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R1176 Work Like A Farmer

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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June 30, 2022 8:00 am

R1176 Work Like A Farmer

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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June 30, 2022 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton


What I'm speaking to you is God's truth in our bishopric world I'm sharing God's truth with you. I'm not telling you something that's political. I'm not giving you a manifesto. I'm not even sharing your clubs telling you what he wants in God seems that one of his Dr. Don Wilton our teacher here on The Encouraging Word as we are challenged to be strong as image a while ago. In these next two months will gain resources from God's encouragement itself gain strength on our everyday life. The way we pursue living for Jesus Christ. Dr. Don Wilton remind you as we begin our broadcast were connecting both online and The Encouraging and this phone number will jot down and start your cell at 866-899-9673 would love to connect with you whether connecting for prayer answering a few questions ready connecting with great resources well, we're here for you The Encouraging Word Don Wilton we been trying to understand what it is that God would put in our hearts in our world world is an incredibly we living in a very interesting dangerous challenging wonderful perplexing time. I'm sure every one of you could add a few adjectives and angles of descriptiveness to to try and place into context the world in which we live. Each one of us in our own perspective we all have concerns when looking at our world where wondering what's happening. The moral decay that is taking place. What's going on from Washington to Sydney to London people's behavior.

The decline of the family. Do you know that the family is being smashed to some of the reading I saw statistics recently that suggested that fewer and fewer people even see any value in getting married anymore abortion we living in a world in America today.

This is America, folks were people who pride ourselves on life. But we kill and murder babies left and right every day we claim our rights. Just think about if you were to take one aspect of what we are doing. We concluded many times it's not going to take Baghdad driving down Main Street that will collapse America. It's the fact that we are turning our backs on God. The skeptics are everywhere. Have you ever met a real religious skeptic person who says are you kidding me. God, do you know how many people in America today. Never give one for to God.

Do you know how many people on the Lord's day, even in communities like our own. The last thing that I think about is being in church worshiping the Lord doesn't even cross them on legislation every day coming from those who are leaders in our world that all ripping the moral fiber of this nation apart so you know, the question is where do we go. What way do you go mom bringing up the children when you go that way. Do we go, what you say and caring second Timothy of these days such a marvelous passage with whip hole say is this, let me just read it to you again. Second Timothy chapter 2 and verse one.

You then my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. The things that you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others endure hardship with us like a good soldier of Christ Jesus, for no one serving as a soldier gets involved in civilian affairs Robbie he wants to please his commanding officer. Similarly, if anyone competes as an athlete. He does not perceive the victor's crown unless he competes according to the. The hard-working farmer should be the first to receive a share of the crops not reflect on what I'm saying for the Lord Jesus Christ will give you insight into all this. That's what I would say to you today. I promise you on the authority of God's word that when you open your heart in worship when you come before him when you confess before the Lord, you say Lord Jesus, so the site by God's grace alone. I want to know you can. Trusting the Lord will give you insight God will speak your heart. In fact he speaking to your heart right now you know that you can sense it. You can hear his voice. He's talking to you encouraging you bolstering you lifting you up feeding into your heart this in error and infallible word. What I'm speaking to you is God's truth in our desperate world. I'm sharing God's truth with you. I'm not telling you something that's political.

I'm not giving you a manifesto. I'm not even sharing your clubs covenant I'm telling you what God sees and God said, is restrung here is Paul sending this young man out into a dark world. His name was Timothy and God seems them out and launches them and he seems pull this older man. This man who had served the Lord, this man who understood what it meant to be shipwrecked's manhood gone through a lot of struggles himself, but it stood firm. This man who was about to say on fact I have fought the good fight of faith. And Paul says to Timothy, Timothy, let me tell you how to live in your world be strong in God's grace that we've looked at that we we've come to a fresh understanding that knowing Christ means that God gives to us by his Spirit. All that is involved in his grace so fun to be strong in God's grace. It means that God ever basically is letting me know that in my journey in my zone in my struggle in my joy in my sorrow that I have available to me all God is not being given access into this zone of God's sovereignty been given access into the sphere of God's attributes are being given a being given access to the very righteousness and the holiness of God that God is is in me by his spirit for greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world.

Be encouraged by this and he unpacks the sea. Since this is how you do it the more you go to fight like a soldier and we looked at that and and what I love about that particular injunction that he teaches us From verse three is that it gives to me something to look forward to to fight like a soldier. It's not a militaristic statement. It's a statement that speaks to a character disposition a revelation of the soul, spirit that draws its nourishment from the very grace of God, then he goes on from there. As we look last week and he says not any fight like a soldier but run like an athlete and I love that as we began to unpack what it means. What was he using using this incredible mentor for the specter he was trying to show us that we need to know who we are. We need to be set for the finish. We need to keep our eyes on the prize at the side of even this week that when I wake up in the morning. I want to wake up with my eyes on the prize because if I don't, to slip or trip over my slippers that are right there next to my bed there so many things that come up in life and if we don't keep our eyes fixing them and what he was saying is we need to be absolutely sure about doctrine, we need to know what we believe because because the athlete runs God has rules, folks, I think perhaps one of the greatest challenges in America today are the numbers of us who are not determining what God's rule. I don't ever hear God asking me what I think love that little statement that some people say you know God said it that settles it.

