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The Extraordinary Good That Can Come From Private Infant Adoption

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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July 9, 2022 3:30 am

The Extraordinary Good That Can Come From Private Infant Adoption

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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July 9, 2022 3:30 am

John Knox of the OPT Institute shared the new study about adoption that his organization commissioned by George Barna. Committed to helping individuals understand the opportunities to choose life and adoption. 

So many loving families want to adopt a child - even a special needs child - and we want to help share that opportunity that many mothers may not realize. 

“We can’t ever give up on the good that can come from private infant adoptions.” - John Knox, - The OPT Institute



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This is the program for you from receiving the use Harrington solutions difficult surgery. She said this year and I look forward to sharing more for music with you as it unfolds. What switch gears for just a little bit here and talk to the individual that I was fascinated by the work you're doing and in light of what's going on with Roe versus Wade of light of what's going on with her country.

We will take a moment and begin to talk about life.

If we don't value life in the womb outside the womb. At the end of life of special-needs children aging parents. All these kinds of things will all be on the table and we we get this network in our program. Everybody here is involved in promoting life and I'm pleased to introduce you will to adjust that that I think you're going to love what he has to say. From the op Institute OPT out Institute's name is John Knox and he up to.

Suzuka commissioned a study that was conducted by George Barna love you've heard of him and it looked into adoption. This issue of adoption and I wanted to talk a little bit about this today. Talk about the needs the opportunities the vision and what we can do is as believers and how to promote more life choices, and in this culture that seems bent on tests and so John, I'm glad to have your support as part of the program and thank you for being here with us.

Thank you greater I am delighted to bear, tell me about your background the Optus to tell us a little bit more about that like my background I will 40 years.

Shorty Bobbitt was building up selling insurance And and and I sold my last company I knew I was finished with with that part. But I also knew from various noncompete. That I was ultimate failure at unemployment I needed to work.

I need to do something and and administered by senior pastor by church that said something about you have to be empty to let God fill you in. So I just took off for a month and and thinking about and looking about what I wanted to.

From that point in my life going forward and I was adopted and so as I was on that journey of letting them fill me up to me that adoption is an option, and I knew that I had to do something in the wall of adoption want to go back and check my business skills imported to work in and in the end of the adoption world and see what I can. And, and I was amazed when I got back in and found out I could and for the adoption that so I couldn't diagramming there. Back when I was adopted there were there were hundreds of thousands. The kids that were adopted, and when I got back into this found out that there were less than 20,000 kids a year that were adopted I will always just I was amazed by the perception of adoption were were just amazing to me there.

There's what what's happening is there's a lot of kids to get into the foster care system state is taking them away from their parents and put them into that system and back. Give confused with just being. Adoption I think of adoption as private I was a doctor and so what what we did is we hired Barna and and smother people to do some research. The partners is is is is some of the key research to try and find out about what's going on with adoption. What are the perceptions of American values option and why isn't it that a choice and I think with the sheet. She showed that that what people today don't know much about adoption and and there's 30 million women out there today don't know the place a child for adoption that they get to pick the family open adoption today is where is is where the birth parents have the choice and they they get effect where that child guidance on what family to go and that message is really missing in our society because too many people think of adoption is springlike. Do you feel like it's debility is not promoted as much because people will the literature research show. But what would would when you get what surprised you about this study that you guys commissioned when you get the results back and started looking down it.

What what surprised you the most prizes. Most of the influencers of women are out of pocket for evidence of the Internet. One of those would be the greatest influences and it and one of the big surprises to me was the influencers are our doctors. The medical profession on California's therapist, those types of people who embrace the whole generation that that would, with women in Christ, in spite of what to the experts there looking at. I go to and values that was one of the biggest surprises for me is is looking at the other is called three that women think that they would fight that that they didn't have a problem with doing a full Avenue abortion, but all of a sudden I have a problem with how can I possibly carry this child for nine months for adoption that was I saying that they felt that there would be so bonded with that child and that would be so terrible and there is guilt and shame around family and it is a hard thing for for a woman to do, but I think there's a long perception of the mess morning started a campaign called IMX and I am not Catholic people likely is the place for people to give their voices so Mike got Olympic athletes and and pro athletes to mentor trainers and different people that are all joined together into that. The limo boisterous to how wonderful it is, how be placed into a loving family is what is really needed to and and and those kids are going to come back and shake their birth mother either looking to come back with with light, like most of us have come back with wonderful joy and excitement about average adopted and one a wonderful wife.

