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Made for Purpose - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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July 16, 2020 2:00 am

Made for Purpose - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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July 16, 2020 2:00 am

To write one person's DNA blueprint would require 200,000 pages—and God knows every page. In the message "Made for Purpose," Nate shares how you have a custom design—a purpose in life to partner with God through gifts from the Holy Spirit.

This teaching is from the series Heart & Soul: A Study Through Romans.




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Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig

We should never become arrogant as God graciously chooses to use us and although it certainly is true that God has chosen to work through us as human vessels.

It is certainly not because of necessity rather is because the design is a desire God to lead us. You have a special purpose that God is giving today on connect with Skip Heiser's Made Cheers Why It's so Important to Live out the Purpose of Jesus and How to Do That. After That Skip and His Wife. When You Encourage You to Get Involved in a Great Ministry That Is Caring for Kids around the World and Sharing God's Love, but I Think That God Calls Us to Love Our Neighbor, but Also to Love Our Enemies and His Love for Us Is Extravagant Unconditional Love and That One of My Favorite Books in the Bible. When I Got Saved with James Is Talking about Being Doers of the Word Not Just Hearers Only Thanksgiving When You Be Sure to Stay Tuned after Today's Message to the Full Conversation.

Now We Want to Tell You about a Resource That Will Help You Pray with Courageous Expectations. No Wonder the Guys Asked Jesus to Teach Them How to Pray.

We Need Direction, We Would Still Be Saying Now I Lay Me down to Sleep Instead of Just Playing God to Do This for Me Dangerous When Enterprise Is Gone.

What Did I Do for You, Terrific Idea.

Don't You Think That's Trigger Show from His Book Dangerous Prayers.

This Is Our Summer Resource Offer. This Book Could Bring a Major Milestone in Your Life over Your Lifetime. I Believe That If You Follow Jesus There Will Be Certain Messages When You Hear the Encounter God in Such a Way That It Literally Changes the Trajectory of Her Life for Potential Trigger Shows Book Dangerous Prayers Is Our Gift to You When You Get $35 or More Today to Help Keep This Ministry on the Request Your Copy When You Get Online Securely or You Can Call 800-962-1888.

Now Another Clip from Craig's Book Dangerous Prayers Where Availability Is Very, Very Dangerous Prayer for This Prayer. God Was Sitting Calling in Your Life That You Never Ever Expected for Stay Somewhere to Go Somewhere Else. Dangerous Prayers by Craig Rochelle

You Can Call 800 922 This Challenge.

When You Make Yourself Available to God Credibly during This Prayer, We Learn to Pray Today.

Chapter 12 Starts Today's Some People Thought This Power. These Miracles Only for the Early Church. There Are No Longer Available. Scripture Was Completed in Supernatural Signs Ceased to Exist in This Theology Is Called Secessionists.

They Believe That Once the Scripture Was Completed Once the Scripture Was Made Whole. There Was No Longer Any Use for Certain Gifts of the Spirit, Which by the Way, the Way They Choose What Gifts Are Valid, Which Gets Marked to Me As a Whole.

Another Issue That Will That One's Good. That Was Bad at Once. That Was Bad Doesn't Exist Anymore, but They Say Once the Scripture Came There Was No Longer Any Use for the Gifts Because the Gifts Did the Word Now Does in Its Place and so There Is No Longer Used for the Gifts and the Most Often Used Proof Text They Use Is First Corinthians 13 Verses Eight through 10.

This Is This Love Never Fails. But Whether There Are Prophecies, They Will Fail, Whether There Are Tongs, They Will Cease Whether There Is Knowledge, It Will Vanish Away. For We Know in Part and We Prophesy in Part. But When That Which Is Perfect Test, We'd Underline That WordPerfect Only to Keep That in Your Mind.

Perfect Then That Which Is in Part Shall Pass Away. This Passage Goes on to Explain That Right Now We See in a Mirror Dimly, but There's Coming a Time to See Face-To-Face That Right Now We Know in Part but There's Coming a Time When We Will Know Him, Even As We Are Known See the Defining Word That Dictates This Text and What This Text Means Is the WordPerfect Me Ask You What You Think This WordPerfect Refers to What Many Cessation of the State of This WordPerfect Refers to the Scripture, That When the Scripture Is Fulfilled When It Is Perfect Then These Gifts Will Pass Away, but Let Me Ask You Questions That That's the Case in All These Things Should Be True. Do You Think That Right Now You Know God Exactly the Way That He Knows You.

