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Making the Most of What You Have, Part 1 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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March 31, 2022 8:00 am

Making the Most of What You Have, Part 1 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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March 31, 2022 8:00 am

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We are people going around searching for fulfillment were searching among all the wrong thing.

A lot of people think I'll be once I switch careers. You may or you may not question is when you get where you're going. Where will you be and who sent you there your search for fulfillment doesn't have to be a search at all hello and welcome to this Thursday. Addition of Destin for victory with pastor Paul Shepherd, senior pastor of destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California God is not hiding. He practically shouts his existence for the mountaintops today pastor Paul invite you to stop looking for significance and meaning in all the wrong places and in all the wrong people choose to be a servant of the living God. Give your life away to him and you will find the life you've always stay with us here or stop by Pastor any time to hear today's message or any recent Destin for victory message on demand.

That's Pastor you can also subscribe to podcast a Google podcast source, modify, or wherever you enjoy your podcasts must join Pastor Paul knows he shares today's Destin for victory message making the most of what you have on earth. If tests are God, that's our job that we died with loving daddy says me you will bless you, I will turn around and meet your needs and give you I will give you like to give you peace and joy in all kinds of things will like me interest. We are purpose driven creatures. We were created for God's purpose is not our role. Years ago I heard a presentation on the power purpose. I've memorized the number of the points it impacted me greatly. Five of the principles shared in that message on purpose. Let me share with you the first is God is a God of purpose. God is a God of purpose.

Secondly everything God creates has a purpose that includes you.

That includes me. Since we are here since God is the planet for his own purpose. Everything God creates has a purpose to share with you is you want to know the purpose of a thing don't have the pain.

What's wrong with our world is that we have a lot of people writing books of philosophy and all the bet and basically what it boils down to is things trying to tell other things.

Why they're here, but if you want to know the purpose of the thing. The last thing that is another thing we all create how we going to purpose. When we have a create principal is purpose is only found in the mind of the creator. So you want to find the purpose of the thing known as the thing talk to the one who made it in the principal's purpose is the key to fulfillment now as it relates to your life since you were created for God's purposes. God knew why he brought you to the planet to glorify him in specific ways he wanted you to glorify him want to know your purpose you talk to God you line yourself with his will you say yes. Will you seek to discover his will because you're created for God's very specific purposes and this is the key to fulfillment. We are people going around searching for fulfillment and were searching among all the wrong things.

So a lot of people think I'll be fulfilled.

Once I switch careers.

You may or you may not.

There's a deeper question. The big question is when you get where you're going. Where will you be and who sent you there when you get where you're going in your life where will you be when you reach your quote unquote goals. Where will you be and more importantly who sent you there. I would hate to arrive at a destination find out that one where I'm supposed to go all these years and finally got somewhere and then discover you're not supposed to be here. I would spend a career I was not designed for doing things that were not part of my God ordained purpose what you want to do is discover the will of the master for your life and to say yes to it and the surrendering surrender to it. We are all servants but seven.

Who is going to look different in all of our lives. There are some general principles by which we will all live in. I'll be covering those as we explore this parable. The way we use our treasure the way we use our time. The way we use our talent, but those talents and those elements are going to look different in our lives. The goal here is the definition for success. I know many of us have bought books on success in all that you listen to this message. I would've saved you all that money library full of books. People telling you what success is here success in a sentence.

Success is discovering the will of the master and doing it when you find out what the master wants out of you servant, and he says here's what I want you to do and you do it, do it with excellence in combat.

You have been successful people.

People tell you whether you're successful or not bad, not your master people to find whether your life is significant or not your master because you didn't create me. I don't need validation say well done good and faithful servant thing about it.can we please would you be mad at you when the people of God. And guess what, you're successful success of discovering the will of the master and doing he's the master we are his servants. I found that out as a youngster when I wanted desperately to do something else with my life other than the be in vocational ministry on the son of the past.

I love my dad dearly. His ministry was incredibly God use them in significant ways he's responsible for me being saved the disciple I love his memory. I thank God for him and I grew up. I really revered and respected him. I didn't want to be in the economist because I saw was I given the people and helping folks and all we never knew he was coming home for dinner and all that way. Every pastor had to be what I figure well, if he's a pastor. Every pastor ought to be like always take careful, always running back out the door. Phone ring band gone back out helping folks serving people preach and meeting people's needs all that.

That's cool. But when I grow up and get married I want to be say, but I want to have a regular Christian life. I want to have a predictable job want to make good money but come home at predictable my wife and choose to know when I'm coming home will set the table with so I assume you can't do that later learn that you can but at that point I was trying to find another way to serve God and not be in vocational ministry and once I realize that you know God to give me a speaking gift and all is okay, but if I can be a speaker without being a pastor that be cool and go do little speaking gig combat go to that on the side. I'll have my red vocation and then I can do that you know some I need to come speak with access to cool so I had to put it all straight pastor in Kansas City called me said I heard that you spoken at your church on her wonderful things about you know how you're ministering to the young people in your own church and we want to come here to Kansas City a minister we have and we can want to come and be the preacher for the youth. We can assume I'm not a preacher in the process again but I heard you say yes I will if I don't bill you as a preacher when you come. I said all right they call me that you speaker I'm in my teens negotiating trying not to be a preacher sought find the big fly so I can see you speaker Paul Sheppard are: going to Kansas City Friday night setting I send it to time I got through Sunday almost all young people in his church got say that we can and he was driving me to the airport Sunday afternoon and he figured no assignments over.

He cannot tell me what he really thinks he drive me to the airport and at a certain stop light he stuck his people shook his finger in my face is I don't care what you call yourself God's hand is on you to be a preacher, and the sooner you say yes, the better off you want to be in a Drug and he was right in the college try not to be a preacher but God. The pressure was coming down on me.