I think given and knowing this is what God intended for their lives and an awful lot of kids look better than a doctor and have been just tremendous successes from President of the United States to to all sorts of things that that they've done with their lives that they they just ignore our world join America well. This is when you talk before the program. Below is believers.

That is the that is the identifier for us is that we have been all adopted into God's family.

The redemptive work of Christ and job just grateful to be able to have an opportunity to amplify your voice a little bit more of this because this is so important in a culture that is, it seems hell-bent on getting rid of anything that is uncomfortable to his sword indicated discomfort. Can you switch gears with me little bit of talk a little bit of what's going on with particular down syndrome special needs children and families that would rather you afraid about a subsidence 40 something years old with Dell center because of the program quite often, and was a thesis is the most dangerous place in the womb for the most fish place for a child with Dell's and was in the womb because when you find out that the trust and it didn't down syndrome. The thought of bringing this child to full term and then raise this child is over the top.

What are some things that you have seen in your journey with this. What are some thoughts that you have on this.

I think about Down syndrome child so important. So often it and and I've had friends of Avenue down syndrome can can I keep seeing some of the stories the different places where they talk about the gift that Down syndrome can extend to their family. Yeah, now that that one that one that comes to mind is one that had for Ted Strickland can be a Down syndrome branch and they ended their wondrous Harlequin to be able to handle it. And this Comes under their lives and and was the most loving of all of the of the whole thing in and the whole family lives got so much richer because of this loving God and Anna's brothers and sisters as they grew up. Couldn't imagine what their life would be like without that kid and and it is just it has enriched them and cues been so happy and that whole family has just been so happy that I think that that's the story of adoption you mentioned how we will help were adopted in the God family and I sat down syndrome kid adopted that and I think that's what I'm trying to promote with private infinite option. The same thing on the I feel like I got adopted twice I got adopted by John, a man cannot raise me and I got adopted by God and and I think of these Down syndrome kids was coming into the into these families the same. Why and and and very enriching and and talking with some of the adoption agencies there. There are homes for those the birth mother wants to place them is harder to place a down syndrome For an adoption agency. If there right now there are 700,000 families that want to adopt a man and 20,000 a year and I did such a difference in supplying the family you talked of the major adoption agency there at least 41 on the biting and and so with that kind of availability.

There are for Ted and and homes for specialty talking with John Knox. The is that the Institute and their organization is focused and dedicated to meeting folks to understand the options available with adoption.

I am that kid is a great degree. This guess Dick can you hang around for another segment I'd like to talk with you couple more things. John well I got you said okay what this fear will smooth us hope the caregiver of the will be right back and Peter Rosenberger many years ago when my wife Grace became a AA PT. She sold the importance of quality prosthetics. He saw the importance of a support team and people that could help her regain her life after losing both legs. She had this vision of creating an organization that would help others do the very same thing while pointing them to Christ and for more than 17 years we been doing just that we purchase supplies. We send equipment and we train recent teams over to West Africa. We've been working with the country of Ghana. Several clinics over there now and each week more people walk because of Gracie's vision 2011. We watched the new program outreach to family caregivers. Drawing on my mail 36+ years as Gracie's caregiver through medical nightmare for insights of learned all of it the hard way to fellow caregivers to help them stay strong and healthy will take care of someone is not you would be part of this go out to standing with stayed with the calm/giving. Help us do more steady without reaching the wound and those steady We and Peter Rosenberger. This is a program for you as a family caregivers. The caregivers take better care of how are you feeling you hanging in there is you taking care of Nagy, Loveland specialty's family member somebody with trauma, traumatic brain injury may be an alcoholic.

Maybe an addict. How are you dealing with this in this program is designed to encourage and strengthen you, give you a path of to point you towards safety where you can catch a breath taking me if you have to. We also like to educate illuminate on some things that I like to bring in subjects it that this hole in my ear think this is something we need to talk about and that's why I invited John Knox under the program.

Today he is with the Institute and their nonprofit research foundation in the think tank in there dedicated to improving access to and support for private infinite adoption now adoption is is back into the public discourse.

