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What is a Christian to Think? - Developing a Biblical Worldview - Part 1

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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May 29, 2021 2:00 pm

What is a Christian to Think? - Developing a Biblical Worldview - Part 1

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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May 29, 2021 2:00 pm

Dr. Bruce Logan is this week's guest. He joins us to discuss his recent series titled, "What is a Christian to Think - Developing a Biblical Worldview - Part 1".

Dr. Bruce Logan (DBL Ministries –


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Welcome to God first, with wavy, when committing to encouraging you to put God first, while viewing life the window in the Bible. Now, in honor of the one and only true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Let's join Wayne see Thomas for today's message bridges in the name of our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My name is Brian Thomas and it is always a joy and honor and a privilege to join you each week on the God first program will focus today.

We are in for a very special message to have a guess who's going to speak with us about the things that we see going on in our world and in our nation here in the United States of America, and unless you've been living in a cave somewhere you know that our nation has a problem and we're looking at it is really a crisis.

There is a cultural crisis that is taking place is a will to speak about it and when I think about this. Guess the first words that come to my mind are wisdom and discernment is deftly a wise man and we always honor to have him. He's a blessing to the ministry's name is Dr. Bruce Logan. He is a teacher conference speaker and Bible college instructor. He is the founder of Dr. Bruce Logan ministries about a living.

I want to thank you for coming on again to the golfers program a great honor. I man it is always a blessing to have you and others stated we have here in our nation. There is deftly a crisis taken place and you wrote a very great series that is titled what is a Christian to think developing a biblical worldview and so I wanted Sue to have you come want to talk with us today about it because again is so much great wisdom in and discernment that you you just laid out so beautifully in and we want to share that with our audience, so will begin by asking you to question again. The series is titled what is a Christian to think developing a biblical worldview and so in part one of the series you wrote. How should believers make sense of America's cultural crisis so can you speak that question force back a little bit of background on. It actually died in the topic overall.

The original title. Were going to be religion, politics, and a biblical worldview that title that I started out with an so I tried to get on my website and try to get on my Facebook page and try to locate rejected it and maybe one of you to do it over and wanted me to change the wording and with them for like the one on like meat and they wanted me to fill out some paperwork and not jump through all their jumping through all of their private booth it again rejected.

You don't talk about the cultural asked me what that revealed to me how. If cultural price is really you know that the content you know a lot about sold strongly about that title to the theory, what is a Christian think developing a biblical worldview and accepted… Ironic as well. But God never left without what what what in the world is really going on and what we believe or make the American cultural quite topic that we could probably lower on that topic alone give you the short version as believer.

I'm a strong believer that we have to have a different mindset than what the world. The world has mind everything happening in America from a cultural point have to do with writing about black versus white or Republican versus Democrat or by first they try to make it secular problem when in reality, goal, worldview standpoint. There is a lot more happening behind being been what we've been told by the media or the world.

Merit is much more happening behind the Republican versus Democrat, black versus white, male versus female is a lot more happening. There is little spiritual war taking place in the realm and not only the war but there have been clearly defined agenda that the are actually having an active part in a lot more power were talking about the great and the great race that with the concept of review real quick. The great race that was the concept that leaders around the world were using COBIT 19 along with climate change to basically a one world economic, social, much more happening in the culture behind being what the media letting upon letting them know." For example, we learn from all versus 12 for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, principality and power of the dark world and high plate time here that birth holding insurgent but often times that you know you hear. I wonder how many, how really people actually have a look at birth name literally literally verbatim what it means that there were believer and we have to follow that up. We have to be able to not only understand it, or agenda. We also have to understand that one automatically a problem when we have believer embrace the same apologetic of the world. We don't try to do a congregational one on one complication about the topic about going on in the world and we know things are different between know what a believer, and what you don't get in there and that's kind of a problem, something that we take that back and reevaluate right right, absolutely. And as he was talking to my mind is exactly right. And how the culture is trying to have these agendas that are going on things that are not being told to us, but was also interesting to me is that that the so-called elites they push these things and for them, they push it in a way, as if it is advancement as though society is advancing, we are we are learning more. We are progressing right but but I'm a Christian standpoint, we look at it as though this is a moral decline. Things are going in the in a bad direction, but so that is there's this this thing to silence the Christian because we are holding them back for what they believe is progressing forward, but we see that the wickedness in it because as you said, it is really a spiritual battle that is taken place right regret yeah exactly exactly that. But I've always stated that the back.

The church is not on top of what's really happening is probably the greatest. The greater problem that we got the church to be the light one third are to be the one for influence culture and not being influenced by the culture as I hand out talk about that a little bit more about an interview with Barry. Problem because we lack of a biblical worldview in the church example when you look at the various race riot happen all that living under a rock like introduction you noted that have 14 months or so I've been like unprecedented you have had a cold at night where America we have 30 to 40 million. One year right behind that represent economic growth records will work on back and let year.

Having a party equation having you more and not all happen by accident, micrograph of the one of it was all fall for all Republican, all for all of the rich. But in reality behind it. Believer have to come to grips with the title of the series is was a Christensen think developing a good local worldview on the other side of the short break will be back with more. Bruce Logan don't go away with convincing God first program listening to Brian.more crying is God around the library where you will find articles available as MP3 downloads on various topics such as salvation is just to name a few. Also, sign up for our monthly newsletter and visit with grandma name is Brian Thomas being joined today by Dr. Bruce Logan you are just now joining us and would like to hear the message in its entirety is visit our this GLD number one Also, we would love for you to write to us. You can do so at God first Bible Fellowship, PO Box 266, Knightdale, NC 27545. So as you said that there is a spiritual problem going on over there. There is a spiritual battle that is going on and that is how we should make sense of what is taking place is so important to the series in in folks, this series is on Dr. Luby's website and will share with you and in the program how you can get to it. It is a wealth of information so we are only scratching the surface here, but in part two of the series. Why worldview matters. You wrote your worldview affects everything. Can you speak to that everyone has a worldview never really think about it, like air, grieving, grieving, we can't really pay off if I will really think about what I worldview worldview. But we all have a world everything we are why we believe the way we believe.