That's why this is God's word will folks. He gets up to this culminating point fight like a soldier run like an athlete and he culminates) verse six and he says work like a farmer work like a farmer it's an amazing picture that he gives to us for me to be strong in grace. I go to work like a farmer when I began to think about this, and I came up with five qualities of the form. Now there are many others. I know you will add another 25 of them, but just for the sake of our Bible study today want us to consider what why would Paul invoke this picture of a farmer, why does he say the hard-working farmer should. Why does he give us a picture of farming here, let me just give you five qualities of the form. Just think about someone. Farmers know who they are to follow our been around a lot of farmers in Africa worked on farms in different places.

Love it still talk about it to this day. Some of my favorite people to be around the farm is limited tell you there is a distinctiveness about farmers. Farmers know that they farmers ever thought about that. Just think about farmers, even when it comes to politics our politicians better take care of the farmers.

They are very unique group of men and women.

It's a matter of identity.

That's what he was talking about. He invokes this identity repeatedly and when it comes to knowing who you are.

I want you to know that I'm a Christian man that's identity. So who are you, I'm not just talking about right now I'm talking about tomorrow at the office.

Who are you, ask yourself this question. When you office how many of the people in your office know your identity. Good question is are you just amalgamated.

You look like everybody else sound like everybody else talk like everybody else behave like everybody.

The farmer knows who he is number two second quality farmers work the land they are given nonvegetarian.

You folks that is a no. This is a general statement, but farmers work their own land. I think that's why Paul was saying this Timothy you want to be strong in grace know you are and where you know that's a phrase I hear other people put our pastor on many many times in my own life and seeing how it's changed. A friend of mine. It says bloom where you are planted. We love hearing God's word brought to life by Dr. Don Wilton. That's what you listen to on The Encouraging Word man who loves God and loves God's word loves letting us understand it better. We continue in second Timothy with Dr. Wilton in just a moment Dr. Don Wilton let you know. Maybe you're in a situation where you can have someone pray for you and that would encourage you in a special way were available at 86689866899673. We are available 24 hours a day to pray with Dr. Don's as we all some to a friends I would love to be one of yours number again 866899673 is on our website. DEW The Encouraging Word T available there for 24 hours a day as well. Now that today's great teaching work like a farmer with Dr. Don Wilton no and you plot some.

I say this with a lot of love as I'm talking about us, but some of our greatest problems folks in life as believers is that We Never Contain Way, God has.

You're always looking over your shoulder want you and we living in a world that kinda causes us to look over our shoulder.

You know I love this farmers work the land they own. Stop looking over your shoulder want to be strong in grace as a believer bloom where you plot God's got a very special plan for you and he will take you from where you are to where you need to be whatever it is that you're doing right now. Make up your mind.

This week you going to do a whole lot better this next week when you do what you're doing a whole lot better.

God will give you some more land.

Some of you looking at me right now & foxtrot uneven time.

Do you know why some people don't give to the Lord's work because they keep telling God that don't have enough to give. So why don't you give what you've got God's not the payment on what you don't have he just want you to give what you do have and when you prove that you give what you do have. He just might end up giving you what you don't have but you won't even give him that opportunity.

Farmers know who they are. Farmers work the land are given number three.

Farmers understand their equipment.

I remember in Africa. I used to work on. Combine harvesters out and if you've ever worked on those things. We'd cut the wheat fields and even as a teenager I used to love it would work in rows of combine harvesters, not just loved it. I used to love tractor riding these tractors.

These big Massey Ferguson's and John Deas in in Africa, cutting corn going up.

You know, if you go to farmer and you look at a farmer, there's one thing about a farmer that a farmer does. He understands he knows he's you go out to most forms today and you will find farmers awful ever tinkering with their equipment, always making it move and be this high and that low and you know putting this all in that in making this squeak and that not squeak. I mean it's just a constant thing, but always messing around with their equipment but I know it they know which equipment applies to what avenue of work that familiarity is very important. I think Paul was saying this to Timothy. He was saying, listen men know your equipment study the word of God, you got an incredible piece of equipment in God's word study to show yourself approved under God. God has given to us the church to equip us small groups to equip us. We could go on and on. Farmers know who they are, they they understand their identity.

They that they work the land that they are given like where they are plotted they understand their equipment is telling Timothy how to be strong in grace. Number four farmers studying the harvest process. They study the harvest process.

Most farmers who plant seeds for crops understand the process that takes place the good form of the hard-working farmer knows which land is suitable for which seed he knows how far apart to plot each seed. He knows how much water to give or not to give you notice what thrives in dry weather, and what thrives in saturating with he knows how long before the seed breaks through the he knows how long before he can reap the harvest. He knows the process when you know the process you have a far greater sense of comfort and joy in your current situation because you see the end from the beginning. The farmer knows that it's going to be in that month that he's going to reap the benefit of his labor, which makes the moment of his labor worthwhile.

