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Uncovering the New Spirituality, Part 1

Let My People Think / Ravi Zacharias
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April 4, 2020 1:00 am

Uncovering the New Spirituality, Part 1

Let My People Think / Ravi Zacharias

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April 4, 2020 1:00 am

What do new spiritualists actually believe? Is there any truth to what they teach? Join us this week on Let My People Think as Ravi Zacharias examines the new spiritualist movement, and the traction it has gained in western culture.

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I see in the Western mind much better than the rest of my use of the most used in the abuse of Christianity as meaning and using the abuse of Hinduism and treated a pristine confident in such prominent people think with all the right, Christ examines the knees. White covering history and ancient had on the claim. Every influence on the spiritual entry cost message uncovering and spirituality is probably is about couple of years ago that I was writing a book that I had called from Oprah to Chopra looking into the new spirituality and the publisher found out I was working on it and contacted me and asked me if I would consider doing it with them except they were unimpressed with the title and wanted to give it a new title and we run so this quite a while went through a tremendous amount of research, I spent hundreds of thousands of hours studying and getting ready for it and they came up with the title on the basil some talks I was giving, and they called it why Jesus rediscovering his truth in an age of mosques marketed spirituality and I worked on it for a long time and I go overseas to do my writing because I write at all dollars and I cannot be disturbed in any way to get about four in the morning and right about 11 o'clock in the morning and after that my worldview changes and I just have to wait for the rest next day. So when I finished it about 70,000 words I phone Margie at home in Atlanta and I said it's done for the 70,000 word mark since she does all my editing. I had not realized when I promised her she would have the last word on everything. It included my books as well and so she said Robbie supposed to be 100,000 words about 70,000. I said what she said of the contract. It was 100,000 words.

I had to extend my stay by. We write out another 30,000 words, which is key to do because you know there's a lot to say and I'll try finished we set it in about six weeks ago they wrote back and said powerful bull, but it was to be 70,000 words. You will hundred thousand dollars. I shall bring her next year to defend herself and there we were the last four weeks. Spending time getting rid of 30,000 easy to do added and deleted late at about last week we sent it in mind is slowly just about about 20,000. I think some of it, have mercy.

The reason is it already be pre-publicized it and it was a man brochures and all and so price all been set on the basis of a 70,000 word book. Anyway, they wrote back right through that what had been done and from my point of view it's over and it's all done so very tough book to write because you going to bring together issues that are very real in our world, our whole world change when television came into your rooms when it was found out how like to be converted to electrical impulses, traversal traditions reconverted to light and you could look at something taken based on thousand miles away in your living room in living color. Only time will tell whether it was human genius or the ultimate death of common sense lead time will reveal that it was William Blake who said this life's been windows of the soul distorts the heavens from pole to pole and goads you to believe a lie when you see with them, not truly bring tendency through the eye with the conscience and reindexing with the ID voidable conscience are inflammation to circumscribe this box and by looking at doing three pictures we think we know the whole story is an incredible power of seduction in the camera. It can make ordinary human beings feel like Buddy Bolden dates and think they really are icons maybe read even the journey of Oprah Winfrey from being this young teenager who always signed her name in books and high school and all over the name of Jesus, and it will ultimately become the kind of person that she was actually viewing herself in almost a semi-transcendent way, borrow the camera had done its work, people can say things on camera that they would never said otherwise, because they really think they become invincible to take the power the camera did the hunger of the spirit we all long for something beyond the physical and you take the collapse of culture in the West all coming together in the 60s during the peak of the Vietnam War. It was almost like Americo Solis coming back in a body bag. Everything was changed so dramatically and this idea of what I like to go to Eastern spirituality, WEA, SDE, RN, and indeed to have a saying called Basie mood before they see John which literally means this a local bird with a foreign walk.

Many of your from Indiana go overseas to America for one week and come and act like an American. Then said Basie mood before they see job local bird with a foreign walk. Will Eastern spirituality is a part of this he would be whether they see child. It's an overseas bird with a local wall that's really the opposite of what is happened to reconfiguring and redesigning of spirituality. It fits America's appetite very well because we are ruggedly individualistic and we like to have everything tailor-made to our texts. And so, though Eastern gurus got on to that the hi this is going to be a combination of a teaching plus inspiring. I hope not perspiring but inspiring doors in but I remember being at Moody years ago when EV Hill defamed African-American preach.