Now even greater.

It has been because of what's happened with Roe versus Wade. Even though a lot of states are going to change their abortion policies and things like in California and New York and Massachusetts and Oregon, Washington, all is because places are to continue doing the same thing they were doing other states that are going to shift towards a more life focus, and were grateful for that.

But in order to do that. We also have to help assist these parents, these mothers who are bringing this child in the world they feel scarily feel terrified and to let them know that there is a path for that child, even if it's a special needs child, even if they know up front is gonna be down syndrome or some other issues.

There are people as John said in the last segment who want to take this moment, who are willing to do so and the they get this new study that they commissioned that was was conducted by George Barna and it's it's very illuminating on how much people actually know about adoption what what what do you know about this. What happened to you call what's the first step and so I thought just good of me the right guy to bring this information to us of John. Thank you again for being here with us as you dig a little deeper as you is you lose this the last segment. Most women don't really know what their options are for adoption. Is that what your study revealed absolutely rebuilding groups like adoption, as Connor got all in and and and with what you're talking about with Roe versus Wade.

The dialogue in all the states whether there will whether there get guards to the direction of the lengthy, the conversation is being elevated to where it's going to get down to neighbors versus knight neighbors talking the night of doubt about what it is that we so need adoption to become part of the dialogue could not be lost in the voices that are out there and and to realize that it really is a positive option like I can. I can empathize with these women to who are not in a scenario where word they can provide a good logic all for a newborn child and so I think that that society over the last five decades is gotten the work that they they descended easy solution to go get rid of that to get rid of that problem if you will and maybe we can elevate that for them to realize that there week that that adoption of new special with the great availability of of good families that want to adopt that it's a very viable option and it's very different today delete yesterday with open adoption today.

They complained that the woman gets to be in control, they get five what family that that child is going to be raised by they can decide whether or not they want to have an ongoing relationship with that child or not. What level of the that what they want to have in it and it's really an option that they that they need to know it's not talked about in society thought even talked about in our churches, not promoted in our church stopped promoted in our piety to recognize a good option. There's a lot of there's a lot of shame and guilt that that that are out there and of people thinking that that bad.

Benefits not it's not right for them that they don't want to be that birth mother and that you use the case after case of the of the ones that are placed in the back.

It's a very positive reaction and so we need many people be able to see that and understand that there is a positive environment hello how was your message being received more fairly new rolling out adoption is an option and were getting it. It's almost amazing that that God keeps connecting me with these difficult people throughout the adoption world. Throughout the sports world that we are able to start bringing these voices together in it. It is really excitement. It's almost like like Roe V Wade was the Supreme Court's decision is being put light in the battle of this conversation right for trying to promote private infinite adoption. It's almost like you you you you getting the platform to go do that were it's a very exciting message and and and in the dialogue it it interesting that the that a lot of the pro-choice side of the world is been so again adoption. It is interesting to me to see that that there's been so many attacks on adoption and so much as things stirred up about it like it like it's something bad or terrible, which I find very ironic from the pro-abortion group to drive and an attack that if the really pro-choice.

You would think that adoption should be a choice not something that they would want eliminated, but it it it kind of tells me that they were on the right path that God wants us to think in terms of thinking about that that been adoption is getting attacked and all those different areas but it it's stirring it up on all five and I was there overall is pretty thought. Do you feel like the did you go to be able to gains a little bit more toehold in some churches now to help them now that you're armed with some more stats. It's more understanding to help churches really step into leadership with this this one thinks this will result had you on here because I want to introduce you to as many pastors and and counselors and so forth.

Because a lot of listen to this program on how they can better help folks and in that I have a two-part question when you start with that one. The minimal to combat the other one because this is something if if you could say anything to pastors if you speak to a group of pastors. What would you tell that you can talk about adoption and it doesn't have to be a member of the political discourse about about the different issues are. People talk about open adoption like something made the first open adoption that I'm aware of was Moses living that life.

Here is the adopted open adoption may well LOL the Pharaoh's daughter hired higher priority his mother to come and and and work for you and that was really the first open adoption and and and a wonderful example and I think there's a reason it was taught to a disorderly so early in the Bible and and and was quick.

