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Is the Spirit's Filling That Big a Deal?, Part 1

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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August 23, 2022 7:05 am

Is the Spirit's Filling That Big a Deal?, Part 1

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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August 23, 2022 7:05 am

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Today on Insight for living from Chuck's window. She is to the car.

Salvation is to the Christian. It gives us access to God. It opens the door to prayer, to an understanding of the Bible we are changed on the inside. We become new creations, new creatures in the key that has gotten us into this new life is the cross of Jesus Christ engines.

What's the well today on Insight for living Chuck helps us understand God's gift to every believer. It's the gift of God's indwelling spirit. In fact, Paul said that our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.

As Christians, our job is to honor this sacred relationship.

There have been times in all of our lives when we need for a deep presence of the spirit of God within us.

We have faced some awful trial, but we cannot escape. We are looking into the into the immediate future of illness or surgery or some illness and difficulty of a loved one of ours. Or perhaps we are not sure of God's direction and we we wanted more than anything else. And yet we can't seem to to filter the essentials from the incidentals and and we just long for a touch from the living God so that we might know with assurance that that he is at work and that he is directing our steps and that he is he is in charge of our lives and he will give us comfort and grace and mercy.

In this time of particular need. I faced those times in my life more occasions than I can even remember right now and I have always been grateful that in the training I received, even from early childhood. There are times when I will find myself wholly dependent upon God to get me through or to to get me to someplace to get me beyond where I arrived finding myself it helps me on occasion to just review some very basic thing. The Christian life is a life lived on the spiritual plane to the unbeliever. It is an unreal life.

In fact, if you were to press them there would be those who would say it is a foolish way to live. We believe in one we cannot see. We talk to one we have never heard we relate to one by faith and not by sight. We have never touched him. We believe in a book that is ancient and is attacked by those in the realm of academia, all around the world and yet we stand firm in our faith. In fact, we would if necessary, die for some of these things that we hold so dear and precious a person becomes a Christian by being rightly related to Jesus Christ. However, the process whatever the pilgrimage we came the same to the same person that we came in different ways and we have become Christians by being rightly related to God through faith in his son Jesus a person's spiritual by being rightly related to the Holy Spirit edits at this point, but it tends to get a little bit fuzzy in the minds of some even some Christians because we cannot see the spirit and because not as much is known of the spirit as is known of Christ and because we have not been taught as much about the work of the spirit as we have about our Savior.

When we get to this subject. It is, it is a little bit iffy if the truth were no but it is as important as knowing Christ that we walk with him that we follow him. My Bible is open to Colossians chapter 2, which offers a simple single verse, verse six that describes these two aspects of the same life lived on the spiritual plane. Colossians 26 says as you have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him the first part of the verse is conversion as you have received Christ the Lord Jesus Christ.

That's conversion so walk in him, and that is the Christian life. We come to the cross by receiving Christ Jesus the Lord.

We walked beyond the cross we continue our walk of faith as we have come to Christ by faith we continue will walk by faith as we are fueled and as we are energized as we are empowered by the person of the Holy Spirit. Let's see if a simple illustration will help. Let's say that we decide to purchase a new car. We go to the dealership. We look around. We kick a few tires we decide on the particular automobile. We want and we happened to be in such a condition financially that were able to pay cash for the car and we have having found the car we we talk to the salesman we work out a deal and we pay for the car. We really only need from then on two things to enjoy the delights of that car basically just two things.

First, we need a key. We need a set of keys.

The keys give us access through the door to sitting behind the steering wheel to the glove box to the trunk, even to the hood that will open. Once we get in the car and throw the right switch or pull the right lever. The hood below, but we have access to the car with the use of the key, however, were not going to drive very far until we get the fuel. Most dealerships I know don't fill the tank, and once you take the car out on the road and you're enjoying it, you discover your own empty rather quickly, and you make your first stop at a place you will stop hundreds of times during those years. You own the car as you fill the car with fuel what the key is to the car. Salvation is to the Christian. It gives us access to God.

It opens the door to prayer, to an understanding of the Bible to an understanding of fellowship with other Christians. The keys that come at salvation are numerous and many of them are not visible to other people. We are changed on the inside. We become new creations, new creatures, and the key that has gotten us into this new life is the cross of Jesus Christ. However, we discover as we begin to live this life that we can operate only so long own empty and we must have the fuel of the Holy Spirit to empower us to energize us and to move us from where we are to where we want to be. Now we have been engaged in the study of the of the intimate Holy Spirit for some time we have been through some interesting observations in the Scriptures, and it's become a shoe absurd much more personal than in the recent days, we discovered that the Christ promised the Holy Spirit before he left the your having left the earth.

He sent the Holy Spirit in fulfillment of his promise. When he sent the spirit he transformed a handful of of frightened and somewhat backward, awkward, intimidated men, he he change those man he transformed them into public evangelists. He gave them discernment. He gave them power, he gave them a dynamic.

He gave them the and assurance and a confidence that they can operate in a world that had once frightened them and cause them to run in the other direction. Once he had died. We have discovered also that this transforming presence of the Spirit of God is available to us because as we saw last time in the book of Romans.

