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The Death of Kobe Bryant and Reflections on the Meaning of Life

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 27, 2020 4:21 pm

The Death of Kobe Bryant and Reflections on the Meaning of Life

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 27, 2020 4:21 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/27/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The shocking death of Kobe Bryant's daughter and others this weekend.

Some reflections of what it means to live in the light of eternity.

Stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. There are a number of families and pain this morning.

After that crash here in this neighborhood in the hills and the neighborhood behind me that killed nine people, but in particular the loss of Kobe Bryant is hitting the LA community. The MBA community. The sports world and in fact, people all over the world really really hard.

People are in disbelief that this global and cultural icon could be gone 41 years old's 13-year-old daughter, seven of his mom's dad's kids kill in a helicopter crash yesterday shock waves around the world got a text from our younger daughter Megan who fall sports a lot since it's been a little girl and she texted me the news. And of course everyone shocked to hear it. How we live, how do we reflect on this. What is it mean when it went.

Every day there's tragedy like this every day there freak accidents and sucks, deaths, and in people dying of Vilma's children actually live.

How can we redeem the time he friends this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire is under call got questions of general nature comments you will make relevant to modifier will see what we go phone calls later 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Of course the impeachment hearings taking place right now.

The trial and now is Trump's defense team speaking that's in the news anniversary of the 75th and 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, Mr. Verizon tide of anti-Semitism in Europe that's new some reflections on president from speaking at the March for life. We talked about that on Friday, but a whole lot to talk about want to focus on this tragedy and some reflections for us today redeeming the time. Ephesians 6 calls on us to redeeming the time, because these days are evil, meaning these days of humanity living here in this world. How do we redeem the time we live in the light of eternity.

So of course all around the world. Kobe Bryant was known great basketball icon. One of the greatest basketball players of all time incredible drive to win an incredible achiever now after his retirement active in other ways active with producing things for children active with developing other things for sports and seemed quite content with what he was doing.

But you know when you are an athlete. He was the youngest enter the NBA straight out of high school when you're an athlete among other athletes. A great athlete among other great athletes. It takes something extra to rise above that to push yourself even harder and and he did that but it seems that he was very much devoted to his family. Obviously, far from a perfect man, but devoted to his family to his wife into his kids and he was on his way with other families. Again, parents, children, this is devastating for so many at MMI. Repeat that everyday tragedies like this are taking place. We just don't know the people you're just not as famous. Whether they're not as young so we hear the reports but they don't mean things to us and for the most part will ensure the reports because it just somebody died here at accident here, sickness here we hear about the coronavirus and that could be epidemic, but for the most part we know connection with the people we don't know the people just something happening to others that some like this happens it's it's jarring and it makes you say okay how should we live. No one knows the day of his death. No one knows the day of her departure.

We don't look 78 implanted to commit suicide and not be able or they may be some divine intervention or doctor may tell you have a year to live and you die a day or a tells you have a week to live and you live 10 years we we don't know. And the book of Proverbs reminds us not to boast about tomorrow because we do not know what a day will bring forth. In fact, listen to these words from Jacob James IV chapter of his book is as he's giving counsel in any says this come now, you say today or tomorrow will go to such and such a town and spend a year there and engage in business and make a profit that you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. What is your life if you are of vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes. Instead you ought to see if the Lord wills, we will live and also do this or that.

So, how we live godly in March I turned 65 and my perspective is life goes by fast. Some of you may be in an agonizing sickness and and every minute feels like a million years to you and some of you working difficult difficult job for years and it feels like life is to stand still so many other respects like is fine by things happen so quickly you blink and and and some of us grown up and left the home be blinking there married with children you you blame can and someone else to know for years is being buried. It seems to happen so quickly.