He understands that what he does telling that soil is not wasting his time. He's willing to accept the scorching sun on his back. He's willing to accommodate the long hours that it takes to get the job done because he studied the process. Paul here invokes the ceases. Listen man you want to be strong in grace work like a farmer and number five farmers feed off their own crops. Always remember in Africa haven't done much of it are beyond these past three decades or so, but you love going out to a foreman and with a farmer you walk around in his fields. Many breaks and tasteless.

I have a boxer that I wanted to like it. I mean it's just unbelievers like they bragging is in every reason that's what he signed.

The hard-working farmer in each of these own fruit.

Folks, how does the soul come together.

What is he trying to say there are two principles here that is sharing with us that I want to just give to you today very briefly to essential commands that come out of working like a farmer someone be disciplined in your strategy. Okay, everybody, look at me you discipline. Discipline means that you know what it takes and you get on and do it. That's what discipline something here listening to Diane some worshiping. You know what it takes. You know what it takes to heal your marriage get on with it. The fabulous strategy plan of action and do it. One of my proverbial battles in life is trying to keep myself in relative shape. I'm using all these words very carefully. I need all of you to be looking at me like that I been holding my breath for the last 30 minutes on looking for to letting it go problems if I let my breath go right now my britches are going to drop you note for me.

I'm just speaking personally, folks, I don I know what it takes because I put on weight varies and I love all accepting boiled okra but you know you can eat for luck or you'll never put on weight because you don't actually chewed it just goes so now what does it take what does it take for Dawn for me to be willful Christ. For me personally. I know what I'm going to come with me with all your stuff this and that and don't tell me about Dr. Oz not one more time.

So what is a type I know that I'm going to go to the Nautilus fitness center. My favorite place to go in Spartanburg.

I'm going to go at least three times a week. Me tell you something, folks. It's a discipline because I don't have time.

So when I go, the Nautilus fitness center.

It's a discipline I want to get my little bag and put my shoes in go they get changed. I got a look like an absolute book and I'm around all of these actresses but I got a new you know two or three times, four times even better. I'm looking at Dr. Walker right now.

He should be going at least five times a week you select coming to your dock. Then I also know besides that, that I've got to just make a few less trips to the refrigerator and my wife's peach cobbler. Can I say this in a worship service.

It will make you slap your mama what we could all go on down the road brought yet. Here's what Paul saying look you want to be strong in grace. Now watch this. Folks, this is just what this is so important. Disciplined in your strategy. Got it. That's a hard-working form.

You don't have to tell a foreman to get up in the morning and get on with it and some of you are just lying around in bed. Morning noon in Montauk a bunch of slobs you need to get on with it, and spiritually. What he saying is be disciplined in your strategy be disciplined as a Christian in your Bible study be discipline in prayer be discipline in preparation be disciplined in service and then the second thing he says is be practicing of your preach be practicing of your preach. This is what he says. He says the hard-working farmer should be the first to receive a share of the crops you not, that means what's the spokes you need to eat from the same table from which you serve, you need to eat from the same what he's talking about here is authenticity and genuineness what he's looking into my heart. He saying to me now look here pasta don't just stand there and tell everybody else what God sees you your self going do it. The hard-working farmer or to be the first to receive a share of the crops. It begins with me.

It's time I mosque I'm presenting to you God's truth. I'm inviting you to be strong in grace take hold of what God has said to you live the name of Jesus because you can do it in Christ. We encourage and invite you to trust Jesus.

You can work like a farmer until you're blue in the face, but if you not block a farmer if you're not actually a foreman you never work like one. Do you know Christ had you trusted him as Savior. Give your life to Jesus to love that right him just as I am, without one by blood shamefully that I would meet a lamb of God.

If you're ready to become a farmer not work like a farmer without the result see the fruit come by being a follower of Jesus Christ can step out in faith, perhaps with a simple prayer repeating right after Jesus.

I realize I've been working hard, instead of living for you what I give my life to you. I accept you as my Savior. I believe you died on the cross for my sins. I ask you to change me from the inside out. In Jesus name Stuart.

Your heart will use those words or others work. Let us join him in your life right now putting some wonderful resources in your hands and helping you grow in your faith.

You can call us right now at 866-899-WORD. That's 866-899-WORD 9673 m online Encouraging And speaking of resources that will help you grow. I book Saturdays with is about an extraordinary relationship with a precious man who impacted lives across the world. You don't want to miss this opportunity to be inspired by his life to that's one of many great resources you'll find the TW micrometer website TE W Be sure and sign up for the daily free email from Dr. Don such a blessing again. Sign up today on our website TE W this broadcast is brought to you in supported and sponsored by The Encouraging Word broadcast generous gifts of friends like you know Dr. Wilton is challenging us all to make sure were in God's house on Sunday gathering together for fellowship and worship in the studying of God's word.

If you need help finding a church home would love to help you do that, we got a couple people, our team and help you find one in the near area that the Bible believing church.

Just call us at 866-899-WORD and asked 866-899-9673 until next time. Take care and

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