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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Stephen Soukop ("Woke" Companies) Chuck Donovan (Abortion)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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February 23, 2021 4:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Stephen Soukop ("Woke" Companies) Chuck Donovan (Abortion)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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February 23, 2021 4:00 am

Coca-Cola faces backlash after secretly training employees to "try to be less white." Why has corporate culture gone so Woke? I'll talk it over with Stephen Soukop, author of the book: "The Dictatorship of Woke Capital: How Political Correctness Captured Big Business." Plus: Planned Parenthood's latest annual report shows it aborts more babies than anyone in America. We'll get reaction from Chuck Donovan, president of The Charlotte Lozier Institute. That and more on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


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That's 855-402-2229 or Janet is reference. Our confidence is in Christ alone is sort madness was getting out of control.

Consider the latest reveal about Coca-Cola.

Did you hear about this. The soft drink giant recently was outed for hosting an online training course from critical race. There is Robin D'Angelo, in which employees were advised among other things, to try to be less white. Not really sure how you do this, but when this was exposed coat tried to shrug off the understandable backlash they said that they were just trying to build an inclusive workplace, but can you imagine if they'd shown slides to tell employees to try to be less Asian or less black something like that. I don't think that that would probably go over very well what is going on in corporate culture. Why is it that were seen so much of this woke capital and what is going to happen in the future if we continue to put up with that all today were gonna talk about it was Stephen so He is senior commentator vice president and publisher of the political forum and director of the political form Institute's new book is called the dictatorship of woke capital how political correctness captured big business Stephen so good to have you with us. How are you doing well what what are your thoughts, I thought about this is this Coca-Cola story broke. What are your thoughts about a company like Coca-Cola telling employees to try to be less white.

I'm not sure how you do this and I know they mean something different than the actual, literal meaning that you shouldst change your skin color.

If you happen to be Caucasian.

But what is your reaction to this well. My reaction is said recognition.

I'm not too bright now.

Yet what I mean were seen more and more of this and and you're referring to this as a lot of people do as well.

Capital what is will capital all about. How would you actually put a definition to it.

What will capital you what I would call a cop down anti-democratic movement by some of the most powerful and best known men and women in American business were trying to change not only capitalism and free markets about the fundamental relationship between state and its citizens, and we will proceed and can cope. What were seeing from Disney this weekend as well, are prime examples of how this plays out in practice while you're right, Disney is going through some similar changes as well. And yet, as you point out, this is not historically where big business has been historically. It was at the store are your risk refuge really for people who did believe in free markets and did believe in free speech. But we've seen that shift and that's something you said his happen over a long period of time back a little bit this all get going in the first place. Well, there are document in the book.

There are two streams of thought on the political left that date back at least two of the late 19th century that merge roughly in the 1960s to form a what would become woke capital of one of these streams is is the antidemocratic managerial stream of progressive politics and the other is the lack of a better term. The post-Marxist critical theory idea that reality is not what it appears to be and that we have to change our reality in order to live our our best lives so that they're there to intellectual themes that that basically carry out through the West.

Up until about the 1960s when they merge and make this a big deal for corporate America will now when you're talking about those two streams you describe the antidemocratic managerial stream power. Those people characterize what sets them apart from the other stream well.

Start the book in Baltimore in 1876 at Johns Hopkins University, which was a new university and not just a new university. Specifically, but a new type of university for the United States. It was a research university was university dedicated to discovering and explaining new things. It was in the University that was going to teach you about the old thing you wanted to teach you about what was new and how to think differently and Johns Hopkins in 1876 there was a professor there named Richard Ely who as many people know is one of the godfathers of American progressivism, and among his students. Among his PhD students was Woodrow Wilson was also one of the godfathers of American progressivism, and together, Wilson and Ely formed this idea that in order for the United States or any large institution. Frankly, to run smoothly of the people had to abdicate a certain amount of their autonomy and authority to the expert would tell them what is best and how best to operate and so starting at that time and becoming enmeshed in the administration, both public and business administration over the next hundred and hundred and 20 years.