I wrote a book in 1990, in the midst of intense seeking of God and crying out in reading a lot of missionary literature. Literature about the persecuted church with about how saved or we miss a chapter in the book called redeeming the time and and I want to share the contents of that chapter with US encouragement is an exhortation that we make our lives count in the light of eternity. On the one hand we live in peace and joy. Today, we can enjoy family and friends, but enough to clean this up that we don't have the second we want to make life count. We don't want to waste days and months and years and decades of our lives, only to come to the end and safe for what for what.

So here's a roach in 1990. Early in 1832, 19-year-old Robert Murray McShane just beginning his preparation for the ministry. Enter these words in his diary February 2 not a trait worth remembering that these 24 hours four and 20 hours must be accounted for. This be the verdict at the end of our days not a trait worth remembering. We must give account were often more concerned with the quantity of life than with the quality of life will be healthy, active and strong women are lost to the full, but you live 90 years or so with an empty life spent a whole century and wasted all way. One diamond is greater worth than a thousand ordinary stones W. Sangster, S this. How shall I feel with the judgment of multitudes of missed opportunities pass before me in full review and all my excuses proved to be disguises of my cowardice and pry how we answer to God on that day, but her problems and only cowardice and pride. Some of us are sleeping or walking away through life. How will we feel with the judgment of multitudes of missed opportunities pass before us and for reviewing the financials, totally unaware that we are have them an awful moment will be for many of us, we see that life is completely passed. Despite it's too late to do anything about it. Jonathan Edwards made 70 resolutions by which he patterned his life, you're just a few of them resolved. Never lose one moment of time to improve it in the most profitable way I possibly can resolved to live with all my might live you live resolved never to do anything which I should be afraid to do if it were the last of my life Jonathan Edwards to pray Lord step eternity on my eyes.

He lived every day in view of forever words of Catherine Booth. There is nothing like the light of eternity to show us what is real and what is not. Many of us let the circumstances of the moment. Rule us were governed by the pressing needs of the are.

We do not know how to make her schedule.

Submit which are busy to accomplish anything of value for God. What matters the least occupies most of our time. What matters the most of them gets done. I life is a series of unfruitful goals is plenty of action belittle lasting satisfaction. Our lives are running us instead of us under God running our lives must ask yourself some pointed questions the things were living for worthless iodine for famous words of Linda Graham the listings you enforce Christ dying for remaking the most of every opportunity. Are we living to bring glory to God to realize it really passing through this world. Escorts in Boone said beware the barrenness of the Bisson life is life, the future ears we have on this planet to be marked by frustration and futility.

They can be marked by fruitfulness and fulfillment. Who knows just how much can be accomplished through one life yielded up to God. Who knows what you could. But God could do through you feel that your all to him. Especially Schlink said, consider what you are missing before time and eternity. If you love Jesus with only half a heart when Carrie began his career as a large uneducated shoemaker in England. He ended his life in India is the father of modern mission serving also was Prof. of Oriental languages at Fort William College in Calcutta result was entirely self-taught would have ever dreamed of such a thing. Carrie is no surprise. This was his model for life expect great things from God attempt great things for God.

Yes, all things are possible for him believes Mark 923 while earning honors at Cambridge in mathematics and classics.

Henry Martin was known as the Manor never lost in our he continued in this pattern is a believer missionary.

We died at the tender age of 6:31 short years of missionary labor he had made excellent translations of the entire New Testament to Hindustani urgent and Persian.

In addition to transit in the Psalms and Persian in the book of common prayer and to Hindustani the work of several decades was accomplished in less than 70 months. Just think of what we could do in many years of service.

If we maintained a steady pace for God to continue to fuel the fires of our heart poor of this never be lacking in seal. Keep your spiritual fervor fan into flame the gift of God which is in you for the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. We don't necessarily have to suffer with some of these men limited to waste away and dive tuberculosis in a foreign land to experience deprivation and malnutrition to run ourselves into the grave in order to accomplish the work of the Lord, that we should be stirred to action by the total devotion to God. David Brown, a friend and fellow worker Henry Martin wrote him saying you burn with the intense this and rapid blaze of heated phosphorus. This is a fulfillment of desire which Martin inscribed in his diary when he first arrived in India. Now let me burn out for God. George Whitfield also burn red hot for the Lord the ages of 20 to 56.

