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Larry Kerychuk- A Canadian Football Star

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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May 14, 2022 1:00 am

Larry Kerychuk- A Canadian Football Star

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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May 14, 2022 1:00 am

Today's episode features Nikita on the phone with good friend and former Canadian football player Larry Kerychuk. Listen as he describes God's path for him in the world of professional sports.

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Podcast network. This is the Truth Network man up. Welcome back to another episode. It's time to you know what man up when the cuticle all fear. Formerly the Russian nightmare. Now the devil's nightmare, and I just want to say welcome welcome welcome to our audience today and I have such a special guest with me today is as I feel I do each and every week. Every guest is special in their own way but today coming live with us from Phoenix, Arizona. The man himself, Larry, Cara, Chuck, Larry, great to have you on the man up, show appreciated.

Thank you so much gravity well I appreciate you and and I am getting a shot out to your lovely bride Ms. Wendy and maybe next time or sometime you will get to have her on the show give a woman's perspective of of man, but all that said, it's always great to have have yeah and we are history. Larry goes goes way, way back quite a few years, but for our listeners what you give a quick Batra on Larry Cara Chuck like old counted me just give us a backdrop there, Larry is going to back my birthday I'm 75.

I can't believe it, happy birthday Marvel weekly time that my arm was here looking at my office is kind of a history of my life in a way, and the amazing impact that international so many athletes and you know and I'm just so blessed really because of race and the very godly home mom and dad immigrated from Russia, Ukraine, Russia, Poland.

I'm not sure where the exactly came from Larry to be related. Well, maybe not over related to race clear and would not be so with our contract. A relative that's right we might have some relatives. I'm sorry to keep going as he migrated from Russia. I know I love you for some reason, so it was all right so Larry just give us a little quick job backdrop on on on your migration from from I guess we could be related Larry because I have an impression in your background right so we could be related to give our listeners or audiences little backdrop on on Larry Kerry, Chuck okay what you like. And you know all of my family immigrated to Canada from Russia. Different parts of Poland and Ukraine and all mixed up, but rejected Ukrainian name and back just before the depression.

When they moved here. My grandfather, my mother side of the family was a preacher and he started churches all over Western Canada Alberta and the circuit riding preacher and nine kids at home. My parents when they got here, they just had a little log cabin in.

That's how they came to Christ to because he was traveling and he encountered my my parents, my grandparents, dad, my mom courses on my grandfather retired, which was the guy from Russia but anyway a long story short, that's why history legacies really been ministry my family brother sister their ministers.

My dad, my uncle and on the other side of the family. My mother side there's three uncles that will proactively therapy incredible athlete and the Cornell paper specialties in the Hall of Fame paper but grant for five breakups amazing amazing athletes and they really had a major impression on my life ministry was the last thing though there were grant thinking of doing. I wanted to play in the stadium down the road. That was my child's ambition and it came to pass, so alright so so you got the migration from from which is pretty cool seriously for me. You know the rest nightmare without a rush and boning me.

You know that I got here, look at you look more Russian than you because I heard that like like well you rather have well I like on your way. That's awesome. Well it and and that's what a legacy though Larry would've what a legacy of amazing generational resume on the migration into Canada and then just a ministry that the rich history of of ministry and in your family and previous generations that that as you said, had a profound impact on you and and I do want to talk about your sports career out of chorister because that that is ugly. By the way, the name, but grant does ding ding ding ring a bell with me because up enough Minnesota native and but grant you know Minnesota Vikings and in coaching Naumann and there's another connection thereto. Larry is a guy by the name of Dave's grind listening to the Truth Network and

If you would like to support Cola for Christ ministries. For a gift of $25 you will see adoration and declaration of $50. The cuboid is wrestling with for $100 more will include a signed copy newly updated tale of the today your listening to the truth and, who is actually a right yeah I like high in Edmonton.

He mows they were called the most agreed cynical reason for some reason I played against him.

Okay that Idaho State quarterback coach for Boise State and their course. He led them to the BC line break up with 9063 yeah like that. Yeah. It was toilet me to share some people may not.