There and so I think that that it would got some awfully big role model and and and and people talk about blondes are not Bible people talk about guilt and shame you know around a birth mother. Can you imagine the guilt shame that Mary had. You know I mean I mean Jesus is another great example of adoption and and we got these terrific role model you think about where we garner society that we've got. We've got ministers. We don't want to talk about abortion like I don't want to be in the middle because of their political list of what's going on there and and and and God is giving us this opportunity that we can talk about adoption. We can talk about how that is is adopting these children in the family and how that same way that God is adopted.and and being able to give these children an opportunity to get adopted. Why is such a gift and I think that churches can be can be the key that bridges the two sides of the political by and I think adoption is a wonderful way for the ministers who don't want to talk about getting in the middle of all that can talk about the positives that and give the light in and show the love that God really wanted that show the one of which is evident I just love Moses jet every the thought of those thirds, but there you have it when you are working with mothers who go to this and also sometimes, by extension, families, lot of folks that I have on this program that are there listeners in this audience are dealing with mental illness and their families or families with the drug addiction and alcoholism. And a lot of times because of those circumstances, the pregnancy will rise and the family is distraught. They don't know what to do.

Got somebody who obviously has some type of chronic impairment. Whether it's the abuse of all visible drug abuse or mental illness, and do you see a lot of that in your organization with with the way you've talked about this around the country and so forth.

A seal of this. What are your thoughts on that.

To help with the whole fabric is not just at that point is not just what individuals whole families dealing with somebody who's got significant impairment answers were liable to surrender to a power greater than not altogether right so I got I don't see Thursday a greater amount of dysfunction with the with the adopted children. There are normal society and there.

There is not a government that our connection with the family is the same.

There is no real difference between the two of one of your adopted or whether not adopt. We all left we all paying we can turn it over a power greater than John. You have been blessed today and I know this touch a lot of function 32 edition needs to be like you said back in hiring to the discourse, John Knox, the OPT John which I much appreciate the Monday amendment would have the next. As caregivers we have so many things that hit us all the time and we can't always nail these things down by ourselves. Who helps you what does that look like a Peter Rosenberg and I wanted to you about a program habit a part of.

Now for almost 10 years. That's legal shield less than $30 a month.

I have access to a full law firm they can handle all kinds of things. If I get a contract put in front of me if I get of dispute was something doesn't matter, I've got full law firm that can help me navigate through all the sticky wickets that we as caregivers have to deal with power of attorney medical power of attorney will every bit of it as a caregiver. We need someone who advocates for us and that's why I use legal shield to go to caregiver look of the left inside versus legal shield to selected turns purple this pick a plan to give you some options if you don't need to do those though selected checkout and be protected. Starting today that caregiver, meaning that can can I God and man is wrong and that the beds of love that so bookings green that subject. Do you see do you see it, it just just hits me every time I hear it and what pivot just a bit. Based on that song if you would those be for just a moment as we close the show.

I do appreciate John not being here with us for the opt Institute to talk about adoption and hope you found that to be very meaningful interview. I know I did but I want to address what happened in Highland Park in Chicago and this is on the heels of VoLTE. This is on the heels of all the other shootings that are going on in and the fragmentation of our society as we see more and more these things wrote an article in FOXNews, but after VoLTE and there's a line in there that I just quote from that article right now under the grandmother watches a child with drugs and the grandson was severe emotional issues another sister. Shame prevents her from seeking help from her abusive brother as politicians argue about guns who will intercept these vulnerable family members and help with them safety in every case like this it seems that the drama going on within that family is known not only to friends, neighbors and other family members but often times, a lot of most times it seems like to authorities and people don't know what to do. People know how to act with it and I get it that the rush towards heaven. The argument over the Second Amendment in guns and the type of guns and all the stuff and I get that. And that's what politicians do. I don't think you can regulate people who want to hurt other people.

The Skagit drove the SUV into the parade in Wisconsin know he didn't use assault rifle there there there ways to inflict damage and yes I understand the concept of bullets in high-capacity magazines and all that stuff as I watch this. I can't help but think how important it is for us to know why these things are happening and not just stop it. How they're happening and as the gun debate rages on a one I desire. I wish they would put as much of that same energy into the why Weiss is happening. What's changed, what's happened there was a time in this country were kids would take guns to school leaving the truck long rifles and so forth. This was not unheard of what's happened and you look at the same demographic.

