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The Error of Dual Covenant Theology

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 24, 2021 4:40 pm

The Error of Dual Covenant Theology

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 24, 2021 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/24/21.


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So what is dual covenant theology and why is it so misguided stalking for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us today on the want to fire. This is Michael Brown number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday, which means you've got Jewish related questions.

We will give you Jewish related answer, so any Jewish related question of any kind by all means give us a call and it will be my joy to do my best to open things up for you. Give exclamation if you're watching on YouTube or Facebook. You'll notice that we are audio only, audio only, I am in Tupelo Mississippi at the American family radio studios getting ready to speak in a marriage and family conference for American family Association so they are gracious enough to host me and there radio studios today so everyone listening podcast radio sounds just the same. If you're watching just remember I'm smiling all right.

Just remember, the smile is here.

866-34-TRUTH is the number to call and I will go to your calls also go on the show and I just I just install some new software. Okay great I can actually see things with my software so good to be able to process your calls just 58663412 little teaching first a very important subject.

One is you don't here talk a lot in the church.

Sometimes people believe this but they don't say it out loud. Others are not familiar with the concept so I will explain what we call dual covenant theology dual covenant theology so dual covenant theology is the teaching that Jews do not need Jesus in order to be saved since they are ready have a covenant with God through Abraham and Moses and if they are faithful to the covenant, they can live and die in right relationship with God. This is dual covenant theology. I will explain the error that theology today. There are variations of dual covenant theology today which either state that there is no need to evangelize the Jewish people. Since all be saving issue returns or that state that the Jewish people can't be held responsible for rejecting him when he came in and dual covenant theology is common and in the liberal Christian circles and little by little in Christian sinus circles, or I should say and more and more in Christian Zionist circles. So again dual covenant to send her two covenants this one covenant that God has with the Jewish people and they can be right with God through that covenant. They don't need Jesus. And then there is the covenant, the guys made with the rest of the world through Jesus of the Gentiles have to come to Jesus but Jews have another way of being saved.

This is an erroneous dangerous theology may be well intended but it's absolutely erroneous so why do people believe into covenant theology want why they hold to it so so that there are several reasons as to why people can go in in this direction and they all come down to look for the Jewish people. That's not scripturally accurate, and for the most part it's only Gentile Christians are supposed to miss any Jews who hold to do covenant theology because here as Jewish believers we know we got so through Jesus we know there's no other way of salvation outside of him.

We want our people to believe so inch. Interestingly, it is mainly Gentile Christians, who hold to do covenant theology so why do people hold to some believers have a hard time with the concept of anyone being lost in particular religious Jew, and then by extension, any issue.

After all, it's there on Jews, the chosen people. Some believers so grieved by the history of Christian anti-Semitism that they feel embarrassed even to share the gospel with Jewish people. So they've over repent that they have repented of the church's sins against the Jewish people in history now going to other extremes about what we don't want to share Jesus with them. And since the Holocaust and a lot of Europe European Christianity's ugly history of anti-Semitism which prepared the ground for the Holocaust, a new era of sensitivity is risen, which is considered almost immoral to tell Jewish people within the Jesus to be saved.

This is why dual covenant theology has risen in recent decades. Also some believers are moved by the beauty of Judaism and the power of Jewish tradition. They believe the Jews have evaluated God outside of Jesus who this is for the Gentiles, not the Jews and then dual covenant theology can be an extreme reaction to the error of replacement theology or supersession as nuts as the church is superseded is from God's purposes. The that the church has replaced Israel and God's purposes so here's a quote that illustrates the point of God's covenant with the Jewish people endures forever. For centuries Christians claim that their covenant with God, replaced or superseded the Jewish covenant we renounce this claim. So these are Christians renouncing replacement theology okay good for that.

