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September 21, 2022 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina Jonah chapter 3 verse one and the word of the Lord came unto Jonah the second time, saying number one this morning and to give you the points as we go through the verses instead of reading the whole thing first number one I want you to notice the second call the second call, dear friend, aren't you glad God gave you another chance. I love this in the Lord of the Lord came unto the children. The second time sink arise go on to Nineveh, that great city and preach on to it. The preaching that I bid the number two this morning. I want you to see the sacred challenge.

This is what he challenges Jonah to do now Joan on the company once again and let's just say a lot of waters, but under the bridge since the first time. Let's just say, Jonah's been through a few things. Since the word of the Lord came to the first time… I not only have a lot of things changed and I don't have a lot of circumstances change, but the man of God has changed to these a little more willing to hear now is anti-dear friend you I guess you been the minute I been in ministry long enough now many of you been in church long enough amazing to see individuals that as you try to advise and meet with them in beg and plead to do such and such with their life and to get away from such as such in their life. They have no interest in hearing what you have to say.

It's amazing how when God takes over and arranges some things in their lives. It's amazing how willing they are to hear now. So he says this in verse two he gives him a sacred challenge. He says all right Jonah this what I want you to do because I want you to go into that great city, Nineveh, that's exactly what he asked them to. The first time and Jonah ran from it, but he said Joan I want you to go to the great city Nineveh. But here's what I want you to do. I want you to preach on to it. The city Nineveh he said I want you to preach on to it. Listen closely. The preaching that I did the net let me just say this until you have experienced God's might. You are not going to be passionate about God's message.

Do you know dear friend, it is our job to preach what God wants preach. Now listen to me. I believe that the Bible says that we are to declare the whole counsel of God. And if you have a man of God or preacher that will not get up and be honest about sin and tell you what sin is and what sin will do to you. I don't care how positive their message is, they are not preaching. The preaching that God bid them to preach and dear friend.

You better get your family and get your little children and get your little life you get your bagel strong husband and you get into a church that is not afraid to preach what God has to say about certain things.

Look at me. Jonah could walk in the Nineveh and been positive and made everybody feel wonderful about who they were.

But that wasn't what God needed done in Nineveh and it's not what God needs done in America either what God said is for this to have any chance, and for there to be any impact on Nineveh. Jonah you have to go preach the preaching that I did the not the preaching that you want to preach. We gotta do that this was a sacred challenge, because it is still the same challenge today. If you're going to go speak to somebody in your get a witness to somebody driven to do anything for God, you're going to have to preach or share what God says to share with. Gotta be honest with people, folks, we've got to be honest, it's our job to preach what God wants preach. He said Jonah if you go, preach what you want to preach the good happen to Nineveh if Nineveh is gotta be changed. They've got to get God's word straight and plain notice for number three. If you will look at verse three.

So Jonah rose a window. Nineveh according to the word of the Lord. Now Nineveh was an exceeding great city of three days journey.

By the way, I can imagine. During these three days how life was very different for Jonah.

Now that it had been maybe just a week earlier notice of three days journey, but I guarantee he didn't mind one bit walk in those three days because now God was given him the chance to be used again and dear friend that might not mean a whole lot to you but you let God take that away from you and you let God put you on the shelf for a little bit because of some things that you've done only take someone God takes you back down off that shelf and God gives you a chance to be used again and he put you right back on that potters will take something you are thankful for that and you're appreciative of that.

And you say, God, whatever you want me to do if it's clean the toilets if it's vacuuming carpeted out matter. There's no job too little for me now Lord, I'll do whatever because I'm glad to be used again. This is a great city it was a great journey but I'm sure that Jonah was awfully excited about verse four and Jonah begin to enter into the city a days journey and he cried and said now that not on top of that went by you not.

I don't know. I can't prove this is not something I'm sitting here telling you that you are okay.

Notice if you would, in verse three it says now, Nineveh was an exceeding great city of how many days journey verse four and Jonah began to enter into a city days journey is in a hurry to get there is excited it might take three days to get there blessed.

I'm serving God. Now, just a few days ago. I sit in the belly of that well and I thought I was dead. I thought God was done with me know what limitations when you get on fire for God. Nobody has to tell you to work hard and nobody has to beg you to come to church. Nobody has to beg you to come to revival. Nobody has to beg you like hey would you come would you help this limitation on this guy made a one day journey out of a three-day journey because he was excited to get there and do what God wanted him to all. God give us a church that'll make a three-day journey until one day journey so we might get to the point we have to build a building here in about 20 years.

