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The Christmas Parade Tragedy in Wisconsin, and a Major Breakthrough Helping Those with Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 22, 2021 5:20 pm

The Christmas Parade Tragedy in Wisconsin, and a Major Breakthrough Helping Those with Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 22, 2021 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/22/21.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. So when we make a terrible tragedy in Wisconsin list that was God in the midst of tragedy with this. Get some good news for you as well today stalking for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire today with service your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity. We want to do her best to look to God to look to his word. Whatever is happening in the world around us and she's with faith, truth and courage so you can stand strong for the Lord. Welcome to today's show 866-34-TRUTH is the number to call me tell you what's coming today and God willing tomorrow. I had planned today on addressing the not guilty verdict in the Carl Rittenhouse case.

I mentioned it and fry on Friday and passing what happened in the mixer Q&A show I want to devote the entire broadcast tomorrow to that subject.

Want to talk honestly about charges of white privilege white supremacy talk about what I believe is very dangerous rhetoric in the country today and I want to get your feedback, so by all means, if you're able to tune in tomorrow to man. And if you're able to call in by all means call in because I want to hear different perspectives on the way out plainly and clearly.

What I think what I understand when to do my best to unite us around truth rather than to divide us over secondary issues. But in order to do that we have to hear one another. We have to listen to one another. We have to speak candidly, so we may have areas of disagreement, which is fine but is come in the fear of God and the love of God and talk candidly now I was going to be addressing that is the beginning of the show today with the tragic event that took place last night, driver of an SUV plowing into the crowd and Lakisha Wisconsin about 55 miles outside of Kenosha when I was writing an article about the Celeste I think you can read the article on the stream where was God when this was happening, you find some words of comfort and truth and hope in the midst of this, so when I was running things last night.

There was just talk of multiple fatalities and then about a dozen people transported to hospitals and in than men, women, children as of today there the numbers are at five dead for the injured it when I was writing last night.

Let's see if if the article just got updated by the editors of yet. So 11 adults, 12 children that was reported last night and multiple fatalities again. Now the numbers put higher children. One group, it was the dancing grannies.

These grandmothers that do dance routines and special events and things like that so this is for Christmas. Utterly senseless and we don't have all the details that the suspect.

The driver is in custody since I haven't heard much about the identity of the driver what someone will come back to the sun will come back to about the identity of the driver and some of today's media be because please hear me friends. This is a time when we cannot allow secular media be left or right to divide us.

This is a time when we cannot allow political controversies to divide us. This is a time we must unite around truth and walk in love, because the nation is being torn apart by all kinds of divisions and many of them are manufactured. Many of them manufactured in other words, things are being blown out of proportion.

Things that do not exist or being imported is that they did exist. Mistrust is building and with it we tend to be like ships passing in the night. I'm not going to do that. I'm not gonna let that happen on this broadcast will do my best to not push buttons to inflame the site or that side but but to expose when that's being done so we can have an honest conversation. Are you with me, especially if you identify as a follower of Jesus will not excluding others. By all means let us do our best. All of us do not around truth, especially if we claim to be followers of Jesus and then let us listen with love toward one another and if we differ. Let us speak the truth in love is really easy to make inflammatory comments and to to get all types of responses and to build up your base and especially if your public commentators.

I am than controversy sells. My goal is not to sell anything in that respect. My goal is not to get more people listening or watching or reading.

My goal is to minister truth and to speak it and stand on it. Whatever the consequences may be. That means over the years that I am probably offend you here and there and offend me here and there but were determined not to get offended because women talk to each other. We listen to each other and respect each other even when we differ that is not what mature people do it is and it is not what America needs more of.

Now, okay, so I is some of some of the quotes we just read some of this daily Mail reported Kari Montego Lakisha school district board member told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that his daughter's dance team was hit by the SUV. They were pom-poms and shoes and spilled hot chocolate everywhere had to go from one crumpled body to the other to find my daughter, my wife and two daughters almost hit. Please pray for everybody, please press a Christmas parade and in small town America people out at night.

Having fun doing community stuff them in their parents who want even physically there with their children. Business community in different pairs of different cousin where my care what calling and looking in about this one entry in the parade.

