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Producers' Pick | Kathie Lee Gifford responds to Kelly Ripa/Regis Philbin drama

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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October 9, 2022 12:00 am

Producers' Pick | Kathie Lee Gifford responds to Kelly Ripa/Regis Philbin drama

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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October 9, 2022 12:00 am

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Attention shoppers on the needs and wants. And snacks are available in the deli section beats not meet, not protein back sausage by pickles like chips fresh crunchy no added brine and deeds and that drew Robert Erica three yo I told you QB back from blocked dates and wants me she's next, 1939 the talk show this to you talk with Brian until made who donned his name was Jesus sure long-awaited Messiah and from the people he encountered to the miracles he performed Jesus for ever transform right You get for doing the voiceover for what is a book is also the way as they were the is the name of the book but it's also the God of the way which is also a movie. Well yeah you got switched up, but that's typical of you this this late into your day. The movie is in the book is called the God of the way.

But does it matter you hear something to talk about the right as Crow got coming out agnostic. Now you're not come about agnostic. I don' make it come out sick of me that's that's not unusual at times listed as our first week now and outside available DVDs are correct. The films available on DVD.

Can you downloaded from YouTube or something to not chat a little beast screaming pretty soon.

Okay film you got back from Israel just got back it was a difficult trip. This time I hadn't been back in three and half years because of COBIT and I had some some physical issues. I didn't have when I was younger I know and then we do really really strenuous asset hikes and we go to places that here you know your average forest right to ghost Israel and how to get their picture taken with the camel on the Mount of olives, that's their trip to Israel not put it down.

But that's not the way we go we go and it's it's all day long all day to six in the morning to six new stuffer seems to know new stuff all the time, new stuff. It's really exciting that I've never been there before so you got to cover some of those things as well but you find it fascinating because we study, not just what the Bible says the Bible basically is for me is like a pen and ink painting it. But when we when we go when we studied romantically is getting all the cutlets I get giving it to Picasso to put in all the color because you get geopolitical and cultural relativity, which just makes it all come alive your historian.

I love to study history. I miss my high school graduation because I was at the first Jerusalem conference on biblical prophecy in 1971. Well then Bob Bible nerd but II had big struggle with the Bible that I studied because I didn't believe in it turns out I was right. They were bad translations. The Bible was written is one book. It shouldn't of ever been divided down the middle into the Old Testament and the New Testament and the New Testament starts after Jesus is born well right it's it starts with the book of Matthew which is no Matthew was one of the tax collector, and he was one of Jesus's disciples, one of the first original 12 yeah there is at the last book of the Bible.

The Old Testament I mean is Malachi.

There were 400 years of Jewish history between Malachi and Matthew that God sent for some reason it was divided down the middle that that the Jews were the Old Testament, you know that the law the law and the New Testament was Jesus and and and and mercy and and grace it's it's all one story of justice and mercy and grace all of it and all the stunners is that like so much in our life today and in our world.

You guys talk about it every day.

It survives us.

It was never meant to be a divisive thing right. The Jewish story that comes as a big surprise turn off a lot of people. So how long did it take before people.

The apostles were others start writing things down immediately. A lot of them were not even learned people that they weren't.

They think they weren't Pharisees and Sadducees. They'd never been with the oral tradition in in the Jews. What is is has been heralded by everybody. Since the Dick that that's the way home to buy accurate human fiasco as heralded by by people that are scholars who don't particularly believe in it at truth of it that mean just that.

Just there. There genealogies were just unbelievable digesting the book of Eli know what Denzel Washington was a good yeah but it's about that.

If out that they they don't need a physical book in front of them have it here right that here in the head they had in their heart would be able to say the Dead Sea Scrolls. It was all they knew it all. They had been the memorized right the Dead Sea Scrolls where they fit in. They fit in because in the time.

Well, the Dead Sea Scrolls came from the Essenes and they they're right there in Quran is a place very close to the Dead Sea right on the right.

The Assyrians had been dealt with, she wanted to see out of Syria know the Syria hands were were students of the Bible. They were ballots for the car the word of God. That's why they cared so much that every single letter in the Hebrew had to be written down perfectly. They could've spent an entire day on 181 part of the papyrus and and and did they make one mistake. At the end of the lake is a terrible throw it out.