We have this theme of the people not being able to manage themselves and needing to be guided and directed by their scientific experts. Their political betters. Yes, so it's a bit of a technocratic ideal. And yet, yes we have big business. Though Wall Street has always been looked at, at least for most of my lifetime is a real conservative sort of movement seen other all those terrible one per centers, but we all can see how a lot of those big one per centers happen to be big leftists now and there people who see this and say will wait a minute there billionaires date they take advantage of the free market and yet they're trying to be woke at every turn, and be very top-down and very authoritarian Japanese does once a $15 minimum wage etc. etc. what we make of that that there date they at least look like big hypocrites. In many cases, while the other stream. The other intellectual string that I mentioned in by the time of the 1960s rolled around between the failures of Marxism to launch a global revolution in and after World War I and then the failures of the communist regimes in Europe for the subsequent you don't 40 or 50 years there was a move away from what would be called economic leftism and the cultural left really started to come into its own. At that point and it became very much dissociated from the idea of you know the workers managing the means of production and in the traditional Marxist theories in the left in this country, largely for the last half-century has been almost purely cultural and so it is possible today for you. Don't millionaires like Nancy Pelosi to see themselves as progressives to see themselves as the vanguard of this great wonderful leftist revolution, whereas that never would have been the case prior to you know in classical Marxist theory right, she's a 25 what is it to $25,000 refrigerators that she just puts on the Internet during a pandemic and acts like a totally ice cream or ice cream which looked rather delicious but other than that it was a pretty bad luck for her and and all of the Clinton's email absolutely drowning in money and exploiting you know cash donations to the Clinton foundation and all the stuff that we've seen what why do you think though that people on the left. Look at these people and say that's fine. They denounce rich people while they get rich. Bernie Sanders is another one who comes to mind. Well, I think we understand air freight understand what all going on there was uttered by Bill Clinton, probably back in 1996 or 1997 it was before the Lewinsky scandal.

I think he was being interviewed by Tom Brokaw in response to of the Indonesian fundraising scandal.

You're one of the dozens of people tend to forget about but Brokaw asked him how how do you explain all of this. How do you rectify this. How do you say I Mike I'm a good man and expect people to vote for you as well. I think that morality is defined not by what we do but by whom we fight for it's about the causes we take up it's not about our personal actions or beliefs. It's about how we defend and who we think deserves our our energies and efforts and I think that's the key to understanding it, is that as long as you're fighting for the right people.

As long as you say, I support anything that the LGBT community want really doesn't matter what else what else they are, how much money you have to totally writing it just never going to Suck up his book is called the dictatorship of woke capital will come back after this. Listening to Jennifer to hi this is Janet Mefford spending a few minutes with Matt Ellis with liberty help share a national nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry have a lot of questions today about their healthcare coverage is it that liberty helps share works will we work on an individual basis of mutual aid in sharing, so it's not a pooling of funds.

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Ever since the it's okay whatever you do in your personal life is okay as long as you support the right causes yeah that's pretty much how they operate. So one of the examples that you've given a woke capital was Larry think this is the CEO of BlackRock people may know that name. Pushing this idea of sustainability and nothing is really exploded in the last few years. What you make of that fundamental reshaping of the financial world. This ESG movement that you talk about well actually the primary focus of the book and the reason I wrote the book is because I've been in the financial services world. I work in the financial services world is as a researcher and as an analyst for 25 years and when I started digging into this I learned so much that I didn't know, and when I started sharing it with client. They learned so much that they didn't know about how deeply ingrained all of this is currently in the financial services world Larry Fink is the chairman of BlackRock, which is the largest asset management firm in the world they control $90 trillion and $9 trillion in assets under management and over the past two years Fink has made it clear in letters in his own words that he intends forced sustainability which is code for climate change is his primary is and will be his and his company's primary focus for evaluating investments going forward. So, no longer does it matter simply whether or not you're financially sound and have good management and have a solid business plan. What matters is how well you're doing meeting these sort of nebulous goals on climate change and how well you're preparing for the post.

