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May 27, 2022 6:00 am

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May 27, 2022 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina. Luke chapter 18 and he spake a parable unto them to this in that man ought ways to pray and not to faint saying there was in a city a judge, which feared not God, neither regarded man and there was a widow in that city and she came onto him, saying, avenge me of mine adversary. And he would not for a while but afterward he said within himself, though I fear not God nor regard men yet because this widow trouble with me I will avenge her list by her continual coming she weary me and the Lord said here what the unjust judge saith, and shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them. I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of Man cometh.

Notice, this question shall he find faith on the earth this morning were speaking on the subject.

Continual coming continual coming or we need your help this morning as we deal with the subject of prayer Lord I pray that you would really help our people through this passage as you have helped me in Jesus name I pray, amen.

As always, I like the kind of break the story apart look into it.

Let's begin. First at verse three, number one, I want you to see the cry of the widow. What was it that she had to say.

Look at verse three and there was a widow in that city and she came onto him, saying, avenge me of mine adversary. First of this I want you to see number one her demand. We do not know what the nature of this situation was.

We don't know who the individual was that had done her wrong and we don't know what the individual had done to her. She use the word adversary in this word adversary in the Greek basically means someone that is continuing really driving me down eating me down and we don't know what this individual was doing to her and we don't know who it was. We don't know the relationship or anything like that. But this widow lady had come to this judge because it was the only place that she could come to number two. I want you to see her disadvantages. They feel notice in verse three it says there was a widow in that city. Now this poor woman had several things against her number one was this, she was a woman and women were not allowed at this time to speak in court because she was a widow. She did not have a husband to speak on her behalf and she is a woman was not allowed to speak in the court. Number two because she was a widow she didn't have a husband to help meet her needs and she didn't have a husband that could help fight on her behalf and she didn't have a husband that would obviously speak in the court for number three. She was a widow, not just a woman but she was a widow and there is obviously a segment of this society that oppressed and often took advantage of widows by the way, that still goes on today and today is a lot of people to take advantage of elderly. I mean we have mechanics and garages and everything charging them for things that don't need because they know they can take advantage of them and you understand what I'm talking about here. So this woman had a great many disadvantages. Number four is that she was a widow and being a widow.

In these days was synonymous with being poor. She had no money.

She did not have enough money to try to find justice or get justice. And there's a reason because in these days, it was common that judges would be bribed and that's how you would get justice. You have to find something to give them for them to do something for you and because she was a woman she couldn't speak in court because she was a widow she didn't have a husband that could speak for her in court because she was a widow she was. He didn't have much money because she was a widow. A lot of people were trying to take advantage of her and she didn't even have the resources to try to get real justice done in her life. So here we see her demand, and we see her disadvantages. But I want you to notice. Thirdly, her determination notice. If you would've verse five the Bible says yet because this widow trouble with me. Now here's this judge and the Bible says that this woman said judge would you avenge me of mine adversary. This woman was disadvantaged and obviously we see that the judge would not do anything for her. But the Bible says in verse five that the judge said because she trouble with me.

Notice the end of that verse.

He said I will avenge her last by her continual coming. That means this this lady had absolutely nowhere else to go to get what she needed. There's nobody else that could do anything to bring justice to the situation, but a judge and she kept coming to this judge in the Bible says that judge said that she troubles me and she's continually coming to me that means she went to the judge he didn't listen to her and she went back to the judge and she went back to the judge and she went back to the judge and when the judge didn't listen and the judge dismissed far and the judge didn't do anything for her because she didn't have any money to bribe him with.

She just kept coming back to the judge and coming back to the judge for coming back to the judge and coming back to the judge, and that word trouble. It is very interesting word. It basically means like the continual dropping of a water faucet. It just hurts you. You have anybody in your life that irks you none will not were not talk about marriage this morning so let me just get on to something else. It was literally to the point that this woman knew that there is nobody else and nowhere else that she could go to to get the help she needed.

And even though this judge that would not listen to her said no she continuously came to him.

