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It's Storytime, Robby!

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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January 1, 2022 4:29 pm

It's Storytime, Robby!

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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January 1, 2022 4:29 pm

Robby has story time today & gathered around the campfire is no other than Joann Vicknair the author and voice of the book turned podcast "It's Storytime, Memaw!"



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Hope you try to find your way in this difficult world. Your chosen treatment would podcast was starting just seconds. Enjoy sure most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore.

Happy new year from kingdom pursuits. How fun we can do this today in a brand-new year, and I get to start off with my favorite people, Joanne Fechner. She is one of our podcast or zero The Truth Podcast Network she does it storytime me Mark or she is also the author of it storytime me mama and so welcome Joanne happy new year. How fun, from Louisiana, by the way, and it's been a trying year out there in your parts Louisiana right right right here in yeah and so can you kinda take is to where you are in Louisiana but it was in the bull's-eye and parish there.

I've got it really, hardly under the hours because the hurricane came.

It jogged to the lead job back. I hours and then damage here and it's such a story that Joanne actually wrote a podcast episode. The course is it storytime me my podcasting at the Truth Network podcast kind of the and you would think I would know that route the top of my head when you Carmen, but you know it's it's it's you know it.

Obviously Robbie does his riddles on kingdom pursuits and so speaking of New Year's and it's being New Year's day I get a chance today New Year's my New Year's templates I dearly love Joanne is surely not shocked so so I stayed up this New Year's Eve you not to see the new year in. But to make sure the other one leaves a batch of that was that way. Louisiana lot right and not to brag that already have a day for next New Year's Eve down December 31 to say this is a little political, which is not my style but it's still I thought it was really funny to hear that the New York that New York City itself paid Hillary Clinton $2 million as a consultant for the New Year's Eve here that did you they wanted expert on dropping the ball at the last minute. It's not about you, but last night right before the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve. I made sure to lift up my left leg. You know why Carmen no I don't Robbie tell me so I can start out the new year on my right foot on the case that had you take a little bit.

I really like this one, particularly of all my jokes today of why did China cancel the Chinese new year joined about that one. Joanne everybody was kung fu fighting yeah it's just gone on and on and on. Those cats were fast as lightning. You might render the song from our era anyway so you knew at the end of all the shenanigans actually have a really really cool Bible riddle today for y'all out there so here we go blowing the whole the ram's horn.

Some people call the chauffeur blowing the ram's horn on Rosh Hashanah, which is Jewish new year. It has ramifications. It has ramifications for whose birth if you ever wanted about that. What is Rosh Hashanah when you're when you're celebrating the Jewish new year will whose birth, are you actually celebrating and that is the ramification of Rosh Hashanah. If you know that you call us and Carmen Tillman to go in thinking when one of our awesome reads from the kingdom pursuits prize where you go, one of which I happen to know I still have a copy in my prize vault of the actually storytime me mama so you could get that book or any book of your choice. It is call in at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH blowing the ram's horn on Rosh Hashanah has ramifications of whose birth was born according to Jewish tradition on Rosh Hashanah, so some other neat things about Rosh Hashanah since it's it's it's a Jewish new year I think is really cool Joanne so I want to share that when you think the word rush in Hebrew means head and how Shauna is actually means year, but if you listen closely you hurt the word Hannah Rehana in the word Rosh Hashanah dear while you may know from the story of Hannah that her name means grace so inside of the word year because Roche means head. So head of the year is the way you would say that in English, but inside of the word year in Hebrew is grace just say and we could use low that in 2022 and listen to this this some some of these things just amaze me when you actually read them and understand, but see if you don't see Jesus. For those of us who know the Hebrew alphabet a little bit. I don't say I know it like I wish I did but I know a little bit and I know that the ma'am in Hebrew as we talked about a Christian card I show it means water and it also means Messiah and it also means Jesus okay so when you look at the letter, ma'am.