The post the world. It would exist. Once we bought once we taken care of all of our fossil fuel rights scary on the number of levels. I mean, this reminds me of the proposal from a few months ago that the boards of the NASDAQ companies had to have at least one woman in somebody is an underrepresented minority or different sexual orientation.

I people saw that especially people who are not enmeshed in the financial world, and said what kind of Balkanized bean counting is that that's one of the descriptions that I read online from semi who is writing about this. This is just becoming almost normal. Like you said before doesn't surprise you anymore but what does that do to the average investor who says wait a minute, this isn't the direction we want everything to go widely have to comply with all of this.

Well, he wanted to walk the average investor out and that sort of point. This is an extremely anti-Democratic movement.

Not only do they seek to achieve, and that could not be achieved politically but they seek to achieve by using the shareholder voting system to essentially lock out and to prevent average investors from having anywhere near as much sales they might want to BlackRock. For example, is the second largest passive asset management firm in the cockpit in the world largest is is Vanguard and the third-largest is State Street together in their ETF's in their index funds. These three asset managers hold in the neighborhood of 20 to 30% of every single company on the S&P 500. All three of them have dedicated themselves to this idea of sustainability now for years. They told us you don't have to worry about how much power we have at how much more power were accumulating because we have different philosophies with respect to investing while they no longer do they all they all insist sustainability is the most important thing and so they can all and will all vote as a block and use your money, your $9 trillion that you have invested in your account in your IRA in your 401(k) to determine how companies should be run. Who should run them. Who should be on their boards of directors, etc. and and the average investor sitting at home with this 25 shares in his proxy seat can't compete with that cannot possibly compete with that. But those who say well okay I know I need to make money in the stock market and I do need to invest in order to keep pace with inflation and be able to retire someday, but on the other hand, the flip side of it is private companies are not part of these exchanges. What happens to them. I mean that. That's part of the question.

Two we see with the rise of cancel culture. What big tech is doing to people. It's almost like they won't let you get away. They don't want you to find any space where you can escape them and maybe that sounds a little trip dramatic, but it sure seems like that's a lot of people. Do you think so 20 private companies because this last week of the week before Larry Fink was making a couple speeches and was asked about what the SEC and the treasury and the Federal Reserve under the Biden administration are going to do about sustainability and he expressed expressed his frustration saying what they don't need to get involve the government doesn't have anything to do with this. We've got it taken care of. We are managing sustainability within the public, a publicly traded indexes so the government should basically focus it's time, and its efforts on privately held companies with you.

You know, is very direct and very powerful frat site. You know, for example, you say to privately held oil and gas companies that we would like the government to spend its entire efforts trying to get you to have to comply with the same silly ideas that we comply with right now. Man, that's terrifying to what degree you see activist influence making a difference because when you mentioned before, the LGBT movement that people will recall I think it was the North Carolina bathroom bill when they were trying to pass that in all these businesses these big corporate businesses stepped up as a boycott you there a lot of business boycotts and now was a point in time where I think many people say wait a minute what is businesses all worked up about this, much to the activist matter that the leftist activists on the ground when it comes to pressuring corporations just regular corporations on being well, which does that matter. It matters a great deal. There are, generally speaking, pressure is applied to corporations from three directions. There's pressure applied from the bottom up a which is workers saying to their corporate managers. Hey we want you to do X, Y, and Z otherwise were to be unhappy as employees. There's pressure from the top down from woke business managers who are applying pressure to the company and using shareholder funds to achieve their political ends. And then there's pressure from the outside in. This pressure from the outside incomes, both from activists and from activist asset managers and shareholders such as BlackRock and so there's there's a lot of influence being wheeled you mentioned North Carolina, but in two years after that in Georgia. This is where you know I think that the the activists in in woke America overstepped just a little bit.