I don't have anyone to view the opportunity of hearing them quite ample insights. You hardly had a neck. I remember at Amsterdam bullying be introduced to me just this line here is and he'll wake you up so powerful preacher considered by time magazine and this time is probably the greatest suddenly looked up one of the top breaches of this time. EV Hill was preaching at Moody Bible Institute of founders week and he said I young black fans would come to him after his service and walks one day and asked him EV Hill would say this why my Jesus what I get when I get Jesus and he said gave him 13 points and he said he was going to preach on that night at Moody but up to six points world of the time was gone so reluctant in the next year he came back to Moody and began his opening words with seven clay and those whether the previous year connected those who are not certain war-torn earth is this one of her six or so of you here today you will connect tomorrow if you're not here today.

There's no point talking to you right now.

Find out tomorrow. Allow me to give you a little bit of unapologetic okay this is going to get you to put your thinking We Are Apologists.

What We Mean by That Were Not Apologizing for What We Believe Giving Reasons for the Hope That Is within Us, Which Is What the Bible Supposed to Do and I Have Grid That I Formed in the Early Days of My Speaking. I Called the Tree for Five Grid. What I Mean by That. When You're Looking to Answer Questions and Find Coherent Answers, You Generally Will Have To Do Tree Things Do Assert What It Is That You Just Said You Have To Have Logical Consistency Empirical Adequacy and Experiential Relevance to Be Logically Consistent. Empirically You Have To Find a Way of Testing the Truth and It Has To Be Relevant, Especially Those of the Three, but It Takes You through Four Questions Origin, Meaning, Morality, and Destiny. Those of the Four Questions You Have To Answer on Any Worldview Where I Come from, What Is Life Really Mean How Do I Do Find Good, How Do I Define Evil and What Happens to a Person When He or She Dies. His Death, the End or Is Christ Indeed Conquered the Grave and Given Us a Door into the Glimpse of What Eternity Is All about. See Soren Kierkegaard, the Danish Philosopher Said I Want to Be Find Life Backwards and Limit Forwards What He Meant by That Is I've Learned to Be Fine.

Life in Terms of Its Destiny and Then Move Towards It Origin, Meaning, Morality and Destiny. That's What Forms You Worldview Pretests for Questions in Five Disciplines That You Have To Deal with One of the Five Disciplines. The First Discipline Is That of God, Who Is God, Does God Exist. That's Theology. Second Is Reality. Metaphysics. How Do You Deal with Philosophical Issues That Are Not Merely Tested in the Laboratory, Meaning Is Not a Scientific Question. You May Draw an Inference from Science, but You Do Not Define Meaning from the Empirical Sciences so You Deal with God. Theology Reality Metaphysics Knowledge Which Is Epistemology. How Do You Know Something Is True.

That's What Epistemic Means in Greek. If You Go and See the Ruins of Greek Columns Today, You Will See the Lord at This Day Me Still Written There from Which We Get the Transliterated English Word Epistemology. How Do You Know Something Is True.

How Do You Verify and Different Fields of Disciplines Have Different Ways of Measuring the Size Lab. You Do It One Way and a Philosophical Discussion, You Do It Another Way, so God Reality Knowledge Photos Morality Aesthetics. This Is Where the Atheists Are Totally Silent They Are Doing Their Best to Demonstrate to You That It Is All Deterministic and Neurologically Engendered. Well If That Is True, Then so Is This Conclusion Really Making a Truth Claim You're Just like an Automaton, Spinning out with the Machinist Telling You to Spit out in Moral Reasoning Is Something That Gives the Atheist Immense Problem Is It All Right for Men to Take a Knife and Carve out a Baby for His Personal Pleasure. If Dime Plus Medical Sconces Produced Your Existence. Then Values Are Totally Autonomous, Totally Autonomous.

That's Why the Muslim Has One Value into Has Another Value. It Is the Third in the Christian the Full Soon Got God Reality, Knowledge, Morality, and Ultimately Humankind. What Does It Mean to Be Human.

So I Start off with That.

So You Really You Know You've Got Theology about Anthropology, You've Got Ethics, You've Got Philosophy All These Issues Come into Play. It's Not As Simple As Saying the Law of Gravity Explains Everything That's so Ridiculously Reductionistic That One Philosopher at Cambridge University Set of Stephen Hawking May Be Due a Regular Prof. Hawking Is Not Kept up with Philosophy and Theology What He Was Saying Is Do Your Homework and Other Disciplines Don't Just Do Everything in Your Scientific Lab and Create a Scientific Single Vision. Those Are the 345 Issues and so When We Deal with These We Will Eastern Spirituality or Eastern Spirituality. Let Me Take You to a Little Bit of a Journey. I Know There's A Lot Of Stuff Here and Forgive Me for Being Ponderous on This so I'm Just Going to Take Some of the Surface and a Tear Clean Danish from Eastern Philosophy That Changed America the First of Them Was Called Swami Vacant under and Minute Was Swami Vivekananda Was a Brilliant Brilliant Indian Philosopher. He Arrived at the Conference and the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago in 1893.

