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When Troubles Come and Stay, Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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October 3, 2022 7:05 am

When Troubles Come and Stay, Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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October 3, 2022 7:05 am

Clinging to Hope

Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll
Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll
Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll
Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll
Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll
Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll

Today on Insight for living read of God's people debating character in us and maturity through loss when we take the trials as they come in rather complaining about thereby making other people miserable because of our trying we go through it with a sense of satisfaction. God's word is understand that struggles are a part of life and we've developed coping mechanisms when little glitches come our way. The occasional hiccup is no big deal. But what happens when our problems are huge and relentless today on Insight for living Chuck's would always teaching from James chapter 1. In this passage. The Bible gives us timeless wisdom when dealing with trials. If you missed the previous programs when Chuck started the study worries will begin with some helpful highlights. Chuck titled his message when troubles come and stay rights to us and to them all suffering. He he answers three question's as he talks about trials. He deals first with what's true about trouble, what you say about troubles when they come they are inevitable as the term is not if, dear brothers and sisters troubles come here with no no no no no, not if, because your brothers and sisters because you were in the family of God.

Trials are inevitable, their inescapable their unavoidable, but the second I want you to observe is the they have a purpose. All trials come with a purpose in mind were not just accidentally thrown onto a stage of life and left to fend for ourselves is God goes about his business of running the things of heaven know know those things that occurred to us are all part of his plan. Please observe as you read through these verses when troubles come your way.

It is up opportunity for you to review them with a positive spirit called here considering it a great joy for you know that your faith is tested at trial is a faith test and your endurance is given a chance to grow and as a result, our maturity is developed. All of the way the living Bible renders these first two verses put all kinds of trials and temptations crowd into your life.

My brothers and sisters don't resent them as intruders but welcome them as friend realize that they come to test your faith and to producing you the quality of endure's let the process go on until that endurance is fully developed and you will find that you have become men and women of mature character with the right sort of independent much better than asking why is this happening and why did this happen to me to ask what is there in this I have to learn what is there that the gods teaching me in this journey called the Christian life which includes the inevitability of trial that are purposeful melding to move ahead. How can we live above the first is the word consider looking first to consider it all joy. Interestingly, the Greek sentence verse two begins. All joy in that interesting.

The very first words out of the chute in that second verse is all joy. It's a deep-seated positive spirit if the depth of understanding that says there's a reason for this and if I can if I could know my God better. I could understand better why this is that it would help me know myself so much better than what is purposes in this so consider is the first word look at the verse three but of the word no. K and OW it reads for you know that when your faith is tested, but knowing that you are better able to consider it with a positive spirit, knowing that this is deepening your faith and that it is increasing your endurance and it is enhancing your character is building your maturity by you can't beat that combination but let me add all of it comes to us on the platform of the trial, but we would not a chosen and often what we would never have expected. Plus it's painful but valuable. Now the third word is in verse five. Look at if you need wisdom, ask our generous God. The word is ask at but is preceded by the reason you're asking.

It's something you and I were not born with.

We don't inherit it.

We cannot take a course in school, not even a graduate school that teaches us wisdom. We don't get it.

Necessarily by being next to someone who is wise though that may benefit us wisdom is house in the mind of our God and he is willing to share it with us at those times when we need it the most. In fact, I love the way it reads. If you need wisdom and would be interrupted by adding wisdom is looking at life from God's point of view there so little of that none of it in the evening news.

None of it in the media so little of it in the public square. Much of it in the Scriptures, all of it with our God. And because I am sure I needed wisdom or perspective on life idle before him, and this is the way I handle it. Lord, I am in the midst of a mess is a situation part of which I caused, in part, of which I didn't. But I'm here and is brought maybe loss or heartache or of the feeling of failure or disappointment to myself and into others, so I need you to enable me to see through you or perspective. What I can learn through this. Help me Lord to glean from this experience. Your perspective on the situation.

Help me to see what's occurred and perhaps by your grace why it's happened so that I might grow in an understanding of I need your wisdom because I don't have it in myself.

I just finished reading the point of it all, by Charles Krauthammer's final work before his death, Krauthammer, much like our own friend Johnny Erickson suffered a paralysis from an accident he had but he was determined that the young man at the time it happened that it would not stop him in his tracks and turn them into up a pitiful piece of humanity. On the contrary he would like Beethoven take life with the flu and indeed he did for his years on this earth. We all have have read him in our listen to him in his televised presence on various news broadcasts I he he had pursued the medical profession earned a medical degree.

The paralyzed and went into psychiatry and remained there for five years and finally realized not is not for me. I don't want to spend the rest of my life analyzing myself and others. I want to spend my life helping people in interpret life as it is, and so we became actively involved as as a writer I him and he is deceased, he distinguished himself as such. His son Daniel Krauthammer writes the eulogy at the end of the book is a beautiful piece because it ties in with what I'm sharing. I want to quote from Daniel's words listen listen to his remembering his father's counsel will be defined by what life throws at you and you cannot control except the hand you are dealt with grace and then go on to play that hand is joyously and industriously and vigorously as you can. Beautiful counsel, Daniel adored his father, for obvious reasons. Not a perfect man, far from it but a man who helped Daniel become the man he is. There's no reason the trial should ever go to waste. The secret is in asking for the wisdom you need to get you through the events of the adversity is one more word and it is the word endure that appears several times through this passage endure interesting it is from a Greek term again two words put together who follow HQ PO means under Manno MENO it means to abide or to remain put the words together it means to remain under it was used to describe a mule or a donkey before your long trek that you were going to take, and you loaded the animal down with the weight of those things you were carrying in the animal on its four legs would foment no beneath the look would abide under that that is what we are called to do in Troy's we see the word end and we read of God's cultivating character in us and maturity through us when we take the trials as they come in, rather than grousing about them complaining about them and thereby making other people miserable because of our trial. We endure and go through it with a sense of satisfaction.