But the Georgia center-right state elected representatives past the heartbeat bill and abortion bill that said that they would ban abortions after fetal heartbeat can be heard. The entertainment industry, which has spent the last two decades building essentially Hollywood East in Georgia became infuriated at Disney under Bob Iger said look I don't know if we're going to be able to do business in Georgia anymore because I just don't see how that is possible for us to get our talent to work there and you consider the fact that Georgia has 100,000 roughly average Georgians whose jobs depend on the entertainment industry what these guys were doing was saying my political beliefs matter so much more. Your job, I'm willing to sacrifice your job for my politics but disgrace it was a disgrace.

It was really bad when you see this all headed Stephen because as bad as it is right now and is distressing as it is for many people to see this unfold. What is the real danger of this as we move forward. Given the administration that we have now. Well I think the dangers are significant at this point what we need to do is raise awareness among average everyday people just so they know what is happening wiretapping and how it's happening, we need to raise awareness among investors among asset managers among HR departments that choose which funds 401(k)s will be invested and we need everybody to understand what's going on why it's going on and how it could affect us moving forward because the alternatives if we don't do this if we don't make a stand now are pretty ugly while they are she did affect the way that average people invest stemming to what extent two people need to become more knowledgeable about the companies that are investing in. Well, I think that people should do their very best to become more informed about the funds that they invest in the most people invest today in ETF's in exchange traded funds because that provides incredible diversity of the people wouldn't have otherwise.

And it makes it very easy but what people need to be aware of is whose determining what index and you know how these indexes are being laid out to make sure that they're not investing in something that gives BlackRock. For example, your leverage of your money. In addition to everything else they have make these woke changes at the various corporations that hold well that's this is all very very important great but the dictatorship of low capital from Stephen so So good to have you. Stephen, thank you for telling us what's going on out there it's really helpful.

It was great to have you here. I appreciate it. Thank you. You're listening to Janet Mefford today. This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby.

That's 855-402-2229 or Janet Janet today and here's your host Joe that Planned Parenthood has just released its annual report showing it killed more than 354,000 baby in 2019. That is a 15 year high and it's an increase of more than 9000 babies over the previous year.

This comes as Pres. Biden and his administration want to force American taxpayers to bankroll big abortion were to get some thoughts on the latest report now from Chuck Donovan, president of the Charlotte leisure Institute, which is the research arm of the Susan B. Anthony list chucks a good to have you here. Thank you, my pleasure to be on Janet, thank you. Well it is gut wrenching every single time. One of these reports come out in order to show us how many children Planned Parenthood actually aborts what are some of the takeaways that you are having when you're looking at some of this data that people should know about welding by accident. We have the decline nationally that it spanned almost 40 years in the number and rate of abortion. Although actually the rate picked up a little bit in the last year that we analyzed but you can't expand abortion by this much without having it as an overriding objection of your work or objective, I should say and Planned Parenthood obviously had that this is the most abortions they performed. As far as I can see in any year since they were founded, and year after they rejected a president of the organization who suggested moving away from an abortion emphasis. I clearly Planned Parenthood has no plans to do that now. That's right. It's interesting that one of my thoughts when I looked at this initially was that we have seen a big decline in the number of surgical abortion clinics over the years and an increase in tele-abortions and then those kinds of things. How do we account for this kind of rice and abortion. Does that come into play at all and how do you have this many more abortions when you seem like you said before we've had so many years of decline nationally, how are they getting this done. It sounds so gruesome to say it that way but how do we figure this out when I met a couple of compounds to one of the fact that even in the time of coated, of course, there is a push for telehealth.

Some states prohibited abortion clinic from practicing it, but many states did not.

This is a perfect climate to a push expansion of medication abortion by mail or by drive-by clinic. Basically, there's less and less interaction with medical people, until of course a woman might expansion the complication and have to go to in the emergency room she does go back to Planned Parenthood so I think there's also a lot of holes in the data we are saying states that have 70% a day. Abortions taking place now chemical go or not were not seen the follow-up that you minimal that you would've seen with surgical abortion. That didn't become much harder to detect with chemical well that's right. It's very disturbing either way. And it's really weird to because you said here that abortions are increasing obviously Planned Parenthood. But in general, abortions are declining across America. What where is the intersection between Planned Parenthood getting more and more business and some of the other non-Planned Parenthood abortion clinics doing fewer abortions. Are they moving in and acquiring these facilities are what's happening and what they've done.

