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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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September 13, 2022 6:06 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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September 13, 2022 6:06 am

Geno Smith shines for Seattle in MNF win | What's next for the Cowboys after Dak's surgery? | What is the After Hours "TD of the Week"?


Planning a really interesting internal discussion here that will lay out for you and not a segment by coming up at about 15 minutes or so to because were were were not sure exactly what you hear what Nathaniel Hackett had to say about those decisions and lack thereof in the late stage of the final minute of this loss to the Seattle Seahawks and I do want to hear more from from the Seahawks themselves because this was their win and they should be the focus for at least part for show but were trying to figure out what the question was that Nathaniel Hackett answered specifically when he spewed the we and think we're going to get that many yards line so anyway what will get back to that. It's out of that.

It's very important because the point still remains. If he thought they were going to get 5 yards on fourth and five they go for.I mean that there say that out loud for us to all recognize that he did not think the Broncos were going to convert on fourth and five, otherwise they don't settle for 64 yard field goal so that's obvious it's implied and that's why Twitter blew up. I watch football with twitter open because I like to see the reactions of others around the fraternity so whether it be former players, Weatherby players from other teams whether it be analyst. Sometimes, very rarely, but sometimes you'll get general manager types who are also commenting and so it's a running, it's a running conversation. Essentially, a stream of consciousness, and I like to see what others have to say about it. And so, as I am processing the end of the game and you been your Kurt Warner cut a freak out at the decision to kick the ball instead of leave it in the hands of his Pro bowl quarterback Nathaniel Hackett is is he's new on the job there all new on the job is Brenda Chris Dahl points out, but it there's no way around it. If you do not allow your quarterback to take a snap on fourth and five, when the field goal is 64 yards were the second longest in NFL history that you clearly believe that your quarterback has a less of a chance of converting that fourth-down, then, does your kicker in hitting a career long field-goal.

There's no way around that.

He obviously didn't think that going to get the yards, or he felt like it was a higher percentage play to kick but some of the responses on twitter. Either they just blow your way about paying Russell Wilson $256 million to watch on the sidelines while your kicker tries and 64 yarder. You all know Trey Young from the Atlanta Hawks. He tweeted this made me laugh out loud.

He tweeted that someone just told me Broncos nation.

Let's kick with the play on Broncos nation. Let's ride that's Russell Wilson's phrase they been using. He's been using it. They been teasing you about it. There's videos of him doing that. That's kinda his thing.

Now it's his theme is let's ride well. Instead it got twisted into. Let's kick in for you even have athletes or other sports will weigh in. When any NBA has a lot of guys who are really active on Twitter so kind of funny to see the conversation.

You can find me on Twitter a lot radio there's a bunch of reaction there and then also on her Facebook page after hours with Amy and their phone number 85521242278552124 CBS know the Seattle Seahawks did not score in the second half. They had 17 boys all in the first half but you gotta admit it was a dynamic performance from Gino Smith before they hit the break to Seattle for a number once again before the break, Gino Smith was 17 of 1864 yards and two touchdowns near perfect. So the offense was why was the complete opposite. In the second half, but it was more like what people expected after halftime.

They had some really quick possessions like the three and out after the defense had gone back to back.

Stop the back back back takeaways in the red zone against the Broncos they get the ball back to Gino Smith of the offense with about five minutes ago maybe and they probably go three and out when I was never top of the tub after the defense, though the CRD Stepping up and so we we kinda saw more of the stabilization there in the second half rising to the occasion with the electric crowd. The 12 man going crazy this was, I thought impressive efficient performance that maybe we should give Gino more credit for lot of jokes be made in Gino's expense. Over the course of the preseason. Oh, he only beat out Drew Locke Jacob Ethan, but Pete Carroll is been really consistent in talking about how Gino out right one this job.

