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July 19, 2022 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God Almighty. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina.

Genesis chapter 50, and we can begin reading in verse 16. If I can get you up to speed.

Joseph has already. I guess you would call it displayed himself to his brothers.

He let them know that I am your brother and work talk about this in a minute member. Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery put him in a pit and and started a chain of events that some difficult things that Joseph went through now in verse 16. What is happened is that Joseph had let his brothers know that he was him. He had taken care of them and now his dad Jacob was dying. Verse 16 and they sent a messenger unto Joseph saying, thy father did command before he died, saying, let me explain Joseph's brothers when they came to Egypt and they found out that he was the one in charge and he said I want to take care of you and only give you a piece of land that I've set aside many of you I preach this or before Joseph is a picture of Christ and it's just like Jesus is preparing a land for us. Joseph prepared a land for his brother and Esso as they go through all this, there was a fear when Jacob died, Joseph's brothers thought that that Joseph would have nothing to do with them. They thought that he's only taking care of us because dad still alive and he loves dad and dad's not the one that threw him into a pit and so they were concerned that when Jacob died that maybe Joseph would then turn on them because of what they done him look verse 17 so shall ye say unto Joseph.

Forgive, I pray the now. The trespass of thy brethren in their sin, for they did unto the evil and now we pray the forgive the trespass of the servants of the God of thy father and Joseph wept when they spake unto him and his brother also went and fell down before his face and they said behold we be thy servants, so let me just take inventory as importantly, understand this, I will make it as brief as I can, but you got a listener I God has laid this on my heart. As we started this series on facing your Giants and what you listen very closely. Joseph treated his brothers good after what they done to them, but they thought that when dad died Joseph within have nothing to do with this and so they sent word to Joseph after Jacob died that this is what dad had asked that you would forgive us, despite what we've done that even though he's gone that you would still love us and treat us kindly look if you would it verse 19, and Joseph said unto them, fear not, for am I in the place of God. But as for you, ye thought evil against me, but God meant it on to good to bring to pass, as it is this day to save much people alive. Now therefore, fear ye not, I will nourish you and your little ones, and he comforted them and speak kindly into them and Joseph dwelt in Egypt. He and his father's house and Joseph lived an hundred and 10 years and Joseph saw Ephraim's children of the third generation, the children also M. the son of Manasseh were brought up upon Joseph's knees and Joseph said unto his brother and I die and God will surely visit you and bring you out of this land under the land which he swear to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jake this morning. I would like to speak on the subject. The giant of scars, the giant of scars, father, we thank you for all that you've done Lord as we serve you.

Sometimes the life that we live to serve in the please you.

We get some scars.

Lord sometimes there are some things that have happened and they hurt and Lord, they they leave us scarred for life's not that we don't serve anymore. We don't love you anymore. Not that Lord that things might not even be better but the scar is still there, and Lord of you to give us grace today we'd ask you to let your word, explain, and comfort. Our hearts as it needs to be done in your name we pray. Amen. You know you really can't talk about the subject of scars without bringing up Joseph while people in counseling nowadays.

And that's fine. I certainly recommend it to some to many actually read a lot of people in counseling because of things that happen to them when they were younger. We talked about this numerous times but can I just reiterate for in it for the case, it might be new to some that Joseph, his life started out so fortunate. I mean Joseph was a chosen son. He was a just favored. He was a favorite son, a chosen son. He was the light of his dad's eye. He was the firstborn of Rachel that Joseph love so much and Joseph Jacob just loved Joseph, but it changed very quickly because he was a chosen son and a favorite son, but he became a resented son and his brothers got mad and they got jealous and they finally one day. Talk to dad into the taking Joseph out of when they took Joseph out the film into a pit that he could not get out of and sold them into slavery and then they came back.

Showed him that precious code that dad had given him, and there was blood all over that code and they said to Jacob that he had died so they lied about it to basically kidnap Joseph left them for dead, sold him into slavery lied about his death to his dad if anybody should have some scars about what people have done or circumstances in life. It would be Joseph, may I say this that you have to remember that Joseph is a picture of Christ and as I look at these verses we call this the Old Testament. Romans 828 and it's easy to say, hey all things work together for good, and it's easy to say a human free will and God meant it for good, but cannot say that this morning on a Sunday morning while we look nice and were dressed nice and everybody acts nice and everything seemed fine. The home front. That right sitting here this morning.