He Was Not an Invited Speaker but Have Big Delegates Big Philosophers from All over the World Were Talking about World Religions Vivekananda Went up to the Platform and Said This, Brothers and Sisters, We Will Come from the East of Satcher on the Platform. Day after Day and Have Been Told in a Patronizing Way That We Ought to Accept Christianity Because Christian Nations Are the Most Prosperous. We Look about Us and We See England the Most Prosperous Christian Nation in the World with Her Foot on the Neck of 250 Million Asiatics, We Look Back into History and See That the Prosperity Began with the Invasion of Mexico. Christianity Wins Its Prosperity by Cutting the Throats of Its Fellowmen at Such a Price. The Hindu Will Not Have Prosperity. I Have Sent You Today and I Would the Height of Intolerance. I Would the Creeds of the Muslims Applauded When Today the Muslim so Discarding Destruction into India Blood and Sword Are Not for the Hindu, Whose Religion Is Based on the Laws of Love and He Sat down Clever, Very, Very Clever. You See, He Did His Homework. He Understood the Western Mind Much Better Than the Western Mind the Mr. These in Mind. And That Applies to This Very Day You Notice What He's Done He's Taken the Abuse of Christianity As Meaning Christianity and He Is Ignored the Abuse of Hinduism and Treated a Pristine Version of It.

What Would Vivekananda Have Said When Gram Stains the Missionary with His Two Boys Were Put into His Vents A Few Years Ago Nerissa and Kerosene Doused on That Van and the Van Set Ablaze an Omission Earned His Two Boys of Burned to Death, Is That Hinduism Fall into Slim to Do It. Much of That Will Even Go on Today. Why Is It That Christianity Is Judged by Its Abuse and Other Worlds Religions Are Judged in Their Pristine Fashion. But That's Precisely What Happened and the University Doors Were Swung Open to Vivekananda in the Early 1900s Man Was a Brilliant Man but I've Covered Is Live Covered Some of the Aberrations on It and Where Exactly. Things Started to Fall Apart, but Don't Have Time to Go on Vivekananda Was One of Them Yelled in on. There Was Another, a Contemporary Vivekananda That the Name on on Those Oftentimes We Don't Do a Good His Name Because on on the Means, Joy, and so They'll Vacant on the Lies, the Joy of Life, You Let Him Die You Know the Joy of Yoga on Things like That and so on, and You Have This These Did That Kind of Appendage Oftentimes but You're Yo-Yoing on the with This Flowing Locks of Black Hair, Very Impressive Looking That Nuance Did in a Different Way with Hinduism. He Would Wear a Cross around His Neck. He Was a Disciple of a Man Called Ramakrishna Was One of India's Most Famous Gurus Died in His 40s of Throat Cancer That Came about. They See from Two Things.

The Addiction to Betel Nut Which Which Causes Throat Cancer and the Incredible Spasms. His Body Would Go into When He Was Levitating and Carrying His Meditation into Some Intense Forms That Almost Resembled Some Kind of Epileptic Fits of Some Sort but It Was Part of His Religious Routine and and That His 40s. Ramakrishna Died Human on the Was the Disciple That He Picked As His Ultimate Success of Vacant on the UN under You and I May Not Be Too Familiar with That Indians Are the Westerns and Westerners May Not Be but My Resume. She'll Be of the 60s Transcendental Meditation. We All Know His Name and How He Came about and Basically Got the West in a Stress Filled Life. We Were Running Running Running Making Money and He Devised a Very Clever Scheme of Telling Us How to Stop Running and Took the Money from Our Pocket into His Pockets in Order to Tell Us How to Vegetate and Meditate One of His Premier Disciples Was the Patoka Depot Children Was a Follower of Money She May Show Get That Time He Was a Practitioner in Medicine in Boston and Chopra Did Something Incredible for the Eastern Spiritual Movement with His Knowledge in Medicine and His What I Would Call Somewhat Sophomoric Understanding of the Sciences.

He Blended That along with the Little Touch of Quantum Theory Which Richard Dawkins Mopped in a Dime over Them and Chopra Did a Very Poor Job at Defending Life and Uses One to Me.

So I Use It As a Metaphor and Often Just Looked at Him Uses a Metaphor to a Blended Wellness Touch of Science, Spirituality, and He Did Something Incredible. You Know, Life Has Its Boxes. We Live in a Box. We Drive in a Box. We Give Gifts in a Box.