Gino did an interview on the field after the game in which he told was Lisa Salters that he ball wrote them off. But he didn't write back. Essentially, and he will elaborate on that in the postgame press conference when people say what I think of a stretch for 10 years so I'm going through his skull fundamental so you know could write me off is not working remains one of the listener stuff like that. I just work explores warn about ministers anything that I don't get into the tub stuff. Good to see Gino is whole time. Just as I have no perfect opportunity know from the shelters. You know what you really do when is in full control of Baltimore often so just for him to go out there and religious social sources. DK Metcalf had seven catches and 36 yards will distally had a really nice touchdown. In fact, the initial one that you are with Kevin Harlan on Westwood One.

What stood out to me in that first half is that Gino connected with eight different receivers a different target plus reshot penny who was there*before their feature back, I should say another star back. Nobody really ran the ball a ton.

In this game, but the idea that they were able to spread the ball around is so critical right to teach them the defense is off balance and say the NFC West. It is a little bit humorous that the Seahawks are the only team in that vaunted NFC West division with a win go 49ers got a lead into touchdown lead in Chicago in the slop and then saw that the Bears got was that 1993 points. There the Cardinals they got blown out by the kids to the cheese. And I mean bullied, knocked over on the playground. Their lunch money stolen when home tail between their legs and the Los Angeles Rams but it wasn't quite as dark but the Buffalo Bills manhandled them as well. Three teams in the NFC West that are expected to be at the very least playoff contenders in all of them with a rude awakening in their season openers. While Seattle took care of its bigness and after hours here on CBSSports Brenda Chris Dall just told us that there is a lot of brewing when Russell Wilson came out of the tunnel, though he makes the point that Russ was leaving the rest of the Broncos. I have no idea why the world you would ever bring Russell Wilson. If you're Seahawks fan because even if he's on the opposing team. Now it's not like Broncos and Seahawks are rivals. He went to the Niners for heaven sakes, but even so, this is the Seahawks decision to trade him and we don't really know the ever asked for a trade the year before, only that his agent put out several teams where he be comfortable going to fit the Seahawks and accommodate them. Regardless, this is the Seahawks decision tree that they felt like it was the best business move for them. They're willing to go a year without a face of the franchise quarterback they're willing to go with a stopgap QB for now because they want those pics and they wanted those players. They are in rebuild mode. They're the ones that made the decision they want to pay Russell Wilson what he was asking the Broncos were willing to do it and then not willing to give the ball on fourth and five. Please let crazy Russell Wilson got the contract from Denver that Seattle wouldn't give them. But even though they gave the money they didn't give them the opportunity to prove himself in front of his old team and old fan base cyst.

Ironic given the money but don't give him the ball okay. I think there's a huge difference between brewing him and not supporting him, I would exit the prize of the billing. I thought he might hear some applause about thought he might hear some cheers.

After all, he was immersed in Seattle for 10 years. He gave him everything he had and he was essentially an Ironman until last season when he missed a few games they were relevant for most of the time that he was there. They were NFC West champs more than once they were twice to the Super Bowl. They trounced the Broncos in the Super Bowl a few years before Peyton Manning finally exited a lot of the do with the Legion of boom I get it. Pokémon Ross is God dozens of comebacks led these a guy who has been one of the best quarterbacks in the league at times.

I don't know what more you could have asked of him and I was surprised with the prominent brewing.

To be sure that feeling of its mean I'm a Seahawks fan. I'm grateful for the 10 years that he gave us.

So what about Pete Carroll. What about that reaction to Russ. I didn't know, and I was I was wondering what you know how they would respond figure and that they probably would respond in a way that try to make as hard as possible so this week in business and in our fans computed in spectacular fashion tonight. This was amazing, amazing place to be in the right from the get-go that didn't bother me. You know he was a hostile environment is over has been hard and expect to get around Paul's and once long, but I would say I did everything every day. Your everyday anybody says anything else you are completely wrong. That alone maybe is worth laying off the booze. While the BL OCE and the POS. Russ had very complementary words about Seattle about his former teammates about his former fans because clearly the notice fans anymore.