In Hebrew it means water and they drink that the law the Torah which is so he is the living water which is perfect is Jesus is the word right, it all comes together. Now, with that in mind and every Jew knows what I just described, because they know the Hebrew alphabet and the middleman means water okay on the first afternoon of Rosh Hashanah is customary to go to a body of water, ocean River pond, etc. and form and perform what is called attached lick ceremony in which we ceremonially this is a virtues we ceremonially cast our sins into the water. With this tradition we are symbolically invoking the verse and you shall cast their sins into the depths of the sea is that not cool. Joanne so what they're actually doing on Rosh Hashanah in their own way there taken communion and I would just or maybe they're being baptized. Then I look at, it's nonetheless when we when we allow Jesus to bear when we asked Jesus to come after the sale and how that works for we asked Jesus to come into our life be our Savior live for him and we are definitely casting our sins into the sea, into the water and that beautiful so with that in mind, there was some water that came up on them and I wanted to begin your story. If you don't mind of the one that in fact I forgot the title of it what you call it the one where you guys went through the hurricane strength hurricane Ida is straightahead it straight for me mama okay okay will probably manner interrupt you here and it when the bump music comes, but will get going go ahead and start all her life. She was young. Her family always evacuated for major hurricane predicted come their way. And after she made pom-pom being changed pom-pom evacuated by storm.

Never would. Two years after they got married Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. You may not remember that Mema with the registered nurse came and thanked both HF and hospital called into work for the duration of the storm Katrina was forecasted to be catastrophic and devastating. She thanked Pol Pot to evacuate that he would be stay that he repeated. Mema was leaving there Mema was downright mad and I bet you were the rest of hurricane Ida is headed straight for Mema when we come back, stay tuned as a much more kingdom pursuits always got a call this with who was born it was his birth would be in celebrating Rosh Hashanah 866-34-TRUTH back to where we hear how God takes your passion to kingdom and they were so blessed to have my friend Joanne McNair Louisiana who is the podcast or of its time Mema. She also has a wonderful book storytime Mema. Although Zrich kingdom both the link to a podcast and a link if you want to get her book it storytime Mema or you could just call in and tell us you know whose birthday is celebrated on Rosh Hashanah. According to Jewish tradition, so when we left our hero Joanne. She or Mema depend how you look at it either was headed right for Mema and she was typing hock back back in the Katrina day so we we want to take it from there. Joanne told him anything literally grade on your team lately and market handling many people did leave their lives due to the storm and the breach planning pom-pom with okay well this Monday, all had minor surgery regarding home recovering Mema okay I packed around the clock, make sure he had his medicine and gave special weight and it got weaker want to the mailbox without them. I like you Mema with doing everything she could to help him get on Thursday, first district, she was prepared for hurricane came but didn't want to know what really it was a very thick and their way.

They will have the Internet hundred and 29 miles an hour even if storm she hung up and nervously gotten she started washing the dirty clothing and bedding to gather the insurance papers hunted down and think take the plunge want to Make it they will be able to knock the home and the rate she went to the shed and hunted down like preserve that put them in utility ring and the landing Brent if the house were to wash away try to slap on the remaining life. She raced to the grocery finding can be an me mama In the morning she blasted off and feel the conflict can determine gas stations with just about everybody in Louisiana had the generator people feel like many 5 gallon gas tank, then get their hands on so they can thank the refrigerator and freezer feet from boiling work so hard to get shrimp and crawfish and alligator. Make sure would hate to leave that out.

They also want to run a window unit to stay cool when electricity goes down down tree always knocked out power band after the storm.

People get stuck in the building.

Thank you and hope there is anyone waiting possibly outward for the next delivery handling gas tank and filling generator is hard work on old people. Mema was released. She didn't have to worry about that anymore, installed cataract. Years ago, no one would have to worry about them when the power goes down it automatically turn on and write their hometown, air-conditioner and call between each chore. Mema make sure pom-pom ahead of me at an ice pack. Dan she made from the lower Shale and off the floor in the pantry and closet the vampire even stacking them on furniture if necessary. The house planning. She hoped there would be little damage Friday morning Mema removed from the yard and the house they could blow away and count damage elsewhere he praised them. If not, shock, she took the patio furniture against the house in turn chairs Damn. She put the clinical equipment away and roll the metal bar back to the shop.

