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Christians & Politics

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October 30, 2020 9:00 pm

Christians & Politics

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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October 30, 2020 9:00 pm

What should be the approach for Christians when it comes to voting? Please tune in today as Brian & Denita discuss due diligence and the Biblical worldview that Christians should possess when it comes to politics.


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God committed to urging you to put God first well-meaning life.

The window of the Bible. Now, in honor of the one and only true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Let's join Wayne see Thomas for today's message will greetings to all in the name of our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

If you join us for the very first time a name is Brian Thomas, and I am joined today by my lovely wife, who is also cohosts hello, I'm Denita Thomas is so weird today going to talk about the thing that comes around every four years that we just love so much and I'm not talking about leap year. I wish I was because that would be a lot more enjoyable but were talking about the presidential election because when elections come around every two years with the presidential election is every four years is not just the president of course we know there are a ton of other other offices that are going on at the same time, but the presidential election is the one that is the focus and you know every year comes around every time it comes around every four years we see the mudslinging is going on in this. This is very heated and so were going to talk about it today as to how Christians should approach it and were not going to tell you who to vote for not going to tell you what party to vote for will want to share with you from a Christian perspective here at our ministry God first. Our motto is encouraging you to put God first. While you alive through the window of the Bible and so that is just another way of saying a biblical worldview and were going to talk about politics and how we should view it through the window of the Bible.

So today let's start by talking about what is the very first thing that we as Christian believers in Jesus Christ. What should be the first thing we should do when it comes to voting. I think that the first thing we should do is pray. We can ask God to examine our hearts and to give us godly wisdom and discernment as God gives us wisdom and he gives it to us generously and I think that's something that we definitely need as we go and get ready to assess each candidate and so the first thing we need to do is be filled with the Holy Spirit and when I say examine yourselves out. I mean, you know the Holy Spirit will convict the heart of anything that you need to have perished or confesses sand so that the Holy Spirit can fully connect you to God so that he can speak to you during this time as to which direction to go. Yet I agree with you because lower people you hear them say, you know, vote your conscience with the Bible says a conscience can become seared right you don't want a vote by seared conscience. So we need to seek the Holy Spirit pray and don't go by your own motivations because when you really stop and pray and seek the Holy Spirit then the Holy Spirit is what is God in your decision is not your fleshly desires. So after we have prayed after after we've asked to be feel with God about the Holy Spirit's are looking at the issues of the candidate is in the platform and for me. Number one is the sanctity of life.

When I start to look at what this candidate stands for what the platform of the candidate in the party stands for. I think about the sanctity of life meaning. The unborn were talking about abortion because we know here in the United States of America. More than 60 million babies have been killed through abortion. Proverbs 6 verses 16 through 17 reads these six things the Lord hates, yes, seven are an abomination to him a proud look, a lion tone, hands that shed innocent blood. And there's no blood that is more innocent than that of an old unborn child. Yes, and I think is also to understand to you that we are all created an image of God.

And in Jeremiah 1 verse five it says I knew you before I formed you in your mother's well before you were born I set you apart and appointed you so there there's a purpose for every one and God knows as even before we are even thought of by parents and so that shows you how precious and he formed us.

He intricately formed us in our mother's womb, and when you say intricate that means is personal to God. He is intricately forming each baby in the mother's well and so that the baby is a human being and so when an abortion happens.

Innocent blood is being shed mass murder is right and there people out there have had discussions with people personally have heard the talking points on the television shows in which people will say well don't be a one issue voter. There are more issues out there than just that one thing, but for me if if you cannot pass the tests on that one issue I don't need to hear anything else that you have to say you're not interested in anything else you have to say because if you're going to tell me that you are in favor of a baby in the womb, losing his life being murdered.

Then there's nothing else that you know I can say what I can get past that, if you want to have a great economy or because when you don't do something. God's way you can have the best economy on paper that there's ever been. But if you're going to shed if you want to advocate for and pass legislation on shedding the innocent blood of babies that that that economic plan is going to be nothing because God won't let it prosper.

Now, on the other hand, if you take a candidate who says well I'm standing for the unborn.

They want to do things based on God's rules. Maybe their economic plan is not the best in the world. It may not be what economics professor would share is the best way to do it but because he or she is handling things based on the word of God.

God can supernaturally calls that economic plan to prosper and I can I use it economics because a lot of people say things like, will you know what about the economy we need to have jobs in all that would look if you don't take care of the unborn. Don't expect prosper in other ways. It makes me think about Isaiah 49 verse 15 can a mother forget the baby at her breasts and have no compassion on the child.