He delivered about 30,000 sermons of preaching 40 to 60 hours a week. He preached the crowds of up to 40,000 without amplification, with hardly any advertising during 34 years of ministry preach in virtually every town in England, Scotland and Wales visiting Ireland as well selling the Atlantic seven times among thousands of souls to the Lord in both northern and southern America while using 18th-century means of transportation Henry Van said this is funeral. Who would think it possible that a person little above the age of manhood could speak in a single we connect for years in general 40 hours in very many weeks, 60 that the thousands and after this labor instead of taking the rest should be offering a president to sessions with hymns and spiritual songs is this better was every house to which was invited. The truth is that, in point of labor. This extraordinary servant of God is much in a few weeks is most of those who exert themselves are able to do in the space of error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown reflecting on the death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others of their moms, dads, children on that helicopter that crashed yesterday Bryant 41 his daughter that was on the plane with them. 13 think of that.

That's it. As it likes over 13 years and and then what about all those that die before reaching 13 and little children that died of leukemia at three or four and then here you get some of the way to church and dies and playing in a in a car wreck. This is this is reality, the pain of this world every day, which is why ultimately, we pray.

Even so, Lord Jesus, because this world is in pain and hurting and in the only ultimate antidote is the kingdom of God on this earth is Jesus rules and reigns civil reflecting about how to live in light of eternity. How to make our lives count had to make live live live so we look back years later would not think I wasted years and what'd I do the one hand, we don't have this frenzied pressure they can do more got to do more right.

I could easily fall into that and end many times over the years God is wanting to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the moment. And sometimes that's the most productive thing we can do is enjoy the moment sometimes is that the best thing we could do with family with friends or or seize the moment and and and be present right here and now and do what God wants us to do or simply enjoy his favor. Take a deep breath, but many times life passes us by them once.

Once we look back at what I do want to do with my life. Jesus didn't simply save us from hell. He saved us for eternal purposes were his ambassadors and workers here. Now I've I don't know much about the life Kobe Bryant. Obviously the last day. Learn more. But apparently he was a committed Catholic went to mass regularly. You certainly hope that he had a relationship with the Lord and that his kids were raised to know the Lord and obviously to the extent that people in that crash knew the Lord then eternity is very bright. The grieving is still agonizing. The sense of loss still overwhelming for family and friends.

Obviously, all of those who've lost close loved ones know the agony, the pain, the hole that's left but then there is that hope of eternity.

Let's talk again about here and now I want to go back to my chapter from José Darley redeeming the time and and and I want to share some thoughts about how men and women of God through the years have lived some quotes of exhortation some encouragement that so that we as children of God, having been forgiven and and and loved by God, not because of our great works but because of his great goodness and mercy that from the position of security and rest. We now see Lord here I am. Use me. I want to burn bright for you. I asked the question how did Whitfield accomplish so much in so short a period of time to live. 1714 to 1770 suffer get that. He also built maintained a large orphanage in Georgia and he Caravella massive correspondence with people in almost every corner of the world. It is true that he had an overwhelming burden for souls used to pray Lord give me souls and take my soul, but he also knew how to redeem the time for the Lord each night we judge his actions for the day.

Using a carefully thought out list of 15 criteria for some, this would be like maddening. I could never live like this for others, it will help bring order and structure and purpose to to your life so here's what Whitfield would ask at the end of every day have I one been fervent in private prayer to used stated hours of prayer. Three. You spontaneous vocal for each hour for after or before every deliberate conversation or action considered how it might tend to God's glory.

Five. After each pleasure immediately given thanks, six plan. This is for the day seven been simple and recollected self-control and everything eight been jealous and undertaking an active enduring what good I could nine been meek, cheerful, affable and everything I said or did 10 proud vein unchaste or enviable of others.