I think sometimes have an erroneous perspective on Canadian football league back in the 50s and early 60s. They had the greatest athletes from America that was just unbelievable and because they paid them were actually more back then and candidate Canada and the NFL did. I mean, there's players that unfortunately many people didn't see playing in a Velcro therapy. Canada Leo Lewis, for example, his son played for the Viking settlement convertible but grant cities the greatest football player that ever lived in never seen a better football 30 game 7 yard to carry up in Canada and I was at water boy you know when they come to Edmonton. My brother and I water boy because my uncle played on the team at the Hyatt were the highlights of my life was seeing Leo come to the Lord at a conference we had in Phoenix 1988 and he came up to my mother and my mom introduce yourself and you look at your Larry, Cara, Chuck mom said yes I can hardly wait to meet him in this line we hear that with me because he was bigger than life.

I mean man Leo Lewis and but grant himself the button I can exaggerate you is the greatest football. "Well, let me interject something here because I guess neither had forgotten or or not known, or did Justin remember that you and I there's a number of things we have in common. You know ministry being on football been another and and but Dave's grind so see my connection to Dave. Is he became one of very very pivotal in my college football corollaries of seacoast meeting college in Colorado at a little Bible college in Golden Valley, Minnesota called glial ecology kiddingly listen to this. Yeah.

So Golden Valley Lutheran College.

He was our head coach for why had him as a coach for one year. Well technically two years I was redshirted one year and then and then what would be my sophomore year and and since I know about the countdown to break up because I have it somewhere I have a copy of this book, 1963. The countdown to the Grey cup when when he wanted intercourse but grant I mean just that's amazingly close to coach me and you have all that history would Dave's grind. That's pretty cool. Yeah.

Very cool lady. It is in in like there's like five guys that you Dave's scribe you want to bump Bill Burke to show my gallop when I was three had no real male mentor ship so to speak.

Growing up, Bill Burke might my first football coach Dave's grind became a mentor, Jerry McFarland, who is a bodybuilder health teacher Ross 14 and John Richman works. Five. The most instrumental man in my life for the five were football coaches and so forming a lasting impact on your life over again. You football or we went with Ridley.

Well you know it's it's an interesting question really is. I was see the wrestling gave me a worldwide platform to do what I'm doing now which I view is the ultimate call upon my life but I look at it this way. Larry, if I'd been stuck under a helmet with a with my face guarded by a mask.

I feel like a lot fewer people would know who I am in the plant would not be as big or as worldwide as it is so I don't have any regrets not pursuing professional football and really view it as God's divine sovereignty and input and plan for my life. You're listening to the Truth Network and the cuticle off here if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit for considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem. Be sure to check them out today at W.


M. C. The number because you are number one you're listening to the Truth Network and right so but so let's but let's go back was backtrack a little bit Larry so alright so just to recapture your family migrated from Ukraine and Poland and Russia coming to Canada and look what Canada why they settle Canada instead of America. For example, I have no idea really something very giving free land. I think Orlando was extremely inexpensive.

I think that's what attracted them to Canada okay like godforsaken land up there will we were raised. I lived on the farm or but now it's really something is productive and beautiful part of Alberta look like that when they move their depression or before the depression I want to see note 2017 I did a 21 city to 21 days across four provinces of Canada. I'd only been prior to that two of those 21 cities and so just to talk to all our Canadian listeners out there and into the care Chuck family. I loved it.

I mean it was beautiful. It really was and I want the right time of the year before, like you know the grounds got frozen and you could ask someone the summer time and it's I got to experience like Banff like this Springs of Banff and add deal. British Columbia is anyway I beautiful you went through the interior probably really gobbling over to Vancouver was scanned by but the four provinces we covered man. It was some history guy love history and we went out Al Capone's hideaway in Canada. You know what he is underground whiskey tunnel. You know the high anyway so yeah Lotta history up there and so see you guys migrate to Canada and and so you said, who became cutting unit 333 uncles and became kind of night in the family that I grab my carpet again. He was like a circuit riding preacher churches in the hearts of so many people and that was way back again like him, saying, depression, time right on through to the 40s and 50s and the uncles. It's interesting using Winnipeg.

That's where he had a church and eat my uncle Rick just gravitated to sports, but they got in trouble because they would play on Sunday. Junior football and then Sunday and the people in church are really upset with him. You know your why would you allow them plan the Lord today and Bob Leblanc so they were criticizing the kid the sons and so the eldest one Peter your preaching anything to Piper Peter piper consult with Peter piper Dave Piper Cornell Piper three great athletes one was Olympic wrestler that was Dave. Pete was a boxer, professional boxer, Cornell is the best known of the three and a plank but grant and what they and played guard and tackle this incredible naturally gifted athlete and he's on the block for Leah Lewis and he was good and he was real good. He's in the Hall of Fame in the CFL and and what they wanted for him. I wouldn't be sitting here talking to you right now. I guarantee they became part of your motivation so hot I'm so how fast can you say Peter piper picked a peck of pickled rowdy Piper because he's from Canada Raleigh Raleigh… Well, that is what you said.