Then she live in buckets of water from the pool and stored them inside payment be needed to flush toilet when the water shut down. She worked all day and what no time for pom-pom felt bad because he couldn't help Mema assured him all with Lynn late that night, Pol Pot changed his mind. He decided they needed to leave right away, because the hurricane was rampantly intensifying and was headed straight on them. Mema was glad she was all barn get out of God's sheep really think of in the car and into a antsy crank that, strengthening no he said honey.

Now we need to cabinet. There's no way I won't make it. I'm too weak but all the strength he could muster.

Pom-pom got out of the car. Mema checked out and wrapped her arms around him and said Jesus we did all we could to prepare for hurricane Ida we transiently know we can you are in control of all thing we surrender to you father we pray your hand upon all that are in the pan door. Protect them. Give them and help at all composter to you for the first time Newmont did not want no longer know not one little bit name that total P she remembered thinking what a relief.

She slept late Saturday morning, but she got she began unpacking everything she had just crammed in the car the day before Mema with movement of no-shows coming and going. She longed for rest Sunday morning my grandparents watched the rainfall and the winds pick up from their patio doors at the Outer Banks of the storm around. It was pretty watching the clouds rolling in and the tree began to play hurricane Dina had grown to a category 4.75 hurricane pain when hundred 50 mph with Linda even higher.

Even though I would be extremely damaging. Mema never been now she steadily thank God for the heat he had given her treatment began to violently swing world from the neighbors yards rolled into the street, not to other people start day. The electricity went out at me Montauk power covered there to interact keep in, and they remain cool evening. The clouds had turned black and violent wind blowing from the north.

Rain came down, and she treats toppled over and bent down to kiss the ground before quickly tilting back the other way metal flashing from nearby have guiltily inflected and banged on the house until it was ripped off and failed away, chuck the flashing and shingle torpedo Mema storm door that in front bounced off were no longer thing that should any eventually laid over panels that they can't build along the way.

Before falling flat blinding, long brown trashcan barreled onto her front porch swing and it was gone. It was dangerous. Keep looking through the glass Mema shut the front door and locked it. When cell phone reception went down around midnight Mema pop-up print of the car in the garage to get the weather report they were facing the garage door and it was breathing that don't was being quickly been pushed off on it.

Michael listed claimant to her windshield ripped off the house at that moment that man on the radio said St. John Parish to cover now while at night is about to get went over hundred 30 miles an hour the center of your house.

Cover yourself with matches that protect yourself to cover our prayers are with you.

Newmont pumpout ran back inside and shut the door. She to pillows and a cushion on the bathroom floor can't talk on lifetime backside in their tiny bathroom. Her head lifted toward the door and pop all late that way to hear Mema Kelly that lasted about five minutes. There bone hurt that they try to get back took even longer.

She said a lawn chair in the shower for public then on, and she was then on the shower, bent two minutes later pop-up that no way they exited the mapping and fat merit planners may not turn on and maybe something hard it would laugh. John pop-up turn on the bloodline and opened the patio, blind, and felt a huge branch hanging and swirling about on the corner. The patio he went down to pull it off Mema bust him big time. You can't dodge anything coming towards human went blank. He could've been killed for hours. The sound of the storm grew louder and louder at time the wind roared and sometimes it with both. They thought they heard a train, the nonstop thunder was deafening in the brain was pouring the fact it with more than full with blinding mistreatment jumped in again on the backs ditches flooded that's okay. When we come back did they survive. I'm guessing you know they did, but nonetheless wow what is and I love the details he gives us all an idea of what happened there, and so much to know about what's still going on's will be right back. Conclusion of hurricane Ida is headed for Mema. Welcome back to the person where we hear God takes them and uses it to build the kingdom today were so blessed to have my Victor are podcast rivet storytime Mema as well as her book of storytime Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God and God had given us a vision here at Truth Network to reach children with our podcasts and so part of the Truth Network's children's podcasts are a storytime Mema as well as Christian card I theater and you can find those both at the podcast page at Truth Network and when we left our hero Mema man, you know, yet you did such a wonderful job of giving us the details of what it's like to actually be there and there's a method to our madness and all this so I hope you enjoy her pick up the story where the ditch cream for water Street and everyone around water. Water with way the water was threatening to come in time. Even her patio cover with water, crashing Mema pray Lord if it be your will sleep this water within minutes the wind plant was strongly blowing from the pop up big oak tree was leaning towards their hell plaintiff were twisting and branching about. Some spun around and twisted flying away bearing into the saturated ground the noise of it all. With more than Mema had ever experienced before. She checked the patio again and the water was receding.

