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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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October 13, 2022 6:02 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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October 13, 2022 6:02 am

Fun Fact! The Super Bowl is in exactly 4 months... | Padres even the series in LA | Braves take Game 2 over Phillies.


Anywhere fans go to chair behind the scenes and VPs, ensuring we see a gel seat or stadium running smoothly from the start Ranger for the ones who get it done are the one who protects the block and that requires an eye for detail because when safety and well-being on the line. It's the details that he saved a lot even when no one else is watching everything Ranger gets you and are here for you and all the ones who get it done with a wide range of safety products and solutions is board certified safety consultant here to answer your question, call click, just not by Granger one. Why dawned on me a couple hours ago. I honestly have no idea, except every now and then maybe once a week. I checked the date I will be the day I will always either behind or ahead when it comes to the day, but I for some reason with thinking about that date. As in 12 October. Now maybe it's because my brother and sister-in-law had their anniversary today and so I was remembering and oh yes I detected them were good, but you don't own me. Do you know what massive event comes up in exactly 4 months on 12 February. This time four months from now will be talking about Super Bowl LVII. It's exactly 4 months to the Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona, and so whether you think four months is a long time, or you think it's not enough time. Just be sure you savor the football because four months, but that now there is a lot of football be playing in the next four months, but I know I feel about that working to cram so much into the next four months. Think about it though my neighborhood. This is not include me already looks like a haunted house outside there.

There are so many Halloween decorations.

I do not understand people, but if you love to decorate your entire yard for Halloween. I mean, I don't really do that for Christmas either, so I'm just not a big decor outside person man alive in this teenage electricity consummate as much of it did hard as it does. There's no way that I would be spending that much money to decorate outside and of course Halloween you can't have a decorations lit up during the daytime because that defeats the whole point. Halloween is a nighttime event you can't be a QB witching hour during the daytime so it all that electricity is all I could think on such a party pooper and totally boring. I do a little pumpkins around my house though, and I have pretty false full fee. I do have some things and I plated baby grass seed, none of that is really Halloween themed but it's not as though my house outdoors is not getting any attention. All that to say we got Halloween. Then we've got a relatively quick turnaround to Thanksgiving and then Christmas obviously New Year's not to jump the gun, but four months will go quickly on the sports horizon. We've already seen the start of the NHL season and the NBA will follow in mere days, college football all the conference battles.

But of course the playoff rankings.

The first set of playoff rankings will come out this month, the World Cup is only a few weeks away out in my head. Here, the ability to do it wisely.

Don't believe I want to believe, but I don't know if I do believe that, of course, there's the NFL all sandwiched around major-league baseball which is right now the team or the sport. Excuse me. That's it. It's playoff month it's playoff run is a lot happening both personally and professionally in my world and those four months will fly but exactly 4 months from right now will be talking about a Super Bowl champion.

I have been saving this particular list. I do love lists is not ranking so much. But list because I think they provide context and their fun. Do you know this is not really a nerd alert. Could you probably get figured out that if I was good to be mean, I would ask producer J to answer this question will they be Artie knows only four teams have reached the playoffs.

Each of the last three years in the NFL. You know they are delightful or maybe even amazing that only four of 32 teams have reached the playoff three straight here so how much it turns over and we tell you roughly half the NFL postseason bracket is completely new teams every year. So if you want you can take a stab, but I don't want to put you on the spot because I don't you love that I might be able to get to the Packers 50% okay yes Packers Buccaneers know not a lot, because before John Brady. They was at the last three years, last three years. Okay this is his third season the rocks right the Packers stuck the Chiefs.

Yes, the Chiefs and to the bills vessel yet tells that story getting in the fourth.

It's also from the AFC ribbons. No statement.

Did they miss the last year.

Apple has a horrible and yeah man versus Steelers already have a good season or day didn't have the year were they were eight negative when Robert Bergman runs Berger was hurt like on the last one. It was last year's number one seed with Titans yes so three genes of the AFC one team from the NFC. But that's crazy enough from the NFC has made the playoffs. Each of the last three years were about 10 years. Even five years were about three years. Only the Packers have made the playoffs the last three years out of the NFA. Come here to play with me. Oh for heaven think you just ruined all of that so ardent on this four-month warning until the Super Bowl is that there are only four teams that have made the playoffs the last three years in a row which just blows me away but I been saving that because I think it really does_a much turnover be how competitive and see the fact that you think you know but you don't know we have no idea what's going to happen in the next four months and at exactly the way I like. It's four months from tonight baby February 12 be there be square. Know and says that I got you were alive from the rocket mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours. Rocket mortgage can help you get there all loan solutions that fit your life rocket can, so I'd love to connect with you on twitter me.

