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The Struggle Is Real - Part A

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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June 17, 2020 2:00 am

The Struggle Is Real - Part A

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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June 17, 2020 2:00 am

As long as we live here on earth, we're going to struggle with sin. In the message "The Struggle Is Real," Nate shares some vital biblical principles to encourage you in this battle.

This teaching is from the series Heart & Soul: A Study Through Romans.




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Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig

Jesus many of us believe that turning away from sin means never sitting we think that given our lives to Jesus means all of a sudden were good I could just go away all of a sudden become righteous justification is the gift of except Jesus the gift of sanctification is a daily process. Understand this, you're in process that's okay after we give our lives to Christ must remember that were still human and that were still going to struggle with sin today on connect with Skip Heitzig's Made Sure Some Important Principles to Encourage You in the Battle against First Skip Wants to Share about an Inclusion Project from His Wife. When You It's Hard to Make Sense Out Of Everything Going on in the World.

That's Why I'm Excited to Announce the Launch of My Wife Lend His Podcast Called All the Things Journey with Linda and Her Cohost Lindsay My*in This Unscripted Podcast As They Learn about Different Issues, Engage in Fun Conversation and Tackle Some Hard-Hitting Topics Subscribe to All the Things Today Where Ever You Listen to Your Podcast. Thank You, Skip Now. We're in Romans Chapter 7 As We Guided Tour Study with Nate-We Know That the Laws Spiritual by Eminent Spiritual Sold As a Slave to Sin. I Do Not Understand What I Do for What I Wanted to. I Do Not Do, but What I Hate I Do. And If I Do What I Do Not Want to Do. I Agree the Laws Good As It Is, It Is No Longer I Myself Who Do It, but It Is Sin Living in Me, for I Know That Good Itself Does Not Dwell in Me, That Is, in My Sinful Nature but I Have the Desire to Do What Is Good, but I Cannot Carry It out for I Do Not Do the Good I Want to Do, but the Evil I Do Not Want to Do This I Keep on Doing Follow the Self Army Balls All over the Place like What Was Going on Bro Now If I Do What I Do Not Want to Do It Is No Longer I Would Do It but It Is Sin Living in Me That Does It. So I Find This Law Work, Although I Want to Do Good, Evil Is Right There with Me for in My Interbeing. I Delight in God's Law, but I See Another Law at Work in Me Waging War against the Law of My Mind and Making Me a Prisoner of the Law of Sin at Work within Me.

What a Wretched Man. I Am Who Will Rescue Me from This Body That Is Subject to Death Thanks Be to God Who Delivers Me through Jesus Christ Our Lord. There, I'm Hoping That Today You and I Can Talk Honestly Be Honest with One Another Honest about Who We Are Honest about Our Struggles Because I Want to Preach a Simple Message Today Called the Struggle Israel Hatred Your Neighbor and Say the Struggle, Same As the Matter to the Struggle Israel Turned the Other Persons They Help the Struggle Israel. The Struggle Israel I Know about You, but As I Look at My Life I so Often Find That a Struggle Is Going on. There's a Battle Going on inside of Me and If I'm Really Honest I Struggle at Times for Consistency. Our Staff Here at Calvary and Also If You Gone through Life Track.

I Had the Recommended Take This Test Called the Five Voices and Basically You Answer All These Questions about Yourself and the Test Basically Diagnoses You and Tells You Who You Are. It Tells You What Your Strengths Are, What Your Weaknesses Are Basically Tells You What Your Personality Type Is Black. I Took This Test for the First Time of Taking It Several Times after Today for the First Time I Was Actually Excited about the Strength That Is That I Have Actually Liked It. I Liked the Things That Is That I Had the Potential Is That I Had I Accepted the Weaknesses That I Had Ice All I Needed to Grow but I Had One Thought after I Took It As I Bent about Taking This Test Last Week.

I Think the Results Might've Been Different. And I Think You Might Take It Again. A Week from Now, the Results Might Be Different Again Because If I'm Honest about the Week I Sometimes Feel like a Different Person and Interlace Me on That You Sometimes Feel like It If a Person among Men.

I Was There Really Two Versions of Me There's like Seven Versions of Me Sunday Nate Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday May Saturday May You Don't Know Where to Begin.

It's like I Wish That I Could Be the Same Person All the Time. But the Reality Is I Struggle with Consistency. I Know It Can Be Hard but Can We Just Try Today to Be a Little Bit Honest, We Just Try Just Just for Today.

