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September 19, 2022 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina, verse one. If you will. Jonah chapter 2 then Jonah prayed unto the Lord is God.

I'm sure he did out of the fish's belly and said I cried by reason of mine affliction under the Lord and he heard me out of the belly of hell. I cried. I am thou hardest my voice without hats cast me into the deep in the midst of the seas, and the floods can pass me about all thy billows and thy waves passed over me. Then I said, I am cast out of thy sight yet. I will look again toward thy holy temple. The waters can pass me about even to the soul.

The debt closed me roundabout. The weeds were wrapped about my head. He is speaking of what it was in that fish's belly, literally.

He said as he describes the waters going. You know the all of God sees the billows were all over him. Here's this fish. I believe that fish when he swallowed Joan.

I believe personally that he sunk as low as that ship that fish could get.

He was on the bottom not only literally but I believe that figuratively Jonah had hit bottom and he's describing said the weeds were wrapped around me notice if you would verse six I went down to the bottoms of the mountains the earth with her bars was about me forever yet hast thou brought up my life from corruption can have a good hearty amen right there. If you been saved by the grace of God, that's exactly what God did for you. He brought your life up from corruption really talk about that little bit. Oh Lord my God verse seven when my soul fainted within me. I remember the Lord and my prayer came in unto the into thy holy temple notice. If you would verse eight, nine, 10, they that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy. But I will sacrifice unto the with the voice of Thanksgiving. I will pay that that I have owed Val skews me salvation is of the Lord and the Lord spake unto the fish and it vomited out. Jonah upon dryland.

I'm sure all of us would love to see that scene when that fish regurgitated him out of being in that belly for three days. Could you a match what he looked like and could you imagine what he smelled like what a picture of God. He brings us out of a mess like that clean this up changes us and uses us for his glory.

You know the whole book of Jonah in it in others there so many things you could say about the entire book of Jonah. But I want you to understand something about Joan of the whole point. I believe is being used by God. The whole point of your life is being used by God. Everything that it happened to Jonah and everything that Jonah had brought on himself.

Listen to me this morning. It was all so God could use him. You know that's the point of your life. That is the main purpose of your life with you know it or not I don't care what your particular occupation might be and how important it is, I'm sure, but your whole point of your life the whole. The reason for you to even function the reason we were even created was to be used by God is what this is all about everything that God brought them through everything that God allowed everything that Jonah was trying to avoid this entire progression from rebellion to restoration everything was about being used by God.

The question then comes up. All right, preacher, what makes me usable. You might say preacher you know my gums at your new services morning in a church service but you don't know some of the things that gone my life and you don't know some of the things I've been through and you know I just don't know preacher if I'm usable like you put it want to give you some things from this passage. This particular passage that really encouraged my heart may take some things that don't matter when it comes to God using number one I want you notice if you would verse one and verse to look at look at look, if you will. These verses verse one says, then Jonah prayed unto the Lord, then Jonah prayed unto the Lord.

Look at verse two and said I cried by reason of mine affliction my affliction. It means this is mine. I'm the one that caused it. On the one that brought it number one listen to me, your past doesn't matter. The fact that this that phrase then Jonah prayed that word then means something happened before that point. That brought him to this point something happened over there that brought him to hear man. He prayed that means there's there's a whole bunch of stuff in the past that was a real good on Jonah's behalf, but it brought to that point he decided from then on. Now I'm going to pray. Then Jonah prayed different.

I want to know some you might've been through a lot. You might've done a lot. You might've gone low you might have that done a lot of things in your life you regret. Hey listen join the club sister anybody here have anything they regret, but you raise your hand you regret that differently coming your past doesn't matter. You see, it did matter, look at me, but what this verse is teaching you did matter really what happened then Jonah prayed in different I don't. It really doesn't matter to me what is happened before now or where you've gone what you've done what all might've transpired in your life. Look at me, dear friend. What is wonderful about our Savior is that even whatever past you have God can still use you in the future. Jonah had initiated the rebellion, but God initiated the restoration document. Jonah said Jonah want you to go preach Jonah rebel. He initiated the rebellion, God had that fish prepared and just wouldn't let Jonah go and that fish look at me, that storm that brought all the problems causes men to throw Jonah over that ship. That fish was prepared, swallowed Jonah, he is in the he is literally in the belly of the fish while he's praying.

All those things that happen then. But when Jonah prayed to God.