I'd love to connect with you on Twitter if you're not a big fat jerk you can find me there a local radio on our Facebook page 2 after hours with Amy Lawrence. I forgot to mention that I didn't share the tweet but you know on your anniversary of joining Twitter every year they they offer you a post that you can then retweet or quote to eat.

It happened earlier this month. I've now been a Twitter user, for better or for worse, usually against my better judgment, and against my will for 11 years. What is wrong with me. There's there's do you know how many hours of my life I've wasted on this social media site that's a lot of Twitter. 11 years later, my goodness. He had a lifetime when it feels like it. When did you join Twitter dear member was a little longer than that honestly are 2009. I want to say 2000 mostly got out of glad you're on a performing our Facebook page as an art show Facebook page. It's not that old, actually was started by producer number three here.

It wasn't starting yeah it wasn't started by either of the Tom's. It was started by for those of you remember Anthony used to be. It was up it was a brief sent.

It was right before I jumped into the five night a week as opposed to what I was doing, which is the three weekend nights, though he's the one that created our Facebook page. And so it's it was born in 2014 meeting on Facebook. I very rarely even look at my Facebook page anymore that I put more time on Jay's Facebook page will not is page but I spend more time on Jay's Facebook account but mine because that's the only way I can access our show page now feels like it's mine become the owner was control of the after-hours Facebook page, my name buddy. I've known either. I apparently didn't recognize the fact that my name Amy Lawrence matches the name on the paid doesn't matter if the relevant how often do you actually look at your own Facebook fan and not a long time. Honestly, I'm sorry you're still looking at him. Show Facebook page that you don't look at very much I do you do see all the crazy thoughts that we've had lately down to where those are coming from.

It's the meta-algorithm. Something about when a particular post hits the mainstream or a different mainstream is on a different highway. I have no idea.

I just know that every now and then we get one particular post that not only gets up because the tunnel likes way more likes than our normal which is fine but it's because her sewing box on it and I have to go one block the ball everything from my left me dirt your ears be helped made a post about Josh Allen right towards people who are not writing in English, which is fine, but you can tell that there can be there box there from Pakistan and like that mode either using Warner's others are trying to sell things and so yeah becomes this one particular post this week I I'm not joking. I spent hours getting rid of the box yet and the weird thing was I was the post where we actually didn't even use any hashtags or were no no I haven't touched somewhere else meta-stupid is the devil on twitter though we its porn bots. I can't even tell you I'm I haven't counted lately, but I can promise you that I have blocked 5000 accounts on Twitter easily. The sum of the report bought some of the bridges big fat jerks. I have very specific rules for my Twitter if your God-given right to be an ass will it's my God-given right to block you anyway so yeah pretty sure that over the course of the last however many years are now 11 years on twitter and what I say, like eight years on Facebook I block thousands of accounts but like Elon musk. I believe most of them are fake social media numbers are largely inflated know I got like this know the country or the world or you on most of these boxers. But why are they here point do you think about them a lot. I mean I don't like little comment section or just want to seem like a general human reaction to something in the house all by this, like, get the hell out of here today. Hate to break it to twitter is not a good representation of human reaction is just a real human. That's the part about social media. It's not social it's actually the opposite of social and it's definitely not media unless you don't care if there's any truth in your media robots in front of Luther not poured on Facebook. I guess there's that. So on that note, beware if you show a get out of after-hours VBS and that our Facebook page 2 in our phone number 855-212-4227.

They 552124 CBS med. There's a lot to get to actually have some fun stuff that is off the beaten path. So we have a fantastic sad sap of the week here to love this actually two of them so that's all I meant to say I have even told producer J. This because I can't wait for his reaction on the air and apologies.

