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What is a Christian to Think? - Developing a Biblical Worldview - Part 2

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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July 24, 2021 2:00 pm

What is a Christian to Think? - Developing a Biblical Worldview - Part 2

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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July 24, 2021 2:00 pm

Dr. Bruce Logan is this week's guest. He joins us to continue discussing his recent series titled, "What is a Christian to Think - Developing a Biblical Worldview".


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God first program to encourage and viewing life through the name in honor of the one and only true God, the God of Isaac, and Jacob doing the day program on Thomas, and I want to thank you for joining me today as I am delighted to be joined again by special guest this week.Logan as we are continuing to discuss his series on developing a biblical worldview so as we continue with the series that you wrote a friend of yours ask you this question, quote how does my religious views or theological perspective impact or influence my political views. So what was your answer to this friend talk matter out of a political what happens to make it about politics wanted to make that happen. I will pay election were won over Hillary Clinton and end up with no friend of mine. You don't have a different opinion in Outlook on politics from way that I politics were about. Don't look at one of the world resort world when it comes to politics because when you examine critically think through the top toll.

Talk about by the media connection of biblical worldview worldview. So basically about disclosure. I will open the cabinet and I compare what based on my biblical question, and that medical lyrical is that our very illusion. In 2015 and I candidate plaintiff time went on I started at about you know what I got past a lot of the uncomfortable truck remarks. Once you got past that you looked at all of our panel.

The comparable within the first year we weren't in America for the first time we became independent. That means not only were we energy independent, but we were the leading exporter of fossil fuel in the world and prior to that that never happened before.

Prior to that we had been on OPEC whenever there was an example, whenever there was a terrorist attack and wanted OPEC oil field office R death right RDF prices were automatically assumed, but on the first topic of the talk of ministration billing to secretary contact one of Saudi Arabia wanted Iran and ordinarily are downright glauconitic. Going up, went down or stayed the same one that because we were no longer on the terms of getting are getting our and why I would have to do little world you question the secularism of trying to make secretary mentioned to me about how to get started on a cold yesterday or dated for member got me to interview our arthroscopic secretary in the energy Secretariat I got. While everybody would drive an electric car would be a promising hard. I could not believe Outlook time. No out of the bottom of the heart the mouth speaks right with you, letting you know what there is an agenda about so and so now we've gone your gas prices are going up and quit talking from a biblical point personality and ideology personality birthday party for another word, friend asked me a question about Democrat voting Democrat regardless because you don't give a crap involvement are all part of the black liberation theologian automatically of my crap party because they associate social and social adjustment under the same umbrella alone. I had a conversation with an individual made a comment that Jesus would've been posted earlier, it would've been a progressive enter enter example you try to turn it turn it like point against me by saying grappling with center.

Basically, and I heard that analogy in a comparison of multiple times, but in reality they were taking the word of God out of context because if you read the following verses when they that you wanted better so I do not come to save the right, but I come to deliver the letter bring printer repair so evening with better and I will like to live was not finding was not given a little Encouraging Word and everything is going to be fine and you're good, you're all from automated and that's how God made you know you bring printer through Right to contact of not only worldview but we also have the have rightly divided biblical world demand and that that question from your friend and you stated he's a minister or not. I think that to be a Christian minister and how he separates his pastor. Okay, so he separates Christianity from politics, and that ties into a question has one asked me last week he asked me the question is a Brian how is it that that Christians can can go and vote for people that they know advocate for killing babies in the womb. How how do they do that how they reconcile that and so I would ask you to question what would you believe is the reasonable you can't think all these people. But again, for those who can go into churches and and Sadie and preach one thing but then they go out politically or support the opposite which is the opposite of the Bible and for those who go sit in the pews and they say a means to everything the Bible says that indigo invoked to the contrary. What will. How do you think they are reconciling their how they justify separating their their biblical stance from their religious stance interview talk about the man in the law.