It was a new chance was a new story was a new opportunity was a new future because God says if you come to me and you asked me for forgiveness I forgive you your friend your past doesn't matter number two what you notice this verse. The second part of verse one in the second part of verse two is is then Jonah prayed unto the Lord. Notice, this is got out of the fish's belly, verse two, I cried by reason of my affliction of the Lord and he heard me out of the belly of hell cried. I number one. Your past doesn't matter number to your place. Doesn't matter. It is a matter where you are. You can call on God in the middle of the ocean at the bottom. Dragon the bottom in the belly of a fish and caulking. Your place doesn't matter for to matter what place you here at your life.

Doesn't matter all you all the things you've done in the past but different list make it my slave, you don't know all the chaos is going on right now and you don't know what's happened in my family and you don't know what I've been through this weekly can be different. I'm here to tell you if you can call on God out of the belly of a fish and if you can call on God out of the belly of hell.

I'm here to tell you: God here come the right place at the very place where God can. Doesn't matter your place.

I notice this verse that God called Joe Jonah 1st then cast him see God call Jonah but because Jonah rebel then God had to cast them into the ocean. He would've never had to cast him. If Jonah had answered the call different. You and I this is amazing sometimes the turmoil we bring in our life because we simply just won't answer the call from God. Your place doesn't matter.

I notice how Jonah put it, the belly of hell. By the way for big old nasty stinky fish swallowed you in your Sitton and those intestines for three days you would call the belly of hell to know what's amazing here.

This wasn't hell it wasn't anywhere close to what hell is going to be like but it felt like hell to Jonah you know what it might be you might not be sit in a fish vote for some you might be going through some circumstances in your life right now that literally feels like hell itself to I'm here to tell you it don't matter where you are. It didn't matter how bad it is, God can hear you and he is waiting for you to call him. I notice this that Jonah was able to go directly from the belly of a deep fish look at me want to get this Jonah was literally while he was sucked up into those intestines of that belly that fish, stinky, slimy, dark, hot and what is amazing about this whole thing is that Jonah was able to go directly from the belly of that fish to the throne of God, that quick he was down in the bottommost parts of that see as far away as he could get just about, and he was able to go from there to the throne of God. In an instant, and that amazing well guess what you and I get to two. I don't care where you're at what you do and how bad it gives you driving your car, you might be argued with your life. You might be sit at a family reunion. You might be at the job getting chewed out by your boss. I'm here to tell you in an instant. You can go from whatever situation you're in right to the throne of God. What a privilege your place. Doesn't matter because wherever you are.

You can get to him.

Number three warn us about that, but for time when you go number three your past. As a matter your place. Doesn't matter number three. Look at verse three. If you would assess for thou hast cast me into the deep into the midst of the seas. The floods come past me about all thy billows and thy waves passed over me. Things were bad but verse five.

The waters come past me about even to the soul vitamin now Jonah is getting a little bit different here. Now he is going from describing purely what happened physically to what is happening spiritually. He said that literally. I'm in the belly of this mission, and all the waves are passing over me in the billows and all this stuff and now in verse five he says that it's even covered up my soul waters can cover up a soul what Jonah was saying here is the other waters covering everywhere but I was glad only inside I wasn't just drowning in my body. I was dying from the inside. I had run so far from God and I had gone so far to the point. I never thought I'd go that far from God and now he has time to think. Have you ever been there in your life or you had time to think never get my dad had both hips replaced and he was out of meetings for about a year and have had two hip replacement surgeries and they had a whole year were my dad did not preach revival meetings and they were living in the basement apartment brother Linus Newsom and Edna. They were living down in the basement that time in my dad's on a walker had his hips replaced he known he could preach good donor could travel and so there talk to me number time. You know good and it seemed different things and never get one day he was. Tommy says I just don't think I've ever my life had so much time to think and he said it's almost scary when you begin to think about your life what you've done and how little you've done for God no different. Sometimes God arranges things in our life to give us time. Think we got so busy, we have forgotten what's important. We got so busy with life that we have overlooked what should have been looked at and sometimes alive God arranges things all the sudden we look at things we think are bloated. I've been so unwise. I don't understand how I could have gone far away verse five he says literally. My soul is drowning which you notice number three your past. As a matter your place. Doesn't matter number three. Your problem doesn't matter. I notice in verse three, I believe it is notice this is.

