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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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October 10, 2022 6:11 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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October 10, 2022 6:11 am

The NY Giants defeat Aaron Rodgers & Green Bay in London | Dan Campbell says the Lions have hit "rock bottom" | MLB Wild Card Weekend review.


Humanity has been shaped by moments in which one person approached the crowd something important to say I'm John Meacham and this is it was said.

Season to the creation and production of C-13 originals cadence 13 studio in association the history Channel, it was said.

Season to and subscribe for free Odyssey at Cassis humanity has been shaped by moments in which one person approached the crowd was something important to say I'm John Meacham and this is it was said. Season to the creation and production of C-13 originals cadence 13 studio in association the history Channel, it was said. Season to and subscribe for free. Odyssey Ave., Cassis what really funny. Not only are we wrapping up week five in the file with the money night game that should float your boat and the Raiders at Keith and try to keep pace.

Maybe with the with what the Buffalo Bills are doing in the ASC. Really impressive. The way that Buffalo has rebounded from a couple of games in which they didn't play their best and we may have just seen the best of what Buffalo has to often say that I love what the Buffalo Bills did in the first half against the Steelers on Sunday. However, as I mentioned to you failed a couple of turnovers.

They had missed opportunities, which is why with only 31 and three. The break right now they are setting the pace in the AFC and we've seen flashes they put 60 minutes of quality football no mistake on the field who beats them except the NFL. So when you make predictions that you'll face the city has also played extremely well.

Both teams have a blip on the radar because the city is put together some great football. We just saw what they did on the road at the Buccaneers can they keep pace with the bills.

With that money. I went right so that will wrap up week five were heading into week seven next weekend will think of the in about seven for college football. I'm thinking about what's happening this week.

Wrapping up week five in the NFL in kickoff week six on Thursday week seven in college football lot. The conference matchups also kicks off later in the week. The baseball division theories. All four of them open up on Tuesday and you know what else Tuesday represents the start of the NHL season.

OMG NBA is not that far behind coming up in a couple weeks and so October is the busiest month of the entire calendar year.

For those of us who work in sports because all four major protein sports are operating. And then we've got peripheral tournaments in tennis and golf.

We don't spend a lot of time talking about that, but how about the fact that the World Cup is in November and it's the last run out for teams USA needs to get his act together as others so much happening in the fall. Amazing.

And yet I still found time to play graphene on Friday for the first time in my life I've never done it before and now about their every day with my hose uttering my front lawn like a proud parent of my baby grass seeds of hope you had a good weekend. If it's your holiday enter if it is a holiday for you and you are taking a three day weekend or glad to have you with us when it's your leisure time. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio or live from the rocket mortgage Studios when you need cash out of your home and a simple way to get it. Rockets can on twitter and on Facebook. We've given you four candidates for different teams and by proxy their fan bases who will wake up on Monday if they got any sleep at all and will be as miserable and mortified as sports can make you we just talked about the bills while their victim was the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's a mess right now but just as bad. The Detroit Lions in fact deemed cable calls it rock-bottom. You will hear from the Lions coach after they were shot out in New England that's coming up the segment, the Carolina Panthers, we just talked about them as well. None of these teams are winning less impact.

There are no win left teams. Now that the Houston Texans picked up their first W they have Jacksonville's number we could but Jacksonville is Paul. We don't mind if you write in your own candidates for mortified on the Monday, miserable and mortified of Monday what I think of gleeful about it. My gosh, my team should be in there to.

I'm I don't know if you give me a choice between the Broncos office of the Steelers offense to be a really tough choice right now. I might have to completely jump ship and find a different team, so neither candidates, including the New York Mets. Speaking of offense, they couldn't generate any on Sunday in their own park where it was a sellout. What about why did the Mets fans not pack any field and what guardian sellout progressive feel either it's because you're worried about the mages. I hear the mages are back in town I went to the mage game a few years ago. Well more than a few years now, but I went to the mage game with Joppa Chamberlain. It was really funny because we were up in the upper deck and the mages didn't come up there and yet we could see all the people down the field and the fans that were down the lower levels swatting away freaking out over the job. Of course he was having a hard time in the pitching eating mages.

