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How to Reach Your Goals - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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August 6, 2022 12:00 am

How to Reach Your Goals - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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August 6, 2022 12:00 am

Figure out how to achieve your goals once they are set.

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Nothing today. To begin, intensified The town year of my proceeds to be pleasing to the Lord.

Today we evaluate and achieve godly goals. Success God's way theories continue to turn in your will to first Samuel chapter 17 I want to give you background about what this chapter is all about. The girls will take this whole chapter I will read it all. This is the account of David facing Goliath to let me give you a background of what's happened. The armies of the Philistines account on one side of the valley.

The armies of Israel are camped on the other side and now for 40 days this big giant Goliath has come out and he's challenged the armies of Israel, and that he's challenged anyone who will come out and find is the deal he makes. He says if I kill you, then you will serve the Philistines.

You kill me, we will serve Israel and so this is been going on for 40 days and saw all the king of Israel is afraid his arm is afraid everybody is afraid nothing's happened and so sooner or later they going to attack well.

Jesse who is David's father. And remember that there were eight of those boys and the three of them are in the battle line with King Saul and so Jesse says to Davies as they become when you take this food cheese and so for the dear brothers and check on them and see how they're doing and then come back and tell me so. David is exact that he comes up to Babylon. He begins the find out what's going on and talks to his brothers in the midst of doing so. Outcomes Goliath and makes one of his speeches about what he's going to do to the Nation of Islam how he's challenging well that background in mind what I want to do is to give you the 10 steps to reaching your goals. Let me say first of all, this does not mean that every time you have a goal you have to go through all of these 10 steps, but one thing is certain, because some goals are immediate. That is something you have to do today or tomorrow. Whatever. But those that are worth really bonding in life and goals that are worth discovering and goals that are worth accomplishing and achieving in life it takes more than just the day and just tomorrow and so we talking about those goals that we set not only immediate goals and those short range goals and long-range goals. But remember that we're talking about the goals that God gives her God-given goals fall in this category. You see, because I God-given goal is must be this the continuing achievement of becoming the person God wants me to be and accomplishing the goals that God has helped his and so we think in terms of what success is all about. That's what success is all about becoming the person God wants us to be and accomplishing those goals that God has helped us to set and so we think in terms of a goal as a name, a purpose and objective toward which we have directed our energies and our strength. And so with that in mind, let's ask the question, what are the steps that will help me reach those goals and God's help me to set in life.

The first one is a clear picture when David came upon the scene and he heard Goliath begin to challenge the nation of Israel again and listen to what these others are soldiers were saying he got a very clear picture of what the issue was and that is that the nation of Israel is being challenge the very God of visuals being challenged. The king was being challenged and the armies of this role being verified by one John so the goal was very clear to David that is kill Goliath, very simple, very plain because the do so would demonstrate to the other in the visit initial had and would have that the God of Israel is God and will give them victory.

And so, as he looked around he listened very carefully what was going on this in the taunts of Goliath. That goal begin to crystallize in his mind. This man had to be destroyed. This man had to be killed, and found that this been going for 40 days. This could go for 30 more days.

60 more days 100 more days.

This had to be done and it had to be done as quickly as possible. His goal was crystal clear in his mind the second step is this that is a consuming desire to accomplish or go. You say what you mean by consuming desire will I sublimity this it can't be a ho-hum song about what I'd like to will I want to will been thinking about one of my dreams in life. There has to be some feeling it. There has to be some fervency in it out to be a passion and sense of energy a divine motivation on the inside. I believe this is a goal that God is help me to sit and therefore I want to achieve this excited about it and I will do whatever is necessary to get it done and what happens is something begins to happen on the inside of you and that is what happens is you begin to have a consuming desire now. If you have confidence based on who he is within you. Based on what God's promise to listen with the apostle Paul said he could sit I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, was that some egotistical bows. No, it was not what was it.

It was an expression of an inner confidence that was absolutely unshakable. Writing this in a prison cell.

He said I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Why based on a relationship with Christ. Based on past experiences and based on the truth of what he knew about God and I think many many people lose it right there. They say will I think I can.

While I certainly hope I can one know I've seen other people to this. Would you know after all, I'm really not anybody special and I'm really don't have all that many skills and I'm sure this all the folks who could do it better. So what, that's not even the issue.

The issue is what does God want you to do what does God want you to accomplish that is the right attitude, confidence, listen not egotism based on self strength, but listen confidence based on the living presence of the living God within you. Whatever he calls you to do.