As for thou hast cast me into the deep end that amazing God, and cast him into the deep. Those men did not listen on a few notices we need to think about the rooftop or just recite going to give you some really good wisdom from God's word.

Jonah was not mad at those men that cast them into the water. He knew God was sovereign God was in control. There's no reason get mad at those men. God allowed to happen. He said God you cast me into the sea, but usually when I do a lot of times God's arranging things and God has a plan, but you know we do we get mad at all the people in the plan you have a purchase also did such as such to me that might've been what made you who you are and that might've been what brought you closer to God and I might've been what gave you that the power that you have in your life now, but they did this and they did that Jonah could mad a lifetime, and all those guys that threw me over the ship.

How dare they had time to think that belly.

He realized no other substance being met. The Mariners, it was up to the master different on the save you some effort in your life.

You just need a quick get mad at all the people and you need to just submit to the sovereignty of God. Hopefully you and I won't have to get the belly for three days to learn that what he says in verse three in verse five is this, I can't see you. God, he says I can't find God. Look at verse five.

He says the devil close round about me.

The weeds were wrapped about my having verse three he says the floods come past me about all thy billows and I waves passed over me what he is saying is this, I couldn't get beyond all these waves in the weeds and all the stuff I can't find you got. I can see you God. Maybe this time I literally went too far. Maybe I and I've never been there were things like your prayers were get anywhere. You couldn't seem to find God anywhere in your life and everything you're trying to do fallen apart is what Jonah says I just I can't even find you different your problem doesn't matter. As a preacher you said all this, but my problem is it doesn't matter what your promise. Yeah, you don't. But I don't know how God's benefit. It doesn't matter what your problem is God can fix and what I find about this is it doesn't matter what your problem is. God knows exactly where you're at all. Jonah couldn't find God, but God found him, all Jonah couldn't see God but God saw him. Sometimes God is watching you. You can look around because also, you realize I left God I got so busy with my things and I want to know where is God.

Now I need you God.

Now I didn't know I needed this and I went down this road. I didn't know my life is you I wanted what I wanted but now I can't find just thank God I did. Yet I can't find you now different.

He's watching you the entire time.

Your problem doesn't matter number four. Your position doesn't matter if you would verse six I went down to the bottoms of the mountains the earth with her bars was about me forever. That's pretty low. Your place doesn't matter say preacher you don't know where I have ended up you'll know what happened in my life, some decisions that I've made a preacher and fact only know half. These were decisions I make. I don't know how I got here but I'm low and you just don't. I don't know what happened, how did I become this person how that I end up here. How did all these things that have happened in my life. How did they happen once you notice if you would verse six yet hast thou brought up my life from corruption your place. Doesn't matter. Folks, I don't care how down low you get, he can always bring you up from corruption or my favorite verses in the Bible him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out. For the Lord uphold with me with his hand. What you notice for sake of time, your position doesn't matter number five. Your powerlessness doesn't matter, there's a big liver. Seven if you would. This is what Jonah said when my soul fainted with in me. He's describing a powerless situation. I literally did not know what to do.

I had tried everything there was to do.

I'm sure in the belly of this fish he had tried to run everything through his mind. Try to think of everything, justify everything somehow make sense of it all and literally he stuck in this belly. He can't get out. He's confined there's nowhere to go. It's just you and your sin, and he got to the point that he said my soul has literally fainted within me. I've got no more strength left dear friend, that's exactly where God want you to get to is when there is nothing of you left and where he has to take over your powerlessness doesn't matter if you say I've tried everything I just can't seem to fix it going to fix it. God's going to have to fix it they will preacher appreciate all the encouragement. Romans 838 says, for I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Your sin can't separate you from the love of God. Fewer circumstances can separate your love of God you can be inefficient and the belly down to the bottom of the sea can't even separate you from the love of God is everywhere you go dear friend you can you can find all you want to put God loves you. Yeah so and so they let me know they might have, but God loves you say I preacher Mr. know it all, all those things. No matter what does matter.

Glad you asked will go home, number one, your prayer matters. If you would verse one and verse seven. Then Jonah prayed notice this unto the Lord. His God limiting something interesting there.

In our Sunday school class.

We did a study on this about a month or two ago about the different names of God and that unit in the doctrine of God in different things to listen to me what Jonah here said is very interesting look. You would verse one. He said then Jonah prayed unto the Lord.

