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Let's Scream Louder to Stop the Transitioning of Kids

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 14, 2022 5:00 pm

Let's Scream Louder to Stop the Transitioning of Kids

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 14, 2022 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/14/22.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network is an unlikely story to warm your heart friends. We've got to work together to stop the attempts to transition children for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more spiritual clarity. 66343105 and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown why are you wearing a longsleeved T-shirt when it's like 90░ outside almost 100░ yesterday in North Carolina. Why are you wearing a longsleeved T-shirt as part of the story for what I want to talk to today about a modifier right if you want to talk to me if you want to call me and talk to me about anything under the sun. If you like to challenge me if you want to give me a piece of your mind. You want to set me straight on something you got a question of any kind that relates to any subject where recovery or modifier.

I will take random calls today, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so any subject of any kind you want to weigh in on talk to me about phone lines are open but first I want to tell you a really really fascinating story and one that I think will bless you one that will encourage you. Let's start here. Many of you know that was in 2004 the Lord began to bird me in a very focused way about homosexual activists and I was first burdened by what I saw happening in the community than happening in the nation. I was aware of many of these things for years but God really buried me in a very direct way and began to bird me to help push back against this rising tide of homosexual activists at the same time I knew that in order to have his heart in his perspective, it wasn't just a matter of dealing with an issue, but dealing with people as well and what he laid on my heart very clearly in early 2005 while praying and fasting for the Supreme Court with my friend Lou Engle and others for the overturning of Roe V Wade, always there, praying silently from the Supreme Court. Some trees that had been in the building over those previous months came to to focus with the simple words reach out and resist reach out and resist reach out to the people with compassion resist the agenda with courage to say it again reach out to the people with compassion resist the agenda with courage.

Some of you that's the first time hearing you say it and you're scrambling to write it down of us have heard me say it over and over again. That's the ministry philosophy that we have followed all these years now into the 18th year be on the frontlines of homosexual activism and reaching out to individuals why reach out with compassion because many of those who identify as LGBT Q plus some on that spectrum have suffered a lot of rejection over the years many have gone through internal struggles.

Many felt that God or the church hated them.

Many have been misunderstood or rejected by their own family because of that extreme compassion is needed. Reaching out, because what may seem sensitive to me might seem harsh to them what might seem loving to me might seem hateful to them so that's that's one major component is not suited to sale the people we got no notes just to save many been through a lot of very sensitive, understandable, especially with someone comes with the Bible and him at the same time resist the agenda with courage why courage well because the moment you do you come under attack like you never did before you can be vilified you be demonizing the marginalized and be called a bigot and a hater in the Transvaal with a homophobe you can be likened to Nazis and Isis and the Ku Klux Klan can be accused of being a closet gay and on and on. So the moment you stand up to resist the gender you're getting attack like you haven't been attacked before and's reach out to the people with compassion resist the agenda with courage now in those earliest days 2004, 2005 the T word was not as strongly associated with LGB T as it is now. It was certainly not front and center as it is become front center so would people arrest me years ago Mike why you waste your time dealing with this.

Just focus on reviving the church's focus on the great commission reaching the lost around the world. Just focus on un-Jewish apologetics in recent is that the people visit just focus on biblical scholarship the most and things don't get distracted with this post was part of my calling to join in with all the other things and I would tell people affiliate umbrella salesman in the desert and was asking why you what you making more factories and and having more warehouses and stocking up more more or less of his big storms going and you need this umbrellas will be able to make the festival is been the case for years and years now to the point that you can hardly go through a day in the news without major news about LGBT Q plus issues I think is in the public schools are the days can go by was likely something that comes up in one of the schools of interest and I got here. It's June right so pride mother everywhere you turn there is some celebration of being gay or lesbian or bisexual query trends or all of the above so this is front and center.

That's why we start addressing things these many years ago it was because the Lord saw exactly where this was going and wanted to raise up voices. There were many before me. There many since May raise up voices to speak, hence, are serving as your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity here to infuse it with faith and truth encourage so you may stand strong for the Lord alright so what are the shirt a more it was last year February of last year 2021 original amazing article on Newsweek by someone name Scott Nugent turns out that Scott was originally Kelly I know Scott as Kelly and this was an incredible article and and by the weight.

