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Belief Brings Success

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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October 15, 2022 12:00 am

Belief Brings Success

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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October 15, 2022 12:00 am

Discover the three beliefs about God that are essential to have.

In Touch
Charles Stanley
In Touch
Charles Stanley
In Touch
Charles Stanley
In Touch
Charles Stanley
In Touch
Charles Stanley
In Touch
Charles Stanley

Welcome to "intensified Catholic tile family with strong pull of the world toward ungodliness. Believers need to maintain a medical delete. Let's take a few notes as we listen to the final program and Dr. Stanley series access will think about the bottom line of all believe. The bottom line of all success in reaching goals were alive is one I think it stands out above all the rest because when I think about all the principles that the we talked about what I think about all the principles of success. I think the ultimate key to success is to believe that talk about believing in this message as it relates to believing in order to reach goals, believing in order to become the person that God wants us to be. Because you see we said from the very beginning that genuine, true success is the continuing becoming of the person God wants us to be, and the continuous achievement of the goals of God would have us set for a life. So with that in mind, let's think about something a person can set goals for their life they can believe that God wants them to succeed and reach these goals.

They can be very persistent. To some degree, they can be committed. They can be enthusiastic they can get other people inspire other people to help them reach their goals and become a success, but if that person doubts that they can reach their goal if they don't believe they can reach that goal. This will happen. They may work at it and they may try, but it'll always be just beyond their reach. Because when you believe you can eat. You want and you cannot.

The mind is an awesomely powerful instrument God has given us, and it will either lead us to reach goals are God's help the set for life or it will not. So it's very important that you not understand that belief is ultimate.

The bottom line key of whether we will be able to succeed in whatever God called you to do or whether you will fail.

They said no, wait a minute is is that stuff of mind over matter, though it is not because that's what all belief is about is what happens. I've said this before we allow the world to pick up on some terminology that we know is scriptural and because they use names all don't use that word so and so use that forgetting we had at first, the Bible is old and all that junk is the center think about this when we talk about visualizing something it means to create a mental picture of and to hold that mental picture before us believe is an awesome power that God has given us the mind is an awesome instrument that God has enabled us to be able to visualize before hand. The finished product of something he wants to accomplish in life.

The truth is, that's what all faith in faith is to be able to project and they go out there in the future and bring home to myself today. What I want to happen what I believe God wants to have present if I should ask you out when you God do you believe you're going to heaven.

Yes, I did all right when you think about dying and going to heaven. What you think I'm dying. I'm going to heaven close down know you think about was going to happen.

You visualize yourself are dangerous, and taking in the presence of God in you visualizing Jesus and so forth. So what you know you visualizing what you believe and the truth is we do this all the time but so much of it is negative and we set up negative ideas. You'd be surprised at how much negative stuff gets into our mind until finally, what we do we think we are positive when we are not and so when Paul says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. The apostle Paul knew the awesome power that God had placed in his mind and in his heart to help them to become what God wanted to be and so when I think about what causes this kind of thinking are: cobwebs, cobwebs of the mind and that if I wanted your house.

For example, suppose you invited me over to eat and he prepared his wonderful lunch. So what you get home and you making sure everything is looking pretty good.

And so you look in the dining room and his is the cobweb waving in the colonies. All my goodness, what are you going that you get a broom or rag or something.

Are you going to get it down because cobwebs don't fit your dining room when you have guessed right. You know what I can get that one down one swish of the brood, get Lee's cobwebs out of negative thinking takes a whole lot of work and a lot of change in my thinking, and so God doesn't want cobwebs of negative thoughts controlling and dominating his precious children, to whom he has given his awesome grace. He doesn't want you thinking that kind of stuff he wants is thinking right he wants is thinking godly. He wants us to think about what he desires to do in our life. What you can do what you capable of doing what God has equipped you to do in your life.

Listen the worst cobweb you can have waving at you is self-doubt arcade. It won't happen. I probably won't make it. You know what I guess I'm just a failure. I fail before listen.

Forget about past phases don't live in the past is not a single versus gets it living in the past poses, forgetting those things which are behind, forgetting those mistakes, forgetting those failures I'm pressing on.