He took the high road and also the same thing about him that I said about the fans. I have no idea why there be any acrimony unless he's a little salty about being traded down like he is. He feels like he got a better situation in Denver now an opportunity to join a team that has great potential. He wasn't thrilled with the end of his time there in Seattle, but he never said a bad word about the Seahawks. Now I think it's interesting people pointed out that and maybe they met in the tunnel beforehand.

Or maybe they had a powwow after the game, but there were cameras trained on both Russ and P Carolyn pregame and it didn't appear as though they ever got together for conversation.

Never the twain shall meet. Russ love the time he spent in Seattle wouldn't take it back and I appreciate that he does have a bad word to say because let's be honest, it didn't end the way that he wanted no the team as we found out is that try to trade him going back 2018.

Those things can hurt but feel like it's easier walk away when you're in a better position Seattle is been amazing for me to serve anybody thinking of the words in a little know my heart. I don't know how much the city is meant to me. Multitudes of myth to the school year to all the games were going hear all the special times forever grateful for. I appreciate that from Russ and we have now heard similar sentiments from Baker Mayfield.

Though it took him a bit to get there, but he always loved Cleveland had positive things to say about the fans kind, only that he didn't love being booted ends. Who cares then how would you like it if I kept your cubicle and boot. He's now in a place where you can be complementary, yet it's always easier to take the high road with your first love. When you moved on to a new love and that's where Russ is now. He was all in with Seattle in the fans for 10 years they had an intimate relationship, but it's not like he's single now and and without a team without a new love it a lot easier to be complementary about an old relationship, or in acts where you are very happy in your new relationship then you could wish the old dude or the old gal nothing but the best. Dr. Baker was quite there at the time because we know Cleveland is the divorcing first before he was ready to write deep breath is a lot first hour and 20 minutes just flew right by where do our first edition of TD of the week coming up this hour and there's more to get to in football, for instance, Jack Prescott surgery on Monday and we were waiting for news on both Naji Harris and TJ Watt in Pittsburgh. Todd Bowles has a couple updates on injuries as well and I suppose now is to put Jamaal Adams in their two Pete Carroll did talk about. Jamaal believes he has a significant injury, so will try to update you on all the injuries are as many as we can get to coming up. You can find me on Twitter a lot radio also on her Facebook page at the after hours with Amy and Phoebe you are listening to the after-hours podcast is now Russ got a go is talk about all one interest in the midst of it of the parties a lot more clear and never let anything and actually felt was just the next group of all supplemental terms is more plans for surgeon Warren know what you see. Everything was told was much cleaner than it could use after hours with Lawrence Prescott Sunday following the game. I give him credit for speaking to the media, even though at that point he already knew he'd already heard the bombshell reaction from the doctors the trainers I tested them out or checked about that.

He had a fracture in his thumb was given need surgery and yet he stood there and answered questions. That's that to me is a leader and it's also its maturity. Not every athlete not every human would be willing to talk or would even maybe he didn't want to but we do it anyway. In the wake of such devastating news and we know is devastating for a lot of fans to because our social media blew up the Cowboys are one of those teams that are very divisive is seemingly love them or hate them. There's no in between, and the amounts of piling on Dallas that was done over the last 24 hours.

How is it was palpable that after hours with Amy here on CBS sports radio. You can find me on Twitter a lot radio also on our Facebook page named after the show we got a YouTube channel as well.

You heard the call from Ryan Radke and Mike Golic on Westwood One on Sunday night as Cooper Rush enters the game and Dax reaction think he just jammed it in that collision well collision in that battle at the line in which he lost his thumb lost to Jack Barrett their hands kind of love well that he and Jack Barrett was coming down and smash right into his thumb and was one of those deals where like in a car accident where the court it's got the momentum generally does the damage right so shocked Barrett's arm was coming down and connected with his thought and just the force that was behind it only imagine how painful that was.