Kudos to Newsweek they been publishing articles on both sides of lots of debates more than almost any side I've seen to say what really of two perspectives here about a been quite interested to see it. They published a lot of articles that would be considered way too conservative for many sites like there is but the done so Kelly in this article explains that she is called a trans man female to male at now on that Walsh's was woman documentary you can see Kelly sitting passionately. No other surgery can change a man to woman. A woman in torment. In any case because I believe are we different strawman issue of homosexuality and Kelly laid out the case against try to transition children. The case against it, sing do not do it.

Look at what she went through, and then studying up on the medical literature in as much depth as you possibly could to say this, then what are you doing the children now some of us have been shouting that years and years earlier not as medical experts. But listen to medical experts in the just having common sense understanding no no no no you don't do this with children, and the first TV show where little children were brought out in front of a live audience on national TV little children who allegedly transgender. This is Johnny or this is Jane. Jane used to be Johnny.

Johnny is now a girl named Shane seven years older eight years old right there so I was asked to be the one soul voice that would speak from another perspective, saying don't do this to children, and when I kept saying during the broadcast was at a much sure this before's 2009 by Cassandra and the broadcaster in my five-minute segment was experimenting with children, your experimenting with children, your experimenting with children will the parents of them and their crying their their kids now at peace and at home because Johnny really is Jane another Johnny can identifies Jane and dresses. Jane John is much happier and here's a video, ask him interviewing him what about the fact you have a male private part was just a birth defect. Yes, so when he gets oldies take care that birth defect. This madness, this is social madness. Only the kid is mad. I mean this is social madness to approach things is what nor how compassionate the parents are the matter how much they think they're doing the right thing.

Ultimately they're not there not so when I saw Kelly Nugent shouting this out with documentation and with her own agonizing story to tell us of what you reach because at the end, she says.

I work with anybody, Democrat, Republican, atheist, evangelical Regatta work together to to save children's lives. So I wrote an article thank you for what you wrote and here I am losing my views right of evangelical Bible believing, etc. with homosexual practices sinful here I am. You know me, my views are public, but let's work together, but for the sake of children right so Kelly reached out to me then begin to research below was a doll so I can't work with you can't do that. I mean after all your evangelical Glencoe conversion therapy, which is where the world puts it was, we do believe that someone can change from homosexual to heterosexual by counseling or better still by the intervention of God in their lives and counseling really was possible is highly offensive to many represented situated one of parts of the matter being it. Whatever Xhosa hag.

I can work with you fine understand that gracious I was gracious for weeks later gets back to Mrs. what I doing I I reached out my hand and said come on John you are the first to reciprocate up with joy. So we got to know each other better.

Kelly did a tremendous interview on my show some months back in a Kelly is a key voice on the documentary was woman. So if you seen it you have to subscribe until he wanted to see it but if you seen it of a missing parts thus far been the content is very very powerful. Very, very well done very, very powerful and Kelly's voice as Scott Nugent is one of the key voices and all of the broadcast. Okay so Kelly tells me I'm sending you something lose customers and will be sending you something will. I'm wearing it okay if this longsleeved T-shirt and on on the front on the front of it. It's it's gonna logo and it's it's got a wolf howling into a mic and overů Scream louder than it says in small print evangelical director and then the signature Scott Nugent on the bottom.

Okay then on the back. The back of the shirt. It says this TRE tray to strengthen voices.

This is coming. Nugent's site.

Dr. Michael Brown the original screamer sign Scott Nugent. In other words hear someone that the world identifies as a female to male trans man, someone who doesn't believe in the God of the Bible way I do, someone who does not believe homosexual practices sin, but someone saying hey Mike you were there shouting this out. I just happen to be the first one on that first public TV show saying your experimenting with children, your experimenting with children.