I Don't I'm up Here Talking so If I Don't There's a Big Problem. Do You Think That Right Now. Your Perfect That That Your Perfect Justice. That Is, He Is Perfect. Do You Think That Right Now You See God Face to Face Because I Don't If You're Seen God Face to Face. You Have To Let Me Know What's Going on Because I Wanted I Want to Try That Rack They Don't Want to Try That This Is Probably Super Weird. See If This Means the Completion of Scripture Than That Means That Our Knowledge of God and His Word As Believers Today Exceeds That of John and Paul, Who Wrote the Scripture That Would Also Mean That We Are Superior to the Early Church Because That Means That We Are Now in a Position in Which We Know Face-To-Face, and That We Know Even As We Are Known God Because We Have the Scriptures Matthew When Do You Think You're Going to Know God Face to Face Heaven.

When You Think You Really Know God the Same Way That He Knows You in Heaven. When You Think You Got to Be Perfect in Heaven. See the Logic and the Absurdity behind This Thought Process Is Obvious. I Would Say That the Word Paul Uses for Perfect Isn't Referring to the Scriptures, but Rather to Jesus Himself and to Jesus and Christ's Return to This Earth As a Matter Fact, Jesus Uses the Same Word to Describe His Father in Matthew 548 Where He Says Therefore You Shall Be Perfect Just As Your Father in Heaven Is Perfect. As a Matter Fact Paul in the Same Epistle in First Corinthians Said, Sure in No Gift Eagerly Waiting for the Revelation of Our Lord Jesus Christ. So He Says, Sure in No Gift but That Eventually the Gifts Are to Pass Away, but Keep Using the Gifts As You Wait for the Revelation of Our Lord Jesus Christ. See, When Jesus Returns. We Don't Have Any Need for These Gifts Anymore. Think about It When Jesus Left the Earth the First Time.

He Said Hey Believe Somebody with Usernames. The Holy Spirit Is Pretty Cool.

You Make You Do Some Cool Things to Really like It. He Goes to Heaven Leaves Us with the Holy Spirit, It Would Only Make Sense That When He Returns You like Hey I'm Back in by the Lamb of My Glorified Body I Got Crazy Cool Powers That Guy the Holy Spirit. You Don't Need Them Anymore Why Because the Power That He Has That I Left You with Is Now Found in Me Now That I've Returned to This Earth in a Minute Take You to Your Permanent Dwelling Place Where He Himself Will Rule and Reign, but until That Day, Can I Tell You Something I Need All the Help I Can Get until Jesus Comes Back until the Revelation of Our Lord, I Need All the Power I Can Get, and the Result of This Power in Your Life Lies in Receiving the Much-Needed Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

But Understand This As Well. The Gifts of the Spirit Are Not the Goal. There Is a Gateway See A Lot Of Charismatics Believe That the Gifts of the Goal and They Believe That Every Believer Should Be Operating in All the Gifts Whenever They Want, No Rules, No Regulation, Just All Believer Should Have All the Gifts and That's the Point Say That If You Don't Have All the Gifts You Don't Exercise All the Gifts You're Not Filled with the Holy Spirit and There's Even a Chance That You're Not Say but See That's Placing the Gifts Is the Goal, but They're Not the Goal. The Gifts Are the Gateway There Not Toys to Play with Their Weapons to Fight with and Their Tools to Build with. That's What the Gifts Are so They Ask You Do You Know What Your Gifts Are.

Do You Know the Gifts That God Has Given You Both Look at Our Second Point Is We Look at Some of the Preliminary Statements. The Paul Makes of How We Can Tell What the Gifts Are How We Can Find the Gifts and Also What Can Impair Our Use of the Gifts Are Second Point Is the Impairment to Your Purpose.

Look at Verse Three Again with Me.

It Says, for I Say, through the Grace Given to Me to Everyone Who Is among You, Not to Think of Himself More Highly Than He Ought to Think, but to Think Soberly, As God Has Dealt to Each One a Measure of Faith.

