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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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August 31, 2022 5:53 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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August 31, 2022 5:53 am

Aaron Judge closing-in on Roger Maris' Yankee HR record | NL's best do battle in NY | Jon Gruden wants another chance?

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Play loud it's baseball like you've never watched before for new episodes of play loud YouTube channel just struck me that the last time cell number kind of actually extends to the third week in September and it does seem like the summer weather is going to be around for a bit by for all intents and purposes for what we do here on the shelving for many of you who are sending kiddos back to school or going back to school yourself.

Labor Day March the end of fun summer. After that it's summer by it's not the kind of summer fun or summer implications that we think of when some some summertime comes up so this is our last home show of summer. Actually, our last home show of August.

Wednesday the actually August 31. The last day of the month. Dog days are just about over who sometimes I think it went relatively slow just because it was a challenging summer and other times I think.

I don't even know what happened this summer.

They just ate a lot of it was a blur. So here we go last day of August is Wednesday and we will usher in that final day of August, and your Wednesday hump day with our hump show here on CBS sports radio were live from the rocket mortgage Studios when you need cash out of your home and a simple way to get it. Rockets can so couple things. This is my last show until after Labor Day and I am trying something new.

As I mentioned a couple of times over the last month or so I've never saved my summer vacation to the very end of August and I wanted to September so this is unique for me but I thought I would try and see if it helps me go into football season feeling refreshed and reviewed rejuvenated, reenergized and really I I have not seen mom since Christmas. Third, since I left her house in Houston right after Christmas and so I'm I'm desperate for a little mom time and a little family time before football begins. So that is what I have on tap.

It's going to be so much fun to get off the air in the morning, go home, take care of my pets make sure they are all set finished the cleaning that I didn't get to tonight because there's going to be someone at my house. The entire time that I'm gone. And then mostly packed but still need to get my toiletries and a few things on the fringe. Yes I travel with food. Whatever I don't eat beforehand to travel with and actually was going on in my kitchen because as I was leaving the house a little while ago I started my dishwasher.

I because there's dog food bowls in there that I need and just in general the dishwasher is fall and I'm pretty sure that as I got two blocks away from my house. The power went out for 1/3 time so everything seemed to go dark, including the streetlights in my neighborhood. It would've been the third time that we lost power.

So I've no idea what happened with my dishwasher because it would've been maybe five minutes into it cycle. Nova restarted out of it just turned off. I have no idea. So I guess I'll find out when I get home. Whether or not my dishes are clean. I don't actually know that, but I've got will collate three little over three hours from the time that I get home from work to be ready to get in the car and drive to the airport. That means is one of those marathon days where I'm going about 36 hours without sleeping because I do not sleep on planes but I know it's a good problem to have.

I'm looking forward to seeing family and check it out for a bit so this is our hump show but it's different because it's my last show of the work week. It's after hours on CBS sports radio and on Facebook and then you can find us on Twitter after hours.

CBS producer J just put up the spot.

Well that the post that you can respond to with your questions for ask Amy anything which will take place on this hump shown back the next time we do this we will be mere hours away from the start of the NFL season. To that and Mike Tomlin is keeping his starting quarterback, a mystery. Maybe he knows maybe he doesn't but he is definitely not letting on.

He's enjoying this. I think he does enjoy this.

I'm pretty sure it was cut down day that day were the NFL rosters finally and officially have to be down to 53, but then practice squad get filled out as guys get released by one team, they may get picked up by another team, or they may immediately get signed to the room.

The practice squad rosters from the team that just released them so there's all kinds of ways that business gets done over the that last day when teams are scrambling to get to the requisite roster and there are some surprises Jack Prescott is the only quarterback on the Dallas Cowboys roster.

It's not going to stay that way, obviously, but that's interesting until go through some of the various storylines that are outstanding and that are still dangling as we head into essentially a game week coming up this weekend.

Teams are kicking into game week in game mode for the first time in 2022 regular-season 2022 XI guess is not true. I think back to the end of the regular season.

It actually did extended to January, but you know what I mean. They season. There goes the perfect show shouldst just give you one of them shows.

Trust me, it's going to be one of them shows. Also, we will hear from the alleged victim in the Matt Araiza case I did not realize that she had done an interview with the CBS evening news. What I opened up my computer my browser on Tuesday afternoon. It there was a video in a story that was done with a reporter who interviewed Jane Joe. She was on camera. She's 18 years old now.