So to get this from Kelly was a real honor. Yes, I want Kelly to know the Lord experience the fullness of God's love and in the home she's never known before. The point I propose is quite open. Being who she is when we interact with this essay for the sake of the children for the sake of the children. Let's raise our voices together. Kelly do that. Can we do that little more the story and the other side of the break 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire by going 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on the one of fire, look, it's one thing if you have to compromise who you are to work with someone for the common good. It's another thing when everyone is who they are. Just like if there was a food relief effort in your community and you join hands with the local Moss the local synagogue, the local Catholic Church the local Greek Orthodox Church, the local evangelical church is a we would gotta get food to all your communities. Let's just work to get it done. While this will compromise are being unequally yoked with nonbelievers. There will who we are and maybe use the opportunity with this right but that's what were doing to stop this madness of transition cancers number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Again, I will take calls on random subjects will get to that in a little while so I tweeted out a picture of the shirt yesterday and I said it's it's real honor to be called the original screamer. So again there were people drawing attention to these issues before me. God gave me a specific commission to begin to do so to help turn the tide, of course, things are going overwhelmingly in the other direction since we just keep obeying honoring Lord obeying honoring the Lord and believing that light will continue to shine in darkness that lies will continue to be touched and changed and that social consciousness will rise as is happening.

Do we tell you 2022 would be your taking background and encouraging you to make it a year of taking background.

Little did we know at that time that will be waived could be overturned by the middle of this year get any day theoretic maybe six Monday so there's a lot this been happening the whole transgender issue is is become so much central in the nation in the Disney's aggressive gay agenda with kids and was happening schools this a lot of stuff is come to light. This is not enemies present.

Biden is not my enemy, the head of this is not my enemy. Transgender activists is not my enemy. These are people need the Lord, we pray for and and if we feel hatred or anger coming towards us. Let's overcome that with love and patience in this join together. However, we can for the good of these children who are the victims of medical experiments and the more and more now who were trying to coteach transition but Hattie here your 20-year-old woman who had a full vasectomy at the age of 17. How you D transition data Huron on puberty blockers on hormones from the age of say 10 to the 16th, having no undo that at the age of 20 and on on the list goes where you sterilize the brick abnormal sexual relations with Children. These are simply issues that young people are dealing with today. Because of this madness in this trans craze get on the calling people crazy.

They have real deep internal conflict. We need to be patient and help and work as best as we can to help them find holes from the inside out, but the ideas into suicide to the death transition delay would hold it over your head. There's always a better way. So I tweeted this out that I'm honored and then Kelly responded with the evangelical Dr. Michael L.

Brown Semite my Twitter handle. We don't agree on homosexuality, but we adults. Beyond that, the same gender confused kids from modern conversion therapy honoree evangelical director so honorary evangelical director, a tray, voices, and then Tyra Banks, so her Twitter handle Tyra Banks info you owe Dr. Brown an apology. He was right about transiting kids the the two other gas wells on Tyra Banks. One of them a straight woman who has a kid that identified his transoms, no trans activist herself that the mother and then so and an advocate for transition children and then the man there was Dr. Marcie Bowers, the so-called rockstar of sex change surgery. The one who did the failed sex change surgery for Jazz Jennings to be adjustments after that of Dr. Bowers, himself a male to female was pressing me to listen to the children and just grab my ham. I was talking to stop me and impolitely. All this anyway. Anyway, Dr. Bowers was part of the Matt Walsh documentary was a colleague in these these transgender identified individuals themselves have been pushing transition children is the right thing to do is a good thing to do well. Kelly Nugent told about this months in advance that her argument so demolish the heirs that they had to retreat. And here they come out with with articles in the New York Times Roman article with a coworker singing a week. We need sister slowed us down and we really shouldn't be giving these puberty blockers to children and or or surgery goods to minors in what another was the thing that this this ignorant fundamentalist preacher on Tyra Banks this is Mike Brown character that this guy saying you're experimenting with children in the 13 years ago are you agreeing are you recognizing that in fact this is bad medical practice, let alone societal madness are you doing this in the goodness of your heart region is based in your research are you doing this because Kelly Nugent's data, passion, barrister all those I'm glad it's happening what you say.

All the kids that you encouraged to go in this direction we say to those who have been sterilized. When you say to those who try to do transition we say to those that had 16 surgery and is there's no way to go back and fix that. Yeah, it's a good step in the right direction, but it's a little too late for many, so that's why am wearing this probably even though in very fundamental ways.

Kelly, I have deep disagreements but at the very same time I found Kelly to be extremely decent, caring person, and when Nancy and I had coal bids reaching out are we okay, how's everything going so the mystery differences I care deeply about Kelly's well-being, better kids and and and God's best for her and she is who she is going interactive. I am who I am and we're working together to could scream louder food in the students is an unlikely story but I share it assured to say that that you never know whom you might work with for the common good.

