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Aarons Blooming Rod [Part 2]

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September 15, 2022 6:00 am

Aarons Blooming Rod [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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Pastor author and Bible teacher I will write when you accept Christ. You become a priest by a priest means this you get to go into the innermost place of intimate fellowship with God without any fear whatsoever because is Hebrew says have been made.

Allen right welcome to another message of good news that will help you see your life in a whole new light of the excited for you to hear the teaching today.

In our series called Moses is presented for an older church in North Carolina you're not able to stay with us throughout the entire program to make sure you know how to get our special resource right now.

Yours for your donation this month to Alan Wright Ministries so as you listen to today's message. We encourage you to go deeper as we sent you today special offer. Contact us at that's pastor out or call 877-544-4860 that's 877-544-4860. More on this later in the program but now let's get started with today's teaching here is Alan Wright and I got I got hurt in the game and some ice that came up hit me in the lip and it was bleeding pretty bad so my dad took me to the emergency room and God guys that Wells not too bad. He said I probably just need maybe one stitch to is that I could give him a shot but by the time I give you a shot hurt as bad as if I just let him put stitch in there and so I he said you okay if I was going put stitch anyone for what they want to mess with amount been on Naaman everything and I said no I am 10 years older. My don't know I'm I'm a hockey player you know that I brought lunch hockey player they get cut allies to sit on the bench. I stitch them upright their center back in again on like I can do this and so I shirt off and it ended, it hurt when he just did it was real fast and just not like get a shot boom boom he was done and up. My hair was real long, still have a hockey stuff on and I was sitting there thinking I'm a hockey player man.

I am a man. I mean I just took stitches with no painkiller, no Novocain, none none that I just I'm I'm I'm never had never felt more masculine in my life and the doctor got done and he said he said your brave little girl is the problem we all have corridors. Problem even when you set your own standard you can't live up to you go. I'm not holy enough and even when you feel like you're at your best identity and who you really are some buys God tear it down. We always left feel like there's something wrong with this was going on inside of Cora is like what you get to go and meet with God when you get to go.

You think you're better you exalt yourselves over us with the announcement I don't feel okay myself when you get to searching solve this problem is by lifting myself up to some greater place by establishing some new status for myself is even something deeper going on because what did the priest get to do to meet with God also got to offer sacrifices that were acceptable to God. Nobody else could in the great high priest on one day of the year to go in and offer a sacrifice to God.

Josť temporarily on no one else to do that so we had this problem is I don't measure up. And I'm not allowed to bring a sacrifice that would be pleasing to God. Why can't I be like Aaron. And so it was here about every body is wrestling, whether they know it or not. With this very something as well in my soul and it seems like no matter how much I try to sacrifice for God.

I never feel like it's enough I could never be religious enough.

So what some people do is they just try harder and harder and harder and harder and harder to be perfect with other people do as I say, I'm not contrite at all and they rebel but everybody born of Adam's Cora wishing they could make a sacrifice.

The Lord comes back to this, essentially saying the answer for Cora and everyone is not that you suddenly can jump and take the place of Aaron, but instead you must learn to honor the light in and embrace the work of my appointed high priest is he is very narrow the picture you in the Old Testament is pointing to Christ and it gets very narrow slick.

What is the way in which your sins are at least temporally atone for.

You have to honor the work of this one high priest, you have to you have to accept that I'm honoring the work of this one high priest which leaves us then to the test got his rosters of judgments against Corrine's people. People still unconvinced people and so death doesn't convince people. So God says I got a different test is going to be is going to be this.

I want to take everyone of the tribes all 12 and want to take a staff work for staff can also mean tribes was like a tribal staff. A representative staff from each other's families.

I want to lay these pieces of wood out in front of the ark of the covenant and remember that was the symbol for the presence of the Lord, so lay these staffs in the presence of the Lord and there's going to be a test.

Put your put the names on each one of these staffs. It will know exactly which tribe they come from. There won't be any trickery you walk out here and say look, I just, you know, brought out a flowering stick or something like that would all know what's happening in the one staff sprouts is a truly appointed priest to the previous judgments the death of those that oppose Moses and in God they were not the sign they were not a sufficient side.

There were acts of judgment. But here's the ultimate sign that to convince people and that is life. In other words, what God is, is saying is I want to show myself to be God by doing the impossible in bringing forth life out of this bed would and what will recognize is that if there is a way that God has brought life out of this one. Staff will know it was God who was authorizing this tribe. This family and Aaron to be the true high priest. In other words, there is not a scientist in the world is a good scientist who if you could prove they could verify that there is one being who has made the life that exists, and who could make good things come to life would not every scientist if things they say, by whatever name you want to call that being that rightly is God because that creator would be the one who has power over everything.

If there were someone they can make good things come to life and create things that didn't exist then that, rightly, that creator would be the very one who we all would worship because only God could do that. This is very important in the Scriptures that right from the beginning that the text says in the beginning God created there's been a lot of scholarly debate about that verse because some have suggested, it should read when God began to create.