She has borne though she may forget, I will not forget God is saying. Maybe the society may push these these babies aside, but he says I will forget them right in on another verse that comes up for me is in Deuteronomy 27 verse 25 says cursed is anyone who accepts payment to kill an innocent person and all the people will reply a man and when I think about as I know, people may say well I'm not the one that's aborting the baby or I'm not the doctor that's performing the abortion but when you vote for someone who you know is going to legislate for that, then you are signing on and saying yes you have my allegiance that is okay for you to go and abort babies so it's almost like you're doing the same thing you're at your your part of the plot to kill that baby and you can look on websites for these different candidates and see if Planned Parenthood is one of their key endorsement people and Planned Parenthood actually has on their website.

A whole page that is dedicated to who is for Planned Parenthood and you can actually look people up and see who you know which candidates are part of that whole thing where Planned Parenthood is gaining that popularity and that allegiance from that candidate. And so you really need to pay attention to those things. And Planned Parenthood is so deceptive because that name sounds good Planned Parenthood that that sounds like a good name planning out how to be good parents are planning out parenthood, but the organization was started by Margaret Singler who was a racist white woman and she started for the purpose of getting rid of the black race. That was the whole reason why it started was for genocide and and we need to know what were supporting along the line of what you're saying and also I want to share. Leviticus 20 verses two through five. Again, you shall say to the children of Israel, whoever of the children of Israel or of the strangers who dwell in Israel who gives any of his descendents to Mallik, he shall surely be put to death the people of the land shall stone him with stones.

I will set my face against that man and will cut him off from his people because he is giving some of his children. Some of his descendents I should say to Mallik to defile my sanctuary and profane my holy name it, the people of the land should in any way hide their eyes from the man when he gives some of his descendents to Mallik and they do not cure him that I will set my face against that man and against his family, and I will cut him off from his people and all who prostitute themselves with him to commit harlotry with Mallik, so that's a mouthful, let me just share real quick that we at this point in time. This is in the Old Testament, so this is not the age of grace.

People then word stoned to death, but we are in major grace. We don't advocate killing anyone that is an abortionist, some people have taken that into their own hands over the years and decided to go out and kill abortionists even though they declare themselves to be pro-lifers but we are pro-lifers for everyone at all stages, but here in the nation of Israel. What happened is this was during the time in which this idol God molded was they had this practice with a call passing the children through the fire and they literally sacrificed their children alive, they burn them alive to this idol God molded and so God is said right here that I am going to punish all who do so and not just the ones who are participating. But even those who know they just taken place but are choosing to do nothing. So all of us here in this nation.

We know that abortion is taken place by the thousands on a daily basis and if you are just sitting by saying well I'm not participating in it.

I'm not doing it I'm good you're not fighting for the unborn will. God is going to hold you steel accountable and responsible. Yes, he is and I don't think a lot of people think about the fact that you look at Planned Parenthood.

They they include abortion EN as birth control and a satin to look at it like that because they'll consider birth control as being I can kill my baby from conception all the way up to afterbirth ninth month and how can we not call that murder is how can we not stand as ambassadors for Christ and say you're going to stand for these children who don't have a voice. It is murder. Absolutely. And there are politicians out there.

We've known this been for years. This some legislation called the born alive act and what that act is for is so that if a baby survives a botched abortion and that has happened, then the act is to say you are to care for their baby and to give it whatever care you would any other case. Will there are politicians out there they have voted against it. They say no. The mother wanted to abort the baby anyway let the baby die. Go ahead and toss it in the trash and I have to say here in our state where we live. Gov. Cooper, our Gov. voted against that act's rationale was there already laws on the books to cover that kind of thing that was his rationale and when I got to get into a deep discussion on that today but the desk not accurate but but why would anybody vote against a bill this is to provide care to a baby that has survived an abortion, but our Gov. voted against it.

There been many others who voted against it. Barack Obama voted against the same thing and you know you have to ask yourself the question, who are you supporting what do they stand for and again. We we are here not to trot again to tell you specific people to vote for not to vote for known payments of names, but we are really coming at it more from the standpoint of platforms and when you talk about murder. I heard a lady who was a nurse given accounts when she was pro-choice. She worked as a nurse and she said she saw in which part partial-birth abortion in which they delivered the baby feet first, everything but the head and she said before the head came out. The doctor took scissors stabbed the baby in the base of its head. The baby's arms just went out beside it. You know is as someone dead, how they react as if they're falling the baby's arms went out and then the doctor attached a vacuum to the base of the babies here suck his brains out and the baby went limp and she testified to that as to how barbaric the ideas and people God is going to judge his modifier thing God already is judging us for this I think is already judging is but there's more to come. If we do not repent and turn from our wicked ways. One of the thing I want to share another lady gave the testimony of that.

