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Releasing the New Generation, Part 1

Let My People Think / Ravi Zacharias
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August 8, 2020 1:00 am

Releasing the New Generation, Part 1

Let My People Think / Ravi Zacharias

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August 8, 2020 1:00 am

How do we spiritually prepare the next generation? What kinds of questions and distractions are they dealing with and how can we help? RZIM's Founder, the late Ravi Zacharias, looks at these questions this week on Let My People Think.

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No one is above the computer age is that it is on logic, combination of algorithms and logic that you do this and that this follows. And yet, reasoning on ethics and life itself. We don't see cause and effect connections whatsoever that lonely guy. How can we empower young people to believe and live the Christian life. Welcome to let my people think this week on Dan sound at late Ravi Zacharias focuses on the next generation of Christian young people live in a time like any other thing in history have access to anything both good and bad, they will say the daily talk at the global culture to it on faith. They believe Christianity is the only reach them with the message of Jesus Christ patented that is Ravi with part one of his message titled releasing the next generation story storm of Sherlock Holmes and watch some horror on a camping trip and in the middle of the night, Sherlock Holmes woke up and he looked up into the night sky and he was kinda shocked so he woke Watson up and he said once and look up into the sky.

When you see he said I see stars and stars and stars. He said, what does that tell you what's so well. It tells us that we have millions of galaxies and potentially supply billions of planets.

It tells me astrologically that Saturn is in Leo. He tells me neurologically that is what 2:45. It tells me theologically that the Sophos University. Just a tiny little speck on it and it tells me meteorologically that tomorrow probably be a nice day. Why, what does it tell you homes.

He said Watson, you idiot.

Somebody has stolen our tent sound very sophisticated and miss the big picture all the jubilees were in sequence and fluent very logically, flowing. But he missed the fact that the tenant had been lost.

It's also like the story of these two Australian sailors disembarked in London and they were out late at night into a bar imbibing the liquid refreshment. At the end of a long night of that imbibing the two of the boys stepped out wobbly on their feet.

It was a typical London night. The dense fog descended on the city and these two boys didn't know where they were standing outside. They were just a bit giddy and they saw man coming up. Unknown to them was a highly decorated British naval officer metals and all flashing and as the officer came close. One of the OC said to him say you bloke.

Can you tell us where we are in the British naval officer thoroughly offended, said do your men know who I am and what Moses said to the other. We are really in a mess now we don't know where we are and he does know who he is gone and all the verbosity continues, but we don't know where we are no balls to ask yourself this question, 2011, when the 21st-century you lost an average person to define for you what is the meaning of life lost a person to define for you how you know about life possible person to define for you. Why life is essentially valuable Oscar person to define for you what is normative, sexually you will find a plethora of meanings and total lack of substance in the answers but we can describe things are logically meteorologically all these kinds of things you don't know who we are. We don't know where we are. Do know that the most difficult thing in life right now and what it is to define why the human mind is so corrupt last year in November survey conducted by the BBC globally. What is the biggest problem facing the world for the first time poverty and environment were relegated to do in three the number one problem that was stated by humanity across the globe last November 2010 BBC survey number one problem was identified as corruption and he read the first three chapters of the book of Genesis. See that's where it all began. Somebody wrote this in the 1960s kids lost their innocence. They were liberated from their parents by well-paying jobs because of lyrics and music that gave rise to a new term. The generation gap in the 1960s kids lost their authority. It was the decade of protest, church, state, and parents were all called into question, and found wanting. Their authority was rejected. Yet nothing ever replaced it in the 1970s gets lost that love is the decade of Museum dominated by hyphenated words beginning with cell self-image and self-esteem self-assertion. It made for a very lonely world kids learned everything there was to know about sex forgot everything there was to know about love and very few had the nerve to tell them that there actually was a difference in the 1980s gives a lost their whole system innocence authority in love and plagued by the horror of nuclear nightmare large and growing numbers of this generation have stopped believing in the future and if I were to add one more to that, I would say now in the 21st century kids have lost the capacity to reason lost in the world of cyberspace. We are now able to relate much more to ideas than we are to it relate to people. This is your generation. This is your generation. This is what you are actually going to face and are beginning to face. In fact, it's happening with such a rapidity that even those in their mid-20s will tell you they seem too far removed from the late 18. The gap is getting wider and shorter spans of time 25-year-old says like I can't connect with the 19-year-old and a 19-year-old says I can't connect with the 12 and 13-year-old who are moving at such exponential speed connecting in a different kind of reasoning know what is fascinating about the computer age is that it is built on logic, combination of algorithms and logic that you do this and that all is you do that.