But God give us a people to want to do it in five go to love to see God's house grow mature and get excited and see God doing thing I was a freak nor number number four verse four Jonah begin enter the city a day journey cried and said, yet 40 days and Nineveh shall be overthrown.

Let me to stop right there and say this, that was not a real popular message you're walking into a town that does not want you there. You're walking into a town that doesn't want God there you're walking into a very large city that has no use for you, for God for anything about it and you walk in and let them know.I am 40 days or less you get right with God well wishes.

Put that in how to win friends and influence people bushes devote a whole chapter that one. Notice verse five so the people of Nineveh believed God number three I want you to see the Spirit's conviction find it very and obvious very obvious here in this phraseology to get this. The Bible does not say in the people believed Jonah. The Bible says that the people believed God not got a lot to say about this. First off I want to know insist that as Jonah went to these people that he was so afraid of affected by intimidated by Academy God had already done a work in the hearts of those people. It's what we call conviction. Folks and you know when when when God asked us you and I to reach people and witness to people and talk to people about the Lord, you and II know were very intimidated and I were very scared you got understand God never says that everybody is going to turn to Christ when you come talk to them the Holy Spirit goes ahead of you and does all work in the hearts of individuals.

He prepares the ground. Now they will levers either say no to the Holy Spirit, or they will say yes to the Holy Spirit. Look at me different. When you go witness to somebody they get saved they didn't say yes to you, he said yes to him and when they reject they didn't say no to you.

They said no to him. Now listen to me.

I'm going somewhere with this. It wasn't Jonah's job to save them and it wasn't Jonah's job to convict them.

It wasn't even Jonah's job to change them. It was only Jonah's job to go and preach what God had bidden him to break. That was it. It's up to the Holy Spirit to convict and it's up to the Holy Spirit to challenge and say even to change and to do all that work.

That's not our work different. Many of you are intimidated because you think I don't know how to convince people about the Lord, dear friend. You don't have to convince people about the Lord.

The Lord will convince people about himself. The Bible says if you live him up. All men will be drawn onto him. They believed God, not Joan. Now listen to me, all over America today. You know, don't don't get this wrong and you think I'm trying to be critical. I'm not at all over America today. There are a lot of preachers and I'm no better than any of but there are a lot of preachers that have worked very hard this week how they could come up with something this morning that would make people believe them if they have to change it if they have to water it down if there's a few things that have to leave out so it doesn't offend anybody but they want people to believe them. And when people believe in individual that doesn't change them. One iota. Our job is to keep God's word. Sure enough so that when they believe their believing God, not how we have changed what God said, all over America.

There are individuals that think their believing God, but their believing a man because what he told them did not come out of their and all the way back here we see what is important and that's for people to believe God, not man so much more I want to say about then I might say some more later, but let's go on if you will look at verse six will be finished verse five so the people of Nineveh believed God and proclaimed a fast and put on sackcloth from the greatest of them even to the least of them.

That was every person do you find it amazing that he went in and literally preached a very hard message and entire heathen city responded to it that I do show us something.

Nowadays, folks. The gospel is not out of style. Preaching is not out of style. All this little different experience in church listen to what you owe it to everybody is different purposes.

Below Academy preaching God's word knocking on doors letting folks know about the gospel still works. The reason you don't want nowadays as were not doing it verse six for the word came into the king of Nineveh and he arose from his throne and he laid his robe from him and covered him with sackcloth and sat in ashes and he caused it to be proclaimed and published through Nineveh by the decree of the king and his nobles saying listen to this. Let neither man nor beast, heard, nor flock taste anything, let them not feed nor drink water. Once you notice in verse eight we see next.

The sinners cry the sinners cry the entire city believed what Jonah had said and they all feared because Jonah told them the truth. 40 days from now you will be just Floyd, if you don't repent and turn to God, and they believe God, and that produced an immediate result, they began to be. They began to be humbled, they began to repent. They began deaf past they began to sit in ashes.

