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Dr. Brown Takes Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 15, 2022 4:30 pm

Dr. Brown Takes Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 15, 2022 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/15/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network, with Jewett, you've got questions. We got answers for wants a Waldo for the light a fire with your host Google scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity: 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown is a lot of you've got questions, we've got answers. That is our entire agenda and plan for the program today. Any subject you want to talk to me about on any level as long as it relates in any way to want to fire if I've ever written anything about it ever said the thing about advertising was something talk to a guest about so you heard regarding the want to clarify if it's true or not, 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 is number to call. Going to the phones momentarily. I just have this one thing on my heart. I want to share with you. It's always true, but I just feel prompted to share in particular.

Now, if God is for you who can be against you if you know that you know that you are in right relationship with God and to the best of your knowledge, you are not walking in willful disobedience to his commands to the best of your knowledge you are seeking to live under the Lordship of Jesus and in you are in right relationship with God through his son. If God is for you to be against you. It's better to have all the armies of the world against you. All of the forces of the media against you all the, the, the forces of government against you.

Every bank against you. Every person against you. Every educational institution against every everything against you and God for you that everything else in the universe for you and God against you. If God is for you. Rejoice, everything will work out for his purposes and to your ultimate good, 866-34-TRUTH will start with Todd North Carolina. Welcome Sir to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown recently I was reading and first Kings chapter 20 anniversary 3132 would speak about the representatives of bayonet and a bag of Syria, to negotiate peace with King Ahab and imagines that the that they came with quotes all the gadgets I call understand about fact all but one about the man having quotes Andrea is just a morning custom… An unusual one is not one that we hear about. So let's just say that we never read about this anywhere else in the entire ancient world, except here we deduce from here that it had to do with some have morning and yes, so again it's not the normal thing like sackcloth and ashes read about a lot in Scripture and to this day there are religious groups were people where sackcloth is to make their body uncomfortable to mortify the flesh Rhoda suffer for their sins, etc. but yeah just a less common form, but nonetheless another form of of morning and humbling oneself that myth that simple government likely very unusual to read about other things but your love spoke about reach out to you when you read particular verse. You can read them several top over and like all the effects of the reach out to grab all you that I just back particular Bielby is allowed. Very curious about it.appreciate your answer. Sure thing and and stay on keep listening season the broadcasters is trust that you do agree stations, North Carolina, and give you little bit more info later in the broadcast. Thank you for the call a shout out to everyone in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Listening on our new FM station and 93.7 FM in Lynchburg is that you give me a thumbs up. Now all right great okay back to the phones.

Let's go to Canada in Toronto. Nick drawn the line of fire by Dr. Brown. I want to know your opinion. Your thoughts of what you Dr. he was resurrected stick around like you know for a few years and felt like a lot of people, leaders, that type of thing yet it's a fair question abut the whole reason he died for our sins and rose from the dead was that was the culmination of his mission and then his goal was to leave here and import the work to the disciples.

So in the period between Passover and Pentecost. The official Passover, the feast of weeks that was 40 days to be with them to teach instruct solidify their faith and in the whole goal was that he's out here and now by the spirit. His his work is done through a multitude of different people around the world.

Nobody said to his disciples. It's better that I leave because the Council of the spirit of truth will come and he will testify on my behalf. So rather than being limited to one place and one time of the spirit working to the disciples could now be all around the world working perpetually and giving further proof to the resurrection, because in his name miracles were happening in his name. Demons relieving in his name, people are being set free.

So this was his way of demonstrating his resurrection and point of fact, he didn't make all kinds of public appearances right. He didn't even go around to the general public you to go back to the religious leaders to say all right.

You see, look at this, so that was never his method and in fact, in many cases, all that was brought was more rejection. People try to kill his resurrected body. Instead, he may true the disciples were prepared and they got out here because that was the whole purpose. He finished his mission that we turned over to us that make sense of great one more?

