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What's New [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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June 28, 2022 6:00 am

What's New [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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Pastor author and Bible teacher Alan Wright three are 65 times in God's word, he says fear not enough for every single day. The doesn't want us living by fear. Instead, what is you want to have happen. John says is little pencil he wants his experience the perfect law of God and perfect love casts out fear. You are that's faster other message of good view that will help you see your life in old I'm being excited for you to hear the teaching today the series remain as presented with an old church in North Carolina that will stay with us throughout the entire program today. Mr. will make sure you know how to get our special resource right now you can be yours for your donation this month.

Alan Wright. So as you listen to the message go deeper as we send you today's special contact as a Pastor that's Pastor Alan who are G or call 877-5448 60 really be more on all this later in the program but right now it's digging to get started with today's teaching here is Alan Wright story gets even better. Says I will remember their sin no more.

I will forgive their inequity in verse 34 and I will remember their sin no more. So this is categorically different than what we had no confidence in the old covenant.

There was a system of sacrifices in which you could bring your eternal love your laminate Passover presented for inspection for the priest who would make sure it was. It was unblemished and it would be a temporary covering of your sin and once a year on the day of atonement, the high priest were going to the holy of holies and sprinkled blood there on because God had made the specification he said this is a way it's going to be so that you can know that I am not going to hold the judgment against you will temporarily place it upon the innocent animal is sort of like you back to the debt illustration is sort of like you got too much credit card debt and a credit card company says it's all right when I put you in jail now because you can just make partial payment each month. You stay afloat.

That way, but that's still there.

The data still there every round, every lamb, every turtledove did not pay the debt as what that's what the differences and then he says this is something happen where it did that hold that's coming on and then he says this, which is one of the greatest new covenant truths that you could ever grasp and I pray that I and you can grasp this more deeply every every day that he says I'll remember their sin no more see that that this is this is the problem is that we we have such a hard time, we might forgive, but we have a hard time ever forgetting I was thinking about you know that scene out of it happens in the real courtroom, but in the in the movies all the time it happens where in a courtroom drama and the attorney is trying to get the witness to stumble onto a statement or something and try to get something that probably should not be admissible in ask a question and then the witness says something and it and that was not supposed to been allowed.

You know, because it was sound.

Some evidentiary rules or something like that. And all of a sudden, then the witness blurted out.


Yes, I saw that she did have a gun in her car. You know whatever and that you were supposed to been able to admit that or something you and then the opposing attorney objection honor says sustained entrances and jury will disregard what the witness just said I'm here something here it forget that you just heard that the murder weapon was actually in the you know now you got is the problem in our relationships is that we we we forgive but somewhere in the recesses of your mind you remember and so that big argument that you just had was actually over little thing, but it wasn't the little thing it was you, remembering the other thing that happened 10 years ago in order for not to be present in this conversation, you have to have forgotten it. I want you to know God in Jesus Christ has promised by his own set will to cash your sin so far away as the east is from the west and thrown into a sea of forgetfulness that for every Christian lesson of this when you relate to God and you come to him in prayer and you worship him and you walk with him and you read his word. He looks at you as if you had never sent. That's what we have in Christ is what you have in heaven. We walked around heaven going in that time and Alan got so up to about that and he did.

That said, rising.

Remember, this is the nature of God's new covenant, and so from that there is an astounding, astounding, remarkable, joyous, logical next step that explains a whole lot of the New Testament and explains a whole lot of the gospel and explains a whole lot of transformation of the Christian life. If God not only forgives your sin removes the debt so you don't have it, but forgets what you did in sending the cost if that's possible.

If that's what happens and what that means is that the entirety of the Christian life is motivated not by fear of any sort, but by faith because of radical acceptance of Jesus Christ. That's new covenant living and I want that I want that more in my life I want for your life, Steve Brown, who was just a wonderful man of God, pastor and teacher, author and for cells like blog and he's meant a lot to me over the years I got to be with him in a conference just recently and tell him that and but he had when his daughter was young maybe middle school or something like that. She was in a an English class that was in advanced English class. She began to get stressed out over and she came home and cried to her father and said I need to be put in a regular English class, I can't do this and she was so stressed by choose fridges don't fail this Steve Brown went over and met with the administrator and the teacher and his daughter and they're all in the room together and Steve said to the teacher and the ministry said my daughter and you could see she was kinda weepy.

