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The Glory of God: For This We Were Made, Part 2

Let My People Think / Ravi Zacharias
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September 14, 2020 1:00 am

The Glory of God: For This We Were Made, Part 2

Let My People Think / Ravi Zacharias

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September 14, 2020 1:00 am

What does the glory of God mean in a society that is filled with darkness? How can we better understand the bright light of the glory of God? Join RZIM's Founder ,the late Ravi Zacharias this week on Let My People Think, as he talks about what the glory of God means.

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I would be at our weakest and realize I need to shoulder on which to put my head when you and I learned that the wickedness of God and the luminosity of God shines in the path ahead. Can you see the glory of God amidst the darkness right now all you rafting you had gone so that welcome back to let my people think by this because the iambs found that the late Ravi Zacharias continue the message as he examines how to combat understand the glory of God, especially in today's dog well let's rejoin him now as we listen to part two of this message. I took the glory of God. This made his body, the glory departs number one because there was no internalization of the truths. Truth is never intended to be a mirror externality. Truth is intended to be internalized. It has to be that which comes from within you, not just that which comes from outside you that's really what happens at conversion when you hard new newborn when you and I have that new birth and the presence of God comes in lives within us.

The divine imperative takes over EA may EA nay that voice that comes from within and meant that voice gets garbled. It is the word to which you go to find the clarity once again how intended us to live in this dark world. Today we go anywhere but here to find out what God's will is of how we should live. Hence the darkness we are as confused a culture as I have ever seen in 45 years of ministry. There are no answers out there.

In fact there only questions of the questions of the question and when you see a person from whose eyes you see the brightness of God's presence and from whose words you hear the substantive nests of what life is all about. You understand why knowing Christ brings that brilliant light in your eyes. We were listening to Jack and Shawna last night. He saw something in her eyes that he never seen anywhere else. He saw that beauty so that brilliance why in heaven's name are you looking so happy. What makes you shine like this, you know, there are two great soccer players in our time amongst many others. One is Lionel Messi from Argentina and the other is Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal and there always at each other as to who's number one in whose number two and Rinaldo was being interviewed by the media, and he made the comment that he believed God would send them into the world so that people could learn how to play soccer and show how soccer up to be played. So when he finished that statement. Another interview went to Lionel Messi and so what you think of Rinaldo statement that God sent them into the world in order to teach people how to play soccer, Messi said, I honestly tell you I don't member sending three have this extraordinary opinion of how great we are, and athletes. I suppose it goes with that kind of ability to be braggarts as well. Very few people brag as much as an athlete does a cause when you can pitch a no-hitter. You feel pretty important when you can hit a grand slam. You feel you have really made a big millions of what's to do that. But in the body begins to get frail little can throw like that no longer can hit like that and then you wonder where is the glory wherein lies the glory, the people I have seen who have that glory. Most of those who have really lived with the internal imperatives of how God wants you to live on tell you the truth, and I'm not making this many a time I wish to myself I can send on. I paid my dues, 45 years millions of miles. I can tell you what every aircraft looks like, feels like and who does the best service and who doesn't do very good service who makes the worst tea. I can tell you all of that stuff is only one thing that keeps me going and that is the firm belief that more than ever.

This gospel is the only shining light against the dark background of a confused and messed up world Robert Jeff was a great preacher in the last three years of his life he spent in the Japanese internment camp. He was heir to Canada's largest newspaper the Globe and Mail, but he started to study Chinese and the standard oil company wanted to hire him. He decided instead to become a missionary. I have some of his books in my library. Jeffrey and finally the standard oil company offered a mush huge salary to come and work for them is for being a missionary turned it down. They wrote back and doubled it. He turned it down. Finally, they sent him a telegram.

Jeffrey at any price. He wrote back with one line as well. Your salary is big. Your job is too small. Your salary is big. Your job is too small.

You see your job and my job is to be that bright light wherever we are to do it and to shine this very dark world is the Jeffries of the world that opened up China so that today we see the results of how profoundly they had an impact the internalization of truth. There was no internalization number two there was no concern for the poor and the marginalized in society. When I started wellspring international, my heart shall and he was very correct.

