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Paul Janizcek Ukraine Putin China Japan USA Taiwan Naval Conflist 050922

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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May 9, 2022 7:24 pm

Paul Janizcek Ukraine Putin China Japan USA Taiwan Naval Conflist 050922

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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L generation radio on those best Greg, thanks so much for being with us. I know you have a choice where you can listen each and every day of the Junior to give you a couple scriptural references required to go check these out.

The second Kings 16 three second Kings 21 six second Kings 2218 through 20 and 23 four through 10 and I'll try and get this article up for you as well but folks this these are talking about when Israel was involved in sacrificing children. King Manasseh was the worst he actually he sacrificed his own son in fire.

I bet you didn't know that his own son sacrificed in fire to Malik, that's the key was that there was a king of Judah. So when King Josiah came into power.

He had all those altars torn down and destroy it, and he stopped the sacrificing of infants and children to the devil possess what they were doing and we need to be on top of this, go to Randall Randall W training video coming up here in the next hour to tell you exactly how to organize a protest in your city Randall critically important that we get on top of this, folks, because Planned Parenthood and that whole bunch including and chief and chief is actually going to the justices homes are right I want to get on this other topic matter because you know that there's just there so much that's going on and you need to be informed so you can be in prayer so you can contact your senators and your Congressional representative at 202-224-3121 and make your voice heard the Senate by the way, is supposed to be this week. Hearing some kind of legislation. Now they're going to try to legislate Roe V Wade, in light of what they think might happen to it and there they're pushing in the Senate to try to I guess somehow turn it into an actual legislative law that that you can kill babies in the United States of America, innocent bloodshed so well call your senators call your congressman and tell them you want Roe V Wade overturned, and you do not want a law that makes it's a a law to to kill children all right. My next guest is a former diplomat specializing in international security affairs. He served in the trunk and the Bush administration is also a former deputy assistant inspector general former Navy.

He will obviously former Navy Nate event and a Navy warfare college or graduate, and people who I I highly respect and are highly respected referred to him as being somewhat of a savants when it comes to understanding geopolitical matters and international political risk. I want to welcome Paul Jana checks the program Paul welcome good to have you granted them to be with you and your good audio mail introduction engagement. I wanted to mention I noted we had national security noise gone, but the boat that you are referencing with prospective is humoring supposed to bring up a delete day filing a cloture motion and then on Wednesday it would be what date it would be poetic about. I love reading opposition.

The opposition to opposition research and what the Democrats get a low check that matter, we gotta keep we got beat up yet here we gotta keep people mobilizing we got about what early in their hometown they can get out work at it that you because I look at the spirit of Moloch. It alive and well. It certainly is operating in America in the Bohemian Grove made their local part of the Russian River Lake Moloch crying out loud if you don't do it… The date of very real. It is with the curses that come with it are also are also on you wanted for her condition improved in the world and united we get a letter off of our law not allowed so that way and and so well and and in addition that were time with us are coming on air. You and I got in the green room but you know we've got today is is a celebration there was a celebration day in in Russia and food made it very clear you know that he thinks that he's well justified in attacking the Ukraine and it is an attack. It is an invasion and and I was on a call just this last week and I'll get that information out for you as well folks, but a former economic advisor to Putin said his goal is number one.

He wants to do an ethnic cleansing of the Ukrainian people and he wants to take back the Eastern European block that they lost when the Soviet Union was dispelled so that means he wants to take back a portion of, if not all of Germany and and and the pressure that they're putting on relative to the pipeline and the gas pipeline and Biden's ineptitude is a major issue when it comes to that particular situation. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, I was just I just said just seen an article that one of the countries over there that said that they wanted a derogation. I'm sure that means fall. What would what is it what is a derogation I would need to contact. But what would they want to derogation when it comes to the galaxy derogation civil law, common law of partial suppression. Okay, so it they want to derogation as it relates to being involved in the stopping of the importing of Russian oil". Combination of modified will and I don't know how well supported, but it is not quite long but it isn't what it really difficult to explain, but it sounds like 70 dairy weekend. Bulgaria says that it will veto the EU oil sanctions on Russia. If it doesn't get a derogation from the proposed ban on buying Russian oil. So there you get outside of what European Union group dogged over the weekend and bring up another issue that is related all of it, that the Russian you willingly what I had hoped…, Or the progress of your body and association. Yes, that throughout all of the Russians were doing the heavy lifting between Ronnie Robert not be a or have not been the negotiation burnout stalled out and so while the entire world on Ukraine where Russia is clearly the aggressor. You and I agree on that as a wrongful party here some big Nate had been doing their motive within the art of their boat right but done in the wrong way probably going along great. That also being eliminated. Not a good guy George Soros right behind so I'll that yeah I III hear you, but in talking with several different Ukrainians that have been in very involved in all of this process they they question the that the criminality or the or the or the characterization of the criminality of Zelinski.