I'll explain it's it's it's funny actually. Maybe there's a line of demarcation for for ages and generations based on Moji so I'm not sure I believe the sake of gourds will dive into all that you need to know well what if I can get to get you that you need to know for week number six, but here's a tidbit survivor islands is there's two of them. We have a survivor Island archipelago. Did you know that were ripped here we can acquire islands as we have these luggable are and Alcatraz and how many people left on easily new block to you, to the lonely island or whatever those dinosaurs are hungry and there's only two of you on Alcatraz. There are only what I say brief three left where you sure you tell me 3 to 5 okay so all right, however, that did the it divides up were down to five people. I've never made it past week six ever so weak that I have to survive this week because all of the work.

All of the effort will be for naught to win.

I like winning but I don't really care about that as much is getting past week six is open to know just about surviving past week six. Do you think I can do it. Despite my options are getting limited now. So what we talk about. I am waffling back and forth between the Buccaneers, who were on the road at Pittsburgh but you know what I get nervous going to that same well I just picked against Pittsburgh last week. All of the bills that slaughter them behind. I just picked against Pittsburgh, you know the jets you pick the teams playing the Jets too many weeks in a row you get burned years in a row yes oh yeah the jets of not be out of multiple environmental so that's what I'm saying. Do I actually want to pick than the next team is playing.

Is this a little superstitious right now because my personal games in Pittsburgh. Second of all I don't love what the Buccaneers offenses doing another defense is really good balder in Pittsburgh what Howard said that the revolt might timeline. He's a Hall of Fame coach. I don't know I'm here you go to the matchups briefly, very briefly, dissecting that much, but that deftly stands out as the best one on paper Cisco in Atlanta. That was the second one I think I will take the Niners yet Alanna has you know the one on the ground against the patriots now now where are you lost using the Browns this you know what so also once bitten twice shy or like I wouldn't know. Thanks but no thanks.

Let's see, I don't think the Jaguars or lose three to robot man the culture terrible really know what that game the Vikings in Miami. Yeah, I could see that again I don't never generally trust as the Vikings was early, so check when I did it I get it, but it's hasn't been the case the Vikings I'm tired. I don't think I could do it but what about the giant designs against the ravens probably would see the Bengals in New Orleans was playing quarterback of the saints. We don't think it's Janus but it doesn't matter if they don't actually playing well they're not but probably they have like everybody's endure all the receivers are injured.

It seems like you have.

Take some held them about not touching that are going to leave Dallas. Can Dallas actually win five in a row and do it in Philadelphia where he takes Ehlinger about that one. I wouldn't touch Seattle Arizona oh the Rams because they're playing Carolina this week that would still be a win or do I go with the charges against the Broncos. What do you Broncos went to Damon look good Broncos I'm trying to disassociate Russell Wilson. I've been on for the beginning this was not as a fan I was not feeling it the way everyone else in Denver was through good and I still think the Buccaneers are the Niners of the bus. Too often I just I'm nervous because this is the week.

This is the week and then next week I'll be nervous again to okay what is Munson working to do a bunch of goofy stuff. It wrapped around baseball playoffs which will get to next. We got to even series in the National League with the American League back on tap coming up on Thursday and then we got NFL week six hole with the board report and it's four months to the Super Bowl. So just chew on that for a bit and after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio you are listening to the after-hours podcast on all over the series and now it did in 20 2200 revolt after-hours Lawrence right away. There were fireworks between the Dodgers and the Padres so everything that happened early on was with the long ball and it was really about not having guys on base when you are giving up the long balls about Clayton Kershaw and you Jarvis got hit for a couple of homeruns in the blast by Betty Machado from Clayton Kershaw.

He was on the board first and they were still tied at three in the sixth inning at dodger Stadium radicals getting your arteries, threatening our grandpa home back in front of all the right-sided RBI single row for an 043 San Diego lead in the six it's after hours here on CBS sports radio and thinking about our Padres fan base listening on our San Diego station 97.

Three. The fan and so I know there are a lot of people who would love to see these Padres capitalized not to mention considering what happened in the San Diego sports scene over the last couple of years the Padres has spent a lot of money. There is a lot of fans that are kinda holding onto them as the great hope and against the Dodgers are you kidding me we can get away from them. I use this debt. The last couple of nights but before game to the Padres had lost 24 of their last 29 games against the Dodgers. There, the big bad just up the highway except in this one. Once Dave Roberts pulled Clayton Kershaw out of the game and he did so after five innings Clayton allowed three runs on three had he struck out six.