His God, that word Lord is the word for master that word.

God is the word Jehovah. This is what Jonah said in verse one after all he'd been through.

Then Jonah prayed unto the Lord his God. What that is saying is this, he prayed unto the master my Jehovah. When Jonah prayed he said this God. I know you're the master where you are my Jehovah, my Savior, the Lord your my God and dear friend I'm here to tell you. God is God that he is a master and he is Lord. But what is important today is this, is he your God. Jonah stated his position as Lord, but he got personal with Jehovah, Jonah's and that Billy said listen. Lord I know your Lord, your my Jehovah your God, which are my God, you said you always listen to.

I need you now.

And God showed up what you look if you would. Verse seven. I love this when my soul fainted within me. I remembered the Lord and my prayer came in unto the into thine holy temple.

I remembered the Lord and dear friend.

You and I can get so busy we can think everything else but him. But Jonah said hey I remember the Lord and my prayer came to, and made it through your prayer matters. I find it interesting here that the Mariners in this story listen to me.

In chapter 1, the Mariners, the guys on the ship they were trying to get Jonah to pray to his God, so that maybe the storm would stop. But if you read chapter 1 through 100 times. You'll never find it. Jonah ever prayed to I still wonder.

This day of Jonah had prayed if God would have stopped that storm. I don't know, but they all prayed to their gods and then they came to Jonah and they said listen, would you pray to your God. Maybe he'll stop the storm and we never find that Jonah did. He was so stubborn and so rebellious. He was so far from God that he couldn't even try, and I have met people like that they have gotten so cold that they can't even pray anymore dear friend that's a dangerous place to be your God, not to put up with that long, but now that God had brought some things in his life. Mariners didn't have to ask him to pray more. He wanted to pray, then Jonah prayed.

Hebrews chapter 5 verse 15 says this I will go and return to My Pl., God says, till they acknowledge their offense and seek my face. Listen to this in their affliction, will they seek me early is amazing how affliction will make you turn to God. Your prayer matters what you know to secondly your promise matters verse eight and nine Jonah says this they that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy. Another words he says those that promise something and don't keep up with it. They are literally forsaking the very mercy that God is given. Look at verse nine but I will sacrifice unto the with the voice of Thanksgiving. I will pay that I have found salvation is of the Lord. Notice three things here he promises number 1B promises to sacrifice because I will sacrifice unto the Lord.

That means that God him to change some things on me to give up some things on the change my priorities on the change my attitude.

I am going to sacrifice my life. God, I'm going to do that for you and dear friend. You and I sacrifice for him. By the way I look at a different I don't think anything we do for God.

The second I think the blessing he always gives us more than we give him but you know what he saying God I will sacrifice number 2B promises to be thanked.

He said I will sacrifice notice this with the voice of Thanksgiving. Apparently Jonah had gotten to the point that he wasn't thankful in his life.

Call with anybody else in here get the times in your life, or you're not thankful only times we driven the church in a car and we didn't thank God for that car. We complain about. Apparently Jonah had gone so far away from God because at some point he had stopped giving thanks and dear friend. As soon as you are. I see from being thankful we are in danger of rebelling because it really get complacent they were to think we deserve more we learn more and before long we can be far away from God. Number three the promise to keep his word. Notice what he says I will pay that I have bowed know the Bible says is better for you not to vow a vow that the valve outbreak.

Jonah says got on to sacrifice I'm going to be thankful to keep my word different your promise matters. Number three. This is great. The providence of God matters. Notice if you would verse it and I like this look at look at chapter 1 just turn your page number 17.

Also we read this were to look at it.

Now the Lord had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah now look at chapter 2.

Look at the end of verse nine.

I will pay that I have out salvation is of the Lord. Look at verse 10 and the Lord spake under the fish and it vomited out. Jonah, upon the dry land, labor, six the Lord lifted him up out of corruption dear friend over and over and over again in Jonah's life, we see the providence of God when he ran from God.

God had a fish prepared when he said hey I am sorry God lifted him up out of corruption.

When Jonah said, I'll serve you. Now he had finished, vomited him up everything Jonah did, everywhere you turn, every circumstance was already in the providence of God differently got me there are some things in your life that you cannot control but everything in your life.

God can.

Thank you for listening to you receive the blessing from our broadcast the Baptist church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone in 336-993-5119 or Erwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church. Thank you for listening to Karen broadcast God bless you

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