I will Ukraine criminality dictated from indicting an entire people criminality doing a lot of it right where I was going in a bit with the great Gilbert Schenkel and and and and I that what originally they wanted what Peter Valenti we work to achieve martyrdom because and reinstall pork Schenkel. I'm sure they they wanted a puppet.

The bottom line is is that is and this is the second half of what the economist said prudent wants an ethnic cleansing of Ukrainians and he wants a a prudent puppet back in charge of the Ukraine that is going to do Moscow's bidding again and that was part of the reason why they got rid of four Schenkel because for Sanko and I forget the other guys name. It is very close similarity as above factors from 2014, but you get your okay so Unicode which was an absolute prudent puppet portion go was a shadowy, prudent puppet and that's why in 2019. They got rid of him and if Trump had not been in office here in the United States. Zelinski never would've been able to have done that never would've been able to of happened if present in front had been the president of the United States.

If the United States hadn't actually exerted itself as a power player on the international scene. Okay when we get back let's jump into China, Japan and the US because we've got a major ordeal.

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There is no plan there that are away from their homeland operating right now east of timeline okay so if I'm looking if I'm looking at at a map of Japan and I've got Hoke. I know in the far north and I've got foo foo go Ku and Kumamoto in the Kagoshima I guess would be that would be the furthest down to the South give me an idea and then in relation to said to those landmarks of where were talking about were talking about another 800 mile without the very quickly become very long get over about five so so so now were talking.

Okay, so now I see Okinawa and and are then north of Okinawa there so they are there south of Okinawa. There, there. I want wow so there so there so there off the tip of Taipei yet is actually there is a point now where you grew out of social media folks. There are Taiwan teachers aircraft carrier. It `waters mine mine mine and of course you know Taiwan. This is it is a place that they have that they have threatened their going to attack you heard a renegade province rented their their bitterly attended that United States a Taiwan. We have in law, albeit I want to that, we will provide military support to the general, and so not to be outdone, Japanese aircraft carrier right now watching HIV care. We have the Abraham Lincoln strike group that watching character and the Chinese carrier Bob DE China, the interior into the ocean at the time that the Ronald Reagan and aircraft carrier aircraft carrier left work or what we call workup. Basically, that's where you take the ship out the picture in good working order and then bring plain purported make sure that the crew would be airplane ball work together really well so we now have four aircraft carriers which of course are allied as well at the Chinese waters that are in that area are already buried ship not getting to Shanghai, in particular because the lockdown note to Gary a lot of steel Bacardi give me an idea what is what is your what is your take with regards to this fall. What are you what are you think the next steps are going to be and and and why I guess I know to degree why wire why do we need to be paying close attention to this issue on trigonometric new in the mixture to your listener. Just before Ukraine mother dated by Russia that the Chinese premier and met in Beijing in the winter, that there was a great deal of speculation at least did not admit to nontraditional establishment media that would be the time to tidy you Ukraine to go after Taiwan really merit to that but bluntly I think that Ukraine can serve as a loyal pretension that right now while much of the United States traditional media establishment focused on bed the Chinese are managing much of the age with the deployment carrier netted them effectively using the press then the pressure but there Japanese crap is really pretty good. According to company America. But what I think is that the Chinese playing a very traditional game played with the wicked.

They play down their bad conduct.

Unlike the most most of the rest of the country that the United States brought Ron for example, Korea. Another example Russia yet another example, Chinese plated sound.

We are trying to do their trying to check the condition that they are the great power they will have their way and their showing proof that they will have their way back that point number of point that probably point number one and probably the primary point of the other thing that I would think though that we don't pay very much attention to it all in the United States is just a generation trying to make a tax-deductible donation of any government W.actually generation now back to chosen generation, very, very, the anecdotal information that I provided that is that the Chinese Christian unity and pulled together. They're hoping to get her very quietly very well requesting right and on and on top of that the factions within the Communist Party are using the public media to effectively occur at each other and amid all point to that this is a short course by me going into the party Congress. Later that year probably could expect another note, like the projection of our because in addition, and you may recall, at one point we got on that show you a couple years ago.