You never know. There are times when I've worked closely with County missionary rabbis with profound, deep, deep, deep differences, and if we could find anti-Semitism together will will do it or if they can give me useful information to rebut misinformation will do it and if if I can stand with them against lies being told all Jewish even though fundamentally we have deep, deep differences, but I get some more encouragement you share with you. But first let's go to the phones will start in savanna Georgia Alberta walking to the line of fire. They that the Roman Catholic Church "you read the whole dark Community to the Bible every day and each Expo thinking of preaching at this interesting question so I'm not Catholic nor have I ever heard a Catholic sermon in a Catholic Church of course read books and seen online messages and things like that but number one I don't believe that the Pope would have the power to make that decree and then enforce it. He could easily set forth encouragement you know and this is the year of the Bible or let's emphasize daily Bible study and things like that and encourage priests of the seminaries can encourage them to be be more expository in their preaching Scriptures are red is as part of Catholic tradition at the it's and services are different times of the year. Portions of the Bible or read portions of the New Testament or red but from my knowledge of your average Catholic priest teaching or preaching know it's it's not expository, and in some cases it may be. Churches were liberally more societal commentary as opposed to just really digging into the Scriptures of the same with your average Catholic the probably not reading the Bible on a daily basis is not part of their tradition to do so.

If you did a survey sir of your average evangelical believer who says the Bible alone is as a basis for faith in life.

Your average evangelical in your average Catholic you make a committed Catholic selectors to non-Catholic and not just a nominal evangelical the both committed thinking for the evangelical would read the Bible on a regular basis. More in the Bible be preached from the pulpit more even if there's not always expository preaching that many were evangelical circles there wouldn't be expository preaching rather topical preaching sometimes vary from week to week to week to week, but the more that the Bible is preached and taught the better. So for every Catholic listener to read the Bible daily, if not I really encourage you to and if you rented Catholic Church and that's free believe you're supposed to be about getting to you about that now does your priest preach regularly from the scriptures is that the foundation of his message every week if not Tumbleweed really love to hear more of the Scripture more of the word here, and then follow the word where it leads into my evangelical friends and an non-Catholic friends of different Christian backgrounds nothing more important than spending time with God on a daily basis of the quality way.

First and foremost personal prayer and the word of God and the word of God, of the preaching of the word have a major central place in our corporate gatherings in our small gatherings. We can't emphasize that too much right to ignore your calls. Encouragement, on the other side of the break, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884. We will be right back to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Michael Brown cerise your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the church. All too often in compromise listserv you be a blessing to help to you if you don't get my email announcements bore you're missing out as you will get once a week here our latest articles with her about another email hero latest videos and what they are about.

This is eye-opening content. All the shareable suit you can take our message like wow I like the way he said that man you nailed it or bothered video that that's it. That's we been talking about share on social media share it with friends once a week. Will let you know if we have a special resource offer. We are planning out a major trip back to Israel. After few years, not able to go to scope it will be announcing that view your email so by all means get our emails ask Dr. Brown O'Rourke ask a DR Just sign up for the emails and will immediately send you a free mini e-book's five ways to skin the right wing five ways to pray for America 866-34-TRUTH I've got a bunch of headlines lined up on my screen here and I'm to start reading these two in a moment, as we told you 2022 is a year of taking background a year of of society pushing back of change is coming. Ultimately it has to be led by the church when I mean is, it has to originate from a God consciousness from a biblically-based consciousness from from an understand of right and wrong based on the gospel and who God is and is a church is revived, you can bring life and health and resuscitation to the society can bring awakening to society right but but it's gonna happen in many mother. Many, many other aspects of society judges you make right decisions.

Parents can make right decisions. Educators can make right decisions. Athletes can make right decisions pivotably standing up Sunday to give you bunch of examples of been tracking this through the year. I haven't done it in a while.

Cynical back old maybe six weeks to start reading a bunch of these first will go back to the phones and let's start with Lori I was going to go to Jacob in California is question was how can the gospel be true if it was written by people.

