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I'm God...and You're Not - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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October 2, 2020 2:00 am

I'm God...and You're Not - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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October 2, 2020 2:00 am

Moses boldly asked God to show Himself. But God didn't give Moses what he wanted; instead He gave him what he needed. Skip looks at this unique encounter in the conclusion of the message "I'm God...and You're Not!"

This teaching is from the series The Biography of God.




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Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig

Thought about what I have to offer what you have to offer to me what we're offering to him about every revelation of any kind. God gives to us through his word demands the response of worship you what I just found out about the right Bible scholar DA Carson said if the text is God's word is appropriate that we should respond with reference to certain fear of holy joy and requesting obedience today on connect with Skip Heitzigs or Skip talks about how you can have an encounter with God. Just like Moses and what your response should before we begin want to let you know about a resource that will help you get to know God more personal so you can experience richer for Thomas Jefferson Martin Luther King Jr. Winston Churchill CS Lewis. All are outstanding men with amazing life stories, but in all of history one biography stands out above the rest. I'm excited to announce the release of my new book, the biography of God which gives an in-depth look at God's character and nature, diving into the theological and personal profile of our heavenly father, I invite you on a journey to search the Scriptures to discover who God is and how sensitive he is to the human condition. This process will both lift you up and humbly.

Here's how to get your copy of my newest book, the biography of God skips new book is our thanks when you give $35 or more today to help keep this ministry only air, call 800-922-1888, or give online securely Exodus chapters 33 and 34 tour starting with skip-whenever I'm absent for my family. I take pictures with you. Now my phone or computer.

But before those days, I actually had a little bedstand frame that would open up picture my wife once I picture my son on the other. Wherever I go.

Whatever hotel set it out there and I look at it remind me of because I miss them. Now here I have a representation of of them in the picture wasn't enough. I never said we you know that I have their picture. I can stay here for a few years. This is fine, just the picture that's enough, not looking at their picture accentuated the loss that I had for them personally. I got the column on the phone hi how are you and hearing their voice just also accentuated the loss I wanted intimate reunion with them. I wanted to see them again.

I want to do, put it in the words of the story see their glory. The face or expressions, their body language wears Moses. He has seen he has heard his experience already a lot with God. Moses is not satisfied and you know what, neither will you be until you and I see him face-to-face a listen carefully whatever worship experiences are miraculous things you ever experience with God. Up to this point all of the great spiritual deep worshipful times with God were never meant to satisfy you simply to stimulate a thirst for more. You need to know that and I can prove it you ever had a real great time were in your own personal devotions.

You read the Bible your prayers saying and for some reason that they got to seem so present or the worship service or at a retreat.

While God was there. Every spring, set it a lot going on. I'm done. Been there, done that. I never need anything. I like that again.

That's enough to tide me over there you go, you know that was so cool I want to see and experience that again and heaven will be the culmination of all of our worship experiences.

All of these things is what our appetite. I give you the words of Tim Stafford Henry reading his book. Knowing the face of God. He writes about this. I believe this longing can only be fulfilled when our eyes are opened on the loving and glorious face of God. Such will someday be our joy, but not yet the Bible does not hint that our intimacy with God can be satisfied through prayer or through ecstatic worship experiences or through the Bible it Moses could not get what he wanted, then we should not be too surprised at our own sense of incompleteness. Our longing is a mark of God's touch. We long to know him completely because we've come to know him, in part, I gotta just add a little PS to this a little note. Fast-forward. Years later, when Moses got his prayer answered, not on Mount Sinai. But on the Mount of Transfiguration when he along with his buddy Elijah saw Jesus appear in his glory. It says in Luke chapter 9. Foretaste of coming attractions.

Okay, so it was a revolt.

Moses had a request, see you. I want to glory. And if you didn't get that. The question is will what did he get what a God given game, a revelation.

Look at chapter 34 now beginning in verse five. Then the Lord descended in the cloud and stood with him there and proclaimed notice that he proclaimed the name of the Lord and the Lord passed before him and proclaimed his God talking the Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious, long-suffering, and abounding in goodness and truth, keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and the children's children to the third and the fourth generations. I didn't see God directly. God said you can't see my face and live. I know that's what you want you can have rather what God do he proclaimed it says God will give him now and nine fold description of his attributes. Please see the difference between what Moses want and what he God he didn't get a sign from heaven. He did get it did not get an apparition or a vision of heaven.

The net not get the face of Jesus in a tortilla. He got he got what what he get he got words got words that I want to see you.

Moses can hear me tell you about myself.

Let me give to you. My autobiography let me give you words that describe me.

It's not what Moses asked for the cave. Moses wonderful words that describe who God is and what God does now is what I'm getting.

Sometimes you ask for something from God and you say, you really need that and if you discover the God doesn't always think you need what you think you need and so you don't get it.

You may cry for really want that. I need that gotchas now I know what you need more than you know what you need is what you need is will give you so. In the New Testament. Paul really said he needed a miraculous healing right yet what he called a thorn in the flesh, and he said three times.