This follows. And yet, reasoning takes on life itself. We don't see cause and effect connections whatsoever.

Once upon a time you could make a statement like this display certainty.

You can take that to the bank what you better not say that now because you're not sure that bank is still going to be there for that bank actually been bailed out by your tax dollars.

We have failed to see the connection between the economic crisis of our time and the spiritual confusion that preceded it. We have become your logical and irrational and young people you are living in this kind of world high-powered and irrational, so I want to tell you the changes that have taken place over the last century. What actually has come about and within the time I just moved through very quickly and then give to three responses of what it is going to take to reach this next-generation. I will tell you nothing you I may just give you some illustrations of some approaches to argument that my renewed to some of you the deductions will be totally familiar to all of you, chances are your company's deductions yourself. Anyway, so let me begin the first change that took place in the last 20 to 30 years significantly is the change that I believe is the popularization of the depth of God movement now want to listen very carefully to this next statement. The popularization of the death of God movement, and this frightens see all willing to live with its ramification. Once upon a time a fella like Nietzsche living in the late 1800s talked about the death of God, but he was very sober about the ramifications piece of the problem with the idea of the death of God is that we have wiped away the horizon, we would have to invent new games that will be no more down, left, lanterns will have to be lit in the morning hours as metaphors indicated the fact that we were in trouble because he said that which is most sacred and humanity has been wiped out. Seek God was the defining entity between good and evil and what Nietzsche said was look if we've killed God how we going to see in the light anymore without his life, how we define up and down. If he can't see the horizon. How do we even navigate anymore. He recognized that today not so yeah that's the ramifications you define what's good you define what's evil, listen to Richard Dawkins of Oxford.

He says there was a well-known television chef would do the stunt recently by cooking human placenta and summing it up as a pate, fried shallots, garlic, lime juice and everything everybody said it was delicious.

The father himself actually had 17 helpings scientists can point out, as I have done that. This is actually an act of cannibalism. Worse, since cloning is such a live issue in the moment because the placenta is a true genetic clone of the baby. The father was actually eating his own babies clone science cannot tell you if it's right or wrong to eat your babies clone, but it can tell you that that's exactly what you are doing, then you can decide for yourself whether you think it's right or wrong, fascinating what he gave with one hand he took back with the other science can't tell you whether it's right or wrong for you to do it.

But science can tell you that that's exactly what you doing any human decide what how does he determined that science can tell you that you are autonomous, morally, the very thing that he removed he smuggled into the back door again. That's not physics that's metaphysics. He is moved into a completely different realm, but he makes you think he's talking as a scientist.

He's not stalking as a philosopher. See, this is exactly what I mean. This exactly what I mean when I say to you a stridency of willing to live with its ramification. Peter Singer of Princeton University can tell you, you actually may have a choice up to one year of the baby's life to determine whether you actually want to keep this child or not channel the Department of ethics look at down syndrome child and tell you a pig is better off than that baby and I know parents who raised Down syndrome children until you have learned more from that little child about love than they did with any other normally chromosome human being. Young people listen carefully.

