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The Indisputable Truth

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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April 7, 2022 8:00 am

The Indisputable Truth

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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April 7, 2022 8:00 am

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Anyone can say that I'm a messenger of God, but the one true God called the Soviets and in Genesis 315. As we have been seeing throughout the series of messages from the very beginning God promised Adam and Eve that his son is going to come in a bodily form and when he comes.

He's got a crush Satan's had. And that's exactly what Jesus did rise on God scheduled he died on the cross and rose again on the third day, thus crushing Satan's head. Thanks for listening to leading the way with pastor and author of the new book, never given Dr. Michael yes invective you would like to learn more about the compelling content and never give up. You might want to take just a moment to visit leading the way is comprehensive and engaging website the book Dr. Yousef looks at Paul's message to take charges them to live a life of urgency for the gospel be resilient in the faith and live a life of steadfast service to Christ will be challenged to stand firm in our day in our time.

And of course never give up.

Again, the website is today on leading the way Bethlehem star pointed people of that day to Jesus and points people of today to the Savior.

So join me in listening to Dr. Michael you sat. I think we all know how easy it is to believe a lie that is repeated so often more than the truth.

That is my be announced only once I come across a court that I wanted to guess who made this statement as I read it by means of shrewd laws unremittingly repeated. It is possible to make people believe that heaven is hell and hell is heaven. Did you guess it all go fiddler you see that is exactly the modus operandi of the devil. That is how Satan works by selling us the greatest lie in here succeeding in our society today. He uses his emissaries in the media and the government on yes in the churches to try to confuse people enter disbelief even indisputable truth was Mark Twain once said that that your facts straight first. Then you can distort them as much as you want. Satan knows his facts and knows them well and he knows exactly how to distort the facts. In fact, the Bible said that Satan believes in Jesus and he trembles at the sound of the name of Jesus every time I think of how society is blindly heading into the abyss. I think of a started up, but the one who was in the Arabian desert who woke up in the middle of the night in his tent and was hungry and the only thing he had in the tent was a bunch of dates so he lit the candle and he began to eat. The dates and as he looked at the first one close to the flame of that candle. He notices a big worm just coming out of the bed so I stood up, but the second one looked again at the light of the candle and sought another one big worm. He tossed it out the third day busted out and then he began to reason is hungry. It is going to see those worms and every date that he is going to try to eat distraught out is going to go about hungry so he decided to blow out the candle and ate the dates worm and all you see there are so many people around us like that and someone you share the gospel. The truth, the facts, the evidence with them. They will respond with are also some false information.

I medalist through the years and I won't give you the whole list but through the years I've heard it all and that the Bible really is a bunch of myth is that a dispute between religion and science hasn't science really disproved religion isn't God is just so fast to allow one true religion and all. And on and on and in the series of messages we have been dealing with this indisputable truth in the last message we saw the first proof was the unity of the Bible 1600 years from the beginning, the first writer to the last writer and all varieties of people rise of time.

Variety of places and yet the whole book tells the same story.

Most of the so-called sacred writings of all these other religions is a bunch of hodgepodge of contradictory statements and philosophical mumbo-jumbo. Anybody can make a claim.

Anyone can say that I'm a messenger of God, but the one true God told us who use and in Genesis 315. As we have been seeing throughout the series of messages from the very beginning, God promised Adam and Eve that his son is going to come in a bodily form and when he comes is going to crush Satan's head.

And that's exactly what Jesus did right on God scheduled he died on the cross and rose again on the third day, and thus crushing Satan's head.

But that's not all. There are literally mountains of evidence that supports the claims of Jesus claims that he and he alone is the only way to God is on the way to the father is on the way to salvation is the only way to heaven to them going to give you more indisputable proof to begin with the birth of Jesus begin with the beginning. For those people who throw around statements like this in the Bible is just myth than all the story of the virgin birth, and all the stuff we need to tell them that even the advanced of science and astronomy and computer science of today are giving us more powerful confirmation of the biblical account of Jesus than ever before.

Everyone knows the story of the Magi's and the and the start of Bethlehem and for centuries people have interpreted the story suggesting that the start of Bethlehem moved around in the sky guarding the Magi from place to place and then led them to Bethlehem then came an American lawyer by the name of Frederick Larson Larson worked as a lawyer in the prosecutor and the judge and he knows how to investigate fact facts, not fiction. And when he had began to investigate the evidence. He ran smack into the truth.

Larson used a sophisticated astronomy software to map the skies over Jerusalem in the years three and two BC and he met an amazing discovery.

He made a discovery that Matthew's account of the birth of Jesus fits perfectly with the behavior of the appearance of planet Jupiter as it passed through the night sky and three BC. Listen carefully and Matthew stormed the planets were known as the wondering stars because of their motion around the sun against the background of the fixed stars in the universe. Jupiter was known as the King of the wondering stars that motion of Jupiter brought it into proximity with the star regardless. When it was September 3 BC.