I beg God to take it away from me and heal me, I really need a miracle. I need to be healed to get it no God said you don't need that my grace is all you need. My strength will be made perfect in your weakness. Paul because when you're weak you can be relying on me every day. So here's Paul saying I need that gotchas don't need that is what you need is Moses think I need to see you guys is you don't need that and gave him words a verbal proclamation and description of God pause and go forward to the New Testament after Jesus died and rose from the dead. Not everybody knew he had risen from the dead, not even all of his disciples in a couple of those disciples were walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus.

The story Luke chapter 24 and there, walking like this bummed out talking to one another. What a bummer. What a drag/horrible Jesus comes walking alongside of them.

They don't know it's him because they you guys are so bombed out I'm paraphrasing is the NSV.

The new Skip version and they said to you, a stranger around here.

Don't you know what's happened.

The things that have gone on Jesus goes like what and they tell them about Jesus and it says this and beginning at Moses, Jesus expounded to them. All of the Scriptures concerning himself. So Jesus rises from the dead comes up to the disciples doesn't get Messiaen didn't glow for them over in the corner doesn't watch this that he could not get some of Bible study Bible study words that words you know what happened. This what they did the disciples said to one another did not our hearts burn within us while he talked with us on the road and while he opened the Scriptures to us always fascinated me.

They got heartburn biblical heartburn and what's interesting is, it wasn't because I saw some visible miraculous sign that he was alive from the dead, but it was the Scriptures that they had been raised with. They'd heard all those stories they were Jewish kids all their lives. The same familiar stuff but it's like they've never heard of like that before they understood it. Now it's like opening a curtain letting the light flight in the room flooding all the dark corners and a walk with Janet did not hearts burn within us as he spoke the words to us. I think you know I'm going with this. Everything you and I need is found right here in the words of God. Man shall not live by bread alone. That's physical and visible, but by every word of God Peter president put it this way everything you'll ever need for life and godly living comes to the knowledge of him who called us everything you need come from his work.

I heard about a man who always wanted to go on a cruise saved his whole life to go on a cruise. He finally got up enough money to buy a ticket or here's his mind. His thinking.

He goes I have enough money for the cruise. I just don't have enough money for all that great food that they have on those boats. So he bought a ticket and when he packed he packed red peanut butter and a little jelly he got above on board, unpack, put his bread and peanut butter weigh-in go on everyday walk by the food line beautiful meat and cheese and crab and lobster so good you might buy it go to his room peanut butter up his bread needed and he did this like a couple weeks will is like the last day of the cruise. He's had enough of this peanut butter can handle this anymore lots by the that food line he stopped supporter to grab thinkers look please all wash dishes. I'll do anything I just want meal one meal that's all I want peanut butter for two weeks the port looks at him like are you weird pieces.

Don't you know that when you buy the ticket for the cruise all the food comes free as part of the package deal for plumber guy two weeks is it peanut butter. He could have the whole meal but like a lot of Christians I know, always looking for something more searching for something more in the Christian life that others don't have a lot more power. I want more of the Holy Spirit. I want more blessings, more glory, more more more God saying jurors. It's always been everything you need.

I've given you in my words, that if you apply to your life you'll see things happen. I have a question for you.

Are you as excited about his words as you are about his wonders because I know some people some Christians who would have to answer that honestly, no I'm not.

I want the miracles and wonders if I don't get that if I do so for Bible study hall God is asking you are you as excited about his words as you are about his wonders, God proclaims his name is a list of nine attributes that are his reputation. It's so cool that working to spend next time looking at this autobiography of God in this section. This is the only place in the Bible where God does this list his own attributes his own autobiography is referred to 12 times. After this is the scriptural point back to this great time were the Lord appeared to Moses. So let's let's look at verse eight and will close within the revolt of the people the request of Moses. The revelation that God gave to Moses.

Let's see the response.

What is Moses do verse eight. So Moses made haste. That means he hurried up the meal he actually made she's begot making haste will be right there. And he bowed his head toward the earth, and he worshiped the here's Moses not getting what he asked for worshiping God. After God revealed himself in his proclamation, or words to Moses never read Moses going to a God timeout. This is not what I asked for.

This is not what I signed up for. I want tingles man I want an emotional movement in me. You gotta perform here know he worships God, because Moses saw God as he is in the verbal description of what God said he was an in getting the whole picture based on what God said.

Moses also saw something about himself endowing the worship. It's as if he's saying cod it's really not about me not about what I want. It's really all about you, your God, and I'm not get to this point. It's been all about Moses see I can make it soon as I hear.

To do this for me gets his revelation from God and he worships he saying here. God's not about me it's about you that this is a message that needs to be emphasized over and over again today in our generation because, frankly, we have lived in, and live in now what's called a me generation is all about me. It's all about my needs. Bless me get something to me. I felt good when it was years ago. I'm thinking 24, 23 years ago we were even in this building we were in her other building on Snow Heights. Some of you are old enough to remember that when we were there was Sunday morning. I think the second service and I remember a couple came up to me there is a first time a church never forget this because the guy disorder rose up like this cocked himself back and introduced himself. Mrs. is my wife were here to see what you have to offer. I should abet my tongue. I know that I just couldn't help myself. I heard those words come out and when he said were here to see what you have to offer. I said well that's great you know what what you have to offer and isn't really that something we need to evaluate is not about what I have to offer what you have to offer.