11 recollected in self-control in eating and drinking thankful temper and sleep 12 taken time forgiven.


According to William laws, rules 13 been diligent in studies 14 thought or spoken unkindly of anyone 15 confessed all sense if this is what he and Wesley develops with her and noticed Methodists they would methodically looking review the lives of all the realism was saved by works that they want their lives to count that I ask is it any wonder that he was a leading figure in the great 18th-century revival in England and America.

But but Whitfield did not sit idly on his laurels that one point he noted a constant work now was preaching about 15 times a week and my greatest gift is that I can do no more for him excuse me in my greatest grief as I can do no more for him who has done and suffered so much for me that's a he felt. I wish I could do more.

1753, the age of 39 he wrote that none of my friends try to such a sluggish lukewarm unprofitable worm, spare thyself rather spur me on.

I pray you with an awake thou sleeper and begin to do something for like God us what Whitfield wanted people to speak to him in 1754 ever recovered from some serious illnesses. He wrote to Charles Wesley from America. My health is wonderful door right whole nights in the been frequently exposed to great thunders, violent lightnings and heavy rains rather better than usual. As far as I can judge, and not yet to die almost that I might at length begin to live. I'm ashamed of my sloth and lukewarmness and long to be on the stretch for God.

When Whitfield was urged to slow down and take better care of himself. He replied it is better to wear out than to rust out to the states ministry still shines was from John Wesley which was contemporary, that he learned the importance of the discipline and regimented lifestyle.

This was Wesley's rule of conduct reference to all the good you can buy all the means you cannot all the ways you can at all the places you can at all the times you can tell the people you can as long as ever. You can Wesley's 53 years of ministry that at the age of 88. He raised up and organized a radical army of lay preachers travel about 5000 miles year by horseback carriage preached over 50,000 sermons were 233 books and pamphlets ranging from biblical commentaries to medical treatises as well as read and reviewed everything of interest that was published in Europe.

He pushed his 5 foot 420 pound frame to the limit strata from self and the eternal treasure that will never fade or perish.

1771, John Fletcher described Wesley as flying court with unwary diligence through the three kingdoms's meeting England, Scotland and Ireland calling sinners to repentance and for healing found in Jesus blood. There were press with the weight of near 70 years in the cares of nearly 30,000 souls a shame still buys unabated zeal and immense labors all the young ministers in England perhaps in Christendom is generally blown the gospel trumpet wrote 20 miles before most of the professors who despises labors of left their downy pillows as he begins the day the week the year so we conclude some still intent upon extensive services for the glory of the Redeemer and the good of souls was John Wesley who said though I am in haste. I am never in a hurry. This example challenge us today, December 18, 1831 after spending an evening to lightly Robert Murray McShane wrote in his diary, my heart must break off from all these things, what right of either steel and abused by Masters time redeem it is crying to me what is he crying to us friends that was from my book, how saved are we the chapter called redeeming the time I I've thought often of Wesley's words, though I am in haste.

I never in a hurry and as odd as that may sound was contradictory as that may sound for Wesley work with. He said was he would never undertake to do in a day when he could not do with complete peace. That's a paraphrase of his words so he lived in such a way that he was that he was active in moving it and and redeeming the time and not wasteful, not slothful, but he wasn't friends I I've sometimes seen that I get so burdened and there's so much I want to do and I'm consumer so many different sayings and in the burden could be from the Lord that there can be a fleshly reaction to it on my part. Rub just running running running as opposed to resting in the midst of rest serving in the midst of aggressive cable what you want me to do today because overall in terms of what is out there needs things to be done for every single one of us will care with your homeschooling mom or with your businesswoman or or whether whether you're the head of the Corporation or whether your digging ditches or single and and in college or pastor. The mega church for every one of us. There are needs around us that are greater than us there opportunities to serve that are too many for us. There are situations calling for attention. People calling for attention things that we want to do that are all more than we can possibly do in the course of the day.

