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A Meat Lovers Dream

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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April 23, 2022 1:00 am

A Meat Lovers Dream

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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April 23, 2022 1:00 am

Today Nikita is joined by "The Butcher's Block" owner and operator Eric Everhart. Speaking about his passion and realization of his dream with God's guidance and grace.


Because mental radio podcast mission is to break down the walls of recent nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you.

This is the Truth Network man up walking back to another episode of the man up show with yours truly to get a goal off châteaux it. People ask all the time. What does that mean actually I might bring on the street. I am not going to tell you anyway I have another great show lined up here in studio with me today. A man about business out there in the marketplace and also great to have them on the show. Eric Everhart's desert like is much the day it is great Eric to have you with us today and we first met on the euro euro sponsor advertising help make the man up show possible yes are definitely a part of it well and and great to have you a part of it that's that's really how our first introduction how we first met this her and from there, you have gotten actually toured your your place of established backstabbing to both your locations but let's do this list tell people of all people what you do, which is we are a quality butcher shop that offers beef, pork, chicken and seafood as well as many North Carolina gourmet items.

We did go out of the way. If there's a particular item you're looking for. Let me help their souls afford bison we we will source or most places will not just makes is pretty unique as far as what we did yeah and and English get you the location was assailed in the downtown area. Yes or were looking and innovation corner across from Bailey Park. We been there since March 8 of this past year and our first locations actually located in Lexington. We been there long five years now and I think you told me you are the Lexington location. I mean as far as all from a business perspective course you your Winston-Salem in the newer locations you your takes time and in part why want to have you on the show one wanting on but I'm grateful thankful for you being no sponsor open to to make the show possible but but so I've been down here place.

I mean it's a very even the setting inside even though you sell some very unique items unique meats and stuff like that but you don't just eat you have other stuff in there too, though yes we we we deftly made it worse.

More experience versus just having to go to the grocery store and this is the whole setting intercepts it in its full service case that you don't get most most grocery retail atmospheres to make it very unique, but you have all the amenities to seal to sell me.

You've got other amenities that come along with that which is what really caught my attention. Yes, there was pretty much like a one-stop shop for a really nice really nice meal is forging a beer, wine, cheeses, gourmet barbecue sauces, spices, cookies, popcorn was a lot of these items are all North Carolina-based, so you know, we try to keep it local logo is much as possible. Yeah I should sell it to come in there. So if they're planning a meal there like hey I want. I don't want to just get the top state on the planet but but what I want to get all the things that go along with his little he walked out and have their whole meal plan and purchase and walk out go home and have this gourmet meal exactly yes or away from your your your produce to even desserts were absent some sweets take spies things of that nature's will that of a sweet guy. Well I guess it depends on who you talk to love you watch back your wrestling fan I was when I was young, young man, many, many, many years ago I was I was a big wrestling fan. Okay, but it what you love and loving shifters just for second consortium what you remember about wrestling or anything that stands out in your mind about about wrestling others many things as far as the Russian nightmare Dusty Rhodes that rock 'n' roll express. Jimmy available he would command me this is some of my childhood memories that you never forget because it was unlike today we didn't have cell phones and you know we actually sit down in front of the TV as a family and enjoyed yeah took in the entertainment of it in and out any groupware group Lexington work on I. Which makes sense why you have your first business things exactly.I do want to get back to that immobile list. Let's talk about that.

She grew up in Lexington, North Carolina number brothers sisters have two older siblings have a brother and sister okay.

I was a baby gate would up and with a rusted testing.

As you washout account as a family, but it was my brother and in my to my great aunt Sarah Millett my grandmother's okay was a Saturday night ritual unit with Kemal Ellis. It was like 1130 at night and we sat there and watched mid-Atlantic mid-Atlantic.

She has very impressed sanction by the NWA exactly Jim Crockett productions Jim Crockett productions. That's right, Jim Crockett promotions now. Did you were you ever able to go to any life mansion. I never made it to allotment all talk about an experience that would heighten your love for rescuing Gisela yet. My brother he'd been quite a few but I never actually got to go. He he hyped it up for sure. Yeah I guess so. So you mentioned some Simpson pretty good name Sarah Dusty Rhodes rock 'n' roll express with boogie-woogie man Jimmy pretty boy from New York City who are who are who walk in yes Erica from New York said I did not feel dimension probably one of the biggest was Richler Killian Ringler I just I had to throw that out there. I say doesn't matter, didn't seem to matter wherever I go.

