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The Goodness of God, p.2

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit
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March 3, 2019 7:00 am

The Goodness of God, p.2

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit

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Chapter 1 list turn there together and the complete this expectation is James is the pastor of a local church and he gets quite quickly down to brass tacks or the rubber meets the road and try to deal with issues that are important to what's happening in the church use oversee and evidently some of the members of this local church had their thinking quiet upside down because in the verses before our text. He reproved them very sharply and said, God's not responsible for the temptations you come into to sin, and certainly not responsible when you commit sin. He said the reason why you're tempted to do these wrong things and that often you do fall into doing wrong things because your bad God's not bad sovereign God didn't put you in a bad situation all the things you are in the trials the. The circumstances that perhaps caused you to be more vulnerable to sin only exposed what your heart is your heart is fallen, and prone to selfishness prone to an independent and rebel spirit. So God's not responsible for your lust to see in your temptation or you're falling into sin and then he comes down to our text. James chapter 1 verse 17 and start talking about that God is holy and the holy good the goodness of God is what we that we've entitled this exposition. James one verse 17 he says every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father of lights with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow in the exercise of his will, he brought us forth by the word of truth, so that we would be a kind of first fruits among his creatures. This you know, my beloved brethren but everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God. Therefore, putting aside all filthiness and all that remains of wickedness, in humility receive the word implanted, which is able to save your souls. First of all we talked about the absolute goodness of God is contrary to what you're implying about God did this, he needed help.

You are God did that in and in our culture today. We had here all the states will God made me this way a person gets involved in some weird wacky perverse behavior will God made me this way, nobody did not your heart is fallen and see it in your responsible for what you are and so faces far from that our God is good and everything that comes from God is good and perfect peace.

The glorious true lot of heaven. He is true perfection in true righteousness.

There's no shifting or set there's no saying of Abaddon, God, there's no shade of wrongdoing and got everything about God's absolute goodness, and we brought out some of the ways that Tom God has demonstrated his absolute good and that is see you.

He's good to his creatures.

Although those that he has made. He gives them satisfactions and pleasure. Look at the world of nature. A bird that sings our dog that wags his tail. You just name it God shows his goodness all around us.

That's who he is in his nature, his his goodness to the Angels and that he puts the angels in his holy presence and they get to rejoice in the great infinite wonders and pleasures of the triune Godhead. By the way folks the greatest pleasures. You could add up all the pleasures of a million good lifetimes. It wouldn't come close to one moment, in the presence of God when we get to God in heaven will have pleasures beyond comprehension and well perfect minds perfect hearts and perfect emotions to take them in and enjoy them all. That's for you know what because God's good God is good, everything bad and everything evil in our life is a result of sin, not the result of God's doing. He's not the author of those thing we talked about the goodness of man, how he gave us our five senses and through these inlets of the sentences we can take in such pleasure again with our eyes as we behold the wonders and the beauties of nature. I saw a picture this morning of the cherry blossoms blooming in Japan at this marvelous in their beauty. Can you just imagine what it's going to be the black when the curse of sin is removed from creation is going to be infinitely greater and more beautiful. But God gave us all of the senses to enjoy so many wonderful and good things. He gave us minds that were able to comprehend and understand and find happiness in so many things in all this is because we are made in the image of God were not like the rest of creation. That's why we so abhor the concept of abortion because human beings are not just another creature their unique. There is a sanctity, a holiness that human beings and not to be respected up a dignity and a protection for all human life. We must never ever ever backup on it wherever we come in our country to where now the outrage is now they want to kill children right after they're born. What happened to run after they're conceived you know it that's what the cultural accident just let's keep pushing the fight further to the left on LeRoy to the left.

This keep pushing it further to the left is amazing the things that we have to deal with. Be honest in the last 20 years.

The plunge into depravity around this is so rapid it makes me wonderfully thankful for my church family.

I feel like this is an oasis of sanity, I mean truly an oasis of sanity. Not saying every church member does exactly like they ought to debate, but there's a strong court. I can tell you this much.

If we have a rebel spirit are an intentional indulgent center in this church. They have no voice and no influence, and if we know about it though be disciplined.