This is a different world we live in today even just being connected through email and through texting through social media and other things. There million things. It could be pulling in us all the time we have to do is step back and even on a daily basis in Lord my life count. But today count now. If today is a vacation day we had an amazing Christmas vacation with with all of our kids and grandkids together.

Her two daughters their husbands and our four grandkids reset it. Wonderful family time of the goal.

Each day was to have fun together. I recorded shows we had Joe's ready to play that week. I would some extra articles in advance. I finished all writing deadlines sought I was ready that that was the goal. Enjoy the day.

Most days and educational and in most days there are there are things that we want to accomplish. Look, you could make a difference in prayer today and they can make a difference forever.

You can make a difference with with your example to your child today you can make a difference with your witness to someone at work, you bet you can make a difference for refusing to compromise. You can make a difference by working hard to get money that you to give to fund the gospel. I want to encourage you to recognize that this life overall is short than the question is, how should I live in the light of eternity to repeat the words of Leonard Ravenhill are the sayings reliving for earth price for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown judgment trial. Opening statements are completed. Then I have another comment commented at the beginning of the trial and say something once we get to this next phase. But as I said, from early on were not focusing on the impeachment. It's not that it's not important it's tremendously important, but that would be all we talked about for weeks and weeks and weeks, and indeed, there are some conservative talk shows a liberal talk shows were probably that's been what they talked about new shows that's what they've talked about daily for weeks and weeks and weeks or a few months now so not doing that that you can follow others for their insight in their wisdom or their lack of insight or lack of wisdom. Whatever your perspective is or comes whatever conclusions you come to, but will focus on the things we feel are important to focus on and update you is as it seems appropriate just in terms of what I can provide for you. When I try to duplicate conservative talk radio when I try to duplicate preaching radio were trying to be with God's call is to be in service. Your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

All right. Just a few more reflections on the shortness of life. So I mentioned that doubling in March I turned 65. Now I remember a 65 looked at one point that my dad died at 63 I remember it when I got saved at 16 in the church had folks mainly like the 40s, 50s, and some really old people in their 60s recent 70s and 40s. It seemed old. Okay, so maybe you know what I'm talking about young people like yeah Dr. Brown dear like really old but of course as you get older. Most everyone I've talked to about this in my own experience, you don't know feel the way you expected to feel it. In other words, on the inside. I feel much closer to the way I felt that 18 than the way I would think Simone would feel at 65 I don't mean in terms of wisdom or maturity or life experience, obviously. But in terms of of activity and zeal and passion in you know when I was rolling earlier today. The 5000 m row just like I gotta push harder and do better and keep working on my ties in my mind I can keep getting healthier and stronger and younger in a certain way just with with healthy eating and exercise in the grace of God.

On the other hand, I understand that life is short, that years are limited that I have far less time today that I had when I was 18. My hope, my goal is that every year will be far more productive in God and former fruitful in God than the year before.

My hope and prayer is that the many seeds that we have sewn into millions of hearts around the world for decades now will bear much lasting fruit and that the greatest days of visitation in God's service for me will be yet ahead and and that others will build on whatever we've done and take it further that remain smart my fervent hope and passion.

At the same time. Over the years God has burned within me a sense of calling and purpose of things that I believe he's called me to do and given me to do so we we have a race to run right though Paul talked about second Timothy four than that he he finishes racy. He fought the fight.

He finished the race, and Pollard's us in first Corinthian's nine to run our race was to win. He was 12 tells us to put aside every hindrance and the sin that so easily besets and and and run a race with perseverance so that is part of how we live. We rest in the Lord we find rest in the for the place of rest. We run so I I am one of these despite calling in nature, costly looking at at my life and the fruit is being produced to say Lord, how can I glorify you more. Can I make a greater impact on the one hand I do with joy when Hannah love the life he's given me in and I serve him with with joy, hang out with me, you'll find a lot of depressed morbid down person. Quite the contrary.

