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Urgent Update from Jerusalem - Skip Heitzig & Joel Rosenberg - Part A

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April 13, 2020 2:00 am

Urgent Update from Jerusalem - Skip Heitzig & Joel Rosenberg - Part A

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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April 13, 2020 2:00 am

In the midst of this coronavirus pandemic, Joel shares an urgent update from his home in Jerusalem and explains biblically how God uses plagues, pestilence, and pandemics.

This teaching is from the series Skip Connects You with Joel Rosenberg.




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Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig

When January 1, 2000 $20.

We had a new year and a fresh vision for the future. No one imagined the world would soon be put on pause and or cities look like a set of Twyla Joan episode but this crisis is very, very dangerous in causing severe anxiety and many left today Skip Heitzig 60 to Joel Rosenberg from his home quality spam 14 day not leaving this room and that many bowls of food outside the door. I say unclean unclean. I can open the door. It is like lovers. November Bible says that which can be shaken will be shaken will to shake all our lives would be dramatically and on this broadcast preempt our what's next special conversation between Skip and Joel Rosenberg context.

This content was recorded while Joel was at his home in Jerusalem on Tuesday, March 31 judgments, warnings, and wake-up call. Listen carefully as Joel outlines these three biblical motives. When the Lord intervenes in the affairs of men.

Now let's join Skip Heitzig to control Rosenberg part one of this important conversation I have on the phone and on Skype.

I can see if Joel can see me but I have Joel Rosenberg, a New York Times best-selling author, president of the Joshua fund lives in Jerusalem, and in fact, as I'm speaking. Joel you are quarantined in your house in Jerusalem because of the coronavirus you are in the United States I were scheduled to come here because you release this incredible book that we do want to talk about in this interview in a minute but you couldn't come here because of the virus. You flew back to Jerusalem to be quarantined, but I'd like you to tell us what that means because most of us think that this means he has to stay home with his family and hang out, watch Netflix like everybody else, but that's a whole different kind of quarantine. That's right will greatly with you, Skip.

And I'm so sorry the Lord and Savior going and said it casually, but is not really a prayer for Mykonos, Albuquerque, divided by Vertex wanted to others, bigger fish to fry in the world right now.

But yes, I also thought that clergymen okay so I come home I I spent 14 days with my family.

Family that's like no I'm happy about that but my life I call or is it okay you know to her scuttled coming home she's okay just to be clear now think get here will you I'll drive one car in one of your one of our boys will drive your car will delete the keys to your car on the seat you.

I guess you cannot We Will Wait If You from the Other, but Then Tried by Herself with a Mask and Latex Gloves Follow Us to Jerusalem to Our Apartment Parking Lot Immediately through the Apartment, You Cannot Stop for Anything. And Then You Lock Yourself in the Master Bedroom. That's the Only Better in Our Apartment That Has a Text Back.

She Had Cleared All Her Stuff Happened and Having to Stay in the Guest Room Which Does Not Have Attached Bathroom so I'm on Day Nine of 14 Day Not Leaving This Room and the Many Bowls of Food outside the Door As Long As I Say Unclean Unclean. I Can Open the Door. It Is like Leprosy Number and in a Sense, Yes, I Think I but Yeah so Is Not a Mandate from the State of Israel to Be Quarantined When You Get Back in the Countries That Were That Was As a Whole Country.

They're Sort of on Lockdown before Everybody Else Was. That's Right, Well He Is Scale up Its Intensity and Its Restrictiveness. The Policies of the Government.

They Were Asking Everybody Was an Israeli Citizen Who Intends to Come Back to Come Back Immediately.