There's a Rick flair for Mike really like it. I never really like I was in South Korea's use of ministry in South Korea number years ago. Dr. had never the road warriors get animal and hot kisser and know what our infamous lines of road were hawk but but we do this ministry in South Korea where on all these Army bases, military bases, doing breakfast luncheons, evening services know that my really there's Rick flair fans in South Korea now is a little bit different as well. I go will not Rick flair okay good LOL I get your career good real is the body's age is not structured to fund record but but it is true everywhere I go there's a Rick where so he obviously made his impacted wrestling because deftly now is did you have a favorite know how to sing the cubicle off the shelf, but if you do I will be offended.

Actually you are one of one about one of my favorites but always like Jimmy Jimmy Ray really meant.

But when is a bad guy or good guy or did matter. I did matter. Okay, that's cool. That's cool but yeah Jim evaluated you know he still wrong really well yeah she's a lot thinner than he used to be. In fact I think he still I think he still has at least two different long time wrestling school. Okay, where he trained trees trimmed a lot of guys over the years.we should get that bearded East he still cool. I don't… I'll see him every now and then you different autograph sign yes and in fact right here in Winston-Salem every I just learned this so this this last Thanksgiving that we had because I was a part of his caress locating Winston-Salem is a big deal. Every year, and in which it I found out they call it Russell cade and you may or may not remember this around the Thanksgiving era of the golden era of wrestling was a big event called stockade yes I do recall that it was like the granddaddy of the NWA Jim Crockett promotions was Starkey starting in Greensboro. Starkey was well when that went away when Vince McMahon, W. W. Half now WWE kind of bought everything up and everything.

The promoter grew up on stockade, which is why he needed Russell cade okay and that's why he decided to have it in the Thanksgiving weekend because Starkey was always Thanksgiving night okay in Greensboro and and he does well I mean every year the same as well attended. I'm talking 70 10,000 people over the weekend so I can leave it with you know what I just just just that next Thanksgiving you might you might set up the porch as they got promoted at Russell cade's and Winston-Salem. Like for real deftly want your business. There is now like what you said. I mean thousands and thousands of people come through.

He doesn't like on.

I think on course text was on Thursday is Friday Saturday Sunday is three days. That's nice turn. I'm sure people come from all over the country. While some believe Oracle the last when I did matter guy guy flew in from Phoenix Arizona is indicated for. Let's also in Excel. So anyway so so you have some wrestling memories are the boogie-woogie man. Is there a mass. This is very favorite match. Perhaps that you remember from wrestling anything that just jumps and you're not right offender. Okay, it's been a long time ago in a while ago, but but why and I appreciate you being your family and your family.

Yes, Chris definitely wants were there with you brother. Being a fan of wrestling. That's pretty amazing so well at some loose talk about as I know with you with your business you do all that you can catering we don't do any type catering at this point time in the near future was as a possibility. They were taken with some things in order to do our Winston-Salem location is going to be a little more convenient for the people who live in that area.

You do not cook for like a really quick meal mortals and gourmet soups working on sandwiches something be pretty convenient specialty work in that area as well take lunch break and you're getting tired of some the restaurant you are you going to get a nice sandwich or salad.

Yeah. So that's coming in the very near future where you had a very again just it would emphasize a very just walking into place. You can tell that care about what you do in my view there it's it's everything you've done. It is done with excellence and on and I know I know others that have frequented your place, and that if purchased deal different needs and things and this is a high regard for what the public in your place and get this so your business guy you're out in the marketplace started the shop in Lexington. Five-ish use a guess as to say on have you always okay couple questions one he always had a desire to have your own your own business or your obscene entrepreneur. At what age let's go back to what age did you figure out that you wanted to be an entrepreneur, not necessarily in the end, the meat business sale. The butcher business but just an entrepreneur at how young what you have been. I would say I was probably around the age of 22 okay this, when this my whole dream came to light is just you multiple jobs out there about my career.

Some work quite a lot of knowledge and in the knowing how I'd like to do it versus how you know the corporate that it cannot just change a few things in the way that I like to do it and created a great atmosphere where you note all of our employees are very knowledgeable and educated on what we sale versus district traditional grocery stores and in the service. This our services impeccable listening to the network and uniform. I am excited to hear you do know well, maybe. Anyway, Facebook, call my new fan page for fans and the like, and follow.