The 16 to 21-year-old males for the most part hyper aggressive with these atrocious violent evil things that they're doing. How did they get to this point. Do do video games play part in this. Does the violence in the, the degradation of life that is promulgated in our culture play part of this is the.

The recent study by George Barna Morgan have him on he just did the study that we talked about in the last couple blocks of for the opt Institute will have them on talk about the decline in faith in this country one of the alarming statistics in his new report shows the lower number of pastors who have a biblical worldview. Does that play a part in this will, of course, all these things to you isolate a bunch of young males who are having emotional troubles and poor family dynamics and with the Cove and everything else blocked him were isolating these guys putting them on computers all day long to play video games and other things and then wonder why they go fair and that we wring our hands and legalistic with the guns of their feral learning affair with other things besides guns and have that conversation you and God bless. That's that's fine.

I'm not here to to go to the weeds on that issue. I just know that there are so many family members out there because I've talked to who are struggling with messed up kids and they don't know what to do. They don't know how to respond.

They don't know how to protect themselves or the child they don't know what help.

Looks like and I ask you, do you think that we can just leave this to the world to figure this out. Are you comfortable with that. We go to to say will the people in Washington state legislatures and so forth. The figured out. Do we have a responsibility as the church to be elbows deep into this mystery, not just cleaning up the aftermath of it, not just ministering to the victims and their families.

But to step into it before the server happens in if so, what does that look like I go back to a woman who called this program whose brother was very abusive to her and her mother with dimension.

He was a drug addict and he had a criminal record. He had a fire. He was supposed to have one and I asked why did she call the cops.

Subsequent call the cops.

She simply can't. That's when she broke that she wasn't crying about anything at this when she broke down and she said I can't possible and not she said because I used to be a lesbian before I became a Christian and he threatened to tell everybody shame and guilt were keeping her locked in a place of fear. She was afraid to make the call because of shame and guilt.

The Scripture speak to shame and guilt will of course it does. That's why he went to the cross he borehole this all this brokenness and if we can speak with clarity into people's Harte-Hanks and give them the it the moments because they can catch their breath and make better decisions not based on shame and guilt, but make the hard decisions based on conviction the knowing that they're doing the best thing possible, which is to deal with this issue before it becomes a tragic event. This I believe is our opportunity as believers to step into this with great leadership, great authority based on the word of God and do it neighbor to neighbor, friend, a friend, family to family radio show to radio show and keep saying the same message so that people know that it's okay for them to be safe. It's okay for them to make the call. It's okay to not be beat up and abused by a family member if you got a kid that is really messed up and you don't know what to do. It's okay to raise your hand. As I got a kid that's messed up. But I don't know what to do and I'm afraid there are people that can help with this. Start with your pastor if your pastor blows you off, go to get a different pastor. They go get a different church, by the way, to his this is the role of pastor is to work with families through this into two. Let them borrow some of their courage to make the hard decisions there's a epidemic of mental health issues in this country. It's not to be solved with anything the Congress to us. So the vitriol that spewing forth from the halls of power are not going to make our neighbors safe or unsafe.

I go back to that wonderful somber Steve Greenough going to caregiver people need and we know this. We see this we sing this is the end of the strings is can we effectively communicate this not just looking in on this individual whose behavior may be an coarseness.

There's a family around clueless that are struggling didn't know something is amiss were losing kids right and left his weed providing leadership, are we just clicking our tongues and saying I think the eclectic and everything in Scripture communicates to me that were in the ground is completely left no and so we grab a hold life and plead with those around us to to seek and to help them safely to clearly so that they really understand what help you select they may not take you up on they may dismiss blowing you off. But at least given them a fighting chance were not responsible for results that we are responsible to speak into other people's Harte-Hanks because that's what our Savior did for us. This program is designed to help people stay strong and healthy looking for someone who is not. This program is designed for the family caregiver to be able to catch their breath and take a moment's pause can make healthier decisions in the midst of great unselfishness what's happening across our country with shootings and everything else is no different. We have a responsibility have an opportunity we have the privilege of speaking that same gospel that sustains us into the lives of others who are in desperate need of hearing the same gospel. Thank you for indulgence is the speed of this is hope for the kick hope for the will see you next

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