All of the world SPECT marketing unit several years ago. Charlotte leisure did a national survey of 1300 women. What we discovered was pregnancy health centers are understood and recognized by just under half of women in the United States, Planned Parenthood. Name recognition is in the high night so we've helped in a way bite by focusing on the bad things they do.

We probably help them become notorious as well as well-recognized but they have millions and millions spend on publicity and is one of the things government dollars makes you know makes possible.

Yeah that's right what their actual market share on abortions. I've seen some different figures. One was about 57% of all abortions are Planned Parenthood abortions.

I think that was from the CDC is that is that in the ballpark. Is that correct that it's not high. I don't think they're quite there yet. Although they have a number of negative that will be distributing the pillow. I wouldn't be surprised.

Go over 45%.

I think they're probably close to 43 to 45% range but look there now driving toward being the majority stakeholder and abortion in the United States and probably world on small and now they have a very friendly administration in the White House talk a little bit about what people need to know concerning the policies. The Biden administration is looking at a shore up the power and the killing power, especially if Planned Parenthood will Janet I had the privilege to serve in the Reagan ratio which was pro-life but of course of just four years. The trumpet administration install that much wider global policy of limiting funding for abortion. They passed the project life will are docketed, I should say which Title X funds away from Planned Parenthood. There were beginning to encourage states to consider allowing Planned Parenthood to be dismissed from the Medicaid program by allowing waivers for that. So there was a much deeper pro-life policy commitment with regard to Planned Parenthood funding. All of the things you're going to go steadily out the window with the new administration and the big one were concerned about is that the administration will eliminate the FDA's risk evaluation medication allergies. That's the policy that requires women to get medically evaluated before they receive the pill. The abortion industry is moving toward basically distribution by post office or pharmacy, which frankly would be a disaster.

Wow. So with the medicine that you would be able to go to the post office if they get their way to be able to get abortion inducing to the post office well you be able to order it online it be delivered by FedEx or UPS or even the Postal Service, but the key thing is the women who do this don't get a medically evaluated to confirm pregnancy and the location of the pregnancy and they should be reviewed so that if there is not an ectopic pregnancy which Casey abortion pill would actually match their sentence from an ectopic but there are other things as well.

As well, getting our age that they dealt with very hazardous for women to be taking the young women to be taking these medications without physician workup and they're not going to get it under Planned Parenthood's is terrifying and mean it makes total sense that they want to do this, they just trying to expand more and more powerful Planned Parenthood.

What we do.

Like you said you have the Reagan demonstration was great.

Unlike the Trump administration.

I would say was even more spectacular. On the other on the issue of life and maybe instituting him implementing I should say.

All of these great policies. Now we've taken so many steps back, with a very Verlin for abortion administration in the place now.

What is the next step where is the pro-life movement go from here we've seen. For example, the South Carolina fetal heartbeat law already.

A judge is put a hold on that. But where are we right now is a movement which you say in being able to get back to where we were just months ago, when I think people are probably struggling a little bit with the emotional impact of a very emotional election going the wrong wrong direction, leisure, pro-life. I wanted things we need to do is not hard. There's a record number pro-life laws continuing to be adopted. The American people continue to reject Roe V Wade, we can perhaps defeat one or more of the Biden ministration policy. Our hope would be that U.S. Senate would be able to hold some of the territory.

It's about evenly split.

If we can do those things you can significantly affect the Congress and the makeup of the Congress in 2022 doing that then number back to the opportunity to win another election of the battle goes on. We also need to continue work a pregnancy care centers because they remain just as sharp as contrast with Planned Parenthood in terms of how they operate, free services, compassion, counseling, pregnancy, support, parenting education today. Pregnancy centers are not. Not your grandfather's pregnancy care centers, the better-than-average and now they are the fantastic and what is Biden's plan to codify Roe V Wade, even on the longshots that the Supreme Court would ever overturn that he wants to codify into federal law. Do you think he'll be able to do it. I think we should be able to stop that couple about likely partners judge Joe mansion West Virginia, which it by the way, greatly pro-life state. He's a Democrat, is canceled both against the wavy counting on him and a few others to realize you know not only bad policy, bad constitutionally will make that case but it's also politically bad parties date they found very extreme on some issues. I think among the worst we could imagine you're very right. Chuck Donovan from the Charlotte closure Institute. Thank you Chuck for the great work you guys doing. Thank you for being with us at the update. I keep up the good work.