I did what I did for wellspring because I was raised by her mother, who never ever walked by somebody with need without doing something for the even when I moved to Canada when I would pack my suitcase you would ask me to take two suitcases, one for the needy and the poor, and I could come back with that suitcase empty. If I so chose clothes, money, goods, watches, things like that.

My mother wasn't a very wealthy woman but she had a very tender heart. And God is called us to be a compassionate people to be there for the needy. Always love it when I see Naomi presenting that need. Many of you here were involved in buying that land for the building of a hospital that is the next great stage between burn victims. Many of you may know that the greatest blessing I ever received the greatest benediction I received this from a beggar in Delhi as I saw him pushing himself and one leg gone the other bandaged up with bus marks and blood marks on the other and pushing himself like this. I felt so much pity and compassion for him. I wanted to give them something immediately, but I didn't do it because I knew I'd be invaded by several others.

So from a distance. I walked behind him till he pushed himself across the road somewhere and there were little less people on the other side. I went over to him and I said I saw that been a teddy brother, Sir, was a minute and I knelt beside him and I put a little money into his hand. It was 100 drippy note and I said useless economically in the name of Jesus Christ come up with it in. I'm giving this to respect Sir he opened his hand like that to see it as 100 Reno under review never seen that in his life. It was big for him for meters a dollar 50 and he looked at it like that and looked at me and his eyes flooded with tears and he said sub G respected Sir Bhagwan optical but luckily may God richly bless you the best benediction I have ever received from a man hoping to have given me anything except his good wishes and his prayer and what happened in those days as the poor were ignored and lost their way for the needy. God said, my glory is going to leave your presence. It was not internalized. Secondly, he told them that the most powerful woman we humiliated chapter 27. I won't go into the details they have become so confident in themselves so confident in themselves the self-aggrandizement that they could do it and wing it on their own way how tempting that is for you and me when we meet success to think we have done it. Winston Churchill said to Cpl. once looked at him and said I want you to know Sir, I'm a self-made man, Churchill said, you have just relieved God of a very solemn responsibility for not self-made. The lines fall in the right places the right people come into your life and that's why my book walking from East and West has very little to do really about me, but the people that came into my life that open doors and made it possible for me to study the work to prepare and my professor.

Still, this day I review my professors so greatly Norman Geiszler John Mark Montgomery John Gerstner John RW Stott JI Packer.

I was starting on the best of them. Kenneth guns are quite low so much to them now, just three days ago I got a letter from Norman Geiszler. We have to have you. I knew you'd want to do this for me. I said I would do it for you, sir, if I am free. I will be there because I studied at your feet. I learned at your feet without you know doors with an open and philosophical thinking in this kind of argumentation me but if you think it's all about you. All of a sudden the sickness or disease or something fails, you and you find out you're not what you thought you for the body begins to weaken the body begins to fail.

But here's what I want to tell you, even in weakness, even in that brokenness, God's glory is the only hope you can have two lift you above that brokenness, that's what God shows to them.

You know I used to love track and field. I used to be a runner. I would never made it to the big leagues that I used to love. I must've had early hip issues and back issues early in life. I wanted to be a sprinter. I could make it sub became a long-distance runner. I love to run the long distances. And every time the Olympics, I would watch the track and field.

It was the highlight for me every time, especially the hundred meters, although the middle distances 800 m all the way to the model of the marathon.

I'd watch it.

Running is an exhilarating thing. And when you watch the finest runners. It's a beautiful thing to behold in the Olympic Games of Barcelona 1992 was an English runner by the name of Derek Anthony Raymond. I don't know how many of you know that name. He was very brilliant runner. They were expecting him to win the 400 m Derek Raymond was kept. They came to the finals and the gun was sounded is running towards the 400 m mark at the hundred and 25 m mark he stops and clasps his leg is pulled a hamstring. He false and he gets up in these hobbling over and out of the crowd. There's a man running down in the securities trying to get him until he just said these words. I'm his father and Derek's dad.

Big guy is pushing everybody aside, he comes onto the track and they don't know uses pushing in the sides that that's my son and the father comes beside Derek and these hobbling like this. And so he puts his arm around Derek and Derek's got his hand on the shoulder seat on the YouTube is beautiful in the background is a music playing.

