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Adam-The Original Man (Part A)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston
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September 9, 2022 6:00 am

Adam-The Original Man (Part A)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston

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September 9, 2022 6:00 am

Pastor Rick has a topical message

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Jesus sitting this in perfection before us there in the upper room.

The Last Supper with the disciples he is functioning as though there's a cross ahead of he's dining he's eating is worrying about them. Total poise total control.

God's perfection. It was in the creation of man in spite of what God knew man do because God saw beyond that, as Jesus saw beyond the crucifixion of this is cross reference radio with our pastor and teacher Rick Gaston. Rick is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Mechanicsville.

Pastor Rick is currently teaching through the book of Genesis. Please stay with us after today's message more information about cross reference radio, specifically how you can get a free copy of this teaching, but for now let's join Pastor Rick in the book of Genesis chapter 2 as he begins his message Adam the original man it's open our Bibles to Genesis chapter 2 our biography concerns itself with Adam the original man out text is Genesis chapter 2 verse seven and there we read in the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, man became a living soul or living being. Well, we are going to talk about Adam. Before the fall, and to each character so far in this series from my and I've been strangely drawn to them. They had remain dominant in my thoughts as I search well on who we going talk about and it's the character that remained dominant. You would think with as many people that there are in the Bible that it would be very easy and it would be if this were just a lecture on characters but we certainly want the Lord's leading because only he knows how to make it count. Now we cannot simply say about Adam that he is the first man and that he is the first to disobey God is not the first center amongst human beings that belongs to Eve in creation as far as we know, Satan is the first center, but there is information and application. Enough about this man to do a series on now he is complexed because of what has been caused by him and what continues to happen because of him and his role in creation, because see that that then turned our attention to God where it belongs, and in all of these character studies, God is preeminent.

He is the one we're most concerned with where concerned with how he is working approving or disapproving of the behavior of whatever character it is under scrutiny. And so again out to tonight's attention is not on the fall. It is in on what God intended him to be an end that we learn more about God and how were supposed to behave because God is unchanging and he still has intentions for us for a role for us to fulfill in this creation. But first I want to talk about God's intention for this original man, God's plan for him and then we'll talk about. Hopefully, how God treated Adam which is significant how God developed Adam and finally how God has delivered to us from the life of this character in Scripture before the fall.

Adam was created sheer perfection. I mean, were told in Genesis chapter 1 verse 31 at the end of the six day then God saw everything that he had made, and indeed it was very good. So the evening in the morning with six day Genesis chapter 1 verse 26 then God said, let us make man in our image, according to our likeness. Now image there in that verse 26.

The image is that permanent foundation as a rational and moral responsible being that is the image of God.

God is moral.

He is rational.

This separates man from the animal kingdom where they are driven by instinct, but we have another activity taking place in us as human beings, albeit, or in spite of the fact that we are fallen there fragments enough to still link us to Genesis 126 and when we are born again. Genesis 126 loops around and begins again. We are then again being made into the image of God, which is as we know Christ Jesus the son of the likeness is spiritual accord with the will of God which was lost at the fall to be like-minded. Paul encourages the Christians of the first century to be like-minded with each other and of course like-minded with God and so we man was made in the image and likeness of God. Now can you go on the tributaries and other applications to this absolutely it's vast it's it's very deep and it's very wide.

Sort of like space and so Adam, the man created in the image of God narrowing it down for tonight's purposes in the way that I just mentioned to you as being a rational and intelligent human being able to perceive to forecast to make plans without instinct because his his intellect was designed that way.

An animal or bird you know or spider spiders not taught how to spin a web doesn't sit back and say well when what kind of a girder I'm going to need to bear the load of Seo. I don't know a horn beetle, something he does. It's instinctive, but a human being begins to live in India live load to be carried on that Russo can handle rain and snow and in them the equipment that's up there and so it would drastically different and of course those who are caught up in evolution. They know nothing of this because they rejected they've decided already. This is my God, you will never take it from me and I don't care that evolution has brought nothing to humankind. It has contributed nothing to the human experience.

It ultimately cost the host. Everything their eternal soul not in every case, there will be some people who were wrong about evolution, but based right enough about God is how can it be I don't know the information did not get to them. But I do know that will be the case. I do not say that is always the case. Those are exceptions deep and far reach of God and certainly is not an encouragement to go down that path when evolution did first make it to mainstream America and Western civilization should say the Western civilization. The church was reeling.

Not knowing what to do with it but there were those deep committed Christians assist healthcare what you found out your theory. I know what I found out my Bible that said and that's wonderful because many others got tripped up and they tried to find a way to blend it and make it happen. The gap theory and all his other stuff that is I think easy to prove wrong you know who has the time Adam created in the image and likeness of God is continuous with nature.