Several Weeks Ago Saying There May Not Be Any More Flights. So That's What I Was Getting Back As Quickly As I Could and Anybody Who's Coming Back Today Quarantine That the Country Has Had Its Dramatically Escalating Set of Restrictions Were down Now to Only Meet with One Other Person Is Not a Family Member in Your House to and in Police and Soldiers on the Streets to Enforce This Now Unfortunately and Tragically, the Next Communities in Been a Block in Midstream and Other Very Sorry That the Hebrew Term for Payment Are Not Really Complying and and 1/2 of All Coronavirus Patient Is Right Now Are Also Orthodox and Insert a Very Serious Problem. They're Not Listening to Nothing to Do Not Willing to Obey Orders and I Can Explain the Topical Reason Not, but Most the Countries and in Complete Shutdown and We Now Have More a Million Israelis Now in Unemployment. That's 32% of the Country, While 32% 13 Are Not Employed Here from 4% a Month Ago Know You Know You You Brought up the Fact That the Religious Ultrareligious Are Not Complying and It's Not That Different Than What Were Seeing down in Louisiana Where These Things Are Starting to Spike the Numbers Are Going up, and There's a Huge Warning down There and yet Just This Last Sunday in Shreveport.

Some Churches Decided They Are Going to Meet Anyway No Matter What. It's Almost As Cavalier Idea That God's Going to Protect His Children during This Time, Would You Speak to That Because That Seems to Be an Issue. Whether You're in Israel with the Ultra-Orthodox or over Here in the United States with the with Some of the Christian Churches. Yeah, Having to Skip. I Think That One of the Challenges That Were Facing Is That Sunman in Various Really Just Communities As You Just Mentioned Are Elevating the Concept of Religious Freedom over Personal and Public Safety.

Now Those Are Two Important Principles, but One of the Principles of Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 Is the Time for This Time for That Right Is a Test of Time and Wisdom to Know What Time Is This Week We Sing All the Governments Trying to Deny Us the Actual God-Given Rights and Meet Together and Have Fellowship Is to Resist, No, I Don't Believe That Nothing You Can't Connect. That's the Key.

Right Now I Think It Is to Understand Which Moment This Is and Make Sure the Right. The Principal Goes First. Okay Joe You I Don't Want to Highlight Something Because I Think Our Listeners Are Going to Love to Get a Hold of This You Wrote in Quarantine since You Had a Little Bit of Extra Time You Run a Fax Yes the Bible Plagues and Pandemics in Which You Decided to Come to Going to Biblical Research Journey to Go through All What the Scripture Says, Historically, Biblically, of When Plagues Happened and and for What Reason and to Whom. And It's Very Informative, I Printed out Nine Pages This Morning. Could You Tell Us about Why You Did That and Then Also How That Is Available Shortly Will Start with How It's Available. You Can Download It Look Online Joshua Joshua That's Where the Fact Sheet Is I Think I'm Online. It Runs 12 Pages, but Maybe a Little Bit Less When It Prints out a Mature and Yes It Basically Walks through without Any Commentary on the Current Moment That This Exactly Is Will Be Facing Right Now. Basically, the Fact Sheet Is What Is the Bible Say about Pestilences, Plagues and Pandemics, and the Term Pandemic Is a Modern Term Is Now Term That Is Used in the Bible but More Than 125 Times in the Hebrew and Greek. The Biblical Terms for Week Translate into English As Pestilences and Plagues.

These Terms Are Used Every Time Does the Board Playing. For Example, Mean Infectious Horrific Disease, but Most Often in the Scriptures. It Does Mean That. So I Did. I Look at All Those Details the Specific Words, How They're Used.

Having Used and Why. So You Asked Why, Why Does God Use so Frequently in the Bible and in Bible Prophecy about the Future or Why Does God Sovereignly and on and Sovereignly Use These These Play for. I Conclude There Are Three Basic Reasons.

The First God Allows Disease and the Second Plagues to Affect Individuals, Nations and Individual Nations and in Groups of Nations and Individual People to Bring Judgment That's Not Something That We like to Talk about. We Hope and Pray That the Current Moment Is Not a Judgment That We May Want to Discuss about Why America Faces Judgment As to All Nations, but We Hope That's Not What This Is but but God Is Use This As Judgment throughout throughout the Bible and He Speaks of It As a Principal That He Uses Because People Are in Chronic Unrepentant Sin Just the First Reason the God Sovereignly Chooses to Use These Diseases. The Second Reason Is to Learn People. The First Judgment. The Second Is Warning to Warn Other People, Individuals a Nation or Series of Nations or the Whole World Is See How I'm Using These Judgments against Other People, I May Bring These Judgments against You. If You Are Chronically Unrepentant of Your Sentence and Not Seeking Forgiveness Not Seeking to Walk Greatly with the Lord.