If you would like to support Cola for Christ ministries. For a gift of $25 you will see adoration in the declaration of McEwing wrestling for $100 more will include a signed copy of the tale of the ring a lot.donate today your listening to the network and and the quality and out his cousin altogether. So it's it makes a very unique experience, but I like is that I was 2022 years old and so came to light and then as my son got older he continue to hear me say this is what I've always wanted to do an easy were less dad do it.

Just do it does do is one it works works minimus and what I guess I just met him and and and an offer in our day by 10 yesterday did you sure did for him and and so okay so high school did you dig call shall I do not go to college okay so can you cut the head that you're like I don't want to further my education, I wanted the workforce is on the marketplace and so you initially sought through high school high school you out there working in. We all have you always been in the meat. This is always in the grocery business okay start out at Food Lion when I was a bag 17 years old okay and work my way to store manager position within the five and six years. Okay. And then from there on continued with the line I was there for about 13 years and from there went to the fresh market was as a store manager for quite some time, and from there with the ballot so you I had quite a few experiences for different companies to have to see how things operated and split us up at my own spin on okay. It makes it made it very unique and is not like any other shopping experience before so you you your your 22 and you have an inkling of an idea of what one day want one dam and own my own business but until that happens. Until that time, blotting and gain in all this experience which is important race. Could you peers in the knowledge, experience and knowledge which is what you attribute your success you your current success to this is the ability to have learned from others.

Yes or that be accurate to say yes or to learn from others and gain that experience and gain that knowledge. And then and then translate that into your own business and show you how that experience and then selected to be where you grew up is that what led to the decision to launch that site. Yes, that location is for first yes or is obscene or your friends around them. Sure, people you went to school with people you grew up where yes I thought well that Wanted to leave my mark in my hometown. This is kind of funny because of the natural mother elves actually do it somehow was crazy to lose everything I had passed the most encouraging your crazy will get a steady paychecks on yeah exactly yeah she she was more of a pessimist not always an optimist. Again, I am always know that about someone extent okay okay the topic okay but she did tell me that you really need to think about nothing mother you know the most successful people willing to take a risk and if I don't know what I'm doing by now been in the business at this time 27 years might will look for another career, and it was the worst-case year you step out you take a risk lose you listening out there who are not risktakers.

I hope Eric's story may inspire you if you've been on the on the fence around the edge of stepping out and doing something on your own. That this story will inspire you today so show the worst-case scenario. Eric is step out you do it and it doesn't work… It doesn't work well is not to say that you can't go back into the corporate world exactly you had 27 years experience yes or and and find another another jail be there exact out there and/or even use something completely different writer something else. So kudos to you for stepping out taken a risk in host mom feel now five minus years later, extremely proud, really proud of ourselves know she's happy that her son took that risk yes deftly supports me 1000%.

That's awesome because I know the businesses I normal driving, so, so step you take the risk and become a success in applying the knowledge you gain experience you gain from all the years in corporate America course we we know why say we that small business America like yourself small businesses like yourself are really the heartbeat of America is definitely we are. I mean it's it's what it's what really drives is not that not to say that corporate America doesn't have its place but it but small business drives the economy, it does it does and I got a lot of people they say you know what the corporations us will be corporation what they want to start you have to start somewhere and seven, that the passion and the drive to do it and and and believe in what you do and good Lord, putting his hands and in they look different and that's what happened in Atlanta.

What you just said is extremely blessed yes or believing only what you do.

Yes the course. It's not a bad mix that you have a good Lord, not at all did not option to be able to have have that foundation and/or is kind of the foundation of belief right is stems from from said good Lord, and so have that perspective just is just an added bonus to the success so so you step out there. You take a risk you your successful your son is not. You have just one son I have I have have 33 boys and one girl three boys and one girl guess and what what a very what my youngest ones 15 my daughters 19 and my middle son is 21 and the mother sends you return 26 okay is she going to worship the oldest one that works with the motors were swimming with the same location. My middle son.