The Milwaukee dancing grannies post on its Facebook page that members of the group and volunteers were impacted and we are waiting for word on their conditions.

Here's here's local police officer describing it. There were small children laying all over the road.

There were police officers and EMTs doing CPR on multiple members of the parade.

I can imagine that our oldest daughter and her husband both trained EMTs in a bin and some more firemen than our grandson farm as well. They have they have been many horrific scenes and and they have seen all kinds of tragedies in car accidents and just desperate situations. One like this.

This is gonna be even more shocking because so many people impacted so no people one with Christmas parade and how can God let this happen, but present.

Every moment of every day. God lets things happen. I do not hold to a theology friends that says that God ordained that last night that this happened because God ordained that is not what I understand Scripture say I do not believe the God of the Bible ordains everything that happens. He brings judgment. Yes, for sure.

He says he kills makeup makes alive, but he doesn't murder this was murder.

What happened last night when everything we know, willful, intentional. This was murder, and God is not murder you civil if he does, it is not murder while if it is an innocent life being taken is murder. I do not believe God did this. Why do these things happen. What is God. Let things happen. What one serial rapist kidnaps a little girl rapes her suffocates her Barry Sir not believe God ordained him to do that he was sinning against Almighty God. He was going against the revealed will of God. I don't believe the secret will of God goes against the revealed will of God. God is in harmony and who is the God of truth and a Calvinist might explain things in a more nuanced way, but with all respect my Calvinist friends on the Calvinist. Yes, there is disaster that God brings. That is true there is disaster that God brings and he brings it in judgment. He does those things and he takes responsibility for those things is righteous acts of judgment. At the same time God distances himself from human scent went when the Israelites were burning babies in the fire. When the Israelites were were doing that. God said I never intended this view, this is absolutely not my will for him got nothing to do with this. It is apartment to me, but every moment of every day.

Please understand this every moment of every day human beings commit atrocities and God allows it to happen in the midst of human sin and human disobedience. God is carrying out his will in the midst of of. Here's a mother abusing her little child at home.

Here's here's a father beating the wife he allows it to happen. He allows dictators to carry out monstrous immensity allows us to make choices and in the midst of human evil and sin and good choices. Human beings make God is carrying out his will in the midst of it.

He is carrying out his purpose, which is ultimately a purpose of redemption and ultimately the purpose of blessing and ultimately a purpose of love, but we have to come to grips with the fact God's created a world where there is free choice. Love cannot be coerced and what we all probably prize more than anything else. First is our existence right. That's why only a tiny percentage of people kill themselves because they want to be alive. They want to be alive so they can they choose to go through hardship, pain, difficulty, but we prize more than anything. 1 is our existence correct and that our freedom if I say okay God will create a world he created us as as as human beings in his own image, but we have no choice to press a button. Basically out of the womb will only have certain desires only do certain things to say but then it's not really me as there is no freedom of just programmed a certain way and I'm not saying Calvinist believe the college's programs people it would be a crass way of saying it. What I am saying is that he created world to give us existence to give us freedom, which is what we prize more than anything else.

Our existence are freedom, self autonomy, the right to determine our destiny. That means that horrible things like last I can take place, but it doesn't mean that God is passive resetting by wishing things would be different because it work midst pain gradually make God's grace and comfort these with the reading families of the injured absolute horrific because Grace be there for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown now you be doing a very very important interview with Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Junior it's can be eye-opening. It is going to go against the grain of a lot of what society is saying it's very importance can be very encouraging.

So be sure to stay tuned, especially those who have wrestled with with unwanted same-sex attraction of those who have have struggled in these areas were gender identity issues. I think you can find it really helpful. We had this previously scheduled in word went out about the interview.

So despite everything happening in the world around us. We are going to focus and that it's a mega important topic and then tomorrow God willing were going to talk at length about the verdict in the Carl Rittenhouse trial reaction to it and what are some takeaways and what can we do as is the Lord's body to come together and move forward, bring healing so that's that's what we've got going okay let me share subscriptions with you. These are all in my article I wrote last night.