Maybe that it may be guardians fans are worried about the mages invasion. They knew it was coming.

I thought about happen Friday or Saturday and thought what is baseball team from the comfort of my own home with no mages.

You know you are that after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports ready also to garble on twitter a lot radio had decided yet. Also on her Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence were to go back back back back back back back back back and start with the first of the quadruple header in the NFL on Sunday feet we put the Packers in this poll as well.

We really could have bike I had this rule against putting more than one team from the same division work, work or spreading the misery around.

Did you see any of the game in London. I think every Packers fan in Wisconsin went to look for my family of course but Lincoln only. It was almost entirely Packers fans. The things my grandmother used to make all the time so the Packers shall bow to a 14 point lead. This is what they do are efficient their methodical they get comfortable, but they can only so far. Put together one good half at a time.

It seems like we haven't yet seen consistency from them. Over the course of an entire four quarters and once they are all but disappeared. The giant started working with take on Berkeley with Daniel Jones who was playing actually looks like the longer this game went on, the more comfortable he got on his ankle with the and try to run a little bit more, so it was a methodical rally even that second quarter as New York ties Green Bay on a 91 yard drive and there 20 to 20 Gary Brightwell name I've heard in a while not settle the show all season long, but Gary Brightwell to yardwork actually was. It was not a 2 yard run that was thick on what the Giants and job taking the lead because they're relying on that run game because they are completely different offense when single Berkeley is healthy and moving around the field, with or without the ball noticed how dangerous Steph Curry is because he moved constantly without the ball and partly does that he is all over the place and he picked up a block. Sometimes these part of the play action.

Sometimes these selling the fake sometimes. He's giving his quarterback check out option and sometimes he the feature. Whatever it is that he's doing. You have to keep track of him. He strong these powerful and when he is healthy he is a game changer until the Green Bay Packers as their building this early lead and then falling off the map are watching the Giants control the ball and use the rebel cow. 623 to go on the 21st goal giant to wildcat formation with Barclay quite well. So why don't think will take.

The no that's Bob Papa from London on Giants radio. Any other resume Giants fans there or people rooting for the Giants, but the majority of the stadium appear to be decked out in the green and gold, Green Bay does get multiple opportunities they move the ball on the next drive with four first downs that go nearly 70 yards and there in the red zone by because this is what Aaron Rodgers.he is cool under pressure. Except he did not have anything easy late in the game one 050-2720 protocol to Green Bay giant 7 yard 112 receivers love one of the nearside right back this a huge step forward for bride day ball was lit on the sideline for bride able and the entire franchise why because they're trying to rebuild a winning culture posted to Super Bowl wins Eli Manning's retirement. Obviously, the drafting of Daniel Jones and think on Berkeley. They change coaches multiple times but that is what they can be. They got a bunch of early round draft picks so they brought in a ton of talent but can they put it all together wasn't about the leadership well this when featured a comeback from 14 down a clutch of fourth-quarter scoring drive and a defense of stop as Xavier McKinney back down that Aaron Rodgers pass attempt to feel the wind and honestly the ball control game was just as important for the Giants because the pack only have three drives the entire second half to three drives go three and out in the middle of two touchdown drives by the Giants to get away from the run themselves. Some of the Giants are controlling the ball. The Packers are doing the opposite. The number of times I get it. He's Aaron Rodgers he's got some good receivers but amending the number of times they just go for broke second down third down and other off the field. Just like that run no time off the clock using Aaron Jones and using Ajay Dylan because of that their best option.