I'm sure there was more to that question and would meet the eye but why would the fact is written by people, meaning that it couldn't be true Duane, our all right looks like Jacobs try to reconnect. So maybe will will go with Jake appear in a moment before we do let me let me go over to some of these headlines under through these rapidfire and they date back to April 20. All right naked family sexual for five-year-old children canceled after backlash again just reading headlines to you is just not fair. Olympic swimming Champlin Emma McKeon comes out against biological males competing as women treatment of gender dysphoria for children and adolescents of Florida healthcare saying no no no do not transition children. Guidelines to go by. Give these. These are all steps, some small, some major headline Republicans commit to buying schools receiving federal funds from allowing by biological males in women's sports census signs bill into law that strips Disney a special Powers block CRT in school not accurate on the stage of history, but the negative aspects of CRT, a federal court dismisses challenge the Texas abortion laws private enforcement provision met Walsh's job in the walrus it's number one in all Amazon book sales of the Sicilian walruses rolls like a boy was born a girl's a girl.

Let's see Oklahoma lawmakers passed six-week abortion been modeled after Texas law that allows civil enforcement University president urges defense of women's sports for women. Scotus rules 90 in favor of Christian flag case. I'm sick of being bullied.

Female skateboarder bashes red bull for having her compete against a trans man, this is just one headline after another Texas Supreme Court rules child gender transitions can be investigated as child abuse of bold stroke women swimming coaches Association officially advises a new leaf or transgender center. The male wants to compete. As a female fine.

Just have your own league to do it with transsexual pioneer criticizes modern trans activist says they're indoctrinating kids. This isn't a game Buck Angel transsexual man says our community is failing our community. Elon's behavior must quote mad as hell.

Most just blew up 2022.

All of these are examples of the society pushing back against extreme agenda from the left as we said would happen as we encourage you to help happen. Keep standing your ground. Keep walking in love keep committing things to God in prayer. Keep doing what you can keep letting your voice be heard in the platforms that you have and we will see change come. It's that simple. Using immersion, becoming totally Kristin a note in America's I can become a totally Christian nation before Jesus returns, nor will any nation of the earth become totally Christian.

Before Jesus returns.

But you better believe that with God's help we will take back a lot of moral and spiritual ground that was taken from us, not by taking over and imposing our will on everyone and passing laws. If you don't go to church and read the Bible you will be punished well God for bid just drive people further away from God rather go to ground by shining light to dark places by changing hearts and minds by setting captives free. By showing that God's ways are best. All right, Jacob. I'm here to answer your question. If you're on the line to answer so to ask it. So please, what your questions are radio the first century. Deny it.

What makes you say that you went to get that from when you get that idea from all purchases of one 9080 will hang on. So first thing what happened from the year 30 when there is 3033 River specific year Jesus died and rose from the dead.

What happened from there to 290 because that's that several generations and you have lots of writings. So how come you don't have the Catholic Church in the first century are in the New Testament, for that matter when you dedicate Evan and Peter hello number number one Peter is not the first pope and the Pope is called, his holiness, and Peter and in acts three says don't look to us as the buyer on holiness, or we may recall this. We made this man walking and that was healed and on on top of that Paul has to rebuke Peter publicly in one point because of his fellow this is after Pentecost the anointed Peter, but let's let's take a look in. In Matthew 16 together right in minutes. Let's see what it says let me ask you question is regarding Matthew 16 in the book of acts. There is a dispute about Gentile believers to the need to keep the law of Moses right follow the Torah the way the Jews have done this a dispute about it and Peter contributes his views. Paul contributes his views, who leads the assembly and makes the final decision. No, Jacob, James, so if Peter was the Pope. Why did Jacob leave the community in Jerusalem and make the file system.

Yeah, so it will come in the bishops. This this is done through the Bible. The Bible doesn't have anything to production like that.

In other words.

Chris was having Jacob and I'm sure you're sincere about this, but you learn certain things about Catholicism and the folks listen to the charade on the Catholic parish of good Catholic friend supporters work in the ministry, but it in point of fact, you learn certain things about Catholic Church Catholicism. Maybe secondhand but haven't dug in and studied just to find out so many of these ideas are much later.

They are there foreign the exultation of Mary that's that's not so. That happens in the New Testament did give the infallibility of the Pope. Many court that the Catholic mass, you don't find any of that in the New Testament whatsoever. These are later traditions. So the question is should we follow those traditions or not because they're not found in the Bible.