Her face and most of her body were darkened so that you could not see her identity but I daresay there are people out there who know her voice probably people who are closest to her who would already have heard her version of what happened and it's painful to hear along with her giving her side of the story is the attorney for Matt Araiza who wants you to know what he thinks is happening in this whole situation. So I did not know that she had done this interview we did not have it on the show last night but I deftly want you to hear it on the show tonight and maybe by now you have heard or read about the comments from John wall and his very candid, honest, open, transparent, vulnerable story of what these last couple years have been like for him and it includes suicidal thoughts.

So again, you may have seen the headlines, or even heard the interview that he did. What struck me and we'll talk about a little more we get there is that he speaks for hundreds of thousands of people, young people. May we talked about this going back to 2020. How many more young people because of the isolation because of the lockdowns because of their school and social lies being interrupted and and uprooted that 1/4 of our young people in this country.

According to studies and surveys had considered suicide or had suicidal thoughts and so that was a stat that I share with you going back to 2020 and I'm not at all surprised that there would be athletes who would be in that same space. Every day it seems like there are stories coming from either the world of sports or I saw another one a woman that I'm not familiar with, but she was the TV anchor in Wisconsin who took her own life in her 20s and so for John wall to speak out is no doubt scary requires bravery and courage for the same time so important for people around the country, even around the world, especially young people who may still feel lost to may still feel like the last two years have thrown them for a loop and thrown them off balance offkilter.

I appreciate the John wall is willing to speak out and to let other people know that they are not alone so you hear from John wall coming up, so the lobby want to get you in this edition of the show also. It's been an interesting day for our friend Cynthia Freeland of NFL network.

She is the queen of data science. The map queen.

She's also the commissioner of the fantasy football league that she swears will be generating invites very soon. I have not yet got my invite I was thinking I was can it be a fantasy football champion without a league this year. By the way, the new my team's rookie of the year rookie of the year. Anyway, I'd I wasn't sure if I still am not sure because Cynthia sometimes waits until the last second civil thing for which she swears that she hasn't forgotten.

Anyway, she is interesting day.

She was in the center of this firestorm of social media and her response is what I saw. Even before I knew what it was referring to.

And so we had reached out to her. Even last week to come on the show because we periodically do this, and because she had spent a good portion of the preseason with the bills Super Bowl contender to be Super Bowl favorite for a lot of people and then back home. In exchange she has with Baker Mayfield in Charlotte last weekend becomes a massive story and she is left kind. I think a little shellshocked but also thinking, are you kidding me.

Judging by her twitter so we will end and also because I know her. We will ask her about that. Of course some incident interesting day for Cynthia, but she's agreed to come on the show anyway and that will she'll join us from LA because she's no longer with the bills that would precede everyone's debt with preseason now so it's full speed ahead to the regular season.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio we can officially say it's the stretch run in major league baseball right as soon as we hit September.

Maybe it's already the stretch run, you know, there's generally a power surge of the later the in the season that we go ranging Aaron Judge along with Brendan Burke on Yankees radio and second straight night that he's hit a homerun at the big day in Anaheim and this time the Yankees are able to topple the angel 74, snapping their three-game losing skid. I'm not sure what people are paying more attention to the edges that such a large lead in the AL East for most of the season that it's still not really in jeopardy. The closer that we get to number 61. The more people will pay attention. Aaron Judge even over and above what the Yankees are doing as a team could hear the crack of the bat there and that play-by-play just so powerful 50 runs in his last eight games and he had a couple of other guys going back and forth when it comes to the major league lead for runs batted in.

He's now on top with 113, three more hits do not include that homerun packed crowd a lot Yankees fans. He is a California native, but there are Yankees fans everywhere, regardless of where he comes from and here's your early after hours nerve alerts through 130 games. Aaron Judge has 51 homers as he chases Roger Meredith, you may want to know where Roger was at this point in his historic season. Well as it turns out Roger Mares also had 51 home runs through 130 games there sitting in exactly the same spot Roger Mares and Aaron Judge will be forever tied however this works out, they'll be tied together in history, but here are the Yankees at 130 games 32 to go and judge would need 10 home runs to tie Roger Mares he would need 11 to own the single-season record for the Yankees and who knows what else he might be able to do before the season is done. It's been one incredible campaign for Aaron Judge to this point and as we talked about will talk about a lot more come the end of the season. He will be a free agent and says he's going to experience investigate tries hand at free agency came and imagine the numbers all Yankee sitting on 79 winds, though certainly not what they expected considering the torrid pace in the bar that was set so high in the first half. They're not even remotely the best record in major league baseball back to the top teams in baseball or doing battle at Citi Field just a few hours ago still get the Dodgers and Mets no all runs for our approvals on Tuesday nights.

