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Urgent Update from Jerusalem - Skip Heitzig & Joel Rosenberg - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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April 14, 2020 2:00 am

Urgent Update from Jerusalem - Skip Heitzig & Joel Rosenberg - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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April 14, 2020 2:00 am

In this update from Joel's home in Jerusalem where he is in quarantine, he talks about how this present-day coronavirus crisis relates to end-times events.

This teaching is from the series Skip Connects You with Joel Rosenberg.




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Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig

Today Skip right to continue the conversation with Joel Rosenberg from Jerusalem about the biblical precedents of the current global crisis. You will hear how the moral implosion of America has contributed to her situation. In 2020 America 60 million 60 million abortion set aside pornography and spousal abuse and child abuse. The only other thing that just the number of 16 million that sobering fact in the conclusion of an important conversation on March 31 between Skip hi to Joel Rosenberg was on page 9, last brought individual was isolated from his family in one room of your house Jerusalem is time to good use available in-depth paper titled, plagues, pestilence, and pandemics.

You can find a copy to read and share Joshua that's Joshua Joshua fund is an organization founded by Joel and his wife Lynn in 2006. As Christians, to bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus. According to Genesis 12 one through three.

Let's rejoin Skip Heitzig to control this engaging and timely conversation.

Joel were at a time in history where were suffering were shot were seeing it as a wake-up call, and I think it is, and that underscores the need of the church to have ready answers specifically to talk about Bible prophecy in a scene sober whole counsel of God approach and tone. This is a moment that will unfortunately see people as kind and lunatics come out of the woodwork and make all kinds of speculative sensationalistic claims about and have prophecy as a way whether they mean that or not but it will be a way of trying to discredit actual solid sound biblical teaching on proxy but most pastors as you know, don't teach on Bible prophecy that I don't talk about the birth pangs. They don't talk about how to get ready for the time when the church will not be here and the world will go through much worse than this. Now this is a time, therefore, that we who love the whole counsel of God. Everything from Genesis to Revelation that we help the church help pastors and ministry leaders know how to talk about these things without you turning to the lunatics, but also without avoiding these topics is 27% of the Bible is proxy and you know it is often said, I think in your aggregation that you Shepherd. If you don't teach your son or daughter 27% of what they need to know to drive a car safely doing them or the people on the road any favors if you medical school and you teach your students. 27% last of what they need to know that to save lives to helping and unfortunately the church is not done well on this, but I think this is the moment where God saying okay now you guys need to do better.

Joel without being sensationalistic your door or opportunistic speak to the idea that this is simply a dress rehearsal. You might say this this pales in comparison to what were going to see to the numbers of suffering see in the tribulation. When all hell breaks loose on earth would you sort of speak to that a little bit what what is coming.

Yeah. Well, as I lay out in the self fact sheet that we did Joshua fund what the Bible is clear.

The book of Revelation is clear that 1/3 of the world is going to die from the various plagues that God unleashes as specifically as specific as what none of the wrath of the Lamb in in the seven years leading up to the actual physical little second coming of Christ third of the world that would happen in the next you know whatever number of years. That's upwards of 2 billion people. It's almost unimaginable that's what's coming.

That's why we need to know Christ personally and have our sins forgiven, walking, abiding in Christ, so that's John 15 language of super important.