She went to heaven by we have a vision whether she really went to heaven and I don't know that's debatable but she said that she went to a location in which she so Jesus and there were all these little toddler standing around Jesus as far she could see she asked him the question. Who were these and Jesus said these are all those who were murdered in their mother's womb, and she was just heartbroken and it it breaks my heart when I think about that that that is taken place and again we are in a society in which there so many. As Christians who are going along with with these political parties political candidates that are advocating for this we should not be of those we should be of the lights. We should not be of darkness if you're just tuning in with us to atone into God first were talking about Christians and politics, what should be our don't always write that tuned into God first. You're listening to Brian only got more wind please visit around the library where you will find articles available and downloads on various topics such as salvation, marriage lesson is just to name a few. Also, sign up for our monthly newsletter and visit our website God back to the program on his wife, Thomas, and I buy my wife was talking today about Christians in politics and what should be the "two election. If you are just now join us and want to hear this in its entirety.

You can listen to the full show that this to you deed the number one would also love to hear from you. You can write us at God first Bible Fellowship, PO Box 266, Knightdale, NC 27545 alright so we have looked at number one issue is the sanctity of life was number two for you when you go to decide who you want to vote for.

I think a big one for me is marriage and sexuality. I think you can easily go to the candidates websites and see it once again. Who their endorsements are and you tend to see whether they are endorsed by an LGBT Q organization or something like that. But the whole thing for me is this the importance and the sacredness of family is God's institution and I would think. Also, Blacks would really have a say on this because it is so important to keep the family structure together as a father in the home and the mother and home because it impacts black people tremendously and that is been shown that when there is not a father in the home with the mother that black children are more likely to grow up not graduate from high school not go to college and these things significantly and impact how successful they are. There they are, and how they do economically and things like that but I truly believe he of course that God created man and the male and female, and this is how he designed marriage that the whole idea of taking that LGBT Q rights and totally doing away with what God intended for marriage to be. That's an abomination & godly. And remember, folks, we talking here about the platforms you can go and look up the platforms of the parties and their candidates. As you can see where they stand on these issues. Yet the family so important in the black community where more than 70% of babies are born to fatherless homes and then we have organizations out there that are trying to redefine nor just have these movements going on in our countries in which they want to get rid of the nuclear family that all fathers in the home will vest us against the word of God. Alright so for me the next one is the nation of Israel. The Bible makes it very clear where God stands with the nation of Israel. Joel chapter 3 verses one through 24 behold, in those days and at that time, when I bring back the captives of Judah and Jerusalem. I will also gather all nations and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat, and I will enter into judgment with them there on account of my people, my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations. They have also divided up my land. There are people out there that believe in a two state solution they are wanting to take part of Israel and give it to the Jews and party given to the Palestinians.

God said no.

This land was promised way back in the Bible days to Abraham and when there are individuals out there that are saying divide the land there going against the word of God.

God made it very clear and we find in Genesis chapter 12 verse three I will bless those who bless the and I will curse those who curse the you do things against God's word when it comes Israel you can you're going to bring a curse upon upon your land and the Bible says that Israel is the apple of God's life now is sensitive. I don't like having my eyes messed with. I go to I can't stand it. I really get a needle any day. And I know you would like me to come over there poke you in your so when you mess with Israel. That's like poking God and I yell.

Nobody is going to sit by and let someone put them in the eye, but that is that is was happening and so was so important that we understand when it comes to Israel that we are not to divide up God's holy land and I would like to add. I'm not going to say which platform these are formed is going to read what is said on each platform.

There is one platform that says we support a negotiated two state solution that ensures Israel's future as a Jewish and democratic state with recognized borders and it whole upholds the right of Palestinians to live in freedom and security in a viable state of their own and another one that says therefore support for Israel is an expression of Americanism and it is the responsibility of our government to advance politics that reflect American strong desire for relationship, with no daylight between America and Israel. We oppose any measures intended to impose an agreement or to dictate borders or other terms and we call for the immediate termination of all US funding of any entity that attempts to do so. Our party is proud to stand with Israel now and always. Yep, Israel is important so do not be on the wrong side of God when it comes to Israel. Okay so we looked at number one sanctity of life, sanctity of marriage and we looked at Israel. What else do you have. I want to talk about religious freedoms and I think that people realize how important this is for for us.