He lifts me up. He raises mail and there is on the shoulder of his dad hobbling. I don't know who won that event, but I know who was the real winner and what happened that day and when you know that he raises you up in your head is on the shoulder. He lifts you up in that hamstring has failed you. He comes to carry you out of a crowd of people. That's my son I'm his father I want you to know that the glory of God is at its greatest. When you and I are at our weakest and he comes and says that head on my shoulder unwanted. The longer I live the more I realize everybody lives with them at least partially broken heart, at least partially broken heart, if not totally broken heart and is been said, when you preach to a hoarding audience, you will never lack for one you unpacked people was hurt and pain and you will hear a lot of hurt and pain. The glory of God is at its greatest. When you put your head on his shoulder and sat on finish this race help me and he will do it in such a way. When you come to the finish line is a you not go just like he brought Peter Huff the way and so now you find Rhoda's house you will get there the rest of the way as he sent the angel the glory of God is at its greatest. When we are at our weakest and we realize I need to shoulder on which to put my head when you and I learned that the way goodness of God and the luminosity of God shines in the path ahead and you know you're insecure hands and shoulders that are holding you.

Derek's victory was the victory of a father and son and of the doubt crowd of people, the glory that so you see how the it was not internalized how the most powerful realize they needed shoulder totally but the silence of God intensified when he was gone. Martin Luther try to prayer. Once I have never forgotten Nessus Lord.

He even Christmas, but please be not silent bless us. Lord EA even Christmas, but please do not silent.

How do you hear the voice of God. Only two or three ways that I know I'm one by reading his word.

Number two by living out that worked because that draws you closer to him and he knows you mean business. Three. Spending time with people who listen to God's voice and you draw that strength from then make friends of those who will inspire and bless you and equip you sooner or later in life, you're going to need that voice of God through somebody else to come into your life. When I was ready to graduate in Toronto. I had developed some vocal no deals because that reached in Vietnam at Presidio four times a day for four months and my voice was shocked. It was gone and I came back and my throat was hurting every dime I spoke and so I went to see a medical doctor and he looked at my throat examined me and he said what he going to do in your life. Some planning to be a speaker. He said no not going to happen is that you don't have the vocal cords to use it professionally. You don't have the vocal cords to professionally so the next day I went to school and I was just walking around. I was really down. Is that true.

I thought I was going to do just that speak for my Lord and the Chancellor of the College. Dr. Stuart Beamer, Argie knew him well to so I walking a set.

Are you okay I said no sir. He said come on up to my office so I went up. He said what's what's what's bothering you. So I told him he said Robbie don't listen to him. He said I what you preach of her due breach is got his hand on you. I'm going to get you in touch with the best are in geologist that I know in this country.

If he tells you that I believe it. Otherwise, I will so he sent me to see a Dr. Silverthorne and Dr. Silverthorne looked at me and he said no problem will take care of it. It may take your throat for about five weeks will be fine here. I am now 45 years later speaking. One productive store. Always listen to godly wisdom. You and I may think we have all the answers, make friends of people you revere and respect their voice needs to be heard. I love my board. I love my board is my board members and colleagues that had that voice of encouragement. My colleagues at work.

Vince Michael others I can name all of you sending me Scripture verses you know is going to carry through God's going to carry through and it's what carried me through his word and his presence. All of that he will not abandon you if you will listen to his voice through his word live out that word and make friends of those whom you revere and trust.

Otherwise, the silence of God will intensify and lastly he set there theology straight. They kept saying the days are prolonged and every vision fail and there will moving to cynicism.

This is perhaps a single righteous man can save us and don't know our Daniel or Joe. It will moving to escapism, cynicism, escapism, and lastly well the fathers of Eden saw grapes and the children's teeth are set on edge. We've got fatalism, cynicism, escapism, fatalism is has no I am going to return into your midst, the lost words of the book of Ezekiel, God is there was a last words of the book of Ezekiel, you just never get back to it and turn to it at home. It ends with the words new city in the new radiance the new everything in the word the Lord is there Jehovah shall, Yahweh, Shema, the Lord is there.