We Do All These Things in a Box and Ultimately We Are Carried out in a Box Because Things Are Ultimately Contained in Some Way. Chopra Is Brilliant.

He Gave His Belief, No Name, the Hindu Philosophers Have Really Railed against Him for This Because He Is Modestly Leveraged Hinduism, but He Doesn't Call It Hinduism Because It's Some Not from Them, Which Literally Means the in the Eternal That the Tunnel Religion so You Can't Box Him in Yukon Critique and from Hinduism Yukon, Critique Them up in Buddhism, He Conquered Deacon from Taoism Yukon Deacon from Any-ism. How Many People Want to Critique Some of Them, Eternal Religion Depot Chill Brought to This and He Blended Together Two or Three Things and I Want You to Listen to Me Very Carefully Now. He Took Our Hunger for Wellness Doesn't Want to Be Well He Took Our Longing for Wellness and Said There Were Ways in the Ancient Wisdom That Did It All Very Well, and so We Go Back to Those, and I'll Tell You What I Was Born and Raised in India. I Know That System Very Well Hired Vedic Medicine Coming from the Science of Health Goes Back to Natural Ways and Natural Potions Are Natural Portents and Does A Lot Of Good in It so to Strengthen the Hubs. This Will Strengthen the Oils. I Have a Very Serious Back Problems. Many of You Know I've Had Two Critical Back Surgeries about Two Metal Rods That Bracket Me from L3 to S1 Unfused and That Is Metal Rods There with Eight Screws Bolting Me in on the Only Thing That's Actually Really Helped Me in a Palliative Way Is to Use Some of Those Anti-Inflammatory Oils, Which I Use for Massage Therapy and There's Absolutely No Doubt That There's Really but It's Only Palliative.

It's Not Correct.

If an Incorrect Anything in My Skeleton and Are Various Ways in Which You Can Find Relief, but Some of the Biggest Struggles That They Will Have in the East. In These Ways, They Come to the West for Western Medicine to Help Correct Somewhere in the Middle Is the Balance, and Any Time You Go to Either Extreme. You Actually Do Disservice to Both of Them but Chopra Capitalized on This Hunger for Wellness. How Many Don't Want to Be Relieved of Pain. I Don't Know Anybody Didn't Want to Be Relieved of Pain Honey Don't Want to Be Finding a Less Invasive Way to Get Better. We All Long for This. I Remember My Father Who Was Severely Asthmatic, Used To Send in Front of the Window Literally Lift His Nostrils, Trying to Breathe for 20 Years He Lived Wheezing Every Night to Sleep and I Admit It. Dr. Met Him and Told Me to Go to Hyderabad over a Thousand Miles Away from Every Lived in Delhi and If You Stand in Line. There's a Particular Group.

My Dad Was a Nottingham Trained Student. He Studied the University of Nottingham. He Held a Very High Post in the Government of India As a Deputy Secretary in the State Department Will Be Called Home in the Street but That Was Not Foolish. She Just Hungered for Wellness in the Situation You Go to Hyderabad There's a Group Who Comes out One Time of Year and Just before Dawn of God Died the Early Moments of Dawn, He Would Take a Tiny Little Fish and Put a Mixture of Spices in It and He Will Give It to You Swallowed Three Years in a Row. If You Do This You'll Be Rid of That Problem. My Dad Went Three Years and Are over a Thousand Miles to Hyderabad to Swallow That He Still Struggled Terribly Was Days till He Moved to Toronto in the 60s and They Found out What the Allergies Were and My Dad Never Had an Asthmatic Attack after That When He Moved to Draws a True Story to Story. I'm Just Saying This to Mitigate the Claims They Are Extreme, but I Want You to Listen Carefully.

Now What Is It That As Soon Eastern Spirituality Actually Means. Here's What It Says by the Pages of They Tell You What It Is Not Any Time a Person Takes Hours to Tell You What Something Is Not You Can Probably Sure Because They're Not Quite Sure What It Actually Is. So Here It Is. Spirituality Is an Attribute of Fearlessness, a Sense of Adventure. It Is a Way of Looking Only at Life. We've Been Given Now on a As a Human Being for My Motion under My Life.

What Happens When I Die, Which All of These Nothing More Than a Brief Search for the Truth about Existence. Nothing More Nothing Less. As Well Will This Define Spirituality As Shown at the Mark Frank Will Abiding As Christians We Need to Be Able to Respond to the Challenges Praised by Denise Spirituality.

We Hope You Join Us Next Week Is Ravaging Cleat His Message on the Topic and Says How We Can Respond to the Teachings of Modern-Day Queries, Even the Thing to Rapid Zechariah Send a Message Titled Uncovering Denise Spirituality.

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