It looked painful even before we knew that there was a fracture, but he did have the surgery on Monday and it disappoints what doctors are saying is that it's likely to be 6 to 8 weeks before he returns to the field before he can go through the rehab and be ready to throw football again.

Be ready to grip a football again. It's one thing to throw it, but if you can't hold onto it is not the issue with Russell Wilson last year. He came back so quickly and was unable to grip the football and it was tossed the first couple weeks actually maybe the first month or so they rushed him back and he did not look the same. So if you look at that timeline were talking late October somewhere in that window, but it could actually be eight weeks would would put us on skews me into mid-November. By the way, and I only know this because I was reading about it, not because I have the schedule memorized November 13. The Dallas Cowboys are in Green Bay taking on the Packers in what will be Mike McCarthy's return to Lambeau Field.

Will Jack be available for November 13 Willie back before that McCarthy himself was talking to the media on Monday and had some kind of a smack in the face with one district. So it's it's it's part of the challenge. I mean, I prefer a little more emotion than that. Okay gotta be stoic. Gotta keep going.

Part of the challenge then is that what you tell your team, it's just part of the challenge. When you lose your starting quarterback in the first game of your very first the first game of your very first month, and in addition to that, even with that quarterback on the field you will 3 pints what resilience will have challenges to go without them all watching with one so little. So were distorted for electric energy nutrition of the members the players so as to deliver us all overlook what people need to be better than we were initially recognized so the work of the police of understanding is we did so that's where we are made, there still crying over spilt milk. Is that what he saying that after hours with Amy are in some CBS. I would say that there is a lot more panicking being done by Cowboys fans or as would be the opposite reaction. The piling on in the laughing and appointing like the Cowboys or some monkey at the zoo for heaven sakes. The way that people are are just like gloating in that Jack got hurt. Or maybe not so much that Jack got her but the Cowboys this author's loss or starting quarterback after getting embarrassed on their own field to start the season on national TV. I hate it I hate it when guys get injured I don't care if it's the best player on a team that is arrival for the one that I root for IE. I hated these guys work so hard and Dax already come through some really painful and devastating injuries and it got back to the point Mead said to us for the first time in what feels like forever. I wasn't spending my summer rehabbing. I wasn't spending my training camp my preseason try to get back into a groove. Know I was healthy. I've been healthy and then this happens. I mean it sucks you have to love the Dallas Cowboys or appreciate Jack to recognize that as a human that is painful. It's painful that you work so hard and then Bam just as you think you're ready to go just went from bad to a whole lot worse for the Dallas Cowboys. Now don't know how good the NFC East is going to be this year.

Think where it's clear that with Brian day ball and the new coaching staff the Giants will be more competitive. They still have have weeks weak points and Achilles' heel's of course.

The Eagles are probably at least without.Prescott in the division. There the team to beat. We've seen that but there also have plenty of fatal flaws, it may still be division it's up for grabs. Probably will be a division it's up for grabs in mid-November, but how quickly can docket up to speed and at that point are the Cowboys anywhere closer to finding the new offense of identity that the thing that I think is lost it. All of this.

It's not just a starting quarterback is out for 6 to 8 weeks with a fracture in his thumb. It's these Cowboys were completely lacking any office of identity because the number of guys that left because it CD laminate up bunch of other receivers that you're waiting to see whether or not they're going to step up wheel the offense of line was already in transition.

And then there there losing guys still with injuries. The whole thing is is a lot of moving parts. Jack was the stability he was the leader of that offense could help guide through this period of transition he was going to be the want to provide the consistency and now there yet. Are there to be spinning and circling in searching until he comes back, is there not a fighting offense of identity with Cooper Roche. The cow was there to do anything they can to protect the offense with Cooper rush out there be. I would say a lot more conservative with Cooper than what is.Prescott Jack and throw the ball, he can move that's not Cooper and really not to be dropping Grob looking throw the ball. He's not a guy who do a lot of scrambling. I'm always afraid that Terry CL if he starts moving but I really think that's a possibility.