Where was God when the SUV plowed into grandmothers and children so Scripture shows us God caring about our suffering judges 10, 16 after Israel came under judgment because of its idolatry. So Israel comes under judgment because of sin. Israel repents and serving the Lord. What is it say God could bear Israel's misery no longer that that he was pained by the sufferings of his people exes to 23, 25, the people of Israel are languishing as slaves in Egypt, the Israelites were groaning under the bondage and cried out in the cry for help from the bondage rose up to God.

God heard their morning. And God remembered his covenant with Abraham and Isaac, and Jacob. God looked upon the Israelites and God took notice about so he's not in different human suffering decries the pain from last night. Rose up to the throne of God that the the morning and the wailing and the shock and grief today that that goes up to the throne of God have of this, the prophet Isaiah speak of the Lord's relationship with Israel through history. Isaiah 63 nine in all their affliction. He was afflicted, and the angel of his presence save them in his love and his pity he redeemed them and he bore them and carry them all the days of old. Notice the beginning of that in all their affliction.

He was afflicted, so wasn't just deducible to just do something and stop all human suffering. He would have to stop all humanity.

That be the end of the human race right there and of subject because his lungs were here on this earth making choices then this can be sufferings can be paying a civil about little kid doesn't leukemia what did they do is the fruit of sin entering the world so it's a fallen world. So an innocent child can be smitten. But remember, Jesus did not go about demonstrating the love of the father by going up to healthy people making them sick is a sign of God's love and he says if you see me you seen the follies I can only do I see the father doing. He was the will of God in living color in the flesh in action and what is it say in in in acts 1038 as Peter is describing his mission God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit power.

He won about doing good and healing all who were oppressed of the devil. So God enters into our suffering. If I click what it says about Jesus in Isaiah 53, three he was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief are intimately acquainted with with sickness and pain so God addresses this by coming into our world inform the sun and and taking our sin is on shoulders and dying in our place that we can have life really just destroy the whole world.

So what is Hebrews tell us we do not have a high priest is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who was in every respect, one who every respect is been tempted as we are yet without sin.

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. He doesn't stop evil things from happening, but he reaches out his hand of grace he comes into our world and suffers with us and he brings a path of redemption in hopes that everything Satan means for evil can also be used with that only God can do that I can't look at a situation last night see any good coming out of it and he redemption coming out of the natural system tragedy and pain and darkness and many people will not recover from this for life lose a child like this in the scores them for life.

They sustain a life altering injury. Someone taken in the prime of life. Whoever the victims were those around them many times never recover. Sometimes a husband life lose a child and and in the marriage falls opposes too much pain too much grief we suddenly see each other as a reminder of the pain, but God can bring light out of darkness and get out of evil. That's what he will be doing in the days ahead in the things not made right in this world.

He makes them right in the world to come for his people is not a passive answer. It's it's it's reality it's really let me share with you something CS Lewis said in and have this in my book. Has God failed to go through your own test of faith really strongly encourage you get the book has God failed to read it will really help you study as you read it I think will really meet you if you know those that have lost their faith find it really helpful has God failed you. Funny, faith reunited, mature God is real to have these quotes in here and some of them I used in my debate with with Prof. Biederman about 10 years ago. Does the Bible provide an adequate answer to the problem of suffering this what CS Lewis said try to exclude the possibility of suffering which the order of nature and the existence of free wills involve in you, father, you've excluded life itself so okay so we have a world with no suffering in this world before we get into the eternal age. If you exclude suffering may succeed in life itself. Is it free will. What makes evil possible is also the only thing that makes possible any love or goodness or draw with having a world of autumn matzoh of creatures that work like machines would hardly be worth creating. So this is the consequence of our freedom and God set things up like that you said what about the world to come will be freely we will have made our choice to live for God will we have made our choice that we want to serve you and love you.

We don't want to simply don't want to do evil. We've made our choice. We've given our lives over to you and now his eternal will be done where our choice is to do good, are at and there will be no suffering because there's no sin is, the devil is a fallen world.

But here this crucible. This is will regrow. This is where we learn to trust God by faith. This is where mercy sport that this is where it will.

We don't have an answer we encounter God and in and that I agree with my Calvinist friends that ultimately when we see God we worship him.