We affirm that God is in covenant with those Jews and Christians. Tragically, the entrenched theology of supersession is and continues to influence Christian faith, worship and practice, even though it is been repudiated by many Christian denominations. Many Christians no longer accepted our recognition of the abiding validity of Judaism's implications for all aspects of Christian life. This was a statement by the Christian scholars group on Christian Jewish relations aside. In the book by John Merkel faith transformed so on the one hand, it's good they replanted repent of replacement theology. It's good that they repent of the idea that God is through with Israel. It's bad that they say Jews simply need Judaism. They do not need to add Jesus to that of an end. Another reason that some some hold to do covenant theology is is that it avoids the offense of the cross. This way your, at peace with everybody you have your what we have our way, and avoids the offense of the cross so one of the dangers of dual covenant theology primary dangers are that one jewels would be given a false assent false sense of of assurance of salvation. Hey, your finance is just practice Judaism, you need cleansing through the Messiah to Christians will share their faith we choose. Why should we have Jews can be saved despite living as faithful Jews and three Jewish believers in Yeshua will be ostracized by the church and criticized for being proselytizers a difficult target targeting Jews is fascinating that over the years. When you have interfaith dialogue. Christians and Jews sitting together, the ones that normally get excluded are messianic Jews. Mother was was like Paul, Peter, John, Matthew Wheeler was get excluded because we mess everything up because were similar Jews and we found God through Jesus, and we believe he is the only way for anyone to find God and and then the return of the show will potentially be delayed. This is a danger of dual covenant theology because Israel will not be called to repent and to welcome back the Messiah so why do why do people hold to this biblically of touch, but emotionally reacting to church history but but why would we people hold to this. What are some of their errors while they would say God made everlasting promises to Abraham and gave an everlasting covenant to Moses so that that can never be altered. There's some truth to that Samaritan that some would say well, the Bible says all Israel will be saved in the future. It's just gonna happen. I talked to some Christian sinus Lester. I was shocked us of when you share your faith with promises we don't to believe then e.g. success, but in the end I'll just be said is like this. Automatic things can happen. I was mortified to hear. Romans 1116 is misinterpreted of the branches are holding the root also was holy, so if the root is is is holy season in us of the backwards yeah if the root is holy than the branches also are holy so that usually is holy that all the branches are holy by implication, if you Jew, then you have your own way to God.

Again, these are some of the wrong ways of thinking. So how do we respond to do covenant theology and obviously I could teach this over period of hours of this condensing into a few minutes that will take you Jew usually calls 866-348-7884 so what's a biblical answer dual covenant theology one if if you she was not the Messiah of Israel is the Messiah.

No one member. He didn't come just as the Savior of the world, he came as the Messiah of Israel.

He is the Savior of the world because he's the Messiah of Israel present Messiah of Israel went when he became is the fulfillment of what's written Moses and the prophets if he's not the fulfillment of that than this and save anybody is only the Savior of the world because he is first and foremost, the Messiah of Israel. Secondly, the Gospels, to the Jew first to change that.

Romans 116 to change that. Who took that out of the Bible who said that no longer applies. The gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone, believes first of June, then the Gentile certain issues that no one can be saved by the works of the law and there is no atonement for the Jewish people outside of issues, but there was an atonement system set up for Israel and an absent of that atonement system. There was no forgiveness of sins that atonement system ultimately was imperfect, pointing to the perfect sacrifice was imperfect and that it had to be repeated herein, and you're out not only so we can think about the reality of the divine judgment on the Jewish people in the first century because of the rejection of jute Jesus. Why was the Temple destroyed wire are people scattered and judgment because we rejected the Messiah in previous generations, we reject the law of Moses rejected the Messiah and then we rejected the prophets and and then we rejected the Messiah so judgment came. If if we didn't need Jesus we can be saved outside of and then why judgment on a whole generation for rejecting him also in another rebuttal to replacement theology is the consistent testimony of the book of acts calling for Jewish repentance.

And speaking of Jewish guilt, why didn't they tell their people hate your good dispute faithful to the Torah will go to the Gentiles over the priest to their people and they told me to repent and put your trust in Jesus the Messiah and they warn those who don't listen to the last great profit. Jesus will be cut off and read it relaxed to read acts three we just read through all the sermons to the Jewish people in the book of acts do we know better than the apostles did God change things because of a bad aspects of church history. Also, why was Paul's heartbroken Romans nine why was his heartbroken for his people.