I'm telling you what as much as I wanted to hit 700 he better not do well on the way to crazy stretch where he gets six homeruns before I get back to work. I'll be really upset six in a week I would put it past him. He had a stretch where he had a couple with two in two different games like eight-game dozers six and seven games are six and eight games of the Hall of Famer he could do it if he really needed to do it but I just did better not to logon to be so happy for you but I'll be so upset about not here when 700 is smoked over the outfield wall please. Our just wait until I get back to much ask you think it's not sweet alright that we will catch up on the diamond drama as I say we got some serious topics we want to work in and also Cynthia Freeland of NFL network so all a lot happening. My final show before my summer vacation. You can find me on twitter a lot radio also on her Facebook page.

Make sure you send your questions were asked Amy anything because that's what we do here on the home show and producer J. Have we decided when were going to do tonight's version of ask Amy anything we can go back and forth on it. The decision yet we were leaving Tuan asking you to make an executive decision.

I got other things to do, so you can you can decide, okay, just never really left off top of the third hour so just like the last couple weeks top of the third hour is when you'll get your chance to hear your questions asked and answered if they are submitted by then NJ choose is to ask your question. Sometimes he likes throwing his own and just completely untrue. Okay is after hours with a baseball is everywhere.

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When you download the free MLB up to your mobile device.

Never miss a second of the action with coverage of in game highlights pitch by pitch features select live broadcast coverage show support for your favorite team with customizable MLB) that icon's exclusive premium content for every team in the league. MLB's ball all the time you get live notification sent to your phone watch and car so you're always up to date on the biggest breaking news scores and standards. The MLB is your hope alive baseball everywhere you go. The number one source baseball Apple and android devices is the official level.

Major league baseball demo the MLB up today the Apple App Store Lawrence on CBS sports radio you are listening to the after-hours podcast trails that let the center for sugar-free Dodgers waited for through hole, but it's agreeable really picks up on the other hand, is first career say Dodgers what while 43. Final score to win their 90th year to games over 500 Dodgers first major league baseball to get to 91 years after hours with Lori 90, when I know the Dodgers do this routinely.

Every year they have been they not win the NL West last year, but they have been a staple over the last decade or so and and there are times where their lead in the West has been obscene like this season it's not as though the Padres are slouches, though they did go through a bit of a swoon midseason, but the Padres are 13 games above 519 games back of the Dodgers. That is ridiculous.

Once I got obscene, my gosh Wayne Randazzo on Mets radio when Mark Hanna tied the game.

I think it was in the fifth and then Charlie Steiner on Dodgers radio. After Gavin locks with three RBI tonight put the Dodgers back in front. They are now 90, and 38 with another three game win streak eight of their last 10 and on and on and on it goes, it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on the news over the Dodgers. This is actually interesting format. Jake Reed earns his first career save part of super thankful back to LA and have trusted you on that opportunity just means a lot and also just kind of crazy full circle.

Thinking back here in New York, but just not as thankful be part of this is €1.01 of the great moments for me personally. I just had a chance to spend some time with Jake and he was really emotional and said that it was more emotional than his major recall of just you know for him to build a taxi for same like a week but to be ready when called upon officer bullpen was in the thick of it. So to build rely on him and he was going to finish a game, however, that meant it was just good wit worked out just so helpful. That's kinda cool. He was cut by Matt's lands with the Dodgers. Where have we heard that story before. There are several former Mets, former Yankees, who are now on the Dodgers roster and I will say it over and over again that Dave Roberts as well is that lineup they've got the ability to take reclamation projects and turn them into not just viable contributors but in some cases, starting about Justin Turner who is up format as well and has arrived in that Dodgers lineup so Dodgers setting the pace with 90 wins two more games at the field in New York and they will see Clayton Kershaw so this is interesting because it represents a bit of a change in the shaft by the Mets. Clayton wasn't originally supposed to pitch in this series but is coming off the IL memory at some lower back pain and in the back is really his nemesis hasn't pitched since early August and then had a back injury earlier in the season as well. So he's been on and off the field but because he felt good after a bullpen session Monday. He will return at the field coming up on Thursday instead of Dustin Mae who was originally supposed to pitch in that third game of the series but they want to give Dustin an extra day of rest because he's coming off of Tommy John speaking of coming off of Tommy John Justin Vernon Lander is now on the IL even as we get into the month of September for the AL West at leading Astros as far as the spectrum of Injuries.this was about as good as specifically because I know I did feel and so usually that is attributed with some some muscle damage so and so. All in all, this is the voice of Justin Vernon Lander is on the IL with the right calf injury but this is not a term of ever heard before. Else read it. No muscle fiber disruption will good news of Joyce's picture he dodged a bullet essentially doesn't know yet about the timetable, but for the Astros mean to even think about a postseason run without Vernon Lander was sitting on 16 wins and who is a Cy Young candidate. Again, that would completely change everything for the Astros end up with a victory in Texas not in Houston but Arlington the other Texas team because they get Justin up offense number 22 Homer number 22 for José out to Bay and also in the American legal battle of two teams that hope to be playing in October is a high fly ball deep centerfield on her with her to the guardians remain in front and they beat the Orioles. Is he here on guardians, radio, and right now Cleveland has a game and 1/2 a lead at the top of the AL Central but the twins are on the move.