Similar one God put the Angels around the garden of Eden that make them liable because you can protect out of many know the Lucifer know he gave them absent freedom of choice. In a perfect environment and they completely of their own free will chose to do it was wrong so that the fact of the matter is if God put them in an environment where they could never really make a decision freely choose whether they were going to do what was right or do what was wrong. Then they never would have been the love that God was looking for.

It would just be like a child is born and you you give them surgery operate on the brain a certain way so they can only do good things and submit.

They can't do bad things on the thing that's possible, but it would be that same mentality will why does God give us free will are all because we make some of the bad choices because love cannot be coerced. And that's the whole thing, we must freely say in response to his grace. Lord, I will follow you. I need your help. But I want to follow you. Those are the ones is going to be with forever and ever. And Nick, thank you for the questions I really appreciate 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Howard in Greensboro, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown about the term for people who are planning the gospel and are talking and apologetic with reference to where the greater Christianity is right now.

So the gospel and to her and worse nightmare for users report their definition of it all. So if a person is an apologetic their coming out from the standpoint of having to judge Christ before they start playing anything that needs no apologetic this is not Nina son and apologizing comes from the Greek word poly gear which is defense is the defense of the faith is a biblical word. Paul says in Philippians 1 that he's in prison for the apology of the faith and first Peter 315 were all told to be ready to give an apology a defense of the faith and we don't go around.

Here's another thing Howard, we don't go around to the world and say hey were apologists we talk to people in other. In other words, if if my friend Dr. Frank Couric was talking to somebody an airplane. He would say oh I'm a Christian apologist as a person was explained why little believing God Frank would give them reasons to believe in God or if you were talking to William Ln., Craig, I don't think he say on an apologist from sound philosophy professor and you rescue some really good questions about the problem of evil here, so I would address those so we are identified as apologists, but when I'm when I'm talking to a Jewish person I know say all by the way I'm an apologist IIs element. Usually when Jesus and L. We don't believe that look at why let's talk about, so it's a term that we use in the house. That means the defense of the faith. There's nothing we apologist words.

Quite the contrary we go on the offense on the offense to explain what we believe is true and real and right but it's it's a good biblical word apology a the defense of the faith. That's what were engaged in my interpretation of the work and thank you. At the next step on.

There's only like out. I was trying to breaking down believing in Christ into very analytical and trying to find a public fire part of how I thought it was speaking and I guess I'll probably kind of people who have to do that when you look at what you thought about how the mentality you should have on their coming to him about it over child and is enrollment great that one of the big thing about all of the lawn there. How the current were very analytical from a humanistic standpoint to promote biblical coping from a biblical standpoint I got such a people like a gentleman, you have not earlier this week.

You'll never find futile care from a source of I really appreciate your perspective. He's not looking into the eyes of worldly wisdom at all to my professors on the McClatchy.

He is a believer in Jesus born again loves the Lord understands the gospel and can share the simplicity of the gospel and he is a scientist who is in all of God's creation.

David said in Psalm 139 were fearfully and wonderfully made posted in Romans one that the whole world is without excuse, and that God has made himself known through creation so Jonathan is studying creation and the Bible says that in our understanding. We should be mature adults. So yes, coward absolutely. The simplicity of the gospel coming to God by faith is always at the heart of things. But God is most eternal brain software to love him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and some of the greatest influence in the world study that the writings of Paul in the books of Job and try to translate them better and communicate the better. So it was both and is not reasonable. This rather say hey look at the seller have God decide to sell you tell me that this is happening to say that was the hand of God. So that's a repulsive Howard, thank you for getting clarification appreciated. 866-34-TRUTH.

By the way is this really have to try to get some phone lines open call right now and you get on the show today is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us on the one filed was withdrawing with a disability. I know same song every day but I love hearing it eight 663-4784.

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Like about Israel, wondering is society in Israel.