You know what that was.

That was a Rosh Hashanah that beginning the new year Jewish new year of that year.

Most astronomers in the ancient world regarded rubella's as the king star and Larson explained that when the king planet appeared to touch the king of the wondering stars at that day of that first day of the Jewish new year the Magi believed that it is a sign of the birth of a great Jewish king of which Daniel has prophesied and told him about more than 400 years earlier when it come to Daniel in a minute between September 3 BC and June of two BC. The Magi traveled this arduous route from modern-day Iraq and that's where they come from to modern-day Israel, and they traveled mostly at night in the cool of the night because the contract was too hot during the day and according to the computer-generated sky maps all the time. Larson said that in December of two BC. The Magi looked south in the wee hours there hung the planet of kings over the city of the birth of the Messiah. You say how can the stars stop when, according to that computer-generated sky map of the time Jupiter the king planet experience a period of what the astronomers call a retrograde motion though the planet was actually moving into orbit around the sun. Jupiter appeared to stop in its tracks when it's viewed from planet Earth and that means that it came to a dead stop relative to the background of the other stars. Then it appeared to move once again in the Magi were conscious of the moment that the star appeared to come to a halt again. The sky maps show the Jupiter appeared to stop in December, 25, the year two BC here we are 21st century science has confirmed and affirmed Matthew's account of the birth of the Messiah that was promised by God back in Genesis 1, but that's not all. Jesus was born in Bethlehem who grew up in Nazareth and he performed his first miracle at the wedding in Cana of Galilee. When they ran out of wine and his mother came to him to perform a miracle to save the day.

Jesus response to her request is of vital importance. Listen to me. It is of vital importance. Don't miss it, is what he said dear woman, my time has not yet come.

So instead of creating a ruckus in the spectacle he quietly performed the medical what is the mean by my time has not yet come in John chapter 7 when his brothers who were did not believe in him and there was skeptical, but after the resurrection they died for him. James and Jude both died martyrs for Christ.

But before that there were taunting him. Bill making fun of him.

They said to him, why don't you go to the temple and reveal your Messiah ship, why keep it a secret.

Anyone with 1% of your power want to go in there and tracked attention to themselves and declare his Messiah ship and Jesus replied I'm not seeking publicity not yet my time has not come my time has not come on several occasions throughout his earthly ministry he referred to the fact that he had a secret timetable that he was following that he is a heavenly calendar, not on earthly calendar, but which is operating. And finally, three years after his teaching and healing the sick and raising that they had. He comes into Jerusalem and enters the week before his crucifixion and resurrection on the Sunday which we call Palm Sunday and he comes in that riding on a donkey just like Zechariah said and that was a time the declared him king. Now is the fulfillment of that secret timetable. Now is the heaven appointed our now is the time to declare his kingship and when the crowd who heard his teaching and benefiting with touch by his miracles when they saw him coming on a donkey, they began to cry out and say, Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord all but his enemies. They did not like that are all like the enemies of Christ today. Keep them out of public life. We don't want to hear the name of Jesus. Don't you pray publicly in the name of Jesus will want to hear the name of Jesus you know why because the devil trembles at the name of Jesus. And so they cried out to him to silence them, silence them and will know the story, but we take it for granted what it really means. And here's what Jesus said is it if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out what is he doing is now permitting them to declare his kingship.

Now he is saying go ahead, call me king for.

That's what I am. What has changed. Why did he do it in the beginning of his ministry. Why did he wait until that moment and he allowed them to call him king because that that's the time it was meticulously and miraculously and precisely foretold by Daniel the prophet, listen carefully in Daniel chapter 9 the Archangel Gabriel gave Daniel an exact date and time on when Jesus is going to be crucified and resurrected. It wasn't haphazard. Yes, you know within a matter of a few days or a few weeks a few years, give or take. No, Jesus is no founder of a religion. Jesus is not another profit. Jesus is not a preacher of the broad consciousness not in a million, though he is the only one true God, and if you do the math in Daniel chapter 9 and I encourage you to do that you will find the exact number of days from the time of Daniel to the time of Jesus entering into Jerusalem. It was 173,880 days it was March 14. We know that from Nehemiah was March 14, 445 BC when Daniel was given the prophecy and if you add 173,880 days to that date of March 14 445 you will come up with the fact that Jesus arrived to Jerusalem on Sunday, April 6 3280 when Jesus kept saying my time has not yet come. My time is not yet, Tom is not yet come.