When he was created. He was, he was brought into the creation into nature. We know nothing of mother nature. There is no mother nature is the nature of things that God has designed and the fall in the preservation in spite of the fall but there's there's no such thing as mother nature that just ties back into the deity of the female deity worship as we would time moves is with Mary worship Mary Algie today but being continuous with nature.

He at the same time was discontinuous with nature's and I couldn't work it out any other way would use those words and let me try to to help us all with this is continuous with nature in that he shares the six day with other creatures man was not the only created being on the sixth day, and he certainly benefited from much from all that God created in the days before the six day the first five days, man is made of the dust as our some of the animals look with me when we read our text verse seven makes it clear with verse 19 of chapter 2 in Genesis is out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every bird of the air, but I'm saying he he shared and that he too was made out of the ground. He feeds as or he was 2 feet as they were 2 feet. There were no carnivores in the beginning of spiritually. It was there was Satan is the spiritual carnivore but animals did not. They play with each other nicely and you know line didn't know trick any of the other animals to eat them. Adam ate what they ate.

After they were exceptions out of the Genesis account of the Bitterroot Mstislav my taste E could eat no there was no poison would play a noxious agony poison ivy. If there were, as we understand it back then the thought of that is you can, but he reproduced with a similar blessing upon him, be fruitful and multiply. Again, it doesn't appear in the New Testament. It doesn't disqualified, but it takes on different meaning it it develops, not in an evolutionary sense. But enough fulfilling sense and God's going to know or I should say an expansion thereof, and God's going to do that with Adam as I mentioned, God created at a minimum and mature state go. I don't know if I mentioned it tonight or many times in the past, but I have mentioned it somewhere online. When God made Adam.

He was an adult.

They beat the chicken or the egg which came first the chicken did over the sound the egg and God created God. That's how he did it as he did with Adam Adams not created a child. If you looked in his teeth.

They would been all matured and in place the artist seem to always leave a beer off of Adam and always find that interesting.

Suffice it to say the man was made a man born that way, not from a woman, but from the creation of of God and will cover some of the detail in a minute and so man can be partly studied by the study of nature to some degree looking at created things in creation of the creator.

In spite of the fall can gain information about ourselves. Solomon was notorious for this, but they are half the context of Adam. There's there's more to him. They are half his context. Their part but that doesn't say the whole thing and this would explain the rationale of those who have become worshipers of nature or their pets or some other created instrument of the pastors of there's this disconnect with God that allows them to get off call course and be lost in the storm, and if they don't get right. They just get worse and you know you can meet somebody who's a little nutty years ago and you meet them later in the full-blown kooks and that they've just developed. They turned it into an art and that is like a black belt in craziness and so the distinction is clear that he was to continue with what was made, but yet he was slightly separated from what was created. The distinctness and its contrast.

Look at verse 24 of Genesis chapter 1 and there it says let the earth bring forth and then in 26 verse 26 of Genesis 1 let us make man in our image, so the stress falls on the distinctness as indicated in the contrast in verse 24 then God said, let the earth bring forth the living creature according to its kind in Houston instincts and in God deciding informing and shaping them, but is not breathing his own breath into them is commanding them into life and is allowing the processes of creation and procreation to take place. Some of that belongs to Adam, but Adam is distinct.

Verse 26 and God said, let us make man in our image, and so he's not coming forth from the earth in the identical way that the beast of the earth are coming forth and so Adam is originally pretrade as in creation and yet over creation. Now if I don't say what is in creation. It seems like I'm deifying Adam that is not the case.

Genesis chapter 2 verse 19 out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every bird of the air and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them and whatever Adam called each living creature that was its name. Verse 28, along with Will on not going to read again. Verse 26 verse 28 God blessed them, and God said to them, this man and woman and then we get a second. A review in detail of this in chapter 2. It's not two separate events, be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it have dominion over the flesh of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living creature that moves on the earth and so he is portrayed. Originally as a as part of creation in creation and also he is over that which is in creation and again.

Verse 20, Genesis 2, so Adam gave names to all the cattle, the birds of the air to every beast of the field, but for Adam there was not found a helper comparable to him. Well, even after the fall is original trust is active.

God said I'm going to make you the give you dominion over created things when man fell into sin.

Everything got wacky and yet righteous man, especially still has this charge. Some chapter 8 verses four through eight. What is man that you are mindful of him in the Son of Man that you visit him for you have made him a little lower than the angels, and you have crowned him with glory and honor. You have made him to have dominion over the works of your hands you have put all things under his feet. All sheep and oxen, even the beast of the field, the birds of the year. The fish of the sea that pass through the paths of the sea man's relationship to creation is such that even knows where the passageways are under the sea. We spoke of this when we were going through the Psalms and we spoke of it.

We went through Joe James chapter 3 the New Testament was ring and of course verse seven, every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and creature of the sea, is tamed and has been tamed by mankind as true man is the boss when it comes down to it now. Course if you meet if you made a grizzly out in the woods you good gravy all over yourself you done unless you've got some ordinance with the logic is inescapable. The doctrine is inescapable for us. We want to know what the benefit is because I need to know how is Adam beneficial to me as a believer. What purposes does the record of Adam serve to me as a believer to the unbeliever who may be saved because of the record or condemned by rejecting man renewed born-again man resumes the further development and likeness, image, after the fall.