It's gotta be perfect. So, and the only thing that the reason why I studied the way I do is because the Old Testament you have to read it and understand it in the in the Hebrew the original Greek, Hebrew language, you have to the same with the ideal of the New Testament with the end the great cows at Aramaic that they know that separate but they but Jesus and Jesus's day, they did speak Greek and Aramaic and Hebrew in his day because I know Mill Gibson said that when he wanted to do the passion of the Christ session the Christ. He said I love to go back and I wanted the original Aramaic graduated actor Evan order new language, you have it translated some of the things I sold that on the cross were actually Aramaic yeah okay so so that's what is the link that is that strike you is accurate. Mill Gibson's I know while I know Mel and I was actually I had heat he asked me to host 22 showings of the passion of the Christ at my house in Connecticut before it came out he was concerned about the way the Jewish community in New York. The LD intelligentsia than the New York intelligentsia and media people were going to deal with the fact that there's been such enmity between Jews and Christians for centuries and centuries and centuries going back to what I talked about with Rick tearing it down for you once for you guys. The Old Testament, the others for us. Now that's just could not be more wrong. That's the biggest misconception to in my mind after study and again I'm no biblical scholar write what I said is precious. I have a passion for it, and I pipe put put my life's work towards it now.

You know, making sure that what I say is accurate and and so I did.

I don't just assume that it is II make sure that you get the most out of every day. And certainly we talk about you had a chance would you trophy cases. Right before you notice some of the pictures you had him what you've experienced in your life.

Yes. Yes. So as you know, and that so much the lies ahead. You still still driven right all my gosh yes. But now I get to do what I people say to me all the time. How could you've given up your dream job. When you left Regis wants then you left your dream job when you were working with Howard and I said you're just assuming it's my dream job right. You know my dream job.

When I was growing up, I wanted to be in it for the cello.

I wanted to be Hayley Mills. I wanted to be in a Barbra Streisand. I would you know that I wanted to be in the music industry and and an actress and and and write stories. So now finally have my dream job right. I was played the clarinet up until 78th grade I wanted to be in the music business you want to be very good when I was asked to stop parable is not to sing 16 albums and made a living as a single majority to say my sisters voice teacher Selma Gottlieb certain things you never forget right, such as a lovely lady but my sister was a natural singer. Great, just a beautiful coloratura soprano and I I was and as you could tell and alto much but so I pipe I went to her teacher and I sang a few scales and sang a song or something and she looked at me very very politely and put her hand on my hand. She said Kathy stick to harmony honey well and it she did me a great favor. So are you.

I got angry right and I'm good approved to her right, which is a great quality kept your wife.

Well yes my sister lost her: the great singer Luster: from stress in the same industry that had my my fantasies you know I was.

That's interesting.

So I remember I was who I was coming out of college you want to do sports and so was it send you tape to this geyser so I take to this. Gotta get back to her so I called Bob I got on the phone you are member your tape. It's really not very good you as if you really love sports try coaching. Think about that LOL nice yeah and Kurt tended to the same thing for you got all you like the that's the most interesting thing is like you. You basically are terrible. So thank you very much you ration what they call green in our business. Thank you for spinning deposit.

You had the shin. I thought that's just what you love to my daddy used to say to me honey. Find something you love to do and then figure out a way to get paid for. You've always reminded me of Regis as he did that to. He was told he had nothing going for him. He started out you know what he believed would work and that in the radio station. I think at the at at Notre Dame and even wanted to be one of those guys that was in the in the arena. You know right and he he just got put down every time he turned around, but what he had was something nobody else had the ability to be Regis right himself, being yourself. Yeah, God did not make a mistake with us no matter what some people think Mike I think it's Otis my first for my college radio station interviewed Regis and yet still it wasn't a national show yet. She's me. It was just about the morning. I chose Orlando and I interviewed them just he greeted everybody's a left yeah and that he said the couch with me with my microphone and he said you're my goal for the whole time was to get this network try to get this network shall be as but this is what I really enjoy. I realize this is the type of show I want to do and things will take care of themselves and obviously ends up with this syndicated show.

While that's that's when I joined right we've been together in the local show for three years before we did the syndicated trimmers with the called the morning show in New York so the story are now I guess I could rip his leaving.

She's moving on and she addressed.

I think today with in your post picked it up today about a relationship with Regis who passed away the age 88 spending 10 years receives live together. I was 10 years you replace you when you walked away to the pair was plagued by persistent rumors that they secretly load one another in 2017.

Philbin claimed he never been asked back on the program had spoke with Aruba since the exit should though it she did not report did not dispute Philbin's claim of the time, something she now regrets an interview with Andy Cohen cerebral webs that she has been targeted and unfairly maligned due to her silence on that issue. What do you know the reality there. Yes, but you're not gonna get me to talk about it. No, you know why because I loved Regis with all my heart and he was one of the greatest friends I've ever had in my life like we became even greater friends. When I left the shell I was with him for 15 years and then he died 20 years later. So 35 years. He was one of my dearest friends and I just feel very badly. The only thing I'll say is I feel very badly for Joy and her and her daughters how they doing well there.