Please turn back to Romans chapter chapter 8 we found out that there are these things of the spirit that are meaningful and available to us. In fact we even enumerated them with the coming of the spirit into our lives comes the comes the the blessing of life and peace versus 611 and 13, with the presence of the Spirit in one's life. There was an absence of fear. Verse 15 were now able to call him father all about father. There is an inner assurance were doubts depart and confidence comes verses 16 and 17. The spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God, and if children and heirs. Heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ and in a position to that. We have assistance in prayer. Verses 26 and 27, the Spirit helps us in our weakness because there are times we don't even know how to pray as we as we should.

And then there is a deep awareness of God's will, and we want to walk in it and the balance of the chapter talks about how nothing can separate us from this love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord, not having reviewed where we've been led him to get even more personal and let's let me talk about who we are, and perhaps even more importantly who's we are the book of Romans is a is followed by the book of first Corinthians, and if you just go over to that book 9 chapter 6 locate the last two verses of the sixth chapter of first Corinthians, and you'll see that we don't belong to ourselves. Now that we've been given a set of keys that provide us access to God and through God access to an entirely new spiritual world there was a time in our life. We didn't even know existed. We now have been given the fuel and and the fuel is to empower us to live for God's glory as you see in verses 19 and 20 of first Corinthians 6 do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, please remember something the Corinthians are notorious for their carnality. They are the example frequently used by Paul and by and to this very day by those who teach the Scriptures as people who walked in the flesh rather than in the spirit and yet would you notice they had the Holy Spirit, your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own.

Do you know that he asks him. Do you not know that you are not your own. You don't belong to yourself. You don't use today's terms, call your own shots you don't pave your own way. You don't press for your place in the sun. You don't push for first place.

You don't own yourself. You belong to another.

You belong to Christ. Verse 20 tells us that you and I have been bought with a price and then the follow-up comment therefore glorify God in your body. We belong to him. We are new creations. As a result of faith in Jesus Christ. And because we are new creatures in Christ we have a whole new identity.

We are owned by her Lord. We are his servants. In fact, the term used most often for that is sleeve bondslave. We have 00 a will that is greater than our own, to please and to fulfill and that's the father's will. Now that we are in Christ.

Now that we belong to him. The major goal in life is not to find happiness. The major goal in life is not the creature comforts major goal in life is not to locate the place where you will be the most fulfilled not necessarily the place you want to occupy as a Christian who has the spirit of God is the place God would have you fill for some of you it is a life of singleness, for others it is a life of marriage.

For some it is a life in a profession of a certain type of career for others of you.

It is it it it is not in that realm for some of you it is an vocational Christian service, but for more of you. It is not whatever may be his will and wherever he may have you live you are to suspend your days and I am to spend my days glorifying God in my life you in your life and I am my because we are Christians. And because we belong to him. His will is of paramount importance. Now go to chapter 12 from chapter 6 look at chapter 12. Once again, you will see these people called Corinthians, though often carnal, they are told that they have the spirit of God.

Chapter 12 verse 13 by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, slaves or free, we were all made to drink of one Spirit, using vivid word pictures to describe this oneness. We have in the body of Christ, and that which pulls us together in unity is the person of the Holy Spirit never question it.

Again, never doubted if you are a child of God, you have the spirit of God. Romans 89 says the same thing is this is saying you are not a Christian. If you do not have the spirit. If you are a Christian you have the spirit of God.

It is not a question of do I have the Spirit do I need to pray for the spirit is there something about the spirit that I do not have. Not all of that is settled. You have the keys and the keys have given you access to the very presence of God.

Included in that is the person of the Holy Spirit who resides within you now to stay with this analogy of the car and the fuel your tank is full.

My tank is full and the beauty of it all is that it stays full.

The question is whether we are operating with our lives in gear, or whether we are sitting idling our engine revving the motor going nowhere. The power the dynamic all that is needed is there all the inside all of the comfort all the guidance all the inspiration is there within us. The issue is, have we put it to use in our lives in this, as I understand the teaching is called the filling of the Holy Spirit. When the spirit of God fills the child of God. He takes charge. He gets full control and he moves us in the direction he would have us go to see the importance of that turn next to the book of Ephesians chapter 5. This secret though it's not a secret at all, but some refer to it.

The secret of the of the spirit filled life is to know what it means to be filled with the spirit. I want to show you some things in Ephesians 5 and then I want to spend most of the rest of our time on one verse, verse one of Ephesians 5 written to Christians therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children and walk in love, just as Christ also loved you and gave himself up for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God is a fragrant aroma. Please observe the command to be imitators of God, and to walk in love verse eight for you were formerly darkness, but now you are light in the Lord walk as children of light. The chapter begins with a command to imitate God.

It includes walking in love verse two walking in light verse eight I dropped out of verse 15. Therefore be careful how you walk the said walk in love, walking light and I goes back to the idea of moving through life moving through the Christian life called here to walk. He says be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil.

So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is at the end of that sentence there awaits us the answer to the question, what is the will of the Lord walk in love, walk in light. Be careful how you walk. Obviously it has reference to the will of God. This walk is a walk in the will of God in an answer to that question. What is his will for us. Verse 18 do not get drunk with wine, for that is dissipation, but be filled with the spirit.