Can We Try to Be Honest Not Ask You to Raise Your Hand, but Let's Just Be Honest That A Lot Of Us Struggle with Consistency for January This past Year January 1 You Will W Said This Is Not Here. I'm Going to Be Better Grow to Be Different, to Overcome Concord This Year, Lose 15 Pounds You Gained 15 Pounds This Year Back to School to Get That Degree This Year, Read More Books This Year, Stars Surveyed This Year I'm Going to Improve Ever Been to the Gym in January That Place Is More Packed out the Balloon Fiesta but Come September. It's a Ghost Town Right Because A Lot Of Us Struggle with Keeping Our Commitments and If Were Honest Today. Many of Us Struggle with Consistency. We Struggle with Fulfilling Our Commitments and Therefore Really Honest Many of Us in Here Would Say I Believe in Jesus I Surrender My Life to Jesus but Nate, If I'm Really Being Honest with You I Still Struggle with Common Sin.

In Fact, Have You Ever Noticed That Is Typically like One or Two Things That Each and Every One of Us Struggle with like Is Typically a Couple Things That We Struggle with the Black Man. I Didn't Pay in This Area of My Life. I'm Passing the Test in That Area of My Life. But There's One Area I Just Can't Seem to Get past These One or Two Things Seem to Always Be Haunting Me and Hounding Me and Chasing Me down and We Can Wonder to Ourselves. This Dilemma Must Just Be Weak. I Must Just Not Be Strong Enough.

I Must Just Not Be Good at This, I Must Just Not Be Called to This and This Thinking Can Happen within Our Lives. So Much so That It Causes Us to Doubt Our Salvation. See, When We Accept Jesus.

Many of Us Believe That Turning Away from Sin Means Never Sending We Think That Given Our Lives to Jesus Means All Of A Sudden Were Good I Could Just Go All Of A Sudden Become Righteous and Although Justification Is the Gift of Accepting Jesus the Gift of Sanctification Is a Daily Process. Understand This, You're in Process That's Okay. It's Okay to Be in Process. You Don't Have To Have It All Together Maybe Is Okay If You're Not Okay Maybe It's All Right If You're in This Place. You Don't Have All Together. You Don't Understand Everything You're Not Perfect. As a Matter Fact I Think Accepting That Truth Accepting That Fact Brings Us Freedom in Our Last Study in Romans. We Looked at the Great Deliverance That God Has Given Us, Not Just from the Penalty of Sin, but Also from the Power of Sin. Pastor Skip Did an Incredible Job Teaching That Message and Is Very Appropriate These Truths in Our Lives We Begin to Experience It. And Although We Might Recognize That This Is True, We All Still Know What It's like to Struggle with Sin, Don't We. Because the Struggle Israel.

There Is a Struggle That Undoubtedly Every Believer Faces in Some Capacity. The Battle between Right and Wrong.

The Battle between Holiness and Unholiness. The Battle between the Flesh and the Spirit and in Essence Struggle Here That Paul Talks about in Romans Seven Is of a Man Trying to Live out the Teachings of Romans Chapter 6 Living Free from the Penalty Power of Sin without the Holy Spirit.

Romans Seven Is a Description of Someone Trying to Live out Romans Six without the Power of God As a Matter Fact in Romans Seven, the Word I Is Used 30 Times without a Single Mention of the Holy Spirit As Opposed to Romans Chapter 8 Where the Holy Spirit Is Referenced More Than 20 Times in Romans Chapter 8 See the Outcome of This Struggle Is of the Utmost Importance within Your Life and in This Text Were See Three Things As We Dive into It.

Number One the Situation That We Face As We Look at the Reality That Each and Every One of Us Are Sold onto Sin.

We Are Carnal.

That's the Situation We Face Number Two Were to See the Struggle We Fight As We Relate to Paul and Samantha, I Want to Do Good Things, but I Don't Do Good Things and I Don't Want to Do Bad Things, but I'm Always Doing Bad Things, and Finally Rinsing the Solution We Find, We Realize That Is Found Only in Christ. Let's Occur First Point the Situation We Face. Look at Verse 14 with Me Now.

The New King James Version. For We Know That the Law Is Spiritual, but I Am Carnal, Sold onto Sin.