But let's let's just take a look in.

In Matthew 16 right and and see what Jesus says here Peter confesses him as the Messiah and he says blessed you, Simon bar Jonah profession, but is not revealed this to, but my father was in heaven and is a you are Peter, and on this rock, namely the confetti does say on you, but on this rock knew that the rock of the confession that Jesus is the Messiah will build my church. The gates of hell shall not prevail against it. The church is built on Peter were in big trouble because Paul explicitly says the church is built on Jesus Christ. He's the chief cornerstone 30 was built on him.

The church is built on Peter's confession that Jesus is the Messiah on this rock I will build my church. The gates of hell shall not prevail against it and I will give you of the keys of the kingdom of heaven or whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven with abuse others to be loosed in heaven. But what's interesting is when you go to Matthew 18 right. Matthew 18 this is this is speaking to the believers as a whole not just any one person what you look at this paralanguage member revived in heaven is down on earth right with every loose and I was loose on earth. He says whoever refuses to listen to the church so when the church is disciplining someone with a beat. She was a Gentile and a tax collector. Truly I say to you whatever you, the believers plural bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, whatever you, the believers plural loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Again, a city of two of you agree on earth about anything asked will be done for them by father in heaven. So the sole authority to bind and loose wasn't just given to Peter, but to the holy church to believers in general. So I just encourage you to to revisit the subject Jacob and and start here. We both agree on the inspiration of the New Testament scholars were from what you say right so go back and read that read that read that.

Then go to your church service.

Observe the Catholic calendar observe the structure of authority structure.

All that and just ask yourself if that's in harmony with the New Testament of the Catholic mass different things is in harmony with the New Testament we find that it is an and you feel you're in the right place.

Okay, I would have a different conclusion on that, but let's start with what we agree on together which is the authority of Scripture that that the word of God is true, and now based on that, let's test the other things. Let's test what evangelicals believe message is believed to have exclusive right turn off and get back to me to effectively motion. Thanks to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown poured on bad news difficult things that are happening. Painful things that are happening. That's the reality we talk about it, but always with hope all is with faith. The whole world collapses. Jesus is Lord. If we come to realize Jesus is Lord forever and ever and ever will enjoy his goodness, and even in this world. God takes things that are meant for evil men for harm and for destruction and uses them for good may not be easy but in the end good comes out of it be encourage friends if you know the Lord. He is at work in your life and if you just healed your life to see how I do that, start every day.

Lord, I'm yours I belong to you. Say only have like two minutes before the kids are screaming.

Take those two minutes, foggy with what I did is Lord I'm yours I belong to the state is restored like that before you fall asleep at night. Lord, I'm yours I belong to and then through the day seek to be conscious of God. There different ways that you can do it you know what will busy on your job and there's there's a break there's something a minute or two, distraction Lord, use me, Lord, be glorified in me is traveling overseas long flights, you're not Jessica. Separate yourself in prayer at a time like that you can commune with God from your heart, your busy homeschooling your kids are busy running here and there can always be breathing a prayer is not legalistic way but let it just be the breath of life, going up to God and then as you're able to quality time to get along with God as you do your roots go deeper and deeper.

And yes in him all things work together for good, because ultimately he's caught. He is conforming us to the image of Jesus. Ultimately he's helping us become more and more and more like his son and that is the great an ultimate goal 866-34-TRUTH okay a bunch more stories, headlines to give you some reports of positive things is is is is not bad news every day here some positive signs of pushback just articles that I have bookmarked us to come back to later and so far this year I will know the high 80s. He could be more just, each one a different example this is that were into May May 23, breaking State Farm terminates partnership was quote gender cool. According to internal memo and let's see Indiana lawmakers override Gov.'s veto to enact a law banning males from girls sports a baking to be canceled.

Bill Berger attacks the idea of a pregnant Minnesota preacher you got comedians and actors there still speaking out and speaking up Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signs nation strictest abortion ban Oklahoma Gov. Stitt signs a bill requiring students choose bathrooms along with their biological sex at birth exclusive poll by two to one margin, investors reject will companies pushing political causes, but see breakthrough in your time, story entrance athletes more proof that Democrats are losing low culture war advantage of five Tampa Bay rays players refused to wear uniforms with LGBT two rainbow Lobos for pride on setting the right to make a faith based decision and their still playing their still playing poll never Democrats more skeptical of feminist transgender agendas reset up as transgender athletes from competing on girls and women sports teams.