In fact his last two meetings were 123 affairs and yet he went to his bullpen.

After the fifth inning immediately.

The Padres were able to get the nose out in front and then they relied on their own pitching and defense around the right middle infielders was between gravel to second base.

George's second Robert Suarez comes into a first and third nobody out situation. He strikes out Justin Turner and he gets it inning ending double play off the bed of Devin locks is to do Smith's centerfield is perfectly he's there to make the catch it in the unit no wrong suits and the Dodgers loaded while they certainly had plenty of opportunities.

The home team goes over eight with runners in scoring position and leads 10 men on base and hear Jesse Adler there on Padres radio yet again. Dodgers are threatening in the eighth inning and Josh Haider comes in to begin the process of earning the saved by get out of trouble in the eighth out of the bottom one. Lawrence was drifting towards right-center and tested for the warning trick he makes the tent and ends the unit. No runs in the Dodgers there turn in the game on this. Three and to the Will Smith. Here it is in a swing and a fly ball to right field straightaway. Soto had employed perfectly thanks of a couple of steps to debase the cats. This bowl game is an absolute classic between the Padres and the Dodgers game to the division series.

It is one by San Diego 523 and this thing is Todd 11, heading home. That report we talked about this. The Padres haven't had a home game with their fans at Petco Park in years, so this is an opportunity for them to be able to bring this new look team in front of their home crowd at Petco Park and see if they can get their own dodger Stadium is a great bill eventually they can get their own home-field advantage see if they can somehow create their own juju against the big bad just up the highway but Melvin certainly helps. I know they made some changes at the trade deadline. It took a while before Juan Soto settled and it took a while before they were able to find a groove. Even Josh Haider different pieces that they brought in. You can't just snap your fingers and have chemistry and know that it's gonna work.

Even if you buy the best players or trade for the best players on the planet so it took a while but once the Dodgers was easy.

Once the Padres found that groove once the Padres got comfortable. We know their backs are dangerous and we see what they did pitching wise against the Mets.

So now going toe to toe with a team that is had their number for quite a while, but I I've said before and I was watching it play out on the field they are in Los Angeles. The fact that these haters for the Padres are not intimidated by Clayton Kershaw, Clayton Kershaw, for heaven sakes, there's nothing in baseball. He hasn't done and yet these haters have seen him. They faced him there familiar with dodger Stadium place alone can be intimidating because of the noise, the fans, but also with dodger Stadium. Its iconic and yet they faced each other so often all of that becomes a nonfactor it's after hours here on CBS sports radios about Melvin bringing that leadership at the top course a lot of experience and he told Josh Haider. This is how we going to go. Please reply so you know didn't do it during the regular season kept his workload as a minimum, save those type of things for the postseason. He was all for if you knew the you know any runner on two out and come in for else in the did we expect exactly that allowed a hitch and a walk, also to strike out but ultimately the Dodgers did not score against the Padres bullpen. Despite the fact that they had opportunities they had ducks on the pond. There were couple opportunities to an inspector back that we had an opportunity situationally to push a run across to tie the game a little protector take the leader and we couldn't do.

They been waiting for this for a while never supported us all year.

You know it seems like every game we get between you know 35 and 40,000 people there. You know the drama that took place during the regular season. I think we had 1012 walk off yourself like that.

They were big part of, you know, they incentivize us. We feel like they're part of us would be able reward them get home and have some playoff games forms for it feels really nice. Bob Melvin talking about those fans we are headed your way to Petco Park as her Clayton Kershaw. He didn't have his curveball that snapped the weather normally did. We had six strikeouts and multiple times worked his way out of a jam, but again, the familiarity and the fact that the Padres are not intimidated. It certainly works in their favor traffic will not worse for sure. You know, I think others as well. Trevor called to make some pictures. No pitch other gems basically running.

There's a few mistakes in the heart.