But after all the consensus is in all the Hebrew scholars say no it should read like this in the beginning God created God did something totally and completely new. I got a new car this week. After months of looking and my family. Weary of me looking.

I had so much fun with it online. You can look for cars all over the world and so I have been, and finally I decided that I had to go ahead and and get a new car and so I did this week and I'm very excited about the new car and is that it's it's is silky smooth Toyota Avalon and it's it's it's running good and outlasts its new is not new in the sense of light knew from the factory it but it's new to me and so it's new amount my car. I had my wonderful all old Mercedes that finally I just meditated and I would almost shed a tear in his trade that beauty and about was he was 17 years old and so this card home is only seven years old/new is 10 years newer so I'm you slack and feel like I can save you. I have a new car, not new by some people stare, but if you did get a new card. It came straight from the factory and you said I got a brand-new car got 0 miles on it.

You still don't have a new car while because where did that car come from where it came from metals and other things in the earth, and other elements that already existed and people put it together. Yeah I will where that come from well it came for. It came from iron ore and metal whatever cave where that come from just like a scientist, told God he said, guys. We don't need anymore so we figured out how to do everything that's okay. Good for you set out out help before I go away and I just read another universe, but we just have a little contest. Just make sure you still need me inside.

Is that okay we want to because it was of a man making contest side to said okay we do that we learn how to clone. We learn how to map the human genome. We know how to make things and tested no man making contest. We got it all right. I'll go first to got screwed down to get some dirt fashioned into a man breathes life into and there was a living man and and said okay. You go scientist. He said all right theories now got some some dirt that is just about got so go get yogurt unit and also make the dirt UK that you may demand talent right will have more teaching moment. Today's important series like something is holding you back if you can important see what could change everything. Is there someone you see in stock. What's missing blessing all over. You can learn how to embrace the practice of blessing to Pastor Ehrenreich's new book, which became an enzyme number one best seller until now the hardcover book has only been available through retail sales this month right ministries once to send you the I thank you for your demos make your gift today discovered the power to bless the gospel is shared when you get talent right ministries. This broadcast is only possible because of listener financial support.

When you get today. We will send you a special offer.

We are happy to send this to you as I thanks from Alan Wright Ministries, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website Pastor work today's teaching now continues once again is Lester. This contest will put all these pieces of wood in the presence of the Lord and whatever God makes come to life will say that staff belong to the true high priest. The test is the one who staff miraculously burst forth with life and beauty and aroma and bears fruit. Whatever I make alive again. That's the one I want you to validate as the high priest.

Hebrews says that we have a great high priest is passing the heavens Jesus the son of God. We know that he is our great high priest because he's alive because the validation of the resurrection.

God essentially says here's what I want to do. I want to lay all the greatest religious leaders and scholars and philosophers and philanthropists. I want you to put the Powerball. I want you to put red, yellow, black and white. I want to put the old Yahoo average guy whatever it is you lay them out before me in their graves and also there will be the grave of Jesus was going to happen which ever one of those things that I caused to come to life.

That will be your true high priest and that'll be the nation of it is what the resurrection is what Easter is all about is about this one person it gives very narrow this one person the Lord Jesus Christ, who had been raised from the dead and ascended to the right hand of God. That's what Easter is all about.

That's what we believe in the evidence of this was the empty to the disciples saw and nobody could convince them that Jesus was a lie because they saw and thus what was born was not a religion but an absolute transformation of people's heart from the inside because this same Jesus came back to them in the person of the Holy Spirit, who is the spirit of Jesus and inside of every believer lives in Jesus Christ. How do we know Jesus is alive. How could you possibly produce is alive. The Bible says the Holy Spirit is bearing witness to our spirit. There were children of God. In other words, is alive. How would you produce is alive. I can't go over and take you to Palestine today and sugar aptitudes that will better for the purpose of the proof is that is of the Holy Spirit is poured out in our heart we receive them by faith, we have experienced a foretaste of what is going be like to be with him forever and forever all of Christianity in the entirety of the gospel is built around this glorious celebration that this man Jesus Christ was raised from the dead, and it was like sprouting forth into life. A beautiful blossoming fragrance of grace and fruit that would be born forever and forever the life of Jesus. So that's why the test was so important. It was a test is at work on a point here how it is established. Who is the true high priest, the one who is alive.

He is the one and the only one through whom the people sins can be forgiven. Jesus died to take the penalty for our send, but he was raised as the proof and the evidence in the validation that he lives to intercede and advocate for us.

Why is all this. Such incredible good news for us such incredible news because Jesus figuratively is the Aaron goes behind the veil speaking figuratively in the book of Hebrews talks about this and he figuratively sprinkles his blood in the heavenly's in a permanent way. So all those sacrifices were offered year after year.