There are entities such as religious congregations. Of course, then you have schools you have pregnancy resource centers as we fight for them. Born there are different charities and health programs and shelters and things like that that are that have religious freedoms that they implement in how they carry on their business and I know that people do not want the government to come and tell them how they are supposed to worship or how they are supposed to think things like this, but if I religious freedoms are taken away because I think you some people may have already seen some candidates really bash Christianity and I think is important for us to understand that I religious freedoms can be taken away just like that and what we don't want is the government to come in and be so powerful that they can tell us what to think and how to act and if they intruding on our minds and how were supposed to do things and how are we going to fully be able to worship Christ if you think we're persecuted now. Just think what it would be like if they started take away religious freedoms and is it. Also I noticed ties into education little bit but there a lot of homeschool parents including us, who, who homeschool our children. We are able to teach our children the word of God and of course these things are not allowed in public schools, and so just think if homeschooling is taken away because they fear is too much religion and that you know there are certain things that we have to think about to be able to make sure we have our religious rights and if you are small business owner, you should have a choice in how you want to run your business and it should not be up to your neighbors to decide how your religion should impact your business and I think that that will become a hot topic a hot thing if you know those freedoms are taken away, absolutely, and we there's deftly a push to take away those freedoms. Romans chapter 1 verse 32. Rees, who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them. This year, as the apostle Paul was writing and he speaking of it given a long list of immoral behavior, and he saying that also. Those who approve of those who practice them. So when you talk about killing of the unborn. When you're talking about when it comes to marriage when victims of the nation of Israel. You walk into that booth and you cast your vote you are approving of whatever that candidates platform is on so you can't say you wipe your hands clean say that I'm a conservative on one side and forth religiously, but then I can go of the liberal it doesn't work that way. Now you muddying the waters when you do that and got rates of that also is right. Separation of church and state.

That's what a lot of people will cry when we speak about these issues, but the separation of church and state is not in the Constitution. A lot of people think that it is, but is not in the Constitution is nowhere to be found there. Let me comes as a surprise to many, but the there with the idea came about from Thomas Jefferson in which he wrote a letter and the letter was simply for the sake of keeping intrusive government outs of the freedom of religion, so it doesn't mean that we as Christians are not supposed to reflect our values when it comes to politics because we are but it says that the government is not to incorporate a state church and you will be seen through history in which state sanctioned churches typically do not work because what happens is they they getting bids or to speak with the government, and it becomes corrupted, but there this whole idea of separation of church and state. It does not apply people when we start saying what does the Bible say about this. What does the Bible say about that. We are not to divorce ourselves from God when it comes to any part of our life with his politics, or anything so you can have this old separation of church and state argument or I will Demeter in the final minute.

Any other thoughts concerning this topic. I just want to add on that. We know that the cultural majority today. A lot of it is in darkness a lot of people walking in darkness and I religious freedoms currently keep us from it prevents that cultural majority from taken their power because they feel like a very powerful and got a lot of that progressive and liberal and leftist backing and they want to take that power and impose their beliefs on us from a religious standpoint and that religious freedom is a big deal.

And so we see how dark out. The culture is becoming and they want to take that power and remove the power of Jesus Christ from us. Yes.

So I think we are going to wrap it on that note, we hope folks that this is giving you some insight as to how you should approach how we should approach elections as Christians and I just want to say out there for those Christians who say that will politics is in his worldly is in the world and our kingdom is not of this world and you just decide to sit out.

That is not what God calls us to do because when we sit out the leaves legislation to be dictated by the unrighteous in the end you're going to have immorality in the land which leads to the judgment of God. So get out and vote be active vote. The Bible vote what the Bible says again, don't vote your as people say vote your conscience because a conches can become seared, but do as Denita said earlier, first go in your prayer room and pray seek the Holy Spirit. Ask him to guide you and you will do things in accordance to his way in his will. So I want to thank you for tuning in to us this week. Please come back and join us again next week. Until then, remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, less God's great nation of Israel to the only wise God be glory through Jesus Christ, forever. Amen. Amen.

You can think of the Bible blame God for Ryan and I first was a right protected under our copyright is until next time great nation of Israel first

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