We need to be clinging to Christ, which is a word that I'm finding myself embracing clinging to more and more, but I do. I make a point that I is difficult to make what I think is important for us to consider. Some countries go through tribulations t the great tribulation of Revelation, but they go through tribulation t before the rapture before the end of the end. You know, Syria is going to something horrific. Right now Sudan in recent years has constitute, you know, genocide. We've seen countries implode and be destroyed by war by famine, but other kinds of disasters of the Bible speaks of, and they're not able to LOL that happened until the book of Revelation happens as it is Americans and I got one race in the United States instead of American citizens as well as Israeli citizen state and I wrote a book in 2012 called implosion can America recover from her economic and spiritual challenges in time is not a Bible study at the answer is yes. I'm praying for revival and praying for great awakening as a great spiritual awakening. However, as I know in the book, Americans have killed at that time it was less than 60 million we have now crossed with now kill is Americans 60 million babies, 60 million abortions since 1973. Set aside the scourge of pornography and spousal abuse and child abuse. Of all the other sins that set these and other countries but just look at the number 16 million just to put that in perspective, Americans of now murdered more people in our lifetime 10 times more than the number of Jews killed by the Nazis in the Holocaust crazy horrible number and the truth is that God is going to judge the United States for this and the train of judgment has left the station whether this is too early to say. I hope it's not. I hope this is only a wake-up call. A shaking a warning for us to repent.

The Bible speaks of second Chronicles chapter 7 verse 1214 God specifically said if I send war or famine pestilences diseases on your country. If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sins, and I will heal their land. That promise in second Chronicles 7 is specifically for Israel and pray that Israelis will hear this. Remember this and turn to faith in the Messiah but is contained in that specific promise for Israel is a principal for all countries right. Jonah breeds judgment to Nineveh and the Ninevites repented and God relented right and we see this throughout the Bible history so this is a moment where God could let this horrible disease… America as a judgment. I pray that's not where we are, yet, and all that pale compared to what's coming when we get to the book of Revelation, but were not in the book of Revelation. Yet well poor drawl that was excellent. As an aside, how are you gonna celebrate Passover. This is well is irony Skip that Passover is being canceled because of the plague. Funny, except that it's sad and yeah basically try Mr. Netanyahu had just issued a statement on the last 24 hours that you have to celebrate Passover Easter log on your faith alone with what is in your home and nobody else. Now there's the satirical website at Babylon BS. It is a very funny Tweet the other day. They said man uses Chick-fil-A sauce to paint on the lintels of his house, his door, hoping that the the plague of coronavirus will pass on.

That's a humorous way of looking at but it is a moment where the nation of Israel. The Jewish people do need to be looking back at our history, including that has registered from second Chronicles chapter 7 and say listen only use plagues to shake and judge Egypt and other countries. He's use those numerous times in Israel and why would he be doing well because our nation does not read the word of God does not believe that the Messiah has come, does not know Jesus, the most famous Israeli in history. They don't know who he is what he did what he thought they've not read the New Testament did not read the gospel and it's incumbent upon all of us to pray and act that the Jewish people and our nation of Israel. In fact, at least read and consider the claims of Jesus, you sure is even Messiah isn't he and no time like the present drawl. You are an author and and principally known.

I think well for a lot of things but we know you as an author as well and you've written so many great books your latest one, and I think this is important to bring up now because people are at home around our country and around the world. You wrote a book called the Jerusalem assassin and you how many books have you written altogether as of the 14th novel 45 nonfiction books as well. So well very prolific author, but I always say this about your book that this the best one I remember next when this is the best whenever meant. This is the me that they are I love. I cannot wait for Joel Rosenberg to come up with another book because that's what I'll be doing until that book is finished and it's riveting the way you tell the story out. I commended and recommended to our listeners tell us a little bit about the book and about about you come here and share a little bit about your book on this book tour that got canceled but don't tell us little bit about that and how we have copies of about how others can get copies sure as you know, Skip I write about worst-case scenarios, not ones that I hope happen obviously not one that I'm predicting that I've been: modern Nostradamus I'm not. I'm not clairvoyant I'm not psychic. You claim to be a prophet or a you know see you whatever political thrillers I'm writing novels I'm writing about things that could happen that I hope done in the non-fiction books, epicenter 2006. The one that you and I first met when I first cannot ask a Chapter 11 of epicenter is about a future headline you'll read Monday. It's all based on understanding by the proxy end. Chapter 11 is future headline you'll be one day earthquakes, famines and pandemics sweep across the Middle East and Asia and that you know 14 years ago and now are seeing some of that comes come to play and implosion. I also wrote about my interest assassin it's it's it's not that it's about American president was about to roll out his Middle East peace plan and just as the plan is being briefed to Israeli and Arab and European another world leaders. A series of senior US officials involved in drafting the peace plan begin to get assassinated and this rattles and he thinks that maybe he shouldn't release the plan now you know this is not going to wait anticipated and so you just make the decision not to release the plan when he gets a back channel message from the Saudi government Saudi rating government says to the president to his back channel, Mr. Pres., we've been briefed on your plan, we don't agree with all that we don't like all of plan you have between Israelis and the Palestinians. However, we are ready to explore making peace with Israel and if you Mr. Pres. would invite the crown prince of the king of Saudi Arabia to Jerusalem Frank high-profile Summit peace summit with Israeli trimester and you missed for the hosting consistently, will, the present is electrified by this idea sensing the Palestinian leadership currently has no interest in making peace in the lab, a Saudi Israeli peace plan that would be huge. That would be historic. Let's do it. Let's do a summit in Jerusalem and the president's security teams with Mr. present with all due respect you. That's insane. You can go to Jerusalem and have a summit on the Temple Mount, forever with you Israeli prime minister and the leader Saudi Arabia when there's a tear about their that we don't know who they are and their killing our people. This is to be a disaster.