She kept coming to him and coming to him and coming to him and coming to him and coming to him and coming to him and it just seemed that all everything he said everything he did nothing could keep her from coming back. Principal God, here is teaching is the principle of prayer is a dear friend you are and I if were to be serious about prayer. We have to continuously come to God you agree with that statement. Would you notice fourthly her desperation because of her social standing and because of her financial standing. She had no other hope. But this judge this widow represents us, and there are times in your life in my life that we have such big burdens and and such huge tears upon us, that we literally almost can't seem to go on, just like whoever this adversary was kept bothering her.

There are things in our life that keep bothering us.

There are burdens that keep us up at night.

There are things that keep us from sleeping and you and I are not made to be able to carry those type of thing. We just can't do it. It'll drive us crazy. It'll keep us up. It'll keep us from Eaton. It'll mess up our stomachs. It'll make you so sick and worried and fretting and you know what this widow represents us there often times things that we need help with, and we don't have the resources to help and we don't have the resources to fix it and we don't have all the things it takes because were disadvantaged because were human beings.

By the way can I remind you, you and I are limited. You want to wake up this morning on a little bit more feedback I'm getting this morning.

You and I are limited but we serve a God that is limitless number two we see in the crowd.

Widow number two just given you the basis of the store number two want you to see the coldness of the judge that were told to mentioning things about this particular judge. Look at verse two. If you would this woman is saying that obviously she has a seven verse two saying there was in ACDA judge, which feared not God, neither regarded man number one. I want you to see about this judge that he was corrupt. The Bible says he feared not God you look at me this morning. Anybody that does not fear God is corrupt because if you don't fear God.

That means that you're relying on your flesh in the Bible says our flesh is evil continually. So this man feared not God. Warren wears me this written. Obviously, numerous, tort carries I read what he had to say about the store and how does one read this to others. Interesting. He said in this day. He said the court room was not a fine building, but it hit that was moved from place to place as the judge covered his circuit. The judge, not the law set the agenda and he sat regally in the tent.

Surrounded by his assistants.

Anybody could watch the proceedings from outside, but only those who were approved and accepted could have their case tried inside.

This usually meant bribing one of the assistants, so that he could call the judge's attention to the case. So what is going on here. Here's a woman that cannot get her case heard because she doesn't have money to bribe an assisted or bribe the judge so she had absolutely everything against her.

It would have been different if she found a godly judge, but she was facing a corrupt judge by the way different.

You know you and I often face in this world is corrupt.

You and I oftentimes want to try to find a spiritual battle with fleshly mean what you notice. Number two.

Not only was he corrupt number two.

He was calloused but you would verse for the first part and he would not for a while. This woman kept coming to him and coming to him and the Bible says he would not for a while he wouldn't hear her. He would listen to her. He wouldn't give her any time he didn't want to be bothered by her and here's a widow that didn't have anything didn't have any money didn't have any family and you would think that maybe somebody like this guy would have a little bit of a heart for somebody like this, but he had no heart for her.

He was calloused and he began to always reject the rejected want to listen, didn't want to be bothered.

In fact, the verse tells us that he considered it troubling that she kept coming.

He had no heart for her.

He was calloused by the way, you'll find that as you face trials in your life on the taste of the new market, a final winter comfort in this world is a lot of people are just calloused there there hard and because of sin, and I mean Christians to their hardened want you to notice the third thing, he was condescending notice of the end of verse four. He says, though I fear not God nor regard men know the words. He looked at me and the average person is being way below him because he was a judge he was condescending you.

What I find interesting is this man was corrupt. This man was calloused. This man was condescending. He was as far away from God as you could get because he didn't fear God, he didn't think anything about his fellow man because he said he thought men were below him, which tells us exactly where he thought women were let alone widow women. I mean, he thought she was as low as she could go these corrupt these calloused knees, condescending yet as I read this story.

Guess what, in the end he helped her she had everything stacked against her, but in the she got what she needed to use a preacher. I just don't understand all this will let me give you couple things that this judge when you use the word trouble with and weary. The Bible says that he said this woman coming to him not only troubled him, but it made him wary this word trouble is that he uses here means to reach forth to beat another to cause another trouble. The second word he uses is weary in this world weary. In the Greek is to beat down or to blacken the eyes look at me, what got this guy so upset is by this widow continually coming to him. It was literally giving him a black eye in society. It was starting to make this guy look bad that this woman kept coming to him and he did nothing and it was getting on his nerves.

