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Brandon & Kendra Murr- Paradise Living/Aloha Hawaii

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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September 10, 2022 1:00 am

Brandon & Kendra Murr- Paradise Living/Aloha Hawaii

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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September 10, 2022 1:00 am

Today, Nikita speaks with his daughter Kendra and her husband Brandon about their life choices to move to Hawaii and what blessings God has shown them.

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Hey this is Jim Graham from the masculine dirty podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network man up today is extra special for me because I get to introduce these guests. My daughter, one of my daughters, Kendra Taylor and her hubby, her husband Brandon all the way from Maui, Hawaii hey guys, welcome to the Mdm. show today. Grandpa hey hey guys it does so great to have you on the map show. Thank you for making yourselves available for well and I know there's a time change here from from when we record the shows to to the time it was and why I partly know that because I just recently made a trip out there to visit the new grandbaby were to talk about that in a minute, Linnie Lewin, and so as you guys are from the East Coast. Currently, like a six hour time difference I believe is right.

Yeah Mary right now our yeah maybe here in Hawaii they don't do time change when you guys we fluctuate between five and six hours depending on what time of the year. Now Gary network six hours behind you tonight in early risks are. I wish the rest of America would would take no I don't I don't get today's world of why we even need a time change blood so you guys are smart, obviously wise out there and by hey let's let's talk like for real. This is such a thrill for me to have you guys on the show and let let's cover little back story for our listeners. Are you you've been out there because people ask me all the time. When I say you don't want to visit my daughter my family there and in in Hawaii. The first fiscal yesterday I said or the in the military and the like. No, there they are not in the military but but let let me limit Brandon first asked you because your your North Carolina guy you born and raised in the Carolinas correct yet born in Charlotte North Carolina and then went through college in Oakville about 22 or 23 would be an uncle work just outside of Charlotte North Carolina and yeah we can open a little bit, maybe ninth or 10th grade was when I first kind of started looking at Hawaii, you know what time Graham and all that, mainly to be on TV, magazine, panic button pictured observers on my wall in my room really just had a desire to come out here but wanted to get to school first though I did go to college in Charlie with the civil engineer and then We moved out here after I graduated in 2014 and eight years now.

When we moved the plan would not be a long-term plan was come out here for maybe six months or year and just live the Hawaii life for a little bit. My work a restaurant all through college plan on just get a job at a restaurant out here for little bit but ended up landing engineering job. My first week we got here and have kind of all she wrote. Then we loved it and here eight years now. Yeah it's a partier story for those out there listening land is is it a séance. It's like he is kind of a dream come true right so like I like you guys are posted.

I've seen sometimes you live in the high life right abbreviated for Hawaii. The Hawaii life, which, for some would be a real dream. I mean to always have you to live in Maui Hawaii. As I tell people I like all my gosh thought I was that or how that happened. You know, and it's all in one sense it's kind like you know you're in eighth ninth 10th grade kind of drink even dreaming of of this coming hopefully coming true. One day in and for you.

It did right and so that's pretty cool air and and I know for for for Kendra.

I know when when you and I first discussed this and talked about this, you know, when you were kind enough to asked what my thoughts were, well, you've always been a beach girl and I feel like you've always love the beach of the wealth you know it is for someone who loves the beach in the water in the ocean and I can't think of a much better place than Hawaii to go live in so you have my full endorsement and course encourage you to step out and I remember saying I love you member this Kendra, but I'm ever saying no worst-case scenario, you go out there. You tried of it doesn't work out, come back home I be good, but when I yeah yeah but what I didn't want for you is to be 50 or 60 years old and in looking back on. I will whatever happened had I moved out there. You know, in the sub call living a life of regret or whatever so so so so so you your dating Brandon you hear about his to his hopes and dreams of one day living in Hawaii what was what was that like for you was that what were those discussions, like for you then you're listening to the Truth Network and

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C. The number because you are number one. I will be sure to check out the man up show now available on television broadcast and go to or radio network. Check out your local listings or better yet, download the Truth Network app today. You're listening to the Truth Network and I and I don't think I ever on my radar again probably not all that we did not have an Graham and I are out and I felt that I wasn't great.

I think Hawaii or anything like that that for that. About that that I never any dreams like framing it out here. Talking on. It wasn't like an immediate draw for me have you had. I got here.

For me it was more like Marlena and other beach towns around the originally when he was going to live here after college we had best friend here and I get the night you can go with Dan.

Have fun predict man here and I get I did not have everything in man that I like and maybe a couple months before Graham was leaving and I kinda started thinking maybe I think you have any idea of buying adventure yeah that only I bag my mind and ended up coming and we aren't married yet think maybe my friend Eric died a little car and I got a job nannying.

He care and the Lord open doors for us to stay out here panic right people, how we got here, how we afford to live on the Lord. I like opening doors because we moved out here with Kate then right here.

I maybe had like $1000 like I don't now I think I have met many great and probably saved a little that we had technically no Godthat day. Yeah it was very is nothing and now we have bought our how and had you baby and life and career, then yeah I crazy how it all and out well and just for just some of your story. For those that as encouragement for those out there listening to your story. You know what how I would try to summarize what you just described.