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I just want to know if somebody had brought up on social media yesterday. This man been right about at this point was it 15 days to slow the spread is about 400 days ago they give or take a few days. I don't know what he's been right about because whenever he makes a prediction or make some sort of statements. Then when things go south. He turns around and says he meant the opposite. Oh yeah, you should wear masks. Yes, you should. I'm not wearing a mask what you should.

It's on and on. Now he says that it's possible Americans will still need to wear masks in 2022. What happened to vaccinations. Were going to be the key to returning to normal and you just don't understand the brilliance of Dr. fatty this is Dana Bash on CNN talking with and this is 10 and the president have suggested that well approaching normality toward the end of the year. What is normal mean do you think Americans will still be wearing masks.

For example, in 2020 tail, you know, I think it is possible that that's the case, and again it really depends on what you mean by normality. If normality means exactly the way things were before we had this happen to us. I mean, I can predict that you can't predict anything Dr. found she spots I normality me. Normality is sort of in the eye of the beholder and he goes, I didn't make you suffer through the whole thing because he just talks in circles and it's a bunch of gobbledygook. Well, it's a new normal, but it's normal that will be kinda more normal, but it's not can be quite as normal is normally used to be and blah blah blah. How much more time to get in this segment Dana Montini.

That's Dr. Fauci in a nutshell, not I thought this was interesting.

Tom Elliott from gravy and media honed in on some of these old Fauci clips. This is very interesting.

Back in 2014 and Fox news talked about this as well. Dr. Fauci did an interview with Chuck Todd on NBC at the time that the Ebola virus was freaking everybody. I remember that.

And at the time is Chuck Todd pointed out New York and New Jersey and Illinois were doing mandatory quarantines, and people were coming over from certain parts of Africa and at the time Chuck Todd says is this a good idea Dr. found she is what he said cut the first thing we need to do is make sure the primary goal is to protect the American people, but there are ways to do that. That may not necessarily have to go that far at all going too far gone as well known for overreacting.

I don't want to be directly criticizing what was with the decision that was made.

But we have to be careful that there are unintended consequences. The best way to stop this epidemic is to help the people in West Africa.

We do that by sending people over there, not only from the USA, but from other places we need to treat them returning people with respect and make sure that we there really heroes of the idea that with a little bit draconian.

There are other ways to protect there's monitoring is direct monitoring that there is active monitoring.

We don't necessarily need to do that.

This is Dr. Fauci just a few years ago. He's worried about unintended consequences of quarantines he cares about the dignity of these people who are coming in from Ebola laden countries that I think about these people. How much did you care about small business owners during the course of the pandemic when you're locking everybody down and the huge majority of people you are locking down weren't even sick when he unintended consequences of that people losing their livelihoods. People losing their jobs, kids getting depressed and committing suicide, people going back into all kinds of addictions maybe unintended consequences like that says all over the map because of the time.

This was what the left side right Ebola, which has something in the neighborhood of a 50% death rate.

It's far more dangerous than COBIT 19 date that it was no big deal.

Member Obama he thought anybody who is worried about Ebola was just a crazy person is incredible that Chuck Todd asks about the governors of Virginia and Georgia at the time who may feel pressured at this juncture to do the same thing that there's other states are doing in other words, Virginia and Georgia.

He was worried. We feel the pressure social pressure because Illinois and New York were quarantining these Ebola people at what is your advice to the states. Dr. found she Cisco three go with the science. That's what we're trying to do here in our government go with the science and science says the science tells us that people who are not sick.

If you do not come into contact with body fluid.