To me it's what we're offering to him about him and every revelation of any kind that God gives to us through his word demands that humble responsible.

I worship you and what I just found out about you at the response that's the right response so we close, but I want to leave you with three take-home truths ready tree trues for you to apply in take-home write these down the ship like a perfect memory.

You remember everything all the time. If not, take these down number one longing is part of loving longing as part of loving the longing that you have in your heart to know God and be close to God as a good thing. As part of loving him.

It's a mark of God's touch in your life. In fact, God will respond to that longing. We read in Hebrews. Just a few weeks back.

God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him longing as part of loving. But understand this, that your longing won't be fully satisfied until you leave this earth and see him in heaven because you can't handle seeing him right now you it's so is your longing for God, you keep longing forum. God is in saying no you just saying not yet to you. It's very different.

Children learn this very quickly or 12 years old. Can I drive mom and dad, and you don't say no. Never court. We'd like to might be a better thing we say not yet, honey, not yet. One day you'll be able to do it or when it gets to be around November and the Christmas decorations are going up will actually announce like August, when the Christmas decorations are going up we start seeing lights and pine trees and we smell candle sense and we start getting that into December and our children is like too much to bear. Because now they see the presence a few of them under the tree they might ask around December 22. Can I open my presence.

You say not yet this Christmas is special to do it on that day and wait for that day. I remember when I was young I wanted a bicycle and I was thinking I was going to get when it was Christmas Eve and was really early like two in the morning. I got out of bed and I snuck into the room where the presence were over the tree was and I thought in the dim light, I saw my bicycle under bunch of stuff and I started moving over to it. Not knowing my mom was right behind me. She followed me. She went not yet back to bed she wasn't saying no, never. Can you ever have that bicycle to get away. Wait a few more hours go back to bed so longing is a part of loving and God is saying. You'll get to see me but not yet number two worshiping is better than wondering rather than just wondering how come God won't do this for me is that for me that other person says God like spoke to them today about just worshiping God for what he's given you in his word. When you worship in your saying whatever you've done for me whatever you've given me.

I just knowledged you. I'm saying it's in half for now.

Trust you worship you longing as a part of loving worshiping is better than wondering, here's 1/3 point we close with this invisible does not mean unavailable because you can't see God doesn't mean God isn't there and will work in your life but I can't see God, but he can see you. Joe discovered that he was looking for God to set a goal forward to find God and he's not there I go backwards and I can't perceive them, but then he said, but he knows the way that I take when I come to this all come forth as gold. David in Psalm 139 wrote where can I go from your spirit, where can I flee from your presence. If I go up to the heavens you're there if I make my bed in the depths, behold, even there your hand will lead me years ago. On television there was a circus was a circus made for television and up primary act and the circus was the Tiger act Bengal Tigers placed in the cage and the trainer would go in the doors would be locked behind him and he's in a room, a cage with all of these Tiger's on one particular episode. The lights went on, the camera zoomed in. The trainer was locked in the cage with his Tigers when all of a sudden something happened and the lights went out to put yourself in the trainer's shoes are locked in a cage with animals. You can't see but they can see you as the cat see in the dark 20 to 30 long seconds that awareness of they can see me.

I can't see them.

He just stood there to lights went on.

30 seconds later in the show continue God can see in the dark God can see your thoughts. That should be brought can be a terrifying thing depending on how you live, but it should be a comforting thing God can see me to walk with me he loves me.

I can't see him. I can't perceive them, but he knows the way that I take were not talking about Bengal Tigers were talking about. The lion of the tribe of Judah, the one who paid the price for your sins and mine and loves you with an everlasting love. Invisible does not mean unavailable final question and I'm done. Just like the children of Israel had an excuse and Aaron had an excuse through the stuff in the fire calf walked out lame excuse question what lame excuse. Are you still hiding behind cannot give your life to Christ. Whatever it is I'll do it. Well my so-and-so I like it. I'm waiting for the lame excuse to let it go do a God always created you to do and that is no then wraps up Skip a text message from the series the biography of God that you Skip to tell you what you can help these teachings coming your way as you help connect others to God's will. We live in a self-styled culture that is focused on pleasure and possession because of that we strive to promote a lifestyle that's all about Jesus. We do that by sharing biblically solid teachings, but did you know that there are expenses that we have to meet to make that happen.

I'd like you to consider partnering with this ministry so we can continue sharing God's unchanging word around the world with friends like you. Here's how you can become a partner today.

Call 800-922-1888 to give. That's 800-922-1888. You can also give That's connect As always, thank you for your partnership and you know there's an exciting resource available right at your fingertips through your mobile Skip has several Bible reading plan is available version Bible simply download the app concert Skip Heitzigs and you know you can catch connect with Isaac on the hills on on Saturdays at 4:30 PM Mountain will catch on and on Sundays at 5:30 AM Eastern.

Check your local listings sure to come back Monday and Skip explores the biography of God showing you what God has to say about himself. Matters so Skip presentation of connection communications through

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