I'm too optimistic. Sometimes for the study been realistic but at the same time I burn and God knows that the times of agonized prayer meeting over and over and over again days and weeks and months and years that have that at different times of agonized prayer cost of what bear fruit. I want my life to count. I want Jesus to be glorified to the max is in that sense, the clock is ticking that no please understand I'm not entertaining some grandiose view of myself that my calling is any more important than anyone else's, or that I'm supposed like to Amanda, but the guy that doesn't know what little part of a massive body and and there's only one that gets the glory and honor and praise. And that's the Lord Jesus, to the glory of the father. We understand that, and yet there is this race that I be given in this race that you've been given in this purpose for which are here and this reason, for which you hear someone encourage you as we reflect on the shortness of life as we think of the tragic death of Kobe Bryant's daughter and the other moms and dads and kids that were on that helicopter and others grieving agonizing loss right now, Lord, my life count and shine for you.

Can I make a lasting difference. See, that's the thing there. There things that God promised me that I would see and be part of.

And I've seen some of them come to pass and it was wonderful and glorious and extraordinary, and the fruit remains until this day and this increasing by the day. On the other hand, there things he spoken to me that haven't yet happened that I burn to see happen and I don't want to just go through my life and always just going to happen tomorrow all next year will know we can deceive ourselves friends we can live our whole lives thinking that tomorrow the breakthrough is going to come know that this can happen. The prayers gotta be answered.

But unless we do something different today. Tomorrow is going to look the same but let's let's just read through Psalm 90 them will will shift gears will take some calls. Psalm 90. This is attributed to Moses the prayer of Moses, the man of God so many attributes on 91 to Moses as well. My Lord, you have been our dwelling from generation to generation before the mountains were born you gave birth to the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting you are God turn mankind back to just sing return children of Adam for thousand years.

Nearsighted like a day just passing by.

Like a watch in the night, sweep them away in their sleep in the morning there like sprouting grass morning.

It flourishes and springs up by evening withers and dries up three consumed by your anger and terrified by your wrath you set our iniquities before your secret sins in the light of your presence for all our days passed away in your wrath. Obviously reflections into the wilderness wanderings Spencer years like a sigh spent of her years and €70 strength 80 it at best. There trouble and sorrow there soon gone and we fly away. Who knows the power of your anger, your fury leads to all of you so teach us to number our days that we may get heart. Can we all pray this together right now, Lord, teach us to number our days, that we may get a heart of wisdom relent, other than I how long have compassion on your servants satisfy us in the morning with you. Love, so we may sing for joy and be glad all our days gladness for as many days as you've humbled us as many years as we have seen misery that your work appear at your servants in your splendor on their children.

The favor of the Lord our God be upon us establish the work of our hands for us. Yes, establish the work of our hands. I I for years. The Hebrew from the end of that Psalm Psalm 90. The last verse written on my desk and this would look at it and pray over him again, establish the work of our hands meet me that be so, and look three different ways to consider this one we don't know how much time before Jesus returns and we want the maximum number of people to hear the gospel and and and to discover the love of God before it's too late.

That's one perspective. Another perspective is, regardless of when he returns will stand before God one day and give account and what we do in this world is going to have eternal implications for ever and ever and ever think of that eternal implications forever and ever and ever. I'm in the most tiny tiny minor thought as I was just doing a workout earlier today I was reminding myself, push harder now it's can be rewarding later push harder now hurts little it's can be rewarding later.

Right what how much infinitely more so seeds of righteousness today succeeds. Prayer reach out make a difference touch someone with love be a godly witness. Humble yourself before God and man demonstrate the gospel in word and deed. But let's do this because forever and ever and ever will see the implications will reap the rewards of what we've done, we will have that the word promises it beyond what we can imagine.

So there is the one thought of without knowing Jesus is returning but but we want everyone to hear the gospel, we want people to know about him before he does come back and then there's the thought of you stand before God and give account that can be sobering and then we will enjoy the fruit of our labors forever and ever.