She praise God thing. Thank you Lord you are spending the water away. Thank you, thank you. Then Mema went to bed and left like a baby. She then remained in the strongest part of the storm along with because I jotted. Later back to the wet even after that I will pass heavy rain and thunder continued Mema flat. She says God held her. He comforted her, and he protected them perky. A good good guy then next morning she woke up refreshed jumped out of bed quickly got dressed and ran outside. Mema yelp God praise you father I pray your holy name per yard with bullet debris and branches that leave after weight but her how what impact it was unharmed, though she doesn't sing well. She no God loves her boy to her.

She broke out in song praising God from whom all blessings flow.

Praise him all creatures here below. Praise him in the heavenly father son and Holy Ghost. Amy well, you know that's that's the end of the story that's their podcast page but is not the end of the story by any means for the people of Louisiana write Joanne Pardo. I wanted to share that story as we enjoyed Christmas in a normal way and all that unless we are in Kentucky or Louisiana but there's still a lot of suffering as a result of either right like the day the storm passing people like to go make their claim and were told they'd Artie checked out just horrible.

Many are still displayed no trailer, living in our house. It would just dive for wall just in concrete floors because the devastation is so bad they can't get in supply, waiting on the insurance battle plan truly you guys even had to eventually evacuate. You can explain what would happen like art interacting that day of the storm and it ran fine and then on the Saturday following the storm. A week later it failed. The motor broke. Then we had a backup in evacuate to Dallas and my brother for about a day and by that time was much stronger.

He felt a lot better and you could make that 10 hour trip, though it worked out nice and we had a good visit band. Emily came back we laughed actually before electricity was turned on and when we left my brother and we pray Lord if it be your will power beyond what we get back. Our children have power around we could've stayed with one of them overnight that we didn't even get halfway, we got the call. We had powers that we were able to drive straight on and and then get busy taking care of things. So how is your husband doing well very well thank you and by the way Joanne did a spectacular Christmas really really need children's rendition of the Christmas story that's their order podcast changed since were still in that season as well. It's it's it's it's really really spectacular and you know is is were praying our prayers for New Year's.

You know clearly you know there's all those folks in Kentucky. People still Louisiana it's in.

And then there's all the covert stuff so it's been a crazy crazy time and really you know III had no connection to either without a mean of really understanding the severity of Ida without your story just brings it to life. Insight is just absolutely spectacular. The details that you included in Madden and really it's it's neat how you feel like you're actually there with you through the storm and it obviously since you have as children that they're the ones that have the grandchildren that caused you to write the book, originally right and so the title how much he loved them and And compelled to do that about nine years ago. Now compelled and I would pay for stories that would help point them to God and God answered that story after story for years that private little matter and then they both accepted Jesus as their Savior about eight years later, and then month after that March 2020 as I was praying God, tell me, have been published and that's what we are now really the outbreak covert God's never done social media and it was really interesting because I contacted Ginger Sanders Christian author and I asked her how she kinda went about her weight and having her book published and she gave me some great points and at the end of our conversation, she said, enjoy the journey. Not turning on the type of the story to hand them off and publish this book and my job will be done. I hear I can say it is quite a journey. I can tell you it has been pinpointed journey and really beautiful as John's podcast just rocketed internationally inside we publish that I've never seen anything like it that in a weekly publish lot of podcast you were blessed to have them Truth Network but nothing took off internationally like Joannes did, especially in India and it was really, really need to see people all over the world that were hungry enough for children story is the point people to God and so clearly seems obvious that the God had this in mind that the listeners there in India and in other places across the world.

Now that that the hear these stories not only you are the stories able to get to hear your freedom and you really have a gift to read them.