While we waited. We all the way, how do we happening around the world without our culture quite outlook on the culture quite predicated on how we world that we think of the world we make our behaviors are responsive are all predicated on a worldview, not great definition very greatly remain glad that you threw in order to bring what is happening in the world at the mental logical plan work which shape a person's view of reality and perspective in which one world that I have some friend.

For example, heavenly great liberation theology that yes and everything happening in the culture of liberation theology). You know everything you baby solution and that there there. I would think around the black liberation ideology what they believe what they think about what example Luke 25 out of the heart the mouth speaks vertically.

The man and heart beat exactly what world you logical perspective on the world how the world and how we world it believe is our perspective, it believe that we look in the world and got a light that that when we talk about worldview.

There competing world. The cold, arriving what are you married world arrived and we have a world philosophy that disregard mind rejects right primary agenda about America told me would you talk earlier about their gender happening behind that we as believers need to be able to discern and that what that was not happening with the culture that would be only LGBT movement direct on biblical world direct assault on Christianity.

This whole idea got a myth that all of the talk about climate change have gone on for probably the past four years we only have 10 year right got ironic, but the fact of the matter is what that what that really number example of how the world. Conflict God's word.

We have read the book, we know how to start going nothing about the read read anything about how to world climate. Okay until you quite a bit when God created the heavens and earth. God looked around.

No good, very good, like spinning because quick study on the original Christian reporter Paul Bible government around the earth like water that oyster that was surrounded prevented a lot of rain from the atmosphere around the earth preferred to refer to them today by a greenhouse. When I've got a greenhouse was very good greenhouse effect is very bad. Well Fargo report are we going to believe. Okay, so the word everything in the world.

One of many examples that I could do happening in the world as part of an agenda or another time that I like you. The spirit of the agenda. Try to be Christian. I America in particular become a miracle of the country.

Contrary to a lot of the you know anti-American rhetoric is going around out America.

One of the concrete was founded on Judeo-Christian principles was founded by a group of individual got got on the boat and left, contrary land and to worship God without any government right so contrary to all of the movement, but they America was great America.

No miracle of slavery, slap in the face that everything is happening biblical perspective and your group that I get from, Mark, my Christian friends and they are not active? How was it that America became so prosperous and great information economically and militarily in military and militarily left the 200 year it will because we have played my part.

My response. The name is any cultural society, and three of the world for all and practically silent cricket as part of the problem, not one. The problem that we have in the world and in America is not skin, but if because of because of the fall world biblical world view, the secular world world want to believe that it's all because of Templar because of right and and and gender and so forth. But I thought here is quite a bit last week because we have Mother's Day and all of outside terminal. Maybe you haven't been called burping people that yes I have all what what event name, but they really know what that mean but again out of another example, of discrediting of God's word, the Bible from a biblical perspective God made male and female) right Adam and Eve not adamantly going to believe the word of God.

Believe what you know what the secular movement is trying to get a grip believe so basically summary we can look at the biblical worldview as answering three questions the Bible have the answer to request the court, why are we the way that we are why were the way that it is and what can be done about it that the question wanted to kind of tied together because we are the way that we are because we created after the image of God but to we are a product on a result of the identity that happened in chapter 3 in the current equipment placed on that happened there in the world is not because of not becoming slavery not man on all mankind in the garden, which is what can be done about it by accepting Jesus as our Savior, to be redeemed God to redeem mankind from Mark. One day come back in the same way that the Bible saw him go up and have gone a come back like a bingo night and and that is going to come back and Bible. Make all things new. So you best kind of the biblical worldview and every other every other thing that we talk about in terms of what's happening in the culture can be plugged into that outline until I listen. Is it your hearing.look for the very first time you see why now. I said wisdom and discernment of the words that come to mind when I think of this man, because you lay that out so beautifully and I and I was thinking soon as you are talking also about the whole push now for not calling women mothers but to call them birthing people. There's also this thing melt of chest beating the note they don't want to say breast-feeding chest beating and you know I sent this is insanity I mean this is totally insane but that is.

That's why biblical worldview matter so much and without ministry with when we do our intro fly so we we want to make a point to say that what we hear what we are encouraging people to do is to view life through the window of the Bible because if you do not look at things through the lens of the Bible you want to get it wrong every time you want to get all our wagon, we see that happening so much in our society and as you talk about. Also, liberation theology, made me think about the Louis Farrakhan faction of the Nation of Islam because there is so much overlap there and I have a friend of mine that I was speaking with not too long ago and he's really struggle he's he's a black man also and he is really struggling with these racial issues in the country and I told him that I think has a strong hold on him, but he's now a professing Christian but at one time many years ago. He was involved in the Nation of Islam and I told him I think that stuff is still influencing your your worldview because you are you looking at things through what Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam talked as opposed to looking at it through the Bible and so you again.a living you just delay that out so beautifully where we will press the pause button as we are all a lot of time.

I want to thank you for tuning in with us this week. Please come back and join us next time. For part two of what use a Christian to think developing a biblical worldview with our guests. Dr. Bruce Logan followed Dr. Logan by visiting his website Dr. Bruce SDR Bruce again folks, we welcome you to join us next week as we continue to encourage you to put God first, while viewing life through the window of the Bible. Until then, remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, bless God's great nation of Israel and to the only wise God be glory through Jesus Christ, forever. Amen. You can blame God for Brian and I first was protected under our copyright health first

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