There are individuals sitting in their seat that are scarred there some things that have happened in life. It might not of anything you caused my not of anything you asked for you, so be aware that physical scars I don't really have that many I have one and you really can't even see it on Noel Moritz under this nostril to his nostril things is one that was a booger. This is the scar okay what I was, so I was young I might've been 45. My mom and I can't tell you better. I irie III remember the incident a dog bit me that's a people's house at work and you know I thought all dogs are for leg is that time to get right is how you do little for you know you just fit and so he got me right here and they had to take me to get stitches and I remember that I don't member the dog biting me but I was so young and things were so different nowadays.

I member that they laid me on the table. My deck probably swings better but I'm of the play cowboys and Indians. The doctors did and they were trying to keep me appeased and while they're playing cowboys and and they were stitching my upper lip right here and I still have a little so that's not much of a scar. Some of you have scars from surgeries and everything. My poor son Kate got more scars than I do.

I mean already know this is kid had even been aware of life yet, and he got a big role in right there he'll have that the rest of his life you know and and and some of you have physical scars with us on I'm talking about emotional, mental scars, things have happened in life no one to notice him and I want to go through this, but I want to be very patient. Look, if you would a verse 19 I want you to notice first when it comes to scars, the place of God. We verse 19, and Joseph said unto them, fear not, for am I in the place of God element. I have always preached this and I'm not saying this is wrong. I've always said that Joseph looked to the brothers and they were afraid that he was going to judge them and he said I am I in the place of God towards I'm not God, but that doesn't make sense, really, with the passage you gotta take it in the context this is what I believe that that Joseph was saying that although the brothers were scared because what they done to mirror afraid how Joseph was going to be your Joseph does. He looks at me says fear not and what he's saying here is this I am in the place of God. I am where God wanted me to be I may I tell you that even though you might be more God wants you to be that there are be there gotta be some bad things are going to happen. I would say something. Joseph was always exactly where God wanted them to be when he was in the that's where God wanted him to be when Joseph spent time in the present that was where God wanted him to be where Joseph was falsely accused. He went from the pin to present the problems.

Now you got Potter for his wife accusing him of doing something that was wrong falsely accusing you man this guy can get a break. Everything in life seemed unfair. Everything seemed wrong. You talk about scar at the scar after scar you're done wrong by her own family when you're done wrong by your bosses wife when you're done wrong, but you guys in prison that promised they would remember you everywhere he went. Somebody did something wrong to him the whole time he was right where God wanted to be. Sometimes you can be in the place of God will have some pets will have some prisons but it's not over yet. You know why because before long, Joseph got promotion and it is up in the palace. You know sometimes you you you gotta fear not because I'm where God wants me to be the other might be some pets and there might be some prison might be some problems because promotion is coming in the palace is coming down your God is in it. Joseph looks at his brothers and he says I know you are and I know you feel bad for what you did. I was in the place of God. I was where I was supposed to be with me. I don't think Kate has a scar because were doing wrong. I think Kate has his scars. As we were doing right.

Some of you have some scars wasn't because you did wrong because you were doing right.

You gotta remember that I might get some scars and there might be some things that happen, but what's important is that you're in the place of God want you know to secondly this morning. The plan of God will give you what verse 20. This is what Joseph said.

He said, but as for you, ye thought evil against me, but God meant it unto good notices about God's plan. First thing I see is this God's plan rises above other is what he says but as for you, ye thought evil against me towards this God had a plan that he wanted me to get to God wanted to make me into what he wanted me to be. God knew that I was going to be in the palace.

One day God knew that I was going to be in control of all the food and all the things that go on in the kingdom.

God knew all that God's plan rises above others. Yes, his brothers meant evil.

Yes, they tried to herd up yes they try to do all those things. But God always gives plan rises above others. Second thing God's plan always rises above obstacle.

He said yeah as for you, you thought evil against. That means this Satan himself tried to stop Joseph not only did his brothers try to stop him. But Satan tried to cannot say this God has a plan for your life and if you'll just stay in the place of God, and you will just be faithful to God, I cannot say this is a plan always rises above others edit always rises above obstacle. Satan can unleash anything he wants to, but God's plan will always come above third thing is this God's plan always rises above ourselves. You know sometimes you and I can get in her own way and sometimes you and I can be difficult for God to work with and sometimes you and I can rebel against God. When God has a plan. God does not let go and Carla Baptist Church.

That's a good point in the message for you to say amen God does not let go. He's got a plan and he's got a plan in your life, one where the plan of God. Want to notice. Thirdly, the purpose of God wanted all this happened.

Joseph tells look at verse 20.