Kendra is both of you in a sense, took a step of faith. Like you said you had no jobs lined up no place to live or whatever and for the record, I want to state this for the rec for those listening you guys really honored him room. I'm reminded of the Scripture talks were going to file the marriage bed and you said you weren't yet married but you guys really honored your relationship and that you stay with your friends he got Brandon got his own place and you really honored that and so when you say was just the Lord I to think was the Lord honoring you guys for honoring that that relationship and in the really the purity of its and then stepping out in faith and said hey were going to give this this is a shot and see what happens in in in here we are years later and just again just got a living the dream and living the high life you know I'll out there in Hawaii enough. Let's go back before listeners just a little bit further back like to to Brandon. I'll bounce back to you for a moment to when you first met Kendra talk about just take a minute talk about that.

It's getting there. I have a picture of you shirtless at a football game. Just so you know all painted up with the first assembly led to letters so FYI yeah, football and interwoven all through our yet so we met error.

Okay, first time I saw Kendra would have been an eight grade 8 grade I going to school at a little private school. Kendra was a well paying private school back to smaller schools that often played each other for felt on this particular night leave. Our schools were playing each other. No, I was there with couple my friend Kendra was a cheerleader, but this was the varsity game and we were still in middle school, so she was not cheering the event she was walking around with her friend and in eighth grade, I got not it my growth yet so shorter side little bit on the wider I had not stressed out yet, but Ginger was very cute.

In eighth grade and I remember walking walking around the tractor and gave my with my friend and I remember seeing her and just being struck at how cute she like to make Craig like the size of your brand in the yeah I remembered yeah talking to friends about it. Think you killed it. Then of course I got really excited every time we would like that. I remember we later school in over a week and we did go up with that group and couple my friend to talk to her and I'm her friend, but I was pretty shy, listening and If you would like to support Cola for Christ ministries. For a gift of $25 you will see adoration for a gift of $50 wrestling sets for $100 for one more sign, tale of the ring a lot.donate today call. I am excited to hear to well anyway, Facebook, call my new friends and like and follow your listening to the truth and going. I remember being around her but I don't know that she really remembered anything capillary in her mind, but you that's what matters you. I really remember.

Your liver is meeting the group from our school that you remember me being assured Brent you were away hickory Grove is over you are that at that again Susan yes assembly Christian school yeah dollar. Then I remember in your basketball game after that.

And then that following year.

Actually, my hair might get my dad working growth and my dad came to me in the spring that basically he been offered a job at first assembly first thing I thought was no man African to get the next year ended up transferring to first assembly and a little bit of a growth spurt that summer I got a little bit more confident in their younger years that Dan yesterday and have a couple classes with her and really ended up just becoming good friends, never anything romantic throughout high school. Unfortunately though I wasn't quite there yet. I left I I was in her biology class that I write her note and I always address. The Russian daydream so is where the rest of day do I love and I did not know that story also. That's cool.

Today the candidate and different people in high school, whatever, but always baked bran and then of course she moved away for a couple years and then moved back to college and when she moved back. We kind of reconnected the Instagram. I think we just started messaging and counting each other whenever an Internet she was going to Charlotte which is where I was going to college so we hung out on these pretty much the first time we hung out to fight it off. And yeah yeah from their started dating Bill clues that don't get too far ahead of us in the whole story too much else… But, by the way, little side note absolutely love your mom and dad, Dave and Gary Murray absolutely love them and because can euro from your brother Brian is now married as a child of his own, but let me bounce over the Kendra here for second is a Kendra so so what what point did Brandon come on your radar would you say was a college charges was in school or at what point now. Not all the work area. They say first or large family happy like I thought. I don't know what our Very rare, like you know you did not know right now yeah I did not know college. Basically when we got together we started dating that I really like how could that I always knew you had a good guy like I just always need that and I think that foundation had been laid because we had known each other for many years and silently started talking it wasn't me trying to figure out if you at the thought guy Artie knew that echo. How do we net together and all that I really am a radar at all until college, when we actually started like each other when 10 years ago said something like that summer, Mac marked 10 years that we have like men together now pretty good. 10 years is to really again you we which are illustrated as you have this this friendship she had built a really good friendship over the years that eventually led into this more serious relationship that eventually led into to a a marriage which for those listening to maybe hear a little little little of infant in the background. Perhaps you recently, I was just recently out there visiting you guys to be grant grandchild number 10 Lenny Lewis you going Lululemon the course of one roll roll roll in it so you got you got two girls now right yeah and so let me ask, let me ask Kendra, let me ask you first.

So you got you got two girls and Krista grew up with with three sisters and so the curiosity question is do you feel like now raising to girls that growing up with three sisters do think it was helpful, beneficial, talk, talk. Maybe you learned some things from from that experience is helping you as a mom raised raised raised two daughters of your own.