What I wish for this ministry more than anything else. As I hear these young voices inspires me absolutely inspires me. I couldn't ask for better team to work with my greatest prayer is my what happens in RZ. I am people always be able to say the Lord is there, the Lord is there Lord is there a people look at my life ever say the Lord is there in Robbie's life. The people look at you made this a the Lord is there your friends you face the same struggles we do with your family with your children and grandchildren. Whatever, but of the Lord is in your life and present in your life.

It's the only hope in a dock dock world the luminosity of God. The substantive nests of God glory couple and in the Old Testament glory talk so in the New Testament. You don't have to wake up every morning in the dark, you can wake up every morning in the light if the Lord is with you and the Lord is there more you understand his glory, the more you will understand why you were made without that glory, you will be sent over to nothing more than dust and rewards with Longfellow life is real life is earnest and the grave is not at school dust thou art the district earnest was not spoken of the soul. You are not just a body you are so know the soul doesn't return to dust returns to its maker and that shining light and that substantive nests of God is what you and I desperately need world needs it. You need it. I need and I just say to you, are you willing to believe and are you willing to put this purpose. You and I were made.

Understand that glory. Would you head on his shoulder today. Let them help you finish the race. If you'd like to patch up a complete copy of the methods: one 800-4486 76 think we shoot off for the title, the glory of God for both.

We were named, you can oath it would online at Osborne Antonella GR in Canada at that website is now is that I and you will find numerous resources to aging ascents for tree including positive Broca's obstacles and a wide selection of banks from Robbie and other Ozzie. I am speaking is a great way to keep company schedules that the global Ozzie. I am team upcoming events and see the latest ministry initiative.

There are times when you more time to meditate complex issues presented the resource you can hold in your hand and review whenever RZ I am just thinking magazine just that reason.

Editor Daniel. We had an amazing global number. The speakers are actually soft skin is John Lennix, Alister McGrath, Ravi Zacharias. We have a number with PhD's and dissertations and scaling them back to smaller books for a more general audience is humbling and encouraging to work with our team members because they are very down to earth people they are able to speak in a university and have a dialogue with an atheist or a person from another worldview and having deep, intense conversation and yet they recognize as well that really we have to speak to the heart as well as the mind sign up for email delivery of just thinking RZ I am done forging but Ozzie, I am.

We're in the business of answering questions why you reject any part of the Homeland termination with Christian Stresemann somebody that thinks is the realm of human knowledge, where and how do you jaw line between like to know what are the ontological differences between the Christian God and the God of the correct great question Ozzie. I am helping the think and believe the believer thing we see it everywhere for musicians and movie stars to neighbors and friends at work people are interested in having a spiritual life but treat faith more like an la carte menu at a restaurant choosing what they like and dismissing the rest Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra by the cheerleaders calling on Western culture, to embrace the spirituality to avoid Christ cutting through the hype and seduction is the clear voice of author and apologist Ravi Zacharias in his book why Jesus rediscovering his truth in an age of massmarketed spirituality. Robbie answers the attraction known as the new spirituality they have some of hijacked everything under the nomenclature of Eastern spirituality is valued this value in silence. This value and reflection.

This value in solitude and something that I win the West have forgotten. So I think they harnessed something of value and made it exclusively their own. As of the Christian faith never talks about it to spirituality and in the Christian tradition due has had a lot of these ideas. The only difference is they don't gaze in word they have to gaze outward towards God. God is the ultimate vision, not yourself. Billy Graham calls why Jesus a powerful defense of how Jesus Christ brings meaning and hope to an individual control swindle says I am not acquainted with a brighter mind or a more relevant and devoted defendant of the faith in Robbie's rise why Jesus available online at RZ. I and the global team of speak is been affected many different countries and training men and women to defend the power and coherence of the gospel of Jesus Christ is a fundamental part of the mission and Ozzie IM hype is temporarily gave to engage in any conversation with Daisy have any questions about the Christian faith. The more information about our ministry with that and how you can partner with us soon to visit our website my people thing is To proceed rainy and ministering Spanish buying Ozzie Arianne in Atlanta

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