Now what is the point of this whole story will the point is this, that if by this woman continually coming to an evil rotten hard calloused corrupt individual and she was still able to get what she needs. Don't you think that you and I by continually coming to our heavenly father that loves us. Don't you think you'll give us what we need. I was reading I found in a book. They had some excerpts from John Wesley was a great Methodist preacher. Obviously he kept the diary and I found in this book.

At about 10 pages of his diary and I just took about one paragraph about, but I want you to listen to this. He kind of with his diaries. What he went through each day in his diary. It said this Sunday a.m. May 5 preached in St. Anne's was asked not to come back Sunday p.m. May 5 preached in St. John's, a deacon said get out and stay out Sunday a.m. May 12 preached in St. Jude's church can't go back there either. Sunday p.m. May 19 preached at St. somebody Chapel deacons call special meetings that I could not return Sunday a.m. May 26 preached on the street was kicked off the street Sunday a.m. June 2 preached at the edge of town kicked off the highway Sunday p.m. June 2 preached in a pasture.

10,000 people.

10,000 people pay you know why they got kicked out and kept going back removed chair and kept going back and this is what God wants me to do that. I'm just gonna keep going and keep God and keep going and keep Regent Cape region and if I get kicked out of every chart.

I'll go preacher to pastor and 10,000 people. Go to number three in trying to get ahead of myself. Number three I want you to see the compassion of our father as he gives this story in verses one through six.

He tells a story about a cold, calloused, condescending, judge that did not want to do one thing for this woman. And yet, because she continually came to him. He finally broke down and gave her what she needed. Not because he loved her, not because he wanted to but because he got tired of her bothering him. Then God draws the conclusion if you loosen verse seven and shall not God avenge his own elect another words this. This woman needed a minister for adversary in this unholy calloused guy would do anything for her but he finally did because she kept coming to him and number seven God says this won't God take care of his own.

Notice what he says next, which cry day and night on the him.

In other words, God hears his children and his people crying to him day and night and up and all calloused judge doesn't love her will finally help her, don't you think a God in heaven that loves you more than you've ever been loud, don't you think you'll do something like what it says at the end of verse seven, though he bear long with them. Another words, this might be that you're coming to God. It might be that the answer had come yet and he had done what you needed. Yet it hadn't happened yet done mean God is not listening because in verse seven it said he's going to avenge you and it doesn't mean God hear you because it said that he knows they come to him day and night and says he bears long with them know that means different. That means God is working on your answer. The minute you pray he is working on your answer, but you're just going have to keep coming to them and keep coming to the preacher. Why is that while what you notice first in verse seven, number one, we see this he hears his people. The compassion of our father. He hears his people. Verse seven it says that he hears them cry unto him day and night. You can say preacher.

I've been praying for such a such and I've been praying for this particular person not been praying for my son not been praying for my daughter not to print my husband and it just didn't feel like I was anything out-of-print to three months I've been printing three years.

Whatever the case might be, and I just don't think I was listening to me dear friend all over the Bible.

The Bible says God hears our prayers right here it says is that he knows that you're crying out to him day and night. He's listening. Number two. He honors our persistence.

I love this at the end of this verse seven, though he bear long with them is says in the first part of verse seven that he will avenge though he bear long with them. You say preacher. What is at me like I'm the key is not giving up.

God isn't just making you and me weight look up here.

I know you're getting hungry but you look up or you gotta get this party will miss God is not making us wait just to be mean and God is not making us wait just to make us wait. He is already working on the answer that you see the first time the minute you ask him the minute you came to him with your burden. He was beginning to work on an answer. But look at me.

I want you to get this our persistence in our prayer demonstrates the depth of our burden. If you can pray about something once or twice and then give up you really weren't burned about it. That was really good brother Daniel, did you hear me nonoperational bit different this morning. I'm trying to get a lot of look at me if you can pray about something.

Once, twice, three times, and you kind of quit. That means you really weren't that burned about it. Why should God meet a need when you're not even burned about it. Why should God listen to you day and night. If you're not going to cry out day and night to him. That's what you and I do we pray once or twice and obeyed a week sometimes in between families. I will, God has answered my prayer will no longer because we don't have a burden, but when you are burning so much that you continually come to God he will answer your prayer. A genuine burden will put you before God and keep you there until he answers.