So We Saw the Identity of Your Purpose and That We Find Our Identity. We Identify Our Gifts to the Holy Spirit. The Second Thing We See Is the Impairment to Your Purpose and That Is This Nothing Can Put a Stop to You Being Used by God Any Quicker Than Pride and Arrogance. When We Begin to Think That Were Someone Special and That Is Why God Chose to Use Us That God Saw Something in Us Is That You Know What Because You Have This Personality Only to Be This Gift Because Years and Be Better at It and Everybody Else and You Deserve This Gift. You Earned This Gift. Paul Tells Us Do Not Think of Himself More Highly Than He Ought to Think It Might Come As a Shock to You but God Can Easily Throw Us Away and Replace Us in the Blink of an Eye, and Often He Does. Sometimes the Matter Fact I Wonder, and I Question Why God Chose Us to Begin with My Man, Got Angels Could Invent a Way Better Job Than We Can Imagine God to Snap and There Is an Angel and Every Single Person's Home Open like a 12 Foot Flaming Sword and Told about Jesus. Everyone Would Be Saved or Imagine of God Poked His Own Thread through the Veil of the Maddie and Said Hey I'm Real the World Would Be Saved. And yet God's Chosen People to Do His Work among People. Undoubtedly, There Is an Issue That Arises Because Each and Every One of Us Is Prone to Hero Worship to Some Capacity. When God Used Paul and Barnabas to Raise up a Lame Man.

The People Decided That Paul and Barnabas Were Gods and They Proceeded to Worship Them As Such.

In Acts 1415.

They Respond to These Men Say Men, Why Are You Doing These Things. We Also Are Men with the Same Nature As You and We Preached to You That You Should Turn from These Useless Things to the Living God Who Made the Heaven to Earth, the Sea, and All Things That Are in Them, the Irony of That Situation Is These Very Men Who Are Worshiping Them Only a Little While Later Decided to Stone Them. We Can Never Forget These Gifts That God so Graciously Instilled in Our Lives Are Given According to the Grace That Is Given to Us. Paul Started out, He Says in Verse Three. At the Very Beginning. He Says I Say, through the Grace Given to Me. She Is through the Grace That God Has Given to Us That He Chooses to Give Us These Gifts.

They Have Nothing to Do with a Sense of Merit. You Don't Deserve Them. You Can Earn Them. God Gave Them to You Because He Loves You. This Is Why Paul Wrote That He Kept Himself under Less by Any Means, When He Had Preached to Others, He Himself Would Be a Castaway to the Scripture Is so Clear in Its Repeated Warnings against Becoming Prideful. We Should Never Become Arrogant As God Graciously Chooses to Use Us and Although It Certainly Is True That God Has Chosen to Work through Us As Human Vessels. It Is Certainly Not Because of Necessity.

Rather, Because the Desire Because a Desire God Doesn't Need Us, but He Wants Us Dad, You Should Understand This When You Let Your Five-year-old Son Help You on Some Kind of a Project As He Brings You the Wrong Tool Every Five Minutes and Then Proceeds to Walk until Mom. Hey Mom, Look What I Built. You Didn't Need His Help, but You Wanted to Sell. Why Because You Love Them Not Out Of Necessity, but Out Of Desire. You Want Him to Be a Part of the Work You Love That He Goes in and Takes Ownership and Says Not Look What I Made You Want Your Son You Want Your Daughter to Rise up to Grow up to Be Strong, to Be Independent, to Have Confidence You Desire That for Your Kids Because You Love Your Children. I've Come to Realize That God Can Get the Job Done so Easily without Me.

Probably Easier. It's a Privilege It's an Honor That He Uses Me As Instrument in Any Capacity. And It's Certainly Not Because of My Skills or My Abilities Because of His Power Working in Me and If I Start to Forget That in My Words Are Gonna Fall to the Ground and Have Absolutely Zero Impact As Well As Years If We Start to Forget That We Will Soon Be Pulling up Empty Nets As God Sets Us Aside and Finds a More Usable Vessel. It's Only When He Is Working through Us That We Are Effective As the Bible Says God Resists the Proud, but He Gives Grace to the Humble. CU Can Never Be Too Small for God to Use You Can Very Quickly Become Too Big so I Pray That God Would Help Us to Be Small. They Help Us to See Ourselves As We Are That If We Start Thinking Were God's Gift to Humanity That We Fall and We Fall Hard That We Fall Sooner Rather Than Later Because One of the Most Damaging Things That Can Happen Is for a Believer to Get Arrogant and Prideful Begin to Think That They're God's Gift and Is a Rampage and They Push through Society.

The End of Doing More Damage Than Good. Hurting More People along the Way Attorney More People off to the Gospel Than Turning Them onto the Gospel in a Deluded Moment. You Might Begin to Think of Yourself Is Indispensable to the Work of God Is so You're on Thin Ice Want to Close This Point with the Story I Read of a Man Who Thought He Was Pretty Great. He Thought He Was Handsome, He Thought He Was Strong He Thought He Was Intelligent He Really Thought He Was God's Gift to Humanity.