It it it it considered top-down hierarchy hierarchy. All and patriarchal or is there to do is rarely want to have decided that is not like that. They believe they want to move beyond that and onto something out and they believe that like high hierarchy years grow back like okay so if you chose. But for those of you curious of the ultra-Orthodox Jews, which were maybe 15% of the community are very patriarchal and very hierarchical. Very much in submission to the rabbinic leaders, the largest religious site is tremendously egalitarian. There is not tremendous respect for authority. There is constant battles and in very much equal rights for women, etc. so that the bulk of society is more secular. All right we go to morrow in Utah. Welcome to the line of fire, a I don't know why not write about your understand we may get you. I back yard knowledge and our cultural affect how you and I study the New Testament and reading something and trying to find culture actually helped me understand that I can start out with my Sunday book was wondering if there was a wreck I will.

You don't find out more about the culture at I really really get bring light so something that gives you general background on first century culture. Let me recommend if you want the one book on this so it's it's a suit good size book, but it's broken down for every verse that a comments on the New Testament so the author is Craig Keener KEENER Craig Keener and it's called the IVP Bible background commentary to the New Testament, Craig Keener KE NER the IVP Bible background commentary.

So whatever verses you're looking at you see okay this a comment on it. Here's the Jewish culture. Here's the Greco-Roman culture, etc. so that's that. Or you can buy a Bible, the cultural backgrounds Bible put out by Zondervan.

The cultural backgrounds Bible John Walton did the Old Testament Craig Keener did the New Testament so that's just an actual study Bible. So it's not as much material but it's a lot in there. You just it. Whenever you read in the Bible you can look and it'll give you background. So either the IVP Bible background commentary by Prof. Craig Keener on the New Testament or the cultural backgrounds Bible will have it right within your Bible John Walton and Craig Keener. The editors for that yes is very important thing we we get the background better understood than from there we can communicate and apply accurately for today. Thanks for the call 86634 we go to Don okay I will answer John's question is not on the air anymore. John wanted to know what childlike faith is like what we mean when we speak of childlike faith.

So Jesus in Matthew 18 tells his disciples that if they want to enter the kingdom. They must become like a little child, so there is an innocence about little children. There is a trust and little children. They don't know that someone is going to calm them out of their candy they don't know that people have ulterior motives. They are innocent in terms of the not perfect obviously but innocent in terms of of certain evil and trusting and that's how we come to God not like well okay what you would you get some other thing on here, God is like.

Use me for something and throw me out or notice is real, and so on is trying to have questions and get those questions answered is Truscott you believe him, trusting him of the simplicity with with a purity that is based on a solid relationship with that you may have a very active mind as I do and you you're my baby racing with a million questions, but first and foremost, there is that trust this like this like a baby laying in his mother's arms and cubby rocked to sleep okay and secure a trust and from that place your questions will get answers. Your mind will get fulfilled as well but starts with that simple foundational trust all right with that.

Let's go over to Anthony in Sacramento, California. Welcome to light a fire.

Dr. Brown "critical sure Mark yeah my question is, Presbyterian seminary Trinity about and yet I'm aware Presbyterian because I believe Israel has not been replaced. I think the still the children people and nation of God, the landfill significant and I'm reading in acts 2152 26 were Paul goes back to the Jerusalem church and you speaking to the elders and the elders they look at all the thousands of Jewish men who have believed in Yeshua and are even more developed for the law) oh okay different okay so there's still obeying the law and customs and they basically say there are Paul of you on the Jews among the Gentiles not work but you know that not true about you though observed the Torah. Therefore, make the sacrifice in all this just now as a pedal Of the bit about the right was one of the biggest argument is baptism replacement replace the circumcision built but looking at that I want to be an honest as possible work and if I goes against my system of theology, I would rather change my system are change my interpretation of certain things been try to twist the Bible to pick up and so things like okay I'm reading and I'll talk to Mark them like it does not been that these Jewish Christian including the apostles believed baptism replaced circumcision are fulfilled. It in effect the cave and that third big blow to infant baptism not to get your thoughts on that bit my mythic company or not.

I when I see I hope the believer baptism.