Just just think of forever and ever. Meeting people that were saved through your your financial sacrifice to an evangelistic ministry or or people that were delivered from deception through your faithful prayer or people that were saved.

Three. Witness all forever and ever and ever. The joy means you can even imagine. But then there's another layer.

Another thing to think about, which is what is there five or 10 generations after us what kind of world we handing over to the next generation where kids can grow up in our grandkids are great grandkids are great, great grandkids and on and on. What world are they gonna grow what can be like it could could you imagine being given by God in the previous generation world full of liberty and freedom of, say, American society freedom than an liberty in terms of religious freedoms and freedom of speech and intake to give it to the next generation or two generations later and and they're going to present for their faith, or be in tortured for getting baptized. The minutes happen in other countries can happen here happening in other parts of world right now could happen here so I I think about these things. I agonize over them pray hard. III cry out in pain that that my life would count for the glory of God and that lies would be touched. So I pray for you that your that you bear much fruit fruit that would remain. John 15 Jesus desires for each of us with the father desires pray for you that your life would be fruitful that your life would make sense in light of the kind that your life would count the God would give you a deeper sense of purpose and desk you and ask you to pray for me and our team that we fulfill what God's call is to do it's it's way beyond their ability. But with God is possible. Come back huskily and it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and I want to thank those shot me financially, today we really appreciate it. Thank you, does not go unnoticed by the Lord, or by us. Thank you for standing with us, 866-3423 changing gears now shifting gears. Let's go to the phones will start in Maryland with Gabe. Welcome to the line of fire Michael Dr. Brown. You're welcome to go back on topic of what you're talking about today apologize and attention to the topic of the suicide, I knew a guy who had banner. It and then you have crossed out the year of 18. Until what is predicted that it wasn't helped in the goetta Birdseye view thing, plus you don't have an estimation for sure right you might think you have in years and end up having 41 or 13 but yet I understand the perspective of you know that the the clock is ticking and there is us.

There's an endpoint coming at a certain point when I can live to be a thousand years older than 300 years old so yeah there is there something sobering about that absolutely yes. So of a back to you. I will call about Deuteronomy for the Shema and of doing a word study on word one found that in general 41 and 2041 25 2126 Joseph uses the word one to refer to two separate streams that Errol had and also that John and 30 Jesus as the father and I are one and I was just wondering could. Is it possible that the reading of the Shema includes both Jesus and the father and it originally or is he just inserted himself.

There right so I appreciate the question and the source for first regarding Genesis 4125 and 26 that that would not be the best way to to read it. Okay so lips just clicked on the wrong link there, just want to get the Hebrew in front of us. So, as is Joseph is speaking to to Faro. He says that it's the interpretation is one and the same thing that the two dreams are telling you the same one message that that's the issue there.

However, Genesis 1 it says that there was morning and evening. One day, or day one so one day consisting of morning and evening and Genesis 224 the man and woman become one flesh. So and then and an exodus. For example, 35th chapter. The many pieces of the tabernacle put together make one tabernacle so the Hebrew word, ask God something means one like our English word.

In other words, it doesn't speak of an exclusive singularity, it doesn't speak of a compound unity. It just is one, and it could refer to a compound unity or it could refer to exclusive singularity depending on context. So there two different ways to read Deuteronomy 6410 Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one, and we absolutely affirm that as believers but just like there is one flesh consisting of man and woman. One day, consisting of day and night though, so one God, consisting of father-son and Spirit. Another way of reading. It is hero Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord alone is hard, meaning that one alone so either way it's in harmony with our beliefs. When Jesus said I'm the father of one. It was not necessarily referring to the Shema, but when Paul in first Corinthians 8 us says that for us. There is only one God the father and one Lord Jesus, he seems to be following the Septuagint to Greek translation of the Shema in Deuteronomy 64 and from there saying one God, one Lord, so in that sense, he's including Jesus within it.