If someone comes back from wherever Liberia and their well they are no danger to anyone that is for sure. I'm just as I was well for a week right. He was well through week when not saying just leave them off to monitor them. You can monitor them in multiple different ways. You don't have to put them in a confined place. I don't even know to say this I don't know what you can say to this because this guy is not an elected official. He's an expert you say he's an expert.

You don't have to be elected by we the people. If you're an expert.

You just have to have the right friends in high places in the Beltway and you can say and do whatever you want and as long as you have friends in the media that I can come after you for your hypocrisy in your scientific hypocrisy and for the fact that you basically have no idea what you're talking about and you are guided more by your politics then you are by science which seems to be pretty rife over on the left. Science is only used as a club. It's really not followed because if it were followed. We never would have been locked down. We now have all of the information pertaining to the harm of the lockdowns. Does anyone care on the left. Have you seen screaming and yelling on the left. These people can even get worked up about Andrew Cuomo for heaven sake get worked up about locking you down and locking your family down.

They don't care and they'll get out there and lecture you all day long about loving your neighbor. That's the Christian side or and you should love your neighbor and not trying to say anything cheeky. I'm just saying they use that as a club against anybody who questions whether or not we've been had. And then in the secular side you have people who are saying that it is an invaluable. It's so scary out there cover. 19 is so scary. It is scary that most people recover and you not to say that because then you're basically insinuating that you don't care if people die which is true.

Not sure at all. Now the same day that I was just playing for you. He was on CBS this is Dr. Fauci in 2014. This is what he said when he was appearing on CBS about Ebola. This is For we've learned that we've got to be more continue to be aggressive in our educating people to understand this right now we have a devastating epidemic in West Africa, having an epidemic of fear in the United States. So we gotta continue to try and educate people about what they need to or do not need to be afraid of, and so far if there are no symptoms. There is no contagion right you have to come into direct contact with body fluids of someone standing there looking well then I can a transmitted oh I will even the mildest cases and I got the CDC stats here. Even the milder strains of Ebola killed more than 50% of the victims.

As I mentioned before, it's not contagious until symptoms appear cover 19 as we know can be transferred through some asymptomatic people. But it's a much lower rate and masks. By the way, FLT also has kinda tiptoed around this issue of how many masks you ought to be wearing and people are laughing and crying over and I'm not putting on another mask. I'm not even Cedric. While that's that's true and I have to salute Daniel Horwitz over a conservative review because he put out on social media. This interesting clip from OSHA from OSHA about facemasks and I think he's absolutely right that when you listen to this portion of the video you'll quickly see it blows up the entire premise of mask wearing altogether. This is cut five facemasks help stop large droplets from being spread by the person wearing whether that person is a patient or a healthcare worker. Facemasks also keep splashes or sprays from reaching the mouth and nose of the person wearing.

However, facemasks are not designed or certified to seal tightly against your face or to prevent the inhalation of small airborne contaminants during inhalation small airborne contaminants passed through gaps between the face and the facemask and the material of the mask. Remember, facemasks are not considered respirators and they do not provide respiratory protection.

I will not start screaming. I will not start screaming. I will but I might take a clip of that video and bring it on my next flights because you have to sit on your flights now with things sealed tightly around your face on really do it seal tightly around my face because it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter.

We all know this, as you just heard facemasks are not designed to seal tightly against your face or guard against small contaminants. We know this. It's not about the science This is how crazy it's getting.

They have this headline still going to the grocery store with new virus variance spreading it's probably time to stop. That's right.

Stop going to the grocery store because you don't need to eat. Don't you love your neighbor if you go to the grocery store and you pick up a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread you could be killing somebody even if you have no symptoms and you may be only wearing one mask horrible or you put on seven and by the way, stay home and don't eat stop eating denture love your neighbor at what point to the American people rise up and say I'm done waiting for that moment. I'm still sitting here waiting for that moment, and I'm praying it will be soon have to leave it there. Thank you so much for being with us here on Jennifer today. It's always a delight to have you with us. We really do appreciate you listening will see next

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