Anybody was running from any aspect of God's calling on your life. God leading you into a career that you are going to or leading you to start a business or whatever it is or lead you to get involved in some ministries of volunteer what part of the master plan for your life and take it from somebody who tried to run from God shot the boxwood God can do it and I wouldn't have to tell you that I read my Bible right you listen to me and if I'm not done. Read the book of Jonah the prophet got an assignment heated like this time it was role to Nineveh about wicked city want to tell them the better. I'm going come get him because he knew what God will forgive them and I went to town like a full audit, judgment, judgment is not common. I will go through all that feel like going to minimum. I got a plan for my life. When you are called to be a prophet success and you can choose stay with us the second half of pastor Paul Sheppard's message is coming right up. We want to thank all of you who support destined for Victor with your prayers and financial support, gifts, and help pastor Paul share the joy of the gospel message with a growing audience destined for victory is supported entirely by friends like you. So please prayerfully consider making a generous gift today. Give online safely and securely from our website. Pastor or give us a call at 855-339-5500 again that numbers 855-339-5500. If I had a dream in which you were trying to run from someone running from God, looks like you just can't get away pastor Paul the second half of today's destined for victory message making the most of what you have no way direction away from the will of God. Problem God made no way someone who is omnipotent, all power present everywhere and omniscient, all knowing, when you have a master who knows everything can do anything and is everywhere but no, I don't jump on the ship water.

Start up the water.

It got so bad about would be on the boat with honest pagans.

They just don't know any. But when I got they said no.

I got to talk to somebody you know God give an altar call… You know what you need to go to church even you need Jesus somebody God is talking to somebody on this boat. Now the numbers are just as I see you will become. The Bible says they cast lots to see who the culprit was in the lot on Jonah.

Yes me fellas, I'm running from God hand. That's why this trouble has come about God, but now that we ship make it past when you want to give God filing appreciate your trying to stay with me but the only way you will get what you're going to throw me over and I said that's exactly what we would think we all the same day. So maybe recall that you will be all over the God you serve the master. You serve the master prepared Jonah whole that you people stuck on your intellectual ability to rationalize that burst is your problem not studied all of the various species and there are some that are certainly large enough to swallow single specials on PBS.

Whatever. There are fish that are indeed large enough, but the problem is the reason why we know this is just a myth is because there are no fish that are capable of keeping a man alive for 72 hours inside. So while they are large enough to swallow him hole he would have died within minutes of suffocation. Thanks for sharing. Here's what you don't understand yet.

The text said the Lord prepared a fish. He made the water. He made the earth the Lord and the fullness thereof the world and they that dwell there in the Bible talks about he's established upon the flood. He made the sea, and everything in it every creature and it is the product of the Masters handiwork. He may remodel remodeling is an easier job in creating all he had to do was install conditioning install conditioning and that was the best that swallow Jonah.

You want but one day when you meet the master asked him and he will tell you yes, the Paul said he installed the got it all looked up and there and this came along Jonah whole and the Bible says, for three days he cried out of the belly of that fish. Some of us need to have our time reconciling with the will of God right now this is the time in your life to say okay God, you're in charge. Okay, I'm going to stop running. I'm going to stop trying to attend like I'm not a servant, and I want to live in fulfillment. I want to enjoy my life. Therefore, I'm going to surrender to you and he got it straight. Three easy cried out of the belly of that fish and when the Lord knew his repentance was complete. His heart was transformed in the Lord calls the fish to spend a month out on the shore and I love what happens next is says then the word of the Lord came to Jonah saying go to Nineveh are not the first time himself. The ship saved themselves all storm tossed overboard. The submarine three days ago on all come from the barbershop know just right. Everything Stacy Adams on everything the go on now you gotta go see we listen when it comes though seaweed is up to you, he's the master he's in charge. He's not campaigning. The master has gone away and he has said I'm coming back and he's called us as his servants are job on earth is the please God.

That's my mission. Plain and simple.

These a lot about writing their personal mission statements to personal mission statement.

Three words to please God calling the please God when it's all said you master say good and faithful servant. Get it straight before we delve further into this. What would you get it straight.

I want you to settle the issue of who's in charge settle the issue of why you're on earth don't try to dream up your purpose, you didn't create yourself when you dream about purpose what makes sense.

So now I'm trying to make sense of my life. You don't have to do is follow the instruction manual with excellence. That's what life is about to please God. The apostle Paul said in second Corinthians chapter 5. So we make it our aim to please God is what I'm shooting for in my life.

That's what I'm aiming for to please God. Jesus has gone away but and so he called us as his servants are goal our assignment, should we decide to accept is the please.

Faith is the confidence in what God has said to you. Fear is confidence in the things you often say to yourself, if you find yourself in need of prayer today.

If your search for significance has led you to all the wrong places the destined for victory ministry team would like to join you in prayer. Just visit pastor and use the contact feature to share your request with us while you're there, be sure to sign up for pastor Paul's monthly letter of encouragement. Yours, at no cost or obligation will sometimes life can get scary as we all know and if you let fear get in the way of your faith pastor. Paul's a great new resource to share with you today. His booklet trusting God and scary times.

If you find yourself focusing on what you see is what God says if you are alarmed by the obstacles that stand in the way of living out your destiny in Christ. This booklet from Pastor Paul be of great benefit to you that's trusting God and scary times our gift to you this month my request for your generous gift to destined for victory today is the final day of the special offer so contact us right away. Call 855-339-5500 or visit pastor to make a safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift to destined for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538.

Again, our dresses destined for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 everything you have belongs to God property master called his and he property to them. They are property interest. That's next time and pastor Paul Shepard's message making the most of what you have until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. In Christ, you are destined for victory

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