So I agree with your observation. It's not something that many deduce from that text but it's a right deduction. Let's let's let's back this up a little bit so we start with the, the baptism of John and these Jewish men and women who were getting baptized were getting immersed they had them to do with replaced circumcision right in other words, that was a repentance right and and ritual immersion was commonly practiced in the ancient Jewish world for a number of different purposes.

Some groups would richly immerse every morning others with dual incomes of uncleanness or before Temple worship, but it was a right of repentance that became more widely established. So then when when Jesus gives the great commission. And when when were to teach all nations, and those who believe in him and are baptized will be saved. Now we see it beginning to be carried out. Ask the second chapter beginning the 30th verse and there again. It's all Jews getting immersed, repent and be baptized right since all Jews getting immersed so they understood that this is a repentance right and marking of of a new beginning but obviously had no connection to circumcision and then when you have an in the book of Galatians that the Galatians who were ready water baptized thought that in order to be fully right with God. They had to be circumcised and obey the law of Moses that would indicate also that those were not looked at as synonymous gives poker just doesn't he rebaptize what you need. Circumcision.

But he said no. No circumcision. Now if you go through that right that brings you under obligation to keep the law. So obviously the first usually was did not make that connection at all.

It's a great deduction and you gotta follow the truth really needs one last thing, go back to the Presbyterians of the 1800s like Robert Murray McShane like Horatius and Andrew phone are.

These are some of the greatest lovers of Israel in church history to this original Presbyterian history. Go back to John only go back to Samuel Rutherford. They were great lovers of Israel. Thank you sir, may the Lord guide you in your studies. If the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown 148663487884 let us go to Marianne in front Royal, Virginia.

Welcome to the line of fire. Are you there Marianne, okay, all right. Hang on hang on, I looks like we got you go ahead Marianne, you're on the air. I wondering about not running properly.

On their Cherokee cleaning that first stop Peter light and clean. No other thing about what you're feeling. So my view is someone who is not a member of the Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic Church is that while there are many beautiful traditions that are preserved and that there is a richness in much of the heritage.

Some of the scriptural interpretation of the good that's been done through these these branches of Christianity that some of the things that have developed very much. Contrary to the spirit of the New Testament, like making Peter into the first pope or thinking that there would've been any notion whatsoever of him as one of the early apostles. This is the holy father or the Vicar of Christ. I think the early church would have been shocked at the hierarchy that developed by the amount of tradition that now went side-by-side with Scripture. Because these were Jewish men who did not follow the Jewish tradition of their day, but rather what was written in the person of Jesus, especially Roman Catholic circles. I think the early believers would be shocked by the exultation of Mary by the priest being required to be celibate and things like that. I think these things would would be very surprising and shocking to them as as well as the, the church being somewhat of its own kingdom unit with its own military and massive economy and things like that. I think that with and again this, especially the military own kingdom especially relevant to Roman Catholics a while appreciation for the good that's their and by recognizing there are Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox brothers and sisters that will be with forever. I do believe that the earliest believers will been quite shocked to see some of what developed that it would miss Chuck to see some things that developed in evangelical Protestant circles as well, but as you asked specifically about this. That's my answer.

So again it's it's not that I write everything off that would be obscurantist and that would be small minded. I appreciate as a said many of the traditions in many of the insights and in good that's been done in the name of Jesus through Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christians over the centuries but then in many many ways. I would strongly differ, which is why I'm not either Eastern Orthodox or Roman Catholic and II would that being said, the icons in both the of the images even though people signal roughly worshiping them. It's what they represent that I believe I would've really surprise the first believers as well.

Mary Mary really never anything I think hello Mary think you really know Mary worked on they mean reading allow you the agreement.

This agreement there was Marianne there was a Catholic caller that we had for years listening from New York City I think was Frank from Staten Island. If I remember and he was a real New Yorker talk like a New Yorker sister came from. You know I come enjoy that.

But he was a devout Catholic. Love the show was in regularly and he would call and periodically say your misunderstanding what we believe as Catholics and then with way and a member of the day. He called in and and gave an argument for the exultation of Mary in Scripture and frankly it shocked me in terms of wow.