I mean I don't start with me. I'm talking about willful hardened open wickedness and rebellion. We all seen Atrovent everyday. Here's my point. We need an oasis of sanity in this world and that's why always charge you and I'll continue to do so. Be careful with all of the week if not out and out sinfully counterfeit Christianity that's out there that promises you all these fun and all these gains and all the stuff that basically the children really will enjoy it really are for. How have a great time with folks what Eagle doing the end of that we go doing the end of it. You need you need real Christianity to make it in this world today not only lightly real Christianity because it's right and and follow strict intercourse is wrong and dishonoring to God and how got off on all that were told about God's goodness he's good to give us all that he has as his creatures. Then we went forward and talked about how he has our talk further about God's redemptive goodness. All of that was God's absolute goodness that he talks about God's redemptive goodness he's talking about far from God being the calls of any bad thing in your life liquidated. Look at verse 18 in the exercise of this we all that means he personally was intentional and executed this. He takes full responsibility. What is this verse 18. He brought us forth that meets birth us by the word of his truth so that we would be kind of a first fruits among his creatures.

So when God saves you, you become a believer, you become a Christian, you become the first to become the highest in the best of God's works. Of all the works of God's highest and best work is taking you from a Richard Rath deserving center and making you holy and giving you a holy rock to standing. Even the righteousness of Jesus Christ is a great work that that's the buffalo that's a great journey to go from the depths of sin and woe and the rightful object of wrath to be one who bears the absolute righteousness of Jesus Christ and is welcomed and accepted before God as the sun is accepted before God. You're not 1 May Nestlé chronologically meets the first of this type were the highest in the best type of what God can do and what God has created that we talked about how this was the prediction was planned in the heart of God. That is the choice to offer salvation. The method to provide salvation and the securing of our individual salvation was all the initiative of God. He did all of this and then he brought us forth. It is the idea of regeneration. This idea of birthing. He birthed us and brought us into this Christianity. This new life were made new creatures in Christ Jesus.

Now let's go on down to Roman three and this is new material and I cited III let's talk about his parental goodness. Here he gets a lot more practical, as our our aces the here's what your heavenly father wants to tell you and most instruct you about, and he does this in this great goodness. When God gives you his word. When God gives you instructed us not some woeful thing. What kind of abominable thinking. When we think that if God gives us commands of God gives us instructions that sort of impeding upon does that's holding us back to that sintering is no there always a blessing. These things come from a loving heavenly father who gives us his commands and his guidance to help us. It's a part of his parental goodness.a under this article will talk about reject worldliness in the moment these going to be received the word. The first of all reject worldliness, but affect, go, go over to James chapter 4, right quick. Would you do that.

James chapter 4 and look at verse 103 just a down through verse five is what is the source of quarrels and conflicts among you is not the source your pleasures. That way, war, wage war rather in your members you lost and do not have to commit murder. Your inhibition cannot obtain, so you fight and quarrel.

You do not have because you do not ask, and you ask and do not receive because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend it on your pleasures, which is that that's where you that's the worldliness as a child of God, you need to be repenting up and growing out of the purpose of your of your life is no longer whatever comes across your heart and mind that you want. You know some of the charismatics have fallen into this today with the Word of Faith movement in the and the health wealth notion that if there certain chairs you can do in certain ways you can believe in certain mantras. You can quote you can get what you desire. That's what God wants well enough to know going to God and asking for something, but your go to God with the motive of the God, you're my treasure and your my joy that this thing is good. I pray you give it to me if this item is good. I think God give me think no doubt in my mind of ask God for certain things and he has given them to meet in this world, but I went with the motive got it. Of this, God, if it's pleasing to you and if it didn't take my joy in you away and it has been the pattern of my own life that God gives me stuff when a logo no longer have to have to jeer that God gives me stuff when I don't have to have stuff when he knows I'd be happy to have it but happy if I don't have it because I have him that he tends to give me stuff.

God happy as a child of God, you keep running after stuff and missing the contentment.

Only God can give you because the stuff never going give it to is never going give to what that's what they were basically doing.

They were chasing their pleasures as their primary purpose in life and it was a it was like chasing the worldliness so he says verse for you. Adulteresses, he got mean spiritual adultery means spiritual adultery here do not know that friendship with the world is hostility before God. Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God. Nice. Not saying this here. You are the enemies of God a thing as a child of God.

Why are you at in life, you're an enemy of God.

Why are you acting like the world is your hope, why are you acting like the pleasures of this world of the highest pleasures to you that we enjoy pleasures in this world, but in your heart. Are they the highest things to you that's being a spiritual adultery that's put in something before God is wasting our pleasures, our desire for pleasure in the world. And once you begin to taste you know the Bible evinces taste and see that the Lord is good taste and see that the Lord is good. Once you begin to taste the joys and the pleasures of God, everything sorta kinda gets in perspective now than don't lease holy Joe and holy Jane.