Says she is deceased, is not like in this class and we need to move her over to regular class if we could place and the teacher did odd things she said could I have just a moment alone with your daughter and Steve civil sure. So Stephen administrator stepped out and the teacher was just there with this middle school girl and the teacher said you afraid that you're going to fail this class and the girl laughed and said yes and the teacher said I believe that your really smart girl and I know you can do this material.

She said how about this one.

If I tell you is starting right now. Here the beginning of the semester you already made today if I give you in a right now you think you could do this class.

The girl stopped crying and she said yeah she said all right you got an a Ossian class tomorrow and that girl went in there all semester would join our heart and did a quality work and in fact made straight A's in all her classes and you think what you tell me God already given me an a because of the righteousness of Christ and his sacrifice did not mean people get lazy know it not only not listen.

People already being lazy give a more grace that would get more lazy is to remove the fear that talent right will have more teaching moment from today's important series. Many Christians in America today.

You're starting a nation's culture has turned away from God values in our country have changed. Suddenly, most people don't go to church or had a difficult one to make you feel like an alien in your own culture not to learn from Danielle when he was exiled to the pagan through our special offer. This night you can learn to live under the favor of God in Aryan culture the way Daniel gave before the end in mind senior Pastor Alan's idea series favored for you may feel like a stranger in this world that is not shared favor to Daniel and his four man race is timeless. Brown nation will not only help you through these troubling times. It will also help someone else links for your partnership with how I might ministry. We know we are in our final days of offering the special product, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website Pastor today's teaching now. Can you once again is 365 times in God's word, he says fear not enough for every single day of the year. He doesn't want us living by fear. Instead, what is you want to have happen. John says is little pencil he wants his experience the perfect love God and perfect love casts out fear.

You are so just enjoy learning. Enjoy growing enjoy enjoy doing the wire was EL but don't do it because you're afraid that your father is going to be disappointed in you, which means this is where the new covenant becomes distinct and beautiful and powerful and this is the only way it can make sense and that is its first Timothy Paul says, first Timothy 25 there's one God and there is one mediator one mediator between God and men, the man Jesus Christ in a covenant as we see in a lot of the writings of ancient times to entities perhaps to government. Governments often one that's a strong kingdom and one a lesser would contract with one another in a covenantal agreement that in that particular case between a sovereign nation suzerain and the vassal that it would be this type of covenant.

So one strong kingdom says, we pledge that we will protect you from neighboring marauding armies and in return, the smaller nation might say, we pledge that you can farm on our land and that we will not ever see over our land to one of your enemies so you will have this but you know some agreements like that right. That's what covenant is this party and this party agree and what they would do is I would without lawyers and legal contracts that the way that we would be it would make this a covenantal agreement solemn is it would cut an animal sacrifice and is an animal and literally it sounds gruesome is what they would do take it and put it into two the carcass and the kind of a gauntlet and each party would go walking through the the slain animal and say here's what I vowed to do on my side of the deal and what they were saying was if I don't keep my my promise, my pledge to let my life be like this. Laying out, and then the other would would walk through.

They basically were swearing. They were basically swearing, hope, and I don't keep it. That's where the and this was the way they made a covenant and that's why in Hebrew. Whenever you see the words in the Old Testament you see the words they made a covenant. The actual Hebrew language is the word cut accompanist so God says in Jeremiah, cut a covenant not to be like the old got cut and these two parties would then not only make their pledges.

They would describe the benefits to one another and they usually then would celebrate conferment ratify it with a shared meal together and you would see this all throughout all companies, so the old covenant between God and his people is a strong God in the weaker people. God says here's all things I want to do for you is how want to treasure. Here's I want to bless you. Here's how want to give you land. Here's all want to to be with you.

Here's how want this to bless your life and the people all said and we will praise your name and we will keep your statutes and will do everything you said the problem was people couldn't keep their side of it. They couldn't keep their side.

There was no showman could keep the covenantal promises and this is a problem. How is God going to pour out his blessing while remaining true to his word and is there is a human person who can keep the covenant was nine. So, to the surprise of even the archangels. God executed his plan that he known from the beginning, God became a human being said, I want to go keep it for an Christ came and he lived a sinless life. He was a new Adam who never listened to the serpent and never disobeyed his father and never was self-centered and always glorify the father, even to the point when he was sweating blood is.