Just like at the ark of the Gadberry represented the ark in all these different things out. It was very rich in terms of lots of thought behind it and and presented in an eloquent way, but to me it's like wow you got a read that in it's not self-evident, and degree of certainly Mary is is honored as the centuries gone, but the degree of veneration that grows over period of time, but the idea of her being called queen of heaven, mother of God, with all respect my Roman Catholic friends that I found those terms on biblical and offensive know you know now I know Mary Hail Mary prayer, wondering where I'm in their minds they would say it works obviously demons and I can please name Mary, their view would be that Mary is making intercession that was that the just like I say Marianne could you pray for me because doctors appointment tomorrow, praying everything ago well hey could you could you praise my grandson he's going to be doing this and suddenness.

We asked people to pray. So that would be the view that we still do that, we ask Mary to intercede for us.

We asked Peter to intercede for us. Of course I reject that point. But the day of the good. Now Mary now what they're probably thinking I never really spent the whole concept of Hail Mary in the beginning yeah that's just part of it and then part of it is just whatever authority Mary has a method once represent Roman Catholic as exorcist here and explain the methodology but if the name of Jesus is invoked and demons leave. I rejoice. If other names were invoked and necessarily that that's confusing to people but the Jesus being so that they thank you for the call. I appreciate 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to Paul in Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire hydrant Dr. Brown thank you so much for taking my call Sean on Berry Butte through the entire charismatic Pentecostal but I am very interested in how the Holy Spirit works through the movement. I grew up. That women were not supposed to become pastors being quoted of the cueing in their pre-tribulation rapture was the biblical thing, but now I tend to shift differently from the condition that I was taught but I was going up on both issues so but then I wonder your views on both of them of the rapture and the limited pastors, but really I really am desperate for your advice on what seminary that I could find, because I am a Korean Brit I'm South Korean and I want to speak, go to Korea's reunite and go back home and you know God willing I want to really be used to build the church is better beware the Scripture beats the spirit not just for one or the other to two different conservative seminary. The state, but I felt like it was really try it and it was just merely on but maybe just had knowledge that I really want to find a seminary that is both spirit and Scripture fails I really gets reported by yes but wonderful Paul what I proceeded to call in the searched the belief about about ministry. That's your you find a lot more variation on that charismatic Pentecostal circles then you will since about the circles as first preacher rapture. Many many charismatic Pentecostal souls that I don't I was saved in that environment held to the first few years as a believer but then study Scripture became convinced it was not true so if you want to study a book Prof. Craig Keener and I were both charismatics and scholars not afraid of the antichrist. Why we don't believe in a pre-tribulation rapture not afraid of the antichrist wonderfully with pre-tribulation rapture so that's that's really things out not attacking others. We recognize the differences in the body.

We honor those who differ.

But that's what we tackle those issues together so we do not believe in a pre-tribulation rapture will divide over it, but we absolutely do not believe in it when it comes to two women in ministry. Craig believes that it's completely egalitarian in Scripture that the prohibition first Timothy two was in a certain context for certain reasons, but that because there is no male or female in Christ, if you look in Romans 16. There's a long list of Paul's coworkers, many of whom are women so if his cherished coworkers in Philippians 4 are women. Psalm 68 says that the word will with God gives the proclamation in many of the it's female he brought the women who don't proclaim his word. So Craig would say equality there. My view is that the governmental authority has been given to man, just like the husband is the godly leader of the home that primarily men should be pastors and senior leaders.