God has decided he's artist that is not, as the Scripture says in Psalms God is on your side. He will enable you to accomplish whatever it is, God has led you to set for a goal for your life now number four. That is a cause of action.

I would be able that well is look to see what the Navy did. For example, he didn't just decide will. I'm just going to go kill Goliath know I believe David thought to this very carefully. He listened to him and he watched his will.

David said it was not because of action.

Well first of all, he knew that he had to have Saul's approval saw was the king whatever he said when. So, in speaking with Saul, he first of all, had to convince Saul that he could do it sent him one there and then he had to deal with this whole issue and Saul said I want you to use my arm know I can use llama because I'm not used to that that would fit in the way I would do it.

This man is he's arm to the hilt. What would you say I don't operate that way if I'm going to this I have to do this way. I believe God wants me to do it, so he had the root refuse his arm and he had the good, the crate find himself the right stones. Bob Stone picked up, nice and round and once a flatter. They are real fast and so didn't he decide in his ongoing to do on the little Goliath committed make one of his challenges and then when he makes his challenge and tells us what is going due to his then I'm going to tell him what I'm going to do to him to get him so mad so angry and so intimidated by me since I'm not out there with my most sought no shield no armor bearer. All I have is a state that is a staff of a shepherd and my slingshot. I want to get him so upset and so angry. He's going to charge when he turns, I'm going to charge and I'm not happy off guard because he's going to be angry and so intimidated by this little run. I got that is exactly what he did very important that you have a course of action. The fifth goal of the fifth step. Here is a calendar of events we zoning account of events simply this.

If you don't have some time limits.

It's not going to get done one of these days we got a reject from the house. One of these days we're gonna start saving money but I kids in college one of these days that we know Bosnia got one of these days we going on those big vacations.

One of these days one of these days one of these days, that's a dream that's an idea that may be some fantasy of yours that you listen with us not to go is going to be crystal clear, and so here's what happens when you put a date down by everything in you begins to move and what happens is this of this camera your conscious mind and your subconscious begins to go to work when you are consciously thinking about one thing you subconscious all also has antennas out and that you come to this thought and that thought and things and click in your mind that you thought you had thought about before. What's happening. God is using every facet of your being, to enable you and to help you to accomplish the goal that you sent and so whatever the goal is there are specific steps and those specific steps need some kind of a date on them or else what will happen is you get discouraged you laid aside and that go will no longer be a goal in your life cannot tell you have very important it is that you have a course of action and that you also not have a cause of action. But you that you have a calendar of time. When do I want to get this done.

How long do I want to give it well. Number six, and that is cooperation. Think about this for moment. I don't know, person of very many goals in life that you and I can accomplish is long-range, and once in a while you meet somebody who's going to do it themselves and go do their way all by themselves another some goals you don't tell anybody about until either you're a long ways into them and see success close by, or there may be a few goals in life that you keep to yourself. Certain there some things that you can certain accomplish alone, but not very many, and certainly no real big goals in your life. For example, if you have goals. It your family.

You need their cooperation. You have goals and dog your business. You need the cooperation of the employees you have goals in ministry, you need the team there that after realizing this is something that this is a God. This is what we want to do is a body and so therefore it's wise to find people around you who can help you accomplish that goal very important that we think in terms of this whole idea of cooperation. Then of course a number seven is consistency what on the mother simply this, you will start something and stop it you set your on the go and you do not let someone else see that from you because they're wavering somewhere else.

When I think about that on think when I think about consistency in thinking about a listen that you set your on the goal you have a determined fixed purpose very important that you and I are consistent because otherwise we going to drift and so all these clambering things that demand our time and attention. Energy if you don't set down the goal. It is not some kind of a passion inside of you. It's not something you really truly want to achieve. If it isn't worthy of your concentration.

Your thought in your time. You won't do it now. I would never say to somebody, you set your on your goal apart from God. No, if it is a God given goal your must always be upon him to help you keep your on the goal is that his accomplishments in your everyday life, he must enable you and strengthen you and so having your eye on your goal is not a conflict because you're ultimately is on the Lord God seeking his direction for your life and how he wants you to achieve that he is so willing to give us so many wonderful ideas we will stop to say okay what can I do at this point I do some do not want to be drifting. I don't want time to be wasted on resources to be wasted out of my mind to get crowded. God focus my attention, and this seal me to what you want me to accomplish. There are some big go in your life.