I wish I didn't have to drink this cup, but not my will and yours be done. Father, he was perfect in every way. Holy and righteous Jesus Christ was God and man. He is the one mediator because he is both divine and human in this one man God and humanity met perfectly and so he on this earth on your behalf. Was God to you and he was human like you representing you and every other human being on earth. He was the righteous human being who Covenant promises never broke a single one of them and that's why he lifted up the cup. Passover said here's a copy of the new covenant because a lot of the old covenant between God and the people but the new covenant was between the father and the assignment in the sun Covenant for you. That's why you can live with absolute confidence that your relationship with God the father is in no way based on your merit and entirely based on the merits of Christ. That's how you can know you've already made an a and that's how the internal change begins to happen inside of you.

That's why you start liking green beads. That's why you start liking holy things because the fear gets called faith comes in. You fall more and more in love with God and everything in your life changes. This is Paul said in Ephesians chapter 1 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us in Christ wears our blessing our blessings in Christ.

I'm blessed not is taking you out of the picture of your your obedience is a beautiful thing and then Slovenia's wonderful green beans are good for you but what I'm saying is that your Blessed is your obedience. But in Christ blessed with every spiritual blessing in the places as he chose us in him and you get Joseph, how did you get saved you become God before the foundation of the world that we should be holy and blameless before how we holy and blameless. Only in him and love he predestined us for adoption to himself as sons through Jesus Christ he's made you like a firstborn son so that you you are loved by God the father in the same manner and to the same infinite perfect degree that he loves his only begotten son, and therefore you have become not only an heir, but a co-heir with Christ is no way you could ever understand verse six. Without understanding the new covenant. This is all to the praise of his glorious grace with which he has blessed us in the beloved.

Our whole life, your life and mine and everything we do is to the praise of his glorious grace the times coming.

Jeremiah prophesied to the exiles, which make a new covenant, cut a new covenant and not be like the old this one won't be with the blood of lambs and rams and turbos could be the blood of the son of God once and for all. So is my mentor done. We all like to say if you can believe that Jesus didn't go to sand today and break the covenant your mighty safe all your blessedness is secure because Jesus died for you. And behold, he lives in that's new covenant, and that's a gospel right in today's good news message what's new.

It's from the series remade and Pascarella was back with us in the studio sharing a parting didn't stop for the day for you. Just a moment. Many Christians in America today. You're starting a nation's culture has turned away from God values in our country have changed.

Suddenly, most people don't go to church or had a difficult one to make you feel like an alien in your own culture. There's a lot to learn from Danielle when he was exiled to the pagan land through our special offer.

This night you can learn to live under the favor of God in Aryan culture the way Daniel dad gave before the end of the month senior Pastor Alan's idea series, Daniel favored for you may feel like a stranger in this world that is God shared favor to Daniel and his four man God's grace is upon you as well.

Nation will not only help you through these troubling times. It will also help someone else.

Thanks for your partnership with how I might ministry we missed that we are in our final days of offering the special product, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website Pastor usury Pastor Alan sporting good news thoughts for the day. And yet if you believe that Jesus is promises are true and that he will never fail you if you're worried about that.

My princes well if you everything other than a star failing somebody hopefully pick somebody more high-profile than you will be with you. There's no more fear of being punished if your sin isn't even remembered.

That's what he promised in this new covenant and that's what's happened and if the new covenant is not really about you night about your performance not about you.

Keep in any of the of your end of the deal. Does that make you lazy.

Does that make you unappreciative and just going away. Of course not.

What it does is it set you free from fear and when the anxiety of our life is gone we can relate to God freely and draw near to him with boldness, we begin to encounter God in the way we can have faith in the way we live differently. The new covenant is absolutely new Holy Spirit of the living God is in you, you can know him, you can be assured of it and you can know that in Christ. Every spiritual blessing is yours. All that and more is what it means to be a new covenant Christian. Thanks for listening today. Visit us or call 877-544-4860 877-544-4860 if you only caught part of today's teaching. Not only can you listen again online also get a daily email devotional that matches today's teaching delivered right to your email inbox free. Find out more about these and other that's pastor

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