I hope you just got that phrase on the to say it again. Genuine burden will put you before God and keep you there until he answers so my personal things I like to say this will move on their thing. What you see is this knowledge as he hears people not only does he honor our persistent number three. He handles our petitions. He handles the look of verse eight I tell you that he speaking of God from the verse before I tell you that he will avenge them speedily remember the story. This woman has to continuously go to this judge, and he finally gave her worry what he wants what she needed and God is saying here if she continually went to that judge and finally got what she wanted when you come to God who does love you and you do belong to him. He will avenge you speedily. The problem is you and I and God have different opinions of what speedily is can I say this and I found this in the commentary that I thought was just it's too deep you're probably you write it down a bit. Maybe think about it next couple etc. it'll finally click with you because it took me a while to click, but listen to me. I found this phrase I thought this was good. In truth, real prayer is the evidence of God's impending answer real prayer is the evidence that God will answer palmitate is how they explained it real prayer always begins with God. The spirit burns our hearts and we offer the burden back to God, who is already engaged in bringing about the answer. Look at me when you get burned about something it's because God put that burden on you and when you go back to God. With that burden, and you just keep going back and keep going back and keep going back God's already working on the answer and the fact that you prayed. It is the proof that he's going to answer it that you hear me just by you. Praying that the proof that he will answer. That's how guaranteed it is all different.

If you and I could just be spiritually discerned to grab this to understand God loves us and if a wicked man would finally do something for woman that needs it. Don't you think a loving heavenly father will will just be burned enough, what you notice. Lastly, the challenge to the saints, Artie tells a story is the cry. The widow is the correctness of the judge is the compassion of the father. We understand how it all fits in our life now. What is our job is amazing how the Bible just preaches itself what you notice the challenge to the saints. First, as we look at the story.

What is it that God wants us to do number one and is in verse one, number one is this, be committed to prayer verse one and he spake a parable to them to this in to this end means to make this point that men ought always to pray and not to faint. Number one is this, be committed to pray versus Lyons 517 is the idea we find pray without ceasing, and that were pray without ceasing, means this no intermission. That means this you wake up in the morning. It does mean you get down on your knees and stay there. You know, 14 hours a go right back to bed. It means when you get up during the day you open up your conversation with God. You open up the communication with him and you have open communication throughout the rest of the day. There is no intermission to your prayer. That means there's a constant spirit and attitude of knowing that God is with you that your spending time with him and you want his direction throughout the day. You know I you and I usually don't get what we need. We don't pray we didn't ask for.

Be committed to praying other things is innocent. Number two. Be consistent in prayer be committed to prayer number to be consistent in prayer. What he say not to faint. It means this oftentimes you and I will lose heart. And we don't see the results. And that's why we go right back to Eden when we don't see the results after a week of dieting old war that I get to acquire their dinner.

You know were good we we you know we need good for about eight hours him so I will see the difference is just my genetics and I that I hate that 5 pound burger without cheese. I will see the difference.

You and I listen. We are human beings we are made. The way were made in the me tell you how we are made. It is hard for us to stay motivated about anything unless we see results.

God does not work the way you and I work new and I've got to understand that you know we've got to be so committed to prayer, that although we might see a result. Although we might not see a result, we are going to keep praying and keep praying and keep praying because we are so burdened about this particular thing that we are not going to let God go and were knocking to move away from his doorstep and working to keep going to the judge and going to the judge and going to the judge and we are going to keep going and stay burden and stay motivated and stay committed long enough till we see God answer our prayer.

Your burned about your child or your children. Whatever the case might be, don't ask God once a month to help your child what you get done your knees middle of the night by their bed that God would you touch God, would you keep them from what Satan would love to do their life, what you notice thoroughly, be continuous in prayer. I notice in verse eight. Look, I tell you that he will avenge them speedily notice this. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth. Towards this God's good answer and God will help. Let me but he asked this question when he returns as he got a find anybody that has enough faith to find anybody that had enough faith in God that they just kept coming to God believing and trusting God to answer this prayer to be my need God's going to do what he promised he would do when God comes back, will he find us faithful, be continuous in your prayer is a bridge. I just haven't seen the results dear friend me.

I say that you don't know everything God is doing. Thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast. The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone at 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services line molar medium on our website and church. Thank you for listening. Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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