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Thinking Our Way to Success - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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September 10, 2022 12:00 am

Thinking Our Way to Success - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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Welcome to this weekend.

Intense podcast with Charles Stanley. It's always wise to make healthy decisions about what to put into your body when you have to be extremely careful about what you put in your continue with God's way.

Every single one of laws is the result of the way we been thinking all these years in our life. What you not going to be tomorrow.

As a result of the way we think about ourselves. The day you recall in Proverbs chapter 23 verse seven. The Scripture says as a man think it in his heart so is he. He or she is the product of their thinking. So when you think about the power of our thoughts. The Bible says that we are the result of the way we think we are the result of what we think and that our minds of the compilations of all these things we been thinking about the apostle Paul certainly believe that because if you recall, he said in Philippians chapter 2 that fifth verse he said listen this let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus eternity will to Colossians chapter 3 and notice what he says in this passage.

Colossians chapter 3 he says, speaking of the Christian life, and how God is change that is made as somebody newly says in verse five.

Therefore, having trusted Christ as your Savior.

Consider the members of your earthly body is dead. What immorality, impurity, passion, evil desires and greed, which amounts to idolatry. Then he says for its own account of these things are the wrath of God will come for in them you also once walked that's the way you thought is that what you felt. That's the way you believe that's the way you acted in then you also once walked when you were living in them. But now you also put them all aside anger, wrath, malice, slander, and abusive speech in your mouth. Do not lather one another since you laid aside the old self with its evil practices and have put on the new cell who is being renewed to it. True knowledge according to the image of the one who created him now, what is he saying this is the way you used to live. But now you don't think that way. And the more he says consider yourself to do those things. Yvonne did something I don't think about when he says lay something aside. He means don't think about that and more. Don't allow that in your life anymore. So when you think about the power thoughts. Paul is stating in different ways.

The fact that our thoughts will determine our character. Those thoughts that we allowed to lay there those thoughts that we allowed to just abide there those thoughts that we allow in our mind and heart. Those things that we think about we dwell on those things. He said dwell on these good characteristics because that's what your character will be like.

With that in mind is what I want you to notice as I think about Paul and how he lived his life. We said one thing number one is in this Little real care if we going to succeed we have to recognize the power of our thoughts.

The second thing we must do if we go to succeed in life is to be willing to read program at thoughts are thinking. Second thing we must do is to be willing to reprogram the way we think. Reprogram at thinking I you say will now is this mind of a man know it is a very definite clearly given actual principle in the word of God.

It is all here very clearly given to us simply placed here, God is given a something that is also now watch this when we talk about reprogramming your thinking of reprogramming your thoughts. What we mean by that.

I want to turn if you will to Romans chapter 12.

Look, if you will. In Romans chapter 12, will you look at two verses here. I want to write down the word just a moment. Verse one. I urge you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God which is your spiritual service of worship want. Do not be conformed to shaped don't be conformed to this world don't allow the world to pour you into its shape and its image, but be transformed, change the metamorphosis change take place by the renewing of your mind in order that you may prove what the will of God is that which is good and acceptable and perfect. Listen, repulsing he says stop allowing yourself to be poured in the world below because you act like their but rather he says being being transformed. Let there be change in your life which will be the result of what the renewing of your mind, the renewing of your mind. Renewing is a great word, and it cannot hold which means make change. Make a change.

The renewing of my mind means I'm going to change the way I think I'm going to change what I think now when he said don't be conformed to this world but be transformed. Let's think about it.