So Judgment and Morning the First Two in the Third Is That God Uses This As a Wake-Up Call. He Uses These Diseases to Shake Individuals and Nations to Wake Us up from Our Spiritual Slumber, or Outright Rebellion from the Lord and Try to Get Us Back into into Asking for Forgiveness and into a Right Relationship with the Lord with His Word with His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. So Warnings and Wake-Up Calls Are the Main Three Reasons That God Historically Has Used These and There Are Numerous Prophecies about How God Will Use These and That That He Will Use Horrific Diseases in the Future You Sent Me an Article of This Morning and Your Mentioned in It. So I Want to Bring It up Because It Perfectly Follows on the Heels of the Wake-Up Calls from Washington Examiner. The Headline Is Pole 29% C Biblical Last Days, 44% Say Virus Is God's Wake-Up Call. Joel, a Year Cited in This Because You Did A Lot Of the Research That They Draw This from a Could You Kind of Unpacked This for Us. Sure Will Look in My Role As Founder and Chairman of the Joshua Fund, Which Is a Ministry That You Skip and and and Covered Albuquerque Been Enormously Helpful in Encouraging Financial Support, Prayer Support Counsel Right from the First First Minutes of the Ministry Back in 2006 and Part of Our Ministry Is to Teach the Church Educate the Church about God's the Importance of the of Bible Prophecy, and Understanding God's Plan and Purpose. Certainly for Israel and the Surrounding Nations, Which Is Our Main Focus. But How God Uses Bible Prophecy Worldwide and How the Church Needs to Understand It so That We Are a Faithful Watchmen on the Walls.

God Says in Ezekiel 33. If You See a Similar or a Plague or a Danger Coming to Your Country. You Need to Want People to Get to Safety, Spiritual and Physical Safety.

Because If You Don't That Danger Still That Come in Then People That Warrant and You Have Blood on Your Hands.

That's What Ezekiel 33 Talks about the Best Part of Our Role at the Joshua Fund to Help the Church Be a Faithful Watchmen on the Wall Now Doing That We Did Two Things Were Created to Resources for Pastors for Ministry Leaders and for Laypeople. First Is That Fact Sheet That I Just That We Discussed That Joshua but the Second Is We Commissioned a National Poll. We Wanted to Understand Using a Nationally Respected Polling Company How Americans See the Current Coronavirus Pandemic.

This Incredible Crisis and the Economic Chaos and and and Trauma That's That's Resulting from This Shutdown of the American Academy Is Not to Mention a Global Economy. So How Americans See It and Is It Changing or Effecting It All Their Spiritual Interest in God in the Scriptures, and As You Just Said the Washington Examiner Is the First Media Outlet to Cover This and It Isn't Just a Striking Set of Numbers All the Numbers Are Now on the Joshua Websites Will Encourage and Commence the People Go There Read in Detail and and Share This and the Fact Sheet with As Many People As You Can on Social Media and in Personal Conversation Short Version.

I Was Actually Stunned by How Many Americans See This As a a Wake-Up Call, or Judgment from God or Both Declared That the Fish the Actual Question Was, Do You See the Coronavirus Pandemic in the Resulting Economic Chaos As Either a a Wake-Up Call from God to Turn His Back to Faith in God Be Signs of Coming Judgments, Maybe Not Judgment. Now Coming Judgment. See Both D. Neither the Plague Is Dependent Have No Relationship to Bop the Bible or God or or Proxy 44% of Americans Said That This Is a Wake-Up Call Was Assigned a Coming Judgment, or Both, That Is Extruded in a Term of Tens and Tens and Tens of Millions of Americans Are Seeing This in Spiritual Terms Is Not Just That Public Health Problem or a Economic Problem They Are Seeing It Increasingly Almost Half As a Spiritual Issue from God to Wake Us up and Was Even More Fascinated Drilling to the Numbers. More Is How Many Americans Even Not Specifically People Identify Themselves As Not Christians Not Present by Catholic Not Orthodox Company of Denver Started Turns the Bible and Christian Sermons Online to Understand Things That They've Never Thought about before.

