy Spirit is working on some of your sin, you know what Craig I know NEG I know in the center. I know you'll forgive me. I believe it's all true, but I still want to party your I still wanted to have sex with my girlfriend.

I still want to do drugs and drink and I still want to lie and cheat and steal.

Listen to know this is true, and not act on it that super scary because you could miss this opportunity to get right with God and then you'll be separated from him all eternity friend. There is a heaven for those of put their faith in Jesus and there is a hell for those that reject welcome God of love for someone to help listen. God doesn't send people to help you effectively send yourself there by rejecting God's only offer of forgiveness through Christ. God doesn't want you to go there.

He wants you and have your eternal destiny. Shinji, on your distance. You can either say yes or no to cheese right now broken up right, to give you an opportunity to make this commitment or recommitment to Christ. If you haven't done it yet. Please do it tonight. I promise you you will never regret it.

Let's all pray father this is your word. It's good news if we listen, I pray for those that do not get know you yet. I pray that your Holy Spirit will convince them of their need for Jesus I pray that they'll see their sin and see the Savior that they will come to you tonight and be forgiven, and I pray for prodigal sons and daughters Lord that if been running from you. Help them to come back home tonight as you throw your arms around them and you say welcome home son, welcome home daughter help them become. We pray and we ask it now in Jesus name, amen. Everybody Greg Laurie here.

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