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Caregivers Looking in the Mirror Without Despair

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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November 6, 2020 3:08 pm

Caregivers Looking in the Mirror Without Despair

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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November 6, 2020 3:08 pm

We caregiver often look at the external circumstances and wish them to be better so that we could feel better. But "looking in the mirror" and seeing our own circumstances, heart, behavior, and failings cause us to feel despair. 

Is that the right way to do this? 

John and I discuss how we as caregivers can see ourselves in a way that doesn't cause despair.

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They their wonderful couple and he's a gospel recording icon and was grateful that he and Gracie were able to do that. Do it together social proceeding resilient go get a copy of today, hope for the's click on the donate button whatever you want to do to help support this with any kind of tax the gift. I don't care what it is just you like what you hear and get involved will send you copy that CD John will end up with one less thing. It will probably circle back on the butt, but I think that for caregivers. This may be much deeper than we get into in the eight minutes but will do the best we can. A lot of caregivers were so busy looking at the externals and there's two reasons. One of the externals are consuming so much of us but we point to other people as the source of our discontent and I think that that may be happening on a national level. This site is for that side. The site that's as part of the site and it's their fault that I'm not happy it's their fault that this is a probit, they would just stop doing this. I would be okay right.

I have a group of friends who have helped me change my perspective, this been going. I did work on this for many years and I these are core core friends and with their help I been able to look instead of my circumstances. I been able to look in the mirror. I've never wanted to look in the mirror because every time I look in the mirror I see flaws and I see faults and I see everything that is wrong with me and I I feel shame, regret, embarrassment, all those kinds of things when I do that by myself but when I have core people who care about me stand beside me as I look at myself there able to help me point out hate that looks good. That's pretty cool right there that's that special. That's valuable that's important. This is worthy, there's the word this is this is why I do the show because I want to stand next to his many caregivers as I possibly can and help them face that mirror without falling apart in despair and shame and regret and heartache and instead seaworthiness see something of value and see something of beauty and joy people have done this week. John does this for me I would be remiss that I'd be a lousy person if I didn't offer this same thing to other people so I would like to end the show today. John and I say this in concert together that would you would you just take just a tiny leap of faith to be willing to look in the mirror and see yourself not as all the flaws that come rushing out at you. But see yourself as a beautiful example of of love and compassion. I don't care how many mistakes you're making. You will never make as many as I have, but you're still doing it and that's worthy in that's valuable. This is how God sees you as worthy and valuable and he knows all your faults.

I got called in the show about a week or two ago and on the broadcast show and he said you know his wife told him that she had some illnesses, lupus and some other things but he was in love with you in an and he and she said you know all this about me and you still want to marry me and he left he said will will yeah and and I thought that's the gospel right there.

God knows all these things about you. He still wants you still send the son to die for you on the cross.

That's the whole point of it as a caregiver.

I can only say to you from my own experience it if you're willing to take a leap of faith and stop looking at the people in your life that may be driving you absolutely barking mad and instead slow down and look at the mirror with trusted friends and if you got no one else but just John and on the show will stand there with you and we will affirm that in your life how you look at that and that is spectacular look look look at this right here that is beautiful that is worth you are why do the show.

John closes out well. One thing that I wanted to. That really spoke to me on that is that it is really really difficult to see the wonderful just awesome things. I mean that in the in the in the biblical way of awesome things about who we are as people.

This is not a way to be arrogant or terrible about things or just self-centered or anything else. This is yeah it's honest and it's and it's a little bit it and it's a correction from what happens when were caregiver is that it is very very easy to see your flaws because there are often times just rather large and prominent in their effect, but to see the things that go right to see the things that we did that were wonderful and like you said beautiful poetic or lyrical is just very difficult sometimes because we just want it worked out now course Regency that worked out. There wasn't anything magnanimous to remind us about it. It just will want and we were daft about things and I have a home where here with your point that out for you in my 35th year now I have found that it is almost impossible to do that alone is just almost impossible if not impossible. I can't say it's impossible, but I have not found it possible to do that alone. I have had to have the support of people around me who stood by me as I timidly and held up a mirror and was willing to see something besides the flaws hey Peter, beautiful thing you're doing.

Think about that offender will remember I think about that. It III have learned to be not quite so frightened about it and set not so despair I think despairs even better with an frightened very because we do see our flaws so much that it causes us despair and I can't tell you how many tearful conversations I've had with caregivers who are just beating themselves without mercy on me with no mercy over their mistakes or over this or that or whatever and I quite usually can't count how many I've had with other people. What I did the same thing but let me tell you when you have that conversation with someone who sees you for who you are is willing to stand next to you and not allow this thing to go down into the all go off the cliffs of insanity if you will, fits of despair to do a double Princess bride metaphor that is the first step towards being a healthier caregiver that is your first is accepting the fact that you are doing something extraordinary you're caring for another human being, however poorly. You may think you're doing that you're still doing and if the only people that you know that will stand with you and that is John and me, then this is the show for you. This is the place for you will do it because others have done it for us and it is a privilege to do it for healthy caregivers take better care of it's just that simple good hope for the John think he was always for just a wonderful conversation you are. You're the guy that helps me look in the mirror I will see you next week. Hopefully

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