The First Thing We See Here in Our Text Is the Situation We Face There Some Facts We Have To Face. There's a Reality We Have To Accept There Some Truths We Have To Recognize As We Fight This Struggle That Each and Every One of Us Are in This Work. Carnal Is from the Greek Word*Kino Said It Literally Means Belonging to the World Natural and Weak. Paul Describes the Situation We Face of What Carnality Is, What It Means When in First Corinthians 3 He Says This and I Brethren Could Not Speak unto You Is Spiritual, but As unto Carnal, Even As unto Babes in Christ, Only to Mark That down Because Is Important for You Are yet Carnal, for There Is Strife and Envying and Divisions among You, Showing Your Carnality for One of You Says I Am of Paul and Another I Am of Apollo's Are You Not Then Carnal. We See A Few Things That Mark R Carnality A Few Things That Are the Reality of the Situation Were in First and Foremost Carnality Is an Arrested State of Spiritual Development, Only to Know That Because It Is a State of Spiritual Development. Paul Is Talking Here in Romans to Believers Is Not Talking about Carnality in Unbelievers in the World but Is Talking to the Reality Each and Every One of Us Every Single Person, No Matter How Far onto the Sanctification Process You Are Have Carnality within Our Lives. Paul Is Right in Autobiography. Speaking of Himself That There Is a Carnal Nature within Himself Seat Carnality Is a State of Spiritual Development Is Just an Arrested State of Spiritual Development. I Told You before to Mark down the Idea That He Says Just As unto Babes. See, Just As a Baby Is Dependent on Others to Feed Them and Take Care Of Them so the Carnal Person Is Dependent on Other People for Their Growth in Their Relationship with Christ.

Now This Is Okay.

Initially, As We Begin Our Relationship with Christ, We Begin to Grow in Christ. It's Okay to Need Other People to Have To Help You to Grow You Come to Christ You Don't Know How to Grow You Don't Know What to Do. You Don't Know What a Relationship with Christ Look like so You Need Other People There to Help You Grow in This Relationship with Jesus, but Eventually You Have To Grow up and You Have To Start Learning How to Feed Yourself. If You Start Learning How to Read the Bible for Yourself. You Have To Learn What It Means to Grow in Christ.

But Some People Get Stuck in This Arrested Place of Spiritual Development Is Just As unto Babes. This Is Important Because As a Child Grows. They Simply Learn Not to Do Certain Things like for Some Kids They Really Struggle with Sucking Their Thumbs, but Usually to Just Go Out Of That Some Kids Really like Talking Baby Talk to Most Kids Just Grow Out Of That.

Like I Was See Anybody in Here Right Now and Agency. Some Younger Folk in Here.

I Does Anyone Sucking Their Thumb Right Now I Don't See Anyone Sitting There Talking Baby Talk Is a Nathan I Don't like This Message Because Your Adults You Guys Grew up and so You Put Childish Things Away and Are Now Living As Adults, but Some Believers Find This Arrested Place of Spiritual Development Is Carnality and They Don't Grow up. The Carnal Believer Is Experience Oriented, That Is to Say Church Always Has To Be Exciting. Church Always Has To Have Some Thrill or Some Feeling That Is Attached to a See Many People Get Saved Because There Is This Feeling and Then They Chase That Feeling. They Chase That Experience.

And so There Always Church Hopping from One Place to Another State.

What I Really like This Experience Really like That Experience and They're Chasing a Feeling, Rather Than Facts There Chasing This Idea and That's a Dangerous Place to Be in Because the Reality Is That Eventually Bethke Bought Amount. Eventually, You Can Only Go so High.

Eventually the Experience Is Going to Diminish.

And If You Only Based Relationship with Christ on Experience and on Feelings and on Excitement. You Have Nothing Left for A Lot Of People. The More Lights the More Pyrotechnics Just Bands the Better Know Those Things Are Bad Those Things Can Be Used. We Often Use A Lot Of Those Things but the Problem the Carnal Christian Finds Himself in.

Is That the Second You Crack Open the Bible, They Shy Away.

They Never Develop a Real Hunger for the Word of God Define the Word of God Morning. They Don't Want to Hear It That They They Get Bored and Want to Hear the Bible. They Think That It's All Just a Bunch of Rules and Regulations, Carnal Believers Love Christian Entertainment but Not Committed Bible Study Carnal Christians Always Have Time for Pleasure, but Never Time for Prayer to the Carnal Christian Is a Miserable Person Because They Can Never Have Enough. And That Can Be Church Space. Your Miserable Lockable Walk Away from God Because It's Never Enough. If There Always Chasing That Experience That Feeling Eventually.

It's Not Enough but Is Also True. Not Just in Church Life, but in Regular Life.

Carnal People Are Always Looking for Things to Fill a Void Things to Make Them Happy.