At that point that he was named president like well it was a moniker that would never officially gone moniker and I think now it is now becoming president only her life, if you catch my drift. I also hold that folks we got is it we got we got to take a jump off with our our radio audience, but I'm then encourage you Paul if you can stick around for a few minutes after I like to talk a little bit more in developing this and you're welcome to join chosen generation, okay folks I'm here with Paul Janet Shackelford doing a little bit of overtime here on CEC on her social media pages and we where we want you to understand because there's there's is pretty serious. So Paul, I'm looking right now at a map and I love your ability to access what was being shown of social media.

You can go to my chin obviously mute the volume and I would suggest using like being or use Firefox better picture.

That way, but I've got of a picture of a map that shows Chinese fleet headquarters and major American Navy bases first and second island chains, and so it shows the base sets the Savo Yokosuka, Guam and then Okinawa and Shenae as the major American bases in that are in that general area.

Then you've got Sanjay ninja Ningbo and going now as as the major Chinese fleet headquarters.

This this would appear then to be having them were these launched from zombies at the Sanjay in the South be the authority yes or I Beijing I have your site up right now. The map is a little bit boarded my view of Mario or Mario and Firefox. I am on my time.

Okay yeah they there's there's only like two browsers that actually let CEC NCV show well. One of the best something called slim and then the other one that I found that that seems to work is Firefox but Google okay anyway yeah so I got so I found that map and then I found that a secondary map. This a little bit larger and and this map essentially is talking about the promise islands and that the fleets that were talking about or or some fleet some China military drill was a drill essentially how they would take over the Prada silence. Yeah, that my geography is failing me right now.

The Chinese have effectively opted to identify what it is they're willing to fight over in Alberta push in that the other push their defensive chain throughout and consolidate their position along the way you think island that they share aircraft will okay and they have done it down in you look if you look wet product island in Judea.China either party done it in the Spratly 80 and the reason for that is that there's a great deal of oil and natural gas under it.

In addition to the fact that the dog there very jingoistic you that it's not all… No reason. Note that it appeared that it in play here in the real entitlement of so what they've been doing it for making extraterritorial claims that the bold one that made the right violent generation on the table on a silent is impaired. There are number of smaller island that are not really occupied a brilliant habit, but there under the Japanese glide over there claimed by China. The Chinese Coast Guard had been in there making making midget asserting a claim in the press while they circled throughout. Pilate built the method you have in terms of the sort of the layer the call back in on the Chinese coast line that really pretty good if you really want to understand basically that in and actually at the map map. I know 20 are working with it it if I would recommend your listeners.the copy that map and study at things were to ever go real, that would be probably the best one to work with understand what how things are going down okay relative to this now. How far ELA.

I mean we we watched the quote unquote appeasement that's Taken Pl. in Ukraine right we watched Pruden push over there and and we watched everybody kind of not not really not really take an aggressive stance. All were afraid were afraid you know what were afraid of the nuclear option. What have you Pruden I think was waiting and expecting China to assert itself. China obviously was expecting Pruden to have taken Ukraine within 3 to 4 days, which would've made it very easy then for China to have made that assertion. You mentioned the tenuous position of Chi and that now under the circumstances because he threw himself into the food and camp and Rossi in Iran is in the Pruden camp and Rossi as I'm sure quite upset that Pruden has taken certain Syrian forces and put them on the battlefield in the Russia Ukraine war that Rossi expected were going to be available to him in this Hamas declaration of war. This just recently happened with Israel while moving parts. Here Paul Carlotta interconnected Internet very deeply interconnected and it had gotten to the point to where really I noticed the reaction a little later about 24 hours later, I noted Israeli military advisor showing up and not you. At one point after the introduction of a mop and to fight alongside some of the other irregular formation work putting in the battle of the day. Understand how to fight your chosen generation may cost deductible donations are easily, and that this wasn't generation is the grace and so they basically would be very useful for teaching, whatever Russian still standing right condition would be very useful to teach Russian soldiers how to do it.