This is just come out so I don't know how I'll go about it. Although, I just found out about it until I heard about it last week and I was hoping was one of those things it wasn't true. Yeah, I know you have no promise review docket answer some your mark now because I don't want to get involved in something that'll just be in no ugly the world makes things ugly. I'll just talk about the man that I knew was one of the greatest guys I've ever known. Right. I adored him and policy issues.

I guess she wrote she said she wrote in the book she wrote. I wish I had set the record straight. At the time I really trust the people around me as a woman, who are often we are often told to take the high road and that is woman speak, and that is woman speak to shut the blank up so now the high road is the high road and sometimes doing right now what is the real thing but I guess she is actually stepping aside right I did. I don't know you know I never watched the show once after I left the unit will and I never watch the today show since I left building or anything. I didn't fill in for for Kelly and now I went back I think to think two or three times but it is only to promote something I die, I don't live in the past. I really believe people who live in the past are doomed to die there. You know, honestly, I'm a I'm a right now kinda girl and what are we having for lunch.

We nobody knows more about TV than you and think about how things have changed when there was a late night show the rivalry with lettermen in the robbery with Leno in the movie is about a selling book on his right fascinating to watch the ratings. Nobody cares me. Great. Got felt got the highest ratings over the Tonight Show life and cuddle bear report that would be impossible around that yesterday because I've known Greg for ever I go way way way back with him and I absolutely adore the guy you know. But would I have thought. One day he's going to have. He had that late show the redeye thing but but but it was very, very, very different, and he's always had the talent he just didn't but but the landscape defected to Tonight Show's because that stop being funny just like Saturday Night Live stop being funny it became just a political and I don't I get enough politics much in the news, I don't.

I love to laugh. I James Gordon is closest. I like James Cooley. I've never met him but II DVR to watch and when you see the Savior could use on a show like this usually more taping. You know he's an entertainer demand degeneracy had brought on Broadway. No, just wanted to ward off of Broadway's brother Brian entertainer Nate.

I am an entertainer.

Regis was an entertainer that's I never said I was a journalist I back then I had too much respect for you for real journalism, you know, there are very few died in the world today that that time that I get a lot of opinions but I don't know that I'm getting the facts journalism is asked is not what it used to be. Assuming there are great people still in it. There are right but you got you got a release search right and hopefully you enter the replace love talking to you cooking rose and cookie is my nickname saw in the unusual. So as we come back with rumors with Kathy Lee was kind enough to come in, the radio, this is mandatory know anytime you come in.

I love you. You always get me in trouble get in trouble this time back a moment, entertaining, and like you're with Brian kill me on just network. Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the Janice Dean or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine. So as a filmmaker around the gender by picking up weight the public conversation. I think the people are weary of it. I think that people have it up with the season. This is not in the pronouns on the all of that stuff starts to send a signal.

I think a working-class voters that the people are not concerned about things that affect your not concerned about inflation. Not concerned about that. You can't think care about everybody but there's something is out of balance and so I think that we start sending the cultural signal that were more concerned about the pronoun you put on your resume, call. We are concerned about the fact that you don't have a house or job. I think the parties are and that is Van Jones.

Obviously pH a prison Obama nobody thinks that he's a right wing zealot, but he's crocheting with many large people are saying like Bill Moore who will vote for a Democrat, Kathy Lee Gifford and that is what you talking about second-grader should not be told you can pick your gender should not be learned about sexual relations. These times you can be taught about binary non-binary and all these things are going.

People you know where this came from when 60% of the country was paycheck to paycheck always lost perspective completely on what is important to people and and I don't care if you're Republican and or anything.

People care about the children and they care about what the children are learning and they care about feeding them nutritious food and they care about being able to get to a job there grateful to have and they can't even afford to get to the job because of the price of gas and I think is just foolish on either side of the aisle for thinking that something that that pulls all the way down at the bottom is the least interesting to me that that that are the least important to two people concentrated like a people's vote and trade on those top three and give them real solutions to them, whether Republican or Democrat on either side would be the smart thing to do right of you to try to solve people's problems. We should debate different ways to solve problems that can identify the problem now because you've already been labeled a racist or a bigot or something before you even begin to calculate. Thanks so much. Sorry and love you just subscribe and listen to the trade only federal prosecutor in Fort Drum, US Congressman from South Carolina brings you a one-of-a-kind pungent smell but

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