I'm looking myself the way God wants to see me. I want to see myself and visualize myself reaching those goals. Accomplishing those tasks. Think about this. Who are you, if you're a believer.

This is who you are. You are a child of God. You have been given the awesome incomparable immeasurable indescribable gift of the grace of God. You have been forgiven of all your sins, your name is been written in the Lamb's book of life you have been sealed by the Holy Spirit the day he called your home your life, your eternity is going to be with Almighty God.

He's in you by the Holy Spirit to enable you to do anything he called to do.

He has gifted you with certain human talents and certain spiritual gifts in order to enable you to become and to do everything God is called you to do to become give me one good reason for belittling yourself and saying I came. This won't work that you know this is not going to happen you know what you think slamming God. Listen, God says, for by grace you been saved through faith that not of yourselves. It's the gift of God not of works lest any man should boast. For we are his workmanship, persons of notable excellence. That's what that means we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, and the good work which he before ordained that we should walk in them, which is saying what that God has set goals for your life and mine listed. We are the workmanship of Almighty God, created in Christ Jesus not only in the flesh, but created in Christ Jesus, spiritually indwelt by the Holy Spirit, gifted by the Holy Spirit, enabled by the Holy Spirit, scaled by the spirit of the living God. And then you tell me that I'm not to have confidence in Almighty God, and in myself to carry out the will and purpose and plan of God.

Yes you can.

Yes yes yes you can. And the biggest thing that will cause you to be defeated is your self doubt, listen about yourself and about Almighty God. God, his plan for your life in my life that life would be productive and life would be fruitful will be a success in whatever God calls us to do we be able to achieve those goals are set those goals reach those goals. That brings honor and glory to God, a self-confidence that is based on a relationship with God. Based on the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit based on the fact that we are the children of the living God, and based on the fact that we are fully convinced that whatever he calls us to do. He's going to be with us and in us in the process of enabling us to accomplish that task (you have got to shut it down.

You got the turn know you got the job into unbelief. To fail if you believe right never said his mind over matter. It's believe in this God who created you, he created you to succeed he created you to achieve.

He says listen created on the good works which he foreordained that you and I should walk in them, which is his website. That's our lifestyle.

Does that mean that we know something and I know it doesn't mean that because that's what builds character. Does that mean that there be no things in life know that's what builds character and cause us to depend upon the all that is a part of the growing process and missing becoming the persons that God wants us to be is a growing process is the continuous becoming is the continuous achieving of those go and so when somebody throws oppose red flags as they throw them up and let me throw you up a whole bunch of white flags that say God has the best for you and you can if you will.

If you choose to believe that God is who he says is that he keeps his word. Now how can we strengthen our whole belief systems are what you get your pen ready okay to mention a few things that will help you and challenge you to increase your own belief system help you to believe God for what he wants to do number one accept as true God has endowed you with everything you need to be what he wants you to be in accomplish what he wants you to accomplish accept this truth because it is true. He hasn't left anybody out you are on the steps when God was dealing out gifts and skills in Sobel number two listeners remember he has promised to make a way when there seems to be no way that is a song by the time remember that he's promised to make a way for you to become the person you will be audibly desires you to be reach the goals. He watches it. Remember that he has promised to make away this of this trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path. He will make your paths straight. Which is his way of saying he will enable you to become and to achieve what he said. Number three read your Bible with a red pencil and shade every verse that has to do with courage and confidence, faith, believing shade them red pencil shade, however, have you initiate notice on the lot shade, let it jump out at look at those verses read those verses markers versus what is God trying to say to you when you're facing this particular goal in your life very important that you do that, number four, then pray those promises back to God and the Lord his what you said you said if I place my trust in you. You will direct my paths got. I need some direction this point what you doing is you get in a conversation with God about what he said what he promised you know what you doing you driving those beliefs in the your belief system you getting truth deeper into your mind and regular start taken root.

Those principles of Scripture. Those promises are going to begin to dominate your thinking now if you want those persons who is extremely negative or you even realize that your negative is realizing that reaching goals not succeeding what you want. Listen more than likely your thought processes that your thinking has been dominated so long by something that's negative you got the re-program it and reprogram it to think the way God wants you to think that his grandson, here's my promise is what I will enable you to do and then number five. Visualize and affirm your assets you got assets. For example, you skilled in this area. You do well in this area that was visualize and think about all the good things against him for the assets in your life. Don't major on the weaknesses we've all got those listed major on those things that are assets in your life. Everybody's got assets big smiles when you got wonderful smile.