I'm sorry. Well, I just know I we we would talk about Roddy but yet you mean he wasn't Scottish like I can like I was in Russia tomorrow, I know I know a little right when he was starting his career at iAd you name your name Piper with that from my family.

Cornell and David Peter and he said no know what you know, that relates time with him fellow Canadian and got a cool side we throw this in real quick. I just we met with Ted DiBiase at Draco Jackson and I joke course placement liking and we had a nice time with the cat also was football with Texas date. He had. He told me that he wasn't good enough to make the NFL, but wrestling was I am excited anyway Facebook all my new fans and like an you're listening to the Truth Network and yeah and apps absolutely's story career there for sure. And so show your uncles become really an inspiration for you because of their athletic background and see if she's used. You made a comment that he said I wouldn't be here today talking to wasn't for which one which uncle Quayle and how did he impact your life impacted me by taking interest. When we flew in the town that was a big show in town back that felt and so that that was a great rivalry. Winnipeg in Edmonton stating he could hear the stadium from our front yard and the lights in the smoke over covering over the stadium. I mean, that was part of my existence, but the CMI water boy and watch him I was I was in love with the guy and he come every time he be in town. He take a cab and come over to your old time without and it became football became of session for me literally practice the kids didn't want to play be practicing myself hunting and throwing the ball and do everything I could. My ambition was to play in that stadium someday and fortunately I good enough to get a scholarship and it's interesting. They had a high school camp in Edmonton back that Neil Armstrong was the head coach. I don't remember the name. I think he could but grant for a while at the soda right but Neil Armstrong had a camp for college prospects and so I was one of about 40 kids the best athletes in the city that and what they want to do is send him down to America get training at training at American colleges and come back and play CFL back in those days you the roster was 32 players, 17 were Canadian, 15 American so once I got the scholarship I knew on a plane. The CFL is no doubt my mind about that and Neil Armstrong will. Here's one of the highlights of ministry. Now Nikki Cruz was speaking at a Dave Wilkerson Crusaders Nikki, I think, and David Wilkerson and I I didn't know it but I was a little a counselor that is in high school when I led Neil Armstrong's fund of the Lord. I had no idea it was him, but he pulled me aside and said I want to thank you for something very very important when the most important things there happened my life deleting my sent to Christ.

I want to thank you for that kind of blew me away. I didn't know how idea, but even back then, God was already preparing me for ministry with athletes in sports ministry.

I had no idea that was going to happen because I didn't want to be in ministry really did want to do what my dad was doing uncles and grandfather you know you like.

Like many of us growing up. I can relates you just leave it lifted eight slot breathe that writings I and I can certainly relate to that and I don't want to make a quick comment you by the way Canada pain better than the NFL CFL pain better than the NFL because I played numerous golf thermos with Roman Gabriel legendary NFL quarterback who said he made penis. In fact, wrestler wall, who met Daniel while I left the NFL because he made probably 10 times the amount of money and in wrestling as he did playing Indiana felonies like I'm out there making maybe 12,000 years.

Yeah, not a lunch date make more in Canada seriously and there guys like you never got it right played a great list and drain tile from the top right number one thing this is Nicole and I want to thank lemons carpet for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the truth that were you're listening to the Truth Network and unbelievable and I think the one I know believe that he went up north to great great players. I played against Johnny Rogers notice of the later because this is in the late 60s Alaska. That guy was tailor-made for that field is wider 65 right to Indiana fell and then the rocket went up there to run when they want to break up this is that now. This is in the 80s here right when Gretzky and John Candy all the old the Argonaut team won the Grey cup that your I love the CFL go through some hard times now, but she felt been around longer than the NFL really there on time. Rocket smile. I remember Randolph's hey, I stay in here correct. I went to Ohio State and you know, a lot of times I don't know about you, but negative things motivate me when my dad loved with all my heart. Restricted area when they were in the car you take me to summer school and the girl next door came without Larry way to begin that scholarship you been talking about and he stopped the car he looked at me. He said he'll never get a scholarship there is no way that could happen in the highlight of my life probably right ranks right up there every thought guy name Leo McKillip Ian college. He played for Notre Dame is the head coach at Idaho State University so became my old, and I'll never forget the think you rented a Cadillac Parker) were out gay men look at my dad and he said Mr. character that you eat as good as they say he is in course he got all his information from a football club and the manager and the coach we think he is and he'll be as well-known as the governor of the state of Idaho, my dad, but fell off his chair, his mouth wide open.