You talk about, well, nothing in the world gives me pleasure God gives to things in the world to give you pleasure. Don't try to be too spiritual on this, but you enjoy those things because you know it comes from a God who loves you and you love him is always God centered in everything that we do we assess reject worldliness. Now back to chapter 1 verse 19 the essence of the spirit suspended specific or about that. What going on there.

Have a stroke or something specific instructions about how he wants us to deal with some things and another context, what didn't say it out right appears to be that they're having trouble in the fellowship there there having some fighting and some wrath in submitting this within the congregation stuff.

We had years ago and had it long time. So starting you are right. He said this, you know, my beloved brethren but everyone must be quick to hear, quick to hear, I think, is talking about mainly quick to hear the word of God. But I do want to suggest I'll say I do believe it certainly implied that that means quickly here in general you want to live your life quick to hear Orson moment. He's also slow to speak, so that's the other side of the same coin. The Bible says in Romans 1017.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. We out to be quick. God what you want me to hear. Can I ask you this evening. Do you come to church you soon about preaching with an active attitude of God, what shall I do, God, what would you have any to God, what would you having to repent of where's my thinking.

My motives my viewpoints in contradiction to your work. God show me what you need.

J. Because these are the words of life. If I'm contrary to these words am only hurting myself and dishonoring you so quick to hear, quick to hear, quick to hear, like the service is quick to hear the master's voice quick to hear, like the mother is quick to hear the babies cry.

There's a beautiful story and second Samuel 23 yes as the Philistine garrisons have captured Israel in the environs, really around Jerusalem and David is out hiding in a cave in David just gives out this statement that all that if he could have just a drink of the waters from the Springs of Bethlehem is the figure speak.

He just had to mumble it out loud. If I could just have a drink from the water come from the Springs of Bethlehem. Three of his mighty men heard that word and immediately took off fought their way through the guards got a cup of water fought their way back out and brought it to David's that we brought you the water quick to hear God what would you have me to do. Too often we find ourselves hearing the word and quick to argue quick to explain away quick to dismiss quick to hear, as the word goes for the old adage is that God gave you two ears and one mouth. A few thoughts about just being a good listener. In general, disciplined, listening for if there's an area that your pastor has to keep repenting in and growing in its being quick to listen and not being so quick to speak anybody else with maleness about only sinner here tonight if I got her heart saw him back there.

Can I get a witness being quick to hear and slow to speak and I thought about it a moment I thought, well, as I have been helped in this journey.

I'm not without any sanctification here. I thought a few few things. Number one. One thing that helps me to be a discipline listener is the doctrine of sin if I'll think on what the Bible says I am as a sinner. It helps me keep my mouth shut.

I mean, when you really think about what we are before a holy God as loss fallen, depraved sinners, even the enemies of God. Even those who are is Ephesians a chapter 2133 talks about by nature were children of wrath are very natures cry for God's judgment if you will carry with you.

Blessed are the poor in spirit. Jesus said that means you walk your life with some sort of spirit in your heart of acknowledging and knowing what you are before holy God not beaten down casino in Jesus your righteous and accepted. But you know, in and of yourself apart from Jesus, you have nothing good it does helps you to not run off your mouth so much when you know what you are before a holy God. The doctrine of sin, the doctrine of man's depravity.

This breeds a humility in this breeds a greater willingness to hear and to learn number two. Another thing that will help us with being a disciplined, here are our listener is the doctrine of divine sovereignty. You're the doctrine of divine soft you know how it helps us in it and being a disciplined listener because you're aware that God can use unworthy vessels to teach you stuff. God is a specialist at using people that maybe shouldn't be qualified but actually help you wasn't happened in our house years ago, one of our children was being disciplined and there was some anger in one of her parents as they gave instruction and she was just real little, and she went upstairs and all of a sudden we hear a voice heralding from upstairs like a voice crying in the wilderness, something lighthouse. The verse go.

He who controls his anger is mightier than what is a plan. What is it is. But if you control your anger, your mightier than something else. What shall got a spanking right there but it was a good word for her parents divine sovereignty mean God's can use vessels.

You don't think you're qualified to help you, so you might want to be quick to hear and slow to speak, ask Bailiff about that items going to pronounce a curse on the armies of Israel, and God's sit an angel and the angel had a sword drawn and violence donkey could see things bailing couldn't see and finally spoke to him to what you keep beat me up for not going there.

