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Purity and Persecution

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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July 29, 2022 12:00 am

Purity and Persecution

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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July 29, 2022 12:00 am

Be reminded of how Christ suffered for doing the right thing.

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Welcome to the intent not only for Friday, July 29 today we continue to discover the connection between purity and persecution often and perseverance will usually think about persecution. We think of somebody throwing is in jail and putting is behind bars and doing all kinds of things is the one thing Satan's verso, he sends persecution all kinds of forms, and he doesn't always throw folks behind bars. The persecute that he knows how to get to you in ways that have nothing to do with being in prison. All of us at times. If we live a godly life are going to be persecuted. That's just part of the Christian life because that's what Paul September the he said those who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. Those who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution that does not mean that we are to entice people to do it all the act so foolish that somebody would respond, but he says those who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. And it's interesting that the church is always courting the world wanting the world to see things their way and we compromise our conviction to get the world to solve acceptors, listen and according to Scriptures the world ought to be extremely angry with the body of Christ.

Why because our lifestyle should expose their wickedness before God and so is the way Peter starts. He says therefore, based on what is he's been saying since Christ. Since Christ has suffered in the place that is crucified, arm yourselves also with the same purpose. All the same. Now go back to verse 18 of chapter 3 Audi suffer in the flesh for Christ also died for sins once for all, the just for the unjust, in order that he might bring us to God.

But here's the key having been put to death in the flesh but made alive in the spirit, the just for the unjust. Now when he says in chapter 4. Therefore, since Christ also suffered in the flesh, arm yourselves also with the same purpose of the same on now. How did Jesus suffer unjustly.

All of his suffering was unjustly Jesus never suffered justly for anything that is Jesus, the sinless Christ suffered unjustly for those of us who are unjust and deserve the punishment.

How did he respond because how he responded what Peter is saying is this, and this really blessed me you not read that on account but somehow I guess I just needed to hear that for myself. He says when you are persecuted are when you suffer unjustly how you respond so Beckerman verse 18.

Now how did Jesus suffer the two words or so to sum up the way Jesus suffered when he was persecuted and suffered two words. First of all, he did it with patients. He was very patient and secondly he was very submissive. He didn't defend himself.

He didn't fight back. They lot about and they did everything possible and very patiently he took and absorbed very patiently he was willing for them to say and to do anything and everything and when he could've called down legions of angels and absolutely wipe them out in a split second he submitted to the persecution and what is the response of the believer. What is he say. Therefore, since Christ has suffered in the flesh, arm yourselves and the word arm. Here is the same word used two referred to very heavily armed Roman soldiers. I don't mean some of those small round shield short sword, but a man with a big shield. They could cover his whole body and along Jablon.

He says, arm yourselves heavily arm yourselves also with the same mind Jesus mind about persecution was submissive in spirit and patient in spirit. He says because he who has suffered in the flesh to cease from sin know what the world is that mean because it looks like are you not not going to sit in them on to be talking up about that about your new hundred big! Except explain this what he's saying here is this when he says, because he who has suffered in the flesh. Now we're talking about the believers who are suffering because of persecution have ceased from sin that does not mean we don't sit in the mobile what it means is we have been released.

We have been released from the ruling reigning power of sin in our life that power has been broken. The truth is that living the way we used to live is out of style J something when a child of God deliberately, willfully, sins against God, it's out of style. That is, it's out of who you are. He says you not been crucified with Christ and the reason God identified us in the crucifixion is in the breaking of the power of sin will no longer trapped and enslaved by the power of sin that we are freed to live the life that Jesus Christ provided in his resurrection power so that he says beforehand what you do, the lust of the flesh. Now it is the will of God.

Let me ask a question which of the two dominate your life. Most of the time getting your needs met all following the Lord Jesus Christ will feel like which is the dominant factor in your life which is the dominant prevailing thought in your mind got a get my needs met.I have this gut I have that or Lord, what would you have me to do. Is it more of the flesh home or the will of the father.