There is going to become a brazenness once the absolute has gone swimming a brazenness I was giving a talk at Oxford, once and at the end of it. A young man came up to me along with some of his friends and he looked at me and he said I can buy the sting of absolutes from I just can't believe there's an absolute I circulate me ask you this if I took a newborn baby beautiful little child and took the sword and conduct that baby for my own enjoyment.

Do you think out or done anything morally wrong and ascending.

Then he looks at me and he says you know I would like what you did, but I cannot honestly tell you, you have done anything morally wrong fine young milk Sony and brilliant, and someday he could be the chairman of ethics and some of the University somewhere. This is the danger of what is happening. GK Chesterton said the tragedy of this believing in God is not that a person may end up believing in nothing. Alas, it is much worse for some end up believing in anything.

So the first is that the population debt of God and the stridency deliver this ramification secondly is the gathering storm of Eastern pantheism in a western setting and disorientation of the cultural ethos. I've just finished a book of mine that actually wanted to call it from Oprah to Chopra, the publisher didn't like it so I called it why Jesus rediscovering his truth in an age of massmarketed spirituality and there are three rules that I trace swami Vivekananda swami open undone my resume shall be of TM and the seeds that they so for the bringing in of an idea of health with the metaphysics that you are one with the impersonal absolute in the universe tapping into the energy of this universe. You actually can engender all kinds of realities in your own mind and through proper proper kinds of reflection and meditation and all you can read the seven state of consciousness where there is no distinction and I are you and my resume shall be in the patenting of transcendental meditation, you realize, today there are tough wars going on between various yogic disciplines where they are fighting each other to patent reading techniques service three long to start five long for something that I patent that you as a turf war going on how to find peace to proper breathing, but it's my way of doing it and I own the rights that's what's going on. Swami Vivekananda and 8093 came to America and delivered a blistering talk of the Parliament of world religions change America permanently one going to this. Be sensitive to the subject, but in my book.

I've dealt with it extensively.

What a speech actually said how he basically took a hit at all of the other world religions accept what he called the peacefulness of his own worldview. We should leave it at that, as 1/3 change the tone changes the power to inform through the visual narrative and I like what I'm going to say here, but with white hair and a balding pate these things on worry me too much anymore, so if you don't like it, pray for me.

There is you may think that video is the greatest interest in the invention since sliced bread. I got news for you.

The video he is nowhere near the power of the word, the Bible doesn't say in the beginning was video and video so that we cracked up to be. Why did Jesus wait till video was invented what you love to show the someone on the mount on TV now know you see the word will always give you the sovereignty of your imagination. The visual will circumscribe your imagination and basically in pose upon it to get you to see the way the person wants you to see soundbites are not. It is not at all accidental, that since the invention of the television world harnessed by people mainly who use it to seduce other young minds that now receive that plague of pornography that is destroying millions of young men and ultimately destroying homes. The visual will never fully satisfy.

It'll only leave you for more and more kinds of hungers. It was William Blake who said this decades ago about the eye. This life's been windows of the soul distorts the heavens from pole to pole and goads you to believe a lie when you see with the not through the eye. This life's doom. Windows of the soul distorts the heavens from pole to pole and goads you to believe a lie when you see with the not through the eye with the Blakey and warhead warning was this, we are intended to see through the eye with the conscience. When we start seeing with the idea of whatever conscience we reconstruct and reconfigure reality to our own desires. This is a dangerous phenomenon in our times. The visual is hijacked truth and we now think we know the truth when we see something.

The visual has the capacity to make a person think of themselves more than what they actually are. Look at the 1980s and the devastation of the television evangelists in their own personal life people sitting in the front row actually saw them as icons in the back private rooms. They were completely messed up financially and morally. But on the stage. They looked very, very well made up. I'm not demeaning. It I'm just telling you be careful of it. The visual has extraordinary capacities.