The president turns to the hero of the book Marcus Riker, a Marine serving in Afghanistan and Iraq in combat for Secret Service agent now working for the CIA. Marcus, you and your team get this place get to get this thing set up and safe. I have no life. No worries were important to the Senate. The matter what. And now the clock is counting down as all these sources good, bad and ugly are converging on the city that I live in the city of Jerusalem.

Manasseh set up of the Jerusalem assassin and what's amazing about that is this is a plausible scenario. I mean, do you foresee this, maybe not exactly is the book puts it but could you see the players in your book coming together.


Well, as you and I have had extraordinary opportunity to sit with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. Not once but twice and spent hours and hours and hours with him and other senior top Middle East, Arab leaders throughout the region. Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates over.

I make it clear in the afterword to the Jerusalem assassin that this is fiction, not saying the Saudi's are about to come to Jerusalem tomorrow. I am hoping I'm wishing I'm extrapolating what could happen that will be positive but also what would peace process where the Gulf Arab started to come to Israel letters Saudi Arabia or maybe more likely, at first, but rain thinking about rain is invite me to bring a delegation is has to be postponed at the moment because of the crisis, but rain is really warming up to United Arab Emirates as well. Oman has invited the prime Mr. vigil to come and visit there just about a year ago, something is going as you know is you come with me and in her first cancel is not crazy. It just may not be happening tomorrow and so yeah I think it's fiction today, but not implausible. I think most people picking up the Jerusalem assassin who haven't had the opportunities that United had the this is a little crazy but that's what novels are they taking the world that doesn't exist.

But remember when peace is training peace, especially Middle East bad guys come out of the woodwork right evil is trying to subvert and scuttle peace at every opportunity. When Anwar Sadat present in Egypt. 40 years ago signed a peace treaty with Israel. The start first between an Arab country in a state Israel.

What happened, radical Islamist terrorists assassinated him a few years later. Then a few years later Israeli predator gets awkward being made peace with the king of Jordan than King Hussein extraordinary 1994 amazing historic and what happened a Jewish terrorist assassinated Yitzhak Rabin the first time in Israeli trimester is red ministers been assassinated so Jerusalem assassin is both interesting and possible both in the positive side of future summits future peace deal with other Arab countries particular Gulf region's civil prevented the terrorists will come out of the lid working so combine those two thoughts and that's with the Jerusalem assassin is about Joe as soon as you're out of quarantine in Jerusalem was the first thing to do in my life my voice and get outside. I look outside my boys are playing soccer garden level and so you know why we have a little of the backyard playing soccer, lower to recording this but yeah I miss the beautiful spring weather. The inside is not the worst thing the world got very merciful and I would just say that you are not the apostle Paul, but as I will call the apostle Paul was to find could go anywhere and do some fairly important writing so nothing of that caliber to be helpful where again grateful for you were grateful for what you generate in terms of your writing on not only in the books. But Josh will fund website. All the insights into what's happening around the world.