Doesn't sound like it lets the Cowboys dude about-face seems like there buckle down. I don't know though you would expect them to make some kind of a move. Now as for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Naji Harris apparently Easter rain or maybe tweaked would be a better word that footnote in a previous lives Frank injury so it's not expected to keep amount back to he could be back on the field for week number two so that was the good news that the Steelers got on Monday. The test came back negative and according to different insiders.

He's likely to be out there on Sunday against the patriots but TJ Watt. They're not sure yet. It's definitely a torn pectoral muscle. He is going to get not just a second opinion, but 1/3 opinion about the torn pack. He's hoping as I would be to there someone out there who will tell him he doesn't need surgery that he can somehow heal without getting the surgery because if he gets the surgery, his seasons probably done. If he doesn't, maybe he comes back in a month and 1/2 to month units are about been able to have a high pain tolerance able to play with pain.

How could you me I guess I was kind of a rhetorical question, but I was thinking, does that mean maybe it's partially torn and are they think it might partially torn out fully torn is that if it's partially torn could not be snap at any time.

Yeah I worry I to be better but we're looking for the second and the third you just want to hear something that's not there. No one has got guys done it. Yeah, yeah, but it's possible your to be in a ridiculous amount of pain there to shoot you up with all kinds of stuff and is it really worth it because I don't know if it's to make it so much worse than it's gonna linger into next year and linger into for the rest of your life. That's not good so I don't I'd be stunned if we choose to do what I remember when this was but I knew his brother had a torn pack so JJ Watt elects it was not long ago, he tore his pack in October 2019 and was back on the field before the end of the year that was with Houston rents the master to last year in Houston yet and with harness and everything you do vaguely remember that yeah but again, you talk about that. Still few months what you can have a hard time believing it will do this and come back. I root form.

I really am just again we will get to the point where it's like it's the science that tells you like this can't be done. You guys have done crazy things and I remember Lawrence Taylor playing with harness Saints and aviator maneuver got good with his arm and he wanted with resection.

The game what right would you take a TJ Watt that 70% or TJ Watt. That's 50%. Pretty much everybody on the Steelers yes but if I'm TJ Watt. Like you, you gotta be careful that this is an you don't derail you the rest your career is much that stinks. To lose a season to get healthy well that's true but you know those guys are crazy. I'm aware pretty nuts and I would say even having half of TJ Watt is probably better than still a lot of guys in the league, but your job is also to protect themselves if it's partially torn. He somehow pop the whole thing or I don't know immediately. He needs someone to tell him that he could do further damage, but look at that they sent him doctors tell you you can't do anymore damage. It is what it is put in the harness. You know, again on gloss over painkillers to know where you going out there. Of course, I again that we come up. You know, we skip that part like it. That's all possible and he can go through it and is not to injure himself further than that.

Your choice. You want to do it. I'm all for it but again like sometimes we have to keep in mind like us. Just because you do with this meeting should teams up to make sure that they protect their star players. The older players from themselves know we don't know teaches you one on the sideline, but you know sometimes you have to tough it certainly is tough. All right Jay give me thumbs up thumbs down on candidates for TD the week. All right, so that is what you'll hear after the update and a little more about this internal discussion were having regarding Nathaniel Hackett's postgame comments about the fourth and five will let you in on what what were trying to figure out. It's after hours with Amy. You are listening to the after-hours podcast don't is Rose yes on Twitter was a cold 1227 year old daughter saw Minnesota Blakey's seats called years circling out of the seven 2015 difficult to narrow down a weeks worth of touchdowns just board candidates for TD of the week. We generally tried to pull scores from teams that when that kind of help to zero down. We also really good radio calls which of course we got some fantastic play-by-play voices around the National Football League, but man there other touchdowns that we could use these are our four candidates so you can yell at us on social media, but the pole will soon be up on Twitter after our CBS and that also on her Facebook page you want you to select the week one TD of the week and will go quickly through what we just heard the only touchdown on Sunday night football Tom Brady to Mike Evans.