More Importantly, He Thought He Was God's Gift to His Wife and He Decided One Evening to Go to the Fair with His Wife and They Were Walking around the Fear They Went to One of Those Penny Arcades in the Penny Arcade Was One of Those Scales That You Can Stand on the Toes Your Way.

But It Also Gives a Little Car That Tells You Something about Yourself That Gives You a Little Boost and in Who You Are, Well, He Stood on the Scale. He Put His Money in and He Was Delighted to Receive the Statement That He Got from the Weighing Machine and Hand It to His Wife. He Said, with Much Personal Satisfaction. Hey, Honey. Take a Look at This and He Handed Her the Card She Paused and Picked up the Card and Looked at It and Then She Began to Read Aloud. You Are Dynamic Born Leader, Handsome and Much Admired by Women for Your Personality. She Paused, Looked up at Him and He Looked Back down at the Car Taking a Second Look. She Added.

Well, It Looks like You Got Your Weight Wrong to Want to Get a Clear View of Yourself, Your Strengths and Your Weaknesses Asked the People Close to You.

It's Good to Have an Accurate Assessment of Who We Are of Our Strengths and Our Weaknesses to Know the Areas Are Shortcomings Where We Can Get Better.

Or We Can Grow. It's Important to Do so Because It Keeps Us from Getting an Overinflated Ego and a Big Head and It Keeps Us in a Place Where We Can Be Used by God. Our Third and Final Point Is the Importance of Your Purpose. We've Seen the Identity of Your Purpose.

The Impairment to Your Purpose. The Last Thing We See Is the Importance of Your Purpose. Look at Verse Four for As We Have Many Members in One Body, but All the Members Do Not Have the Same Function, so We Been Many, Are One Body in Christ and Individually Members of One Another Attending Church Is Not a Spectator Sport. It Is Important That You Use the Purpose That God Is Giving You to Impact People See the Bible Compares It, and Our Involvement in the Church to Be Part of a Family Here in Romans It Compares It to Being a Part of a Body of This Should Be Easy to Understand Because All You Have To Do Is Take a Look at Your Hand Hold It up. Take a Look at It with Your Fingers and How They Move in Unison You Can Make a Fist.

You Can Do Things with It. Look at Your Nose at All across. I Think If You Can Look at Your Nose, like I Said before, Look at Your Feet Your Legs, How They Move, Look at Your Body and It Should Be Really Easy to Understand That a Hand Can't Exist without the Rest of the Body Supporting I Don't Care What Adam's Family Says If You Cut Your Hand up Socket to Run around Your House and Cause Havoc. Your Body Needs the Hand and Your Hand Needs the Body and God's Command Each and Every One of Us to Be a Functioning Vital Part of the Church. If Your Hand and You Choose Not to Be a Part of the Body. You're Not Just Hurting Yourself. You're Also Hurting the Body Because Now the Body Is One Less Hand for Which to Do the Work That It Is Been Called to and the Purpose for Which God Has Called the Body of Christ to Not Just Globally but Locally Here in This City. The Purpose That God Is Called This Body Calvary Albuquerque to Is Impaired.

If You Refuse to Fulfill Your Purpose As Part of the Body.

If You Refuse to Rise up. If You Refuse to Step up to Serve, to Be Active in the Body of Christ Is That You Know What I Want to Be a Hand. I Want to Be Ahead Know I Don't like Being a Toll on Me and I so I'm Just Not Going to Serve. I'm Just Not Good to Be Used until I Can Do What I Want to Do Your Hurting the Body. You're Hurting the Person Next to You. You're Hurting the Person in Front of You, behind You.

Your Hurting Yourself Because Were All Connected to Each Other. Ephesians 415 Says, Speaking the Truth in Love, We Will in All Things Grow up into Him Who Is the Head, That's Right. None of Us Are the Head, Jesus Christ Is from Him the Whole Body, Joined and Held Together by Every Supporting Ligament, Grows and Builds Itself up in Love, As Each Part Does Its Work in Other Somebody Else in the Bible Who Didn't like the Role That They Had Been Given Who Did like the Purpose That God Had Made Them for and They Decided That They Wanted to Be the Head, a Person's Name Was Satan Did Work out Too Well for Him.