Now what's involved, what is involved in the renewing of your mind, what is involved in renewing about those listen, I want to plead with you in Jesus name, not for my sake but for your sake, do not miss anything that you're about to hear. I'm going to tell you the truth, because it is the Lord God is the principles that he's placed in this world. This is how we in desires that you and function in order to become the persons he wants us to be and that you can reach your potential in life, no matter who you are and where you are. This unites a minimum of the bottom rung of the letter change your thinking and letting you come when you change your thinking, not just change your thinking. The change your thinking in relationship to who you are in relationship to who God has made you and is willing to help you to become without talking about success minus God is no such thing we talking about success. God's way we talk about how God thinks and he thinks what is best for us now. How is it that we renew our thinking in order think the way we should think in order to think our way to success or the first thing that's important is I have to have the faith to believe that I can renew my thinking somebodies is a man of adjacent I been thinking this way all of my life. You mean to tell me that I can change the way I think yes you can. How can I do that it is a choice you make. You have within you the power to choose the way you want to think and if you settle on.

Not even a Christian.

The first choice in life, you need to make is I choose to acknowledge the fact that there is a God, his son is Jesus Christ. He went to the cross and died for my sins. He paid my sin and that info and the Bible says if I accepted by faith is not personal savings are in the my life to God.

I will be forgiven of my sin.

I will become a child of God. I will have his eternal security. I will have his Holy Spirit living on the inside of me. I can become the person that God wants me to become. You can change your thinking. So first of all I have to believe that I can if I want to think a certain way I choose.

For example, let's say that I grew up, and I certainly didn't situation, circumstance, and attitude when I was taught the idea that God love me, never really entered my mind. Seriously God was a judge. Yes, take care of me.

Yes, supply my needs. Yes, enable me to do what he called the do.

Yes, love me, that was foreign to me when somebody introduced me an experience in my life to the fact that God really love me when I started doing was looking up those scriptures that talk about God's love, even though I've been preaching all around it for years I began to go to bed at night, saying, Lord, I want to thank you for loving me did I feel it at that time.

Not really. I want to thank you for loving me wake up in the morning. I thought I would thank you for loving me. You know what. Before long, I not only felt it.

I began to live out with Coke wonderful love of God would sit the free from a terrible bondage is a resentment of a matter know it is not. He is what it is thatů Amen is what is it is choosing to feed my mind the truth. It is not mind over matter. Listen, it is true all the arrow is thinking God's ways rather than man's ways. And so what happens when you and I choose to think the truth about ourselves. We choose to feed our mind the truths of God's word.

What happens is that those screws those ideas.

Those thoughts begin to dominate our thinking when you will not allow truth, truth, truth, truth to dominate our thinking it will dominate our attitude it will dominate our actions down their behavior dominate our conduct, listen, whether it's in your business over that's in your spiritual walk, you will begin to think your way toward success because you in the power of the Holy Spirit have begun to think God's way about your job God's way about your schooling God's will that your vocation God's way about your future. God's way about your finances God's way about your family and we are thinking God's way. We got experience, except there is no way to overestimate the awesome power of our thinking you want to succeed in life yet to start thinking the successful way and how was that feeding your mind with truth feeding your mind with the word of God. They will teach you how to relate to the father teach you how to relate to one another teach you how to be persistent, teach you how to survive in difficult and hardship teach you how to be kind and gentle and generous. How to go the 2nd mile how to have a servant spirit how to concentrate how to have a definite purpose in life.

Think think think it is our thoughts that govern and control every single facet of our life.

So we look around us and we see people there seems to be simply no evidence of success in their life. Now let me just say there's no watch this carefully. God is the one who created this human body he gave is not only a conscious mind.

We conscious it was going on around us right now. He gave us a subconscious mind that works 24 hours a day we were asleep and when we are awake, always working all the things we thought all the things we've seen all the things we felt our environment over all these years. It's all there. That's why all of a sudden some thought can come to your mind that you had thought about 40 years, where they come from. Nobody put in your mind. It's been there all along. The mind is the most powerful thing in the universe not told that God's words about them. But what was a part of. There's no computer, never will be a computer connects one human brain is more electronic sig. only one human mind, and all the television, radio stations in the world nothing can match the human mind that God is given. And so what we don't realize is this. When you go to bed at night thinking evil thoughts are bad thoughts about somebody you think will not forget that tomorrow morning. Mark this down all night long. Your subconscious mind took those bad thoughts that you went to bed with you know what working in the your thought patterns all night long and you may get up and you may not think about it first. But I get a tell you it's there, it's working working for bad work in the destroyer working to cause you to fail. Now let's turn that run around the behaving example is real busy all week long and so use lamb window message by Thursday, and though I knew what I was going to do and I couldn't to it till Friday morning, she woke up early for the money got to sit there all day except luncheon and a brief supper and I sit there from about the eight something in the morning of their bets till midnight working away and so what happens is that you get into something so much you get talking and I thought was I missing it somewhere you Lord.