I love to think of the fact that I can sit in my living room and watch the landing on the moon's marvelous love to think of the fact that I consider my living room and see the three tenors performing in somewhere in Greece or Italy and enjoying it. Love to think that I consider my living room and watch the royal wedding and see all of the pomposity and all of it and see how Randy's things are about to be able to get onto the Internet and look at the works of Michelangelo and so on and enjoy it right at my desk.

Yes, it's good, but it is fraught with danger because the iron can seduce you. All you need to do is take a look at the lives of the rich and famous on television and you'll find out how messed up. Most of them really are. I remember one young man whose father I shall not name very famous actor's young man is come to know Christ and he sat across the table from me and talked about his father and he said my dad was in this television series glorifying country living and glorifying the farm in the family in prayer around dinner and the breaking of bread and communion in the graves near the home going and thinking in all of this. He said his television series was one of the all-time most winning ones. He said, but my father lived exactly the opposite. In his private life and I'll never forget coming home from school as a teenager one day and my uncle waiting at the door and sitting me down and telling me your dad's gone is left your mom and you and your 11-year-old sister now about to take care of her go upstairs your mom's lying in bed.

She is so intensely depressed. She cannot believe what is just happen and this young man sitting across the table with tears running down his face said to me I never ever believed that would happen to my dad and he said you know what, roughly in my dad.

I had both my dad and my mom because he's the one who took me to school.

He's the one who made my lunch as he is the one that took care of me and all of a sudden I found out that his life was so duplicitous and suddenly fell apart on the whole family television spa to make you into thinking you're a petty potentate just an ordinary human being. It seduces both the one on the platform and the one on the view in the viewing and so be very careful of how we handle this because young people if you do not monitor your viewing it will monitor you and you in this generation will never be able to harness your imagination for the good see in reality nothing so beautiful as the good. Nothing is so monotonous and boring is evil.

But in the world of entertainment is the other way around fictional evil is intriguing, attractive fictional good is boring and flat stress-induced so he got the popularization of death of God or stridency of willing to live in this ramifications. The gathering storm of the pantheistic worldview department form to the visual and lastly I would say the complete shift to a younger world that's your work. You are the ones who are making advertising what it is you're the ones forgetting the moviemakers to make what they do because there the word in Hollywood. Is this if you can win the attraction of an 18-year-old young man you got a big blockbuster in the making, is influenced an 18-year-old young man has these are the changes what do we do. I give you three very simple responses.

Number one what is the word, apologetics mean I'm a Christian apologist what apologetics actually comes from the Greek apology here, which means to give an answer to Peterson's always be prepared to give an apology here an answer to them that ask him to do that with gentleness and kindness to do that when Peter stands about the Pentecost and they're all confused. He says let me explain.

Let me give an apologetic for this so apologetics does two things. It clarifies truth claims and it gives nonsense. It clarifies truth claims under gives nonsense in the light of what's happening in our world.

We are going to need one and apologetic. That is not merely heard but is also seen, you can't just give answers that are theoretical. If your life is not going to back it up.

If you would like to purchase a complete copy of its methods cool is that 1-800-448-6766 2000 for the title releasing the next generation. You can as they would on the client on the IM.LNC or in Canada at that website is that I that you will find numerous resources to ADA cassettes for tree including past Broca's articles in a wide selection of bricks from Ravi and other are the IM speaking. It's also a great way to keep up on the schedules of the global on the IM team, upcoming events, and see the latest ministry initiative suffering silence, the existence of truth.

Those are just a few of the topics covered are the I am just thinking magazine editor Danielle direct and often encouraged by letters we receive party just thinking you never know what one Senate in the life of the got number of letters from those who are outside of Christianity that they found something intriguing and just thinking and said I want to read more. Sign up for email delivery of just thinking RZ are the IM having a label team is speaking of essays, and more than 12 different country and training men and women to defend the power and coherence of the gospel of Jesus Christ is a fundamental part of the mission of Ozzie IN a hype is to empower you to engage in conversation with everything have questions about the Christian faith.

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