God is at work.

He says a word to the poor. He says a word to the rich. It's all designed to bring it all into balance. Regardless of your financial status you will be leveled to at the same level and trials do that to us and when we endure them. There is so much to be learned and gained from you get the point. God blesses us, and we are as a result, recipients of those blessings and that brings me to this third question when we handle our troubles as we should. What then will the secret is in understanding verse 12. Look again at your passage, God blesses those who patiently endure. There's our word again who pull mental God blesses those who patient so immediately. There is a sense of inner peace for you handle trials God's way, rather than in the flesh. There is a sense of satisfaction which is called here the blessings from God. We realize our characters being cultivated.

We realize that the, the, the benefits will be ours long-term.

Even though at the present time, adversity is our lot and then afterward look closely in verse 12 he says.

Afterword, they will receive the crown of life.

But God's promise to those who love him. What a promise date. Have you been taught or are you aware that when we die and we stand before our Lord. For the time of rewards by his grace that there are literal crowns that he has set aside for us. Five are named in the New Testament. Five crowns the imperishable crown.

First Corinthians 9 verse 25 and then there's the crown of exultation.

First Thessalonians 2 in verse nine.

Then there is the crown of righteousness. Paul mentions on his last writings in second Timothy chapter 4 verse eight, the crown of right and here's the crown of life.

Promise to those who endure testing and then the final is the crown of glory. Peter mentions that in first Peter five been verse 45 different crown. There's an old song, will there be any stars in my crown Bible never speaks of stars and crown a little imaginative writing from front from a songwriter, but it does speak of crown. These are crowns that that are earned if you will, but heavenly life God's way III begin this message by referring to Richard souls bruised with adversity.

I've come up with a better line.

I think the than that, I think it would be much better to be known as wise souls matured through adversity. That's what I would wish for all of us that we would become the wiser through adversity. Some years ago of a man named Andre Crouch is going through a very difficult, painful time in his life, you who were living at the time and remember some of the songs he left us will remember one of them, especially eroded in the late 60s early 70s and the old lyrics are just not song anymore.

Regrettably, though I often think it would be wonderful to sing them as a congregation and perhaps we will the days ahead. He calls his song through it all. Note the title.

Through it all, listen to the lyrics.

I've had many tears and sorrows of a questions for tomorrow.

There's been times. I didn't know right from wrong, but in every situation God hears the wisdom God gave blessed consolation that my trials come to only make me strong. I thank God for the mountains and I thank him for the Valley's. I thank him for the storms he brought me through for me if I'd never had a problem I'd never know that he could solve. I'd never know what I'd never know what faith in God could and then the course through it all through it all I've learned to trust in Jesus. I've learned to trust in God, through it all through it all I've learned to depend upon his word. I really don't know where you are today and in your journey is no way I could know with the group. The size and and I don't need to know, but I can assure you God knows and he is deliberately leading you through it. I urge you to let it run its course. B take it as it is. Seek his mind as you ask for the wisdom he will give an approaching knowing that he is at work bringing you a debt in life that you would otherwise this and if you've never trusted in Christ that is the place to begin.

Maybe the trial is come to make you aware you can handle life on your own. You need to save your come to him turned to him about with me. Would you through it all through it all we learn to trust in Jesus learn to trust in God, learn to depend upon his word. Thank you dear Lord for never leaving us or walking away from us and abandoning us and pray for those who hear these words today going through very painful time in their lives that you would remind them that you're at work and the trial has a purpose in your plan is unfolding.

Even this day and bring us to a sense of reassurance, as we trust you are going through it all.

I pray this in the name of Jesus and for his sake alone. Everyone said amen. 12 studies in his brand-new series you're listening to the Bible teaching of Chuck Swindoll.

Chuck titled this new series, clinging to hope to learn more about this ministry, we invite you to visit us at her Chuck speak today. Perhaps you been thinking about the unwelcome trials that have come your way. Insight for living were praying that God would use this message to help you reframe those trials. As James Thomas, in addition to these daily programs.

Chuck is written a brand-new book as well. It's also called clinging to hope in his latest book, Chuck answers relevant questions like why is there so much suffering in our world. How do we cope when doors of opportunity get slammed shut and how should we respond when calamity crashes in in the authentic and refreshing style.

You come to expect from Chuck. We know you'll appreciate owning this brand-new work, clinging to hope to purchase a copy right now. Go to or call us if you're listening in the United States, call 800-772-8888. When you also include a donation to support the ministry of insight for living will have the satisfaction of knowing that you're helping people around the world. I saw this note, the said Chuck I'm a pastor in Damascus, Syria. I follow your studies every day. The preaching is a great blessing to us.

Another note from Beirut said this Chuck I'm blessed that my drive home every afternoon is when I can listen to the broadcast on FM radio. I'm encouraging other friends to listen to what you can see your gift is touching lives in remote parts of the world and thanks so much for giving generously toward the ambitious goal of reaching all 195 countries of the world, its omission were calling vision 195 to get a contribution today.

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Chuck Swindoll talks about what to do when suffering leaves its mark. Join us Tuesday on insight for living. The preceding message when troubles come and stay was copyrighted in 2019 and 2022 and the sound recording was copyrighted in 2022 by Charles R. Swindoll, Inc. all rights are reserved worldwide. Duplication of copyrighted material for commercial use is strictly prohibited

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