Will the Giants did that the backers did it, and Daniel Jones is really efficient 2127, 217 yards. Think on Berkeley able to do what they drafted him for and I love it when he gets excited to the Giants are now four and one to be complete on is what I believe is change this with phone which is been a lot of times in my career that we've been the situation in the past. The first couple games and we will was on the wrong side of the fun. We arise out of a mess is all because the process of good hard fought when you came down to the end does computed for 60 minutes, made a few more players in Green Bay on the football team got things to work on some Nixon bumps and bruises long trip back will it out next week course as much as he could be called. They are Brian tables got to be giddy over the fact that his defense is team just beat the Packers with a big rally. Aaron Rodgers you know Rodgers is an exceptional quarterback but again it's a team game we have to play well to put ourselves in a position I thought the coordinators of the franchisor job. We checked into Mac all week. No wind up to it and prepared her stuff done ahead of time come out here. No adjustments at halftime. Grocery does a great job in place while the lead was a merry go together and we played as a Xavier McKinney with that big play at the end feel it so no last-second heroics from one Aaron Rodgers instead. The offense essentially falls off the map in the second half and the only point they come up with our safety that the Giants give them a really maybe just a couple more players pressure it was just nose to drive service.

We do some drive to get down there first travel site from inside Crumpler no entry no true opportunities to my quarters on the next drive both on when you were down so something interesting that caught my attention as I was looking at headlines and listening to audio in the locker room. Jay or Alexander said he was asked about whether or not he was worried and he said no. I won't worry unless we lose next week unless we lose in week six.

Course the reporters trot back to Aaron Rodgers and ask him what he thinks about the talk of losing.

If we lose in week six of this conversation about losing next week.

I'm a firm believer in the power of words and manifestation trick ourselves on that because talk about that is not of someone football. There was conversation about the locker room and I don't want to trust my driver we talked I would agree not so much because of the positive power thinking all that jet just because why are you talking about losing next week. But why you even bringing that into the equation. That should not be part of your vernacular at all. You got a believer to win every game.

And there still fighting to find consistency.

Meanwhile, the Giants are four and 10 by the way this game was turnover free London.

The best game of the day Eagle survivor no Giants and Cowboys are foreign one. Sorry commanders if possible.

The NFC East is morphing into the best division in football, it is worth pondering.

Lots of you responded to me when I tweeted the earlier on Sunday on Twitter a lot radio and then on our Facebook page 2 Packers are definitely a candidate for Monday mortification Monday misery and mortification, especially now that they're not even in first place in their own division. We had the Vikings hosting the Bears on Sunday noticed a break up the Vikings minutes go W study guide October meeting with GoToMeeting.

Or maybe it is going. Vikings move I scored a touchdown on their first three drives of his game at Chicago manages to fight and scratch and claw back into it. They started the ball to David Montgomery little bit more and actually comes back to take the lead for the Vikings defense is hit or miss. We've seen that we deftly seen the methods the Bears have three consecutive drives with points to start the second half and they go up 2221 in Minnesota on a long field goal by Carl Santos but then you see the ability of the Vikings to control the clock for seven minutes with the football you know that where the defense, whether on the field for seven minutes.

17 plays to eat up clock and they get to the late stages of the fourth quarter. Humanity has been shaped by moments in which one person rooster crow something important to say I'm John Meacham and this is it was season to the creation and production of C-13 originals cadence 13 studio Association. The history Channel said.

Season to subscribe for free to see what casts humanity has been shaped by moments in which one person rooster crow something important to say I'm John Meacham and this is it was said. Season to the creation and production of C-13 originals cadence 13 studio Association. The history Channel, it was said. Season to subscribe for free to see what casts very often because with the 1 yard touchdown run to 26 to go in the game and then, even as the Bears are going to their last ditch attempt came the insular rips the ball away from wide receiver and recovered the fumble to seal it.

So the defense shut up when it had to actually just to Jefferson to help out this career-high 12 catches for him with 154 yards delving cook nearly to the hundred yard mark in a couple of touchdowns. That is the formula not so much giving up the lead. After you go up 21 nothing but the formula that the Vikings need to stick to and so it's not the Packers in first place in the NFC North. It's the Vikings at four and one along with the Cowboys and Giants and the Eagles. Those are your best records in the NFC Bears fall into and three. While the lines are in our poll will explain covered up is plenty misery to go around.

Let's be honest, the Browns probably has some as well. Chargers fans may have angst. The lease they got the win and coming up after the updates will get to the baseball so three of the wildcard series and on Saturday, the Mets and Padres go into Sunday.

In the winter go home game. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio you are listening to the after-hours podcast

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