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A People Worth Witnessing to R1546

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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August 16, 2022 4:00 am

A People Worth Witnessing to R1546

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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Welcome midweek edition of The Encouraging Word featuring the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton today as we open the word of God, the Bible, together with Dr. Wilton will be talking out of people witnessing to change in our perspective on those around us and the people that need Jesus.

Some that are close to us and some that are further away is a powerful change. We look at it to the eyes of Jesus today will gain more insight as we study the word together, but Dr. Wilton wants me to remind you that as we study we love to pray with you and for your keyboard to keyboard on our or the phone line 866-899-WORD that's 866-899-9673. We love to pray with and for you. Now today's message Dr. Don Wilton people worth witnessing father so many times you speak to us really were all feel so weak the no words that can really describe to you the majesty and glory of who you are. Thank you for loving us.

We pray this prayer in Jesus name together. A man I just love you today that'll just in many ways.

That's my message. I just want you to know that and actually, that message comes through me. I'm saying to you that I love you and I really do. I'm so happy to see you and be with you to fellowship like this. But that love which I have in my heart, comes to me because God loves me he loved me so much that he gave his only son, the Lord Jesus to die for me and I now parse that on to you and I want you to hear something this morning as we open our Bibles to the book of acts, and chapter 19 I want you to hear something. This is a very important statement. I want you to know from my heart is Don Wilton let you are a people worth witnessing to you all worth it. I want you to just think about that statement from I'm saying to you is one person I'm parsing on.

I want you to know that I'm not any love you, but I believe very implicitly in my heart that you all worth sharing this wonderful message with.

I want you to just think of the enormity of that statement's out of the thousands and thousands and potentially millions. By the way of The Encouraging Word television broadcast. I want you to think who I am saying this to and everything I say to you right now. I promise you is true. I'm saying that the Republicans I'm saying that the Democrats independence. I'm saying that to men and boys.

I'm saying that to ladies and girls and get this, I'm saying that to many people who have been blessed financially and in business and who seemingly have very few warriors in that department, but I'm also saying that to a lot of my friends who really are desperate to have nothing and they got nowhere to turn you with my saying that I'm saying that to someone right now who was imprisoned who committed a crime and is playing the consequence. I'm saying that for someone who needs to be forgiven and someone who has been forgiven not only by the Lord Jesus, but by your fellow man saying that potentially I'm saying that to somebody who just absolutely written objects God and Jesus. In fact, I'm saying that to you right now and right now you in your heart you hate me because I'm telling you about Jesus. I'm telling you you with. I'm saying that to somebody today who is a great athlete and I'm saying that to someone who's has no athletic ability. I'm saying that to someone who has a thousand PhD's and I'm saying that to someone who hasn't had one day of the privilege of much education you worth is why you worth it because Jesus makes all the difference.

I just want you to know I want you to know that he's changed my life with. So take a look over here with me because we must understand how worth it.

It is what pole did so on Lucy's third journey just God came to this man who Bob by the way in and get this today.

Paul himself was a sinner. He was a bad one. I mean, he persecuted the church and he met Jesus on the road to Damascus.

Annie's whole life changed.

All of a sudden he had joy, peace, forgiveness, and God came to him and say damn I want you to go and tell all people about me because everybody's worth. Now there's anything that that Satan is going to try and do to you right now he's going to try and convince you that you're not with that you, beyond God, your beyond Jesus and so what happened here was that he left Antioch, where he was member his home church. He always went back to base in the live chat. He traveled through this whole region, and he he's first real stop of any significance and we got a zooming yeah is this place called Ephesus write your sunny jump of my finger. There is there this place called Ephesus an unremarkable city and some of you will remember that Ephesus was really a cosmopolitan city fullback and that they may drumming you might as well of landed in Chicago or New Orleans Atlanta in your city in my city, my town and he came here into Ephesus and there they were, well, who all the people I just spoke to you about payroll. There, I mean he just walked into this humanity.