We don't have questions because he is God. We take hold of that everything falls into place. It ought I use this illustration. Imagine your devout Christian living in Haiti.

What a terrible earthquake hits decimating your city.

Thousands of men killed thousands more missing many of them buried in the rubble. All electricity is out the water systems polluted cities plunged into chaos. You survive. So immediately you join a rescue team try to dig people out of the debris in your hearts, bursting as you dig forth the crowd Jesus where are you.

Could you let this happen.

Don't you care that your shock you at your right there. He is Jesus. He's on his knees digging through the rubble as well as hands torn bleeding as tears poured out his cheeks. At that moment you save yourself. I don't know why he didn't stop this, and I have no idea who or what causes earthquake, but I can't blame Jesus. It's obvious that he cares to, so it's that same spirit, the pastor Tim Keller wrote. If we again asked the question why does God allow evil and suffering to continue and we look at the cross, we still don't know what the answer is however we know what the answer isn't it can't be that he doesn't love us. It can't be that he is indifferent or detached from our condition God takes her misery and suffering so seriously that he was willing to take it on himself as John Stott said I could never myself believing God if it were not for the cross. So a time of pain. Maybe your own tragedy or living through maybe later today or tomorrow you're going to be burying a love one or going to a funeral service. Maybe it's the agony of an ongoing sickness and chronic pain and you can pray for and pray for you believe in healing and hasn't come. Maybe it's a terrible tragedy from your past and an event like this. The happen in Wisconsin that somehow opens up wounds again look to the cross and there you find love poured out there you find God's answer saying I got involved in your world to save you from sin.

If you put your trust in me. I'll carry you through God's grace and mercy be on those suffering in Wisconsin and beyond and will talk about what happened. The driver a lot of issues that are very inflammatory will talk about them tomorrow. The most redemptive way that we can do my best to give insight to her best to say hey let's look to the Lord may bring comfort, grace, may he bring truth. Are you friends right back with Dr. Joseph closing Junior don't miss this inconsiderate the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown are trying to connect with Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Junior for a very important interview. I know he sent out news to thousands of people on his email list that he be joining me today. At this time, so hopefully we will connect with him momentarily and I just emailed him saying call us call us so not sure what's going on. Hopefully will be able to connect soon. There's some major news that we do want to share with you and you be able to call and speak with him at 866-34-TRUTH step back and give a little background and here we are okay. Hang on, we have we have successfully connected there we go. So let me just give you a quick bio until we can be talk about so Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Junior was a PhD from Chicago school of professional psychology is the founder of the re-integrative therapy Association, a licensed clinical psychologist, researcher and author of multiple peer-reviewed journal articles only got to hang out one time with the super well-known father who was a pioneer in counseling men with unwanted same-sex attractions counseled of can imagine how many probably thousands over period of years, and many did find lasting help lasting change with her so much pushback against this that the document Nicolosi seniors books. He passed away a few years back.

His books have been removed from Amazon. You can buy them there. We just lays out clinical data in research his own counsel and what he seen and now some major breakthroughs are taking place of great importance and and that's why we're speaking with with Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Junior today. Hey, welcome back to the modifier. Thanks for joining us today for a soap before we get into a major new study that's been released and YouTube video that you have some other information.

Was it like as you grew up you develop similar interest to your dad. Did you grow up an environment with there was a lot of discussion in the household a lot of interaction about life issues.

Most like growing up with a man like Dr. Nicholas, Senior I think are the only score new psychoanalytic term and I would hear over the dinner table and you think I got had knowledge of it. Growing up, it was really ultimately later on meeting the client hearing their stories and their transformation really talking about simple and dad get interested in the CP was a Catholic but is not a religious fundamentalist hitting people over the head with a Bible to get involved and can counseling them same-sex attraction to see what the UN charter psychological St. John's seminary in the late 70s early 80s.

He and his job was to screen out pretty psychologically who the individuals who want to join the priesthood and you would find a lot of you got a lot of psychological difficulties. She would tell the seminaries about the seminaries would go ahead and accept the cycle except his priest anyway and that was in many event has same-sex attraction and he would get to know them talk with them and he began to notice a pattern over time and what the basic common thread you would notice over time was that these men would often report a distant attack relations with their fathers and alternating between detached and critical mothers two or higher anxiety sometimes overinvolved truth of and the son of the fellows were temperamentally sensitive and if there is an older brother is usually fear hostile relationship with the older and when you put these factors together.