Obviously, the harmony was mistaken to strike if the Pro forgot there was a mistake about this letter up to Soto to put on so when it was some mistakes of the military for Clayton Kershaw start game number two after Julio earliest had the opener moving forward, others that travel day really need to travel, but definitely like the idea of getting a breather before they would play this weekend. It's really odd actually have the day off in between games one and two of the American layout. I don't know just who knows what baseball is doing. I know they're crunched because the season started a week later, and thus the play started a week later, my gosh Mark was rolling his eyes right now but I never will understand what it is that they're doing with their playoff other than they think this is when they can make the most money. I think it's the not have a day where there's no baseball but it's an easy fix a four-game start on Tuesday right one to two on Tuesday and two on Wednesday at one league start one day one the other one will starting on the same day. The only way to not have a day without baseballs.

To do this for some stupid reason I think this is a better option to wait another day. The dome inside. I know the idea of starting on Tuesday so you can avoid football. That's what they obviously want to do is they wouldn't start a Monday, they don't start tears on a Sunday because you're running into Wednesday.

You also take away the idea was supposed to be with whoever one of the top two seeds get an advantage right will not alter next day your rotation while it doesn't make any sense. That's true. Good point.

So here's what we have on Friday then the Dodgers are going with Tony gone to Lynn and then Padres will counter with Blake Snell who of course we saw was a game to that was, again, the producer, Jay was at at Citi Field. So that's a Friday night to match up yet but now they're going back and forth.

It just is just very strange. The way they're doing it to have a Dallas of the American League getting a day off between games 12, and handling and then I'll get a day off between four and five when they would have to travel yeah and then you and this is not some that baseball can control or have any idea about. But there's a glut of rain headed right toward the New York City area was a come up the coast friends of Virginia. They're about to get hit with it and so there may not be a game in New York on Thursday evening which would make shoes still is a doubleheader. No double-header of baseball's bright idea nobody would make it game 2345 in a row without any days off to push the front.

Also, by having a day off in between game one into the detail between games two and three dozen. It's weird like it. It's easy fix it so I got on how we get it to with there's no we want to do without a baseballs that we figure this out. All will just start one series lately. What is done in the past. I don't mind going. Sometimes we look at these links you like to just sit there for five minutes. Can we just talk about this in figure it out instead of just knee-jerk which stupid reactions just it's easy easy to fix yet alright so depending upon how works out.

We may or may not have a doubleheader on Thursday and back Atlanta.

They lay dead. Philadelphia had to wait through a lengthy rain delay identify Kyle Wright will talk about the Braves and the Phillies. The other half of the NL after our update and top of the hour. You heard the call, Robert Ford and Steve Sparks losing their minds at Minute Maid Park when you're Dan Alvarez walked off in game one for the Astros we had to we have to reach out to both of them.

We were so fortunate to be able to get a reply from Steve for the middle.

The show would allow the former big league pitcher himself, but I had to get the inside scoop of what was happening in their broadcast booth as their calling that you want off yelling at the top of their logs so to pleasure and so top of the hour will will look at Astros and Mariners with Steve Sparks you are listening to the after-hours podcast one will now having a new Super Bowl champion of the Braves are still the toughest out in baseball the defending World Series champion and they were feeling a little bit of a sense of urgency after dropping the opener to the NL East rival Phillies back at it, though delayed by rain until about 730 Atlanta time. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio. It was still scoreless until the sixth inning and all three run for the Braves come with two outs. That's huge and I love the fact that it was very atypical of the Atlanta lineup.

They hit this not out of the ball. The Braves hit Entente of home runs were talking Dodgers like Yankees like they're not big and the small ball.

That's not how they operate, but first and this is a scary moment actually Ronald Acuna yeah get on base were hit by pitch. Thankfully, I think there were scans or tests that were done no structural damage but he used these to be sore in his left ribs. Come tomorrow so could you get hit by a pitch to start the rally quote unquote then need to be Swanson draws a walk and after that it's three singles in a row including a ball by Matt Olson that Reese Hoskins was unable to field cleanly and so that was the rally that with the power boost by the Atlanta Braves and yet that's what they needed because their pitching and their defense was so dang guide on Wednesday so I will use these codes which was unbelievable and Olson's two on the tour was so the bistro on both of those for the next year.

Unbelievable place love to hear the fan behind the Braves radio call and the two catches and seen them. In fact, producer J if you would by finding them on car show Twitter after hours CBS because you need to see these are right now FS one is replaying Phillies and Braves there in the bottom of the third. Still no runs across the plate.