Now they've won five games in a row and so they have moved within a game and 1/2 of Cleveland that division and if you have any idea what is going on with the Chicago White Sox.

What you are ahead of the game. They have dropped five in a row there mass and so there really been unable to stop the bleeding. Any point over the course of the season and maybe maybe they end up in this final month coming up with some type of a push to get them into the wildcard demand that AL wildcard race is so crowded right now can't buy is the top AL wildcard team same number of wins as the Mariners but one less loss than Seattle. Toronto is the third AL wildcard and they are all clumped together.

Then you got twins and Orioles three games out and the White Sox now 7 1/2 games out. Also, the Red Sox, who are below 500.

I have decided they'll keep those manager Alex Cora as well as to get the president his title as president of baseball apps high in bloom, but they have also faded.

I would say out of contention completely but pretty damn close eyes of the American League wildcard is crowded and it's good to be like black Friday at the mall where even a watch out for old ladies or wheeled English bony elbows and potentially came sword umbrellas to get you out of the way. Not the case in the National League when there are therefore teams right now who are competing for the three spots and far and away the World Series champion Braves. I have a sizable leaves the weather they catch the Mets atop the NL Easter they don't. Those two teams are both likely to be in the playoffs and the Phillies probably to we could be looking at three teams from the NL East is right now, Braves and Phillies are the top two teams though Padres and Brewers are also right there in the mix. So we are about to wrap up August, which is crazy to me, and once we hit September. There is definitely a greater sense of urgency little more tension around baseball becomes less of the lazy, hazy days of summer a little more of the get on your horse and and play like you mean it kind of thing though.

I come back this and no one ever really buys into it when I say it every game counts the same game you lose in April matters just as much of the game that you lost in September, which is that you less time to make things up now. All right, you can send your questions were asked Amy anything to our show Twitter after our CBS see one minutes decide to send us all what it's like a full tweets of NHL questions J don't ask those please and then also on her Facebook page.

Don't ask me.

Who's gonna win the Super Bowl, or how many wins a particular team is going to already already rates so either on Twitter after our CBS or our Facebook page phone numbers 855-212-4227 John Gruden speaks for the first time in a long time.

You are listening to the after-hours podcast Josh Slover more more now than ever. We had to step up this after-hours baby Lawrence, the voice of Derek Carr who not only was the leader of the offense and a captain and and the football leader of the Las Vegas Raiders last season, but had to be so much more than that. I think he believes that his role is to be a mentor is to be a helper is to be a friend is to be someone who is a really good teammate. You may remember last week was last week when he had to answer questions about Tom Brady potentially going to Vegas instead of Tampa and the whole Dana White revelation on the ground cast of UFC blah blah blah and so, of course, people trot right back people as a media trot right back to Derek to say hey did you hear about this. It you know you could have been on the way out. It could've been Tom Brady's team. Yada yada yada. And Derek said hey, I didn't even know this was happening.

We had think it was a Raiders employee who had a death in the family and so I was trying to be a helper there and trying to be in encourager there. The man takes this job as leader and Capt. and face of the franchise very seriously and he definitely loves people and goes above and beyond when it comes to his relationship last year, though that was challenged board then any quarterback or leader of a team would ever expect.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio not only did his head coach the one who would stump for him, the one with whom he had formed a relationship end up resigning because of some emails that were released in which he used offensive language.