Why did he wish he could be cut off for the sake of his brothers and sisters who are now lost and outside of God's grace because they rejected the Messiah if all they had to do is observe the tower of if he could save his people. They are zealous for God, not according to knowledge. They sought righteousness by observing the law, but fell short. If you get in just by observing the law and be a faithful Jew. Why was he grieved for what was he broken for what he wish that he himself could be cut off from the Messiah. And then there's the testimony of a multitude of Jewish believers from the world like me salvation for the Jewish people is through the Messiah, just like salvation for the Gentiles do not withhold good news of the gospel from the lost sheep of the house was right back with your calls file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and that beautiful singing reminds us of this thoroughly Jewish Thursday 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884. All Jewish related questions warmly welcomed on our Thursday broadcast again for those watching. We are audio only today so radio, YouTube, Facebook, yearly the same but watching you have to picture the :-) okay, the phone starting in Rogers, Arkansas, Atlanta looking to the modifier, shalom, Dr. shalom, Ari.

My question is regarding the heaven. I know in my reading that there at least three heaven and at the above so below though in just observing. I believe the earth is the first hell and because above the below though I because of all the suffering that everyone that I know has gone through on earth.

I feel that the earth is the first hell yet line obviously if you encounter pain in your own life and seen many people close to suffering since evident in some your voice and that that the cheers theologically, though I have to have to different for number reasons. The saloon explains number one when the Bible speaks of third heaven. Paul references that second Corinthians the 12th chapter or in fees and six spiritual warfare and in in heavenly places. So we would understand by that concept that you have the physical realm here so physical earth in the air above us be the first heaven and the second heaven would be the the realm that the spiritual realm of the battle with demons and angels and then the third heaven be where God dwells.

Their other ancient Jewish conceptions that there were seven heavens and things like that but with three heavens that would be the of the Senate. The earth is the earth and the earth was the place were to be fruitful and multiply. The earth is not hell and when you reference as it is in heaven. So this below that that's that's actually a miss quotation you to kind of a thought from the Bible and and then changed it it's it's actual meaning so we can often do that we hear things we think it's biblical but the earth is the place where we come to know God by faith. The earth is a place of great blessing and also great pain. God's destiny for the earth is that it will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. That will be no war that there be no pain and that ultimately be a new heaven and a new earth, but this earth is not hell this earth is a place of pain and testing but but hell is a place of judgment from which there is no way out. There is no redemption there is no second chance. So it is true that many people have hellish experiences here in this earth, but this is the place whereby God's grace we can come to know him by God's grace we can we can grow in the midst of a hardship. In fact, Scripture often speaks of growing through hardship growing through tribulation so look at it like this what Satan means for evil to destroy us to torment us God can turn around and used for good that we can learn of him and receive more of his grace made Ms. Grace be there in your life and the lives of those you care for suffering make me experience his goodness in the midst of the pain hit a thank you for the call.

I appreciated 86634 let's go to Ajay in Somerville, South Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire? Are you sure how my understanding Jewish US. Repetitive nature throughout Scripture connects the Old Testament and New Testament going back to the Old Testament. I can't trickle theology, my mind around that that I was wondering if there action written between the divine counsel and mother, father and Monica congestion in the wilderness, pain, hate crime, take out your top people in each tribe and at the plate and catch it inattentive for tribe by your the wilderness and infinity call talk about the church structure and appointing the air over the church started wondering if that's the kind of thinking that have a competitive nature of the Bible and Scripture there. I just wonder if there is a connection there just sitting the connection between the concept of the divine counsel and Jethro's primitive pragmatic advice and in Exodus 18 that's just pragmatism. That's just Jethro looking and saying to Moses you need to learn to delegate your note you can wear yourself out as to the trust and structure of the early church in many ways it did follow the synagogue a pattern where you had elders appointed so that would've been something that they were familiar with the concept not of course you had the concept of an elder in society. You know, for example, the that the Hebrew word for elder sock set cane is related to the Hebrew word for beards or consulates in a Bureau one older one in the same way that that the concept of an elder in the New Testament. This would be related like a gray-haired person so you just haven't you go to tribal culture in a remote part of Africa and they got a structure. Elders are respected and honored. But in synagogue particularly had elders who had a leadership role in oversight role on some level, and now that's just being pattern in a similar way, excuse me, and in the early church, but certainly unrelated to any type of divine counsel of some 80 to type a socialist practical delegation and then something that became been a part of synagogue life in early church life for sure. You did not have a a one-man show for sure of the early church was not about one person doing everything. Many of our churches today we have what some of us call the solar pastoral model where the pastor does everything that all responsibilities from the pastor in the past is the one I don't mean the church rate people. I mean you got hundred 70 people expecting pastor come up with all the messages the pastor to do all the visitation the pastor to make sure the sick are being cared for the pastor. Make sure that that the poor in the neighborhood being fed whereas the ideal role of the pastor is to be able to give himself to prayer and the word and then give oversights of the flock through a team of elders so those types of concepts again or just spiritual pragmatism. So of its it's always good to ask questions, but then you don't want to try to read things into text that aren't there.