My father believed this would create difficulty in the individual gaining effective gender completeness and himself and the according to the psychoanalytic theory go through different developmental stages and around 2 1/2 years of age is the first time the boy has the additional developmental path, but the girl doesn't this identify from the mother and identify with the father left the boys extra developmental And in homes where this dynamic is taking place the word to make it more difficult for the boy to make that shift and on the board will try to reach out to the father. Difficulty in bonding identifying with the father retreat back to the mother not make that gender identity should and as these men get older females of their closest friends they know the like.

The doctor and men feel mysterious and different than in this young boy as she gets older. In late early adolescence. He develops a longing for male attention, affection, approval, which eventually become sexualized and in the boy will often try to put the thought out of his mind will try to ignore the truck.

Pray that they go way. Nevertheless, these feelings persistently become sexualized increasingly over time and that these men now live in a culture that tells them that if you have these attraction games with you arch your identity will always be an on one hand agape label brings relief that brings effect of like the name on the other hand, like a label limit to input a particular box and sequesters them away from the from the general world of men and submitted his client had a longing for attention, affection approval, they come to my father and my father began to notice is that when these men grew in their deepening and their male connection that they would report spontaneously that there same-sex attractions began decreasing. So that was my father's story.

That's what you notice several books on about that and not develop the theory so why why this is such a threat here, psychologist is to train professional people are coming to him when he helps out some kid that's been kidnapped and hid in a closet and this can be deprogrammed of his gayness or some horror story like that. These are these grown men.

These are people saying that I want help. Or maybe a family coming with them on to say one help and he's offering this and try to get to the roots of things they feel. I was born this way, but is begins on packet it begins to make sense and and that I feel better psychologically their happier life. Some see a real change in her diminishing and same-sex attractions, etc. as many good outcomes.

What is books get banned.

Why is this such a threat, interpreted tragicomic Park project Park on the soap banning. It's hard not to laugh. Books were banned because an individual and LGBT activists wanted people cannot find out who hate speech one online created a petition got people to find the perfect guy. I don't know a large number of people find it entered Amazon Amazon agreed and banned the book and after it was all over during interview this young man was that about banning a book and he admitted he never even read the book to begin with. He was offended by their title that was enough to ban speech you talk about judging a book by its cover. So yeah, I mean Amazon really banned the thing and book and are trying to ban the message and guzzle is a lot you know you're getting banned these days, it usually means you're doing something right on so so there's a lawsuit all this, there's a lot that we want to talk about it so important for everyone to have the background here because you hear this record conversion therapy, and it's basically well giving men shock treatments is have them look at the picture of a man in shock coming in and that's with the doing of their kidnapping kids to be into these reeducation camps. We need to ban this so state after state is banning professional help for minors that want help with a lot of same-sex attraction or gender identity issues. California almost bandit for people of any age whole countries are coming out with these man so there is this demonizing of of something quote called conversion therapy wears what you're talking about your dad talked about you use the term re-integrative therapy, and there's no major study in the journals of human sexuality that says sexy very helpful and it's clinically demonstrated some time talking up to the power the gospel seen people transform, but simply screwed psychological principle so what's happened with this new study. What's the importance of this study is a lawyer. There will Mary Mary quite somehow we seem to have lost a signal.

So did we lose our call or did we lose our entire signal and connection that's okay. Looks like a caller okay we we will reconnect.

I was just asking my big question so there is that there's a new article it's come out interest. This would be the manager you can have somebody who who got got hurt when for counseling wanted to change couldn't change another frustrated the hurt by the way, there is no 100% perfect result with any any counseling anything whatsoever right but yet not sure how we we lost contact there, but we got a few minutes before the first break tell us about the significance of this. This new study released in the Journal of human sexuality record summary large-scale longitudinal study found 75 participants 75 she failed.