If there were the goals you have to keep your item or else you're going to lose them.

And if you get your hope of them.

It's very easy to do that is going to drift off and say well you know what that was one of those big goals I had agenda but somewhere along the way. I guess I just laid it down while because either you didn't have the motivation to begin with, either. It was not worthy of it did not deserve your time deserve your energy deserve your thought and deserve your focus in this and deserve your being steadfast in your lead all right. Goal number eight very important goal and that is controlling our emotions controlled emotions is a very very important essential part of reaching your goals is what happens is often times we let people with their pettiness.

She thinks how in the world does he think. Who do they think they are and the people who just petty and their critical they can't stand to see you getting ahead in life and some of the do they want tear you down instead of saying you know, I see how you being blessed but show me how to get blessed like that.

You know what they wanted to get him down in the mud with me, so I will have to look at that be intimidated by friendless and don't let people intimidate you better than you know why because you are a child of the living God Almighty God Jehovah God the son Jesus Christ lives on the inside of you in the presence of the power of the Holy Spirit. You don't have to bow down to anybody in intimidation because of their well their status, their fame, their fortune, nothing. You are a child of the living God, and what happens was we listen other people people steal our dreams. We listen that all the negative attitudes and then there some people who still each of his dreams by deliberate willful negative caustic undermining, belittling remarks while you think you are buying here and that's the stupidest thing ever heard of in my life thought you had more sense anatomy met with your brain. Have you ever done that somebody had given the tickets. Listen child comes up in a crazy mixed up file that were like we live in it.

They got good goals for God's sake and for their sake. Encourage them dance, but none think you can do it. You know what, even though you know they going to fail. They need your encouragement because you know what all that was it failed and things at time we've all been defeated at times but you know what thank God for the people around us who said you know what that's okay you didn't get that time you get it next time you make it. Just hang in there. Don't give up. Don't quit. It makes no difference. We need to be encourages not the theaters encourages and everybody likes and characterless efforts. Have you gotten some difficult time are you facing some goal in your life and things are looking a little tough.

And what do you want most of all he wants about it either put their arm around you put that hand your shoulder. You know what I believe in. I just want you know I believe in you and I'm rooting for you. I'm praying for you. I believe you can do it. I believe you can accomplish that. Was that dude that builds up your sense of self-esteem.

We listen not only what ought we to be reaching goals but we are to also be willing to help other people reach their goal. I believe that if a person is committed to helping other people reach their goals. There's got to be more help than you ever dreamed it comes to help you meet your goal.

Well, number nine. That is the courage to act well uncertain how to say much about David here because he had all the courage necessary.

He walked out and face to live by himself to Kissling one shot that did the job killing cut off his head and the army of Israel attacked and destroyed the Philistines, he certainly had the courage not just courage and Saul's tent, but he had courage when he stood alone facing this giant now fear is a paralyzing fear of failure, fear of one of the people going to say courage that is the willingness to take a step when I don't know where the steps can only be necessary. I just know the goal is out of what I'm going to have to face, but I'm willing to take this step no matter what might reaching the goal is worth whatever I had to deal with in life, courage when I get the courage for the best places to get it is reading the word of God to see how he helped others in the Scriptures through their difficulties and through their trials and their obstacles. The reaching that goal. Getting on my knees and asking God to give me direction and guidance. One of the ways we get courage stricken is by the encouragements. We set of other people. Well, the last one. And they're probably looking for disabled certainly a conscious dependence upon God. That's what he wants.

God wants us to depend upon it.

But if you notice the first nine of these wasn't just dependence. It was something we have to do an attitude we have to wear. I have steps we have to take in order to see those goals accomplished. Now you civil how will I start well let me ask you this what you want to happen you when you die. Well, if there's life after death is you Christians that want to go to heaven. I can tell you that is a very worthy goal, you asked the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sin, you accept the Scripture that he is the son of the living God, and that his death at Calvary on the cross pager sin debt in full and that if you willing to acknowledge that he is the Savior, and you will and to receive him as your personal savior by faith, that moment you are saved and from that moment for all eternity you become a child of God. Only God knows what he will do in your life if you will let him let him set the goals of your life and put the practice. These simple 10, but absolutely essential principles. If you're going to accomplish anything in your life that is worth one. Thank you for listening to part two and how to reach your goals if you like to know more about Charles Stanley for InTouch TextEdit lighting podcast is a presentation InTouch ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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