So not only did his head coach resigned but then the Henry rugs accident that killed a woman and her dog that will hold just really painful situation for anyone who cared about Henry and we know that Derek Carr is one of those people. I remember Derek saying that he and Henry had just exchanged text messages before rugs and his girlfriend got into a car. They were at top golf, I believe the deer car had to step into a void left by his head coach, but also how to try to lead his team through a really tumultuous stretch challenge and yet the team came together decided that wasn't to be the end of their story and they push through and it was a testament to not only their coverage for Satya. They were able to survive to a playoff spot, but just in general be able to focus on football and get out there and play at your best task at hand, maybe at times it was a relief, considering everything that was happening off the field.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio Derek Carr remains the quarterback. Of course, under Josh McDaniels and John Gruden. He's not going away quietly for the first time since the emails were released that he believes that the NFL used him as a sacrificial lamb hung out to dry. Essentially, he thinks his emails were released and others were kept private others, maybe from owner Daniel Snyder or those who are associated with at the time the Washington Redskins now the Washington commanders so Gruden was speaking in Arkansas on Tuesday at the Little Rock touchdown club and he indicated he was going to be honest with those people who were on hand to hear him speak and he did in fact address the emails that led to his resignation and the fact that he doesn't want that to be the end of his story. I'm not going to say anything but honest things here.

I'm ashamed about what has come about in these emails shall make no excuses for it is it's it's shameful.

But I am a good person. I believe that I go to church been married for 31 years, three great boys.

I still love football makes mistakes, but I don't think anybody will in here hasn't I just asked for forgiveness and hopefully I get another shot.

If you don't remember these emails that were released were with a 10 years old at the member exactly, but they were they were older. Not that excuses anything, but just getting a context and they use language that was offensive in terms of being racist in anti-gay language and just in general. A lot of well let's let's be honest, while Gruden is being honest language that you would find in communications where people never expect to be found out or never expect to be exposed. Who people are in private very often is who they is not who they are in public. But as I said the time it's it's not as though I'm excusing the use of the language, but what I could not believe is that he actually wrote that many emails that'll. This I was 500 was a pretty smart guy. But are you kidding there's nothing private about email or anything that you put out there on the Internet.

Internet information superhighway. So going back to last October. There was this New York Times article that contained all these emails Wall Street Journal as well and because of this NFL investigation that actually was into Washington.

But Gruden had been going back and forth with one of our former Washington executives. He was the one who was exposed and the NFL has got a whole lot of other material that it's either sitting on, or refusing to release an end. You may know, you may remember that there been requests for the NFL to share the findings. More detailed findings of its Washington investigation, but it's refused or or is indicated that it's destroyed a lot of the material and that it's not a public investigation, yet somehow these Gruden emails became public, so it's fishy to be sure does not excuse his behavior, but the way the whole thing went down and the fact that he was the only one really who was targeted if these were leaks that were done with a purpose it. I can understand why he's upset about it and enter that and has filed a lawsuit I get choked up. You know, because there's a lot of misunderstanding out there right now what you read what you hear what you watch on TV though I worked at ESPN for nine years I worked hard the job won't watch the channel anymore because I don't believe everything is true To recuse myself from that. Considering that I worked there to watch the channel anymore. I'm not. I'm just not gonna respond to that. But I do appreciate that there are many people who are suspect and suspicious when it comes to the media.

I understand that 100% and I am the same way even though I'm a journalist and I work hard to maintain credibility.

I work hard to maintain objectivity. There are people who don't believe it and I that's that's fine there. Also, particular news networks that I do not believe have credibility and that I do not believe what they report, and I do believe there's a slant or a bent so I understand what he's saying.

Everybody got bosses and every media Corporation has angles so yeah I think that's funny actually. What Jacquard has to say but you can hear and get emotional. There you can.

I don't know if I believe that he's going to get another opportunity in the NFL. I could see him taking a job in college I he's not really a college guy if he was he would have jumped to the college job long before he returned to the NFL with the Raiders because he had opportunities and so in the meantime, whether or not he wants to go to college and got a lawsuit outstanding against the NFL and the Commissioner Roger Caddell again that they selectively delete these emails to force him out of Las Vegas and get this 650,000 emails collected in this investigation of Washington Gruden's were the only ones made public. I'm in the you don't have to be a rocket scientist to recognize that that math just doesn't work. Speaking of well Cynthia Freeland is the Queen of math for NFL network and she will join us coming up next is after hours CBS sports radio

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