On the day of atonement by the high priest. They were only a shadow they were pointing to the day that Jesus would do this for real and he did it in a spiritual way he did it in a way that is eternal, which is very important because it means that anyone who receives it receive something eternal if your sins were covered because the high priest had offered a sacrifice on the day of atonement, it would last you for a year is just temporary. It was impermanent it wasn't full that wasn't complete in every single heart. Every single heart in one way or another is asking the question of Cora. Can I meet with God personally. Is there a sacrifice that could be honored by God for my sin is your answer for this gnawing anxiety that lives within me that I don't quite measure up on never be good enough. What is the answer for this in here is the glorious good news of the gospel, the good news is this Jesus not only paid the penalty for your sin, but he did something else. The first chapter of the Gospel of John says it succinctly.

He gave the right to anyone who believes in him to be born again to be born from above, not by natural descent, not by human decision husbands will, but born of God. Anyone who would believe in him, he gave the right to be born of God. So what happens when you accept Christ is far more than just your sins are forgiven, it means this you were born into the high priest's family. Jesus started a new family line is not the line of Aaron is not about the line of Levi is not even about the lion of Judah. It is a new family line and everyone that accepts Christ is now engrafted into this family. This is why first Peter says that you are a holy nation, Christians and a royal priesthood.

What this means is that what Cora longed for and made his heart rebel becomes possible. Ultimately, eternally through Jesus Christ that when you accept Christ. You become a priest, and by a priest.

It means this you get to go into the inmost place of intimate fellowship with God without any fear whatsoever because is Hebrews says you have been made holy. He forgives you by his shed blood, but through his resurrection, he establishes himself as the great high priest and anyone who trusts in him is born into this spiritual family. What happens when you're born in the family. I tell you, it may not all happen at once, but this is surely what happens every single Christian here to give evidence of it in many different ways.

What happens is it you realize I was nothing but dead wood. But God did something in me and something began to but and it buds, and then it blossoms, and you become the aroma of Christ and not only are you the aroma of Christ. But you become fragrant also to the world and begin to bear fruit, fruit of love and joy and peace and patience and kindness and goodness and faithfulness and gentleness and self-control. We worship this morning with with St. Peter's world outreach Center at Sunrise and Bishop JC Hass is 6 foot two black man standing next to me and we kissed each other on the jaw.

Why I love him.

He loves me will others people where that come from.

That is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. That is not something we manufacture. That's not something is not is not there because we like the same basketball teams is not there because we gather around the same philosophy. It's there because the Holy Spirit the spirit of Jesus is bearing fruit in our hearts. This is what happens to God for just lay the deadwood in front of me, and watch what I can do.

Do you want to know Christ.

Do you want to be closer to Christ and you're always so what do I do what sacrifice do I bring what you make thing what God says.

Here's what you do bring your old deadwood self and just lay it down in the presence of the Lord and just lay there and just say I believe and I trust God make me sprout make me alive cause me to be the aroma of Christ and bear fruit within me and he will do it because Jesus lives. He is the great high priest and everyone who trusts in him is born in his family and also becomes a priest and that's the message of Easter and that beloved is the gospel right parens Bloomington blessing your life.

Grace filled vision for your rights, free grace and encouragement. It's free pastor got away like something is holding you back if you can important see what could change everything.

Is there someone you seem stuck. What's missing blessing. We all can override you can learn how to embrace your Pastor Alan writes new book, which became an enzyme number one best seller after its recent until now the hardcover book has only been available through retail sales this month right ministries once send you the I thank you for your demos make your gift today discovered the power to bless gospel is shared when you get Allen right ministries. This broadcast is only possible because of listener financial support. When you get today. We will send you a special offer. We are happy to send this to you as I thanks from Allen right ministries, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website pastor at work.

That's what it's about. It's about bringing her whole being to Christ. Maybe it's dead maybe it's lifeless but he has created new life. There is a new, but it's growing inside of us will test the know who the true high priest was back in Moses and Aaron today was this strange image of this rod that came forth in the life and that was the validation, but the test now of who is your Savior who can change everything your life and that is who is the one who was dead and may live again in Christ is only one who does that. So the image of the Christian life is not a self-improvement plan really is for those who are dead in sin, but then are made alive in Christ.

And if you're listening today and you've never made that step, to simply say yes to the saving work of Christ. It's easy to do.

You just simply say Lord I do believe that you sent Jesus to die for me, and I accept his saving sacrifice and I believe he's been raised from the dead. For me, and I want to trust him in my heart right now and when you pray that prayer God comes in your life and you're not only his for all eternity.

There's some kind of miracle. It takes place in which inside yourself.

You become alive again. That's the good news the gospel Allen today's teaching in the middle of this Moses series is Aaron's blooming rod incidentally was also given on Easter Sunday yet resurrection Sunday. The Sunday of Sundays in the life of the church into how in the world do you marry the resurrection of Christ. With that with Moses and Aaron's blooming rod tile that together well is simply this, a completely dead stick besides blossoms and then bears fruit. So there's a resurrection picture for you and picture what got done.

Christ us who were dead made live right. Today's good news reported production Allen right ministries

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