But before we get to that and talking about soul out of touch on an album will expand upon it little bit more later, but the fact of the matter is that we have a lack of discernment in the Christian church. I started here earlier this week. George Barna Burger yes Betty for only 19% of Christian or churchgoing Christian have a genuine biblical word idea that the matter is that one of my my opinion my my estimation is that what the big problem that we have in America is not great but lack of discernment that got probably provided and basically worded that lack of discernment, lack of discernment as a result of a complete pain from resembles. Expository preaching and teaching. No, the last time I'll even know you are ever heard like a pastor to expository note 8 to 12 week sermon. And verse by verse of the book of glory.the book away and think about the book of Revelation of Christ. Therefore, go back to claim about his what you when you Bible property, especially your actually illuminating nearly 2/3 of the entire Bible.

Yes, exactly, is so much that is going on in the world today is in Bible prophecy. But for those who are not looking that Bible prophecy do not see these things through biblical worldview, so there they were there perspective on it is all all out of whack to Democrat Fido drag queen story hour on know where the president of the one of the debate talk about advocate for eight-year-old, having having the taxpayer paid gender reassignment surgery 808-year-old son came to me. You know that I think I'm a girl I want to go have the real fiber football helmet board go just right right okay so no lock on Rand Paul was during the confirmation hearing for the new health by sexual or whatever they call himself. And not ironic.

Okay your first your first appointment to the bisexual Health Secretary and ramp all the griller and whatever hearing and asked him know about for two to gender reassignment procedure-year-old and not only double down and and and affirmation to it even more and somehow or another got confirmed, let you know the really bad but it could never happen because a large percent of the act to be bolded for that, in spite of the fact that you know exactly what is going to do you like to know gas prices going to go up. He didn't want to try to make a liquid out of it because he was going to sit down and ovarian pipeline for the energy worker got about a job on top of 30 million+ jobs that were lost because of the cold mental lack of discernment is very problematic when when the world is going to do and don't coordinate with time when it would come right out and tell you point blank what were going to do, they would tell you they would come right out and become the culture the church have become folding time that you know that we have completely lack any type of permanent or critical thinking in order to determine what going on as you talk about that. What came to mind for me.

I mentioned this in a previous to the evangelicals providing group and how they were all upset because when it came to the hot amendment about body did not meet the changes that they were hoping for in the question that I was asking myself is wide and ran throughout the campaign, stating his position when it came to abortion so so now why are you upset over the fact that he's not changing the stance is doing what he said he was going to do, but that's where it said the lack of discernment comes in and it just shows that that that lack of discernment is getting worse as time goes forward because it used to be a matter where you had to maybe dig a little bit to do some research, but the Holy Spirit will guide you as to where to go to to figure out what is really going on now, as you said them just right out and open with the steel people are falling forward and not having the proper discernment so it is a it is a major, major problem now in in churches world the world (that word around, preferring to know and what lack of lack of discernment in the church level of biblical illiteracy, church, and so you test on a minute ago you stated about the law of unintended consequences. So this lack of discernment has consequences. So so what is the law of unintended consequences. Talk about the law everyone topic of mutual but it felt right along consequences. Basically, her phenomenon is observed in politics, but that you can observe in your personal life forgot diet of McDonald's know your whole life going to be a consequence of note you have on health and weight going to have been culturally picking the law of unintended consequences remain that action. Government have an effect. Often time or unintended. For example, I like to talk about past year and called it would cost 90 sorry 30 to 40 million new unemployment claims in less than a year. It all happened because of the consequent of the efforts by the government mandate know about shut down the lockdown mandate came from the government and from not only federal but also very government and that gold mandate unintended consequences in the state of Michigan up. I heard Mr. David 19% of all job close will never come back so basically, like you'd like to, let's say you want to to you had a like a delay want to have it diagnosed and the doctor diagnosed with what you have cancer with Kathryn and are our solution will be that we usually have to pay delay.

What would the average person do you know and I kind of scenario you wouldn't okay cut it off like right there right you want to go get a second opinion. You want to try to get their other treatment options that you can know try another word, the last resort will be at the culture that we won along with the government.