You are very welcome. 866-34-TRUTH let me just mention one thing along the way will get back your calls.

When I was writing my doctoral dissertation on the Hebrew word for healing rough. I had a certain theory and it is your ear you you happy that you're writing a thesis because you have a theory. If you want to learn something you want to demonstrate something, you know, maybe you're doing research it in clinical psychology and you want to see what type of responses you get to this verse is this even through clinical study and you don't know the results can be entered in your dissertation is to publish the results of studies. This is what we learned through a study and others in other times writing a thesis because you want to demonstrate something you want to demonstrate a connection between this concept and that concept you want to to demonstrate some insight that you have an and now you neither try to back it up. The problem is along the way. You might find that your theories not accurate or you might find you have to nuance your theory that it's it's accurate in eight cases that attend but not all, so they have to explain the exceptions and what often happens is I know I was tempted to do this list. I had a certain theory and now I was coming up to instances as I was tracing the route in in ancient Aramaic. As I was Tracy in the nation on its code Ugaritic as I was tracing it, and in other languages and later dialects and somatic dialects and did my cereal hold true whether exceptions to my theory. If so, how can I explain those did my theory need adjusting but I realize then sis is in the 80s. I wrote my dissertation from 83 to 85. I realized it is very easy to to have an idea and and now I'm in a twist. Something to make it fit him in the Queen we do it with doctrine that we were preaching on a certain point or teaching on a certain point, we got 20 verses to support our point and someone says what about this verse was not this translation here and and end it's easy to try without twist the meaning of that sort fits the rest year 20 verses rather than saying who asked the question that seems to be a little different than the emphasis of making that seems to be a little bit different than the point that I'm making and I'm not sure how it fits under think about on the lookout of the fresh that there are doctrines right where I'm I'm 100% sure based on my understanding of Scripture that yes, I believe this I hold this on the question.

It at all, but I don't quite know so I got like 100 versus a supported I don't quite know how that one verse over the fair fits in semi-mature about it but I keep thinking about. In other cases, when I look at think. Here's how they all fit in other cases, like the others. I have a certain tension. There is a see the overwhelming test proscription distraction. But this, this one on the sherbets so I leave it until I can have better understanding rather than, twist the thing to fit some preconceived type of idea that I might have okay on the use of the break to get back to you Jewish related calls all things unfolding in Israel with the new government. So far, seems peacefully mean the coalition is still together with a couple weeks in, so we shall see what happens. And as always be praying for the advancement of the gospel among the lost sheep of the house of Israel].

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends for joining us on the line of fire and thoroughly Jewish Thursday give your audio only hate I want to give a shout out to Yolanda if you're listening, I met you yesterday so Wednesday at the Charlotte airport over at John but juice came up to me and asked if I was Dr. Brown you you held up your cell phone so it's just about to listen to your podcast and you know what's what's so meaningful to me when when I hear that and into each of you listening right now I want to say this from my heart. I saw the other, the online that there were 2 1/2 million podcasts worldwide. Of course, the great majority emanating from the United States. Another so many hours in a day there so much time that we have so for you to choose to take time to listen to this broadcast. It reminds me not to speak for God, but as a steward in your life as well that it reminds me of the importance of every word we say it reminds me of the importance of rebroadcast that I wanted to be worth your while to listen. It may be key in your life in terms of help and encouragement strength requesting it may be something just at the right moment at the right times there but I take it as a sacred responsibility before God and and want to count for each review so thanks for listening. Thanks for praying for us. Thanks for supporting our work right. We go back to the phones and let's go to Ricky in Bellevue, Nebraska.

Welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown thanks for having me rich anyway enable colonists question eight so background of this real quick is talking to a good friend of mine today was a believer and at his job. Recently he was having a conversation with somebody about the book of Esther at another whole context behind it. Basically the person he was talking to is a former minister and basically was claiming that the book of Esther on historical not reliable anything like that out of the back of his background in faith.

He still a believer or not but I thought that the I would ask you that question because I'm not sure if you baby in Jewish circles have come across that argument before.