However, God does raise up women for certain purposes, just like he raises us up and we have imperfect doctrinal knowledge, none of us are fully arrived. So he does use us in situations that that are not always ideal. So I believe the norm is the senior pastor leader, the norm would be male, but women can do all kinds of ministry, preaching, teaching ministry of every kind, the first Timothy two prohibition is understand this to usurp authority and teach. That's a woman can't because because we know in in prescriptions 11 that women can prophesy. We know that Priscilla's name is mentioned. Normally before a call in the New Testament and the two of them disciple policies and ask the the 18th chapter and we know that that in Titus, Paul instructs the older women fit to teach the younger women. So if they can't teach because they're so easily deceived the white why the old limited to the arguments. Everybody deceived okay last thing Russ Phares, a seminary, you might want look at Regent University school of Divinity, Regent University school of Divinity. You may search for global awakening school of theology, I'm doing some PhD classes for Randy Clark, God willing. In November, global awakening school of theology, so Regent University school of vignette Divinity in Virginia Beach, Virginia, global awakening school of theology with love online working classes in Pennsylvania believe and then the Kings University in Dallas Texas. The Kings University arrest services Nadja as well so if you press again.

May the Lord related to the fullness of the word.

Together, this biblical success. The Douglas Hall. Thank you for the call to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown wrote though I wish I could get everything a call but let's let's give it a shot with the many we can get start with John in Richmond, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire nearly yes I can very well and probably sure I study on idolatry and I came across the Golden I do about it. You will it sound like are they trying to make an idol of God number one and number. Nothing better doing what is a report. In the plural.

I know in other about the dead like me. My birthday regular but been fitting very clearly: bin Laden and deleted, and of the Lord a question, yes John three questions. It does seem that they are making images of the Lord of Yahweh was there making him in the image of the golden calf and different gods in the ancient near East were depicted as animals, bowls and things like this are winged creatures so this was nothing unusual and this is what God explicitly said you saw no image he saw no image don't make an image don't make an image don't make an image of God, or any other being alleged God in his physical form so that was that was very, very strongly taught, so he knows they weren't saying it was a different God abroad try to beat up there saying this is an image of Yahweh going go bow down at this image that the reason that it's plural is because they're claiming this is the God approach. Routes of Elohim when referring to the one God is singular. So when is referring to many gods than Elohim means God's with g in the plural.

If they had made 10 different idols in different forms and said these are your gods, they would use the same word Elohim when they're just talking about this is an image of the one God Elohim. That's where the plural issues there just the way to use thousands of of other times in the Hebrew Bible speak of the one God will answer my subeditor Trent better to translate.

This is your God brought you out of Egypt right that would be better translate that way okay thank you very much. You are very welcome.

Appreciate that clear questions, let us go over to Sean and used in Texas. Welcome to the line of fire. Yeah, Dr. Rao, thank you for taking my call. You welcome. I have had my coworkers say that… That Paul the apostle was a liar and I want to hear your document and what I can say to them to correct them will ask them why in the world they would say that more on what basis are they making that statement. Why the choosing of why what was he lying about. You have given the idea with the referring to whatever description of what Paul talking about his lies, bringing glory to God, my God's okay that's that's what I thought right, it's that the opposite of what he was saying okay so I'm a minute wreath you it's actually had the rabbi actually raise that to me in a debate years ago I thought you serious so so here's here's what he says he's talked about how our sin exposes God's righteousness like art are being evil helps us realize well how opposite God is okay so that was when I sin God judges Ms. like my that show how right he is. Because I got the punishment that I deserve. So he says, but if our unrighteousness serves to show the righteousness of God. What shall we say that God is unrighteous to inflict wrath on us. I speak the way. In other words, if my doing evil brings an occasion for God to judge me.

What is it what you shouldn't judge me just make it look good by judge music that's a stupid argument supposing stupid is by no means how could god judge the world, but if through my lie god's truth abounds to his glory, why am i still being condemned the center and why not do evil that good may come as some people slanderously charge us with saying their condemnations just in other words, paul or people are accusing paul of lying to show how truthful god is ace's hey wife that's a gazer that's a lot of what we never said that people are lying about us want to reach you in it in a different translation that will bring it out little more clearly, but you can look up afterwards its romans the third chapter. okay romans chapter 3 and paul is is being falsely accused, so i just want to read it to you. let's say this to the new living translation to bring out so it's romans chapter 3 and i will delete you from the new living translation and brought out even clearly here, but some might say our sinfulness serves a good purpose for helps people see how righteous god is. is that unfair then for him to punish us both as this is merely human point of view.