So the best place to see that happening is in first Corinthians the eighth chapter, Paul seems to do that very explicitly to a traditional Jew. This is something that excludes faith in Yeshua. But for many years I've written about this in an address that the easiest place to find it is in my book, the real kosher Jesus. There is more in depth in volume 2 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus with real kosher Jesus, but Gabe, you have the book everybody listening and viewing. Here's the quickest way to get the summary of the of of the key arguments and in a key section of real kosher Jesus the son of my email us. So if you don't get my email last two or three a week updating your latest articles latest video special resources we put together. If you don't get that then right now, go to my website if you're driving carefully to stop asked Dr. ASK DR gave you go there if you look at her emails ask a dear when you sign up immediately. You'll get a free e-book a mini book 7 secrets of the real Messiah and that is excerpt it from my book, the real kosher Jesus into get that book is a great way to start.

Make sure your center for email say thank you sir for the question, 866342.

Let's go to Deborah in Minnesota. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown think it might thank you for every time you talk about a half-hour when you're talking about. Like likely in the other. I can still feel the heart of the Lord, wanting to be known for his people to write up a cop and on. As you know my burning passion right now is about the pay scale and it's going to be unveiled tomorrow on an I have a hard time entirety not because like your saying we don't know how much time we have. We need to obey the Lord. No one knows what can happen tomorrow.

No one knows that God is going to bring judgment upon us for this scale on my burden and intercession. If that week. We must not much interesting about that on and because of the context of covenant and I don't think this is something I really focused on when I talked to about 54 God made a covenant this is a holy covenant and how dare anyone any think that we can say okay got you made that covenant, but were just gonna do it a little bit differently. By just one urge people.

Please take the Lord is my burden… What I can do today to try to live my life the best I can provide is typically with the listeners.

Please take the faith of God about this. He has warned me and warned me that judgment could come because of the and I appreciate you getting an opportunity to state a Deborah I appreciate your burden and I don't know it's in the peace deal. I haven't looked at everything and and seen what's been announced in advance and what's going to be revealed in full. Whether it's a blessing or curse with it's a good thing or bad thing, but I agree that our dealings in major ways with Israel, the Middle East are tremendously consequential, not just for Israel and the Middle East were for America and the nations as well as let's pray God your best.

God your plan. God your will be done. Let's do that. Hey, thank you for calling their of their head here is first in 2020 elections. My prayer is not God.

Good, competent, or God get someone else in my prayers go Drew will be done.

I have not prayed for the election of a specific person. To my knowledge, to my recollection in my lifetime as a believer I don't remember ever praying God get this one into get that when it does, I don't know what his plan is unload his purposes idle.

I don't know how some to behave in office work could be that which seems to be the worst as a being best.

In other words, it could be that some is elected we think is the worst possible choice and it ends up getting us on our faces because everything collapses around us with an out of that God brings revival and transformation much good comes out of. On the other hand, I like to try to make that scenario happen anymore. The civil just let the cancer spread pray for miracle. No, no, we we do it we know how to do, but I don't. I don't know all of God's purposes right now in the midst of the impeachment trial. I don't know God's purposes in the 2020 elections in full in depth.

No human being does so.

We pray Lord, your will be done. Lord, your kingdom come, Lord you are doing something, you have a purpose and I want to latch hold of that purpose, or to take hold of that say got here I am.

Use me today. Here I am that my life count, let me say this again in less today changes tomorrow is going to look the same and many of our grandiose promises about tomorrow or simply excuses for disobedience today so you know the old saying that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step is true wherever you need to make change. River your burdened river convicted by the Lord to come one step do it. You know how to do it if it whether it's with diet, whether it's with prayer, whether it's with witness, whether it's with repentance. Whether it's changing some other habit.

Whatever it is cry out to God. Confess your weakness. Confess your many excuses in your failings essay Lord help me to make change today and then do what you know how to do today if it's pray. One more minute even if it's meditating on the more Scripture. Even it's it's it's skipping a snack, even if it's just giving it attractive to enable ever take step near to God for the right of ton of stuff to talk about patch

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