Somebody is trying to kill both of us divine sovereignty. God can use vessels that you may not think you can use another third thought from Proverbs is this poor listening is the habit of fools poor listening is the characteristic of the habit of folds and we all can be foolish though we may not be classified as a fool. But now, as always, there's a balance here and that is that time. You're not supposed listener body.

I'm just telling you write about right now in our culture.

There's about 85 to 90% of what's being said on the TV and the radio and everything else in our modern culture that's just not worth listening to.

There's a bouncer for the Bible says improper.

14. Seven.

Leave the presence of a fool are you will not discern words of knowledge. Words don't listen to him.

The things you don't need to keep listening to because if you keep listening to them. It will cloud your ability to grasp truth earn true knowledge your that your you're like a sponge. Everything you get around. Hassan stays with you to a degree we have to work it sometimes we don't listen to how do you know when you're in the presence of a fool. Here's 1 Good Way to determine if you're in the presence of a fool is when they use so-called sophisticated or intellectual arguments support indefensible sin when they use so-called and intellectual are sophisticated arguments to defend the indefensible abortion, homosexuality, fornication, thousand, one of the things in our culture no longer just dozen secret was shading but now parades and seven celebrates in Street when there when they're trying to defend something that just radically indefensible.

That's full, that's a fool would only listen to those arguments. So in general life with her Christian brothers and sisters in our homes, etc. we audibly quick to hear and certainly under the word of God. We need to be quick to hear more.

What would you have me to do with any guess the other side of the coin, he says. Also, we ought to be slow to speak, slow to speak.

The Bible says in Proverbs 1019 he who restrains his lips is wives. Another idea of speaking here I think correlates with James 31 look at James 31 right quick.

James 31 he says let not many of you become teachers, my brother no and that is such, we will incur a stricter judgment. So the point is it it is speaking with authority. Let not many of you put yourself in the place of the master teacher. Let not many of you be about considering yourself a divine teacher to instruct others. He should be slow about that. I like to tell young guys who think they're called to preach that you wait for God to open the door so to go push them open usually faithful you be available and see what God will there's been many a young man run ahead of the counselors elders because he has some giftedness and he he has some natural abilities but he didn't yet have the wisdom a little, yet have the character he needs to be a pastor whether they can be true of any of us know where we assume we have certain things that we ought to think she should be slow about that. Proverbs 1727 says he who restrains his words has knowledge, Proverbs 1020 reminds us, the tone of the righteous is as choice silver. He's careful and he speaks what needs to be spoken. Then he continues in verse 19 about avoiding the worldliness he says and be slow to wrath be slow to read James chapter 1 again other. In verse 19 this, you know, my beloved brethren but everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger.

This corresponds over to James chapter 1 verse two races considered all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials when a trial hits you instead of result or resorting to anxiety or anger. Back up a minute so what, what's God doing here. God give me wisdom help me say this to what you're saying. It is one of the best habit you could possibly have is a Christian is when events happen, say, God give me wisdom help me see this the way you see some sort of conflict have been some some issue comes up somebody it is offensive. Somebody really is knowing you all before you are quick to anger, and quick to speak back up.

God give me wisdom. What you doing here to see this.

The what you say that's a pattern I have used in the years to try to help keep me in control and in context with Sec. about a thousand there.

I am not but it does help, God let me have listen to see what you're up to.

Remember King David. He's already committed the evil of taking Uriah's wife, Bathsheba.

He's Artie committed the evil of having your ride killed Nathan the prophet comes in and they think it's the whole story about a man who who had lots of livestock and lots of sheep, but he stole his neighbors pit lamb and killed it to serve some gifts to came to his house and Davidson will be killed. I don't know exactly what the Texas but David said the severest punishment ought to be administered, that member taken that pet laminae had many that he could use that is all nice. They considered thou art the man Bauer Clement. David would been wise to been slow in his anger, slow to speak on those things Peter in the garden.

Remember, for the week before Jesus death he would going to Jerusalem and teach during the daytime and he had them a little retreat. I believe you actually rented it. It was olive farm outside of Jerusalem and and it had it had a Gethsemane in a you know what Gethsemane is. It's all it presages what I pressed all that's called the garden of Gethsemane, but really it's an olive farm with a with a place in it with a broth all is in impress them when they were ripened came off the trees will that's where Jesus had the olive farm and out they would go out there in the evenings and they would stay in. I didn't came time of the sovereign plan of the father, for Jesus to be arrested in the whole Sanhedrin, the Roman cohort came out there and they like it got close.