He Said I Don't Want to Serve My Purpose. I Don't Want to Fulfill the Role That God Is Giving Me. I Want to Be the Boss.

I Want to Be the Head I Don't like Being the Part That I've Been Called to Fulfill and He Fell 1st Corinthian 1218 Says, but in Fact God Has Arranged the Parts in the Body. Every One of Them Just As He Wanted Them to Be. That Means That God Is Put You Exactly Where He Wants You He's Giving You the Gifting the Talents and He Has Made You for the Purpose That He Wants You to Fulfill. So If You Question Your Gifting and Your Function in the Body.

You're Questioning God. He Says That They Were All One Part, Where Were the Body Be As It Is. There Are Many Parts, but One Body.

The I Can't Say That the Hand I Don't Need You and the Head Can't Say to the Fee. I Don't Need You There Should Be No Division in the Body, but That Its Parts Should Have Equal Concern for Each Other and Only Meet Someone for the First Time Were the First Things You Notice about Them As Their Eyes Shake Their Hand. You Look Him in the Eyes and You Notice Their Eyes, Then Maybe You Notice Their Face and Their Hair. You Don't Often Notice Their Feet When You Beat Them for the First Time, You Will Often Notice the Liver and Asked Me What a Great Liver You Have You Know Is Going on inside You. It's Either Liver You Don't See Their Hearts, and yet despite of the Beauty of Their Eyes or Their Hair. They Couldn't Function without Those Less Noticeable Parts of the Body like the Internal Organs As a Matter of Fact There Liver Sick There Heartsick of Their Lungs Are Sick. Their Whole Bodies in the Suffer Because of It Each and Every Parts Important Each and Every Part Is Needed. The Visible Parts and the Nonvisible Parts and Were Not Called to Question the Part or the Purpose That We Were Made for Were Meant to Serve the Purpose That God Has Given Us. Recognizing That When Each and Every One of Us Serve Our Purpose We Can Accomplish a Far Greater Purpose Than We Ever Could on Her Own Individually. When You Serve Your Purpose within the Body of Christ.

What You Do Is You Enable the Body of Christ to Do Things That Could Never Do without Your Important You Are Needed in the Body That Wraps up They Had Six Message from the Series Partnership. Now Let's Go to the Studio with Skip and When Is the Encourager to Get Involved in a Great Ministry That Is Caring for Kids around the World and Sharing God's Love with Them Well Ended Today We Heard a Powerful Message from Our Son.

How Wonderful Is That to Be Able to Say in a Studio after All These Years Selling and His Message Was about Purpose and He Mentioned That When We Live in the Purpose God Has Given Us. We Can Impact Others for Him.

Linda, You Knew God Was Calling You to Reach out with His Love to a Special Group of People. Can You Talk about That and How It Led to Your Ministry: Reload Love, but I Think That God Calls Us to Love Our Neighbor, but Also to Love Our Enemies and Are His Love for Us Is Extravagant.

It's an Unconditional Love. I Love You and That One of My Favorite Books in the Bible. When I Got Saved Was James and Was Talking about Being Doers of the Word Not Just Hearers Only, and so Back When Isis Was Really a Threatening Group in That the Middle East and I Saw the Collateral Damage of Kids Impacted by Terror. My Heart Was Moved and I Just Wanted to Know God. How Can I Help Those Kids How Can I Help Kids Caught in the Crossfire of Terrorism and Their Still Terrorism All over the Globe so and There's Terrorism in Burma and As so Many Other Places. So Anyway, I Just Asked God How I Could Help and He Gave Me This Idea of Collecting Spent Bullet Casings Making Beautiful Brass Jewelry and Then the Proceeds Would Help Kids Impacted by Terror and That's What Started the Journey That This Purpose Was to Be the Hands and Feet of Jesus and He Just Happened to Open Doors All over the World. I Mean, so He's Debt Just Been so Good That We Have Been in Uganda and in Pakistan and in Iraq and in Lebanon and Jordan and so Wherever There's Terrorism. We Ask God to Give an Opportunity for to Minister to the Children Impacted so the Website Is Reload Thanksgiving When the Bible Tells Us All about Fats Radicals (Tickets Were Two More Listeners like You so More People Can Follow Even More in Love for the Savior's Teachings in Reference to an Online Gift Right Now to Pick up Your Phone and Call 892 8892 for Us to Thank You.

Tune in Tomorrow. Skip Soon Talks about the Different Gifts of the Holy Spirit Why They Are Vital to so Skip Presentation of Connection Communications Changing through

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