Okay, we want to lock the country down.

Put everybody out of work. Everybody free money and give everybody more money on an appointment and wonder why we can't get people to go back to work exactly at home then they would make actually work and to go back to work and you wonder why that is and that you have always restaurants that the owners and say hey we reopen. We want to do but going that we can't find people to take jobs because they say they rather stay home and make the money that the government is giving them the president asked about that earlier. Not even close to what everybody everybody know everywhere I just come back and I wanted for about 30 miles from Nashville and want to find light everywhere you turn literally everywhere and restaurants were closed early people to work overtime is really bad people to work more home consequent, but there are broader examples want to go back to when LBJ launched the program called the great Society at a time.

The war on poverty will probably will will meeting on the baby consequence of that war on poverty great piety was it had a celebration of fatherlessness in America in the black.

In particular, their work prior to the early African-American rate. Only 14% that of the word about American world about single-family fast-forward. Over 70% well, okay. In the consequent because what happened to the generation of people who become dependent on government where the word will was kind of marginalized, so the Lord we don't really need a man father and all can be a father okay go Google it on YouTube early in the Barack Obama first first-term lost ground already try to initiate a call is referred to as the movement called the law of Julia on the life of life that I did not call the life of Jewish appetite cartoon person grown and and every step of your life all the way all the way to from childhood through high school, daycare high school to college to retirement all going to be funded by the government and stood out that there was never any problem with her mother and moment father because the government was going to be the father go talk about the law and the consequences that the believer would go to the boarding process to want to know the personality driven world, and that will be the most important thing that I could stay out of this conversation having that having a Biblical warning in our politics and our even in our churches back in. Theological teaching of the book of Romans in general and teaching Bible prophecy descriptor is going to have to be paramount during our culture back. You will sense and I want to say to his was talking what came to mind. Please note when I try to make this this political so as you say you stated earlier that a little bit. You can't separate your your faith in God from anything and so it intersects with every area of life. Even in politics and as I think about what you mention back in the 1960s the welfare programs and in giving money, but it but the requirement was that the father cannot be in the home and there been to so many consequences again unintended consequences that have came out of that. I think one of the things that we see today the problems that we see with this rhetoric of police that are supposedly hunting down Blacks, which is not true, but what we find is that there is this lack of respect for authority because when you look at these cases.

In just about every single one of them either a crime has been committed and or their resisting arrest and the media doesn't like to focus on that for whatever reason, but you see that happening and in and I think about the years the decades that have gone by in which fathers are not in the hole and so you have all of these young man growing up in, and they don't have a respect for authority, often times the mother is bitter about their father not being present so she's constantly speaking negativity towards their father so they grow up with is this anger towards authority figures. In him we see that taken place. I think that is definitely a and and unintended consequence of what happened many decades ago, will.Logan these again you you've given us so much wisdom is so much discernment. I want to thank you for 4144 writing this series if a criminal want to speak with our listeners about it. Share with our listeners how they can confined the series and how they can get in contact with you to learn more about you and your ministry. The website Dr. Bruce and Google, Facebook, Dr. Bruce Logan problem. You can also tweet and Dr. Logan Wanda Yarbrough Logan one and you can also email me and PR to PR the number two and you can also follow me on the we will be we have Bruce Logan problem. All right, will folks if you've never followed him before I encourage you to reach out to Dr. Logan because if you are looking for answers to questions in the Bible again. He has a wealth of information.

You will deftly not be disappointed. Please visit him inů A look again I want to thank you for coming on and operate many blessings over you in your ministry. Thank you all right into our listeners. Thank you for tuning in again with us this week.

Please come back next week as we again encourage you to put God first, while due alive through the window of the Bible.

Until then, remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. This God's great nation of Israel to the only wise God be glory through Jesus Christ, forever. Amen.

Thank you for tuning into the God first. Please come back and join his neck. As we continue to encourage you to put God first window of the until next time Jerusalem got great nation of Israel

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