In regards to the book of Esther, and I know from the Dead Sea Scrolls that we have portions of knothole portions of books from the Old Testament except from the book Dr. so I'd ask you and see if you dealt with that objectionable distance of the two different questions one was Esther always included in the Canon of the Old Testament.

One question, second question is Esther considered historically accurate by by scholars in other words, the reason that the question was about Esther being part of the canon is not historical accuracy but was considered Scripture and specifically God is never mentioned in in the book of Esther. So it is true that there is no copy of of Esther that was found among the Dead Sea Scrolls and you are right that you have a fragment can be an even the tiniest fragment some reference to every of the biblical book.

But remember some are so small that there's always just the chance that that didn't have a lot of copies of Esther and the copies that were had were gone. But as far back as we can go where you have discussion of of canon of Scripture in Jewish circles.

Esther does play an important role even the development of the holiday of Purim over the centuries. Of course that comes later.

But I was to drive directly from Esther so and there are some Christian canonical list where this question about Esther but overwhelmingly Esther has been received as part of the kind of Scripture in the Old Testament or the Hebrew Bible. From the earliest times that there was discussion of a full canon.

So the fact is unfounded among Dead Sea Scrolls's is interesting but not not a paramount importance. So the question that remains if it is part of the Bible that is it historically accurate and the answer would be that we have no historical records that refuted is a historical support for that's debated but we don't have historical records that refuted so, to be totally candid with you Ricky, the way it boils down is that Christians who are conservative in their faith and Jews were traditional in their faith. Find adequate support and say there's no reason to question it.

Historically, those were liberal and critical and read the Bible with more of a skeptical eye say it's obviously not historical. Those were we that we don't have sufficient data to prove it or refuted so it pretty much falls down the lines of those who believe the Bible to be God's word saves reliable and those who don't see the Bible is God's word says not reliable so this minister if he was in a minister in the past, preaching the Bible he would a thought. It was reliable and now he doesn't. It's not one of those things, like there are a lot of things in the Old Testament, we can verify you know specific details we can verify your David being a king and in Israel or or Israel worshiping idols for various things like that even you know good people in exile in Babylon and data to support that some things in the New Testament, we can verify historically see events accurate but this is one of those were all depends on your presuppositions. To be honest and and if you're a believer and read the arguments for you. So that's convincing.

If you not believe Rios out of the Excel so it's this is one of those things that we don't have sufficient data to argue it either way. Thank you very much appreciate it had just been totally candid on it now. Again, the me to say this, the issue would be if all the evidence was against it and nonetheless we still believed if all the evidence said it's impossible but we still believe in that case would say was meant to be a parable is that it is a lesson was it was never meant to be taken literally.

You know that that would be how we try to argue against but in this case. No, there is no definitive argument against it.

Question is how do we fit the names of the places and you know with which different with that's ready. Thank you for the question appreciate 866-34-TRUTH become our friend Manny in Brooklyn. Welcome back to the line of fire all the sure. So the audience will remember we had about Matthew chapter the battle. And I argued that the coming of the son of the Son of Man kingdom first and second coming. You argued the transfiguration of them in the next chapter proceeding and all the synoptic accounts of the birth. I argued that your interpretation is ambiguous at best and if I could call you and paraphrase you said that your interpretation was God shouting out about tremendous clarity so I don't have chance to bring any suspicion like reason totally white in the grist buttock one that struck me what you went on to give me an alternative interpretation. This extremely tremendously clear interpretation that you first get. I think the fact that you gave me a second interpretation shows that your first one is not having that's unambiguous that the claimant give you the second interpretation during a phone conversation you are and little thing that we talk about mother interpretation center. We were talking correct and you were you were questioning the interpretation right and I was saying others offer this interpretation revving conversation so is here. It is a plausible use of the plausible right yet I don't see the soft right so so here's here's the deal. I think we should soak. So in my book, answering Jewish objections to Jesus which are quoting I am refuting counter missionaries and rabbis conversation you aggressive shouting and where you also gave the alternative of Ghana, you are not why I do. I do believe here's here's the deal. I do believe in the text that because it's it's all the same in Matthew 16 then Mark eight and Luke nine in the market and into Mark died in and in Luke nine that you have the identical account. In each case followed by the exact same teaching father exact same event, which is almost, it may be the only time in the Gospels you have this yet to be God shouting.