You struggle more with that with the flesh or is there an abiding rest within you.

I don't mean that you never struggle. He says this warfare is going on. Ephesians chapter 6 he says with address for battle every day because the warfare is a continuous constant thing but is believers. Here's the difference believers the power of sin is been broken so that now beforehand, we sin because we couldn't help ourselves. Now we sin because we don't have to but we choose to sin against God. So he says which one wanted me for us so as to live the rest of the time in the flesh no longer for the lust of men, but for the will of God.

We been released from that now for the time over the Catholic in verse three the time or the past is sufficient for you to carry out the desire of the Gentiles and what he saying is look. He says hey you've wasted enough time already. You wasted enough time already living in sin so what's Peter saying he says you spent enough time in sin and the lost person who thinks he's got to squeeze out of the world. Everything you can possibly find a have fun and to enjoy like this relies is squeezing something that's empty the world can do. Those of us who know the Lord Jesus Christ. We know how to enjoy life, he says, don't waste your time to look, don't waste your time enough times are to pass for you to have carried out the desire of the Gentiles are.

That is, live like the pagans, for this is what used to do. Having pursued a course of sensuality that word here means our lifestyle that is shocking to public decency you not to think about a bunch of folks to follow that category could he says lust that is desire of control that is that word means something that is moving follow. That is lost is desire out of control is a compelling evil desire, drunkenness, arousal's drinking parties.

So Moses lets no harm if you wanted to harm and he went to put it here and abominable dollars, which is a conglomeration of everything that comes into your life in my life that comes between us and the Lord Jesus Christ.

He says you had enough of that that has no place in your life now and in all of this verse for when you give up all of that, you become a Christian, you commit yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ.

You start walking up a holy upright, righteous life. What happens when folks don't understand.

And this is this is the source of the persecution that's coming on these people not swapping this writing, he said no that's what used to live now you live that went along.

That's it used to be you not been in long now, and in all this, the unbelievers in your unbelieving friends pieces. They have two responses there surprised the standard you not say they were shocked when they come and say let's say for example you got saved this Sunday you go back to your office and brought us ahead. We having a big beer party tonight, boy. You don't want to miss it while leaving one not I got saved last week you got what I got saved last week. What is that means he tell what it means. You mean you don't stop having fun. Now that's the right idea, you can stop having fun that's their whole attitude about life you got saved, and here's what happened. You get ready you guilt the power of sin was broken. You name is written in the Lamb's book of life.

All the promises of God are yours. The Holy Spirit came in your life. The seal you did well.

You and all the one of things that happened and they say you are having more fun whose blind. It is in us. Is that correct.

They don't understand to go back to the office next Monday morning and somehow there's a strange coolness about how you doing you don't get invited to the next party may, here's where you better watch and listen carefully say men.

If you don't get invited and you feel hurt you just blow it. They didn't invite me you have in the business going to begin with, and so sometimes believers now. Sometimes we respond for improperly. Well, you know, at the office folks just they just don't accept minimal why not. Is it because your walk is a living, walking, witness that has them on the conviction and making them feel very unkempt. The truth is they don't even want you at the party. Your presence they can have as much fun as the get your feelings hurt. Peter would say men shout hallelujah because what's happened is what God says going at what is he says don't happen. First of all, they don't think it's strange and secondly they going to criticize you look and all this they going to be shocked, surprised that you do not run with them into the same excesses of dissipation living in sin they going to be shot. Then you gonna feel the peer pressure you mean you're not going out was not no receipt. I don't understand my friend if you look around you, what goes on in this world today among people who name the name of Jesus. We just shoot out testimony week after week after week. The Bible talks about godliness, separation, holiness and righteous living.