After the fall and we are sinners that were born again and then again that process of likeness and image resumes. Colossians chapter 3 it says, speaking of the Lord of what was done for us that we have put on the new man who is renewed in knowledge. According to the image of him who created him all we know from Colossians balls made it clear going through Colossians on Sundays and we know Paul is made it clear that nothing was created that is created.

Jesus didn't do, is the creator when it was in the beginning God created from nothing. Everything we see Jesus was doing wasn't doing it is Jesus Christ is doing is God's son not assume the mantle of Jesus as we know him until he is born of Mary's name shall be called Jesus for that. He was the Christ, the Messiah, that would come and Emmanuelle God with us. He has fulfilled and is fulfilling those prophecies in Ephesians chapter 424 continuing with renewed man regenerated man in his role in these things that you put on the new man which was created according to God in true righteousness and holiness. And that's the link to Genesis 126 and so Adam and Eve were additions to intelligent created beings and they were additions to free will created beings, not on the earth, but in creation suing.

Think of creation. We think of the our planet and the stars in this outer space, but there's also the spiritual realm that is also the created round and Adam was not God's first creation. We know that Job chapter 38 verses three and seven God speaking to Job, Job doesn't know what to do at this time isn't know whether the goldfish write poetry, but where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth. Tell me if you have understrength understanding who determined its measurements. Surely you know that's a rebuke is not calling him a know it all or who stretched the line upon it to what words foundations fastened or who laid its cornerstone, when the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy. So there were other created beings with intelligence who could appreciate more than a sunrise, the Capri appreciate creation so we read Genesis 1 in the beginning God created and then input the firm and the lights all the things the sons of God, the angels sing, and it is good you guys that were on duty on the back part of heaven you missed maybe day to you will get to go down and of course being a little silly with that but I'm my point is, there are other created beings in the universe. Adam and Eve were not God's first perfection we read from verse 31 of Genesis 1. That God saw that it was very good.

After he made man, this is if this is like a masterpiece know where this was going but it did not stop him from enjoying and functioning in the moment of the Buddhas have a story about a man which achieved enlightenment.

Now just to make my point and so is be an anodic certainly is like final Lords is a ridiculous story but but insert the running from a tiger, a hungry tiger and he jumps off a cliff to get away from being eaten, and he grabs hold of the shrub sticking out the cliff in an as is there the Tigers of top of him in the drop below is sure death.

Either way he sees a strawberries while strawberry growing outside of the clip and he picks it needs it and enjoys they fall to the death and dives that's the world's view of salvation. That's what it's a zinc enlightenment guy with a strawberries in your mouth be brought Jesus setting this in perfection before us there in the upper room. The Last Supper with the disciples he is functioning as though there's no cross ahead of him. He's dining he's eating is worrying about them. Total employees total control. God's perfection. It was in the creation of man in spite of what God new man would do because God saw beyond that, as Jesus saw beyond the crucifixion.

Ezekiel 28 verses 14 and 15 this section.

Ezekiel 28 speaks of earthly kings but also speaks of the king of darkness, it says you were the anointed cherub who cherub who covers I establish you.

You are on the holy mountain of God. You walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones. You were perfect in your ways. The day you were created, till iniquity was found in you is why I believe Judas Iscariot, God did not choose a criminal to be amongst the 12 though he knew he would be a criminal seagull did not cause that he knew Judas would fail, but he gave them every chance and for a while there, Judas was doing with seen this in church we've seen people for a while that doing Christianity and then apostates they become and it's a reality that's inescapable, but it doesn't stop the church and functioning. It doesn't stop God from functioning. God presents Satan in Scripture as a created being who serves God's purposes to God's glory to our benefit, he allows him this lease.

Unfortunately from this end of things, but it had no time is Satan a threat to God. This is not God's first conflict to come this Adam and Eve creation there and Ezekiel 28 talks about the perfection of Satan, who fell because he was full of himself.

Ezekiel 2817 in the same section. Speaking of the devil is in your heart was lifted up because of your beauty you corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor. Your face got you in trouble.

I cast you to the ground. I laid you before kings, that they might gaze at you move you've been listening to cross reference radio daily radio ministry of Pastor Rick Gaston of Calvary Chapel in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Pastor Rick is teaching from God's Word each time you tune as we mentioned at the beginning of today's broadcast is teaching is available free of charge at our website.

Just visit cross reference that's cross reference would also like to encourage you to subscribe to the cross reference radio podcast subscribing ensures that you stay current with all the latest teachings from Pastor Rick you can do or search for cross reference in your favorite podcast app store.

That's all for today. Join Pastor Rick for more character study right here on cross reference

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