Here's here's your answer. I'm telling you exactly what happened. Now, if you don't accept that.

Okay there other others have of the view so II do believe that it is being shouted out to us and that is how I respond to counter missionaries in and rabbis noticed challenging it easy so on except that sick well you should know that other scholars do see this alternative but the plain reading of the text to me is is very time like you have a lot of conversation or not bring an opinion that you don't really think are true. You also brought on and II usually don't do it.

I usually don't try you opinion on people, in my opinion.

Not that I should note that that alternative but you also argued by Haggai the second chapter. I got a discussion for the fact that rabbinic commentators disagree with my position indicates that my argument for the meaning of the fact is not under unambiguous and I think, therefore, look here, the fact that you have other people arguing according to your own standards that should be unambiguous interpretation of that just because you hear many every page of the Talmud's differences of interpretation and an hour-long menu of social and so then the whole Bible is ambiguous.

Every verse in the Bible is ambiguous is that the loss of that is that your every every verse of the Bible is ambiguous, and every time of the ruling is ambiguous unless you don't respect that argue for example I don't. I don't think that what they were Jewish people and Christians argue I don't respect the question interpretation. I don't think the big logistic use interpretations is the first verse in verse after verse after verse within Ventura this within Torah. There are various Jewish interpretations is not uncommon right so then, based on your understanding that every verse and tour is ambiguous now because the question is who are you, do I agree with him. If I if I could see the point of view of two commentators argue that it if I could have two explanations for something I want on the boat plausible ambiguous if I get. I can't say that for that we are assessing your saying that the greatest that that you're thinking trumps the greatest sages in Jewish history, the most revered rabbis that if you don't find their interpretation plausible, then the verses that ambiguous, so you're basically the arbiter of what's ambiguous or not. I solicit right so some online birth ambiguous okay to me incentive it management Christian commentators who were before you moved people like you know I some more authority to than your you and you are the judge and you decided it's not a big Manny Mennonite. This is actually a bit of a silly call because Thomas asked in my view it's unambiguous in my as I understand it, God shouting the answer to us except that's fine.

Some of the views of the Sabbath to me is unambiguous is all it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 8664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire and thoroughly Jewish Thursday. Yes, a look if you ask me. My view of a particular thing in us. It's so unambiguous seems loud and clear from the text to me is what it says Dr. Brown so I quit while others sit like this one sentence is very clear to me so that's the whole realm of biblical scholarship. It's the whole room beliefs and just the way we live our lives.

Certain things are very clear to us is different to the other was to look at this. But here's the way I look at. Here's why it's the best we can do right are a few stringy and referring back to the last call that I had okay go over to Sean in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Welcome to the line of fire are doing well. Thanks you don't have me on speakerphone data. No okay great just to be ensure thanks doing fine so do agree with you. All no no you why you know people you love all of their own conduct background from the Old Testament. Think about your list with you no longer puncture no mind, I highlighted Jewish people under their very westerly but probably not make her that yes is Shawna hundred percent with you that it's it's a terrible mistake to idolize the Jewish people in Israel as if it some type of magic charm and if you just rub it you could let us know they can't admit it ever in LA, I started the whole show today talking about the error of thinking that she's had another way to be saved outside of Jesus. John 316 is about God's love for the whole world and salvation for Jew or Gentile comes through his son. If you think of it, Jewish people suffered terribly over the centuries and or maybe worldwide consist of 14 to 15 million people but were just as ancient as India and China and they have your combined populations of close to it to 1,000,000,000 1/2 each of you know Indians and Chinese worldwide.

So Jewish people suffered through the ages. Genesis 12 three still is true that God will bless those who bless Israel and curses occur simply because he made a covenant promise to Israel and in Israel is associated with God on the earth that remains true the Jewish people about Jesus lost Jews like everybody else. Good qualities bad qualities and to idolize Jewish people, or to look at them as if they're special is is is deafly mistake.

Where are you going about our mother.