I gotta tell you, I've always loved it out of the only time you might find this interesting, I've had, how many authors on the show. Over the years, but I never had anybody relieved of their own chapter their own book and tell when I interviewed Joanne the first was like God is said to several the stories. Although we did. It was a man oh man, it was just like this.

Yeah, this is gotta be God's doing some more here so we come back we got one more little segment with JoAnn but I know somebody out there knows his birthday celebrated on Rosh Hashanah's Collison 866-34-TRUTH, welcome back to where we hear how things build the kingdom, and apparently Carmen based on what I just heard helps you not spreading of the hipsters.

If you can listen shall not laugh five. I appreciate Chuck Swindoll's message there very much. Somebody loves to laugh. So how fun is that we left our hero know I died. I just take lisinopril. I don't have Calvin and I still suffer sometimes. About little bit of whatever I'm sorry but Joanne wait we are really really blessed that that what God is done with your podcasts. I mean, how exciting is that when you can realize that God took the stories and enter using them across the world. My mind and it really should not God Almighty for holiday.

I'm very, pretty much kept to myself if you talk to me I would hockey, but never in front of a crowd. Never before.

People and I can't have no problem Dragon I got it, but he can't because I think people want to see what God is done it and that's what I hope to do it now. I'm just blessed by I don't know why he chose me and glad he didn't you mention the podcast teeth are the greatest gift God gave me this boy while we were driving home from going out to eat I had to give you a call to me this part, the part about animals and so forth such a blessing and it back placement with God, knowing that you're doing what your call today with special verse in the Psalms and Psalm 119. Actually, that says in the we will give our testimonies.

Also, before kings and not be ashamed, and I found that to be so much the case that people may be nervous to be on the air.

To whatever extent. But if you can get them to tell her story, especially when that story has to do with Jesus at their giving their testimony. They're not nervous there. There's no be able to do that in front of kings and not be ashamed because there's like when you're telling his story enough to be better than the kids love story with people they know better in the stories, I would encourage every parent and grandparent. Uncle fell and fell and grandpa level filling member that back you note to memory when they get older and share them with their children and with all the cases I tried to think of what God wanted children can learn from that in this next Lori is another true story story with my dad and my sister and we were rescued by the US Coast Guard and it was something I will never forget. And neither will they stop time to get that last go to your podcast in the name of that story is help rescue by the US Coast Guard help rescue by the U.S. Congress Coast Guard and all these stories may models of for just a miraculous job really of making God, the hero of the story and and you can discount on that with every one of these stories. And she's a great storyteller.

As you can tell and somebody really really beautiful things that are in that so you know what a neat thing just saying you got kids in your on a trip you're going somewhere go to the Truth Network you podcast page and and CSS storytime MRI care and in play.

A few of those episodes.

Believe me you will not ever forget the one with the crawdads in the region of the boy that went into the lake of story that was swept in the water was going through a maze of covert out to the lake. I 2030 minutes and everybody was crying. The concert hall called mom never wavered. She prayed that God God Almighty, a miraculous story. That's what you told the first, my job just drop like oh my goodness I mean is just unbelievable stories that are there and available. Obviously her book and storytime the mulches Oregon just you know if you want to enjoy it. I really really enjoy hearing me more herself tell the story because nobody add that Louisiana flavor like Mema United is for you to sense and you know the truth. They are so I did promise since nobody called and I'm really, shocked. You know whose birthday they celebrate on Rosh Hashanah. Joanne don't, it's Adam. It's the day of crickets. Today they consider the Jewish new year, the day that Adam was created. That's when the Jewish calendar started and and so when you see that it's been I forget what the euros on the Jewish calendar, maybe 3812. Whatever it is it is how many years maybe it's 50 I can remember, but whatever it is it's how many years since actually Adam was created so in a way, it's his birthday. But anyway, it's inspirational day. I don't think he is a bellybutton everyone to so anyway were so grateful that you listen for kingdom pursuits today. Thank you so much Joanne, I gotta tell you that encouraging prayer is coming up and James Banks is just off the hook is his segment this week is titled a year closer to Jesus 2022 year closer to Jesus I can about that. Could JoAnn I know a man got so much truth that matches on the Truth Network thanks for listen. This is the Truth Network

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