There were only three as they say, because the Braves were flashing the leather but they also had Kyle Wright on the mound. He only allowed to its over six innings. He struck out six and was unfazed by the rain delay the fund to hear what these guys do when they can't get out there on the field producing what is so for me to check I will be time to move to wash into the folder so just try to keep it wide loose once it was time for me to once a new store that I was able to get back into my normal pregame routine, but I think for me it was a spell to keep the chill and whether the rain delay. Notice how we want to buy those you trust me we needed to get door back in guys and know he did that was pretty impressive.

What we can keep getting better to disease out there figures things out. You know he's going to continue to develop and grow and gain confidence and with that arsenal that he's God immediately can be a force for a long time erosional starter conference, so I do have a conference or to the stage on another really good lineup that I knew that, but knew if I execute of the muscle chance and I really believe we traversed two tribes called Greg and I have a lot of confidence in him allows me just to be free.

Just touch and give him a lot of credit as well, but since Chris conference before agreed. Confidence is the key when things are not going your way.

Confidence is the reminder that you've been there, done that.

This is nothing new. Confidence carries you, even when all hell may be breaking loose or plans don't work out the way you thought they might, which is pretty much life.

I love that from Kyle Wright and what a gem for him exactly what the Braves needed they certainly can win on the road, especially in a place like Philly, whether familiar but they didn't want to fall into. Note to hold that's essentially a deathtrap if you're talking about a five-game series so right then gave way to the bullpen with Kenley Jansen who got the save his first of this postseason for the Atlanta Braves but has a ton of experience. Of course from his days with the Dodgers. As for Reese Hoskins and that Ms. play at first base it was credited single to Matt Olson obviously kept the rally rally they had scored. He runs at that point. On the but they had the two runners on the hit by pitch and the walk. And so he's gotta beat himself up a little bit because he feels like that could be the end of the inning support for America during Rios. Recent surveys should make a play. I don't want to read off the answer probably plays you should try in front to confirm if you can time due to the pitch of the swing it over and sold me a little and all that we learned not upset.

Does that play is not Reese's fault. In fact, it was me.

I didn't execute the pitch. The way I wanted which meant Matt Olson got a different part of the bat on the ball is so technical in such a minute detail, but that's what were talking about the highest level with with the haters with pictures of course, because depending upon which weight spinning or where it's located. Obviously, a lot of these hitters are guessing most of the time what they're going to see. I don't have a whole lot of time to think about it, to process it fits very reactionary, but to hear that from Zach. That's Henri side and put the picture I wanted to also was able to get a different swing on it than what was intended. Okay nerdy stuff and I totally love it. I ditch it, it's over.

Zaki allows those three runs on the four hits and a walk in his six innings pitched and we got ourselves a pair of ties series in the National League anti-beer from David Swanson because Jane and I both love that am talking about that catch that he made out in shallow and the shallow outfield and three guys converging and he's the one that ended up diving for it. I was trying to throw Florida myself because I enjoy coming to look way harder than it needed to be always running out there and I felt like maybe was because of the break from all but, kept spinning away from me slow down just enough to check Rosario to see where he was, so that we didn't know of a collision him once he just kind look to me like a brother. It's yours are nobodies just went for thought and practice my parents in here because they threw me or to Julian balls just like the like all the time grown-up of my them also to put me over to thrall tennis ball off the wall and ricocheted it and you know run and try and catch it over my shoulder with the local tennis balls onto the field to disrupt my brothers baseball games for Phil.

I have been dormant since I was five years old is a likable guy. Dansby and really at the Braves have many of them are about to hear him talk about it in and think about those days when he was a kid just playing with a tennis ball in the number of times that he envisioned at that moment in a postseason game and wowsers it he flashed the leather when everybody else that haven that you just that's all you if after hours on CBS sports radio anywhere fans go to church on the behind-the-scenes century, we see Joe fixing suits of everything and Allie keeps her stadium running smoothly.

First, start Ranger done anywhere fans go to cheer on the team behind-the-scenes century is ready we see Joe fixing suits of everything and Allie keeps her stadium went smoothly first start Ranger done

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