I will roll their you know we got some very dear friends with us today who are actually worshiping with us.

They serve the Lord.) This part of Turkey they write to after the with us and I'll tell you this is a an interesting part. This is right on the western border of Turkey back in that time a really a Greek city in many ways, but it was under Roman governments and even Caesar Augustus had seen to it that the prosperity that he had in mind for the Roman provinces would would find its expression in Ephesus, so they were very prosperous. They so guess you really wanted to live in Ephesus business people by open businesses. Prosperity was very, very prominent. This is a port city you can see it right there on the GMC so you got a lot of poor traffic coming in and out merchants shops just love to go there. I mean, just a lot of things here. Even today, you can go there a lot of ships land right there and you coming to the port city and there are just shops ad infinitum in the city that really is the entrance way into the city of Ephesus today is as we know it beautiful and I mean the restaurants and everything. Some of the best food you've ever eaten in your life. Well, way back in this place you was just like a gathering of prominent people, business people, I mean they would deals going on the course every time you have prosperity you have poverty everywhere you got prosperity I'll guarantee you have poverty, they they just coexist all the time everywhere all around the world.

So you had massive poverty. Yet the working class at the bottom of the list and by the way they became a lactose segmented group. There were those who were Connor Roman and they were those who would Turkish and there were those who came from this persuasion and it was kind of a racial attitude that was present Roger in Ephesus. I mean you don't believe this, but they were actually people who didn't like other people just because of the color of their skin that that wing on the insert racial attitudes rule over the place. Haves and have-nots, rich and poor ROI. By the way, did I mention this, you talk about politics, see the Romans were involved in so the business community, and many others.

They wanted to be in the good books of Romans that everybody who was anybody want to run for office. So you had to do jet business people backing people running for office. And when they ran for office. They got up and said you like me.

I promise you I'll open your shop right up on that strategic corner there and make sure you get the best business so bribery and corruption. I know we never heard of that in America, but I'm just saying that in Ephesus.

What was there not there.

Oh, by the way they built this incredible library. These were learned people they were academics.

I mean, they went to school there. They studied the medical University was ball. None may send people all over the place and then to actually sit of Ed, but there is that all type of the temple of Artemis I RT EMISIRT EM R is the temple of Artemis.

She was the goddess known as Diana to the Romans and she was the goddess of fertility chance to see childbearing. Don't mess with the lady and her body so they translated even the very issues related to those things that belong to God into the political arena of their lives. I said what we going to do is we forget about God is God we worship cults with pagans we worship, brick and mortar and so God has nothing to do with her. So what we gonna do is we going to take even the very sanctity of life and we got to translate it into the fabric about human genius. I'm going to turn it into a political weapon. Ephesus, here comes Paul, I think.

I'm not trying to put words in the polls mouth, but I think pull in many what it's and if you read his letter to the church at Ephesus.

I think he did the sobbing pole stood up and said me hello excuse me everyone. I'm not sure to talk about your Republicans and your Democrats in your issues or your businesses or your up so your downs.

I want to tell you about Jesus you're listening to Dr. Don Wilton who speaks very boldly does not.

And don't we aspire for that sense of confidence and boldness and insight. Each of our different temperaments. The ability to share our faith to witness the other day.

Dr. Wilton mentioned about the importance of just telling our story about being a witness. If you're called to the stand in a court of law. They just asked us to tell what you saw. If you tell people what you're seeing in your own life by the power of Jesus that could be your greatest witnessing tool that can empower you to be bold.

It's also an opportunity we have to pray through that bonus baby or someone in particular you're praying to witness to our family or group. Let us pray specifically for you gets a call. Let us pray right now with 866-899-WORD. We would love to pray for you that number is 866-899-9673.