Now where in the world. We get the idea that when you not step away from the lifestyle we've been living righteous, holy, godly, committed to Jesus Christ. Why in the world did you ever think that they going to be so happy to have you back he says they going to think you stranger and oddball and therefore the they don't treat you that way someone worn you, you go to your office and you pout because you to get invited you missed the whole point. Their exclusion of you is part of the persecution so and it all this there surprised that you do not run within the same excess of dissipation and they mind you, they criticize you notice what he says but they shall give an account to him was ready to judge the living and the dead that you have to give an account to God for criticizing you that all telegraph they'll find out in due season.

Don't tell you and I are to live godly and expect persecution not arrange it and manipulated, but expect and someone tell you if everybody thinks you're a great fella and a great gal and you work among people who lost everybody thinks you just absolutely wonderful mate you need to get a good look at yourself and ask yourself the question, what am I missing out carefully what am I doing, but what am I not doing those who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.

They will understand this request. Is there anything about you that antagonizes an unbeliever is will know we should be antagonistic master question.

What about Jesus. Something about him really bothered some folks on the other hand, kids came running to on the on the one hand, people were magnetized to on the other hand, they couldn't wait to get rid of it.

Someone ask you this question also not what are you doing wrongly, but what are you doing right that's making the unbelievers uncomfortable around so he says you going to be criticized they going to think is strange and odd. Now the problem is this.

When the world grows in its antagonism toward the body of Christ, as happened to these to whom he was writing the persecution set sin fiercely and it becomes a bloodied persecution as is happening to hundreds and thousands upon thousands of Christians around the world today and we sit very comfortably here, at least for a season. Without that kind of persecution. But what so right in your life that you make the ungodly uncomfortable AC when you and I living God in Christ Jesus. They're going to get uncomfortable until they get so desperate you know where they're coming becoming straight to you so don't worry about what they think you just keep on living God in Christ Jesus and his will happen. God will arrange their circumstances, you know what he does he allows them to make such messes of things they get in such desperate straits that looking to help you think they go that drinking buddies and their carousing friends to ask for help. They very quietly will find you in the restroom or somewhere and say hey cannot talk to you embarrassed before their friends what one of you and I can just chat a few minutes that it all comes out in this man's wife told me the story.

She said my husband and I work for a very outstanding doctor and I don't executor responsibility was with this Dr. every morning would listen to a radio program.

Her responsibility was to write the sermon down so I guess she taped it and she had run that. I guess he wanted a note so he can read the notes and you have an answer. She said I had to run at your sermon. She said I hated the sound of your voice. She said I couldn't stand it, she says. In fact, I would try to hide and get busy so I won't have to do it every morning on the right. December she said I like you, I can send some of your voice and like anything you said. She says I just couldn't stand it one day bottoms about the dropout and she's driving along, she turns very own whose voice she cut it off cut it off right there.

She said, is like God said to her cut that back on. She cut it on the last few minutes of the sermon. She says God so convicted her and I prayed the prayer of salvation, she prayed the prayer right in the car and got say so. She says I've been waiting to tell you how God save me now Montes and for this is God's after you friend is going to get you. He's coming after is going to get you one where the other. He's going to get an you may be the vessel that God uses to get somebody out there who's running from God. The word of what folks think of you. You just be available before God and before the folks around you because no matter how they think you are and how much they criticize you one of these days there going to need you and you be there ready to meet their needs. Amen. Lord Jesus, we praise you for your loving kindness to we bless you for blessing us and pray this night as we give your invitation that somebody here is lost may be willing to confess their sin to the Lord Jesus Christ believing that his all sufficient sacrificial atoning substitutionary death at Calvary has paid the debt and his seal the debt once and for all paid in full for those who receive him and those who've been flirting with a world flirting with its approval and its except those who've been denying your power in their life in the presence of their ungodly friends. Those who have been playing around with the ungodly. Those who've been courting their favor seen in their presence, participating in their activities acting like what they're not. I pray that great conviction might fall upon them to realize that's playing the hypocrite exactly what we are not we can ever be that again we praise you for the peace that passes all understanding.

We walk up rightly before you in obedience to we bless you tonight. In Jesus name, amen. Thank you for listening to purity and persecution.

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