While While Speaking of That Online Sermons Online. You Know the Church Is Sort of Been Forced to Not Do Church like We Normally Do.

We Are a Community We Hang out Together, We Do Life Together Were in Each Other's Immediate Presence Reading Body Language and Tone of Voice and All That. Now We Are Restricted to Kind of Be Alone Together in a and R Are Streaming Things Online You Are in Your Room Quarantined. I Am in Another Room Speaking to You Via a Technology. This This New Paradigm.

II Guess It Couldn't Have Happened at a Better Time in Technological History Me Because Many Churches Are Ready for Streaming Etc. but but but Kind of Talk about This Whole New Way of Doing Community Together in This Temporary Thing We Find Ourselves Yeah Well It to Me. It's It's Sobering Is Also Encouraging That God Has Allowed the First Pandemic Global Pandemic of This Magnitude since the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic That Killed 50 Million People around the World Never Seen Anything like That for 100 Years, but Were Seeing It Now. I Pray to God That These Numbers of Deaths Don't Get Anywhere Close There, but the Plane Is Where the Moment in History Were God, I Do Believe That We Are Shaken. This Is by God That This Is a Wake-Up Call.

I Don't Believe This Word in the Book of Revelation.

I Don't Believe We Are in the Filter Judgments That Are Spoken of in Revelation. I Believe This Is a Major Wake-Up Call, Not Just America but to Israel and to the World, and It Happens That the Current Moment Where God Is Allowed the Technology That We Can Communicate to Each Other Communicate to Those That Don't yet Know the Lord Started to Seek Because It Nowhere Else to Turn, and Their Fearful or Fearful for Their Life There Fearful for the Parents and the Kids There Fearful for Their Wallets like for Fearful That They Can't Pay the Rent. They Can't Buy Food That They Know All Those Other Issues so You Know We Just Look at the Spikes That You Are Mutual Friend Greg Laurie and He Is the Latest Numbers Are Just like a Thinking This This past Weekend I Think of More Than 600,000 Numbers Correct 600,000 People Watched Their Weekend Services and 7000 People Prayed to Receive Christ As One Congregation.

So Look When You Are Talking about the Importance of Bible Prophecy, and That We Are in the Last Days and We Are Heading Deeper and Closer to the Return of Christ, That We Are Living in Moment Where We, You and I Have Never Seen Anything like This. This Is Absolutely Unprecedented.

Even Here, Either through 9/11 As Did You Be Living in Washington DC at That Moment, Washington Was on Lockdown Sort of Way.

We Thought of the Time Because Our City Had Been Hit on 911 2001.