You know they only had tour to so it's hard to see in the I think it was one of the disciples of who you seeking and ice were sick and Jesus the Nazarene in cities is that I'm him and the soldiers fell back, that's a falling back. Peters pulled out his sword and he just takes a slash at one of them cuts off the man's ear the Lord had to stop in the Lord basically said don't you understand this is what I came for. I'm to go to the cross and your anger is getting in the way of what I'm trying to do. Are you mad about something, because God's trying to do something in you and you need to cooperate with the thing that you get mad about their some holy sandpaper in your life and that holy sandpaper usually has a name you're getting mad when God says want to back up and talk forgot what I'm trying to do in you. I have a purpose and I love you. Ask God for wisdom.

What am I accomplishing in you. The Lord would be saying to us, somebody said a temper is a valuable thing when it thing and it's a shame to lose it. Temper can be a good thing. There is a righteous indignation.

There's a righteous anger about us is in Ephesians 426 be angry, and yet do not sin or to be angry about some things but not a sinful anger. The Bible says in Psalm 70, 70 and hate evil. You who love the Lord. There is an anger against the evil of the things that this honor and try to rob God of his of his honor and his glory and his praise that is a place for anger, but not for ourselves and our self pleasures for the purposes of God in the glory of God to use anger righteously.

Don't misuse it in unrighteous selfish and self pleasure pursuits. The Holy Spirit in us will produce an anger against sin and evil but man's anger is always wrong.

Look at verse 20 where he reminds them here. He says for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God never has and never will.

Now this and thinks he says we need to be putting off. Look at verse 21.

Therefore, putting aside all filthiness and all that remains of wickedness, filthiness of his idea of a dirty garment. He said there's a garment put on you and really this garment was put on you at conception and you've lived your life with that he said you know that your Christian you need to take that thing off. Take off the filthy garment is just a broad enough a generalization of all the things of the fallen flesh existed also and wickedness.

The word wickedness means an abundance of malice and overflowing of premeditation and evil motives that we all sin. But you don't have to walk in a premeditation to do harm to others for selfish gain.

Did you hear that, you know, as a Christian walk in a pattern of planning harm against another for selfish gain.

You can't do that your child of God radically contrary to everything in your new nature is a Christian is in a take that stuff off get that off of you. Then he goes to the second thing is all that not just say this under reject worldliness put that aside. Now he says don't you do something, and this is the key to getting the other off last part of verse 21 in humility receive the word implanted in your Bible says engrafted that's not the best word. This is not the Greek word for grafting in that's another word. This word means to plan receive the word implanted, which is able to save your souls. So in humility again. It ties into what he said earlier about quick to hear you come to church you sit under the word you study your Bibles with the spirit of humility, God, what would you show me what I need to repent of what I need to learn what would you have me to do and then you not only with that humility. Are you submitted without argument to receive the word, then you don't receive the word implanted has the idea of taking root.

I love that picture because you're a new creature in Christ Jesus. Christianity is not grafting into the old man some new ideas. Christianity is not turning over a new leaf in the old man.

Christianity is having a new heart and being a new man, and in the middleman, you take God's word and you plant these truths in there and they begin to take root and grow and become the prominent thing of your life.

The older anger the old jealousy the old clambering the old slandering the old malice. The old stuff because to be crowded out because the new truth of the word of God has taken root in the new soil of the new man is growing up, producing a a harvest of beautiful Holy Spirit wrought fruit in our lives makes this statement its it's able to save your soul.

This process and this is a process of continually receiving the word and letting the seed of the word truth come in your life grow and mature and become the dominant fruit of your life. This is a process that is saving your soul. I think the main idea here is not saved from the penalty of sin, saving your soul from the power of sin.

Now the Bible really kinda leaves though so interconnected we want to be careful always separating them but doubling the primary idea is your saving your soul from wasteful, and God dishonoring service here that you can be a Christian and yet use your life, your soul and your body and non-useful non-eternal purposes. Is it on there that you're wasting it, save it for God reserving for the Lord to use when you turn yourself over to wrath and anger and hatred and harsh words and malice in the and all the other wickedness is an filthiness is that's the word the text uses then you're wasting what God gave you. Now what's the context of this whole thing. The context of the whole think your local church is the way they're behaving to each other in their church life. You see the word of God, the preaching of the word God, the truth of the word of God saves us from the penalty of sin, but it also saves us from the power of sin. Now listen to the statement.