So naturally the Israeli when it showed Ukraine that we quite a lovely little yeah you got to get reaction well and and Israel is outstanding when it comes to finding those kinds of wars because they they they address that I mean that is a an ongoing daily concern an issue for them. They're doing it on the road think that because in 2015 might remember having been spending so much of their effort to deal with situations that are quad type.

We operate are you willing like West Bank… In 2000 for Clement did not write invasion of Lebanon did not go well and they they they had to. They had to adjust their thinking and between United States and Israel got a pretty good lab laboratory on how to wage work will conclude and do it a little and you have to but yet the making of what I would say in connection to DB macroscopic. I think your production is right certainly included any of the other one player heard about. She thought would have the bag of number one problem was that there was no plan B originally my understanding based on what it is able to derive from people who were still plugged in.

I am directly was the plan called for, and the early history of fighting over Ukraine. Without it there would be a decapitation strike by airborne and helicopter mobile Russian port with there that not and in addition to members of the Bogner group would and out all over Q, along with the members of the Ukrainian general staff will prepare community. 30 decapitation strike that would involve picking up the null airport. You recall, in the early hours like that where the fighting.

What from the north coming out of Belorussia and that the standard Russian Army formations would play a game of hurry up and catch up in order to validate why decapitation operation was going on.

My money is on the British got the plan and the Ukrainians were able to beat back be the airborne invasion optimal and really had no plan B and I think that that's where you get the entire Russian ballpark.

I think she had been briefed and assured that this would be quick that there would be a job that want decapitation that occurred there would be a doing a piece where Russia dictated probably return you can go our correctly pointed out earlier, even God. There was II think that would probably plan what they reported or got a quote put him back in power, I think that would die with that with the plan all along. Because the bill or that I know technically speaking, is still under file. Russia ugly little pig eloquently well and and and course you know here we go that's they they their their efforts have been significantly stalled because they did not expect the kind of resistance that they received and and thank God for that. And thank God for the Ukrainians to keep fighting in an and in marrow Mary Opal. They have said, we are we are 100% not going to give in so you know where were going to continue to fight this fight as long as as long as we live so good on whatever that as well. Alright. Well Paul, thank you. I am word word word and it started encroaching on some time on CCN and I don't want to do that but I wanted to make sure and get folks as much up-to-date information, and in particular this topic of what's going on in the China seas because it it is a situation that's not getting a lot of press right now and at a course that doesn't surprise me. The press is owned by China, so it is surprising that not getting a lot of press, but this is a this is potentially a major issue and were particularly looking at war in three spheres would win with you today about the credit grade I didn't say you know and be denuded to earn a net paycheck baby. Keiko RI. Paul Janacek has been with us folks. Thank you again so much for being with us and saying with us in the overtime I will be cutting this up in getting this out as an individual pieces well will have all this up in our podcast formats for this afternoon as we always do and just lazy gentlemen, we do have power to things I want to remind you to do one you can support your chosen generation, make a tax-deductible donation. AIV is really really got chosen generation row now back to chosen generation with pastor Grace.

Pray that against the Chinese.

There regime and what's happening there against Putin and what's happening there against Hamas in the enemies of Israel. Pray that but in addition to that, pick up the phone make a phone call 202-224-3121 202-224-3121 you got a lot to talk to your senators and your Congressman about you need to raise the issues with regards to America's help and assistance when it comes to these issues and making sure that we are fully readily prepared, militarily and then, in addition to that, let's not forget the abortion issue Randall get engaged, get involve ladies and gentlemen at the end of the day we will have, to give at the end of the day, when I stand before my God, I do not want him to ask me what did you do with the world that I sent my son to die for and redeem how did you fight the good fight, share the good news. Give people a check. How did you shine your light and be a beacon of truth in the darkness did you shrink back in fear when the demanding change my message. Did you call evil good and good evil, did you forsake my love for that of another line with the adulterer and setting up a new idol in your life have you defile yourselves with compromise and tolerance of that which I call an abomination. Have you innocent blood on your hands for the children murdered on your watch and the young ones perverted in their way by evil men seeking their own comfort in reviling me know. At the end of the day. I want him to simply say the evidence is in.

Well done, thou good and faithful servant. I love my God and I love his creation, and I will go to my grave telling the world that evil is evil and only God is good and Jesus came to save the world, that no matter the evil in the world. I will never give up. And in spite of the hate I will love. In truth, God bless you all and may love remove the veil so you all might enter into his rest

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