Of course that numbering other ways to connect on our We love to be a part of your support system to encourage you in God's word even the world is becoming increasingly challenging place to live as a Christian, Jesus's sacrifice on the cross remains a message of hope for everyone discover a deeper understanding and appreciation for seniors death on the cross in Dr. Wilton's powerful sermon across along with the bonus book the cross of Jesus by Maureen W beers which explores the entire crucifixion in detail. These powerful resources are your slab with your gift of support Encouraging Word. Thank you for listening today about today's message with Dr. Don listen. These people believe man go there worship pagans go ballistic. Do whatever you want to do but don't come here with Jesus, man.

I we going to get to. It got so bad they went into a rioting frenzy.

Eventually that's read about a just a few verses, just a few excerpts that starting next chapter 18 verse 24 now June. Name the policy and native of Alexandria, came to Ephesus. He was an eloquent man competent in the Scriptures. Verse 26 he began to speak boldly in the center ball chapter 19 in verse one.

As it happened while Paulus was at Corinth parts through inland country and he came to Ephesus and they he found some disciples and he said to them, did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believe they should not weep not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit when he said, and to Deming today. What then were you baptized by sitting to John's baptism and Paul looked at them and said, man what a great man, but your believing sincerely not knowingly your belief is misguided said even John was telling the people to believe in the one who was to come off to him that is Jesus got out of the site, then the end of the synagogue for three months he spoke boldly reasoning persuading them. Here it is again about the kingdom of God go down to verse 11 zoning Ephesus and God was doing extra ordinary miracles by the hands of pole father why they didn't have the Bible close it. God used him in every way. I got out of verse 20 I'm gonna fill in the gaps for you in just a minute. Verse 20 of the word of the Lord continue to increase and prevailed mightily by just say this to you again my name is Don Wilton and I'm a Christian man in Jesus came into my heart. I didn't deserve that I'm a sinner send previously against God. I was best to be separated from him for all time and eternity, but because he loved me he revealed himself to me and I gave my heart and life to Jesus and he kind my heart and he forgave me for all of my son and he restored me reconciled me number one to God. Number two to my fellow man and then get this in my life. The he said to me, I want you to get up from your Antioch.

I want you to go to the world and has what I want you to do. I don't you to preach politics or business at all. I want you to do is just to love all people in the name of Jesus until them about me. That's what Paul was doing.

That's what you and I do and it's hard to stick to this because we all have stuff. We all have feelings we all have emotions we all have persuasions we were all individuals and then to make it even better. We live in the greatest country in the world and we now know we got our right to live to do to say whatever we want to because that's my rot.

I miss with my rights and that's my problem and Jesus came into my heart and because the spirit has coming to my life. I am submitting myself to his spirit by his help in my life is following Jesus.

That's what pulled it so what we find in the city of Ephesus. What we find that there were some people who spoke boldly.

We read about a polished. That was going on amongst those people. We find that some people believed sincerely. I think chapter 19 I've I've never met a more American few verses in all my life like and we can even exist.

But it's like every time I read that I think of me and my people and us of who I am. These people believed sincerely that they weren't saved. How can you be saved because drunk on save anybody listen hello do you know how many unbelievably precious, wonderful, deeply sincere people there all in every city in every community in our own world which surrounded the cannot tell you something. Folks with all the love they are no grade of people on the face of the earth, and the American person. You won't find a more generous person openhearted more hospitable and we got a slew of men and women who have sacrificed their lives for this country. You can be as genuinely lovely and a sincere and is wonderful. I want you to know that what I had to do was to give my heart to Jesus because this Bible tells me that it's at the name of Jesus, that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, not drawn, the Baptist. It's not Billy Graham is not Don the Wilton is not Abraham's not the Pope's not your priest, your bishop, Jesus, and don't get me wrong I mention my name, jolly nice person to you. I think I'm I'm quite frankly, I think I'm or let's get on the next subject or so to some believed sincerely and wanted pole do your ride.