Go to Church. You Could Go to Get Dinner You Could Go for Trips on the Streets in Their Fighter Jets in the Air. The Entire City Wasn't Shut down and That's Where We Are Today and the Raises Another Issue in the Pool All One in Three Americans Believe That We Are Living in What the Bible Calls the Last Days Because of This, Virus Pandemic, One out of Three Which Made Work As You Know Most Americans Don't like to Talk about Prophecy Here in Time That I Found Spooky and Weird That A Lot Of People One out of Three Jewish People Believe This 50% of Americans Believe Are Elastic 40% of Hispanic Americans Believe Were Living in the Last Days the Numbers Again Are on the Joshua Website, but the Plane Is the Large Number. This Is like Saying 100 Million People in America or More Believe That's Where We Are and That Is Why People Are Being Rattled to Look Online Again Part of the Question Was Are You Now Watching Sermons Online Sermons and Bible Teaching When You've Never Really Done That before. Or, You Usually Don't We Ask Are You Reading the Bible When You Usually Don't These Masses of Non-Christians We Ask Are You Searching Online to Study Bible Prophecy, and Understand God's Plan and Future for Mankind. When You Usually Don't Having Conversations with Your Family and Friends about Spiritual Matters When You Usually Don't and Those Numbers Are All Added up Together Were Extraordinary and You Can Look at the Numbers Their Class of Christians. I Was Moses and How Non-Christians Were Going to Respond in the Numbers Were Encouraging. Though I Think You Let This Thing Go Another Couple Weeks. I Think the Numbers Will Go up and That Underscores the Need of the Church to Have Ready Answers for That and to Get Ready to Clearly Articulate God's Plan for the World X-Ray and Specifically to Talk about Bible Prophecy in a Scene Sober Whole Counsel of God Approach and Tone.

This Is a Moment That Will Unfortunately See People All Kinds and Lunatics Come Out Of the Woodwork and Make All Kinds of Speculative Sensationalistic Claims about End Times Prophecy As a Way Where They Need That or Not but It'll Be a Way of Trying to Discredit Actual Solid Sound Biblical Teaching on Proxy but Most Pastors As You Know, Don't Teach on Bible Prophecy That I Don't Talk about the Birth Pangs.

They Don't Talk about How to Get Ready for the Time When the Church Will Not Be Here and the World Go through Much Worse Than This.

Now This Is a Time, Therefore, That We Who You Love the Whole Counsel of God. Everything from Genesis to Revelation That We Help the Church Help Pastors and Ministry Leaders Know How to Talk about These Things without You Know, Turning to the Lunatics, but Also without Avoiding These Topics Is 27% of the Bible Is Proxy and You Know Is As I've Often Said, I Think in Your Congregation That You Shepherd. If You Don't Teach Your Son or Daughter 27% of What They Need to Know to Drive a Car Safely Are You Doing Them or the People on the Road Any Favors If You Want a Medical School and You Teach Your Students. 27% Last of What They Need to Know to Save Lives.

Are You Helping and Unfortunately the Church Is Not Done Well in This but I Think This Is the Moment of God Saying Okay Now You Guys Need to Do Better Close to These Programs Skip to Interview from Jerusalem with New York Times Best-Selling Author Joel Rosenberg Want to Put You in Touch Immediately with Important for the Content Joel Note This Website. Please Joshua That's Joshua That Is Where You Can Find the In-Depth Paper from Jewel Plagues, Pestilence, and Pandemics Is Eye-Opening Information about the Current Global Crisis That You Will Want to Read and Share Present the Conclusion of the Conversation Would Be Done on This Broadcast. You Won't Want to Miss Withdrawal Rosenberg Has To Say, from Jerusalem, the Epicenter of World Events Spiritual Survival That Is the Most Important Issue in Our Lives. We Have Assembled a Spiritual Survival Kit That Includes an Immediate Link to Skip's Message. The Quarantined Life Where You Will Hear about Biblical Precedents for What We Are Experiencing in Four Ways to Benefit from a Quarantine.

You Will Also Receive a Copy of Skip's Booklet Standing Firm in Unsettling Times, and an Important One Sheet about Steps You Can Take to Ensure Your Spiritual Survival. We Call It Walking down the Roman Road. This Kid Is Free and Available to You by Calling 800-922-1888. That's 800-922-1888 or Visit and Look for the Spiritual Survival Kit That's Now a Preview of the Crucial Content Will Present Next Time with Joel Rosenberg.

The Bible Is Clear. The Book of Revelation Is Clear That There Is Going to Die from the Various Plagues That God Unleashes As Specifically As Silly As with None of the Wrath Lamb in the Seven Years Leading up to the Actual Physical Literal Third of the Join Us Next Time. Stacy Seen the Word and Remember the Lord Is a Strong Righteous One for You so Skip Visitation of Connection Communication through

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