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Avoiding Enslavement to Sin

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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July 6, 2022 12:00 am

Avoiding Enslavement to Sin

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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The intact town Wednesday and I think the trap nightstand and lifestyle truth Temptation, and live in freedom. Here's more on avoiding enslavement to sin. Have you ever been engaged in something that you knew was not right and you want to stop it but you could and you told the Lord that you promised him you will never do it again, but you did you set yourself. This is not going to happen tomorrow. Did and you pray that you promised that you determine that that will never be a part of your life and the more but it was, you came the conclusion you did know what you could ever get out of this forgot about about and so when people get the kind of position they do want to think they either acknowledge that they have absolutely no strength within themselves and they throw themselves on the mercy of God, and depending upon the Holy Spirit asking for God to enable them to do what they cannot do themselves and find freedom or they rationalize and explain away their sin and blame it on someone else to blame it on God say that's just the way things are. That's just the way I am.

That's the way God made me why can't do any better and give themselves over to sin. And when you turn if you will to Psalm 119. I want us to begin in the hundred and 33rd verse of this Psalm I will read the hundred and 33rd through the hundred and 36 versus usually when we think about slavery. We think about people being incarcerated in some form of some fashion physically, but the worst kind of slow enslavement is not physical enslavement, but emotional or spiritual enslavement. And so one of these verses that you would do well to underline your Bible put a circle around it on whatever begins in verse 133 and says this establish my footsteps and byword, and do not let any iniquity have dominion over me enslaving the reign of Ami are master me, redeem me from the oppression of man that I may keep thy precepts of outlaws make thy face to shine upon thy servant and teach me thy statutes.

My eyes should streams of water because they do not keep thy law.

Now the psalmist is making a request of God in this passage when he says establish my footsteps in the word he says because I do not want iniquity, any kind of sin to master me reign over me and put me in bondage as he says, to have dominion over me. I want to say a couple of things about this whole idea of the enslavement of sin and how to avoid our being enslaved to sin simply to say to begin with that enslavement. The sin is possible, both to the believer as well as the unbeliever, a person who is a believer, even though they been saved by the grace of God can become enslaved to some form of sin of the let's think for just a moment.

What is sin. Sin is an act of disobedience to God. Sin is rebellion against the will of God and as such words like transgression, which means we cross over the boundary line. The got is set in our life. The Bible says hearing. I called sin. Iniquity and so any form of sin is a violation of his word, rebellion against his will, transgressing the law of God. The question comes how does a person become enslaved to any form of sin and especially a believer who knows the truth well it always begins with that first thought because you see sin always begins in the mind, not your feet not in some of the organ in the body, but always in the mind. We think in the Bible says is a man or woman think it in his or her heart, so are we. As we begin to think in a certain direction. We will even if it's the wrong direction. We would need to change our thinking or we will soon find that our feet and our body head in the direction of which we've been thinking that is the overwhelming power of sinful thoughts in a person's life.

Now Mr. Sam lies this for a moment enzyme to give you at seven.

Eight words or when you jot them down because here in essence is what happens. How does a person become enslaved to sin resembled Starcher the first thought I'd give you several ideas that were now to give you several words. First of all, slowly.

That's the way sin always enslaves us low and then listen carefully one thought, one step one action one and then one more and then one more and then one more than one more so very slowly by degrees. That's the way enslavement to sin have the second word when you jot down is deceitfully because this is a way we are enslaved. Deceitfully, Satan says well God's not going strike a dead and that God understands where you are and you just doing what's natural. Everybody has these desires. Not everybody criticizes. Sometimes everybody lost sometimes everybody wants material wealth, and sometimes, and so very deceptively very deceitfully. Sin enslaves is lying to us all the time that really things not really all that bad. Nobody is perfect. God understands. Haven't you heard that the pastor said that the grace of God is there because of that they do so. Therefore, you disclaim the grace of God move on very deceitfully. The third word is progressively because my friend when enslavement begins. It doesn't get better it gets worse. Progressively, progressively, we began to lose something and we begin to sense something and that is that this invisible power with analyzed is gaining momentum, gaining strength all the time. The next word is promisingly that may not be an accurate word anomaly reported that annoyed promisingly because all the time that you not being enslaved by sin and Satan promising as things are going to get better. We going to enjoy its colorful pillows.