So what happens I went to bed when sleep woke up the next morning could write fast enough crystal clear sharp as it could be now what went on during the night. All the information I put in here working God's working in so when I sat down he just began to flow, listen, care when you have a problem when you have a question when you have a challenge in life don't think that you do. I think this thing through. No you and God. Think it through and what you want to do is you only get God's thinking about this situation when the wisest things you can do is before you go to sleep at night presented to the Lord in the world would say or give it to your subconscious mind you and I know we give it to the Lord.

We have a subconscious mind no question that we give it to the Lord.

We talked to him about it.

We thanked him for giving us his solution. We thank him for the Holy Spirit working in these created bodies about and he who knows the mind so well knows had to work. I can work now you say like it is answer anything like that know for example if I go to bed not suppose to start next week on the go study all week long Saturday night on the skin until God. Lord leaders and here it is Sunday mornings coming. Thank you for the message. In Jesus name. You know what I would show up Sunday morning because I wouldn't have anything because Mr. it's what I put in this mind that God can arrange and rearrange. It's the information that you put in your mind that you can come out with godly thoughts.

Thoughts that are governed by God. It's going to govern your attitudes and your behavior in life and all of us have struggles in life. We deal with. We should bring them to him a lot. How do you want me to think about this for example when you go through some adversity, you can allow yourself to get listen discouraged, depressed, distraught.

It's a disaster or you can set. Allow yourself to think God you're in control you sovereign on the trust you through this no matter what, who's going to come out winning and who's coming out losing the person allows himself to think the negative thoughts of distress and discouraging despondency, and all the rest, they can lose the blessing that God is provided in that adversity.

The person who's willing to think God's way to be able to transform every single adversity. Listen into a step forward in becoming and achieving and accomplishing what God has in mind my friend you and are the product of our thoughts. If you don't like the way life is right now you need to change your thinking. Beginning with Jesus Christ as your Savior. You don't like the way things are turned on your life change the way you're thinking about summer camp from God's perspective and be positive and with Faye and confidence and assurance that your God is in everything you see around you may yell to you and shelter you. There is no way but my friend, you don't look at what's around you. You listen to the voice of God. You see how God thinks and how God works.

You tell him that your trust is in him. Maybe you can figure maybe you can't see. You don't see your way clear. Things look so hopeless when you look about what you want to think that you will think the way God thinks.

How does he think his way things.

I love you I care for you. You my child I want the best for you. I provide the best for you. Don't be discouraged. Don't despair, don't become disillusioned. Trust me, trust me, trust me, trust me and my friend your life will be its form.

If you just let them do it by choosing to allow the dominating thoughts of your life to be godly thoughts, positive thoughts thoughts that emerge from faith not doubt and not fear father held very grateful we are for your love for us. You created these bodies. These physical beings of ours in the most awesome fascinating and exciting fashion teachers how to clean everything we cannot and we know that begins by taking the way you think. I pray the Holy Spirit will sink this message so deep that it will be inescapable that you would accomplish your purpose and everyone of airline and that even now those have not received Christ would be made aware of the fact that's the first step in finding life at its best. Those who struggling with choose absolute views Satan's discouragement choose to begin the week. Your thoughts. Think your way and the claim your blessings in Jesus name, amen. Thank you for listening to thinking our way to success. If you'd like to know more about Charles Stanley for intense ministries that night and hats catalyzing back after the presentation of intense ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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