No fill like there's something that I know that I wanted you differently and that I know it might have faith that there is an all girls in my family that wanted there something that I take away from that I like okay yeah I give me a better perspective because I know Col. and I and you know, the teenage years when that would be good drama. The look of you. It will center around drama ripe with me that's a part of growing up to right that party at their event to our mental health that one time or another, all I don't always want girls like before when we talk about how to get behind in that girl.

Not that we won't be buying five I think were at girls and her roommates to know that not make this expedited care when they're older because we feel like yeah I will be able to happily and with their family and art but because girls want to call them on and wanted to know). I met Ali and me, but I love very good friend and dad like I love you so grateful for you to get you this but I think the call light is right. This is not what guys typically do kindly yelling out okay for you that you like Dell that relate right is your girl like you. You guys are just you you really, really, while I communicate really well and I really thought… For… Now okay I hope they are girl related on the things that you now want to spend that thing out absolutely will bring will miss you real quick so you grew up with a brother and through deliveries to boys and also the granddaughter came the picture to set granddaughter really exit their granddaughter just slowly went from raising two boys to have three grandchildren, all girls and so just real quick on your some insight from you as it has grown up with with a brother now raising two girls. Just a quick and safer with our listeners out there. What what would you say the difference being that I think are very different than the girls are still young, though deftly different.

The thing that you can immediately tell, especially with Monroe just kind of day what Kendra was saying is just the ability to communicate her yet. She's just so chatty and I love that yet. My very close but you broke with boys and a lot of doing things together a lot of playing sports and playing games and having a lot of fun but yet just a bunch of boys aren't always the best. Communicating yet I am not but that can't happen.

But for sure. It's just not natural. And I love having yeah I love having Lenny still baby to drink by Reitman Monroe chatting. It combined with her imagination as to its a lot of entertainment a lot of joy. It's a lot of yeah her telling stories and making up things and yeah I love the conversation.

I'm just… The disconnect continue to grow as she gets older you build your special shipment so she's helping you learn how to would you say to better communicate and so all will love the let me love you in our last few minutes here. Let let me shift gears slightly of people haven't already picked up on it. I'll just just outright say it, but both you absolutely love the Lord, which just actually blesses a dad's heart and to know that my daughters married to a guy who loves Jesus just actually loves the Lord is laid out as Kareem said, had a good guy solid foundation. Your parents instill some incredible values in in you want to get just real quick. Each of you. Your insights for those of us another you run you virtually are essentially you will raise up and in back Baptist atmosphere.

Kendra more or less raise up in kind of a Pentecostal atmosphere. Recently I intended to your church with you.

You built a great community. People would probably not expect at an Anglican church and in an Anglican church.

So give me like 60 seconds. Brandon and on on what that experience is been like you and then and then for Kendra for you and all is really changed my you and what I thought of and very informative about the history of the church. I think if someone wishes to go into it with no background but we did right off the bat and team very Catholic. A lot of ending up and down and repeating after me chatting with all things like that deftly feels a little bit weird. Growing up Baptist but I did what you did but the more you dive into it is not Catholic. They do not marry her crater thanked her anything like that very much. Jesus loving God, loving church.

It is just very rich with history and most of the songs that you think are going to be from thousand years ago right going through the song, that's right with Scripture, started the liturgy all of it.

Yeah, we do because great foundation, and in the timber from from a Pentecostal background. The just just real quick. In our last minute or so here will your perspective. Yeah, we're very good day back our particular church pastor or I get the proper term.

It really is important that Mary communicate and involving our children in our family and kind of wrapping it up and not doubt between the solid foundation and the affect it if it makes sense for accessing right now in the season well and I enjoyed meeting your priest and then saw some of the people from the church because as I mentioned you Joshua Gillam dear friend of mine, priest of an Anglican church York Annapolis North Carolina and in most recently installed as as a as a bishop, and so just thrills me that the guys have such a wonderful community. Your friends up there. Jamie Dana so many other friends. The community of all like like age group and in a little babies and little Lily Lou newborn, Monroe, just a sore throat for you guys and in God's you guys in such a sweep spot is how I would would phrase it in and don't know that I would change anything different from what you guys are doing and just keep keep loving the Lord in the noises can keep honoring you and blessing you guys so well well were I we were being virtually out of time. The shows go way way too quick and over. Maybe have to have you back on again sometime down the road to give us an update is as your family continues to grow and expanding your Brandon and Kendra Merb a.k.a. she's my little sweet peas always will be out of your house suggests you always just always will be, darling. You'll be my sweetie value got two little sweepings of your own you do Monroe be this living image of you know my goodness how God works, but just amazing and the Molly Hawaii Kendra and Brandon were all just such a joy and honor and privilege to have you guys on the show today. Thank you so March. Well we can't wait to see you again weather is here on the mainland as they call it stateside here or make another truck back out to Maui and if they called you for tuning in dialing in today. Hope you enjoy this this so the show today with with my family helpless love. This podcast is made possible by the grace of God and your faithful prayers, generous. May God bless you for your continual.zoning Alvina green vinyl tile from the top right number one in the reader's was the one that had more thing.

This is the cuticle wall. One of the women support for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon. 1230 truth. This is the Truth Network

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