Then he said let me tell you about Jesus. Number three. Some resisted stubbornly Bible tells us in verse eight, 10, that they were stubborn resistance to the gospel. This during these weeks I'm I'm thinking so much about students on two many of already arrived on campuses but frames you went and unpacked their sons and daughters in our college campuses and are still doing high school students kindergartners love our students proud of it. Promise you on those campuses. All of this is going to be there. Roth even on a campus going to be some of gonna speak boldly the word of God. The gonna be some who just sincerely, our religious salt of the earth. Many of them in the gonna be some who resist stubbornly that's what happened in these verses here Bible tells us very clearly entered then reasoning with them, persuading them. Some became stubborn continued in their unbelief. You know that there's someone listening to me right now you are stubbornly going to just walk away from Goldman you is all I know it one day, but right now it's going to get stubborn somewhat touched miraculously on I love this in verse 11 and 12.

Bible says the God was doing extra ordinary miracles through pole and in this regard. Even handkerchiefs aprons that it touched the skin will carry the weight of the sick. Paul was there Bible. He was to them. The carrying over of the gospel, God used it. God came in the God will use you.

I want to encourage you something because I think there are some precious friends right now, you need a miracle.

Don't what is America miracle, something that only God can do a lot as it's not America but let me tell you, God will use anything that he is disposal. Listen to your doctor, God will use your doctor. Listen to your best friend who loves Jesus seek off to that you want a miracle in your life. Don't put a limit on God is that cannot just say that. Don't tell God not identify what it is. Give yourself to prayer and fostering bring into your circle, a small group of very godly people to pray with you. Anticipate what God's going to do and then trusted by committees would, and you receive God's miracle never find yourself getting to the point at which you say I'm done.

Nothing can be done. I it's hard. I prayed with a dear man yesterday. Both Karen and I did.

We both prayed with him and for him just love it sprayed with held his hand just prayed with him. He's been very you somewhere in my oppressive Lord I pray for the spray loves you Mrs. being in church concrete precious man. I pray for God's miracle Rick Smith, God's miracle. We prayed for you brother.

I'm go around this place. Everywhere I start naming one person after another.

Where you been down you being almost dictated out and a miracle is something that God does and that's the part that we go to race ourselves in him, whether he does or whether he doesn't. It brings the big Y when God doesn't heal, why, why, Lord, why didn't you heal my husband what you my friend. Why did you do this that's not a criminal question God knows that of course because it brings us in conflict with our emotions.

I can't explain it to you why, but I do know that God does. I want to trust him, don't you, I'm going to pray for you. I'm praying for you because I love you in the name of Jesus I put my hands on you. I meant to pray for you I'm lost God to hear you. That's what he did when he came to Ephesus.

It doesn't matter if you're Republican or Democrat. It doesn't matter whether you got enough money or don't have enough it doesn't matter. God loves you give your life to Jesus what happened just somewhat touched miraculously and as a consequence, in verse 13 through 20 somewhere delivered mightily that blossom popped there about the presence and power of the evil one. The desire of Satan to assist us as we did get a hold of the hearts about people in our nation and our young people but God is sovereign and mighty powerful. He provided what happened, people would delivered Mike so the word of the Lord continue to increase in mightily and as we understand that love of God. It's life-changing, ready to talk with you, answer questions, pray with you at 866899 word that's 866-899-9673 or and before we get away another powerful fall from Dr. Don Wilton are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that on the center and I know that Jesus died for me on the cross today, I repent of my sin and by faith I receive you into my heart. In Jesus name, my friend.

I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting news. Pray that if God has stirred your heart through the power of his Word the Bible itself, and his messenger Dr. Don Wilton that you wouldn't let this moment just so physical way is Dr. Don would say, take action, draw a line in the sand. Let us help you do that by praying with you and for you. Maybe putting some resources in your hands like beginning a new time of Bible study with the daily Encouraging Word. It's free for the asking. If you call us at 866899 help you spend discipline time five or 10 minutes to start with that, Dave. Encouraging watch God again asked for it is you call 866899673 sign-up online and being Encouraging one of your most teacher friend of mine came that day and was having a film that she really needed so I gave her my she took it as a treasure shirt.

The time, praise the Lord she needed and I know that every day draws high God's word

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