They began to pay and plead for the mercy. Look at verse eight and but let man and beast be covered with sackcloth, and cry mightily unto God the listen to me first thing I noticed about this. Was this, they responded a whole bunch quicker than Jonah did. Here's a bunch of heathens had nothing to do with God and is soon as they heard the truth of God's word. They respond, here's a man of God who been say you know we would call it good already been serving God already been preaching regarding God comes and asked him to go to Nineveh and he runs. Here's a bunch a heathens responding quicker to God than a Christian then a man of God, feel that I have found over the years as a whole lot easier to get some person that is down in the bottom on me on Tyson they don't ruin their lives with alcohol, drugs, whatever, and they come find out that God loves them. They can't wait to get to give their heart to Christ they will respond to God's word but you get up and preached a bunch of people that have been saved for 50 years. You can get run out of some of us got text me and I guess it was this your earlier this year and I believe he and Sheila both gone. Brother Scott speaks down at the Durham rescue mission is about once a year so Mike is about right with Scott and that he attacks me and he was just he said you wouldn't believe the service we had said you walk in and here's all these guys obviously many of them former drunks member drunks now and some of me just come into the rescue mission. Some of it in there for a while. Whatever you come in the same and they're all just sing and they're just happy they say when you get up and preach there just listening to God's word. You know why because their life had already gone down to a point that they were about as low as they could go and they're excited about turning to the Lord and Scott cementitious great and and you know what, I'm not trying to criticize because I would be the same way. I'm sure you let us get saved for little while and are closer nice and God's been good to us and he's dumped some blessings on us and we got used to it and accustomed to it. And now, if you know now is like the pastor goes over past noon, I find that these heathens responded to God immediately, but the man of God didn't I notice how they responded.

They respond with fasting with humility. The Bible says they turned. If you notice in these verses that I read they turn from evil, and they turned from violence now let me go through this process within our go to the next point you gotta get this. The Bible says that God told Jonah. You preach what I tell you to preach.

Jonah showed up and preached what God said to preach and the people believed God when they believe God to produce an immediate response and change in their lives. So what's going wrong today retail is going wrong today people don't believe God's word. That's it. You see, when you believe God, and you know what God has to say that you immediately want to respond to get that right but people nowadays they don't really believe all there's a hell yeah that makes a lot of sense. Always figure God's love all business and all these people to help you.

These bunch idiots on CNN and there's little diesel funny programs little comedians and they get up and they make fun of God and rip God apart make fun of Christianity is all about how stupid we are and how dumb we are and how much since that really makes and look at Christians and they just rolled her eyes. Only those bunch of people you go through all that you go on do all that. But let me tell you something. The days to come there to be sorry for that and the reason they're not responding to God now isn't because God isn't right, and it is because God is the true is because they don't believe it, but when you believe God, it changes everything dear Fred if we could just pray for our nation that once again they would believe God listen to me.

We need to get the Bible out more the gospel out more.

I know that but when we get it out and they don't believe it.

It doesn't do anything. Gotta come a point that they have to believe you say wins that could happen preacher you look at me when the trumpet sounds and you take a few million people off this planet that quick, though believe then that will be too late to pre-try to so I don't think that's going happen you can think all you want to you can think Abraham Lincoln never existed then change the fact that he did the sinners cry no notice. This election is the foregoing, next thing I'm almost done.

Bible says in verse eight that they cried mightily unto God.

What does that word mightily change in this phrase it literally changes everything. It proves that there was a level of sincerity to their cry dear friend, look at me. You and I can fake it. All we want to God when we mean business. God knows when we just feel bad. We got caught or when we feel bad for what we did. God knows the difference want you to notice physically.

I think this is very interesting.

Look at verse eight let a man and beast be covered with sackcloth, and cry mightily unto God VA let them turn everyone from his evil way and from the violence that is in their hands.

Look at verse nine. This is what their leader says to them, who can tell if God will turn and repent and turn away from his fierce anger that we perish not before I go any further. That sounds really familiar to me and I know some of you gotta know this passage of Scripture.

The Bible talks about a gentleman named David who was a man after God's own heart, and David went and slept with the woman while her husband was in battle where the king should've been.

We all extort he gets her pregnant. Then he brings the man home and tries to tell him to go spend the night at his house so that everybody would think that that was his child.