Your love for the Lord your gift to the body of Christ role, thank you so much think it's great to be with you. I'm so for your friendship. Now all these years right were about 14 years running.

We have a lot we do a lot of things to a lot of places around the world to advance the kingdom of Christ and to know the poorest of the poor and the most powerful people in the world and try to be a witness for Jesus. And it's been a joy doing that over the Josh from context and other context of thinking. God bless you Joe will see you closing out his conversation with recorded while Julie was important to Jerusalem. Both segments of this world is reeling from the shock of the screen. Christ let's remember rule does not make sense to someone and that is the Lord of reserve time on this broadcast course gift to share the ways we can benefit from the time of quarantine. Let's listen in the midst of the chaos. I think this Christians really come alive was when we shine. This is when this shows the difference between being a believer in anomaly you know we have a peace that passes all understanding. We should be enjoying that we should experience the joy of the Lord, who is our strength. So enjoy spending time in God's presence for me in this.

Her breasts, I found myself getting up early at 536. I like to go on prayer walk selective time in the word I go on walks just talking to the Lord pouring out my heart before him on on a couple mile walk, and I find it very very spiritually edifying me I should question how often in the past have you said man I wish I had more time to read the Bible. Man I wish I had more time to pray. Man I wish I had more time to read that book. Now you got the time, so use it, use it, some 46 verse 10 you know it. Be still and know that I am God notes it's much easier to be still, when you're alone in solitude. Lamentations chapter 3 is a great verse that speaks to that are sort of buttresses that the Lord is good to those who wait for him to the soul who seeks him.

It is good that one should hope and wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord, let him sit alone and keep silent, because God has laid that on him so God is laid this on us all around the world. As Christians we can take this time to meet alone with God.

Regularly Moses did that Moses met with God. The Bible says face to face as a man speaks to his friend deepen your friendship with God. During this time. Not only did Moses do it. Elijah did it. Jacob did it several others in the Bible. Did you know our best example is the Lord Jesus Christ. He did it.

He withdrew himself.

The Bible says regularly into the wilderness and there he prayed for example, Mark chapter 1 now in the morning, having risen a long while before daylight, he went out and departed to a solitary place and there he prayed the words of the great old him by Helen level.

Most of us know it turn your eyes upon Jesus look full in his wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace. As the time to put that into practice. So to good benefits to quarantine is beneficial physical restoration number two spiritual edification. Here's 1/3 self evaluation. You know when you're alone, you can think about you is will I do that quite well. Anyway, I know we all were were all self-centered by nature.

But when you're alone and you are in the presence of God.

So you are letting God evaluate you and then you evaluate yourself in the light of that, that becomes very powerful. This is what David meant in Psalm one 139 when he said search me oh God, and know me, try me and know my anxious thoughts and reveal to me. Show me if there's anything wicked in my life. God already knows you write all things are naked and opened before the one to whom we must give an account. The Bible says in Hebrews chapter 4, but then as you evaluate yourself in the light of God's presence and let him reveal yourself that self-evaluation becomes powerful that a scriptwriter with an extra from his message.

The quarantined life reminding us that spiritual survival is the most important issue in our lives. We have assembled a spiritual survival kit that includes a link to this complete message. The quarantined life where you will hear about biblical precedents for what we are experiencing always to benefit from a quarantine also receive a copy of Skip standing in unsettling times and steps you can take to ensure your spiritual survival: walking down the Roman this kid is free and available to: 922-2800 922 which will survive that's connected Next we continue our series reviews the book of Revelation.

Join us next. Stacy stated Lord is strong, righteous run through him so presentation of connection through ever-changing time

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