I will ask you to put your thinking I Will Be a Little Bit Pedantic with That with That Verse That I Just Read I'm in a Be a Little Tedious with It Because I Think It Is so Critical to the Christian Life. We Hear A Lot about the Cross and a Great Deal about Conversion so Much about That Set of Keys, but We Are Taught Much about the Fuel of the Spirit and How to Engage the Gears and Get Our Lives Moving to That Which Is Important in a Direction That Pleases God. Since We Are His.

We Have Been Bought with a Price. Obviously, It Is a Command in Verse 18 to Be Filled with the Spirit You Will Look in Vain. Through All of the New Testament, Any of the Letters or of the Sermons of the Apostles to Find a Command Be Baptized Be Sealed Be Gifted Be Indwelt Were Never Commanded Those Things That Are All Part of the Car Keys. There Are All Part of the Original Set of Keys That You Got Your See You Were Gifted You Were Indwelt, You Were Sealed You Were Baptized for the Spirit into the Body of Christ. All of That Became a Reality. Whether You Knew It or Not. However, We Are Commanded to Be Filled, so There's Something about This That We Are Participating in. There's a Command to Obey. We Do Not Need to Seek the Ceiling of the Spirit You Don't Ever Need to Pray Lord Indwell Me Because He Does, but There Is Something about This Command That Involves the Engaging of the Gears within Us Look Deeper at the Verse. Please Observe. There Are Two Commands, Not One. The First Is Negative. Do Not Get Drunk with Wine. And Then There Is the Positive Be Filled with the Spirit That Some Have Erroneously Taught That These Two Ought to Be Combined in the Teaching Go Something like This. The Fullness of the Spirit Is like Spiritual Inebriation. It's Sort of like an Intoxication Where You're Virtually Out Of Control with Drunkenness, You Are Physically Filled with with Alcohol but with the Spirits Fullness. You Are Full of the Spirit. Sounds like the Analogy Can Work This Excitement about This about Life. This Change of Personality As the Drunkenness Can Create a Whole New Kind of Person Out Of an Individual but but Wait a Minute.

The Commands Are in Contrast to Each Other. He's Not Comparing Them. He Is Saying One Is Not to Have a Part of Your Life and the Other Is to Be a Part of Your Life.

In Fact, See Right in between the Two Commands That Is Dissipation Debauchery, Excess Drunkenness Leaves a Person Literally Out Of Control, but the Spirit Filled Christian Is Never Out Of Control.

Matter Fact Is I Read the Fruit of the Spirit. One of the Fruits of the Spirit Is Self-Control.

So These Are Not to Be like like into Each Other, but Rather They Are to Be in Contrast to One Another. John RW Stott Has a Good Word on This.

He Says We Can Indeed Agree That in Both Drunkenness and the Fullness of the Spirit to Strong Influences Are at Work within Us. Alcohol in the Bloodstream and the Holy Spirit in Our Hearts, but Whereas Excessive Alcohol Leads to Unrestrained and Irrational License Transforming the Drunkard into an Animal. The Fullness of the Spirit Leads to Restrain and Rational Moral Behavior Transforming the Christian into the Image of Christ. Thus the Results of Being under the Influence of Spirits on the One Hand, and of the Holy Spirit of God. On the Other Are Totally and Utterly Different One Makes Us like These. The Other like Crimes You're Listening to Insight for Living Were Midway through a Message from Chuck Swindoll Titled Is the Spirits Filling That Big a Deal Is the Four Study and a 14 Part Series Called Flying Closer to the Flame to Learn More about This Ministry, We Invite You to Visit Us Inside for living ministries.

It pleases us that God uses this daily program is a channel for communicating his truth but we know it's the spirit of God who does the transforming the data and were pleased to equip you with helpful Bible study tools. For instance, every sermon in this series about the Holy Spirit is accompanied by an online document we call these free resources are searching the Scriptures.

Studies there available as interactive PDF documents that allow you to keep personal notes in a digital file, or you can print them out if you prefer to study God's Word with a pen in hand. All the details In addition to the study notes. Chuck is written a book about the third person of the Trinity called embraced by the spirit.

Let's face it, most of us are intrigued by the Holy Spirit, but we hold back because were afraid of getting this relationship wrong or being misunderstood by family and friends while in this book Chuck steps away from the theological battlefield to help us enjoy the one God sent as our companion to purchase a copy. Call us if you're listening in the United States, call 800-772-8888 four visit and look for the book titled embraced by the spirit. This daily program relies on the generosity of supportive friends like you to think so much for doing your part in helping others engage with the Bible, just as you did. The very first time you heard inside for living to give a donation today by speaking with one of our friendly ministry reps give us a call if you're in the United States called 800-772-8888 and you can get online by going to insight.that big a deal on insight for living. The preceding message is the spirits filling that big a deal was copyrighted in 1992, 1993, 2003 and 2008 and the sound recording was copyrighted in 2008 by Charles R. Swindoll, Inc. all rights are reserved worldwide.

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