He works elections location okay and then my daughter works between both really and occasionally my youngest son help you jump in and help as well so it could potentially be long-term family. That's what I was Emily business is open for S that was my that was my goal. We were actually featured our state magazine back in September as it was a great article and in that particular article I mentioned that you know when I started this business and it done exactly what my vision was that I would leave a legacy for my children okay and were hidden right direction. Yeah, something they could step into exactly eventually take over it with that's that's pretty cool. It always should driving on the way to the studio today and on the road. There was his truck. Amazing how many businesses are out there like like I have never heard of right and and it is said in the best interest of the chicken man. It was like it was like some kind of farm you know and and been around since 1964 while my okay I like like I like just never even heard of the chicken and chicken that is sclerosis Nike 64 is Elise got one truck yeah exactly schedule truck on the road and is like just but it just struck me. I thought how many other businesses around you even like yourself entrepreneurs you know some of you had a vision and dream will that are successful like like yourself and again I want to emphasize to those listening today to your story or whole there inspired that they've got a dream, some some sort of vision for something that they want to do your desire to do just haven't been what would you say to her listeners. That was the catalyst for you to just go ahead and pull the trigger. Five questions you and and step on duties or anything that led to that you're listening to the and kickoff here if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit for considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem.

Be sure to check them out today at W. S.

M. C. The number because you are number one this show man up with is made possible by the grace of God, your faithful prayer support. God bless you.your listening to the Truth Network and I was a month of my biggest influences my oldest son and we were to give you courage me to do that and then we we can put a small business plan together and had a couple people that have believed in me and hurt my story for over 30 years now and and they they said here just just do it in and went from there.

But everything that you see in all locations and it was designed for the floors to the cylinders to the color schemes to the layout of both locations were they were just a shell when I started with it and I designed it from the bottom said that was a whole new undertaking for me because I've never done that myself personally but I guess is become a lot of fun and unite in just the passion like I say something you really believe in and you pursue it you you will be successful passion for 20 one thing that impressed me to or may not even know this week, but we don't know this but but it did leave an impression on me, except that a few of your other employees I met your son briefly but button I've met briefly a few the other employees but some very loyal employees and I'm thinking of one story, one man in particular was I thinking in the meat business at a butcher or whatever for. I don't know, like I think like for you probably know to questionnaire for 40 something years right.

This would cut me really says something EC said this to me, he said, out of all those years working for all kinds of other companies and whoever else. This is the best job he's ever had working for you. Yes, and I've I've had a couple and placed on the 20 was whether Jim who works for Melissa same location. He we work together 17 years ago and I told him back then a citizen to be a day that my own business and you come work for me.

He looked at me and said you're crazy and here we are. Danny's working for me while it's amazing. Yes, the testimony in and of itself, yes. Or that's a story in and of itself, and so lot last last question is usually quick. You mentioned the good Lord I received there. So this is just a pleasant atmosphere. As you faith important to the success this is my staff well this really the most important part of the business and everything in my life before and Chris if you got the Lord's blessing on it since you can't help but be successful exactly Lord's blessing is on it will give a great atmosphere.

You have a great story. Eric and if people wanted to visit one of the other location, or did you have a website with exactly the butcher's block which is thought butcher's block creek so they can find you online. We can order online or just fine right now were not to the level were doing online orders but that something that you see in the future it will probably move the next years. Okay, okay, but at least I can find your locations come in yes is there in the Winston Salem mobile area Lexington and and and I think you have five member you tell me your people really come from all over Oliver. Here is one safe once they taste the quality of of what you provide. You have some very loyal customers as well as establish it. We've we've we've created a destination soonest makes an yet experience when you come is that the quality we offer you can't find everywhere and will decrypt order set will provide exactly what you're looking for. If you wanted you'll find a form you got that right. All that click Eric Everhart's the butcher's block and what inspirational story that you've had so great having you on the map showing Avenue in the studio today. Thank you for coming. Thank you so much for having Nikita hey thanks Rhode Island and thanks for tuning into another episode of the map show and Eric Everhart the man up. He is manned up stepped out, started his own business. God bless you wonderful this podcast is made possible by the grace of God and your faithful prayers, generous, and may God bless you for your continual.donate heater co-op and I am here with a huge announcement like you. No man up men's conference. MorningStar ministries portal South Carolina August 25 27 you think that's always a way know not to soon to sign up. What a lineup of speakers we have the better brother David and Jason All-Star NBA All-Star Al Ward is speaking world wrestling champion Lex Luther Chris Rick Joyner Delta force commander, Gen. Lieut. Gen. Jerry Boykin hired. Yours truly Nikita cooperative renowned evangelist bring shelf and register today is live start events gold registered, you will want to bring me vinyl tile, carpet right now number one thing this is Nicole and I want to limit for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon. 1230 on the truth that were this is the Truth Network

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