Then stamp indelibly upon your mind the image of the person you want to become. Get it in your mind.

Get your piece of paper by the top of the person I will become write it down.

Single words or phrases is the person I want to become. You know what, what would you become ignorant if you don't think about it, and most people never thought about what they want to become base alarms on the best I can for the world is that what can a person will become members of this carefully. If you will do this the will happen. I can guarantee this if you write in the kind of person you will become your life will change will happen as you change because you gonna start focusing your attention on what you will become, not what you are what you think you are that you think you were, you know what you probably don't look different.

You plug in at different, you may even address different. You may live that you see when you ride that is a counter person. Mama said imprinted indelibly upon your mind. Don't let it fade away when somebody comes along and single white one at risk. Forget it. Ignore it. You know what God is beginning to change your thinking so you can become the kind of person he want you to be missing impressive indelibly upon your mom then when these are negative thoughts come your way about something. This replacement a positive thought you said you know what I does not fit in very good thought out as well. Thank you that you know exactly what's going my life, thank you, be able to go to this day, and that whatever is going on of the job change that no words you can change just about anything you're thinking.

Now I'm not saying that you can get the situation what his what happened.

If we allow ourselves to get on the trail of negative thinking. Before long we are down the trail so far you can get into absolute total depression. If you think that way long, not overlooking the fact that chemical changes in people's lives and things happened during the Senate. I'm told by just normal living and even abnormal living we can do far better than and then when an obstacle rises is what you do you turn to Romans 831 and it says if God be for me who can be against me. That's what I want to quote God before us, who can be against us. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me notice that both of those statements are not self uplifting. They are godly. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. If God before me who is against has nothing would sell. It has to do with relying upon the wonderful promises of God. It is a matter of believing the Scripture believing God believing Jesus believing what he says it is worth than I can say probably a number of things going. It is complete with this is the most powerful concept that I know for establishing belief that does not waiver. No matter what does this imply there God is with me in this God is with me in this, you know what if I know he's with me. I know that God is big enough to get me through this God is big enough, great enough, powerful enough to enable me to reach that goal. God is with me in this in this pursuit of this goal.

Whatever it might be. God is with now I just want to conclude one simple illustration, a man who did not have a lot of knowledge about when I was coming on earlier in life. One of his goals was the right book that he thought would be a great help to many people and so one day he said to his wife. I failed. It's not working. We might as well forget it and he took the manuscript and through the trashcan.

He said I just I failed this. She reached in the pull it out and he said do not take that are the trashcan and he said it so sternly.

She did so, he considered himself as a failure. At that point. The next day and the reason he considered himself a is because he had a stack rejection letters from publishers and said no, no, no, not interest. Big stackable the next day his wife took the manuscript down to another publisher and when she walked in. She said I have a manuscript are likely to consider a civil government strip is rather large and wrapped up in big brown paper and so when he unwrapped it, it was the trashcan and in this trashcan was the manuscript she had nonexecutive husband said he said don't take it out.

She didn't take his care don't man read the manuscript. Listen to this is the manners that I fail in your work scores and scores of millions. Millions of copies of this book.

Suppose she said yeah. I guess we have failed so many people would have been the prime of so many helpful ideas, principles, along with many other books that he wrote later than that and you know what I think a lot of us in life. You probably have thought we failed at something and they will does make a difference.

But you know what when you and I deprived God of the gifts and talents and abilities that you have. What we don't stop to think about it who's going to suffer as a result of wheat we don't stop to think about that and oftentimes what we think is failure is not fair you know so here's what I was of the site. You don't have to allow negative thoughts to dominate your thinking. I want to say this with all of my heart. You can become the person God has ordained you to be you can achieve every single goal. God has set you are a clear you are enabled, and God is with you in your pursuit of those God-given goals, especially becoming the person that God wants you to be thank you for listening to the leaf springs access if you'd like to know more about Charles Stanley or InTouch ministries that my antistatic OIG podcast is a presentation of InTouch ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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