Last part but God meant it unto good notices to bring to pass, as it is this day to save much people live two things about God's purpose unwanted always prevails. Number two. It always performs what he means everything everybody tried so hard to ruin God's plan and God's purpose for Joseph's life is what Joseph said hey you meant evil to me but let me tell you some about God. God brought it to pass. As it is this day all happen. God did it all transpired. God took care of it while there helpless in that fit.

While I was in a prison. While these people did all these things, God had a purpose through it all and that is was this to save lives.

That's always God's purpose to save it always is. It always prevails. It always performs God's purpose is always to say in a case of the maybe you're here this morning and there's been some things in your life that have happened to you in its left some scars and those things are giants in your life. You can't get over you can't get beyond cannot tell you this, that God had a purpose for allowing you to go through that and God's purpose always prevails and it always performs. It always does what God meant it to do for my not make sense to us. We might not understand why he did it that way. But God has a purpose want to notice. Fourthly, the peace of God.

This is what he says I love this notice. If you would.

Verse 21 now therefore, Joseph looks at his brothers and he says what fear ye not, the peace of God, he say he looks at his brothers. I know you're scared whether on the member Joseph is a picture of Christ and he says I know you've done me wrong. But guess what, I made a promise to you that I would take care of you cannot really keep my promise web chosen is a picture of Christ. What is that telling us yet we might have done wrong to Christ, and we might rebel we might upload it sometime.

But God made a promise that if we give our hearts to him.

He's going to meet our needs will never leave us nor forsake us.

He's made a promise that he's going to keep to bring peace in your lives, notices about the peace of God to me was a blessing to me. Number one, it's always providing review what verse 21. This is great.

Now therefore, fear ye not, I will what nourish you. Joseph says all provide for you. Don't you worry too much average all these things have happened is this love my life's carless to me. Don't worry, God will nourish to meet the needs somehow, someway, God will take care of it. Second, not only is it always providing what is always protecting verse 21. I will nourish you and your wife little ones. Not only does God get permit provision, but he gives protection and adjacent dear friend you might've been scarred because of some things that have happened in your life but God would never put on you more than you can bear. And when you need his protection. He gets it. There might be some things that he knows where you need to get to, spiritually, and he knows he that had to let some of these things go, but he's not let go of you and is not to leave you on nurse is luckily you want to say I don't think I can take anymore.

Hey, are you still alive. Are you still breathing. Guess what you could take it if you cut it when we hear God had it all under control what you notice.

Thirdly about the peace of God.

It's always precious, but if you would. Verse 21 now therefore fear you not know the words have peace have the peace of God, I will nourish you and your little ones.

Notice this and he comforted them and speak kindly and these guys had done him so wrong that he was kind, and he comforted. Isn't that exactly what Jesus does to us. Even though we've done him wrong. Even though we prevailed for this whole process and even though we question him and why he's done what he's done it why he's allowing he's allowed to say something God always speaks kindly and he always comforts. Just when I need him. Jesus is just when I forfeit.

Just when I fear ready to help me, ready to cheer. Just when I need him. Oh want to notice. Lastly, this morning, the promise of God will give you would've verse 22 and Joseph dwelt in Egypt. He and his father's house. Notice this and Joseph lived an hundred and 10 years. Joseph was faithful through all that happened all the scars.

He was faithful he was committed he was consistent he had character, listen to me and God saw that this is what God did for him. He let Joseph live 110 years but notice in verse 23 and Joseph saw Ephraim's children of the third generation, the children also mishear the son of Manasseh Joseph son Manasseh were brought up on Joseph's knees.

Many begin a great great grandpa he got to see every line he got to see these kids. I mean, he might've been in a wheelchair. I don't know where he was. But on the case and they brought them to the put them on his knee. He got to see another generation and the next generation and the next generation. And he was blessed got up to get to see one more generation. You know why because God keeps his promises.

He always does, and let me say what I noticed mother's number one God recognizes consistency number two God rewards character and number three God remembers his covenant.

He said Joseph all you if you stay faithful and even though you have these scars, even though all these things have happened unto you, if you will just be faithful and be kind and generous to your brothers. Remember you and that's exactly what God God always keeps his covenant God always honors his promises. I can see as Joseph looked at his brother and he was Artie Cryan because they sent message that you know what dad asked would you would you forgive us for what we've done. Joseph looked at him, he says fear not. I'm in the place of God. I'm exactly where God wanted me the whole time. Yeah, you meant it for evil but I was right where God wanted me the entire time, God had a plan and God had a purpose. Fear not, I will nourish you and your kids and he comforted them so you know what God did.