ace is of course not. if god were not entirely fair. how would he be able to judge the world, but so much store you. how can god condemn is a center if my dishonesty highlights his truthfulness and brings more glory pulses and some people even slanders by claiming that we say the more we send the better it is pulses. those who say such things deserve to be condemned.

so paul, what they're saying is that people are wrongly accusing us to say the more we lie the marchers untruthful god is pulses god forbade that slander we would never think like that.

so just show them what it says in context. read through a few different versions go to bible read through a few different versions and then will see that he sees same people are lying about us claiming we take that position to know the opposite god for bid, so hopefully if they have any integrity.

they'll recognize it. if not, then you can argue with them because they're not that woman. here, the evidence right at what one of the argument at all think the story when he was talking about the verdict.

on a drug map the family that the other people what they heard me limit others that i didn't hear him what his thoughts on this. so it's in acts 9x 22 and asked 26, where where the first story occurs in acts nine. then he repeats it acts 22 and he repeats the next 26 is just a misunderstanding of the greek read it in the niv and you'll see it. it is all reconciled it simply a misunderstanding of how to translate the greek, but he tells the same story three times, just as will detail here and there but same story three times so check out.

here's what happens in acts nine the next 22 the next 26 and then read on niv and you'll see this perfect harmony between them.

okay what what i told you that you make. you don't want florida one person eventually thanked the dock and the worker work thing examiner highlight certain areas and omit other your given the story about what is most important on to the person your hundred percent low hundred percent right. in fact, if you repeat exactly the same. if the four different witnesses give the exact same report of the crime scene investigators question it says you must got together on this and you're right. also, depending you're talking to you emphasize a certain point, but you won't blatantly contradict that's what they're claiming that's a blatant contradictions you gave the perfect right common sense answer and end here.

there is no actual contradiction is simply a matter of rightly understanding a couple greek words and sometimes they were translated carefully, but there's no need to do the hey thank you john for the questions i let's go to will in virginia.

time is short so dive right in.

please note dr. brown this or yells at.

i'm so michael, thank you very much. i know you notice isolationist and nearby. i was curious how you view the baptism of fire given a few things that i find hard to navigate so separate from the indwelling of the holy spirit in believers. for instance, in romans eight verse nine it says if a man doesn't have the spirit of christ is not off christ and then another question, another question is a prerequisite for salvation or do we view with the same way as baptism. water but in luke 11 jesus seem to indicate that one has to ask for the holy spirit. yes, and then in greensboro. you start over with his disciples before pentecost and then he says you will be endued with power, so somehow they reset our guests suspect to exist exact.

that and then we read that the baptism of fire in the book of acts was given by the laying on of hands. now we know the holy spirit is god's eyes on him imprisoned him. so 40 works even in nonbeliever, but how do you reconcile all these different viewpoints. i got dropped to seven minute left.

yes luke 1113. as for the holy spirit. yes, matthew 311 jesus references the baptism of the holy spirit and fire trying to send. this is one of the same. yes, luke 2440 9x18 will receive power with the holy spirit so number one we are indwelt by the holy spirit at salvation.

the moment we are saved we are indwelt by the spirit we have the spirit we become temples of the holy spirit.

the general charismatic belief is that from there. the holy spirit works to empower us through gifts and things like that. the pentecostal belief, which is what i've held to is at the baptism in the spirit of something subsequent that is an inducement with power from on high for the sake of being empowered to witness. it is not a salvation issue is post salvation can happen at the same time, a salvation like asked him with cornelius and those listening to the message of peter is generally taken as an inducement with power. subsequent salvation also with the fire. the purging fire of the holy spirit. so the more save the holy spirit lives in us. we we we can grieve the spirit would be led by the spirit. but here's a subsequent power meant for the baptism of the spirit so we understand this pentecostal that is unit gifts and power more effective witnesses. however, we come out and let us all arrive at that same place fully viewing the power and glory of jesus name douglas friends were at a time. another program powered by the truth network

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