You know the government. You not of the not at all. At the end of the age still be a national turning Zechariah 13 may have applied to the first century, when there's a terrible destruction of the Jewish people for several centuries if you if it is sensitive media contacts that relates also to first century prophecy about smite the shepherd and sheep will be scattered right that that reply applied to Jesus and his is death, but even if it applies to the end of the age. Sean even if it's saying that the end of the age still be a tremendous purging and two out of three will perish even if that's right, it is saying at the end of the age. All those that Israel remains will be safe there will be a national turning in the all you know I can't Canty that's completely contrary to the context 100% contrary to the context of Romans 11 that says it's on the heels of the fullness of the nation's coming in and so accommodating way and images it just keep reading the next verse that the Messiah will come in turn godlessness away from Jacob next verse 27 is no word, but the Chama some of the Texas saying some of the Texas answer is there. Got is there godlessness ungodliness in heaven right now are people sending in heaven. Okay, it's not much, so strong, it's talking.

It's talking about the fact that God will turn ungodliness from Jacob just read Romans 1127 it's it's flatly playing in the what about Romans 1128 and see Sean you song from one extreme to the other interesting candor and embraced the theology that is contrary to Scripture.

What is the same. Romans 1128 that even though the Jewish people.

Now our enemies of the gospel for your sake and the gospel is going to was a Gentile, because Jews have rejected the Messiah they are loved by God because of the father's wife. 1129 for the gifts and calling of God are revocable, so God made promises to Israel. He keeps those promises he made to the fathers, no matter what the end of the age was posted is only a remnant now, but as Israel turns back read Romans 1111 to the end of chapter start reading it. Romans 1111 reader from their to the end of the chapter. There's no question the pulse I'm at the future salvation of Israel. What's written in Jeremiah 31 one. At that time, God says I will be the God of all the families of Israel, so it seems certain that you have to find that happy balance of truth you went from idolizing the Jews to now condemning the Jews this happy meeting of truth. Jews like everyone else in terms of our nature.

We do good be too bad. Jews need Jesus to be saved like everyone else.

Jews have suffered terribly by being the chosen people through the ages is the end of the age there will be a national turning in all Israel will be saved. There other verses that support. Look at Zechariah 12 and the massive repentance that will take place with the return of the Messiah and the inhabitants of Judah and Jerusalem turning and mass so that is good. Half of my brother and I encourage you to pray for the salvation of Jewish people, but recognize that God is not cast them off and that he still wants us to recognize they have been chosen, even if under judgment still chosen a thank you my brother for the call. We can continue the dialogue, but please take time getting your news along with the Lord you have seem to be a God-fearing man. Romans 11 start reading in verse 11 we read earlier and then out loud sick. I was mean. Read it through to get to the end of the chapter had appreciate the call 866-34-TRUTH right see if we have time for another call. Go to Gavin in Pensacola, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire alert ground, or when your goal you and grandma always and for the continue with your ministry and or 103. The outward took about companies wanted to get your take on what we are doing with the dog Doug Krieger. Finally on the home will Israel movement, more or less, in which the revision to where talking about how will one fairly printed from the covenants of promise, trying to come up Israel. But now, through the blood of Christ were about nine and no this to me as we're working through this thing be a wonderful peacemaker to handle some of the jealousy that is rising up and father. They and I wonder if you have in the total at Hough Avenue thought about that particular perspective. Yeah, I'm not familiar just with everything that you're speaking of, but number one when the church recognizes the Jewish roots of his face. That's a healthy thing when when the church recognizes God's eternal purpose is for Israel that's a healthy thing.

When the church thinks that it is Israel has become. Israel is the new Israel is the spiritual Israel that becomes a dangerous thing because it ends up displacing that the calling and purpose of the Jewish people themselves and if he goes on way of saying that that Israel has a way of salvation outside of the Messiah.

That's erroneous but but to recognize the drawing near to recognize that in Jesus, Jew and Gentile become one and with that labor together for the nations and for Israel and have decided to bless Israel a curse. That's all good and healthy throughout the web a movement toward one man across the all one in Christ Jesus and that particular emphasis on the parts of them have appeared that with way of what liberal argument replacement bill and the dispensational theology which consult with your child and will call back and have no plan or save no income reconciliation corporate weapons permit, though we share responsibility to our Jewish brethren and them out as become of the end of the age not to stick school coming together.

I the yeah this is I I appreciate what you're presenting and how you're presenting it.

I don't see the two sticks is being Gentile believers in Israel and context in Ezekiel, but in terms of the spirit of what you're saying and doing us the one key thing is is one new man in Messiah one you humanity.

In Jesus the Messiah. That's the key.

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