Not Dave is a nobody would know. But he didn't even go into the house to his wife. He sat outside David's door and guarded him all night long because he was a good soldier, and now that McDavid had to come up with some other plan, and David purposely put him in the front of the battlefield and had him killed. And when he did that. The Bible says the man of God came to him and he said David you can restore that fourfold and we find one thing after another. That happened. Amnon raped his own half-sister, then Absalom, David's older son got mad that his brother had raped his sister and his brother had him killed and then Absalom was riding through the trees and his hair got caught up in a note and then he got killed and then now David had just gotten word and second Samuel, now you just got word that the baby that was going to be born to the woman that he had gotten pregnant. Bathsheba was going to die in the Bible says that David, after all this had happened and he had done wrong and he knew we had done wrong and boy that he paid the price. And while they were waiting to find out if this baby would survive. The Bible says David ripped off all his clothes and sackcloth and ashes.

As the Bible says and he went up into a private place to pray and when the servants came afterwards. They said David, the child is dead and in the chart. It been the service as they said David why did you go up there and pray, let me redo the verse sings a new chapter 12 verse 22. And David said while the child was yet alive, I fasted and wept for.

I said who can tell whether God will be gracious to me that the child may live here we are in Nineveh, a wicked city they realized because they believe God that judgment was coming and they all turn from their wicked way.

They all turn from their violence that all admin had had humility in their life, they'd all been humbled and now they come in they say were going to pray and cry out mightily to God. Why, he said he was going to judge you because you can tell what God might do listen to me dear friend you and I've got a realize prayer works you and I've got to get to the point, our life just because we think so-and-so is going to happen.

You and I need to cry out to God and we need to be sincere before God, because you and I have no ideal what God might do what you notice this verse nine, a small chance. Who can tell who can tell verse nine. If God will turn and repent. You see, all they had was this small chance that maybe they are repenting and turning to God would stop his judgment. That's the only chance they had become a different, I was the only chance you had to is the only chance any of us at the only chance you have. To avoid the judgment of God and the only chance I have to avoid the judgment of God is through the blood of Jesus Christ.

The only chance you might they what's all you don't know all I've done preacher. It's a small chance, but I would take my chances. You give your heart to Christ today you come to him repenting of your sin and you believe that he died on the cross for your sake, for your sins and receive him into your life. Ask him to come in and live in your life and be your personal savior small chance it was their only chance.

Do you know that it was Jonah's only chance to while Joan was in that fish. The only chance he had for to survive or to do anything was when he cried out to God. The only chance he had was if God would turn and repent of what he was going to do to Jonah, dear friend. The only chance America has from what I know God is ready to do to America is, if America turns to God. The only chance we have. We all know that.

Lastly, I want you to see this a spiritual change. Now this is very important. What you get is a diverse 10 and God saw their works that they turned her from their evil way and God repented of the evil that he had said that he would do it to them and he did it not all God's people said right there. Now it's time before we close for me to come to get rid of a myth in the myth is this that you know our works don't mean anything Bible says, out of the heart of the issues of life. The Bible says that man looks on the outside.

God sees the heart. Bob also does in Matthew chapter 5 it says this.

Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works got a different want to get this we don't believe in a works based salvation. We don't believe you get saved because you start doing a whole bunch of good things in those works get you salvation. We don't believe that that you know anything like that but you look at me the way God knew that they were sincere in their repentance. Is he saw there works Bible says faith. Faith without works is what the Bible says that once we get saved always saved right so faith without works. Never was alive, dear friend, look at me the proof is in the pudding.

You can sit here and say that I'm a follower of Christ and not see something that's different in your life. We did make things different, so that we could be a child of God. We want to make things different, because now we are child of God. One of the sure signs of repentance is a change on the outside it says when God saw all their works. It didn't say that they cried mightily onto God and then he turned and repented it said when he saw there works he repent different.

It is important how you live in, it is important the testimony you give to others. That's not popular nowadays, but I'm trying that God bid me to preach and you can choose whether to believe God or not, but it really has nothing to do with me. That's what's great about preaching God's word in its entirety.

You can choose to believe him or not, but I'm out of the picture. I've done my job. Dear friend Carl, and Baptist Church. I want you to know something God can tell if we're serious about serving him. He saw there works.

Chapter 4 is a very very different.

Chapter about you.

Chapter 3 believes the work chapter 4 to do work for God. We got to know how things go. And God does the work we do the obeying. He does the bidding we do the obeying. Then he does the work is a great system and thank you for listening to me whom you received a blessing from our broadcast Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone in 336-993-5119 or occur when Baptist enjoy our services live all Armenian honor website and church. Thank you for listening to Karen broadcast God bless you

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