He feels in their experiences. If he's not really there refuse there. He's in different or if he is there. There doing something wrong or he's got something against them or this just more to the story than what were being told but feels to people as if you fail as if something is fundamentally wrong or some of concluded he's obviously not there. When I recently recorded a debate with an atheist debate that should start airing on awakening TV, probably next help and end up drinking or getting heavy will ever everyone does their best to counsel and provide help you can't guarantee perfect results, but was happy now, and will come back to Joseph. Somehow, our connection got lost, but we are we are reconnected only a few seconds before the break we we got three major things to talk about in the next few minutes friends number one major new study that's come out in the Journal of human sexuality about positive changes they can come through this counseling method. Second, a lawsuit that Josephus probably would gotta talk about that and then I'm putting up links to a video series of just been put up on YouTube where the explanation given as to how people are changing. There are many X games X lesbians X trance people in the church with the help of the gospel in their many just society in general really changed positive counseling therapy birthday. It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back to a modifier for any missed any part of the interview with Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Junior or intranet or whole system cut out for a moment apologist that will be putting everything on this a separate YouTube video just with the interview so it can be distributed as widely as possible.

My apology server for that break. We thought we lost you from it you would lost us is what happened.

So I'll ask again the the article.

Now this new import article of it it it is again professionally written professionally document what so significant about this published in the Journal of human sexuality in all articles. Available online for anyone who wants to read it. Indeed there were 75 participants so they large-scale longitudinal study unattractive clients over your couple years and they found that these individuals these men did the therapy notice statistically significant decreases in their homosexual thoughts, feelings and behaviors specific increase in the heterosexual thoughts like behaviors and a shift to a significant shift toward heterosexual identity. So we are talking about behavior modification with arguably thought the feeling even the identity are all shifting and as well as that we notice increased improvement and emotional well-being.

For example, decreases anxiety, depression and suicidality for O things went down and so we see these clients are psychologically better off with after the therapy. If there sexuality is shifting and what is perhaps most surprising of all is that the actual method of the therapy is just trauma therapy. The kicker is just reading childhood traumas were not doing anything else we tell our clients. I I tell my own client.

Don't try to change your sexuality. I could just interfere, don't try to change anything about yourself just resolved early childhood trauma method using the evidence-based approach as a spontaneous byproduct you may know shift in your sexuality, ensure and affect exactly what was so getting to the root cause someone in their own experiences like I was born this way of always been like this you dig a little deeper you get to the closet and everything begins to fall into place.

When you say a large study involving 75 people. Probably most most unaware of of these types of studies you know we have always it's harmful. It's terrible.

All the studies point that direction that this is bogus essay like this is quite major, quite groundbreaking major study. The mainstream media are ignoring it. Of course, if the results were in the opposite direction. People did work but of course the media would come to be intersected with an error, but know that the data is there.

The media are just not bring that information and again these are people that say hey I want to explore this with you in there getting these results and those being coerced as people looking for help. Why on earth. Joseph with the government when the organization tell someone looking for help.

It's illegal for you to get the help.

Why want to do this right. This message goes against the prevailing merit many.

Many activists feel a threat to their and and were exposing many ways the hypocrisy of the radical activist of the far left we say we welcome people into the gay community.

But when those same people eventually want to consider leaving. We try to block the ructions of the Cantley back hypocrisy it back, bullying, and that's with the far left is doing. This is a very important distinction. I believe you made this distinction on your show in the past I listen to your 101. One very important distinction is highlight the difference between classical liberals in the radical left classical liberals as they have what you want to get you want to get to force anything on anybody and I'm fine with the radical left thing. No, you will go with our agenda were to teach certain kind of information we want to be the gatekeepers of what people can hear. I will ban books that we have to and will ban therapy is a store carrying fuel from the radical left and in this it highlights really there hypocrisy. And that's something that Dennis Prager says time and time again what he's against the left and he does use the term liberal look. We understand that some of the power of the gay activist movement has been it's the new civil rights or Pres. Biden saying trance rights or or the human rights issue of the day.

So if I'm born this way I can change it's innate and immutable, so different than skin color or ethnicity theoretically and that's the argument wears a change is possible, that demolishes that whole narrative doesn't really destroy the foundation fundamental premise of the entire argument.