He rewarded he gave Joseph a long, full life he got to see generation after generation after generation. God always honors his promises in our group in Florida. I remember years ago the store.

I don't know if it's true I'm not really try to research it never had a name, and I remember being a Florida what I heard the story years ago. Just thought about it this week so I don't know if it's true Micah claimant's troops.

I don't know names. It certainly might be. Was told as if it was true, but I forget I was in high school and one of our teachers came in and he said he had seen this on the news. I don't know if it's true, I don't know this young man in Florida.

We have problems with were called alligators.

We have problems with that they do somewhere up in the South to other places Luisi and all that we have promulgated ice to go fishing a lot when I was in Florida and we would see gators alligators all the time over fish and in fact how I got into fission so much that I went fishing with this kid. One time he had a boat. We rode out there, the water, and I had all my tackle box had all my reels had all my Lors him and I had all I was really into it had all the stuff and I keep was us a bit of an idiot. Next, use expression, he was an idiot and he got up trying to be funny and he turned over that boat.

This was in Florida know you say Ford is that this was in January and it was it was freezing cold and he turned over that boat, and all all that money. I had all these tackle boxes in all these reels adjust salt to the bottom and that idiot couldn't swim. And there were our church was there was a John you know the mom and dad ever to have ever known this I might be telling too much this morning but by their archers was a trailer park. He lived in a trailer park and he turned it over and I had to grab the kid swim him to the shore that I had to go back out to where the boat was and I went down free to go out of trying to find my tackle box and never could find waters is dirty and feel that is confined. I got back up on the shore. The only time my life punch the dickens out of that boy walked away never. I didn't fish much. Ever since then I just lost everything I did best that I got mad, but that day we saw alligators. We see Ellie is all-time in southern Florida. I think arrived on the Fort Lauderdale area. There is a young man that was in his in his house and had a pool in the backyard. Somehow this alligator got the pool. This young man went outside and had a pool there on a river and so he had walked around the pool was going down to the river and alligators are heated. See that alligator came up and grabbed that young man's leg begin to pull him towards water, but you may begin to screen and his mother was inside doing dishes and she looked out and saw that alligator pulling that young mentors river. Well, as it was reported that that woman ran out of that house, got down and grabbed her son Heidi's arms. She started trying. She knew that alligator got that one water he be dead. She started trying to pull on an alligator just was climbed down on his leg any any got a piece of the a question she was pulling on that against and that alligator was pulling against trying to pull that kid in somehow, someway that mom got that shot out of that gators mouth and I get back in that water and course had to go to the hospital. He was treated for numerous wounds and they were interviewing the mom and the young boy which is how this teacher at our school, said he had heard there talk to the young boys about the experience and how scary it was in all the stuff in that young boy rolled up his pant legs and the reporter was there and he wrote of his pant legs and but he just had gouges in stitches all over his legs alligator to spit almost to his leg. Hey look to that report and reports of boy are those some bad scars and that young boy look to the report. He put it was like she said yeah he said these are my bad scars that were rolled up his sleeves. There was fingernail marks and scratches all through his arms where his mother in desperation just would not let go. She was just scraping those arms and just held on and pulled him out. That boy said these are my bad scars wrote up the sleeves. He said these are my good once this is where mom didn't let go and I thought this week as I was dealing with this about scars different. Some of you have some bad scars but some of you have some good ones to because the scars you bear in your life is just proof that he never let go of you. Father, we thank you for this morning. Lord I know we tried to make an attempt to hurry through what you've laid on my heart, Lord, I know we have some people with some pretty deep scars.

Sometimes Lord, I know some of the scars I have there only there because you just didn't let go.

You didn't let Satan just take me without a fight. Oh I get it almost seemed as if I wanted to but you just held on. Yes, it hurt. And yes, it left some marks and yes it it's garden. Yes, some of the things I've been through. You had to change me and mold me but they're good scars because it proved you didn't let go. Got I want to thank you for your grace that was sung about this morning. I want to thank you for your blood never loses its power in God this morning as we have people that are scarred floor.

They can be giants that we just can't get beyond that. Lord help each of them to realize that some of those scars are there because you just wouldn't let go. The fact that they are in church this morning is a sign that you're not done.

You haven't given up, you still love them. And there still a plan and a purpose for their life Lord, I pray you meet needs here this morning, dear friend. If you're here this morning. You don't know for sure that your same on telling you give your heart to Christ.

He won't ever let go. These promised eternal security to those that love and accept him as their Savior.

Thank you for listening to you receive the blessings from our broadcast Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone at 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services.

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