It was a one-handed twisting grab over his back shoulder in the end zone man alive. He is so athletic and obviously Tom Brady knows what Mike Evans is capable of the call with Ryan Radke and Mike Golic on Westwood wine that we had three local calls Justin Jefferson, a record number of receiving yards in the first half against the Packers. They had no answer for him on Sunday hit 158 receiving yards in the first half alone.

Also, a couple of touchdowns. Paul Allen on Vikings radio. Welcome back Michael Thomas on saints radio.

You hear the first of his two touchdowns.

He had in place its week 14 of 2020 and still you cannot guard Mike and finally they got to be one of my favorite plays of the entire week one because it was so athletic as it also intelligent and you could see the progression of Justin field. As the pressure is coming from the 49ers. The second year Bears quarterback sidesteps alludes pressure escape the pocket and then had the presence of mind with his head up to realize that there is blown coverage and Dante Pettit is across the field with no defender within 15 yards of so he does the quick plant and turn and chucked the ball accurately to Pettis.

Pettis is able to then go 50+ yards for the touchdown was really impressive again. You can find the pole on Twitter after our CBS or on our Facebook page.

Our first TD of the week NFL with one weekend in the book you know there to come fast and furious rate.

It's after hours with a tear on CBS sports radio. Our phone number 855-212-4227 the free AutoZone fix finder service can help troubleshoot the likely cause of your pesky check engine light for free and get you back on the road. Restrictions apply it in the zone AutoZone we were listening to Nathaniel Hackett defend his choice to go for a 64 yard field goal. Instead of allowing Russell Wilson and the Broncos offense to stay on the field for fourth and five, and as we heard what he had to say. I pinpointed one particular phrase I want to play this soundbite for you again back and tried to understand the question because well because I want to be sure that that were being accurate as we kind of process what this first year head coach had to say about what transpired thereon. On fourth down. Brenda did his best shot won't be able to hit these people will say I wish we would've gotten a lot closer to put us in that weird spot there because we were in the fugal Range Rover on the fourth down situation didn't think we would get that many yards I thought it was a great job but you want to know. We just made the decision want to shut their on them. So we went back and we listen to the question from the reporter in the report report was asking him were you going to kick regardless where you write on the line for the distance for Brenda McManus meeting what you were you planning to go for it regardless of what happened on third down when they had 1/3 in 14 to 3014 with a minute.

11 seconds to go to Aponte ends up getting 9 yards and put them in that fourth and five situation. It was a really impressive play by Javon J.

Williams, who by the way, had a fumble on the goal line.

Earlier the game. Anyway, he gets the 9 yards he gives them 1/4 and five point they become chaotic they become completely disorganized. They're not sure what they're doing there. Not sure whether or not they should call a timeout initially whether they should. Now, according to coach Hackett. They were always planning to kick their butt whether they should let time off the clock and if you are planning to kick you don't want to leave any time on the clock it said that that what he said right what he said was that was on us. We let way too many way too much. I brought the clock, but if you think you might put the ball in the hands of your quarterback on fourth and five, the quarterback that you brought to Denver specifically for the purposes of waiting. Well then you call a timeout to set up the play, but after listening back to him. We are wondering if maybe when he said we didn't think we were going to get that many yards that he might've been talking about the third-down play when they were 3014, but it really doesn't matter because ultimately, whether he says it very implicitly, about fourth down. Still the truth. He thought Russell Wilson of the Broncos offense were going to pick up 5 yards on fourth and five, he would left them on the field so we didn't think they were to get that many yards it's after hours on CBS sports radio

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