Alright, so you're involved in a federal lawsuit now. What's that about. We can attorney my attorney my request filed a federal lawsuit against the authors of the medical journal article, who claim to read a great therapeutic harmful pseudoscience. It doesn't work and these individuals who are suing are like many on the left. Speaking of the last of they are political activists, masquerading as objective science, and they they wrote the medical journal article, we have been the cease-and-desist we try to provide with the scientific information on this topic didn't respond.

We have no choice but to take them to court and were going to prove the fact that this therapy is helpful and on up on a larger scale with the lawsuit is really about is that we believe everybody should have access to accurate medical information to help these individuals be able to suit to be in charge of their own journey without having these political activists try to control the information. Our clients get access to an end. The fact you have to fight for this in court that really says everything and look again. I can understand if someone had some bad experience are overzealous parents forced the kid into something that the road we all agreed that no one wants to do that. This is all coming willingly and in people looking for help with where else do we intervene when you can. You can go to a New Age doctor right is gonna give you crystals or something to heal cancer and it's perfectly legal but it is a 17-year-old boy who was who was raped and his struggles with the sexual identity is not one I want to get to the root of this it's illegal for boarding a counseling and again if if some have the way, be illegal for anyone to get counseling so the only Cisco changes. If we stand and we stand together on this now, on a practical level, because any time I ever talk about these issues from a biblical perspective. With God's compassion consider church service of a mass to do it. There's a line of people coming to me weeping issues, parents, kids, grandkids, all kinds of crisis related to LGBT issues.

Some the people themselves. Some those close to them.

So I wanted I want to make. This is positive and practical as possible and putting up links or Facebook page just tweeted out a two to a video series that you just released, who will this help because ultimately you're not here to fight the government you could help people you here to give them tangible help and there's the strange moved to sonnet to try to suppress that what was Tommy's video series about re-integrative therapy based upon the fundamental notion that everybody has the right to walk away actual practices and experiences that don't work for them and have support to do so. Every person should be free to choose a life with their value and know what no government. No anybody should bar access to to another person's choice to live consistent with their faith and their value.

What works for them for the video series is basically showing people on! It's a demonstration of what this actually looks like this was the this is it step-by-step, broken down of the process to be 75 men went through in that in that study I mentioned earlier and we show exactly how the process works and you know we we can't rely on the mainstream media. They will not present this information, but there are so many individuals who said that these this process I'm using or other ones. Other therapists are using their like it.

That really does lead to a shift in their life and so we we put on YouTube: took between now and the time you two bands that we encourage people to watch it now is certainly you've heard people spiritual testimonies have talked about being changed and maybe God really met them and help them but some haven't really dealt with some of the root issues or underlying causes are God.

Further undergirding to the laws and and they may fall away just feel it's really important as much as possible that that people get to root issues and and find healing and direction for the future is supposed to say have been changed and some can be reckless encase I know that but you feel it's really important to deal with root issues. Yeah, I mean this is we talk about sexuality so connected to the root of who we are and so yes root issues dealing with it and it has nothing to do with things like attraction for all human beings you were talking about a part of a person's life. Whether sexuality is going against their value. Again, I could show many ways. For many people that usually the root issues that need to be look at what a person really looking for. What are they hungry for that that are not getting what you need is that they're not getting met in other areas of their life.

We want to explore what are the dynamics that are the driving factors behind the sexuality.

Sexuality is usually the behind so many years realizing that we realize this in ministry, you get to the root issue with a lack of love or trauma certain experience or perception of the neck, it's fixed all everything changes right and I am looking on your re-integrative website is a really helpful chart conversion therapy versus re-integrative therapy friends. There's so much noise in the media and this is only going to increase. It is critically important that we stand with voices like Dr. Nicolosi now from a secular perspective than those from a Christian perspective, offering hope and change Joseph, we've got 15 seconds.

Where's the best place people she goes it re-integrative or somewhere else to go to re-integrative after menu to question clients with personal testimonies is just a gateway to so much what the media is not telling well and we've got to get the message out because we care about people friends posted on Facebook person a page, Twitter links to YouTube videos Joseph keep a worker standing together with another program powered by the Truth Network

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