The left is overplayed his hand friends would sit for years that would happen. I think it's been self-evident, that would happen. It is happening but state background but let's do it in a way that reaches out to those within five strands identifies gay, lesbian, or bisexual query some spectrum. Let's do it with love towards those who have a radical leftist agenda.

Let's do it by holding our ground. Let's do it by showing the God's ways are best but be encouraged pushback is here, but it come ultimately fueled with prayer and the love of the gospel that so we can see lasting generational change.

Let's see, let's go to Joe and Burlington, North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire. Welcome Dr. Brown actually struck but that's all right.

Have you install the movie my friend and rack. No I have not Chuck Berry broke Brown movie based on true story. I won't tell you anything about.

I don't know whether the doctor, the Italian made very all right soon what little tech to do it since I don't get Netflix and have immediate plans to see the movie one tell our listeners about why you found it so profound because it felt story from Anne Frank growing up as a young girl and what you know, we know what happened.

Anne Frank will build.

But growing up with a young girl as a young girl and what happened and everything and for Brian but I don't want to play any more than that because I want to tell you that that's fine.

And so you encouraging folks that that have Netflix to see the movie my friend Frank, you find you to be then were Christians a movie that is edifying and that they can watch without going through some contact about the content yet it has one little Clark were the book, where a lady learning to become a nurse and they learn how baby born not bad got a gun on him just under assessment as you sing on the air and a lot of Christians would like to conduct a constant okay eight. Thank you for the call Jill and if folks watch it they can they can let us know. You know that that brings me to a point.

Thank you sir. So you can give the mind numbing statistics about the Holocaust right 1.5 million Jewish children and babies slaughtered in cold blood.

3.3 million out of 3.3 million posed to slaughter 9/10 the posters population wiped out.

You can give these devastating statistics then you can tell the story of Anne Frank and people will be much more moved by the individual story just human nature we can relate to that more the same way. It was not the statistics of all the Africans who died in middle passage coming from Africa to America and it wasn't just the overall stats involved with individual stories. It was books like Harry Beecher Stowe's uncle Tom's cabin published in serialized form individual stories coming out, getting to know the people involved in this would have so much power.

Now they can be used for good or bad when it comes to the subjects were talking about here terms of gay activism, etc. that's been used very powerfully by those who identify as LGBT Q plus because they are individuals.

They are people, not just an agenda. This is not just an issue. People so I could go through all the biblical arguments about God's ordained way of male-female I could read rebut easily any argument that the Bible supports homosexual relations for transgender expression, easily easily done then I can go through stats and I could show through young man so the young men involved in the sexual activity of much higher rates of 60 transmitted diseases, etc. and I could go into all the issues of of kids being abused through through transgender quotes science to transition them and saw, but then all you need is the story here's a gay couple and the other Burger full story into one of the guys on the edge of death, but they've wanted to be married, officially married the cat because of the laws of the land and Supreme Court overturns redefines marriage just-in-time just-in-time for them to be quote married some. It's a moving story right or you know, here's this lesbian couple. They've they've adopted a handicapped girl is severely disabled Russian orphan there raising her and they seem to be really good moms and once a nurse and and and and then as a social worker and you see that it and that's more powerful than many arguments aren't because people of gay friends, relatives, coworkers is very easy to just side with this view, so we have to do is bring more stories of those who been genuinely changed same abortion stories of those who had abortion withdrew growth of the stories of those were were parents try to abort and survive that which we are stories of of new lives in Jesus Raftery other stories that the tell more of the rest of the story that is and I can tell you and then tie those stories together with biblical truth, not either/or, but both and tie the stories together with biblical truth that so we can win hearts and minds eye friends tomorrow.

I plan to speak with pastor Shane Eitel man about the subject of fasting. All yeah fasting and the power of prayer and fasting and the health benefits of fasting.

You do not want to miss this broadcast is powerful 20 minute documentary that is Roman put together by his own recent 40 day fast to really be telling you how you can watch that as well.

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