We gonna be contented we going to be happy. We don't have what we need. We don't have what we will always promising in all the time. This is going on the next word you can put down is demanding that because sin and its enslaving process demands more and more and more of our will. More and more and more we have to surrender the next word I want you jot down is that sin enslaves us destructively because that is exactly where it's always hated, always destroying is always attempting destroys the next word of what you did jot down is completely because that's exactly what happened when we take the first step in the wrong direction. We we do not acknowledge the will of God in and that God has put boundary lines in all of our lives for our own protection for our good, because he loves us because he cares for us and we had another direction lured by the world tempted by the world. The promises of the world, the world's philosophy of self-indulgent selfishness and fulfilling your own desires, without regard to the will and purpose and plan the goodness in the provision of God that my friend we hit in the wrong direction and sin is by nature and in slavery. Listen, God doesn't want anything controlling our life but himself with a live under the control of the Holy Spirit surrendered to the Holy Spirit, yielded to the Holy Spirit. The only slavery the Bible says is legitimate is to become enslaved to Jesus Christ. That is the full surrender but I like to him that. What does that do enslavement the Jesus is. This is the only real genuine freedom of variance because he says, the reality that labor and handling and I'll give you rest. Therefore we not going to be overwhelmed imprisoned Concord mastered by what he says here is the very encompassing power of sin that when you think about the consequences of that and you see oftentimes a person starts elements that will yeah you know this is in my life and but I'm having a wonderful time and no I don't feel guilt in the setting of in support of the real consequent dust devils law and people just look right at you and laugh. Oh yes I understand just doing fantastic. Deep down inside their lack of what old washing machine unit turns like this one is going on all the time in their life and sometimes remember what you think they feel like they keep the put through the ringer.

Time after time after time.

You know why because they're living with something that God never intended to be a part of their life enslaved by some Cindy can be in the mind only or can encompass the whole body, and the many people because of their indulgence and send their imprisoned by they are absolutely enslaved by it and denying the fact that first step in any kind of avoidance of enslavement is acknowledging the fact that sin bites very nature is and in slavery, it can enslave a child can enslave anybody no matter what your age what your background what your circumstance what your culture sin is by nature and in slavery all of us have to deal with sin and alive now. So the question comes in. Or that's true, then how do we avoid being enslaved by any form of sin, how to reimport it with the first thing you do is this the first thing you do to avoid any kind of enslavement by sin is to recognize the fact that nature. All sin is an enslavement. It doesn't negative is what we attempted to do. The ultimate result is sin. If we keep on, then it will be enslaved by say recognize that acknowledge that. Secondly, we acknowledge that all sinful enslavement begins with the first step with the first thought. You acknowledge that sweat starts.

If you say well out there somewhere.

No first step first thought am I going to massage this thought that I know is wrong.

Am I going to say I don't have to think that I choose not to think that in change my mind.

Every single one of us has the power as a believer to change her mind. And so it am going to change my mind about that.

I'm gonna walk in the other direction on going to move the direction that I feel lured and pulled into and so first of all I think knowledge affected sin by nature's in slavery secular that it all began to have first step in the third thing is this need to ask myself this question is the pleasure of this sin worth the consequences of ultimate enslavement is the pleasure of this sin worth the consequences of ultimate enslavement. No drunkard, no alcoholic has ever said yes yes yes yes the pleasure of drinking is worth the enslavement and destruction and loss and pain and hurt that I have suffered, you can take what I think to every addiction, whatever it may be in every sin, not a single one of us. Whatever say that the incarceration, the pressure, the diminutive, he says here the raining ruling mastering enslavement of sin. No one will ever say yes the pleasure of the moment was worth all that I had to pay because you see that is Satan's lie. That's what he says that you know it's gonna be okay and so you have the record as ask yourself the question, am I willing to suffer the consequences and then order your life by the word of God, and that's what he says this passage look at this establish my footsteps in the word notice when he says establish what does he mean is what he say he say listen, fix your behavior, fix your behavior. See to it that your behavior and conduct are governed by the principles of Scripture. If you want to avoid being enslaved by sin that this then instead of listening and abiding the world's ideas and philosophies and ways we rather choose to be guided by governed by, dominated by enslaved by the word of God because we know that's freedom. So, how to think about this Rick, how do you not establish our footsteps in the ways of the Lord in the word of God.

How do we establish it why I look at it this way. First of all, I think there are two responsibilities I have number one. I have a public responsibility and public responsibility to be in the house of the Lord with the people of God worshiping the Lord listening to the teaching and the preaching of the word of God. Somebody expounding the truth to me. Does that mean I can understand an apartment so males know but there is something about corporate worship. There's something about us opening the word of God together and so the important thing is that that we get together and that we worship together. We open the word of God together that we listen because you see while I'm saying something God may show you something that I never even say. In fact, I'm sure Rita will show you things that I've not seen because he knows where you are.