This is Wyoming. These always go together. One of the sure ways to know you are saved from the penalty of sin, you're going to heaven, you're not going they'll be punished with the pimp was sure ways to know your saved from the penalty of sin is that you deeply care about being saved from the power of sin did you hear that the surest ways to know your one who is being saved from the penalty of sin, you're going to heaven because you deeply care about being saved from the power of sin that you had gotten there yet. Everybody's been safe in the power sin completely. Only Jeff church about it with kids but you do care about it.

You are burdened about it you do long for it. You do want victory over something in you is changed, you have new walk-throughs inside of you.

George swimming said in a godly man's heart. Though some sin is left no sin is liked and those sin remains no sin rains what goodness of God were talking about the goodness of God is parental goodness. What goodness is not to instruct us and even rebuke us concerning that which is hurting us, hurting our witness and hurting our search of salvation and to instruct us to drink deeply of that which saves us, saves us from both temporal and eternal loss.

Let me just end with that phrase back up in verse 18 in the exercise of his will, he brought us forth again. It's the idea that he birthed us. He calls dust and literally in the Greek.

He called us to be formed again.

He said you were one form and then God did something to the gospel that out pretty formed you again into a new creature in Christ Jesus. He brought us forth now when he brings us forth are. He gives us the new birth it means to listen God categorically rejects everything about the first birth, nothing in your original nature in any way appeals to God. Nothing in your original letter.

Original nature in any way appeases God's wrath against you. Nothing so I come from a noble family will God rejects that will have superior talents and abilities God rejects that I've been given a brilliant mind and matter to God. I have such an outstanding education God respite rejects that Obama got us into good positions of power and influence in and ended financially on a powerful person.

God rejects that all have moral and ethical uprightness in my life God rejects that putting on your own righteousness like a generous person. I give great amounts of money and help to those who are less fortunate. God rejects that while respected out in the world.

People think of the wonderful and good person a decent person.

God rejects that I'm loved by my fellow man will God rejects that person. I come from a long heritage of strong faith and devotion to the Lord their great preachers in my background, God rejects that lie been baptized. I take the sacrament of the church, God rejects that I'm very faithful in my religious practice.

God rejects that all of this is from the first birth you can become a great Baptist in the first birth you want done I'll shake a hand repeated prayer. Go to the baptistery going to church and give your ties work faithful in church and be of the first birth, but you gotta be one that God has brought you forth with the new birth second birth the first birth. This came, bringing the works of his hands to the Lord is offering God rejects it. Second birth, the true birth the new birth is able bringing 1/3 party sacrificed pointing, of course, to God's provision of the land.

Jesus Christ, the first birth is Ishmael where Abraham worked out a way that he could achieve God's right to this, his own way.

Second birth is represented by Isaac C. God does not accept us based on what we have done or what we are accept us based on what Christ has done. It's the nature that we received at the second birth that endows and enables us rather to respond properly to the hard times and not be one who is quick to speak and quick to anger, and slow to listen.

None of this, the new birth that puts in us the capacity to begin to be those who are slow to speak, quick to hear, slow to anger, put aside filthiness and wickedness and be one that comes to church or has our Bible study at home and has a humble spirit.

This is Lord what I need to do. I will be quick to hear what the word of God's talent you can't get you can't have that heart, heart, apart from the new birth. John Wesley was the great Methodist evangelist had some doctrine.

I don't agree with, but I believe he loved Jesus nobly lots of souls were saved and everywhere he went to these dead Anglican churches. The church of England churches is where they were sprinkled as babies they were packed out with people because they're all good Anglican Inchon Wesley Woodlawn those churches and he would thunder and over and over and over and over and over again. He would tell those people even sprinkled by babies you going to jump through the hoops you had the sacraments administered, but you must be born again. You must have the second birth. You must be born again. Matt asked John Wesley. One day, why do you always say that.

Why do you always preach, you must be born again, this is it because you must be born again. It's everything. It's not just one of many good things as the foundational stuff. One the best ways to know if you been born again, and therefore you're free from the penalty of sin is that you do care about fighting the good fight and striving to be free from the power of sin in your life. God is good. This is all that I talked about tonight is a part of his loving parental goodness to us

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