He was saying, listen in the heavenly court's records the day of Mark coronation was recorded before the foundation of the earth, and it was Sunday, April 6 32 A.D.'s fax our faith is built on facts was irrelevant how Bernardo's boiling drive exercise fight we don't have the kind of blind faith.

Our faith is a reasonable phase is based on reason and based on facts of history, but I haven't come to the empty tomb yet the empty tomb is the most irrefutable evidence of Jesus's resurrection from the dead, listen to me the total of Buddha is occupied the tomb of Krishna's occupied the tomb of Mohammed is occupied by the tomb of Jesus is empty, the resurrection is not only written about in all the four Gospels of eyewitness accounts from Matthew Mark Luke and John.

But all of the disciples saw and talk and fellowship with the resurrected Lord 500 eyewitnesses have talked to the resurrected Lord, even to non-Christian historians have written about the resurrection of our Lord, a Jewish historian by the name of Josephus and the Roman historian by the name of Tacitus, beloved, listen to me. The reason Christianity grew very quickly from Jerusalem to Antioch to Asia minor, North Africa and Rome because the resurrection of Jesus Christ was validated fact hundreds of eyewitnesses who saw and heard the risen Lord. Many of them were severely persecuted and brutally tortured and even crucified. Others were burned alive as human torches to light up the garden of Nero's palace. Others were strong to hungry lions, why, why, because they would rather endure this horrendous pain and even death. Then deny the resurrection of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ were to show with that eyewitness accounts is he the evidence is clear and convincing the promise Jesus in Genesis 315 came right on schedule. Just as God promised me spoke to Adam and Eve and in obedience to the father he hung on the cross and died and on the third day he baldly physically rose from the dead, and soon he is coming back to judge every human being that ever lived on the basis of whether you believe that he he and he alone is the Savior of the world and the Savior of your own soul or not.

That's the basis for suffices. Jesus is the only Savior of every human being is ever lived on the face of the earth is the only one who rose from the grave is the only one only Jesus, God of very God of the commander very man got up out of the grace and the question is what would you do with Jesus, the truth and the evidence is overwhelming and the question is not evidence really the question is do I have the humility to humble myself and say you are the only one I can save myself. Father God I am so overwhelmed with how those of us who know you and love you are intimidated by false accusers and call us intolerant, but father we need your spirit to work in us today like never before. Nero was very tolerant of all religions and he burnt the Christians because he said there were intolerant among whatever the future brings me ask you in the name of Jesus that you breathe in us your power and your strength to stand firm in the truth and share it with everyone who would listen, because father we know as you gather your remnant. Things are going to get tough, but we praise you that he was in us greater than he was in the be glorified in each of us father single person here was yet to commit their lives to you as Savior only Savior.

May this be the Jesus and Amy a call to respond to the indisputable truth. Jesus is not just a Savior, the Savior, he's your Savior new start. Maybe enjoy speaking with one of our leading the way pastors you can begin that conversation. A conversation it could be life changing and filling out a short contact form. Just go to teaching Dr. Michael you sacked and leading the way, reach and touch lives around the entire world words in teaching from doctoring a set of translated and broadcast to various media in 28 languages. That's right recently regarded Hebrew and Ukrainian and one outreach that I'd like to highlight today is the kingdom's if the channel much like one that you would have on your cable or your satellite system featuring Dr. Yousef and other strong Bible teachers. It focuses on Arabic populations reaching into nations within the name of Jesus is rarely spoken, and because of this worldwide outreach offices often hear from brothers and sisters who live in places where it is literally dangerous to be a follower of Christ so they often contact leading the way and the kingdom sent asking for prayer that our teams are poised to do more. They also offer discipleship as well as connecting the struggling people with local churches and ministries near the end, and one family recently impacted by the kingdom sat with a man, his wife and their children originally from Syria.

They found Christ. They moved to Turkey to flee persecution and due to the absence of a Christian community to connect with Dave regularly watch the kingdom sat that way they can learn more about living for Christ and once you consider partnering with Dr. Yousef today know that when you do you are part of touching lines, touching individuals and families through the kingdom sat and other ministries of leading the way. Here's how you can learn more carless, 866-626-4356 866-626-4356 or you can go to LTW.Ward.

You know what Dr. yourself loves to hear from you soon. Right in the note. Send it to leading the way, PO Box 20100, Atlanta, GA 30325. Again, that's PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325.

Bring today's episode of leading the way to a close. Allow me to invite you also watch leading the way television each week to get to the truth of God's word and the challenge love serve the Savior leading the way television is available in most areas on TBN DayStar NRB INSP as well as use nation FOXBusiness lifetime and visit LTW.O RG for details.

Once again, that's LTW.O RG really thank you for listening and deprived joint after my tongue is taken for another powerful leading when he passionately proclaims uncompromising truth from the pages of God's word.

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