But They're Never Realizing That It Doesn't Matter How Much of the World You Get. You Can Never Be Happy If You're Using the World to Make You Happy with Any Patriot Fans near Sorry about Antonio Tom Brady in an Interview with Steve Croft Said This. Why Do I Have These Super Bowl Rings and Still Think There's Something Greater out There for Me. I Maybe A Lot Of People Would Say Amen. This Is What It Is. I Reached My Goal. My Dream My Life. Me, I Think God It's Gotta Be More Than This.

I Mean, This Is It Just Can't Be All That It's Cracked up to Be.

What's the Answer I Wish I Knew. I Wish I Knew Why No That Is Not What He Thinks It Is, Is Not What Many of Us Think It Is. Doesn't Matter How Much of the World We Get That Will Never Make Us Happy, and yet a Carnal Believer. Someone Who Is in This Arrested Stated Development Is Still Looking for Things in the World to Make Them Happy When They Have the Thing to Bring Them True Joy Right in Front of Them. Number Two Carnal Believers Are Easily Deceived. Believers Are Easily Deceived. This Really Goes in Conjunction with This Arrested State of Development Because They're Not Growing for Themselves Because They're Not Reading the Bible Because They're Not Being Nourished and the Relying on Other People for That Nourishment. They Will Accept and Believe Anything Someone Says If It's Attached to the Lord Says or the Bible Says This Really Answers the Question to Life the Prosperity Gospel Has Flourished so Much Our Culture. My Wife and Our Time of This Other Night and We Are Thinking about This Reality That You Have These Guys on TV Will Get on There and Say I Need $54 Million Project, God Told Me I Need a $54 Million. That Is All You to Give Me Money to Buy This Jet Because I Can't Find a Big Tube with the Budget Demons Us with This Preacher Refers to His People Really Good and My Wife Was Asked She's like, Man, How Do People Buy into This People Accept This and Believe This like You Think They Would See This Is Just a Man That's Ridiculous.

That's Crazy This Person Is a Kook. I Wanted to Do with That but They Don't Actually Give Money to. It Is Okay Here Take My Money and I Talked to People All the Time of Been so Hurt by That Voice and Why Is That the Case and I Said the Difference Is That You Know the Bible You Read the Bible You Understand the Bible.

So When You Hear Something That Is It True That Is It Right Because You Grown in Christ You Can Spot It Is Fake and False, but a Carnal Believer Who's in an Arrested State of Spiritual Development Is Not Growing for Themselves Who's Not Being Nourished for Themselves. They Hear Anything and Accept Anything As True There Easily Deceived. This Answers the Question As to Why so Many Bad Churches Are Growing in America Is Not Because God Is Blessing Them Because They Have Found What Is Appealing to Carnal Christians See There's Many Churches Today That Will Have Awesome Programs All Have Great Music, All Entertaining Videos and Those Things Are Bad in and of Themselves, They Can Be Used.

We Often Use Those. But the Problem Is They Never Teach the Bible They Might into It, They Might Reference It to Occasionally Prove a Point That They're Trying to Prove but They Are Teaching the Bible I Hear A Lot Of Pastors That Will Open up in the Universe. The Beginning Then They Won't Mention the Bible Again the Entire Message.

They Don't Talk about What They're Supposed to Be Teaching.

Ephesians 414 Says That We Should No Longer Be Children, Tossed To And Fro, and Carried about with Every Wind of Doctrine, but Grow up into the Full Measure of Completeness Found in Christ. See, We Need to Grow up We Need Is Stopping This Arrested Place of Spiritual Development Grow up to Be Fed. The Nourished Detox Sound Doctrine so That We Can Spot the Fake Thing We See It the Third Thing We See Is That Carnal Believers Are Given to Division and Envy. We See That Paul Talks about That in First Corinthians. He Says Some Say I'm a Paul I Am of Apollo's See Carnal Christians Are Always Trying to Be on the Winning Team Took to Be on the Winning Team to Get People onto Their Side to Convince People to See It Their Way. They Blame Others Their Fault Finders and Their Fault Finders Because They're Personally Frustrated A Lot like David Was a Fall Fighter He Saw and Someone Else the Sin That He Himself Was Guilty of and He Became a Blame or a Fault Finder Because in Reality He Was Personally Frustrated about Something in His Own Life That He Couldn't See Correctly They Want Other People on Their Side They Will Mold and Manipulate Scripture to Fit Their Needs at the Core.