He can take the passion Scripture interpret to your life where you are what you need in your moment.

That's the mystery of the preaching and the teaching the word of God.

The no matter what is said. The spirit of God, who wrote the book is a spirit of God inside your heart.

Whatever said he takes his word plants in your heart, and says here's what I want you to deal with it may be something I never even mentioned. But there's something about coming together and listen in. God says something to you something specific or something particularly get your heart then what he saying is I want you to look at this. I want you to dwell on the summit you to meditate on this.

It may be some form of encouragement. It may be a blessing and maybe a promise, not necessarily conviction about sin, but it's very important public worship and coming together under the teaching and the preaching of the word of God. Listening to what God has the semi giving you my opinion on this thing is what God says. He says establish my footsteps in thy word so that sin will not enslave me have dominion only wrecked and ruined my life and he saying that all of us and it can happen to you, my friend, no matter what your age what your culture what your background what you intelligence what your job what your family what your heritage may be does make a difference. Sin plays no favorites always there ready to enslave anyone who surround several public response but not a private responsibility and that is opening this word of God for myself and reading a listen carefully or not, doing about us that get a bunch of books and so what is this me.

What does that mean there's something about reading this book and just simply say Lord I will you speak to my heart. I want you to godly for the day and show me whatever you want to show me and you begin to read the Scriptures. What happens is this when your eyes hit this book. It's black print all red print on a white page and all. It isn't something in animate within itself is no life within that sheet of paper, but because of who wrote what's on that sheet of paper. There's a great deal of life.

There is power that this does supernatural power from the word of God and so privately, I had the responsibility of meditating upon the work God's word is a cleanser God's word is to preserve God's word is the exposer God's word is like it is and he says the entrance of the word into our life gives us light and understanding, we can see their way clear we can see what God is saying because we can understand what's happening. We understand the ways the will of the word and the purpose of God for a lie… You cannot neglect this book and walk righteously market down. There is no exception of that no one is except x-rays desire the sincere milk of the word desire hunger and thirst year and they that hunger and thirst after righteousness are going to be filled. We have responsibility and responsibility scope of the company. Other responsibilities privately in our own time of meditation and prayer and asking and seeking the Lord's direction for licensing. Lord you what you saying to me this the key in both of these areas is when God says something obeying it just that simple. It takes the word of God establishing solicit establishing us in a sense of direction with a basic truth about who God is his ownership of us. His sovereign control of us, his will and purpose and plan, and desire and love for us. He wanting the best for us peace and happiness and joy and contentment and fulfillment in the things of life. You don't have to have a lot of things to be contended and fulfilled and feeling the love of God in your heart. God may choose to give you something he may not. But the question is, is there anything if there is something what is there that dominates your life.

So I do simply want to say that my part. Your part is corporate worship together on the teaching and preaching the word of God private worship in your own home where you have your meditation. Likewise, God has apartments God's part. My part as those things God supports this God's part is to give me understanding of his word.

God's part is to empower us to be obedient to what he told us to do God's part is to assist us in every area of their life to walk by the truth that he gives to us. Please say what I read in the word but you know I just came to listen God is never told he's never given the command.

He's never listened.

He's never given a promise that he did not include with that promise. With that command all the supernatural divine power. You and I need to be obedient and that's why can't excuse my disobedience because, listen with the command comes the enabling power. That's why he sent the Holy Spirit. That's why he lives on the inside of us. Jesus is I'm abiding within you and you within me.

He came to live on the inside of us to enable us to walk holding and righteously before him.

So I got two choices in life.

I can yield to the enslaving power of sin. I can yield and submit myself to the will and the word of God and the purposes of God in which one listen when I asked myself this question do I want the consequences of enslavement. The sandwiches over the structured drama. The consequences of enslavement of Jesus Christ, which is absolute total life in its fullness and its perfection. I'll take that every time father. We love you and praise. We thank you for loving us, Lord, Hargreaves, and I think about so many people who have become trapped and imprisoned and enslaved by things that they never dream would dominate and destroy their lives. I pray the Holy Spirit will send the word of a ray of hope in a word of hope to people today. Those who run save and recognize that before it's too late to trust Jesus as their Savior turn her life over to him and not for those who need to turn around wherever they are in those degrees of enslavement wherever they are. Turn around now repent now change their mind. Now walk away now surrender their life to you now is my prayer in Jesus name, amen.

Thank you for listening to and avoiding enslavement and then if you like to know more about child family more intense ministry that night in TextEdit lighting is not The presentation of intense ministry

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