He didn't know what to say. You know things getting a full ride scholarship everything state for tuition books.

You get some spending money playing in Hawaii were playing in Tulsa Oklahoma will be playing in Oregon and the rest is history.

All I I can relate to, you know, sometimes negative comments become a real motivating factor had a similar experience having fractured my like my freshman year college. My my old high school coach. Sorry about the comes back from that, unlike somebody else know you you not it did so so so Larry your dad yeah I know I live right your father right. I will think many made it always been that kind of thing just makes me really not bitter but better.

And I never regretted him say it at all. Yeah well that's what made it anyway but that really helped well and in and I understanding and even my dad leaving when I was three. The my mom the race for by yourself. You people asked me what did you hate your dad John like really know why would I be a really good idea. I didn't have any angst to my heart against him in the Lord. Many years later would would reconcile that relationship. In fact, when I got I believe you're probably crazy. I would think maybe well I mean that I was the youngest of four and then my mom was up there in age of shoes. She was almost 40 when she had me so yeah I was a little unruly at times to limit crazy man. I would like the middle child I seek and I never got attention like my younger one better. The older one, so I just did crazy you know and well you share some of the things I always give me three chances before you spank me and he had a belt and so what I screwed up one okay again I'm getting you're getting and then I'll do it again.

Okay, this is the last time, and the third time, all hell broke loose and day everyone time to bounce around he had that scrap with mist and hit me right in the face that I had a big bruise right across the silent days. Nowadays either been in jail probably right right never held it against them. Seriously one, still a kids bike felt like eight years old. Next thing you know I'm I'm riding my bike on the Busiest St. in Edmonton. I think talking to a highway and he's driving a gravel truck. I couldn't have been older than Evan. Maybe, and he pulled up next to me and the veins on his neck were sticking out. He was three-minute yelling electric all that late put the bike back where you found it like that and I did get it really good when he got Well, I be there so many still let Larry you have some stories that you look. Here's the deal work work you have to do part two because when he got to to talk about hardly any well. I know the time flies.

Believe it or not I so so here is the deal is the deal so you back for part two. We have to because want to talk about athletes international minute easy of a plant plethora of stories there and here's the deal to make our listeners, listen apart to find out. Don't say anything. Find out if you ever got the chance to play in that stadium that was your dream personals anything but we want to find find out if you ever got the chance playing that stadium hear more about your athletic career and in professional football and and so many other things that that we can talk about so so let me just say that some he already know if if you're not familiar with with the name Larry Gary Jackman you can go telling you, you can go research that name and you can find out. This man was one incredible athlete as you just now getting to learn but even more than what he did on a football field how God led him into into ministry. Reluctantly, if you will but let them into ministry to where his ministry. Athletes international ministries not only affected my life… Impact the lives like Georgianna Steele. He mentioned the Millie nomad Ted DiBiase, Shawn Michaels, HB K rule boreal hawk and animal. The roadways leading to doom ruled lawyers mean them. The list goes on. Big boss man and we come back part two labor to talk about that as well how your ministry impact the world of wrestling mood of a shot another Canadian mood of a Sean and so many others, and so working at work and welcome you back for another episode, Larry Gary Chuck Phoenix Arizona were talking today and up on the man up, show Larry were going. It will also impart to will make sure people know how to connect with athletes international ministries and find out more, but man, thank you for further just give us an introduction to who Larry care, Chuck and your lovely bride Wendy. We haven't talked about her really, but was so grateful to have you on the show today, so thank you thank you yeah the man up so it's time to man up when the cuticle often and so come back come back for part two because you're gonna want to hear, as Paul Harvey would say the rest of the story. This podcast is made possible by the grace of God and your faithful prayers and generous. May God bless you for your continued.donate the co-op and I am here with a huge announcement like big announcement man up men's conference. MorningStar ministries portal South Carolina August 25-27. You think that's always a way. No, not too soon to sign up. What a lineup of this we have the benefit of David and face All-Star NBA All-Star how would his speaking world wrestling champion Lex Luther Chris Rick Joyner Delta force commander Gen. Gen. Jerry Boyd hired. Yours truly, Nikki co-op or renowned evangelist Frank Shelton. Register today is live and start that start go register you will want to miss. This is the Truth Network

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