Carnal Christians Are Bare Minimum Christians Addicted to the Highs of Sin, Even Though It's Killing Them. I Read a Story about a Toad in Australia and This Particular Toad Is a Very Very Poisonous Toad Is Extremely Color. Beautiful Patterns. It Is Really Pleasing to Look at and Apparently Is Been a Problem Because Some Dogs Have Been Licking This Poisonous Toad and Getting Sick and Even Dying from Looking the Toad. Now That's Not Surprising Because Dogs Are Done.

Dogs Eat Anything like Literally.

My Dog Will Eat Its Own Poop My Dog like What Eat Entire Things of Hair Ties in One Gulp. And I like How Do Even Do That like Dogs Eat Anything but Was Interesting Is They Say That the Dogs Back to Become Addicted to the High That This Toxin Gives Them and so They're Doing It over and over and over Again at Some Dogs Actually Gone to the Vet Five or Six Times from Licking These Totes There Literally Addicted to the Very Thing That's Killing Them. Tim Keller Said You Begin an Addiction When You Have Some Distress in Your Life and You Look to a Substance to Give You Relief but You Really Know You're in the Inescapable Stranglehold of an Addiction. When You Look to the Very Thing That Is Causing the Problems in Your Life to Give You Relief the Problems in Your Life. A Lot Of Us Are Addicted to Sin and to Defeat Sin's Control within Our Lives. We Need to Move up from the Carnal Self Indulgent Living That Were Stuck in to the Spirit Empowered Life Where These Other Sinful Things within Our Lives Simply Cannot Survive to a Point Is This.

If You Try to Battle Your Carnality and Your Sin Yourself, It Won't Work If You Try to Use Sheer Willpower and Determination.

Stand Your Ground Say I'm Knocking to Do It. You're Gonna Lose. Case in Point. That Was the Last Slice of Pizza I've Ever Been a Healthy 24 Hours Later to Sound so Good That Dion's Ranch. I Just Can't Resist It. 45 Will Dominate Views of the Nominal Workout Tomorrow. I'm Going to the Gym 24 Hours Later on the Couch Eating More Pizza. See Sheer Willpower and Determination Can't Get You through Anything. If You Set up Late at Night and Say I'm Knocking to Touch That Bottle. I'm Knocking the Call That Person a Toxic Relationship with That Boy That Girl I'm Knocking to Go to the Website and Look at That Stuff. I'm Knocking to Do It on the Choose Not to My Willpower. My Determination If You Try to Battle Your Sin and Carnality Yourself to Lose the Only Way You Can Defeat the Carnality in Your Life Is to Focus Not on Your Sin, but Instead Focus on God Start Focusing on What You've Been Redeemed to Start Focusing on Getting Back up after You Fallen Not on the Fact That You Fallen Rise up in the Things That Are Bringing You down Will Naturally Fall off Message from the Series Partnership Right Now Want to Share about an Exciting Recent Kids in Your Life. Dive into God's Word.

The Most Recent State of the Bible Survey Revealed That Only 9% of Millennial's Were the Bible on a Daily Basis Most Skeptical Generation on Record Is Also Uninformed about the Word of God. Small Wonder Such Lifestyle Confusion about Your Own Children or Your Grandchildren Passenger Fitting to a Younger Generation so They Don't Become a Statistic and Stepped Would Help You Encouraging Young Person in Your Life to Get Excited about God's Word at All, He Has for Them, Soaring to the Bible by Steve Hyson Students in 20 Is an Overview of the Entire Bible and Exciting Travel Guide Format Illustrations and Fascinating Facts to Keep Them Engaged Will Send You Your Copy of This May Produce Resource When You Give a Generous Donation of $35 or More to Help Keep These Bible-based Teachings on the Air Connecting More People like You to God's Word. Call Now to Give and Receive Your Copy of Sword to the Bible 892 1880 849 Securely Thank You for Tuning in Today.

We Hope You Are Encouraged in Your Walk with God You to Help Do the Same Thing for Others. He May Be Struggling Today. Your Gift Today Will Help Keep These Teachings You Enjoy on the Air and Make It Possible to Help More Listeners like You Grow Stronger in Their Faith. So Please Consider Getting a Gift Today to Help Us. Others Just As You Stand Just Call 800 9218 8892 1888. Thank You Tomorrow May Hyson Shows You the One Place to Find True Freedom from Sin and Guilt and Shame Just As the Center Has To Look outside of Himself across Plan. I Said When so the Believer Has To Look Side of Himself to That Same Raw Power and so May Skip Presentation of Connection Communications to Go Changing Truth Ever-Changing Time

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